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  1. And then bring Kuhn out of retirement and Rodgers would give us Jeudy for him.
  2. Rodgers to Denver is confirmed
  3. Did you really use the photo of Williams blowing his knee out? Lol
  4. If he cared about his legacy he wouldn’t have **** the bad on Saturday night. His on field issues in the playoffs will outshine any sort of quarrel he has with the front office. Nobody will remember that. They will remember the last 3 years.
  5. The good thing is when Love takes us to a top 3 pick next season we can pick from Bryce Young and CJ Stroud.
  6. We’re headed back to 80s level GB
  7. I’ve woken up in the hangover and stay in bed all day watching Netflix stage. Luckily my wife is sympathetic.
  8. Just start scouting 2023 QBs now bud.
  9. It’s happened too many times with several different coaching staffs and HCs, I don’t understand why. you think with different humans you would have a different outcome. i suppose we are cursed, I mean look at who we’re gonna be left with at QB.
  10. I’m fully prepared to see Rodgers in another uniform next season. Which means we’ll see Love as QB1. Which is a very scary proposition at this point in time. The dude isn’t ready for one and two he is simply not the guy. he doesn’t have tools to work with and peaked his sophomore year of college vs weak G5 competition. The WR room is going to be bare for him, we still have a good OL and RB room so that’s something to work with I suppose. Next season is going to be very boring, lots of running the ball and probably not a lot of scoring. I fully expect us to go 4-13 and be looking to take a QB i
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