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  1. Favorite Team: Green Bay Packers Week 6 pick: LA Rams Week 7 pick: Green Bay Packers Woz - I'll be traveling, kindly record both picks. Thank you very much
  2. you can do better, good luck and happy hunting
  3. For me, the issue isn't around one tweet or one topic. Its the quid pro quo nature of these relationships that poop on journalistic integrity. Schefter and his ilk trade info and favors all the time. They'll happily put out a story that helps their contacts and frames issues in a favorable light. Schefter is happy to be a mouthpiece for Allen and other front office guys in exchange for info. That's where things get pretty muddy. He has to give something back - and often times that something is shady. I don't listen to Schefter, because I know he's a whore who feathers his own nest an
  4. Bears LB Jerry Attaochu suffered a torn pectoral in Chicago's Week 5 win against the Raiders. A sub-package player on 40% of Chicago's defensive snaps this year, Attaochu had totaled two tackles and a quarterback hit through five games. The team will likely increase Trevis Gipson's snaps in Attaochu's stead.
  5. What impact will Mike Pettine have as an advisor to the Bears ? He knows a lot about most of the GB personnel from the inside and worked with all of the position coaches too. He sat in strategy meetings with MLF and other staff. That was certainly part of the draw for the bears to snag him. So how does the Senior Defensive Assistant help the bears on Sunday ? https://www.chicagobears.com/team/coaches/mike-pettine
  6. M√ľnchen is the best choice for this game and during Oktoberfest would be unbelievably epic
  7. Ron Wolf, HOF GM once said: "If you start listening to the fans, pretty soon you'll be sitting with the fans" I think that applies here. IF you want EB and you're comfortable with his past & present you grab him knowing full well the idiots on twitter will go nuts. BFD. You can't run a franchise scared of twitter twats. The EB stuff can be handled professionally and NFL teams have the global platform to make sure the idiots look like idiots - which only strengthens the Raiders case for making that hire. " Its not getting any smarter out there, you have to come to terms with
  8. Sometimes I wonder if stupid people know they are stupid, or if their stupidity conveniently shields them from that reality
  9. Favorite Team: Green Bay Packers Week # 5 Pick: Dallas Cowboys
  10. Hopefully - they saved 1 extra large seat for the flight home to Green Bay
  11. HaHa ! I was referring to flight attendant service time, not drinking time. On a 65 minute flight, you might get 3 visits in the 30 minute drinking window 65 minutes is enough time to drink a 12 pack if you have your own cooler handy
  12. From the Dope Sheet * Since 2019, the Packers have a combined record of 10-2 in the first four games of the season, a .833 winning percentage that is tied for the best in the NFL (Buffalo and Kansas City) over that span *Sunday will be the first time the Packers have played at 12 p.m. CT this season, the first of three consecutive early-Sunday slots for Green Bay. The Packers are 11-1 under Head Coach Matt LaFleur in games played at 12 p.m. CT, a .917 winning percentage that ranks No. 1 in the NFL since 2019 Under Head Coach Matt LaFleur, Green Bay is 7-2 against AFC opponents, a
  13. Wheels up at 1:31 Central today for the 65 minute flight to the Queen City - barely enough time for 3 inflight beers. Hope they're pissing hot upon arrival https://flightaware.com/live/flight/DAL8863/history/20211009/1825Z/KGRB/KCVG Airport weatherman says high of 80 for Sunday's festivities
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