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  1. 2020 Draft Prospects

    Lynn Bowden, Landon Young and Drake Jackson. Bowden can add a dynamic playmaker to the WR core and he is fantastic at returning kicks. Young and Jackson should be some of the top OL in the SEC and country this year.
  2. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    In the end, Paul George was moved to a title contender in LA. But you have to think he regrets passing on the Lakers last summer now, right? Didn't even meet with his childhood team to resign in OKC only to demand a trade the next season and be traded to a crosstown rival of your team. Granted the LAC team makes it a lot easier to stomach.
  3. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    Why are you such a Gase fan? We can agree that Mac sucked and needed to go. Regardless, Gase still has extreme flaws, starting with his personality. He hasn't won to mask that either. I think he is a promising offensive mind. However, he was run out of Miami because he is so abrasive. He comes in here vowing to change, doesn't get what he wants and leads a power struggle immediately showing he hasn't changed.
  4. NCAA Recruiting Thread

    Last 4 Crystal Balls for Boston have been to Kentucky. The rumors of his and Cooper (his teammate) being a package deal are strong.
  5. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    No issue with firing Mac. Not even really concerned about the timing. The issue is Gase. A guy with a terrible reputation for getting along with others already. Ran himself out of Miami. Instead of being forced to reflect on his shortcomings, immediately lands another HC opportunity. On top of that, helps overthrow the incumbent GM. Gase power is so immense for a guy who has been mediocre as a HC. Remember when he was hired, he was asked about how he was going to learn from his past mistakes in Miami with dealing with other personalities. Then he essentially his first real move with the team is an exact replication of that. Add in the rumors of his "beef" over FA we signed and this does not bode well. Please prove me wrong.
  6. NCAA Recruiting Thread

    From everything I hear, Jalen Johnson is a near lock to UK. Also hearing Brandon Boston and Sharife Cooper might be a package deal.
  7. Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Do we take a "3rd round impact edge rusher" again for what seems like every year? Been a great strategy for us in the past.
  8. Was really hoping we could trade back and get picks. Would have loved to add an outside edge rusher or Ed Oliver but Q Will was dominant. With our depth on Line, I wouldn't be shocked to see a Leo trade now.
  9. The Travel Thread

    Has anyone been to Tanzania? Specifically Mt. Kilimanjaro or the Serengeti? That is my ideal vacation late this year but want to get as much details as possible. Would also love to start in Germany (Eagle's Nest, Berlin, Munich) and make my way to Netherlands (Amsterdam, Tulip Fields).
  10. Jets vs Titans

    I think there may an incentive bonus in his contract where Mo Claiborne gets paid per penalty. If so, he made himself a fortune yesterday.
  11. Game 4, 2018: @ Jacksonville Jaguars

    On defense, I am still confused as to why we run so much zone in the 2nd half against the Browns and 1st half against the Jaguars. Mayfield and Bortles tore it apart. In his 4 years, I've never seen us run a primary zone defense. And look how much better the defense was in the 2nd half today when we switched back to man.
  12. Todd Bowles

    The defense was dominating in the first half. Then Buster Skrine got hurt. Once Nickerson got in there, they realized he couldn't cover Landry in the slot and went to a zone. However, the zone was atrocious. Baker literally picked apart the gaps between our LBers and Safeties. Just a joke of a defensive scheme in the 2nd half cost this team. Oh, and Darnold isn't trusted to go downfield. And when he is, he throws INTs.
  13. Those 80s Mets cared a hell of a lot more than Harvey. Harvey was a me-first spot light guy. Those guys loved to party but also loved being a part of a team. I bet none of his teammates went to his birthday party. Haha sorry had to throw the Draft Day reference in there.
  14. Predict The Pick v.2 - 3 - Jets

    It has to be a QB. No other option. I personally love Josh Rosen. His mechanics are practically flawless. I would not be upset with Baker either though. The guy is a winner who will do whatever it costs to win. That is a trait you want out of the most important position. He also has great fluidity with his passing. I do worry how well his game will translate to the NFL. But I think he will work on developing that aspect.
  15. FA Thread 2018

    Not a bad trade up at all.