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  1. Having see results elsewhere I'm not surprised - my area hasn't had a death in hospital since July 3 so we're doing okay. Plus the UK just cut 5,000 deaths off our total because our government is incompetent and placed everyone with a positive test who died on the list - those 5,000 died of other causes, sometimes months after. We are seeing an uptick in infections, but they come from community testing rather than hospital testing so we are picking up mostly mild cases now.
  2. The Office for National Statistics in the United Kingdom has estimated that 6% of the population (3.4million) have had COVID-19 after an antibody survey. 13% in London and as little as 3% in some rural communities.
  3. For me it's clear the EPL were waiting for a reason to call it off, and they've got their wish. They didn't want to make a decision and upset the current top six/bring the wrath of human rights campaigners and the like. Had it been a top six side it would have been easier to say yes as there is a bigger global appeal and it would bring so much more revenue for the EPL.
  4. Speaking strictly from a takeover point of view, the EPL has handed it embarrassingly, it's as simple as that and it would have been waved through if it was a top, top club. Now if you want to get into political morals and their human rights record then I'm on your side and completely understand the 'sportswashing' they are trying to accomplish.
  5. There is, apparently, but the Saudi's were going to invest £250m year one and build up the academy, infrastructure and support the city. EPL has taken 17 weeks to not come to a decision despite repeatedly saying it would come shortly. Have to think if it was a top 6 club it gets waved through.
  6. Corrupt EPL is corrupt - if Man Utd were getting taken over by the Saudi's it goes straight through
  7. Where's good news guy? I'll take his spot for now... Positive news on Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine could come on Thursday: ITV https://uk.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-oxford-vaccine-itv/positive-news-on-oxford-astrazeneca-covid-19-vaccine-could-come-on-thursday-itv-idUKKCN24G1BD Quotes I've read suggest the vaccine is creating the desired immune response and producing T-Cells and Antibodies.
  8. Chinese health official now admits 'unknown pneumonia more deadly than coronavirus' that is 'sweeping' Kazakhstan is actually 'likely to be Covid-19' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-8508129/Unknown-pneumonia-said-deadlier-coronavirus-sweeping-Kazakhstan.html
  9. Player:First Name: DmitiriLast Name: Von TipplehorsePosition: QBNumber: 5Right/Left Hand: RightCollege: TulsaAge: 22State: OhioHeight: 6"5Weight: 254lbColor Tone: BeigeSpecific Equipment? : Left sleeve, towel Normal Dev - 80
  10. Oh I'm well aware, I'm all aboard the media being absurdly oversensitive Next up, Smallpox might return because the Arctic is melting or something like that
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