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  1. Random Packer News & Notes

    Whitted gone?
  2. Fl0nk's Mock 2020.1

    Inject Reagor and Taylor into my veins
  3. Build Aaron Rodgers' Ideal Pass Catching Corps

    @Cadmus sighting
  4. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    Who’s available at IDL and ILB in FA?
  5. Fire Pettine

    I’ve calmed down a bit since.
  6. Fire Pettine

    Oregon = Oklahoma?
  7. He’s still a better coach than MLF will ever be.
  8. Fire Pettine

    I’ll dial up R Kelly
  9. Fire Pettine

    You are gonna miss your chance to get your Fire Pettine poster on Live tv?
  10. Fire Pettine

    Can you make another Fire Pettine thread maybe we can start over like this never happened
  11. Inside Linebacker ... IT IS TIME

    Was Amos a hit? I don’t remember his name being called at all during the playoffs let alone half of the season. His highlight reel consists of that INT in the first game.
  12. Fire Pettine

    The yards allowed both rushing and passing suggests a steep regression in points allowed next year
  13. Fire Pettine

    But he’s out there playing tic tac toe while opposing OC’s are playing Risk. It wasn’t just the SF game. Look at the Eagles and Raiders games. Look at what SF did to us the first time. You’d think a professional NFL coach would have some type of adjustment or answer the next crack at it. Do you do worse on a test the 2nd time you get to take it? The dudes been a DC/HC for years and this is what he comes up with? Cmon man.
  14. Fire Pettine

    So we have Jerry Jones nice
  15. Fire Pettine

    All gas no ******* defense