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  1. Week 7: VIKINGS (4-2) at Lions (2-2-1)

    I was screaming at my TV for a deep shot when the line was that crowded
  2. Week 7: VIKINGS (4-2) at Lions (2-2-1)

    Need D to step up now
  3. Week 7: VIKINGS (4-2) at Lions (2-2-1)

    Nail in the coffin, dropped by Diggs
  4. Week 7: VIKINGS (4-2) at Lions (2-2-1)

    We're saving them all for the 2nd half
  5. Week 7: VIKINGS (4-2) at Lions (2-2-1)

    Would love to force a TO here
  6. Week 7: VIKINGS (4-2) at Lions (2-2-1)

    Reviewing for what? Because fans booed? Because you're trying to make up for last game?
  7. Week 5: VIKINGS (2-2) at Giants (2-2)

    Helluva pick by Barr
  8. Week 5: VIKINGS (2-2) at Giants (2-2)

    Really would have liked a TD there. But at least Bailey has come along
  9. Week 5: VIKINGS (2-2) at Giants (2-2)

    Buckle down D And a safety!
  10. 2020 Draft Talk

    I agree. There is a higher need now for a mobile QB with how athletic the defenses are. I called it this past offseason that the Vikings will draft a QB if they miss the playoffs again in 2019. Let them sit for a year and let Cousins audition for his next contract somewhere else. Who knows what consequences that would entail for Zimmer and/or Spielman. I think the 3 options would be Fromm (assuming he declares), Love (same), or Hurts. Fromm I think is a lot like Cousins. Accurate, cerebral, not a huge arm, and probably has a limited ceiling. He works best as a distributor to the weapons around him and would rely heavily upon a good running game and defense, which he has a Georgia already. Love would probably have the most to gain by redshirting his first year but he is a bit more athletic and has a stronger arm than Fromm. He needs to work on decision making. Hurts I think would be most likely to fall due to his lack of really polished passing ability. But he is really seen as a leader and high character guy which Spielman is big on. But his stock is rising being in OKs passing offense and can move.
  11. 2020 Draft Talk

    I guess one argument would be that by trying to improve now, you are further laying a solid foundation for a new QB to slide into, rather than start from scratch. However, if we finish 8-8 this years, and only improve to say 9-7 or 10-6 next year, then we are even further from the spots you need to get a top flight QB prospect. Not everyone can get lucky and have Lamar Jackson fall to them like the Ravens or Russell Wilson to the Seahawks in the 3rd.
  12. Who Should We Draft?

    Vikings 1. Jordan Love 2. Prince Tega Wanogho 3. Michael Pittman jr. 4.Alex Leatherwood 5. Jacob Eason
  13. Week 4: VIKINGS (2-1) at Bears (2-1)

    I've honestly wonder if he'd want out if we drafted his replacement this year. If this season goes south, he just might want to bounce somewhere else.
  14. Official 2020 QB Thread

    Is there a decent comp out there for Sam Ehlinger?
  15. 2020 Draft Talk

    I assume Herbert will be gone, as well as Tua. Who are the other QBs that have caught your attention so far? I know Burrow is ascending and Vikings scouts were at the Utah State game last weekend for Jordan Love. Any interest in these guys or Eason, Hurts, or Fromm?