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  1. NFL proposed 18 game season to NFLPA with 16 games per player limit

    This reminds me of the time when Uber introduced group ride sharing and accidentally re-discovered what public transit is. Introducing 18-game seasons but limiting players to 16 games is extending the pre-season by 2 games but not saying so.
  2. Aaron Rodgers is the easiest QB to sack

    I'm still convinced that every Sunday, the same person kidnaps Joe Flacco's family and tells him if throws A SINGLE pass away they'll be executed. I can't come up with any other reason why, after like 10 years in the NFL the dude won't throw the damn ball away.
  3. He's right trying to secure a long-term contract before he really hits a wall and likely never sees one again. However, the Chargers would also be right to say "lol gtfo then" given his injury history, among other things.
  4. Houston Texans will not have a GM in 2019

    A bold strategy, to be sure.
  5. @The Orca @TheKillerNacho Hey guys appreciate the invite and you're both right I would love to play. BUT I am on vacation right now and starting tomorrow I will be out of internet range at the lake for a week so I am afraid I cannot join this one.
  6. Bengals OL Jonah Williams likely done for the season

    Between the ChargIRs and the BengILs, tough to say who has worse injury luck recently. This is a bad list though:
  7. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    Around the stem is where I've noticed it. I'm going to Home Depot today to get a new valve. I think that's a better investment than spending an equal amount of money trying to tape or putty the valve itself. And yes shutting off the main water is what I'm most nervous about since I've never done that at my place yet lol
  8. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    It's the latter. I can't get an irrigation system because the cost of installing it would be astronomical compared to spending $20 on a sprinkler head and $25 on a hose. But I finally got something that can hit the whole yard nicely and not shoot over the fence into my neighbors' small yards as well. Now I just have to fix the leak in my water valve or replace it because right now when we leave the water on all night, the next morning we come out and the damn thing fills like 1/2 a gallon of water overnight.
  9. If I'm not on the list already go ahead and add me.
  10. OK, Aaron Rodgers will turn Matt LaFleur into next idiot

    Yeah I just wasn't sure what you were referring to. Seemed really out of place. But yes you're right, he should've audibled given hindsight.
  11. Former Lions QB Josh McCown Announces Retirement From NFL

  12. Congrats on retirement and what a career for a guy who was about as reliable as they come for backup QB's.
  13. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    Over the past few days I've discovered that the hardest part of owning a small yard (my grass area is roughly 400sq feet) is that it's almost impossible to find a single sprinkler that can cover that area without either shooting into my neighbor's yard, or being too small.
  14. OTA/Camp Observations 2019

    dude took cheat meal to mean cheat month, apparently. My goodness.