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  1. The Official Recruiting Thread

    4* LB Brandon Williams commits to UVA. We don't normally get recruits with that many stars - is he actually good?
  2. Jimmy is an absolute INT machine. We're paying $30 mil for this?
  3. Jameis is soooo bad lmao
  4. Jimmy can't throw an accurate pass to save his life
  5. Good lord. This team can't even line up right.
  6. Scared money don't make no money, @shanny
  7. Jimmie Ward would have broken his other hand defending that pass
  8. How are we in year 3 and this team still has no discipline whatsoever? Embarrassing. Would serve them right for Tampa to score
  9. Classic defense getting clowned when things matter
  10. You cost us points on that drive, Jimmy
  11. The standard for a QB making that much money is to throw accurate balls, not simply catchable balls. That ball was not accurate
  12. You CANNOT miss that throw, Jimmy
  13. The past few years this is definitely a game we choke away. Let's see if things have changed
  14. Well we only had 2 picks last year so it's only right that we have 32 this year
  15. Was scared he'd overthrow like the one Breida came down with in the pre-season, but nope perfect ball here. Keep redeeming yourself