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  1. Haha ! good call For novel drugs/vaccines - US still does a good amount of mfg. And Pfizer is producing this vaccine at several US plants For generic drugs, about 80 - 90% are mfg in India/China Step 1- prioritizing which patients/people get it first Step 2- allocate that amount of vaccine doses to cover the early recipients Step 3- Distribute to the states, then to hospitals, clinics, nursing homes etc Steps 1, 2 are done, step 3 is in process. They are betting on the EUA and the moment they get the nod, injections will begin immediately Step 4 - administer first dose Step 5 - administer 2nd dose
  2. I believe they submitted for Emergency Use Authorization which opens the door to begin vaccinating people The more expansive Approval from FDA will come at a later date and will dive even deeper on additional questions How long will immunity/protection last ? More info on efficacy in real world setting ? will it work vs any mutations that arise ? How well does it work in different populations ? Are there any gaps ? ( age, ethnicity, co-morbidities) Long term safety ? Big step forward and Moderna will likely follow next week after Thanksgiving
  3. So sorry to hear this, but I'm glad you shared it. Hang in there and best wishes to both of you We lost a family member in WI on Monday. She experienced what you've shared - overwhelmed hospital, shortages of meds, lack of rooms/beds. And now the husband who lost his wife can't find a funeral home to handle her burial - so her body is in a refrigerated truck. Just brutal for everybody involved Its time to re-double our efforts folks
  4. HOPKINS! is great choice and tough to argue with... But I'd still vote for DeForest Buckner based on position played
  5. ...and what is PK, Dr. 99 ? PharmacoKinetics is what your body does to a drug once ingested ( think metabolism) PharmacoDynamics is what a drug does to your body to make a change, kill an invader, reduce blood pressure etc If you can make it through the 1st 5 minutes, this video shows how/why a pill, an injection and an inhaled drug all behave differently because of the route of administration. For COVID, some of the repurposed drugs didn't work because they couldn't get enough into the lungs without being toxic to your body. If they could have made an inhaled version, that might have solved the problem - but that's no small task and takes a lot of development time. Note: There will not be a test
  6. 45 days is how long the FDA waits to see any adverse events post-vaccination
  7. Don't forget the old man's rushing, best described as "attempts" 14 carries, 65 yards, 1 TD Its going to take some miraculous play down the stretch to surpass Mahomes...
  8. And the 2020 Thanksgiving season is upon us.... What a difference a year makes. Family zoom meeting tonight to decide IF we are getting together and if so, how are we going to make it safer ? Early polling suggests, no family get together this year. Typical year is 25-30 people, we're considering a 12 person event Our crew includes several high-risk individuals and 3 college kids from 3 different universities What's your plan for this Awesome Holiday in 2020 ? Full speed ahead ? Abbreviated session ? No go ?
  9. that's just beautiful...A lot of people do the PCT in sections because its hard to carve out all the training time and a month of hiking time to do it. The southern end of the PCT in SoCal to Mex border is kinda weak in comparison to the other sections, you can skip that part and not miss much Alternatively, The John Muir Trail is a 215 mile subset of the PCT and contains some of the most spectacular scenery and hard-to-reach spots - so you get a shorter, better hike imo https://johnmuirtrail.org/ "The trail starts in America's treasure, Yosemite National Park, and continues 215 miles through the Ansel Adams Wilderness, Sequoia National Park, King's Canyon National Park, and ends at the highest peak in continental United States, Mount Whitney at 14,496 ft."
  10. bears win over the Pats in 1985 was embarrassing on many levels First the bears embarrassed themselves by making the cheesy video - "The Super Bowl Shuffle" 2nd, they embarrassed the Pats who were completely over-matched from the moment they walked on the field. No contest They embarrassed themselves again by giving a goal-to-go hand-off to Refrigerator Perry for a TD... instead of The Legend - Walter Payton That's a franchise-level embarrassment and Ditka will never live that one down And finally, the bears and the bearsfans continue to embarrass themselves further - by living in the past and over-celebrating that win for 35 years to the point that they've become the butt of jokes. That's a lot of embarrassment for 1 Super Bowl win
  11. If the general public could choose to open only one or the other - what would the public choose ? Open the bars or open the schools ?
  12. Adams tweaked his ankle, but returned. Packers just looked listless vs Jags, no idea what else accounts for that swing Indy should be able to run the ball on Packers D with ease, but 5 pts is a big swing
  13. WOW, that's an amazing swing in Packers vs Colts game. Opened with Packers (- 2.5) and swung all the way to the Colts (- 2.5) We''ll see what happens the rest of the week, but a 5 point swing is notable. Last week the sharp bettors created a similar swing in Titans vs Colts with Titans opening as the favorite ( -2) , but then the money came in on Colts (-1) at closing time https://www.vegasinsider.com/nfl/matchups/matchups.cfm/week/11/season/2020
  14. Two things happening - vaccines being approved and readied for distribution while simultaneously thousands/millions are getting infected every day. That means the supply is growing and the demand is declining. I'd think/hope we'd move toward herd immunity faster than the compliance-only numbers might suggest
  15. Yes he does I still think it will be hard to unseat Mahomes and Kyler is gaining steam Meanwhile, the old man is still making a few plays: Aaron Rodgers Inside the 30... 21 TDs, 0 INTs. 123.4 QB Rating - Leads NFL. 71.4% Completions - Leads NFL.
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