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  1. Marcedes Lewis in the fold!

    When you look at all the Tall Timbers assembled in GB, both at TE and at WR - it shows some of their thinking. The Packers are trying to widen the windows of opportunity for AR. If you limit the "separation" to the X, Y plane - you're missing out on the Z axis This is 3 D separation and the vertical window opens up more space to hit taller players like Marcedes who are losing their ability to separate horizontally MM talked about it in his recent presser: Giving AR more/bigger/better/different windows to throw into on Sunday. DickRod wasn't able to separate horizontally and at 6'4 his vertical window isn't as enticing as the longer-armed and taller Marcedes Lewis & Jimmy Graham. Think back to Jermichael Finley vs AZ in the playoffs - he just went up and over the DB to ****** the ball. Check out 1:42 and 2:42 and 2:50 for some examples. Lewis and Graham aren't the athletes that Finley was, but it still shows the value of opening up those vertical windows.
  2. Marcedes Lewis in the fold!

    https://t.co/WNer7WaHm2 Swiped this one from NFL news...Marcedes knocking JJ Watt on his arse Reminds me of this play from Quarless vs the vikes, where he knocked Jared Allen on his arse, then went out and caught the pass for a big gainer
  3. Rather lose in the playoffs or Super Bowl?

    Exactly right, that's the premise of this thread
  4. Marcedes Lewis in the fold!

  5. Random Packer News & Notes

    from packers.com Kevin King estimated he suffered at least 10 shoulder dislocations last season, including one early in training camp. The issue lingered and often handcuffed him, forcing him in and out of games and mostly taking away his ability to use two hands and press at the line of scrimmage. King sat out against Minnesota, Baltimore and Tampa Bay before finally traveling down to Birmingham, Ala., to undergo season-ending surgery with Dr. James Andrews in December. I went to the best surgeon in the world, Dr. Andrews. He got me right, so I feel good. ”He’s been engulfed in the playbook of new defensive coordinator Mike Pettine and spent extra time working with House and Williams after meetings.The three have been attentive students in the classroom of defensive pass-game coordinator Joe Whitt. With House and Williams combining for 18 NFL seasons, King can think of no two better veterans to help him learn the position. http://www.packers.com/news-and-events/article-player-feature/article-1/Kevin-King-feeling-good-ready-to-learn/66cd3d07-ddf9-49c6-80f0-8cc795b827ed
  6. Marcedes Lewis in the fold!

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dd_viV5WAAA8s5I.jpg Here he is inking the deal.... with the Lombardi's in the background
  7. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    There's 4 clips. Surely you can find something positive in one of them...
  8. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    TE Marcedes Lewis has worn number 89 his whole career. I think WR Michael Clark's days in GB may be "numbered" Here's some more cut ups from Ben Fennell:
  9. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    Yes it certainly does but the Frozen Zoo has been collecting and storing sperm and eggs for years so there is some variability in the gene pool Q: Do you know how they collect Rhino sperm ? A: Interns Rhino's in the wild and in captivity are given a mild sedative and then.... you just ring the bell
  10. Rather lose in the playoffs or Super Bowl?

    It doesn't matter what I want, the question I was pondering was what would most vikefans truly prefer in this scenario ? A: Another Thorp / Halas Trophy AND another SB loss (0-5) B: Just another playoff loss ( 20-30) The implications of another SB loss for the franchise seems a reasonable consideration here. I'm guessing that if you polled your forum, the majority would not prefer the lifelong stain of another Title Game defeat... even if it meant hanging another NFC banner from the rafters You clearly value the NFC title + SB loss as your preferred option in this scenario. So I'm 0-1 on my guess https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/min/playoffs.htm
  11. from Pettine's presser: " I've been told my natural resting gaze is not pleasant"
  12. Rather lose in the playoffs or Super Bowl?

    So you're saying that you'd prefer it if the vikes were now 0-5 in Super Bowls instead of just 0-4 ? I'm guessing your fan base might feel differently, but its only a guess
  13. Rather lose in the playoffs or Super Bowl?

    Well, he's had a lot of experience losing Super Bowls, so maybe after 5 Title game losses it gets more personal.
  14. Lynn Dickey

    When are you going to post pictures of your hot girlfriend ? Popular bumper sticker from the Lynn Dickey Era: " You can sack our Pack, but you can't lick our Dickey"
  15. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Of course. You are well aware of who he was in Jville, but I think he may have a bit more to offer than what he produced with Bortles Everybody gets better when they don the Green & Gold - I thought you knew that ?