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  1. The Myles Garrett incident

    I can appreciate that. It might be because you don't have a medical background - and it doesn't fit with your previously posted beliefs I'm asking you to change your mind on something you feel very strongly about. When a male gets kicked in the nuts, it releases a cascade of neurotransmitters that will immediately activate the system. That's why you fall to the ground and are temporarily paralyzed after taking one to the gonads. So even if all of the previous battling didn't get him there, the nut shot would. And its instantaneous Yes he would from a biological POV. If you measured his pulse rate, blood pressure, pupil dilation and a host of other biomarkers - they would all still be quite elevated. But the imminent threat has been removed at that point and "normal" is in the process of being restored. What they do with the Seals is they put them under water, rip off the breathing mask from their oxygen tank and tie the tube in a knot Meanwhile they are being choked from behind by an instructor. Then the Seal has to fight off the attacker, untie the knot in the oxygen tank tube and put mouthpiece back together in time to save his life and continue the mission. Taking away the ability to breathe instantly activates the fight/flight system, clouds their higher thinking and makes it nearly impossible to solve the problem. But after intense training, the ones who pass are able to overcome the panic factor. Its really quite remarkable and few can pull it off, especially on the 1st try
  2. The Myles Garrett incident

    bouncers in control of a situation aren't in fight or flight mode. The very act of "deciding" or "choosing" tells us as much. That's the difference. Sometimes bouncers are, but what you described is not Being in fight/ flight mode doesn't remove culpability, it merely offers us insight on why they did what they did. I've been consistent on that point but you guys keep bringing that up anyways...I'm not justifying or rationalizing anything NudeTayne- look up some of the Navy Seals training they do to overcome the fight/flight response under water. The pass rate is abysmal, but there are humans who can be trained to overcome it. They are a very special and unique bunch
  3. The Myles Garrett incident

    That's because you aren't thinking about it from a biological point of view. As I noted, its not an excuse like you'd use in a court of law ie "temporary insanity" and I never suggested that was the case. But at no point in time did any of these combatants "stop to think" or do any "choosing" or "contemplating" Suggesting otherwise isn't consistent with how human brains and anatomy work. Once the fight/flight system is activated, it actually shunts energy away from the higher thinking areas of the brain because they aren't needed in a fight/flight situation. Those higher function areas are the parts of the brain we use to "think" "choose" "contemplate" and weigh our actions vs future consequences. And once the fight/flight system is activated, it takes 20-60 minutes for the body/brain to return to normal, which consists of both Level I and Level II thinking. That's why we'll often see a non-combatant try to pull the combatant away; one has higher level thinking engaged, the other does not You and warfelg are both mistaken here. If you genuinely want to learn more, happy to assist and the Navy Seals have done some remarkable work on this The ironic thing is that none of us would exist today were it not for this incredible system refined over millions of years of evolution - - to preserve our species. Yet here you are arguing against its existence and saying " I don't buy it" You already bought it, the day you were born.
  4. The Myles Garrett incident

    I'll push back ever so slightly on the "chose" part. In these situations, its fight or flight and Level 1 thinking takes over. Its part of what preserves our lives and it does not involve thinking or choosing, just reacting. A kick to the gonads releases neurotransmitters and immediately alerts the brain to the serious threat. That's not to excuse anything that happened, but its a little off to suggest there was any "choosing" or "thinking" going on in that melee. If there was, it probably wouldn't have happened. The adrenaline was flowing and the amygdala was calling the shots at that point And then we sit behind our keyboards and try to make sense of it all with Level II thinking and no threat to our safety. Again, not excusing anything - I'm just trying to offer a little insight on the "why" part
  5. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    great reference And amazingly enough - no football in those lyrics, just baseball and... everything else.
  6. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    NFL 100 is really hitting all the high points and we're barely past the halfway mark: Garrett incident Calloway fail AB saga ! Josh Gordon saga Burfict suspension Trent Williams saga Cordy Glenn dust-up Kelechi Osmele battle Jermaine Whitehead twitter outburst Sam Darnold's ghosts Top QBs dropping like flies Drew Brees fraud trial Jay Gruden smoking a fat one multiple teams tanking Referees under fire Replay review abomination Kap Fiasco 3.0 What a celebration !
  7. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    I don't think that's a fair representation, browns fans are just noting that it takes two to tango and both parties were tango-ing
  8. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    I'd guess anger management classes, I think that's what they asked of Suh when he was suspended
  9. Cam reportedly would welcome trade to the Bears

    broncofan ran the cap numbers in this thread, its doable, but there will be other suitors for Cam https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/22829-panthers-place-qb-cam-newton-on-ir/?page=2
  10. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    former DC Gregg Williams really left his mark in CLE: " Kill the Head"
  11. NFL News & Notes

    Let's try it out on your Cabeza and then you can verify the veracity of your assertion. Periera said it was an ejectionable offense before they even tossed him. Its not "that bad" in the old NFL we all grew up with, but in today's game... it was bad. Also, I'm just baiting AG20 and Norm to come running to the defense of Randall for the 3,987th time.
  12. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    $ 250 k seems light for the teams
  13. NFL News & Notes

    former Browns DC Gregg Williams really left his mark on that CLE defense: "Kill the head " Happiest dude today is Dumbarius Randall. His cranium blast drops off the front page of Outrage Olympics* thanks to Garrett's melt down * Fl0nkerton coined that one