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  1. for real. I don't like these cut backs.
  2. cue up the "Yeah but it's Arizona..." excuses
  3. And Judon isn't a good pass rusher. We're just a blitz heavy team right now.
  4. Lions' pass rush is a joke. They're all run stuffers. We will be blitzing all over the place and we'll see how Kyler handles it.
  5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

    tbh this is exactly why I am interested in this game - because it's a little slower paced and more tactical. That's a selling point, not a drawback.
  6. A team that has OL troubles against a team that doesn't have much of a pass rush. A team that goes 4 wide more than any team in the NFL against a team that is without their slot CB and #2 CB but still has the best secondary in the NFL. A rookie QB against a team that slaughters rookie QB's Should be fun to watch. I'm interested to see how we match up against their spread offense.
  7. Best 3 WR set

    And in this instance, is it really unfair to say that Dallas Clark was a WR moreso than a TE? When you factor him in, the weapons that Manning had those years, along with Edge at RB was just unbelievable.
  8. Matt Stafford Vs Cam Newton Who Is the better QB overall?

    I don't see any world where I'm taking Cam in this debate, tbh.
  9. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    I should've said ** on defense ** We're in full agreement that the way that franchise has handled Russ the past few years has been...head scratching, to say the least. But it seems like people either expect the Seahawks to throw 50 times a game or 20 times a game, with no room for the Hawks to actually be balanced and throw a lot using PA off their run game. Word. Also, it'd give Hollywood another chance to burn him come October when we travel to Seattle. (personal note, I'll be at that game!)
  10. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    If I was drafted to a team that then asked me to learn 6 positions in one offseason as a rookie while not feeling like I was supported, I would feel the same way. Remember how we treated Kamalei Correa? This feels kind of similar, but with a much more talented player. I see Minkah going to Seattle, personally. Pete knows how to get the best out of talented players and put them in positions to succeed.
  11. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Gronk....dude....why you gotta do this?
  12. TNF: Bucs v Panthers

  13. Former Panthers WR Torrey Smith announces retirement

    I will never forget Torrey being drafted in 2011, as it was like the first time I really followed the Ravens draft. I was stoked when we got ourselves a true burner (up to that point we were basically running Derrick Mason / TJ Housh and Anquan Boldin). Then he torched the Rams that year and the following year had the game against the Patriots after his brother died, then won a Superbowl with us and ever since then he's been a Ravens favorite. From start to finish he was a class act on and off the field, and in his early years was probably the best DPI WR in the league for Baltimore
  14. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Everything I watched of him last year (during his rib injury or was that the year before?) was the same. His mechanics are trash, his throws (especially to the right) are woefully bad, and his ball has a weird downward trajectory to it.