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  1. https://www.ninersnation.com/2019/12/2/20990616/49ers-ravens-recap-fourth-down-shanahan-playcall-offense-jimmy-garoppolo?fbclid=IwAR3HT7d3zvQLB07Ry5AHw9E2yyYhwJaea5jhTXjWbgKLAeGWKWVnGchR_Vk for you consideration
  2. that was the jimmy i needed to see didn't take the sack like always does makes something out of nothing with that flip to mostert
  3. coleman is a dancer and mostert just goes!!! in this weather mostert is the best option at RB coleman is good though not to be dismissed
  4. man did we need that turnover!!!
  5. man even the announcers are talking about the clock mismanagement we wasted an ENTIRE 30 seconds IMO shanny is showing hubris
  6. the poor coaching decisions and bad clock management in the last minute of this half may have just cost us this game - they have a lead and get the ball after the half which means they going go up by two scores before we see the ball again - our defense as struggled to stop them - playing for the field goal when you have over a minute to play and all your timeouts was uber conservative especially against a team of this caliber (jason garrettish)
  7. and why are trying for a fg in THIS weather
  8. and why are we playing to get a field goal when we know they get the ball back at the half
  9. why why why did we waste 30 seconds after that play to deebo hudling up??
  10. Kwon Alexander out for season

    yeah he's a dog IDK how good he is in coverage though
  11. Kwon Alexander out for season

    well I watch him in preseason and he played relatively well (albeit against other backups) he isn't a thumper but will make the tackle that gets you on the ground is coverage skills are so-so but I attribute that to inexperience. the upside is that we have a sort of long week to get him as ready as we can. you're right Kwon is a better athlete but Dre isn't a slouch ....just "green"
  12. Kwon Alexander out for season

    Dre Greenlaw has amazing physical attributes and i think he can match the physical side of what Kwon was doing the issue is will his inexperience hurt him?
  13. call me crazy but....

    I editied it but you need to check your boy...