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  1. Conference Championship GDT - Packers at 49ers

    Keys to victory: Offense: First- No Turnovers at any time. Jimmy needs to play another 130 QBR game. not ints no fumbles . NEXT Run Run Run Run, especially off the edges, keep their pass rushers neutralized and honest. Make them play a game they don't want to. Then play action and misdirect the hell out of them force their LBs to come up and take advantage of the space they vacate Kendrick Bourne has to have a big game again. Screens are essential not just to backs but to guys like Deebo who is electric with the ball in his hands. stay out of 3rd and more than 5. Anything 5 yards and less opens up our whole playbook and puts the defense on skates. DEFENSE aaron rodgers can't be aaron rodgers on his back ....apply ridiculous pressure but watch for screens to jones and williams hold jones to under 4 yds a carry Keep witherspoon OFF the FIELD he is a liability Although I like mosely roll coverage to his side when ever adams is over there. I trust the rest of the secondary in any other scenario Rally to the ball and destroy. I see rodgers trying to dump off alot when we take away the deep pass which is what we have been known for. We need to limit YAC from them put them in 3rd and more than 10. This opens up our pass rush to dominate their o-line and put rodgers on his back Create turnovers Create Turnovers Create Turnovers
  2. Witherspoon v Moseley

    anyone else just tired of Ahkello like I am? when he was out and Mosley filled in with sherman our pass D was much better. since his return, he has been stinking up the joint. how many of you would prefer the sherman/mosley combo from here on out ?
  3. Witherspoon v Moseley

    mosley just have that DAWG in his blood. He kind of reminds me of Sherman (not in size) but in the attitude of "I'm gonna show them for doubting me" Love his attitude
  4. Divisional Round Game Ball?

    honestly I'd like to give a game ball to both our lines on both sides of the ball Offensive line: when you can run the ball 8 straight times en route to a TD AND they know its coming and can't do a damn thing about it...thats forcing your will and dominating Defensive line: kirk cousins now has PTSD and will see red jerseys in the 90's(and 55) in his sleep
  5. Witherspoon v Moseley

    after watching witherspoon fail miserably saturday and mosley fill in wonderfully i think my initial post has been validated and this debate is over
  6. Divisional Round GDT - Vikings at 49ers

    they are getting the ball on avg at the 30 plus yd line after kicks we go for it and dont get it they have to drive 90 yards
  7. Divisional Round GDT - Vikings at 49ers

    if we don't score on tis next play we need to go for it. cause even if they stop us. they gotta drive for 90 plus yards on our defense which is eating
  8. Divisional Round GDT - Vikings at 49ers

    didn't like that play call
  9. Divisional Round GDT - Vikings at 49ers

    we just went on an 8 play drive and scored then took them 3 and out their defense is gassed. we can finish them here on this drive if we score a TD
  10. Divisional Round GDT - Vikings at 49ers

    nothing breaks a team's will when you can run the ball on EVERY PLAY of a drive....the defense knows its coming....and can't do a damn thing about it.
  11. Divisional Round GDT - Vikings at 49ers

    how is it a blindside block if the guy gets hit between both nipples??
  12. Divisional Round GDT - Vikings at 49ers

    facts we gotta coming out the locker room firing on all cylinders
  13. Divisional Round GDT - Vikings at 49ers

    man i would have loved to get a strip-sack right there didn't want them to score anymore this game WE MUST score on this opening drive of the 2nd half
  14. Divisional Round GDT - Vikings at 49ers

  15. Divisional Round GDT - Vikings at 49ers

  16. Divisional Round GDT - Vikings at 49ers

    i think deebo was down
  17. Divisional Round GDT - Vikings at 49ers

  18. Divisional Round GDT - Vikings at 49ers

    a PI and gave up a TD in ONE SERIES ......GET HIM OUTTA THERE!!!!
  19. Divisional Round GDT - Vikings at 49ers

    they gotta get witherspoon off the field he is not ready for this stage
  20. Divisional Round GDT - Vikings at 49ers

    great start 3 and out on d and a smooth offensive drive but we have a long way to go lets stay focused fellas
  21. Divisional Round GDT - Vikings at 49ers

    Keys to Victory: OFFENSE: -Jimmy has to protect the ball no fumbles no ints -Jimmy has to not hold the ball too long. check down get the ball out his hands -If the Vikings put their ends on the inside check to a run and let those guards drive them off the ball - Kendrick bourne has to have a good game. coming from the slot. or whomever is in the slot - must score TDs in the red zone and not FGs -stay ahead of the chains (on schedule) 3rd and less than 5 situations or go 1st down to 2nd down to 1st down -no dumb penalties DEFENSE: -Ahkello Witherspoon can't be trash today -pressure, pressure, pressure pressure on cousins - neutralize the run game.keep cook and company to under 4 yds a carry. -create turnovers early and often -no dumb penalties
  22. George Seifert

    I was in the barbershop today and the topic went from the current playoffs to some football history. Living in Houston as I do, I was in the barbershop with several Texans fans, a few Saints fans, and of course a loud-mouthed Cowboy fan. Me being the only Niner fan long story short the topic was that the niners (in the mind of the other fans) weren't worth a darn after Bill walsh retired I went on to correct them to tell them George Siefert was only the second coach in NFL history to win a superbowl in his rookie season (89-90) and also won no less than 10 games a season over an eight year span as the head coach en route to a second lombardi trophy. needless to say you hear a mouse peeing on cotton after i destroyed them with the facts. but as i think about it, WHY HASN'T THIS MAN BEEN CONSIDERED FOR THE HOF AS A COACH WITH HIS W-L RECORD???
  23. George Seifert

    i hear you i just looked up his W-L record and was pretty astonished that his worst record for almost a decade was 10-6
  24. Dropped INTs

  25. Dropped INTs

    is there a way to find a stat for defensive drops? I know we have dropped A LOT of INTs this season some of them were game closers that if they were caught we wouldn't have the high blood pressure endings we have had i'm willing to bet withersoon and harris probably lead the team in dropped INTs just curious if any of you can shed any light on this