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  1. Deadpool 2

    It did exactly this, and several times in the film Deadpool acknowledges that, which was great IMO.
  2. Fortnite

    Wait....there are fortnite clans?
  3. PC Gaming Rebooted

    Rainbow Six had 115,000 viewers yesterday for the playoff finals. Pretty legit considering how when this game launched it was basically completely unknown despite being developed by Ubisoft with the Tom Clancy title.
  4. Top 5 specialists: K, P, KR, PR

    I'll do kickers and punters, I guess... Kickers 1. Justin Tucker 2. Greg Zuerlein 3. Dan Bailey 4. Chris Boswell 5. Stephen Ghostowski Punters 1a. Sam Koch 1b. Johnny Hekker 3. Brett Kern 4. Marquette King 5. Chris Jones
  5. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Because 1) The DE shoots down into Hurst, all Stanley has to do is just...help him go there? 2) The two other guys he "blocks" we already out of the play.
  6. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Am I the only one who fails to see what's impressive about that Stanley block? The DE shoots down, and Stanley just helps push him there and then pushes another guy once the run breaks outside...
  7. WR Vincent Jackson officially retires

    TIL he was still in the league.
  8. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    the next best thing is working from your office across the street. I wake up at 6:30 and am at work by 6:45 and home by 3pm every day with no commute. It's great.
  9. Wrestlemafia, the sign up and game thread

    Good game everyone, this was fun. wow whoa bark grr ruff
  10. Deadpool 2

    I was more surprised by the fact that there was nothing at the very end tbh
  11. Deadpool 2

    This movie was a lot of fun. Just like the first one, I loved the humor, I loved the action, and I loved the story. The ending credits was SO perfect. The only part I didn't like, surprisingly, was all the parts with his fiance. I thought the movie really fell flat there, but then bounced back again at every other part.
  12. Wrestlemafia, the sign up and game thread

    Sounds like you need some privacy walls tbh