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  1. I think he's done well so far. I recall him being a pretty hyped prospect after his sophomore year then fell back to earth as a Jr.
  2. And if they bracket him, then you HAVE TO make them pay with Theilen/Osborn.
  3. Zim said he's not in football shape yet. Maybe after the bye
  4. Dantzler should start over Breeland Cook looked great at times but still got stuffed a couple times. Pass rush looked pretty good at times but it's tough with a QB like Kyler. Have to keep hi I'm in the pocket amd collapse it.
  5. Thought Mack was going to pick that short pass
  6. Major weaknesses at CB and OL make me think this is a W. MN 28 - CIN 10
  7. David Dixon is probably another one.
  8. How does Jordan Battle compare to other recent Alabama Safeties (Collins, Fitzpatrick, McKinney)?
  9. I tried focusing on Brandel before Davis came in and thought he looked pretty solid.
  10. Stock up: Davis, Jones, Rose Stock Down: Browning, Dozier, Dantzler
  11. Philyor needs to haul that in. Also really wanted Sterns in the draft
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