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  1. I don't ever look at failing the conditioning test as much of anything, especially for rookies who have never done it before, and especially rookie OL. They'll pass it in a couple of days and have a great story in the future.
  2. I mean.......sure........? But Brown: Was fine(?) in his initial route forcing Warner to turn his hips to respect the speed, but then... Stopped nearly all of his momentum on his cut Drifted up the field making it extremely easy even for a LB to do a 180 and make up the ground to break up the pass A fine play by Warner, but just an atrocious play from Brown IMHO.
  3. Alright fair enough but can we just talk about how awful of a post(?) route that was? If it's a dig route, it's terrible because he's drifting up field. If it's a post route, it's terrible because he damn near stopped to make to his 45 degree angle cut lol I'm not surprised Warner stayed with him - at no point did Brown do anything to garner separation.
  4. These scenarios are always why winning your division is the highest priority for teams. Most of the time, the teams who miss out lost games they shouldn't have lost, and it cost them a playoff spot.
  5. Houston's been linked to us all offseason but it doesn't appear like that's even a thing at this point, but who knows...
  6. Actually no, but also yes! Suggs and Jimmy Smith for sure. I thought there were more examples, especially recently, of NFL players coming back more quickly from Achilles injuries too.
  7. Bad news: Achilles tears are nasty, and this sucks for a young, promising RB who was set to really break out this year. Good news: He has all season + offseason to rehab and get his Achilles back right without rushing. Several players, including Adrian Peterson(?) and Jimmy Smith have shown you can come back from an Achilles injury and still be a very good player Darrell Henderson is a very capable RB to replace Akers, and I'm sure the Rams can find more RB's to come in and produce as well
  8. Ravens have no established veteran pass rushers except for Pernell McPhee, who is established but at this point just a run defender. They are banking on unknown production. This move, however, for Pittsburgh, should benefit everyone involved.
  9. This really helps Pittsburgh and also really hurts Baltimore, who is DESPERATELY bad at OLB right now.
  10. We must protect Kam Chancellor and Jeremy Lane at all costs!
  11. This really seems like Sherman needs help. I followed his career closely when he was in Seattle and this seems all sorts of out of character for a guy like him. I really hope he gets the help he needs and I really hope this was was a "rock bottom" one-time thing. But, there's never an excuse to drive drunk, especially when you're set for life money wise like he is.
  12. Really wish comments like these were just auto-removed by mods along with warnings/bangs. This is pathetic.
  13. Okay so seems like he got drunk, drove, crashed, then tried to get into his ex-wife's parent's house.
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