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  1. Agreed. But forest management at the Federal level has been a real problem though. For nearly 100 years the mantra was to put out every single fire and the result of that was overly dense forests. So then the Feds let the timber companies in there under the guise of thinning the forests and taking out dead trees. But of course the timber companies weren't all that interested in dead trees, because the living ones were more commercially valuable. The sawmills are set up to handle green lumber and there's a huge loss of product due to rot & decay for the dead ones - trees that you just spent big cash to pull out of the woods. Timber companies took the largest and most fire -resistant trees, leaving a forest of easily-combustible "sticks". Sierra Club played a role too and while their intentions were good, the combination of their efforts plus the crapola from the timber companies left a lot of forests primed for superhuge fires. And by suppressing all of the smaller, more manageable fires for decades - that created the perfect fire storm. So who's to blame ? Pretty much everybody The tourists griped about burned forests when they visited CA so National Forests and Parks went 100% into fire suppression The Forest Service needed cash, so they sold rights to timber companies who took advantage of the situation for their own benefit Sierra Club for fighting all lumbering, not an ideal solution - but in their defense, they tired of seeing the timber companies raping our public forests Fed Govt for crappy management and chronically underfunding the Parks & Forests, so they were dependent on and beholding to the timber companies Power Companies- For damming up all the rivers, which added to the dryness of the foothill regions that were formerly kept wetter by those rivers. Rivers created an area with lush green growth that acted as a natural firebreak. Now, there's just dryness. And the overhead power lines are what sparked many of these fires in remote areas Timber Companies - not only did they use deceit to steal hundreds of thousands of acres of our public forests, but their ongoing self-interest continues to have a negative impact on California's forests and the potential for these massive fires Its a very complex issue and there isn't one best solution that we can magically deploy. Its going to take years to unwind all of this and that's only if we find a common ground. Otherwise, its more of the same
  2. ^ that's fantastic work, hat tip to the artiste who created it
  3. Favorite team: Green Bay Packers Week 1 pick: Green Bay Packers Week 2 pick: Indianapolis Colts
  4. Bill Gates interview via Stat and the esteemed Helen Branswell For those of you unaware, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are heavily involved in global health and have brought immense funding and recognition to defeat some of the greatest scourges facing mankind. https://www.statnews.com/2020/09/14/bill-gates-slams-mismanaged-u-s-response-to-covid-19-pandemic/ “You know, this has been a mismanaged situation every step of the way,” Gates said in the wide-ranging interview. “It’s shocking. It’s unbelievable — the fact that we would be among the worst in the world.” The CDC’s early missteps on testing — “they created this overly complicated test,” Gates said — was followed by a slow rollout of commercial tests. The commercial tests use polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, to look for small fragments of the genetic material of the virus in mucus swabbed out of the nasal passages of people who are tested. “We have way more PCR machines than any country in the world. I mean, we are PCR central,” he said with emphasis. “So, the idea that we actually made it harder to get PCR tests approved by the commercial sector, it’s mind-blowing.”
  5. So we're down to picking which week ? https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/nyj/2020.htm I'm guessing right after week 7 vs Bills game... so the interim HC gets his 1st game @ Arrowhead
  6. ! Barf Warning ! Do not click on that tweet RaidersAreOne is now banned for 24 hours to re-think his important ( impotent ?) role as Football's Future's breaking news guru
  7. Shanedorf


    agreed, just make sure to read the fine print. On the insurance we were offered, it didn't really cover the main things we wanted to cover and was really just a way to enrich the insurer I'm sure there are good ones/bad ones - but dive into the details before writing the check With our pooch, we had a full list of expenses over the previous 3 years and we asked: "Which of these would have been covered ?" The answer was: " umm...not many "
  8. the thing with Patricia is that the Lions came out and said something along these lines: "we're not going to fall into this short-sighted trap of fire/hire and we want to be more stable like the winning franchises" Add to that the change at the top, with elder Ford stepping away and her daughter Sheila taking over and it makes for a very difficult scenario. Dumping Patricia is the right move, but they painted themselves into a corner a bit with their public proclamations about stability.
  9. Go to Hell ! ( or California, same thing) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hell,_California
  10. Its tough coming in as the "savior" and then only having a short time to get acclimated and up to football speed. One advantage he does have is experience vs the AFC South and that's who the NFC north is playing this year - so maybe he can lean on his previous knowledge vs those OTs. Getting stoned by Bakhtiari is probably something he should get used to though.
  11. vikings are a poor road team and the Colts have the OL to manhandle their depleted DL. Everson Griffen, Linval Joseph, Danielle Hunter and Michael Pierce are all gone/ not playing on Sunday. Add to that a set of very young CBs and its a bad combo on a fast track in Indy. minny is also 3-8 vs the spread in their last 11 games as an underdog Good luck and remember: never take betting advice from packer fans on the internet
  12. little to no empathy for Robinson. After he left Bortlesville and was a FA - he had his chance to go to one of several good teams with good QBs IF that was truly important to him Per his own comments, his final decision came down to GB or CHI. And instead of choosing to play with a top QB for a top organization, he chose the notoriously tightwad bears with their notoriously poor QB situation. He effed up. He should be mad at himself and his agent for making such an idiotic choice in FA
  13. You disagree ( along with many fans) and that's fine, but you should probably stop declaring "everybody agrees".... because they don't. And while we don't matter, the only ones who do matter feel it was warranted: Here's both Mike Perriera and Dean Blandino backing the ref's action https://www.facebook.com/foxsports/videos/317737342824776/
  14. would this event qualify as "unnecessary physical contact" ? I think so, there was nothing necessary about it.
  15. Everyone except: the Refs, the League and the few fans who actually take the time to understand the rules. Does WOZ let people edit their survivor posts just a little or without nefarious intent ? no he doesn't- because those are THE RULES of the game. The Refs are and always have been a no-fly zone and its not open to interpretation like a pass interference or face mask call. The League has always taken this stance, its not a new thing. Refs are unprotected, smaller and unpadded - there is a zero tolerance rule in effect and every player and coach knows it. What you and others are arguing is "intent" or "extent" and neither one of those arguments hold any water in terms of touching a referee. You're leaning on common sense, which unfortunately plays no role in this scenario. Zero tolerance actually means zero, not "just a little" It's a tough pill to swallow. But his training and the rules are very clear on the topic and he would have been downgraded post-game if he didn't do exactly as he was trained to do. The player effed up, the Ref did what he was supposed to do and it was consistent with how the league wants to protect their Refs. Protecting the refs is sacrosanct in the NFL and 99.99% of the players manage to abide If you all want to mount an offseason discussion to change the rules to allow casual contact without an ejection, then you should. Good luck
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