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  1. I'm feeling this is going to Saleh. He will bring Mike McDaneils as OC. Richard Sherman can follow his DC to NY.
  2. Why would the Jets pay Sam a big contract in your scenario? If we are drafting around 10-15, then likely Sam had another disappointing year. And an option at QB if we don't draft a QB is Matthew Stafford. He will be available this off-season or the next.
  3. So the most of the Browns WRs are likely out tomorrow. Jaguars are benching Gardner Minshew and his 16/5 TD:Int Ratio and ruled out James Robinson. So basically 0.00000000001% chance of the #1 pick now. Down from 0.00001% but still.
  4. If I get any of this new stimulus, should I throw it on the Jags ML?
  5. Update: Still really sad. Not sure if I even want Fields/Wilson/Lance. Just want to wake up and watch the Jets 5 years down the line and hope for the best.
  6. Manish is a terrible human. I personally am blocked by him on twitter, as are many Jets fans I believe. Following the tweet thread, it is sorta amazing that the NYDN hasn't taken him off the Jets beat yet. I guess they don't have anyone to pick it up?
  7. I really thought that was going to be a typical Jets late season game where we blow up our draft spot with a Win
  8. Key to these deals to me is the cap space. With the loss of revenue, the salary cap will not go up. We are creating more cap this year to roll over to next year so we won’t be affected by the Cap staying flat
  9. I don’t think GW is interim. His defense has been atrocious and his divisive comments in press conferences work against him. But as the only HC experience on staff, Jets are better off firing both Gase and GW before the Bye week to give whoever the interim is 2 weeks to prepare for their first game. Edit: just remembered Joe Vitt is on staff and has interim experience
  10. Only one more week until we fire Adam Gase and Greg Williams
  11. Steve Cohen implied he is going to spend this offseason in his opening statement. Makes sense since he didn't lose millions in revenue this season like the other owners. Be interesting to see how this affects the labor talks.
  12. For what its worth, Dannyboycane (he of internet fame) says he is hearing Gase will be fired tonight
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