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  1. biggest concern heading into the season

    I'll make a post about pleasant surprises once the preseason starts. Right now it's too soon to tell about our wrs and DBS until they go head to head. Right now the wrs are running naked routes.
  2. What is/ are your biggest concerns about the roster this coming season? I think is one of the best rosters we've assembled in quite some time however there are still some issues I have moving forward. Some folks may think there is a non-issue while others may agree with my opinion while other's may have other concerns for the team i'll start: I don't like the lack of a "closer"back on our roster. The back who when there is 4:53 left in the game and we have a 4 point lead and the ball we can keep feeding him the ball and have him "close" out the game. Currently NONE of the backs on our roster fit that identity. We have a bunch of small fast shifty guys and no real thumpers. (Just my Opinion) secondly I am really worried about our ability to put constant pressure on the QB without blitzing. As it stands, we really haven't seriously addressed the pass rush like we should. I know there is marsh and Attatu (sp?) but Arik armstead is on the cusp of bust territory and Thomas doesn't strike me as a true pass rusher. so there is my issue.. what about you guys? what are your concerns moving into this season?
  3. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    Understatement of the year bro
  4. pass rush

    although the analyst is very complimentary, He does point out many of Buck's inadequacies in his technique
  5. pass rush

  6. pass rush

    what are you guys thoughts on our ability to put heat on the QB...or rather lack thereof do you think we will be able to compete this year without doing much to bolster our pass rush?
  7. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    I'm hearing the judge is going to wait until Wednesday to decide if the case should go to trial, I'm like WTH??? after all that you are still deliberating??? what else do you have to go with?
  8. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    Its not what you know, it what you can prove...and in the case of the NFL...they will suspend you even if exonerated.
  9. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    whats messed up is after all that the league will still probably hit him with 4-6 games.... just BS
  10. UDFA jeffery wilson

    meh thats not too bad... everyone can't be Saquon lol
  11. UDFA jeffery wilson

    when you say nearly a 4.6 do you mean 4.5 with alot of change or a very low 4.7?
  12. UDFA Steven Dunbar Jr.

    The only WR I see on our roster that can consistently beat the jam is Garcon and I don't think our short yardage run game is going to be better either without a thumper Devante Freeman type of back in our stable. also Jimmy almost got murdered on the very play you posted he got out of that because of sheer skill, however you can't count on every play to go like this one. Also, If we don't need a 6'3" WR to be successful in our offense, Then why was this guy given a shot instead of another undersized, slight frame slot style WR that you believe is all we need? I'm not saying you're wrong man, I just have doubts about your interpretation of Shanny's philosophy ...thats all I mean hell, he had Julio's massive butt out there.
  13. UDFA Steven Dunbar Jr.

    so what happens when timing gets disrupted? the "greatest show on turf" rams had a bunch of slight framed WRs who thrived on timing patterns and getting in space. and it was cool for a while until the rest of the league figured out "hey lets put a crap-ton of pressure on the QB and jam up those little slight frame guys and throw off the timing"
  14. see that's yet another issue i have with WRs like him, His frame is so slight that he reminds me of Will Fuller from the Texans, could barely stay on the field because of injury
  15. UDFA Steven Dunbar Jr.

    the only WR on the roster with some bulk and height God I hope this kid makes good in training camp and makes the roster