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  1. Earl Thomas compared to HOF Safeties

    IIRC, most of the coverage on Gronk in the Superbowl was delegated to Kam Chancellor and KJ Wright. I don't recall any situations where 5'10 Earl Thomas was asked to shadow Gronk.
  2. Wilson is accounting for over 80% of Seattle's total offensive yardage, and they don't have a RB with 250 yards ON THE YEAR. Drew Brees is having one of his best seasons yet thanks to an emergence from his running game and solid defense. It's Russell Wilson.
  3. Earl Thomas compared to HOF Safeties

    He's literally never been asked to do this, though.
  4. HoF Semifinalists Announced

    Ray Lewis will obviously make it on the first ballot, right?
  5. Raiders Fire Ken Norton Jr.

    I wonder where he'll end up. Surely he's going to get some sort of job considering his success in Seattle with the Linebackers there.
  6. Star Wars Battlefront II

    It's almost impossible to find any gameplay tips or anything on Reddit for this game. 99% of the content is about the usual stuff, or whatever. But yeah Droids are so thin and have almost no hitbox. It's stupid. Another thing is that if you're in Heroes vs. Villains and you have your back turned to a lightsaber person and they start hitting you, you can't retaliate. You just stumble forward repeatedly as they hit you in the back until you die. You can't cast spells, you can't roll, you can't jump, you're helpless. I've also found a bug where if you get "wombo combo'd" by spells, you become glitched out and cannot move until someone hits you with another spell. The last thing I've noticed routinely is that the Heavies have a certain ability where they can have a shield attached to their gun which protects them from incoming shots. Well, that shield doesn't cover their legs but I've often found that the hit detection for this game when a heavy has that shield deployed goes to crap. You'll shoot their legs and nothing happens, you'll shoot them in the side and it registers you hitting the shield, etc. And all of this is just gameplay specifically. I haven't touched on the ridiculously long loading times, the error message you get every single time you quit a game, and other bugs that aren't related to gameplay.
  7. Star Wars Battlefront II

    Which is to be expected. From what I've seen it almost always revolves around the loot system and progression system. Gameplay wise the main knock I have on the game is that droids have zero hitbox and they are ridiculously hard to see.
  8. Star Wars Battlefront II

    Really? I've routinely seen heroes and villains be used in Galactic Assault.
  9. MVP leaders at this point.

    Time will obviously tell, and the Seahawks could very well turn it around, so to speak, but I would argue that what Wilson is doing this year is also historic. Unfortunately so far the W/L record hasn't accurately reflected it.
  10. MVP leaders at this point.

    Were Peterson's Vikings one of the best teams in the league when he was their entire offense? I mean I'm actually asking because I've genuinely forgotten how they were regarded.
  11. MVP leaders at this point.

    No other player has accounted for 80%+ of an offense in the last decade, IIRC from last night's broadcast. And Peterson did win MVP.
  12. Star Wars Battlefront II

    I wonder if the player size will expand as they add more heroes/villains. Right now it kind of makes sense because it makes you selectively pick the heroes you want. If it was like 5v5 or 6v6, there'd be no real strategy to it.
  13. MVP leaders at this point.

    Hence why I said "in the true sense of the word". In the general way that the NFL defines MVP (best player on a playoff team, unless that player is Peyton Manning), then yeah Russell Wilson isn't even a candidate, unfortunately.
  14. Earl Thomas compared to HOF Safeties

    Certainly all of them were different, and I think that's easy to see. Reed was relegated to more of Thomas' current role after his nerve impingement injury, but before that he was much more like Polamalu and Dawkins. And while you can notice when Thomas wasn't there, mainly because Steven Terrell was actually horrible in those few games, you also didn't notice when he wasn't there this season when Bradley McDougald filled in. However, it took one game for Richard Sherman's absence to already dwarf Thomas', and that's even with Sherman being replaced by 2 LOB members in Lane and Maxwell.
  15. Hi all, I want to preface this by saying I am of the belief that Earl Thomas is the most overrated player in the NFL today. Living in the PNW, and by extension being around a lot of Seahawks fans/writers/analysts, I hear a lot about how Earl Thomas is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and how he's a for sure lock HOF player and maybe the greatest safety ever, or at least in the modern NFL. I want to see what FF thinks about this, and specifically I'm interested to see how FF compares Earl Thomas to recent greats like Brian Dawkins, Troy Polamalu, and Ed Reed. Frankly, I don't think Earl Thomas is on the same level as any of those guys. He doesn't impact the game the same way those guys did, and even when Ed Reed was relegated to being just a centerfield FS who couldn't tackle he put up ridiculous INT numbers and made a living of baiting QB's and scoring touchdowns off of it. Earl Thomas just doesn't have that effect, IMO. So, what do you guys think?