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  1. Sharks can swim faster than humans, but humans can run faster than sharks. Therefore in a triathlon - it would come down to who's the better cyclist.
  2. nope - and worse than that - I haven't been on a course since March. I did have disc golf dreams the other night...so I guess its time to dust off the bag. Morley Field is still on the reservation system for tee times (covid), but plenty of openings available
  3. Pro Tips: 1) never get involved in a land war in Asia... 2) never get involved in an argument with incognito. Not because you'll lose the argument, but because he's just one of THOSE people. Smile knowingly and calmly walk the other way 😎 fyi: this is what incog wrote on page 2 "very few people really understand it " vs. what you wrote : "I’m just going to assume that people don’t understand cryptocurrency" I've been told he's a real blast at parties, aka Colonel Conviviality
  4. Jim Drunkenmiller over Jake Plummer Alex Smith over the community college QB McChortle over ? Also - you're going to laugh heartily on Thursday night when the Jets take Sewell instead of Wilson.
  5. If this plays out in typical NFL fashion, the League will come out strongly against it until they have time to get out in front of it and monetize it for the owners. Then they'll brand it and take their Lords cut - adding it to the other billions they earn from the game. NFC bitcoins vs AFC bitcoins for the World Championship
  6. So what Cook and all the other players in the same boat should do - is announce their intention to change numbers next year - and tell fans to boycott buying any of the soon-to-be-outdated jerseys. That way the NFL and their lame-*** partners get stuck with millions in un-purchased jerseys. "Dear NFL, you wanna eff around and be jerks ? Fine. But the fans and players can play this jerk game too."
  7. You'll get none of those guys and yet you'll still be thrilled. How you ask ? Jets are drafting Penei Sewell at 2, leaving Zach Wilson for you. That's why Shanny made the trade right after talking to Saleh Then the Jets will trade # 23 for QB Jordan Love. I can't reveal my sources at this time, but there will come a moment on 4/29 when you say: Holy Crap ! How did he know ??? ( i know a few high people in places) Of course this isn't real, I'm just having some fun
  8. yes- and some of those people wear stripes on Sundays. The Refs leaned on number stringency to help with illegal man downfield, eligible/ineligible both in reg plays and on special teams. Its not horrible, but it will take some time for them to adjust.
  9. They're hungry, a primal need. And we all get cranky when we're hungry So the chippiness might be related to the primal instinct to fight for food/territory. just a guess
  10. Here is a lengthy and well written article on the topic of the pan-coronavirus vaccine effort. Some great work being done and the result would eliminate the need for annual vaccines like we do with flu https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2021/04/vaccines-can-protect-against-many-coronaviruses-could-prevent-another-pandemic Despite the many unknowns, the rapid success of vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 has sparked optimism. This coronavirus doesn’t seem particularly difficult to foil with a vaccine, which raises hopes that the immune system can be trained to outwit its relatives, too. Survivo
  11. Sort of. Noll said the advent of Free Agency meant an immense change for coaches and a huge challenge in building dynasties. He noted that he didn't want to invest time to coach up players - only for other teams to get the benefit. He added that if he wanted to have a graduating class each year - he'd become a college coach. So you can see how the changes impacted his desire to continue. He knew you could no longer build those Championship Steeler teams; once FA came to the NFL- they would be impossible to build or maintain. So...while FA was good for the players, it hurt the coaches a
  12. $ 210M in career earnings 118 in career AV per PFR 199 career passing TDs 86.9 Passer Rating 2615 yds rushing + 15 TDs 100 % world class human
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