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  1. Currently MT is prob worth 15-22per ..if he eliminates the one or two dangerous throws he seems to make every game and the running game takes off he may evolve into 30/35per ha enjoy the ride ! I see MT becoming a very good QB and giving us a 25per hometown discount ...MT shouldn't ever kill our cap unless he blossoms into Andrew Luck ...which is another great problem to have
  2. Dix is significant upgrade with regard to speed and athleticism ... and 93 tackles for a safety is very good ! He's not as gritty as Amos but Dix offers plenty of things that Amos simply cannot ... love the signing, love his range !!
  3. How is Vander Esch ahead of Roquan ??? That's ridiculous !
  4. Bears 100 throwback jersey leaked?

    Love to finally see solid pants w no stripes down the side ...but the rest is AWFUL ...stripes on shoulder and sleeves uggh Some throwbacks need to stay thrown back !
  5. Bears OTAs and News

    Daniels @C. Cody @LG are purest positions for both ...
  6. Bears "best kept secret" Eddie Goldman

    Lmao ! I dropped in expecting a couple pages on Eddie but ALL Shaheen ...Shaheen obviously deserves a thread maybe start one or switch title for this one Cannot teach size Shaheen is big (6'7 iirc) with plenty of talent ... esp red zone !! I am still very high on him and am expecting him to finally take off this year ...injuries are all thats holding this up ..when healthy he clearly passes eye test for me. He did look goofy and lost at times rookie year but was really settling in when he got hurt AGAIN ! CAN HE STAY HEALTHY ????
  7. Rank your favorite draft pick ...

    It OT but saw that Senorise Perry will wear OJs #32 for Bills this season ..
  8. Rank your favorite draft pick ...

    Ridley is my pick ...love Montgomery too but think Mike Davis is going to have something to say about who's getting lion's share of snaps Ridley uses precision and brainpower to gain separation ...very excited to see him in action ! VERY much looking forward to seeing Whyte as well ...
  9. David Montgomery landed with the perfect team

    Ya Pace killed it with Montgomery and Davis ... both with plenty of upside ...and both will have to earn carries
  10. Is Pace Trubisky Proof

    Pop Brad Stevens Eric Spolstra Coach K ... overall schemes ability to make in-game/game to game playoff series adjustments are critical when you don't have 5 all-stars (2 top 5 players, the best 2way shooter in Klay and super-utility Draymond) like Golden State ...along with designed plays out of timeouts The Ws could player manage without Kerr bc of their insane collection of complimentary talent ... Bill Russell player-coached my Celtics to a title Phil Jackson was good at managing the superstar ego, and boning Buss's playboy daughter ....he is sooooooo overrated imo !!! His stint as Knicks GM demonstrated his overall handle on the game ...
  11. Is Pace Trubisky Proof

    ...oh and MT is well ahead of Alex Smith's first 20-25 games
  12. Is Pace Trubisky Proof

    Cheaper not cheap ... starter quality qbs not ever going to be cheap Dak's not an awful comp but can't see even the crapboys overpaying like that ! Pace and MT >>>>
  13. Is Pace Trubisky Proof

    ...and solid coaching
  14. Is Pace Trubisky Proof

    I think Mitch has clearly shown enough floor to justify the pick from any perspective ... draft picks are a crap shoot esp at QB, plenty of undeniable qb talents wash out when exposed to NFL defense and pressure ... My favorite thing about MT is his ability to keep plays alive AND move the chains ... To me Tru is already a rich man's Alex Smith/poor man's RussWilson ... He may never carry a team like some of the elite passers but if he can eliminate the dangerous throws that we saw from him this season, he is everything we need to win SBs ...and his next contract will not be any sort of cap burden, which may be MTs best attribute moving forward ...team-centered winning rather than QB-centered winning ... That said, the dude has only started like 30 games since High School !!! His NFL team just won 12 (should have been 14) games in his first year as full-time starter ... I don't think that Pace necessarily set out with this particular plan in mind, but team-centered football with affordable high quality winning talent is what he has built.
  15. League 2019 off season

    Ha ha beat me to it .. Would love a hardcore Jets fan take !