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  1. And I mean, who can blame him? "Hey, we know you're MLB-ready but we're just gonna....not promote you this year, but please sign this extension?" "Uhhh, no?" "Wow, you greedy little bastard!"
  2. I think he's saying this wasn't the place for him based on the scheme we run on offense. It's not a WR-friendly place to be. Never has been, but is definitely not under Greg Roman.
  3. We have Kelenic until he bails at the very first opportunity to lol
  4. When your owner essentially says no matter what happens they won't be up until X year (2022) or a certain date - yeah I'd say you have a legit grievance. This isn't a situation like with Vlad Jr. where he actually had to work on his defense - these guys are pro-ready and Mather just explicitly said they won't be getting called up until a calculated date. And he said that repeatedly. God, I hate being a Mariners fan.
  5. Sure, but if I show up to work +20lbs nobody even freaking notices and I get handed more responsibilities.
  6. Didn't matter. Mahomes was just turning and running all night long. You could've put a safety on Kelce and achieved the same thing. The front 4 pressure was the entire reason why we saw what we did.
  7. Vincent Jackson is a guy whose name will come up when you say "Name a random WR who was borderline elite for a few years but nobody ever talks about". Dude was so good, and on multiple teams. Crazy. RIP. Way too young.
  8. Yep, looked right past hiim! I like it.
  9. Am I stupid or is there no EDGE players in that mock?
  10. The thing about Yanny is that he can't play the run, which is a major thing for our team. He's a specialist but do you wanna pay a specialist that amount of money? Idk.
  11. Are we ranking at the time they played in the Superbowl, or just overall the entire body of work? Because if it's just the Superbowl, the 2020 Chiefs are probably dead last. Tom Brady could've been benched and they still would've won that game.
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