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  1. Honestly thought our D would be better than this. Not sure how much of it is the play calling though.
  2. The offense has 36 points and the D is still needing them to score more. Not a good performance at all.
  3. So, are the Vikings loading up more people up front to protect Cousins better? Cannot seem to get much pressure on his anymore.
  4. I know home field is not as big of a deal without the crowd but its still a road game for us. One we are dominating. Could easily have been 36-10 if not for the drop in the RZ earlier.
  5. MVS was already thinking about YAC. Unfortunately he forgot the C part.
  6. Yeah. Not sure if they have more camera angles than what we have been shown so far. If not, that call should hold.
  7. I have pointed that out as well. We still need a true #2 WR unless one of our guys makes a big jump. But, that is not going to change this season. What will change is the WR's and TE's get up to game day speed and get in better sync with Rodgers. We should have had 1 TD in the RZ but Adams (our best WR) dropped the ball. Also, we are actually playing against a very good D. So, lets not take credit away from them either.
  8. Need to see a few more games here. There was no pre-season and this is the 1st real game they have played. I would say a lot of teams may take 3-4 games till their offense truly syncs up.
  9. Adams is doing awesome but would love to see some other WR's and/or TE's involved.
  10. I am perfectly fine with going for it. Not quite sure about that play call though.
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