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  1. Jimmy Graham, A Contrarian's View.

    he's 33, not 37 He lost his athleticism ?? I don't remember any lingering injury or surgery where he lost significant measure JG and Burton will more or less be splitting snaps ... this will keep them both healthy. what's more, In our system Graham would have at least doubled anything we got from a TE last season! 'not by much' cmon
  2. Jimmy Graham, A Contrarian's View.

    True. and with a fully healthy TBurton we can now get back to doing things at TE. JG is always healthy ! durable. if we got graham for a vet min deal everyone would be singing his praises. Dude can still play ....iirc, he had a big TD against us last yr
  3. Bears sign OLB Barkevious Mingo

    very good ST and can do some things v the pass ... long season, so he can start if Mack or Quinn are out. Houston wanting him back is a good sign
  4. Bears sign TE Jimmy Graham, 2 years 16 million

    ya sowell is no Idonije
  5. I wouldn't be surprised at all if we used both 2s on OL. I would welcome that !
  6. Bears sign TE Jimmy Graham, 2 years 16 million

    na no more of that ha just praising cowards versatility .... big fan !
  7. my question would be: How are we going to establos a dam running game ??! Have to be able to run the ball in the NFL in first place
  8. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    I thought CP was our MVP last season ! He had the best season of anyone lmao I would love to lock him up for several yrs
  9. Bears sign TE Jimmy Graham, 2 years 16 million

    having a fully healthy Tburton and JG means always having a high level TE target on the field. Not on the field together too much though lmao ...JG will do very well in this system via short quick hits. We will need to add a mauler to block decoy and catch a few. maybe coward can even flex T a little
  10. Bears sign TE Jimmy Graham, 2 years 16 million

    In this system JG will be targeted 5-8x per game. He is smart and durable, has great size and strength I think he easily averages 4 catches and gets to 500 yds with 6-8 TDs ... these #s would far exceed anything we got out of the position last year
  11. LT: above average coming off bad year LG: probowler coming off bad year C: probowl-lite as Rookie coming off bad year RG: coming off a bad year, will lilely draft very early RT: solid above average coming off a bad year Primary Backup: Coward extremely versatile lots of potential, coming off a bad year Whats common denominator here ? How can every single spot be coming off of a bad year ??
  12. ... we have OLine talent and can add plenty more via draft, but talent there is not the problem
  13. what I mean is nagy WILL run it but he does not run it very well. Nagys time here has been the worst rushing I have ever seen from a Bears team. Last years OLine dysfunction was baffling. Coaching there was putrid !!! or maybe it all starts with nagy not really knowing how to run the ball vs NFL defenses in the first place !
  14. Bears sign TE Jimmy Graham, 2 years 16 million

    love this signing ! he will help alot in redzone and 3rd downs. He has plenty of game left and will add immensely to what we have at TE
  15. does nagy even know how to run the ball against NFL defenses ??