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  1. You backed up your opinion with 2 games. Nice job convincing us lol
  2. They are wrong in everything expect what fits your narrative. If we hold the Bucs under 28 points we’re going to win this game.
  3. If he goes to Detroit his fate will surely be sealed.
  4. Lions sitting at the #7 spot. Perfect spot to grab Justin Fields. Watch them take Devonta Smith.
  5. @Normyou better be drinking. We’re sacrificing what’s left of your liver to the football gods.
  6. Sorry he actually picked the Pack to win 26.5 - 26. Yeah he gets paid to talk about football it’s crazy.
  7. Also Marcus Spears is picking the Bucs because of how well they defended Drew Brees. Does he not know Drew can’t throw a pass more than 20 yards down the field? People are making **** up to justify their Bucs pick.
  8. Ryan Clark has picked the Bucs. He’s also picked the Rams to beat us. I now love our chances lol. Dudes a hack
  9. Could be insurance in case he can’t go. Tramon was going to be activated no matter what.
  10. Oh I know i just thought it was interesting to see a Packers write go against the Pack. He’s got a pretty good record for the season too.
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