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  1. I agree. Stephen should be one of the top salary dumps this offseason along with Rudolph and Reiff. We NEED Cleveland and Irv to step up to make that happen. Then draft Marvin Wilson.
  2. Marvin Wilson or Wyatt Davis in the 1st this year
  3. Time for Samia to take the job and don't give it back.
  4. Now that's interesting. Would they announce if it was COVID?
  5. How about the rest of the OL? I don't remember seeing a ton of pressure yesterday. Kenny Clark left the game but I think it went fairly well compared to last year.
  6. Their OLine will be a challenge but hopefully Yannick can fill the Vikings in since he should be more familiar with them. If they can beat up Rivers I think we can steal this one.
  7. I wonder if Rodgers had some flashbacks seeing Barr coming at him?
  8. Damarious Randall or Sean Davis? Also, I thought I saw Prince Tega Wanogho got cut. He seemed to be highly thought of prior to the draft and dropped. Do you think he could be a Guard?
  9. How soon until they start assigning players to the Practice Squad?
  10. I also don't get it. He's pretty much a slot only and probably 4th best slot option behind Theilen, Jefferson, and Sharpe. Probably Osborn as well. It's even more bizarre because I read that Hollins was impressing consistently since practices started. Wonder if he makes it through to the PS?
  11. I'm still surprised they haven't tried Udoh at OG. Which side did he play on in week 17?
  12. Likely the end unless he can show some DT pass rush ability.
  13. If Bisi can hit Theilens level then that's a win. I think Jefferson definitely looks like he can contribute immediately though.
  14. It might just depend on how this year goes. If he blows up he'll chase a big payday and he should. If he misses time, he might just come back for decent money. I wonder if tue Vikings pull their previous offer if he gets hurt again. Hard to see paying even 7-8 million to a guy who cant make it 16 games.
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