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  1. Baltimore Ravens 2017-18 Roster Tracker

    Not saying much, but last week we didn't miss a beat when he left the game.
  2. GDT 2017: Week 3 - Ravens @ Jags IN LONDON

    This game is going to be TNF-quality. Neither team will be prepared, and it's going to be sloppy AF. But, as per usual, our defense will force some turnovers and the offense will do just enough to get us a lead and force the Jags to throw the ball too much.
  3. The NFL has an Offensive Line Problem

    Maybe I just put too much stock into the specific examples he was giving, but I don't generally see problems with IQ stuff, or combo blocks. I just see guys who can't block to save their life. But yeah, technique things certainly do play into it. OL are just not good, and yeah I think there is a great argument it stems from lack of padded contact to even bad coaching. But watching these clips makes me really appreciate what Russell Wilson does, and the fact he's still healthy: And this is one guy from a sample size of like 5 straight plays in one game, and these plays aren't outliers.
  4. The NFL has an Offensive Line Problem

    I'm in no place to even pretend to know anything near Belicheck, but the majority of the problem I've seen isn't combination blocks, or recognition of blitzes, or things like that - it's just that OL just suck. They can't block the guy in front of them. They instantly get beat off of the ball, they don't move their feet, they don't block with their hands, they lean too far forward, etc.. Like when I watched the DET/NYG game, Erick Flowers and Greg Robinson weren't having trouble seeing blitzes coming in, they just literally couldn't block Ziggy Ansah and Olivier Vernon. There was on pass attempt where Flowers literally let Vernon go around him, then clubbed him in the back of the head to push him into the next blocker (the HB). What the heck kind of technique is that?! Those are all things that can be corrected without pads, right? IMO there's simply a massive shortage of talent there. But you also have to consider that OL are already rare breeds of people. Finding 6'4+ guys who weigh close to 300 lbs is already a challenge. Then picking from that pool guys who are athletic enough, smart enough, and talented enough to play in the NFL? That's your problem (again, in my opinion). The current crop of those players just don't have the talent, overall, which is just sad and it's making the entire product look crappy.
  5. The NFL has an Offensive Line Problem

    <watches one drive of Seattle Seahawks football> Yes I agree.
  6. What Happened to the Bengals?

    Has anyone mentioned the loss of Hue Jackson yet?
  7. Ravens Rundown: Week 2 2017

    Good: Turnovers OL play (as a whole) Offensive scheme and the PA passing game Bad: Defense allowing lots of big plays WR's not named Maclin Injuries
  8. GDT 2017: Week 2 - Browns @ Ravens

    Fumbling issues can be fixed, though. Adrian Peterson and Tiki Barber are two notable examples of that. But, you are right. Collins is certainly not on the level of those two, and when it comes to journeyman NFL backs who have fumbling issues, they generally don't last long.
  9. Raven OG Marshall Yanda done for the season

    I just want to know when we became the San Diego Chargers of NFL Injuries....
  10. Yanda Out for Season

    Simply a devastating injury to a team that couldn't afford to lose him. I hope he gets healthy and comes back stronger next year. Could be a blessing in disguise for him personally because it felt like for the past 2 years he's been fighting through some injuries. This gives him ample time to heal up completely.
  11. GDT 2017: Week 2 - Browns @ Ravens

    Here are my thoughts on yesterday and moving forward: * The defense created turnovers, which was awesome, but for the most part they were not good, and I'm super happy that guys like Weddle and Webb acknowledged this in the postgame presser. We blew SO many coverages it was infuriating. However, unlike previous years, the defense capitalized on mistakes, which was extremely satisfying to see. * It brought me joy to bounds I have not known since 2012 to see the play where Judon annihilates Kizer and Bowser gets the INT. That play was awesome. * Marlon Humphrey looks great, and if our CB's can stay at least this healthy (Smith, Carr, Webb, Humphrey), we have a legit secondary once they patch the coverage mistakes. * Despite the score, and despite our defense getting another 5 turnovers, the game was closer than it seemed. Our defense isn't going to get 5 turnovers a game the rest of the season, and these are games we should be blowing people out in if we're getting 5 turnovers. I am skeptical about how we're going to perform when the defense has a day where they generate maybe 1 or no turnovers at all. * Breshad Perriman sucks. That is all. * Alex Collins looked like our best RB yesterday, and it was a noticeable difference when he was in the game. He looked explosive, powerful, and decisive. Fumbling issues can be fixed, but I really do hope we continue to use all 3 backs to keep them fresh. * Bergstrom looked okay after the first play. Ryan Jensen continues to be the weakest link in our offensive line and tbh it's not even close. There was one Alex Collins run where Jensen got blown 5 yards into the backfield before Collins even got the handoff, and he still managed to get back to the LoS. * Joe looked much more comfortable getting out of the pocket and our offense looked much better doing those bootleg passes. Reminded me of 2014 again, and just like back then, it was our most effective way of moving the ball. I hope they continue to do that moving forward. * I have literally no idea what Joe was throwing to on that INT. You can't pin that on Wallace. He overthrew him by 20 yards into double safety coverage. That was awful.
  12. GDT 2017: Week 2 - Browns @ Ravens

    If the Ravens throw 35 times this game after throwing 17 times the last game, that will be a major disappointment.
  13. GDT 2017: Week 2 - Browns @ Ravens

    Glad I'm not the only one who forgot that he existed on this team lol initially I was thinking Lee Evans, but that was MUCH longer ago than our most recent MNF game against the Brownies.
  14. GDT 2017: Week 2 - Browns @ Ravens

    Am I going crazy? Who is #13?
  15. Baltimore Ravens 2017-18 Roster Tracker

    Same thing, he was the worst back on a team that was particularly loaded with RB's (Rawls, Lacy, Prosise, Chris Carson, and Mike Davis). I would be 100% on board with getting Tevin Coleman, FWIW.