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  1. Eaglebowl VII : Threepea

  2. Eaglebowl VII : Threepea

    Open, to anyone, first 10/12 get in, long gone are the days of eight divisions
  3. Eaglebowl VII : Threepea

    2010 Eaglebowl I: (Champion: @Nabbs4u) 2011 Eaglebowl II: (Champion: @EaglesFan41) 2012 Eaglebowl III: (Champion: @Broadway Joe) 2013 Eaglebowl IV: (Champion: @Broadway Joe) 2014 Eaglebowl V: (Champion @Blahman88) 2017 Eaglebowl VI: (Champion @Blahman88) Can your favourite UK import win a third consecutive league title? Who wants in? 10 or 12 teams. Leggo!
  4. Luckily I got on a fixed rate mortgage before Brexit and the pound dropped massively. Still got two and a half years on it so hopefully it doesn't drastically rise when I renew.
  5. How is everyone, who wants to discuss mortgage rates?
  6. I'm now 30, I will now not post anything remotely comical.
  7. I'm not that bothered to be fair
  8. Name Change

    Is Blahstoise happening yet?
  9. Name Change

    Good Call
  10. Name Change

    Actually, I do fancy a name change. Blahstoise
  11. Name Change

    The artist formerly known as Blahman88