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  1. The Travel Thread

    Has anyone been to Tanzania? Specifically Mt. Kilimanjaro or the Serengeti? That is my ideal vacation late this year but want to get as much details as possible. Would also love to start in Germany (Eagle's Nest, Berlin, Munich) and make my way to Netherlands (Amsterdam, Tulip Fields).
  2. Jets vs Titans

    I think there may an incentive bonus in his contract where Mo Claiborne gets paid per penalty. If so, he made himself a fortune yesterday.
  3. Game 4, 2018: @ Jacksonville Jaguars

    On defense, I am still confused as to why we run so much zone in the 2nd half against the Browns and 1st half against the Jaguars. Mayfield and Bortles tore it apart. In his 4 years, I've never seen us run a primary zone defense. And look how much better the defense was in the 2nd half today when we switched back to man.
  4. Todd Bowles

    The defense was dominating in the first half. Then Buster Skrine got hurt. Once Nickerson got in there, they realized he couldn't cover Landry in the slot and went to a zone. However, the zone was atrocious. Baker literally picked apart the gaps between our LBers and Safeties. Just a joke of a defensive scheme in the 2nd half cost this team. Oh, and Darnold isn't trusted to go downfield. And when he is, he throws INTs.
  5. Those 80s Mets cared a hell of a lot more than Harvey. Harvey was a me-first spot light guy. Those guys loved to party but also loved being a part of a team. I bet none of his teammates went to his birthday party. Haha sorry had to throw the Draft Day reference in there.
  6. Predict The Pick v.2 - 3 - Jets

    It has to be a QB. No other option. I personally love Josh Rosen. His mechanics are practically flawless. I would not be upset with Baker either though. The guy is a winner who will do whatever it costs to win. That is a trait you want out of the most important position. He also has great fluidity with his passing. I do worry how well his game will translate to the NFL. But I think he will work on developing that aspect.
  7. FA Thread 2018

    Not a bad trade up at all.
  8. Jets sign QBs Josh McCown & Teddy Bridgewater

    This is really perplexing to me. Assuming we don't draft a QB, after the season, we will have 0 QBs on the roster. Bleak future indeed. But at the same time, are we going to draft a QB to never dress for the game all season? I hate all the 2nd round QBs in this draft. I love Rosen as a prospect. I like Darnold and Mayfield. Not a huge Allen guy but I can get behind it. But I don't see us drafting any of them at 6 and using a Redshirt year like Hack.
  9. Official 2017-2018 NHL Thread

    Penguins called about McDonagh. Bad package and the Rangers didn't want to deal him within the Metro.
  10. 2018 NBA Draft Prospects

    Tonight was top 10 Knox. All around great performance from the Cats. First time they've really been able to extend a lead in SEC play. As for Ayton or Bagley, it really is a toss up for me. Lean towards Ayton but couldn't fault anyone for going the other way. I would love to see how Ayton would be anchoring the Zona defense at Center full time.
  11. 2018 NBA Draft Prospects

    UK fan here so may be biased. Knox is tremendously skilled. To me, his biggest issue is he doesn't seem engaged most of the time. A lot of times during the game, he is standing still in the corner. He is worthless playing like this. When Knox is driving the ball, running off screens, etc., he is an absolute force. His defensive intensity also picks up when he is doing that. Just from watching every game, the team goes as Knox goes. His outside shot is streaky so you can wonder if that will change. But he still has a big frame to play 3/4 in the NBA, sneaky athleticism and I think will shoot close to 40% from 3pt. I'm not sure why he isn't always engaged or if that will ever change. I'm not advocating him to be a top 7 pick. This draft is far to talented for that. But you can see his talent as he takes over games. Seems like he is holding himself back..
  12. Official New York Rangers Thread

    Was at the game last night. You are right, of those 50 shots, barely any were threatening.
  13. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Has anyone ever had issues with setting a start date for a new job? I accepted a job last week. I needed to pass a background check before I could set my start date. I passed it on Monday and emailed HR with a start date. They did not get back to me until this afternoon, in which they asked if I could start Monday. I hadn't yet put in my start date because I was waiting to pass the background check and set a start date. I feel like they are rushing me now. I signed my offer letter last week.
  14. What Song Are You Listening To?

    Paul Simon announced his last tour (The Homeward Bound - Farewell Tour). Oddly he doesn't have a date for a NYC show. With the spacing of the shows, it seems difficult to add one. There isn't a way he does a farewell tour and doesn't include his hometown, right?
  15. Yeah unfortunately Peters flipped last week. He was solid for over a year, balled out at the Under Armor All America game and the Florida schools ramped up their recruitment. Vince Marrow and Stoops, Youngstown, Ohio natives came in with a focus on recruiting Ohio for the less talented state of Kentucky. They know they won't beat tOSU for the bigger recruits but getting that next tier of recruit is good. It has helped us land huge impact players like Benny Snell and Mike Edwards.