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  1. Free Agent Rumors

    He may wait until TC ends .. to see what a draft pick looks like, but Irving and Fitts are not the answer
  2. Free Agent Rumors

    Irving sux Pace will sign a vet
  3. Post Free Agency Mock Draft

    I'm ok with this mock .. can't see Gay going undrafted tho
  4. Bears sign Mike Davis

    Anything from moving up dramatically in draft, all the way out to not even drafting a RB at all is possible .. Pace has set himself up well to go bpa for each pick ..
  5. Free Agent Rumors

    A deal for Ansah similar to what we were able to do with HCD would be HUGE
  6. Free Agent Rumors

    79 people are talking about this
  7. Bears sign Mike Davis

    This actually seems to be most likely scenario in my mind... everybody knows we want to draft a RB and the cupboard will be completely BARE come pick #87 Reminds me of draft after Cutler trade where everybody knew we wanted a safety and FUDGE pakers snaked Morgan Burnett from us ... Hoping to have a guy like Davis break out, w Howard and Cohen already in fold, and then trying to get lucky w an UFA is about as good as Pace can do under circumstances ... vert smart management IMO
  8. Bears sign Buster Skrine

    Callahan is smart to follow Fangio to Denver bc .. he is nothing special and actually shined under Fangio Family for one season .. going to Denver is his best chance to stay in the league .. Elway continues to show his ineptness as GM for paying him that kind of $$ Wouldn't surprise me at all if Pace never truly believed in Callahan.. I sure don't .. would take Skrine all day everyday over BC
  9. Free Agent Rumors

    Can see both willing to play here cheap for shot at a ring
  10. Free Agent Rumors

    Ansah or Houston would be TERRIFIC !!!!!
  11. Bears sign S Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

    LOVING IT !!!!!!
  12. Bears sign Mike Davis

    I think Montgomery could be TERRIFIC .. problem is who knows. Still can't see JHo going ANYWHERE until we know what we have ..
  13. Bears sign Mike Davis

    I hear you .. Hope Davis can be a revelation and make JH expendable, who doesn't Pace Nagy and co are not going to pin our '19-'20 hopes on Davis until midseason/trade deadline .. they're not going to pin them on a mid round pick either JH, while not perfect fit, is still an established bird in hand Only way I see JH moved now or during draft is if we sign an established vet or move up pretty far in draft ..
  14. Free Agent Rumors

    Any word on Gostkowski ? What's he looking to get ??
  15. Free Agent Rumors

    Ya that's what I meant about TC revelation .. some youngin coming into camp and blows doors off .. If this does not happen we will have to pay an established vet, it would be utterly irresponsible not to