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  1. Got to do something to make the division (and rivalry) competitive I guess. So lets just give all the calls to Chicago.
  2. Way too many injuries on in the secondary for us. Coach/Scheme can help a bit with that but Rodgers and offense is what needs to step up.
  3. Happy we won. Still got some stuff to sort out with the RZ offense and defense.
  4. I think football is more enjoyable the way it is called today BUT there needs to be consistency. There is too much of a discrepancy from game to game.
  5. Wait. That looked like a 1st down to me. Aren't plays supposed to be automatically reviewed?
  6. Seriously. If you let him kick, do so with no chance of the Bengals having a drive.
  7. Atleast take 4 minutes to run down the clock before you miss the FG this time Green Bay.
  8. What would be even worse if they kick like a 50-60 yard field goal to win.
  9. Guy is annoying as ****. I muted the tv because I cannot bear listening to him anymore.
  10. This is a nightmare scenario when the kicker misses everything and the RZ offense cant do crap.
  11. What the hell is the ******* offense doing? Didn't run when they should have and now are trying to force runs.
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