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  1. And from what I've read today, punctured lungs are a common risk of this type of injection, so it's not like this was a .00001% chance of happening.
  2. Still makes me cringe when people post his tweets here as if they actually mean anything.
  3. I imagine the Chargers are actually going to be really upset about this and try to prove it made their team worse, but accidentally prove it made their team better.
  4. I don't think it has anything to do with Vegas, personally.
  5. So Freeman goes from 0 fantasy value to, like, what, 0.1 fantasy value?
  6. Sam Darnold still has a shot if he can get away from Adam Gase ASAP
  7. Excuse me while I kickstart the "LJ Fort 4 All-Pro" hype train.
  8. And they weren't exactly impressive against Driskel, either.
  9. I mean, I just think about how the Niners treated Kaepernick after Harbaugh left. They made him into a pocket passer. Even the Chargers right now with Tyrod, I'm not seeing anything that makes me think they're maximizing his athletic ability, they're doing basic drop back passing with him.
  10. People really REALLY want the Steelers to be good again.
  11. To be fair, a lot of teams would've ruined Lamar. I don't think many teams would've done what Harbaugh did and completely re-think their entire offensive philosophy to build a perfect system for Lamar Jackson. A lot would've just put him into their system and hoped for the best. Or converted him to WR/RB.
  12. I'm just here to heap more praise on Darren Waller, and say how cool it is that he turned his life completely around since he had major substance abuse issues in Baltimore and he's reaping the benefits of that.
  13. thread needs more rikishi and hardy brothers
  14. Greg Roman would be a terrible Head Coach, and no I'm not saying this because I want to keep him as Ravens OC forever and ever.
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