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  1. Eaglebowl VII : Fantasy Football

    2010 Eaglebowl I: (Champion: @Nabbs4u) 2011 Eaglebowl II: (Champion: @EaglesFan41) 2012 Eaglebowl III: (Champion: @Broadway Joe) 2013 Eaglebowl IV: (Champion: @Broadway Joe) 2014 Eaglebowl V: (Champion @Blahman88) 2017 Eaglebowl VI: (Champion @Blahman88) 2018 Eaglebowl VII: (Champion (@Eagles26)
  2. Eaglebowl VII : Fantasy Football

    You beat a Dynasty, so well done,
  3. Eaglebowl VII : Fantasy Football

    If this wasn't important, why your teamname "NoRepeat4UBlah"? I'm in two finals out of four, three play-off appearances for me this year, but my teams are trash, not sure how I made it.
  4. Eaglebowl VII : Fantasy Football

    Envy is not a good luck Nabbsio
  5. Eaglebowl VII : Fantasy Football

    Five Eaglebowl trips in seven tournaments, I'm just gifted
  6. Eaglebowl VII : Fantasy Football

    Must be the back-to-back Champion @Nabbs4u how are you?
  7. Eaglebowl VII : Fantasy Football

    Hello friends, who's in the Eaglebowl again?
  8. The 2018 Eagles Forum Baldie Awards

    Do it during so we don;t have to watch Drew Brees v a Peewee Secondary
  9. The 2018 Eagles Forum Baldie Awards

    Someone make me a list of awards template and I'll vote
  10. Welcome to the my child was born when the Eagles were World Champions club
  11. Welcome to our world botches, We have to stay up til 5am to watch us lose, your turn to get up early
  12. Somehow, after missing out in the first round of tickets. I've got 11th row tickets, on the 45 yard line on the eagles sideline