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  1. Jimmie Ward has a broken collarbone

  2. Jimmie Ward has a broken collarbone

  3. Jimmie Ward has a broken collarbone

    nah it was the classic drumset response to a joke but.....I see what you did there .....so.......BA-DUM-DUM-CRASH!!!
  4. Jimmie Ward has a broken collarbone

    so can we just go ahead and sign tre boston????
  5. Jimmie Ward has a broken collarbone

  6. Bucs to release Gerald McCoy

    he's better than both of them and who knows what he'll ask for
  7. Bucs to release Gerald McCoy

    what do you guys think? put him right next to DeFo and REALLY solidify the D-Line
  8. UDFAs?

    I'm somewhat excited about this cameron glenn kid i hope he can make his college game translate to the NFL
  9. UDFAs?

    thanks man
  10. UDFAs?

    anyone heard anything about the UDFAs that have been called?
  11. special teamer that we reached like plastic man for so basically we don't have a SAM backer didn't address our suspect safety situation
  12. I havent't read all the responses on this thread yet but I'm going to say something that probably has already been said: They couldn't wait until the last pick in the 6th to pick this guy????? seriously???/ all I know is that the dude had better be able to punt balls into orbit and they don't come down until a quarter later
  13. I definitely agree with the TC WR battle for roster spots being exciting. there are going to be some good WRs without a job at the end of TC sadly....
  14. i feel the same way, I know Deebo was mocked to us in several mock drafts but that was because it was projected that many WRs better than him would be gone by our pick I don't dislike him but i feel like we could have drafted better at WR at our pick Its like if you have a taste for some BBQ ribs but only have enough money for some burgers on the grill but when you get to the supermarket, you find out the ribs are on sale and you CAN afford them ......but you buy the hamburger meat anyway.
  15. basically to make it simple, I think we'd all be on board with this scenario. 1. the cards DON'T take Murray at 1 2. A really dumb coach/GM combo gives us a kings ransom for #2 ( like a Ditka-esque trade )