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  1. I'm going to use this example from here until the end of time of how quickly this thing can spread. Here you have billion dollar industry (NFL) with billion dollar teams all funding the highest levels of tracking + protocols + technology to prevent teams from contracting it, and all it takes is ONE idiot to just decide he's not going to take it seriously and he can derail everything and infect nearly an entire team. And people still think it's okay to gather right now. Just unbelievable to me, quite frankly.
  2. FWIW, I heard his name from Jeff Z and I don't think he would throw Saunders' name out there unless he was sure about it. That being said, we deserve everything coming our way with this, from fines to draft picks to forfeits. As @diamondbull424 said the other day, this feels like the Madden Curse taking it's toll on us this year.
  3. Just FF this game. We deserve the L given how stupid this staff is. Just unacceptable on every level and I hope Saunders is fired.
  4. If that's the case we deserve whatever punishment comes our way.
  5. at this point we should be trying to have positive tests tomorrow.
  6. McPhee gone. Luckily we have plenty of OLB depth. Maybe this means more Bowser (not likely, as the coaching staff will probably just activate Jihad Ward instead)
  7. You still got people back from COVID (notably, your QB), though...we're not even getting that opportunity.
  8. Okay...but you still got your players lol we're gonna be playing the Steelers on a short week with no practice AND backups.
  9. I used to play Counter Strike with him while I was banned here. That was like 3-4 years ago now though, no idea where's he at these days.
  10. how is getting your game moved back so your roster can actually play in said game not beneficial?
  11. Ravens: entire roster tests positive for COVID NFL:
  12. which is why the NFL is not going to reschedule it. That, and the NFL just doesn't give us any favors at all. After we won the Superbowl they wouldn't move our season opener even tho it conflicted with an Orioles game, so we had to paly it on the road against the 2013 Broncos and they put up like 8 TD's against us. NFL will do anything they can to screw the Ravens over.
  13. The Ravens currently have over 10 positive tests, and here's the NFL's statement about the game that's being played 2 days from now: If anyone ever thought they cared about player safety, you can officially rule that out now.
  14. Just gonna start putting these here:
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