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  1. They just might but one may get squeezed out. What if they keep 6 CBs? PP/Mack/Dantzler/ Hughes/Hand /Boyd unless Gladney somehow gets off or cut or one moves to S.
  2. So I was thinking, if they sign Kerrigan, who's out at DE. Hunter, Kerrigan, Weatherly, Wonnum, Jones II, and Robinson is a full room. Do we trust Jones or Robinson to make it to the PS? Or Wonnum even? Do you turn around and release Weatherly despite just signing him this offseason?
  3. I didn't think the Childress era ones were bad at the time, but now when I go back they are bad. Far too busy and the side stripes never quite matched up or looked nice
  4. Quite possible. But as of now, the 2022 class looks underwhelming and they may prefer am established veteran despite Cousins' limitations.
  5. One trade potential trade partner I thought of would be the New York Giants. They have invested a bunch in their OL, have Saquon plus some nice young talent at WR and Engram, and have an improving defense. I think Daniel Jones is not the answer and they picked up some extra draft capital in 2022. I don't think Cousins would cost them a ton so it may just be the right fit.
  6. With the current lineup of DEs, do you think Brailford would have a better shot at the final 53 by moving to LB? He seemed to be pretty athletic in his limited time last year, but I don't think he's done it before from what I've found. Worth a shot?
  7. But how angry will we be if Love turns out to be an elite QB
  8. PP, Alexander, and Hughes not signed into 2022 with Gladney in potential legal trouble? I'll give ya one guess where we're going. In all seriousness, S, CB, LB, QB, amd WR could all be on the board with the 1st
  9. If this offense crushes this year enough for him to get HC attention, maybe they should see if he'd be interested in a HC-in-waiting agreement. Zimmer is pretty old and has had some health problems
  10. I do actually like the retiring of 77 for Korey Stringer. Perhaps they should almost have it like a title. Like you earn a number for certain teams. I know LSU gives 7 to a different player every year and its like an achievement. Like what if Jefferson came out and said he would like to change his number to 80 (which I don't think is retired?) And Carter had to give his blessing for it. Or if Randle and Kevin Williams crowned a promising young player with 93. It could make for some really cool team traditions/lineage.
  11. Anyone think this pick just tanks Cousins' confidence ala Wentz?
  12. I'd love if Herc could come in and get some 3T 3rd and long snaps but I think Twyman may come in with a chip on his shoulder after dropping so far. I think Holmes and Willekes will be on the outs pretty quick.
  13. How much would extensions for Hunter, O'Neill and Smith count against this years cap? I suppose it depends on how they construct it but I'd say pay em.
  14. Does anyone think that double dipping at DE signals anything about Hunter? With Weatherly returning, who is perhaps average at best, and Wonnum hopefully improving, 2 might be overkill. Maybe it's nothing more than "Can't have too many good pass rushers." Or maybe it's just Hunter insurance.
  15. I don't think we're a hot destination considering our depth in spots
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