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  1. How awesome would it be if Rodgers holds out then Bortles comes in and puts up good stats and we win a ton of games.
  2. The Lions are shopping Crosby, I wonder if we have any interest.
  3. I don’t mean anything against any of you that live in GB but it’s gotta be the most boring city in the NFL right?
  4. Whoever wrote that article is smoking some serious hopium.
  5. In all seriousness this is a good thing. If Rodgers doesn’t come back we have a vet to step in. I think he could be okay. We would really find out what kind of coach MLF is. I don’t think Love is close to being ready. His first season was in the middle of a pandemic, how much development did he actually get..
  6. Part of me hopes that Gute just retires Rodgers himself. It would be nice to get something back for him but to make sure Rodgers doesn’t play another down of football would be funny.
  7. Anyone going to this game? I’m thinking about making a short trip from Dallas. Love’s first start.
  8. This whole time I thought Aaron was Samwise to my Frodo, but he’s just Boromir.
  9. His flaws are things you can fix. Much like fixing a QB with mechanical issues. I like the pick but he won’t be an instant impact player.
  10. We wouldn’t have been able to get Myers in the 3rd (barring a trade up) so it’s a good pick.
  11. We just need Stokes to translate that speed on the field.
  12. He’s bigger and stronger than both those dudes.
  13. I guess QB drama sparks discussion a lot more than a project CB and 3 OL.
  14. All the draft threads are short. The picks were all very whelming.
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