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  1. Guess I'm late, but DeSean Jackson Week 1
  2. You're welcome be back next divisional
  3. What's up you malcontents, it's ya boi Blahstoise! DWAYNE HOSKINS EXPERIENCE v PHILADELPHIA BODY IMAGE The Reno Mahe keys to the game: Can Carson Wentz throw Tuddies to D-Jax, Jeffrey, Ertz, Sanders, Goedert, Argeca-Whitesnake, Howard, the other guys, Steve Correll, Pat Magroin, the guy who ran in to a pillar, ninjapirate, Wilfred Mansell, Pitbull and Ke$ha. Will Jim Schwartz do that stupid 3rd and 78 defence crap. Can Jake Elliott kick the ball good. I'm a busy man so that's all your getting, other than these gifs:
  4. Eaglebowl VII : Fantasy Football

    2010 Eaglebowl I: (Champion: @Nabbs4u) 2011 Eaglebowl II: (Champion: @EaglesFan41) 2012 Eaglebowl III: (Champion: @Broadway Joe) 2013 Eaglebowl IV: (Champion: @Broadway Joe) 2014 Eaglebowl V: (Champion @Blahman88) 2017 Eaglebowl VI: (Champion @Blahman88) 2018 Eaglebowl VII: (Champion (@Eagles26)
  5. Eaglebowl VII : Fantasy Football

    You beat a Dynasty, so well done,
  6. Eaglebowl VII : Fantasy Football

    If this wasn't important, why your teamname "NoRepeat4UBlah"? I'm in two finals out of four, three play-off appearances for me this year, but my teams are trash, not sure how I made it.
  7. Eaglebowl VII : Fantasy Football

    Envy is not a good luck Nabbsio
  8. Eaglebowl VII : Fantasy Football

    Five Eaglebowl trips in seven tournaments, I'm just gifted
  9. Eaglebowl VII : Fantasy Football

    Must be the back-to-back Champion @Nabbs4u how are you?
  10. Eaglebowl VII : Fantasy Football

    Hello friends, who's in the Eaglebowl again?
  11. The 2018 Eagles Forum Baldie Awards

    Do it during so we don;t have to watch Drew Brees v a Peewee Secondary