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  1. to award the best QB on a playoff team, pretty much
  2. You can literally hear the Ray Lewis in him, it's crazy
  3. "internet rumors" bro...hold yourself to a standard.
  4. Actually? I think Pollard provides significantly more "juice" than Zeke does at this point. As far as being a better RB? I don't know. Oh I think he's by far the best RB in the NFL, I don't think that's up to debate. I just don't think he's an MVP candidate whatsoever.
  5. I am curious about this - what are his per-carry or per-rush stats/rankings? Because I think we all agree just using bulk stats is completely misleading. Him being 13th in YPC might just be an inconvenient truth, OR especially if there's no carry minimum it also might be misleading.
  6. Because a WR can be schemed open. You can't scheme your OL to make holes for the RB (well, you can, but they still have to beat their guy, and that's not the same for a WR). We all know RB production is largely dependent on the OL, much like WR production is largely dependent on the QB. It's why the RB position is de-valued (that, and the fact that most RB's can be easily replaced). It's entirely fair to say that 95% of the time the Titans' OL is bad, but 5% of the time they open a massive hole and Henry hits a home run, which I think follows the eye test. Henry doesn't do much most of
  7. It's both, and my posts reflect that. The OL gives him a huge hole, he finds it and has the speed to turn those runs into home runs.
  8. This was touched on previously, but two things: He has like 72 more carries than the next highest RB I'm pretty sure his 76-yard touchdown the other night included like 74 yards-after-contact, which is partially why I don't actually like that stat, because he ran into his own guy and wasn't even touched by a defender.
  9. And you got "he's just trash" from my post? He's not trash. His production is reliant a lot on the OL.
  10. Yeah to me it looks like it's kind of an all-or-nothing type of thing. Run blocking either opens the Panama Canal, or nothing.
  11. If you can think of any other 3-year samples for RB's, I can pull it and compare. I'm not knowledgeable enough to know this stuff off the top of my head but here's 2019-2021 compared to other great 3-year stretches: Passing Rushing Receiving Rk Player From To Cmp Att Yds TD Int Sk Yds Att Yds TD Rec Yds TD 1 Derrick Henry 2019
  12. The Ravens have struggled in the playoffs simply because in 2019 Lamar struggled and in 2020 he got hurt. And for better or worse, the entire ravens offense has not shown up in the playoffs. Whether it's the OL, Greg Roman, Lamar (in 2019) or even Mark Andrews. They've all failed. Okay so year 3 through year 6: Passing Rushing Receiving Rk Player From To Cmp Att Yds TD Int Sk Yds Att Yds TD
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