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  1. Nasir adderly

    I agree, But MANY people on this board seem to think he is trash
  2. Nasir adderly

    did you watch the film study? If you did, and still question his physicality then I have to ask ....what exactly are you looking for?? because dang man
  3. Nasir adderly

    I really like him. I see us letting the oft injured and inconsistent Jimmie Ward go and since EVERYONE hates Colbert ..
  4. John232's way too early mock off-season

    i think Reid had the "know-how" just not the physical tools when necessary. I think Colbert has the physical tools and just not the "know-how" . Tartt is not a bad safety IMO i just think he can't stay healthy
  5. John232's way too early mock off-season

    i like it...I just don't think Desir will be available also with Thomas being a Texas Boy as well as growing up a cowgirl fan it would be tough sledding getting him to come to SF I actually like Colbert at FS if we can't upgrade with a big name.
  6. wilson scares the heck out of me when he gets the ball
  7. richburg is a bum how much are we paying this guy??
  8. T. Moore is playing pretty good after being victimized early in the game.....just wish he could catch
  9. the better Pettis plays... the more expendable Garcon becomes
  10. that penalty was a totally ticky-tack crock of ****
  11. Officially Jimmy Garoppolo tore his ACL

    and now they are talking about working out Tom Savage....TF they wanna do that for???? They might as well bring in my sorry *** to play QB then
  12. say what you want, I like Nick Mullens
  13. he dropped two last week in houston
  14. Lee has a penchant for dropping INTs
  15. i know its just preseason....but I'm drinking ya'll