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  1. its making room for Watson coming in and to handle the accelerated proration from moving Tua off their cap. ( $ 14.6M+) Its a young man's game and KVN isn't young - nor is he a part of their future plans. Especially at that price...
  2. Remember: warm weather is much easier on an old man's joints. Going from warm Hou to colder climes is contra-indicated. Watt needed those other teams as leverage, but his body will do better in warm, dry AZ and he won't be as easy to double team with Chandler Jones next to him.
  3. you can't do that anymore...it might have been an option 6 months ago, but Watson has crossed the Rubicon and he isn't going to change his mind. You also have to acknowledge that you can't take half measures with QBs and HCs because of their leadership roles on the team. You can't have a leader who says: "They forced me to stick around for a wasted year" All IN or All OUT are the only options for those 2 roles and All Out is the only one left at this juncture. The Easterby's just had to put up enough of a public "no trade stance !" to give themselves cover and claim they tried. But zero
  4. risky business on buying more, but don't take advice from strangers on the internet. They got a Complete Response Letter from the FDA which is bad news, not just because they need to spend multi-millions more and another 1-2 years of clinical trials...but also because they shouldn't have submitted a crappy package to the agency. Heads will roll within Athenex, because many times these mistakes are foreseeable and the CEO hinted at that in his comments. So there may be further drops in stock price. Its also possible that they meet with FDA and come out the other side with a less onerous re
  5. We might get the answer to the original question, Stafford wants out and the Lions will accommodate him https://www.nfl.com/news/matthew-stafford-era-in-detroit-likely-over-as-star-qb-requests-trade "The Matthew Stafford era in Detroit appears to be coming to an end. After meetings in recent weeks in which Stafford expressed a desire for a fresh start, the Lions understood his position and plan to begin discussing trade options in the coming weeks for their star quarterback, per sources."
  6. LOL Maybe we can go with this one instead: Tom Brady has never played in the cold of Lambeau Field as a 43.5 year old man
  7. * This is the 34th playoff appearance for the Packers, the most in NFL history after passing the cowboys, giants and steelers and that syncs up with the Packers having won the most Championships in NFL history * It is the franchise’s 21st playoff appearance in the last 27 seasons (1993-2020). Green Bay (36) is tied with Pittsburgh for the second most postseason wins in league history * Green Bay has scored 1,487 points in the postseason, moving past Pittsburgh (1,478) for the most in NFL history.
  8. "The Packers have won four consecutive playoff games at Lambeau Field (one in the 2014, 2016, 2019 and 2020 postseasons). Green Bay has turned the ball over once in those four contests, posting zero giveaways in three straight."
  9. https://www.packers.com/news/packers-take-on-bucs-in-nfc-championship Packers vs Buccaneers: All time, regular season: 32-22-1 All-time, postseason: 1-0 All-time, at home: 19-7 (16-5 at Lambeau Field) All-time, at home in postseason: 1-0 (1-0 at Lambeau Field) Streaks: The series is split 5-5 in the last 10 games between the two teams Last meeting, regular season: Oct. 18, 2020, Raymond James Stadium, Buccaneers won, 38-10 NOTABLE CONNECTIONS Packers defensive backs coach Jerry Gray played one season as a defens
  10. It will be a struggle to run on that front, no doubt. We were told the same thing vs Rams D and managed 188 on the ground anyways Saints ran 25 times for 104 yds last week and that was without Murray or Hill available and the Bucs crowding the LOS because noodle-arm was no threat. IF the Bucs consistently dedicate a safety to Adams, they're vulnerable elsewhere- that's the issue in a zero sum game. Vita Vea is fantastic, but not sure how much you'll get out of him in 1st game back in months. First he has to get up to football speed, and then playoff football speed is one notch up fro
  11. unfortunately, Antonio Brown will not be joining the festivities on Sunday as a result of his knee injury
  12. All 4 HC's in CGs have been to a Super Bowl previously in their careers: Matt LaFleur with ATL Bruce Arians with Pitt Sean McDermott with Panthers Andy Reid with Chiefs
  13. 200 pages...hmmm...can you please summarize in Haiku format ? ( i can't) vaccine awaits us hero nurses act on global stage They always "stick" the landing
  14. They were AWESOME and followed Al Davis' lead of being rebels. Even fans of other teams had to respect what they built in Oakland, in many cases by taking rejected and unloved players who just needed a fresh start. A real collection of characters and Davis molded them into Champions. Those were amazing times for Raider Nation and that's when the mystique really became a thing. "The Autumn Wind is a Raider"
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