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  1. I guess a small positive that Osemele has multiple holding penalties today?
  2. I don't even think that would help. We need the top overall pick for the next 3 years so badly
  3. I think Logan Ryan is signing tomorrow...
  4. I don't know $50 million in 2031 could be a steal. New TV contract, rising salary cap (next year aside), still relatively young.
  5. The question I have is how will Dallas pay Adams? Dallas doesn't have any money, especially not to make him the highest paid Safety for the next few years.
  6. You can't really fault him there. In the midst of the pandemic, people aren't really traveling. His WRs can't really come to California due to the stay at home orders and Sam might not feel comfortable going elsewhere. At least he is able to continue to work with Palmer through this all.
  7. Sarr was a huge late addition. Williams likely to round out the front court. Feel bad for Ware in all this because Jackson and him are likely to return for a sophomore season but Paolo is the big target.
  8. Mann could turn P into a position we don’t think about for the next 15 years. Love the pick
  9. Lots of talent still available. QB (Jacob Eason, James Morgan, Tyler Huntley) WR (Tyler Johnson, Donovan People-Jones, AGG, Collin Johnson) RB (Josh Kelley, DeeJay Dallas, Anthony McFarland Jr.) OT (Trey Adams) (Yes, OT isn't necessary but his talent his enticing) IOL (Logan Stenberg, Ben Bartch, Tyler Biadasz) CB (Bryce Hall, Troy Pride Jr.) Also, would like to see us look at specialists for UDFA. Brandon Mann and Rodrigo Blankenship come to mind.
  10. That is true he held the ball for 2.7 seconds or so. But I'm curious what his numbers are for the first part of the season versus the second. His play did improve a lot at the end of the season, which is where the line came together so I bet the numbers would be a lot lower for the 2nd part of the season.
  11. I am a Kentucky alum so I have been touting Bowden for a while. He is a football player, will do whatever you want.
  12. Only thing to say is that Day 1 was a huge disappointment in our eyes. Lets just hope the moves we do make are the right moves at least.
  13. Issue is if the OTs are gone prior to 11. We shouldn't be using draft capital to move up in the draft if that is the case.
  14. The players listed above were takes at larger schools
  15. In general, College officiating has been absolutely brutal this year. Something must be done in the off-season because I've never seen it this bad.
  16. Outside of Urban Meyer, who better is ND bringing in better than Brian Kelly?
  17. All a process. Just keep at it.
  18. Huge Kobe fan. So upsetting he can't speak at his own HOF induction. I'm hoping that MJ still does his presentation as Kobe wanted.
  19. He also happens to be the same player in the middle of the NCAA investigation into Kansas paying players.
  20. I think the penalties are solely up to the school. Regardless, De Souza will be out a long time. He instigated the fight and escalated it.
  21. To be fair, she did break the Beltran hire before anyone and broke Beltran stepping down yesterday. Not saying that proves anything but she was right on both of those calls so maybe in the know a little bit. Also, pictures and videos are out there. Could be a bandage but after the whole scandal, should we give the benefit of the doubt to the Astros?
  22. In fairness, Kentucky has heavily invested in their facilities, stadium and salaries for assistant coaches for Stoops, which is exactly how they sold the job to him. Probably location near Ohio is a major pull.
  23. Seriously, as the others have said, talk to someone about it. I went through a bad breakup a few years back that had me feeling down. My friends were the biggest help to me during that time. Also, xrade is right, a new hobby can be a huge help. I'm no professional but if you need to just talk, send me a message.
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