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  1. 2020 Draft Talk

    I'd be on board for Becton if Kinlaw is gone and they don't like any of the corners available
  2. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    He was a big contested catch guy in college. That didn't translate to the NFL where the corners were much better and he could not separate.
  3. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    That was the idea when he was drafted, sadly it did not work out. He was lucky to get brought back but may have shown enough to be a WR5 and ST guy. Bisi Johnson showed a little bit but doesn't really have any traits that make him stand out as anything other than a lesser version of Diggs or Theilen.
  4. 2020 Draft Talk

    I think Biadasz in round 1 would be an upgrade at guard and could double as insurance if Bradbury doesn't dvelop.
  5. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    I don't think we are that far off. Need to add pass rushing threat at DT, new LG, add corner depth, and either a speedster or a size mismatch at WR.
  6. 2020 Draft Talk

    This is a deep WR draft. Could probably get a solid contributor in the 3rd or 4th.
  7. Divisional Round: VIKINGS (11-6) at 49ers (13-3)

    Also, this might be our worst possible matchup. Can't stop the run on D, and can't block them on O.
  8. Divisional Round: VIKINGS (11-6) at 49ers (13-3)

    Playing the long game. Like it
  9. Official 2020 WR Thread

    Favorite late round gem types?
  10. Week 16: Packers (11-3) at VIKINGS (10-4)

    I suppose you can challenge that now?
  11. Week 16: Packers (11-3) at VIKINGS (10-4)

    Pretty disappointing to give up points there but the Offense needs to stay on the field at least a little more
  12. Week 16: Packers (11-3) at VIKINGS (10-4)

    If that was Rhodes, it would have been DPI
  13. Official 2020 QB Thread

    If Jordan Love does not declare, does anyone think he transfers? Could help his stock a lot if he can go somewhere with better talent and coaching. I think he declares however
  14. Official 2020 OT/IOL Thread

    Is Alex Leatherwood's ceiling higher at OT or Guard? And can Jedrick Wills play LT or is he just a RT?
  15. 2020 Draft Talk

    I could have sworn it was Elfleins last year. Anyway, I think he's still easily the weakest link on the OL and should be upgraded if possible.
  16. 2020 Draft Talk

    While Kline may not be worth the price for his skill and/or availability, I'd rather not go into the offseason trying to replace 2 guards.
  17. Week 13: VIKINGS (8-3) at Seahawks (9-2)

    Awfully grabby there but Diggs still should have caught that
  18. 2020 Draft Talk

    Would love either of these two. I highly doubt Brown makes it provided we ate picking in the 20s. Do you think Biadasz would be a good guard?
  19. Official 2020 DL/EDGE Thread

    Any 3T penetrator types outside of Brown And Kinlaw to look at?
  20. 2020 Draft Talk

    I agree, barring any medical red flags. I don't think he falls that far anyway and I am not sure any of the other QBs offer that kind of value that they can't be passed up
  21. Will Jalen Hurts be a first round pick?

    Me either. If he goes in the 1st, I'd like to see him go to NO, LAC, or Indy.
  22. Week 11: Broncos (3-6) at VIKINGS (7-3)

    Welp, I'm glad this game completely sapped me of all my energy when I have a Slayer concert in an hour... ...
  23. Week 11: Broncos (3-6) at VIKINGS (7-3)

    I've always defended Zimmer even when he didn't deserve it. If I'm Wilf, I'm calling him into the office and asking wtf this game is all about.
  24. Week 11: Broncos (3-6) at VIKINGS (7-3)

    This is exactly like the NFC championship game vs. The Eagles. They must have spent all week patting themselves on the back for beating Dallas
  25. Week 11: Broncos (3-6) at VIKINGS (7-3)

    Wow that's a bad call.