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  1. LAC owner Alex Spanos has passed away

    ESPN's Seth Wickersham reports the Chargers' viability in Los Angeles will be a "major discussion topic among NFL owners and executives at this week’s league meetings." "As Adam Schefter notes, it's a "troubling issue" for the league. The Chargers' PSL (personal seat license) sales have been a real struggle, and Wickersham says the team is expected to revise its Inglewood revenue goals sharply to a more realistic number of $150 million from initially setting it at $400 million. The Chargers are a team without a home as the Rams have cornered the L.A. market, and the Bolts are the stepson to the city. There were whispers last year of the NFL considering moving the Chargers back to San Diego. It should be done, but it would be a total admittance of failure by Roger Goodell and his billionaire buddies." In The Godfather, Michael Corleone sent Fredo off to Las Vegas....where will the Corleone's send Fredo Spanos now that the Vegas market is taken ? Perhaps the owners will make him an offer he can't refuse to sell the team and move it back to San Diego.
  2. HOF Green Bay FB Jim Taylor Died

    from football writer vic ketchman: " I love this quote by Jim Brown from Dave Zirin's book Jim Brown Last Man Standing. "Football is not about tricky plays. It's about dominance. Physical and mental dominance. And the best way to dominate is to run the football. If you can run on a team, shove it up and down the field, it means you're kicking *** and both of you know it. Running is Power." Jim Taylor was a Power Runner who helped the Packers dominate their opponents both physically and mentally. They knew it was coming and there wasn't jack diddly squat they could do about it.
  3. NFL News & Notes

    couple more sacks and we can start calling him TJ Fackrell
  4. Josh Jones?

    Sort of MM has a quality control guy who does cut ups and clips of the best tweeters of the day. Then the PR team reviews and shares it with MM so he can prepare answers prior to the press conferences
  5. Tom doesn't even acknowledge who has the final say on run vs pass Packer fans will always whine about MM, but the real Decider is the founder of Suspended Sunrise Recordings
  6. Mike McCarthy Scheme

    I laughed at my eagles friends who were raving about RPO's and how cutting edge their offense was under deFillippo, Reich and Pederson So I showed them a clip of the Packers running RPO's.... in 2009. They were not amused This is an older article, but it dives into some of MM's past as a quality control coach and how that influenced him in terms of match-ups + scheme http://archive.jsonline.com/sports/packers/129296438.html McCarthy grew up learning the basics of the West Coast offense under former Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Paul Hackett, a disciple of the offense's founder, Bill Walsh. The scheme is pretty easy when you break it down. "The system took care of everything," McCarthy said. "It was about the precision and timing of the route running in accordance with the training of the quarterback. That was going to be better than what the defense could prepare for. That being said, you ran the system a certain way and stuck with it." About the time he became offensive coordinator for the New Orleans Saints in 2000, his offensive philosophy changed. It wasn't as much about the system anymore, it was about the matchups. "When I became a quality-control coach, when I was spending so much time breaking down defenses, that's when I became so much more matchup conscious," McCarthy said. "Seeing how other people attacked matchups. "Some people were systematic or all about the matchups. The ability to put together two schools of thought is something I felt that we were able to do here with our offense."
  7. What a great way to open a playoff contest between Packers and 9ers Big hit, followed by a Fumble return for a TD on the opening play of the game. This was when the Packers established themselves as serious contenders at the expense of the Dynasty 9ers
  8. Bold Predictions

    "Everybody funny, now you funny too...." lonesome George Thorogood 11-5 would have been much better and far more enjoyable to watch. But we gotta deal with the reality of the current situation... and 10-6 is often the cutoff for playoff participation. Got any bold predictions ? Norm loves these threads and I never want to disappoint reddit-man
  9. Bold Predictions

    I think its gonna take at least a 10-5-1 record to score a playoff slot in the NFC. In a weird way, the tie "helps" because it puts the Packers ahead of any 10-6 teams in a wild card scenario and would help with seeding as a division winner. That means this team needs to go 8-3 or better down the stretch. And that's a stretch. But it can be done. Bold Prediction: 2018 Packers will make the playoffs
  10. Packers Lions Post Game

    But that's not how the Packers ( and other teams) do it. They sub RBs for an entire series - so they can go fast and keep the D from subbing. That's why MM is always harping on "being a 3 down back" ; he wants the ability to play any of them for an entire drive. Its not the only rotation strategy they use, but its definitely an important one for an up tempo offense
  11. Random Packer News & Notes

    HHCD is making about $ 6 M this year on his option, next year on the transition he'd get about $ 9.2 M There were lots of SS types languishing on the market this year, but the FS types are harder to find
  12. Random Packer News & Notes

    $ 11. 3 million = average of top 5 for 2018 2019 will be a bit more.
  13. Random Packer News & Notes

    franchise tag = average of top 5 Safety salaries + draft pick compensation ( not happening) transition tag = average of top 10 Safety salaries, but allows other teams to set contract terms. No draft picks exchanged Can't see a reason to deploy either option. Nobody is gonna pay him as a top 5 and / or give picks. Packers don't wanna pay him top 5 or top 10 Safety cash, which is why he's saying his time in GB is almost over
  14. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    Odell wants to go play in the sunshine....of LA. .....Beverly Hills... swimming pools....movie stars Kinda crazy that the NFL owners used LA as a lever to force cities to build them a new stadium. " If you don't build us a palace, we're moving to LA" And now that LA has (2) teams, the tables are turned and the players are using the dream of LA to get mo' money from their teams "If you don't pay him what he's worth, he's going to LA"
  15. Ben Muth is a former OL coach who writes for Football Outsiders. This year, SF is one of the OL's he is writing about and here is his post-game review of the 9ers vs Chargers and the beating CJ Beathard took last Sunday https://www.footballoutsiders.com/word-muth/2018/word-muth-beathards-hard-beating
  16. 2018 Offensive Line Thread

    Came across this old post in my wanderings....AG put together an excellent primer on run blocking. Good stuff as always, swiped it from the old FF site http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=579864
  17. Mike McCarthy Scheme

    Your Mom is the key to MM offense I've been told... She's always open
  18. LAC owner Alex Spanos has passed away

    The Spanos family was never embraced by the fans, the corporate sponsors or even his fellow owners as noted by 3525. Hiring the toxic Mark Fabiani as their front man was a huge mistake too, one of many blunders that Spanos family made over the years. Damn shame too. City of San Diego didn't have anybody with the testicular fortitude or clout to pull it off either - offering to build the Chargers a nice mid-sized sedan while Jerruh was building his Cadillac Palace in Dallas and ATL and minny were building their own Ferrari's in those towns. Just a dumb situation all the way around. The media market info is likely based on population of the city, but the unfortunate reality for SD is that about 50% of the market is from someplace else - so the actual number of Charger fans is much, much smaller. Game day at The Murph was always loaded with opposing fans - forcing the hometown team to use a silent count to handle the crowd noise from the various interlopers. ( Las Vegas will likely be a similar situation) Chargers won't thrive with the LA fans as the Clippers 2.0....but they will thrive on the $$ side. I read that even if they only carve out 8-10% of the LA market, they are still better off financially than having 50-60 % of the San Diego market.
  19. Packers Lions Post Game

    Bosses are rarely popular, but that's not a measure of their skills as bosses. Many of the players absolutely hated Lombardi. Listen to Bill Curry talk about it in America's Game and how it wasn't until much later in life that he understood the Big Picture. And how he came to revere Lombardi Quick note for the truly stupid: I am not comparing MM and VL- I am merely sharing some insight on why people hating on their bosses...literally means nothing.