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  1. Das Gute - Year 1 in Review

    2018 Season isn't over yet, but here's an in depth review from PackersNews on Year 1 of the Gute Era....comparing and contrasting his work with others Several quotes from former GM Mark Dominik and former personnel guy, Greg Gabriel https://www.packersnews.com/story/sports/nfl/packers/2018/12/12/inside-brian-gutekunsts-new-approach-shaping-packers-roster/2289756002/ “He’s been around a lot of really talented personnel guys,” former Tampa Bay general manager and current SiriusXM NFL analyst Mark Dominik said. “All these different dudes he’s been able to steal parts of it and now he’s trying to blend it into who he wants to be, or what he wants to be, and that can take some patience and that can also be great at the beginning.” “One of the really nice things for me this season is all these guys thinking outside the box,” Gutekunst said. “We have a lot of conversations about stuff that never happens but at the same time I really like the way they think and the way they’re trying to improve the squad.”
  2. I noted that we don't have one of these Rodgers threads on the new FF Here's a link to the previous one, 3.0 from the old site http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=576971 This article linked below is from Mina Kimes at espn seems like a great launch point for the new Rodgers thread. Really a well-done piece and they both talk about the search for higher meaning in life. For these truly elite players ( think Michael Jordan) there is often a feeling of emptiness, that something is missing after they achieve the highest rung in sports. "What's next ?" A life spent totally focused on achievements needs a new direction and challenge and like Jordan, Rodgers is seeking enlightenment. Jordan and Phil Jackson turned to a book called "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior " Rodgers has found other writings, some recommended by a pastor he met in GB Really a well done article and offers a peek into the private Rodgers. http://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/page/enterpriseRodgers/green-bay-packers-qb-aaron-rodgers-unmasked-searching " It had been six years since Rodgers' trip to the Super Bowl, and Pastor Bell still remembers what his friend told him after he won: " "'I've been to the bottom and been to the top, and peace will come from somewhere else.'"
  3. Donnorson to active roster

    From PackersNews "With the promotion of linebacker Kendall Donnerson on Dec. 5, it put every eligible member of Gute's initial draft class on the active roster –
  4. TNF: LA Chargers(10-3) @ KC Chiefs(11-2)

    https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/profootballdoc/sd-sp-pfd-tyreek-hill-heel-chiefs-chargers-1210-story.html Here's a snippet from the San Diego Tribune talking about Hill's injury: The injury appears to be to Hill’s right heel – not at the attachment of the Achilles (like Eric Berry) but on the bone itself. That takes away Hill’s ability to walk normally because of the pain at heel strike in a normal gait. It certainly hurts, and the injury to the calcaneus (heel) bone seems significant. But he is able to outrun defenders for a 48-yard pass completion on fourth-and-nine because the injury is in the heel. When a wide receiver runs, it is primarily on his toes as he accelerates, cuts and pushes off. These are the special skill sets that make players like Hill different, and they don't need their heel to exhibit them. Look at the end of the above play when he goes out of bounds and tries to use his right heel to stop by planting his hind foot into the ground. He can't do so and instead limps noticeably and slams into the wall. "
  5. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    Packers vs bears NFC CG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fIo-2bhF94 Rodgers chasing down Urlacher
  6. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    There's a lengthy thread on the old FF with an in depth discussion over what to do with Spriggs. Lots of suggestions, Including moving Spriggs to RG or moving Bulaga to RG
  7. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    And he's facing a decimated interior for GB. Lucas Patrick and McCray are gonna have their hands full on Sunday
  8. Its a fair comment and it mirrors some of the reasons proffered for why Capers struggled too. GB was so heavily invested in youth ( leading the league in lowest average age) it made it harder to get them all up to speed quickly. ( I will note that those practice changes happened way back in 2011) WRs take 2-3 years in this system to be fully competent. Fans lament that AR will ignore the young WRs till they earn his trust, but its not really asking too much to " Do your job" . Its not rocket surgery. And you can't dumb it down to the lowest level, you have to bring those guys UP, even if it takes more time EX: MVS re-wrote the entire playbook by hand so he could expedite his assimilation into the Packers offense The other part of it was that MM had a PhD Valedictorian at QB and wanted to take advantage of what AR could deliver. So do you set the scheme/offense based on the QB's encyclopedic football knowledge or the still-learning skills guys ? We are seeing it now with Aaron Jones- as the fans howl for him to get more touches - and rip on MM for not following their advice. Yet interim coach Philbin did the exact same thing, preferring to open the Falcons game with Jamaal Williams instead of Jones. And when asked about it Philbin mentioned that there are some things/plays they wanted to run on the opening script and Williams was a better option than Aaron Jones. So now we have 2 NFL head coaches doing the same thing with # 33, picking and choosing their spots to use him or not use him Perhaps that offers us some insight - if we're willing to accept new information that doesn't sync up with our current opinions
  9. 2019 Draft Discussion

    One minor comment on the TE position / Jimmy's pay vs performance ( stats) Davante is having a career year in 2018 and having Jimmy on the field may have played a role in how much single coverage Adams faced That's a value that isn't picked up in only looking at Grahams catches/yards/TDs
  10. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.0

    "incorrectly" needs some context here. The offense changes each week- we heard AR talk about it on one of the passes he missed to Davante Adams Normally, he wants Davante to do one thing, but vs that team and that cornerback and that coverage he wanted Davante to do something different. AR lamented that they just didn't have time to go over it all with the short week game at Seattle. So in that specific case, Adams ran the correct route and read, but AR would have opted for a different route adjustment vs that particular opponent. Adams wasn't "incorrect" he just wasn't on the same page as AR that evening
  11. Andrew Brandt offered 2 potential reasons for the mid-season firing of MM - the idea that GB wants a college coach is getting most of the comments and interest But the other reason he offered seems more likely to me - and that is because MM and the candidates share an agent or agency and its really hard to reach out to those guys without tipping off the incumbent coach. You don't want MM to find out through outside channels that he's being replaced. The coaching community is small, tight knit and there's a ton of crosstalk and overlap. I think GB chose to fire MM to open the door to all candidates - both NFL and college coaches. GB gets a head start in going after their preferred HC while allowing him to reach out to various assistants in planning for his future staff.
  12. This is where you're most definitely wrong. MM has gotten plenty of kudos from other OC's over the years including McVay a few weeks ago. Mike Martz wrote an article in SI detailing a few of MM's offensive innovations that he thought were fantastic, calling him one of the top 3 offensive minds in the league. Andy Benoit at SI just did another one debunking the meme that the offense was stale or that it was mostly responsible for the current woes. Anybody with half a brain and proper motivation can find this stuff - if they are so inclined. Tom Silverstein wrote a lengthy article entitled Master of the Pieces which went into great detail on how MM meshed both the match-up game and the scheme game to arrive at a flexible solution for any defense. Myself and others have posted these articles over the years. MM was innovative, highly respected by his NFL peers and immensely successful on the offensive side of the ball. Sean Payton was an inch away from losing his job 3 years ago and the Saints fans were just as adamant that he had lost his fastball too - and you know what ? They were just as wrong as you are today. Citing his offensive prowess tells us nothing about his ability to be the HC of an NFL team. If you have Drew Brees and a Top 5 offense and still finish 7-9 for 3 years running, not sure why that would be considered a badge of honor. MM had crappy defenses too, but he still won more games than Sean did.
  13. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    I think the player who scored in all those different ways was Brian Mitchell
  14. Salary Cap between $187-$191m for 2019

    Right now is the lowest ebb in cap space of the year. December/January is when teams have the least amount of room - and yet there's still over $ 333 million in unspent cap across the league. When the bell rings for 2019, it will really balloon up
  15. Mike Pettine Defense

    Perhaps. The human brain is still...by far...the most complex, powerful and impressive "technology" in the entire universe. My view: The mistake many make is using technology/modeling to try and replace humans, the true value lies in using technology to assist humans
  16. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    The real St. Vince, is a positive attitude dude I have had the pleasure of meeting several times at Lambeau The real St Vince is somebody you look forward to hanging out with...
  17. Mike Pettine Defense

    I was wondering about the eye test.... The NFL spends about a quarter billion $$ shipping scouts and personnel guys around the country so they can apply the eye test to college prospects. Isn't film review an eye test too ?
  18. That's awesome ! Do you wanna work for Jimmy "Trigger-Finger" Haslam or a publicly owned franchise with no owner ? Both are very attractive jobs, one has the superior Superior
  19. Playoffs? What playoffs...

    So if you're Chicago...and you play the vikes in the final game of the year...the possibility exists that the Bears could choose who they face in Round 1 of the playoffs by virtue of this game. (assuming all the other pieces fell into place) Would the bears rest their starters and "let" minny win in order to get matched up vs the vikes in Round 1 ? Would the bears try to beat the vikes, end their season and match up with the Packers in Round 1 ? Bears let the Packers hang around in 2010 ( bears rested starters for last regular season game) and it cost them the NFC*CG and a chance to go to the Superb Owl. How would they handle this dilemma ? Which team would they rather face ( probably the vikes)
  20. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    bears will be without their nickel corner, broken foot for Bryce Callahan
  21. Andrew Brandt weighs in with his views on the past, present and future in Green Bay. Always a great read, Andrew doesn't disappoint in his latest article https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/12/11/mike-mccarthy-green-bay-packers-hired-fired-andrew-brandt "The Packers will hire whomever they want to hire, as that person will know there is no better head coaching position in the NFL. The universally admired Packers may be the best story in sports "
  22. Random Packer News & Notes

    So in a situation like this, do the Packers make a deal with Breeland or do they wait for the new HC/DC to be decided before moving forward with him ?
  23. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.0

    I will say " I don't give a rats arse what YOU think" and that will be the end of our debate Its just not that important to me that you believe the same things I believe. There is no such thing as a GOAT anyways. There are players who were the best in their era, but there is no overall GOAT in the NFL and there never will be. The game changes too frequently, and too dramatically, over time to make an apples to apples comparison.
  24. Vikings fire OC John DeFilippo

    vikes went 1-5 after dumping Leslie Frazier vikes went 3-3 after dumping Brad Childress mid- season ( but won the first 2)
  25. Indeed. And he's also been fired 9 times for sucking. Now he has fewer injuries and more all stars in Chicago. Amazing how smart Fangio got right after Mack arrived.