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  1. GDT: Preseason Week 2: Bears at Giants

    Nice missed tackle rook
  2. GDT: Preseason Week 2: Bears at Giants

    Nice tackle rook !
  3. GDT: Preseason Week 2: Bears at Giants

    Biscuit needs some preseason work (like a quarter or two total)...guessing that will come next week ...
  4. GDT: Preseason Week 2: Bears at Giants

    Yep 'no Bears starters will play tonight' per NFLN
  5. GDT: Preseason Week 2: Bears at Giants

    Would like to see a nice drive from Tru &a couple more Montgomery Whyte flashes ....but ya, it"s all about kicking game
  6. Sowell Working Hard On Transition To TE

    Nice read ! reminds me alot of Israel Idonije, and how hard he worked offseasons in order to move positions ..
  7. ...and now I'm sick uggh
  8. 2019 Training Camp Thread

    Can anybody help me with tonights game ??! Broncs +2 1/2 Vic's debut Drew Lock will play alot .. Quinn took over as DC and wants to bring it hard there Thx &cheers Happy summer everybody ...just sold my place in Myrtle moving to mexico !!
  9. Training Camp Notes & Observations

    How y'all liking Vic ...best DC !! Can anybody help me with tonight's game ??! Preseason such crap shoot only hardcore fans know what to expect from their teams esp Week 1. How's Atlanta ? Can always HMU for Bears or NfCN ..thx Cheers
  10. Home uniforms 2019

    Any word on more stripeless pants aside from the throwback set ?? Would love to go solid ...most teams don't do it Ravens do looks great imo
  11. Currently MT is prob worth 15-22per ..if he eliminates the one or two dangerous throws he seems to make every game and the running game takes off he may evolve into 30/35per ha enjoy the ride ! I see MT becoming a very good QB and giving us a 25per hometown discount ...MT shouldn't ever kill our cap unless he blossoms into Andrew Luck ...which is another great problem to have
  12. Dix is significant upgrade with regard to speed and athleticism ... and 93 tackles for a safety is very good ! He's not as gritty as Amos but Dix offers plenty of things that Amos simply cannot ... love the signing, love his range !!
  13. How is Vander Esch ahead of Roquan ??? That's ridiculous !
  14. Bears 100 throwback jersey leaked?

    Love to finally see solid pants w no stripes down the side ...but the rest is AWFUL ...stripes on shoulder and sleeves uggh Some throwbacks need to stay thrown back !