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  1. New 7 Rounder

    Awesome work on the Mock, but you "killed" BleedTheClock with that pick
  2. Bears and Packers to open on Thursday Night Football

    They should play with 1919 rules in the 1st half.... and then 2019 rules in the 2nd half "In its earliest years, the NFL field — like the college one — did not contain hash marks. Unless someone ran out of bounds, the offense would start its play wherever the ball was declared dead on the previous play — even if the ball clung to the sideline. The offense often used the next play to get a better field position — or avoided running plays that could place offensive players near the sideline. A quarterback can’t throw a pass unless he’s at least 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage. The offense begins some plays just a yard from the sideline and is penalized for throwing more than one pass during a series of downs. Player substitutions are prohibited. No communication from the sideline is allowed "
  3. I think Arians/Bucs are just fluffing everybody when they say they're All In on Jameis Winston I think TB will take a QB if a suitable one is available, including Haskins
  4. Clay Matthews Signs with Rams

    its the frequency of testing that makes the difference. When Matthews, Peppers and Mike Neal all got "implicated" in a roids ring, they were most likely subjected to a more frequent test schedule by the NFL. Once the enhanced testing kicked in .... 3 players, 3 different outcomes: For Peppers, it didn't matter much, he's a God. Matthews stopped being elite and Mike Neal was out of the league. (Although part of that may be tied to the fact that he was upstream in the distribution network) In the 2010 version of America's Game, Rodgers jokingly derides Matthews for: " being from SoCal and acting like it" "Constantly hamming for the cameras" Clay still has something to offer as a situational guy and Wade will figure out a plan. I wish Matthews all the best in LA. Hope he makes it to 100 sacks " Spill it Pickett ! "
  5. Las Vegas Raider Stadium

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D1j-bNvU8AAe5Ok.jpg Steel framing work underway in Vegas
  6. Bears sign S Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

    Agreed And as TankWilliams noted above - the signing gives the bears more flexibility in the draft
  7. Who wins the NFCN 2019

    Are you suggesting that the same crew that finished 2018 at 8-7-1 will have a very strong start ? Last year they were 1-2-1 out of the gate. Zimmer did have a fast start back in 2016...they were 5-0, but finished 8-8. Even when they were good in 2017, they were just 2-2 to start the year They lost Sheldon Richardson plus a few others. Likely to move on from Trae Waynes (692 snaps) due to cap constraints. Of course I'm a blind biased homer, but those items above offer some insight into the likelihood of a very strong start in minny next year. On the plus side, snagging Kubiak should be a big help for their offense
  8. Bears sign S Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

    Really a strange fit. A Safety who who graduated from the Deion Sanders School of clean-jersey football....playing for the Monsters of the Midway They'll toughen him up or ship him out. And with only a 1 year deal, he knows he needs to show much better effort this season
  9. Dolphins release OG Josh Sitton

    Sitton made the Humor HOF Sitton played RG for many years in GB and was then swapped to LG during one offseason When the writer asked him how hard it was to switch sides, Sitton said: "Its like trying to wipe your arse with your opposite hand"
  10. Green Bay expected to sign Za'Darius Smith

    That's a popular but often mistaken thought process on message boards. In some cases that matters, but for most it doesn't. And here's why: Rookies take time to become players in the NFL. Most have 4 year contracts and should be hitting their prime in their 3rd and 4th year. That's why the NFLPA fought for that cut-off on behalf of their membership, so the players could get max value out of their 2nd deals The ideal scenario is pretty much what happened with Z. SMith: He was drafted by a good front office that values development. He played on STs and defense early in his career. As a pass rusher, he was part of a talented trio - keeping everybody fresh and learning the ropes from T.Suggs and others. His 3rd/4th years should be his best. That's the way the system is set up. So when fans bellow that "he only had one good season ! ", its just not very meaningful. What if he didn't have a good year when it mattered most ? Would that make him more attractive ? 1) Z. Smith has only missed 6 games in 4 seasons 2) He was buried on the depth chart by an outstanding player ( T. Suggs) in front of him in BAL 3) His play time on ST's went down while his play time on defense shot up by nearly 50% in 2018. That accounts for the uptick in performance / results 4) Per public comments, his own team wanted to have him back- but were concerned about his burgeoning value on the open market. ( they were right) 5) A national scout who was with him for 4 years vouched for Z. Smith
  11. Green Bay expected to sign Za'Darius Smith

    meh With all due respect, I'm really not all that concerned about what you guys think or say about Smith. And here's why: Milt Hendrickson was a national scout for the Ozzie- Ravens, worked there for 10 years and is well-regarded around the league. He joined his old friend Brian Gutekunst in December, leaving the Ravens for a promotion in Green Bay. He knows everything there is to know about ZaDarius Smith. Hendrickson was also part of the crew that drafted him. And then the Packers went after Z. Smith and got him in the opening days of FA. That's telling. We'll see how it turns out

    People's height varies from day to day and by time of day and 1/2 inch is a commonly accepted variation for a 6 ft human. It also varies by the person operating the measuring device and that varies from year to year at the combine. How hard does the measurer press the device into the players cranium ? Does he gently rest it there or forcibly push it down ? Is the player relaxed or is he standing straight and stretching his neck skyward ? You're asking for absolute certainty where none exists. These heights should be given as +/- the error of the method used.
  13. Favre was a blast to watch, played forever and was clearly a fan favorite. But the only Title he won was with the Number 1 defense, including Reggie White - who closed out that Super Bowl with 3 sacks on the Pats final drive
  14. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    I remember watching that game live - Thomas was unstoppable that day, what a blast to see But the one sack that he couldn't get was the one that mattered most as Dave Krieg led the Seahawks to a comeback win with 4 seconds left Thomas had Krieg in his grasp for sack # 8, but he slid off and Krieg drilled a 25 yd TD for the win. Amazing game
  15. 2019 NFL Free Agency - let the money flow like water!

    If you haven't seen it, it didn't happen. Thx for all the updates dude