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  1. God I hope we finish 4th in the group. Would be a nightmare to get stuck in Europa League
  2. It's a start but I doubt it's enough to fix this rot
  3. This team is such a ******* disgrace. Has to be the least talented Madrid team in decades. Toothless would be putting it nicely
  4. Another injury, what an absolute nightmare. Rest of the squad is a joke offensively, Mbappe alone can't fix this but boy could we use him. Just hoping we don't concede in this second half. My expectation was a 1-0 win but hard to have confidence in anyone to score
  5. Well I had the Jets score right but definitely didn't see the offense coming out like that. Great to see, even if it was the Jets. Most bittersweet blowout you could think of - gutted for Bosa and Solly. Just need to hope the rest are back within a month or so when the schedule gets really tough
  6. I am not doubting that we will win but under my assumption that there is no Kittle, I don't see us scoring much.
  7. I admire the confidence but it may be a bit much. Reed and Dwelley aren't in Kittle's stratosphere. I don't think you can look at the schedule and say less than 5 more losses are out there. Obviously 10-6 is fine, but what happens if we blow one or two others that we shouldn't like this past weekend? It's too early to panic but the concerns with this team are very real.
  8. This one should come down to the wire if Kittle doesn't play (and I don't expect him to). No passing game, no CB's, poor tackling...but luckily the Jets don't have much talent. 16-13 SF
  9. How much we were up by in the 4th quarter? I don't care who you're playing giving up a 10 point lead in the 4th is not ok. But we can agree to disagree on this I agree, we HAVE to win at least 5 of the next 6 heading into that Seattle/GB/NO stretch. Very concerned about the offense if Deebo and Kittle both are out at the same time at some point
  10. Yeah I agree we can compete for that spot but there's a lot of complicating factors: middling QB, injuries to 3 of our top players, brutal schedule, tackling issues. Will we lose this weekend? I really doubt it, but we found ways to lose last weekend (and against KC for that matter) so I can't help but hold my breath these days (though I obviously recognize the talent drop from KC to Arizona to NYJ).
  11. Moseley has his moments but Witherspoon is a joke. Deebo and Kittle banged up, now this. Couldn't be a worse start to the season. I had us pegged for 11-5 prior to the season but I was already wrong about week 1 and now I just don't feel comfortable with this team at all. All the makings of matching the Rams with their 9-7 Super Bowl hangover season
  12. Absolute nightmare. Piss poor embarrassment on Sunday from the team and now this. Lucky the Jets are up next but with this team's inability to tackle and 2 practice squad corners in Moseley/Witherspoon, it could be ugly
  13. Not so much a stock question, but I'm thinking of starting a brokerage account with the goal of saving up for the next 5-7 years or so for a home down payment. What portion should be devoted to bonds? And from there, do I focus on short vs intermediate vs long term bonds? Treasury vs corporate vs municipal, etc etc? Would appreciate any advice. I'm in my mid-20's and already contribute to my 401k above employer match/have maxed out my roth IRA, if any of that makes a difference.
  14. Shocked he's still around. Maybe he'll still be there next round, would be a great pick
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