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  1. 4-3 with a multiple look sounds good
  2. Which roster would people rather have. The Colts roster pre Luck or ours right now?
  3. So when does the report that Trevor kicks puppies and is a secret Nazi come out...he seems like too perfect of a player and a human being to be a Jaguar
  4. Love having the chance at a qb who when hes "throughly outplayed", he still throws for 400 yards and 2 tds.
  5. Urban at the game to do some scouting of his new QB
  6. Also depends what they decide to spend on in FA
  7. Maybe this one can be our Ace in the hole
  8. Hopefully at the end of tonight we leave with 2 skill position guys on offense. Wouldn't mind drafting OL/S/DL in round 2 but I would hope we can then trade up and get another 3rd rounder. R2: S Winfield Minnesota R3: RB Cam Akers FSU R3: WR Bryan Edwards USC If we stand pat: R2: RB JK Dobbins OSU R3: WR Bryan Edwards USC or R2: WR Tee Higgins Clemson R3: RB Cam Akers FSU
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