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  1. Chicago @ Philly GDT, 11/3/19, 12 CT

    Bring back Marinelli !! He'll fix this CRAP
  2. Chicago @ Philly GDT, 11/3/19, 12 CT

    Worst execution I've ever seen from Oline for ANY Bears team ! Coaching staff needs be fired today
  3. Chicago @ Philly GDT, 11/3/19, 12 CT

    Just an awful missed call ! LETS GO O !! Pts b4 half
  4. Chicago @ Philly GDT, 11/3/19, 12 CT

    Feeling an iggle beat down Mitch will have a big game ! Will shut peops UP !
  5. Defenses have figured Nagy out ....nobody open down field
  6. Just hope Nagy can come up w some new stuff ..league has figured alot about him out !
  7. How To Fix A Broken Offense......

    This is a pretty good description of Mitch ha I think Nagy is the problem ....he has been LOUDLY outcoached the past 2 weeks Gruden and BlueSteel own his *** !! Nagy seems unable to adjust much less create on the fly ! WTH ??! An offensive GENIOUS/qbWhisperer whatev HAS capacity to create in the flow of a game !!!! and get something out of their QB !