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  1. 2019 Green Bay Packers offseason - OTAs/minicamps

    Maybe they have already decided King is going to be injured?
  2. 3[75]: Jace Sternberger [TE; Texas A&M]

    Do we know why Jace has not been signed yet?
  3. Packers UDFA Class

    Would love to get some more depth with our DB's. How much cap space do we have left? Any chance we go after Tre Boston still?
  4. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    This. I think a lot of of us are cautiously optimistic about Gary. We cannot deny his athleticism. At the same time, yes, the lack of production in his junior season while concerning can be explained by his injury as @packfanfb pointed out. Also, there is nothing to be gained by being negative about the pick even if one did not like it. He is a Packer now and like @Kepler said, a lot of us are trying to see the best in him and like the pick.
  5. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    You draft players based on potential. i.e Not what they have done so far but what they will do from now on. College production is a measurable stat. Just like the combine numbers. The confidence one gets from interviewing the prospects is largely subjective but plays a big role too. The only thing with College production is that you have a larger sample size for measuring success. But again that is the success the player had in college. Every player is put in a different position. Different conferences. Different quality of teammates. There are a few college players with good production who fail to produce at the NFL level. The reverse is true as well. I do not follow the NFL draft as closely as a lot of you guys. My lack of knowledge in prospects is limited because I only watch a few college games a year as well. However, I am big on the NHL draft and follow that very closely every year. I have seen my team draft players in the first round which no one on my hockey forums expected to be drafted. Sometimes they work out and become stars. Sometimes they don't. Most of the times they end up being good players and not stars though. There is really no guarantee in the draft. Not making excuses here for Gary's lack of college production. But I am pretty sure that the coaches, scouts and management saw something in him to draft him where they did. Only time will tell how it works out. TLDR: No one here can predict if Gary works out. We took a chance based on skill/potential. Lets hope it works out.
  6. 6[185]: Ka'Dar Hollman [CB; Toledo]

    I watched some of his game highlights on YouTube and am not sure what to make of him. They didn’t throw in his direction that much and he was never really in on any of the tackles.
  7. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    MLF said that he is not 100% sure about the harness. He believes it was the training staff that asked him to put it on and that it is just precautionary. Said he expects to learn more when he talks to the training guys later today.
  8. 3[75]: Jace Sternberger [TE; Texas A&M]

    MLF just said that Jace is experiencing an illness.
  9. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    Yeah. Not ideal but probably not a surprise to the medical staff and the management. Its something they probably knew before drafting him.
  10. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    There is a post on the main boards which asks for a boom/bust rating on 1st round picks. I think almost everyone there expects Gary to bust. Can't wait for him to prove them wrong.
  11. 2019 Draft Thoughts

    Yep. This is what I said earlier. You draft for top-end potential. If your scouts and management see that, you go for that every freaking time.
  12. 1[21]: Darnell Savage [S; Maryland]

    Without knowing what cocktails you drink and the alcohol content in them, its hard to say. I love margaritas that I make from scratch (no mixed crap). I wouldn't say I sip them but I definitely don't gulp them. If I did that and drank more than 2-3 in quick succession, I would not last very long. Also, if you are a scotch drinker (I do so occassionally), there is no way you can drink/gulp it. Well, you can but it would just beat the purpose of drinking scotch.
  13. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    Exactly this. While I think its unrealistic to expect Gary to have more total sacks than Mack this season, I don't think its unrealistic to expect him to have more than what Mack had his rookie year, which was 4. Gary has a really solid core around him and he will most likely be put in a position to succeed by Pettine. I would not be shocked if Gary ends up with 8+ sacks either. He just has to stay healthy.
  14. 2019 Draft Thoughts

    Overall I think I have been pretty happy with the draft. A lot of you guys here are a lot more knowledgeable than me in matters relating to the football as well as the draft so my opinion probably counts for nothing but still .. The thing I really like is that Gute has a plan regarding what direction he wants to go with the Packers. He is executing that plan by getting the players that best fit that system. I also have faith that the Packers scouts and management did their due diligence regarding any character and/or health issues with these guys. We won't know if the picks pan out for a few years or not but the direction with which Gute has gone will have a lot more talent on the Packers (if the picks work out) than just going the safe route and getting us warm bodies. One of the bigger concerns for me are just injuries. We were really banged up last year and that is something that nobody can control. But a sem-healthy Packers defense this year should still be pretty good. The one player I am truly worried about is Kevin King. I know he is rather sensitive about his injury situation but we need for him to be healthy to be good at that position. Also, as far as the receivers for Rodgers go, I think they will primarily focus on using Jace in that capacity this year while continue to refine his blocking abilities. Would have been nice to have some more options but lets hope that MVS and ESB continue getting better. Hopefully MLF's offense can get more out of Graham in the end zone too.
  15. 7[226]: Ty Summers [ILB; TCU]

    I watched his video highlights and liked what I saw. I heard the words 'back from injury' more often than I would have liked but he seems like a pretty solid player. The one thing I did notice is that when he dropped in coverage he was a little too aggressive with his tackles. I felt like he would be called for PI on most of the passes he defended on the highlights reel I watched.