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  1. Week 11 GDT: GB @ Seattle TreeSloths

    Barf The Packers have to wear those butt-ugly pasty whites on TNF.
  2. NFL News & Notes

    For purposes of earning a playoff spot for the Green & Gold... ...both the Redskins and the Panthers are above GB on the Wild Card Chart and need to lose some games. On the off chance GB doesn't win the division, might need some help and Washington beat GB head - to- head. Isn't making the playoffs is mo' impotent than a few slots at the end of the 1st round ?
  3. Extend Mike McCarthy?

    Why do you suppose that is ? The Packers just engaged a world - class executive search firm in finding and hiring a new GM as well as restructuring the Org Chart Murphy could have dumped MM at the same time as TT - that would have changed up the search process completely. And you can be certain it was discussed in great detail at the highest levels of the Org. Clean house....start fresh But the President and the Ex. Committee opted to keep the head coach, let him hire new staff, and replace the GM with an MM-friendly Personnel guy. All of that strongly suggests that MM isn't the problem in the eyes of the Senior Management or the outside consultants they hired. They may certainly be wrong, but they're also a public corporation subject to all kinds of rules and procedures for making these hires/fires and decisions. Its usually the single owners that act impetuously I don't want to cede control of the entire football operation to AR. I love the guy, but this is way outside of his purview. If the Packers need a newer/better/shinier offense, then get a new offensive mind in there or task the current staff with working with AR on various tweaks and innovations. Get him a QB coach he likes If you want to fire MM, that's fine. But you are setting the Org back 3-4 years, same as every other team that has changed HCs. We all want the same goal, but some are proposing a 1000 pound solution to a 10 pound problem. I think there are less drastic and less risky ways to get there - And what I really believe is that this team needs more talent - hence the new GM and the new way of doing business in terms of vet player acquisition. THOSE are the issues that the Senior Management decided were most pressing and required the greatest change. And that's what they did. Like I said - they could all be full of crapola. But they certainly ran a thorough process and their actions offer us a hint into what they learned over the last 10-12 months
  4. How many wins will it take for the Chargers...

    yeah, ummm sorry about that. We went a couple of times, it was 50/50 Packers-Chargers fans at The Murph But that's not a reflection of San Diego Charger fans themselves or Rivers talent - its just a reflection of the fact that a whole bunch of us moved out there. Tons of transplants in LA, OC, SD and AZ and they'll all show up in big numbers, paying big bucks for tix. Of course, moving the team out of San Diego didn't help either...but enjoy your season either way. They're looking good Also - If you need some action in your forum, I have a list of especially insightful posters I'd be super- happy to send your way.
  5. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Esty Afew
  6. Week 10: Miami WontWins @ Green Bay GDT

    The Packers staple play on 1st and 10 was a quick out to Jordy for 7-8 yards. Great way to stay ahead of the chains. None of the young WRs are ready to handle that play with equal aplomb, so perhaps running AJ is a new, winning adjustment
  7. Week 11 GDT: GB @ Seattle TreeSloths

    How about a little puff piece for Safety Raven Greene ? Stepped up and made his first NFL Sack and also converted on the fake punt vs the dolphins. He'll get even more action on Thursday in Seattle https://www.packers.com/news/raven-greene-showing-he-s-ready-for-this-level?campaign=sf202186564_TW_C-Content-GB_CT-Player on the Rise-GB_sf202186564&sf202186564=1 If called upon in Seattle, teammates know Greene will be up to the challenge once again. “Raven is a really smart guy,” said linebacker James Crawford, who praised Greene for helping him get acclimated after signing with the team during training camp. “Even if the game plan isn’t with him involved, he’s prepared like he is involved. So when moments come up like that, he’s ready to make the play and the coaches know it. Now everybody is starting to see that he’s ready for this level.”
  8. Week 11 GDT: GB @ Seattle TreeSloths

    From PackersNews Pettine should have additional help at safety this week with veteran Ibraheim Campbell, who was inactive after being claimed on waivers from the New York Jets earlier in the week. Campbell played for Pettine in Cleveland and knows the system, so it’s possible he’ll be active for the first time Thursday. One possible addition on offense and special teams is receiver/returner Trevor Davis, who is eligible to come off injured reserve this week. Davis practiced last week and said he prepared as though he was going to play. He said he would be ready if called upon this week even though he’ll have had only five practices since Week 1. Also on offense, backup guard Lucas Patrick is in the concussion protocol and is a question mark for Thursday night.
  9. Saints Watch- Additional First Round Pick (0-1)

    Plenty of merit to that suggestion, because the first round picks carry the 5th year option and so for some teams, that's very appealing. Ravens/Ozzie did it with Lamar Jackson because they knew it was gonna take time to develop him and grabbing him at 32 is better than at 33
  10. Week 10: Miami WontWins @ Green Bay GDT

    I don't think we fully appreciate the what it takes to be game-ready in the NFL. He didn't have any time in the offseason, OTA's, installs, mini-camp, training camp and all of the film corrections that the other guys got. So he's still behind mentally. And physically, he's way behind too because while others were fine tuning their physique and technique - he was busy learning how to walk/run again. Skin grafts are not a trifling matter and that's why it took months ( March - September) just to pass an NFL Physical To answer your question: Not off the hook yet, just need to see steady improvement from now until February
  11. MNF WK 11 Chiefs at Rams @ Mexico City

    They are all working in SoCal, better pay
  12. NFL News & Notes

    Coming into GB's offense as a TE is really hard because not only do you have to learn all the nuances of a passing game called from the LOS, you also have to learn all of the run game responsibilities too. And the QB changes them in the blink of an eye. Its a tall task for any offensive player, but TE's get a double dose. And if you have a bad wheel, then you aren't getting reps with the OL in the run game or reps with QB1 in the pass game, making your assimilation into an up tempo offense an even greater challenge
  13. Week 11 GDT: GB @ Seattle TreeSloths

    The Hawks like to have Wilson hand it off in the first 3 quarters... ...and then after everybody is tired from chasing the RBs, he pulls the keepers in the 4th quarter. RB Rashaad Penny has fresh legs and speed to burn
  14. Mike Pettine Defense

    FROM Ben Fennell‏ #Packers 3rd Down Defense... Conversions: 36.6% (7th) Completions: 55.1% (6th) Y/A: 5.90 (4th) Sacks: 15 (2nd) QB Rating: 69.4 (4th)