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  1. no I don't post here often because unlike you i have life. I'm not in my mother's basement posting about the 49ers all day like you are. so forgive me if my job and my ADULT life and daily duties don't allow me to be constantly on this board arguing with a pretentious slug like you about who is right about a team the NEITHER of us are getting check from. But by all means go ahead, be internet chat board champion. Its obviously very important to you in your very small mind. it just isn't that serious to me I already told you little boy don't address me and I won't address you. for the sake of peace lets keep it that way.
  2. i find it funny how you leave out the part where i ask for opinions in my posts, I'm a "lets talk about it person" you guys are the one who are dismissive and feel like some doesn't have the right to post if they don't agree with you. its ok to disagree about something I say I'm fine with that just like I'm going to disagree with somethings that you say. but you take it to a level of disrespect that is disgusting, and immature.
  3. ok I'll remember this, when you all blew me off when i said I had the feeling this wasn't our year earlier this year, that we are a year ahead of schedule its ok you guys are cliqued up in here and if anyone goes against the grain from your dogmatic way of thinking, you dismiss them as if they don't know what they're talking about. this board was fun back in the day but as of late it has become full of pretentious, pompous know-it-alls who are completely dismissive to anyone who doesn't fall in line with their way of thinking. its ok to debate. but as of late its really just become disrespectful and ugly I stand on what I said.
  4. ok It was a really a discussion starting topic I agree its early I'm stating my opinion and I stand behind it not saying that what you guys think is wrong
  5. yes transitioning from a college CB to an NFL CB is a very difficult thing which is why I am advocating drafting a CB BEFORE we need one. Like GEEK said I'd like to take a CB now and allow him to slowly acclimate to the NFL game while sherman is around to mentor him I'd much rather do that than wait until sherman goes to the house or leaves via FA THEN draft a CB, and throw him to the wolves praying he does ok that's my logic
  6. so let me ask you guys this are you willing to spend your 31st pick overall on a guard? or a safety? (delpit will be gone by then) or a WR also ward has come out and said he wants to come back and if he doesn't, to me moore is an upgrade because of his better ball skills Jalen Hurd has not played yet, Sanders may not leave either and trent taylor when healthy is "mr 3rd down conversion" brunskill or skule can slide inside and play guard better than person not to mention ben garland can play guard once richberg comes back from injury many of the issues you are talking about can be handled in-house you can't say that about corner because after sherm and sometimes mosely ....who can we really rely on? so again i ask what position is is worth the 31st overall pick without reaching?
  7. I'm not saying to cut or even bench Sherman I think that is where the misunderstanding is that is NOT what i am advocating however I am not comfortable with the depth should he go down for one and I still think he is losing a step I like mosley better than spoon, he is a better tackler and has tremendously better ball skills to me spoon is just there for decoration in most instances Secondly I NEVER said that this was the only place we need improvement in. so to assume that I don't think we need IOL or Safety or WR (which is a whole 'nother discussion) is just baiting an argument by putting words in my mouth
  8. I wasn't even talking about hill I'm talking about how he got embarrassed by Devante Adams in the NFCCG and again by watkins in the SB What is it going to take for so many of you to stop putting your eggs in the Witherspoon basket. he botches more plays than he makes my question is what going to happen when we gt in a game like the superbowl where the refs REFUSE to call holding on the opponents' O-line or when we go against QBs who require us to cover a bit longer than normal (we have two in our division alone) the whole Idea of "We'll be fine with what we have" is as I said before, hubris we are no longer the underdogs and have a bullseye on our backs the attitude needs to be one of "how can we improve even though this area of the team is good" and seeing how this league is based on dropping back and slinging it. we should be trying to improve our ability to stop folks that want to drop back and sling it. you're entitled to your opinion though *shrugs*
  9. that #1 pass defense came from a devastating pass rush and with all due respect, it is hubris to think we are just fine at corner Sherman is great and I love him. but to think that he isn't losing a step against upper level WR talent when asked to cover man to man is just not paying attention Witherspoon is a PI call or a deep TD waiting to happen I love E-Man but as I stated before, he struggles against WRs who are bigger and more physical granted, he does play bigger than he actually is.
  10. he is irritating as hell he will be in perfect position many times to make an INT or PBU but REFUSES....I mean ABSOLUTELY REFUSES to look for the ball Other times he gets hit in the chest with the ball and drops it.
  11. well 1. I DO NOT trust witherspoon and 2. i love sherm but he is showing us he's lost a step and 3. I like E-man (he's a DAWG) but he struggles against WRs bigger than him so in my opinion CB is a priority
  12. I think the majority of us are in agreement that we need another corner question 1: should we draft a CB? (there is a good class coming out this year and I know we could get one of the really good ones at pick 31) or do we try to grab one via free agency (although I think we will probably tie up much of cap room trying to retain our own FAs) question 2: if we go get one via draft, who do you guys like? question 2a : if we go free agency who would you like? annnnnnnnnnd GO!
  13. agreed I think we Greenlaw would be ready for a full time role by then not to mention Al-Shaair and of course we could draft another speed LB within the next two years
  14. I don't know if anyone has said this before in the thread but here's a wild Idea ...just spitballing...don't @ me let jimmy ward walk move sherm to FS trade for desmond Trufant draft a corner STILL at #31 Sherman has the football intellegence to get guys ined up and quarterback the secondary just not the footwork to play corner as much anymore but his brain is superlative as a coach on the field desmond trufant has played in the system and done well in it being in ATL Mosley has proven he is a "Dawg" and can be relied on in a pinch but lets get a bigger body in there just a thought
  15. i agree he crapped the bed last night because he just "over thought" the whole thing but I believe he can and will lead us to a superbowl win sometime soon as long as we can keep the roster talented
  16. oh no doubt i feel you but either way you roll the dice it could be he has arrived and this season wasn't a fluke or it could be exactly what you said and he was playing out of his mind just for the bag we let him walk and it turns out he really has turned up or we keep him and he goes back to being same ol AA *shrugs*
  17. I love the way Armstead played this year. He totally elevated his game but after a season like this he is gonna want to "secure the bag" and I don't think we have the cap space to keep him
  18. see its trolls like this... a packers fan of ALL people we violated them TWICE but you have the AUDACITY to speak?? kick rocks bum
  19. bruh I teach too. the funny thing is these kids are going to try to clown me but they're all fans of teams we roasted like GB or worse ...they're cowboy fans so I got em if they keep it up...there's gonna be a pop quiz
  20. facts If we resign key players and draft well we'll be right back in it
  21. what i hate is the trolls on social media most of them are fans of teams either we beat, didn't make the playoffs ...or both
  22. Keys to victory: Offense: First- No Turnovers at any time. Jimmy needs to play another 130 QBR game. not ints no fumbles . NEXT Run Run Run Run, especially off the edges, keep their pass rushers neutralized and honest. Make them play a game they don't want to. Then play action and misdirect the hell out of them force their LBs to come up and take advantage of the space they vacate Kendrick Bourne has to have a big game again. Screens are essential not just to backs but to guys like Deebo who is electric with the ball in his hands. stay out of 3rd and more than 5. Anything 5 yards and less opens up our whole playbook and puts the defense on skates. DEFENSE aaron rodgers can't be aaron rodgers on his back ....apply ridiculous pressure but watch for screens to jones and williams hold jones to under 4 yds a carry Keep witherspoon OFF the FIELD he is a liability Although I like mosely roll coverage to his side when ever adams is over there. I trust the rest of the secondary in any other scenario Rally to the ball and destroy. I see rodgers trying to dump off alot when we take away the deep pass which is what we have been known for. We need to limit YAC from them put them in 3rd and more than 10. This opens up our pass rush to dominate their o-line and put rodgers on his back Create turnovers Create Turnovers Create Turnovers
  23. mosley just have that DAWG in his blood. He kind of reminds me of Sherman (not in size) but in the attitude of "I'm gonna show them for doubting me" Love his attitude
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