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  1. Official 2018-2019 NHL Thread

    Gutted for Tampa. I hope they get their redemption next year (well unless they play Vegas)
  2. Official 2018-2019 NHL Thread

    They're playing the long game. As we saw last week, embarrassing first round losses = a 'ship the next year
  3. 2018-2019 NCAAB Thread

    Really really want them, but at the moment we're a scholarship short. We'll see how this plays out
  4. NCAA Recruiting Thread

    Is Justin McKoy actually good? A late riser? Picked up UVA/UNC offers recently
  5. 2018-2019 NCAAB Thread

    Ty Jerome aka Ty Ballgame calling into Francesa's show and subtly chirping him for his February comments was incredible. Absolute legend
  6. 2018-2019 NCAAB Thread

    That's fair. You're probably right.
  7. 2018-2019 NCAAB Thread

    That team is gonna be great for sure. I'd agree with a preseason #2 ranking Don't think UVA will be ranked that high unless Ty Jerome comes back, which I doubt. I'd imagine we're closer to the back half of the top 25 next year
  8. Can't wait to see Chris Beard back in the Final Four...with Texas Tech. I think and hope he stays there long term. What a battle that was
  9. 2018-2019 NCAAB Thread

    I hope K only plays Joey Baker 18 minutes next season too
  10. HOOS DON'T LOSE #redemption
  11. Well we only scored 53 against Oregon and I'd imagine we'll have more trouble against that Tech defense, so I get where the 40s sentiment comes from. But you're probably right
  12. Final 4: Virginia vs. Auburn

    Ty got his jersey grabbed pretty clearly on the reverse angle. More importantly, ball don't lie. Tech will prob win tomorrow but I will enjoy the delicious tears in this thread for now
  13. Love that this is the final. Let it rip boys
  14. Final 4: Virginia vs. Auburn

    Just need Dre to get his groove back and we should be fine
  15. Official 2018-2019 NHL Thread

    Fleury coming back just in time for the playoffs. Time for redemption