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  1. Officially Jimmy Garoppolo tore his ACL

    and now they are talking about working out Tom Savage....TF they wanna do that for???? They might as well bring in my sorry *** to play QB then
  2. say what you want, I like Nick Mullens
  3. he dropped two last week in houston
  4. Lee has a penchant for dropping INTs
  5. i know its just preseason....but I'm drinking ya'll
  6. this new helmet rule is some BULL****
  7. bethard is in......(sigh)
  8. great now rueben is hurt
  9. is celek trying to get cut this year????
  10. jimmy should have hit morris on that 2nd down play he's getting greedy
  11. Morris is running the ball like he got bills to pay
  12. Nick Mullens

    Ok, I know I will probably get reamed for saying this but Mullens looks much better ( more decisive and more accurate) thtle an Bethard I would really like to see him play with the our twos against the other teams' twos at the very least to see if his success is just a product of playing the threes or if he really could be a decent backup to Jimmy. I was at the game tonight and many of the Houston NIner nation sitting around me were sharing my sentiments. I think we may have something with this kid but he needs more opportunities we have two more preseason games...lets let Nick and CJ battle for that #2 spot.
  13. 49ers Sign Alfred Morris

    I like it. He's a different running style back with a little more heft we aren't asking him to be the bell-cow back so his age (29) isn't going to be an issue He is familiar with Shanny's Offense so very short learning curve there I'm sure we aren't paying him much and if he works out can finish his career here in SF and help us contend