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  1. LOL. If my employee refuses to show up to work and publicly voices complaints about my management style, he would not be my employee anymore.
  2. Actions speak louder than words .... bud. Also, you seem kind of angry. Maybe its time to put that bottle of tequila away and call it a night.
  3. Kind of surprised he didn't demand changing the name of the team to the Green Bay Rodgers for the period of time he is still here. I don't care if we even win the SB this year. I have no respect for the guy anymore.
  4. I don't know what would cause more drama next year. Us winning it all or us losing in the NFC championship game again.
  5. From our perspective, is the voidable last year a good or bad thing? At his age I think it would be easier for us to get suitors for Rodgers after this season with the change.
  6. I am hoping this is exactly where we are at with Rodgers as well. In a holding pattern till training camp and moving him for the best offer if he chooses to not report.
  7. Middle of June and this **** is still going on. End this crap already.
  8. I always figured it was less about money and more about the guarantees and him having the option to leave GB on his own than being forced out. The Packers management have come out and said that they are trying to make things work. So far, it does not look like Rodgers has accepted whatever has been offered. Neither side is willing to bend at this time. I am really hoping that the Packers are doing more (looking at trade options) than just banking on the fact that Rodgers will finally bend/break and NOT holdout/sit for the season. Given Rodgers personality, I would be very surprised to se
  9. Problem was not Rodgers. But he was not the solution either. An elite QB (and an MVP) is expected to outplay defenses, are they not? And let us not pretend that this is the first time he has underperformed in the championship game.
  10. Regarding point 2. I don't think he has to ask for one. His actions speak louder than words. Plus asking for a trade would make him the 'bad guy' and Rodgers is most definitely concerned about his image and how he is perceived. It also gives him the option to say, 'I wanted a new deal but they didn't and just traded me' and paint the Packers as the 'bad guy' in the whole saga.
  11. They don't owe him anything. It would be an act of goodwill that is all. I am more knowledgeable about hockey and there are limited NTC's given on contracts where the player submits a list of X teams at the start of off-season where they can be traded or not-traded to. Not sure if that exists in football. Assuming it does, if you give something like that Rodgers, it will come without the promise that he WILL be traded. Because Rodgers trying to force our hand is the main reason that we are in the situation we are. The biggest problem is that things can change severely between now and
  12. I agree with you in principle but these guys have massive egos. They put themselves in front of everyone (for right or wrong) and I expect nothing different from Rodgers. He is not going to come back because he feels bad for his teammates. He will come back for his $$ and to try and make some kind of point to the world that he is still the best QB in the league. It would really surprise me though if he comes back without a new contract because then all that will mean is that 'GB won' and I doubt that sits well with him.
  13. Got to learn how to crawl before you learn to walk. Right? I think its the right strategy to be honest. Let him get the easy throws figured out and build some confidence. Can worry about the harder throws as that happens. Also, I really think that those type of throws will work fine with Jones and Dillon driving the running game. If Love starts this season we have to hope that his first few games can be controlled by our D and running game. If we are forced to play from behind though, its going to be trial by fire.
  14. He definitely seems to be a guy who struggles with relationships of any kind. And he uses his unhappiness and discontent as a driver for his great level of play. As a Packers fan we have enjoyed the fruits of his great play but man is that a terrible way to live your life.
  15. The whole MVP excuse is hard to understand anyway (deserving or otherwise). Given the way his deal is structured, GB trading Rodgers in 2021 was never in the best interest of the organization. There is still a very good chance that he gets traded in 2022 (unless a new contract happens or he gets traded this year). All winning the MVP did was give him leverage to re-negotiate his contract since this is the only time he may be able to control his own destiny (outside of retirement).
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