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  1. perfect ball from MT ! free points w TO so we'll take it
  2. roquan then hicks then MACK/QUINN !!!
  3. YA run it or don't ! stetching out and probing w mitch is dumb ... unless run that again and he pulls up to throw ha that play looked awful
  5. there you go mitch and rob !!
  6. that was mostly for roquan but DT is healthy happy signed for while, the organization apreciates him !
  7. pretty gross win ! but I love being 1-0 !! we haven't been 1-0 since like 2013 !!! I don't get all of the talk about how Mitch was awful for 3 quarters and then turned it on in the 4th ... Mitch played a very solid first half !! Idk what that was to Kmet inside the 5 in 2nd quarter but it was one throw in the first half of the very 1st game. He had 2 AWFUL throws in 4th !! missed Demetrius in back of endzone, and the throw inside the 5 to a WIDE OPEN monty where ball ends up being battes down by defenders wrists .... defender got off the ground very quickly and was heck of Defensive play but Monty was WIDE OPEN !!!! Cordorelle was excellent our running game is LEGIT .... it is a RB by committee and all three will run bw the tackles .... but all 3 can get out and do other things in space and receiving. All looked great in bw the tackles. CPs 4th down conversion was absolutely necessary or game was over little Taric looked awesome ! Jaylen Johnson is already my favorite player !! and will have him up on the avatar as soon as my Cs are eliminated or they win Title! Mingo is GOOD ! he is all over the place making tackles ! EXCELLENT excellent depth piece !! Cannot wait to see Quinn Miller was !SENSATIONAL!! ARobs catch in 3q iirc was #*!&×$ ridiculous ! I will give the DLine another week where hopefully RQ is on #!*@ field before I start calling for Dareus and Snaks !! I hope that eddie sitting it out is not as bad as it seemed week 1 !! quinn will help alot AND no preseason AND week1 ... coaching was very solid ... Nagy was patient and did very well Darnell Mooney looks electric Hicks looks like Hicks !! roquan and DT look like roquan and DT !!
  8. ya I'll take no nistakes week 1 quinn missing hurts I want to see some heat on stafford
  9. Man our D looks ordinary ... Jaylon looking good tho, despite getting run over ha moony looking nice !
  10. pretty pessimistic take, Mitch will be AAALOT better ! this offense will actually be geared to his strengths. I expect a more savy 2018 Mitch for 2020 ... He is a competent game manager who can rip off huge runs when everything breaks down ! heavy TE shorter passing middle of field and TE downfield deep graham and kmet will be HUGE factors who knows with Miller ??! uggh ! we should see a much more mature AM but can he stay healthy for an entire season ?? I'm expecting very nice years for Miller and Cohen. we are soooo far under radar and noone has seen ANYTHING from our offense .... Nagy going to catch alot of teams off guard and then our D finish teams off ! CP returning kicks too !! 10 wins is very possible, even likely if we stay healthy Jaylon Johnson plays like Darelle Revis ! NFC North WIDE OPEN ! Dam Lions could win the Division this Season, it's a mess !
  11. MT just named one of 6 Captains. The other 5 Arob, Mack Hicks DT and odonnell .... I would have gone with Cordorelle over PO, he was HUGE both ways ALL last season ..... good to see Mitch get it
  12. half season ?? iirc he missed some time early in season but started every game aft ...and hard for me to rem him missing time ever before that Massie and Leno will both be closer to 2018 form than 2019 form
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