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  1. I would love Darby and you can get him on the 3rd day.
  2. Being a sports fan is a losing proposition. In the end it just gets me yelled at by the Mrs. for over drinking.
  3. LOL! pulled a fast one on us and then said DEAL WITH IT.
  4. Aaron Jones’ father has passed away. Damn. That is one tight nit family so this one hurts.
  5. Watch us wait around for hours on the first day for Gute to trade out of the 1st round. The ultimate gut punch.
  6. Yeah but how many teams have an MVP QB that is also the host of Jeopardy?? Why have your QB focus solely on winning one more SB to solidify his legacy when he can host a game show nobody watches??
  7. Can anyone with ESPN+ relay what this article says. I’m interested to see what the National media thinks of the Packers moves or lack there of https://www.espn.com/nfl/insider/story/_/id/31200187/could-six-teams-win-nfl-offseason-why-packers-saints-eagles-rams-colts-falcons-quiet-next
  8. Sewell + Bahk would be AWESOME.
  9. He can play more than just safety.
  10. I came here specifically to see if you had seen this and his RAS score. It’s gonna happen. I think Holland is under the radar enough with the deep CB that he will be there at #29. let’s make this happen bro, speak it into existence. I’m an Oregon alum and the Packers have never had a top Oregon player on their team. This would be AWESOME. whats your thoughts on Gute possibly trading up to get him? I mean he was in Eugene and saw him perform then sees the RAS score, he has to want him right?
  11. this draft has Jevon Holland in if. The rest is gravy to me! Salute! Carry on.
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