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  1. If you're making the argument that this signing is just for publicity, then good I agree. If you're making the argument for literally any football-related reason, I don't know what to tell you. I said this exact same thing when the Mets signed him - you're taking away a roster spot from someone who could actually help the team on the field for a guy who is just going to be there to sell merchandise, and that doesn't sit well with me. Never has, and never will. And we can debate the merit of the 90th roster spot in camp all we want, but I know from being a Ravens fan and following the Seah
  2. That's 150 more receiving yards than Tim Tebow has ever had. Which brings us back to "why would you even waste a roster spot on this guy if it's not just for media garbage?"
  3. Luke Willson. Tyler Eifert. Trey Burton. Jesse James. I mean, literally any other actual TE who has NFL experience in the past 6 years?
  4. Everyone always asks "what could it hurt?" but the thing they're missing is that Tebow takes up a roster spot that could've been given to literally anyone else who has been training to play football for the past 8 years.
  5. Sweet. Now nobody will know that I disliked the CJ Mosley pick and the Marlon Humphrey pick when it happened
  6. I think the Seahawks did the absolute best they could with the limited amount of picks they had. The only team I absolutely disagreed with their philosophy was the Bengals in taking another WR instead of focusing on their offensive line. What's worse are the fans who are saying that's an A+ pick. It doesn't matter who your WR's are when you've got a 2nd or 3rd string QB throwing them passes. You'd have thought they'd have realized that after last year.
  7. I get that this isn't a hockey forum so I wouldn't expect people to really appreciate Gretzky's greatness here, but it's kind of amazing how underappreciated he is even on this forum. The guy still holds NHL records which will most likely never be broken, and most of the stats that he's #1 in are by such a freakin country mile it's amazing. Gretzky was such a cheat code they had to split up his goals and assists into two separate fantasy hockey players. Like I'm sorry but Jordan is comparable to Lebron and maybe a few others. Brady is the solidified GOAT in football but I don't even
  8. I'm not really worried. We've played much worst players there and been...okay.
  9. I would never claim he's a world beater. But we need pass blockers and our coaching staff can coach run blocking. I get the signing.
  10. Their grades hold zero weight when games happen and their grades come out less than an hour later. I don't buy that they're doing a ton of analysis on each play/player tbh. They're not watching every player on every play and grading them DURING the game, otherwise there is no humanly possible way to have a full article + grades released an hour after the real game finishes. Nobody else does overall grades because it's impossible to know the context and assignments, but there are a lot of other metrics for grading players that are commonly used, and PFF has some great stats, but their grad
  11. Yeah but their grades are notoriously awful.
  12. Listening to some sound bites from Villanueva's intro presser, man I could listen to this guy speak for days. His story alone from college > military > UDFA > Pittsburgh > Baltimore is remarkable by itself, but he also seems to be super intelligent about studying the game and being an OL. I also didn't know that in college he was a WR for a year lol
  13. Honestly, looking back it's quite amazing how Tyre Phillips was a 3rd round pick with how...raw...he looked.
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