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  1. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    Why does Denver need to wait until 2021? Denver is fully capable of signing players this year that impact 2021, 2022, and 2023. It all depends on the player being signed and the price of their contract. The notion that Denver is “ 1 year away” doesn’t and shouldn’t prevent them for signing a player that is a key piece over the next 2-3 years....
  2. Random Thoughts

    The 49ers have the most talented roster, top to bottom, both sides of the ball, in the NFL and by quite a large margin (John Lynch has done a tremendous job, but the 49ers have also went 100% all in this year for this opportunity which when you get the shot you take it, but SF looks VERY different next season and doesn’t have a top 10 pick which they’re accustomed too) I honestly think it’s as physically talented and as a complete a team that I recall ever seeing. That’s a SB caliber roster with anyone coaching them...factor in Kyle Shanahan and Robert Saleh as the primary coaches on each side of the ball and it makes San Francisco almost unbeatable, IMO. What makes this so interesting is the 49ers weak link defensively are their DBs and they’re facing the best QB in football with the most explosive WRs in football. At the end of the day though, I don’t think this is close. It won’t be a blow out, but SF wins by 10+. While the weak link of the 49ers is their secondary, the KC OL is also pathetic and SF is throwing 5 1st round picks at them in the front 4 (again the 49ers have absolutely crazy talent across the board) Mahomes has a habit (like Rodgers) of holding onto the ball too long and it won’t work vs the 49ers pash rush. I think the only chance KC has is if the force/they choke Garappolo (or however you spell it) and the rest of the offense into mistakes....it can happen, from a talent stand point Denver should’ve never topped Carolina in 2015......playing in the SB is different than any other game and the pressure/atmosphere can elevate or destroy a players confidence.
  3. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    Guess I am confused on this response. You say I am wrong, go on to talk about “really running the ball” yet Shurmur last time he was an OC ran the ball the 2nd most times in the league and had 2,000 rushing yards on offense. This years Shanahan led 49ers have no doubt been better than that, but they also have a better OL, QB, and overall team....but the difference isn’t that astronomical....6 carries a game and 400 total yards (across the season) is the difference of Kyle Shanahan’s current 49ers and the Par Shurmur led Vikings from 2017 (the last time he was OC). Pat Shurmur has shown a willingness to run the football and be as successful at it.
  4. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    Idk why, but I feel like this is more a post that Denver won’t run the ball and less to do with how often Denver is in the shotgun, but maybe I’m wrong. Anyway, the last time Shurmer was an OC, Case Keenum was his starting QB, Latavius Murray/Jerrick McKinnon were splitting carries at RB and they made the NFC Championship game and Keenum, Murray, McKinnon ended up getting set for life that offseason having the best year of their career and probably never will replicate their success during that season.....The Vikings ran the ball the 2nd most in the NFL that season.
  5. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    Yeah, but it still doesn’t take everything into context. The Chiefs have a crappy OL, both in pass blocking and run blocking. They also don’t have anything at RB....the Chiefs live and die off Mahomes arm because they have too and their best weapons are receivers. The 49ers have the best overall talent/team in the NFL top to bottom. Their OL has 4 top 50 selections. Their DL has 4 1st round picks....they ALWAYS win the LOS. They have the best blocking TE in arguably the history of the football....they have the best FB in arguably the history of football. The difference is more about talent acquisition than it is coaching. SF went all in this year too, with money paid and players/coaches leaving, we will see how special the coaching is there in the next few years. Good for John Lynch too, he’s the most valuable FO/coach asset this team has. How he put this roster together and assembled that staff is unbelievable.
  6. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    You hate it while the Chiefs for the most part shut down the best running game in football with one of the worst run defenses? There are variations and factors that play into all of this. The biggest being with the Titans....Ryan Tannehill at QB, there were literally times KC had 10 men in the box stopping the run. Further, the Shanahan WCO has taken on more of the shotgun/gadget play style than anything that resembles the Titans. The Titans ran an old school smash mouth system out of necessity.
  7. Grizmo's Mock Offseason V1

    I wouldn’t have an issue with this. I don’t think Biadasz is a 1st round talent, so I think it’s a reach, but he’ll be a solid pro for a long time.
  8. Random Thoughts

    Jackson deserves the MVP and I have absolutely no issue with him receiving it, but IMO and this won’t happen because he’s an RB, but the MVP should go to Derrick Henry. He’s completely carried Tennessee all year and now through the playoffs where he’s torched the #1 defense in football, and then the Ravens who were SB favorites. He’s carried a team to heights from the RB position that I don’t recall ever seeing. They have a shot at the SB and that’s almost solely because of Derrick Henry, I don’t know that Tennessee wins 5 games without him.
  9. Random Thoughts

    An injury can happen to anyone, but the more you run the ball at QB the higher the likelihood regardless of previous injury history. The fact of the matter is, Jackson isn’t a good passer. All the running and stuff means nothing until he can be a legitimate threat from the pocket. All the in season stuff is fine and dandy, but the playoffs are a completely different animal. The sense of urgency is up, you don’t have players coasting, coaches/players are giving 100% full effort and pulling out all the stops. In that scenario you saw John Harbaugh (who will probably be a HOF coach) and Lamar Jackson (young player, who can/will improve) completely unravel. Jackson, even in garbage time, was absolutely clueless in the pocket. They aren’t a team built to play from behind because Jackson can’t throw the football with any type of consistency or timing within the offense. When they have a lead, sure, but when forced to throw the football they’re in major trouble and the biggest part of that is (as of right now at least) they don’t have a QB with the passing ability to play from behind.
  10. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    This is what’s being forgotten. There will be some differences, but it’s not a complete overhaul. Further, who is going to complain about bringing in a Holmgren/Reid offensive philosophy? I get Broncos fans have a strong connection to the Shanahan’s because of the SB wins, but Holmgren/Reid have just as long a history of successful offensive schemes.
  11. Jimmy Johnson vs. Mike Shanahan

    I don’t necessarily disagree. I think George Seifert can be thrown in that mix with Shanahan, Cowher, and Johnson. I think the coach that got the shaft was Mike Holmgren. Holmgren is 6th all time in playoff wins behind only Belichick, Landry, Shula, Gibbs, and Noll. He went to the SB 3x, winning 1x. Took 2 different franchises to the SB. Had a winning record with 2 different franchises and a .588 win percentage for his career. Also had a coaching tree that includes Jon Gruden, Andy Reid, and Steve Mariucci. You could also argue he’s the best QB coach in league history, who had a hand in the development of Montana, Young, Favre, and Hasselbeck. If any coach was getting in, it should’ve been Holmgren and the fact that he didn’t is the choice that is embarrassing.
  12. Jimmy Johnson vs. Mike Shanahan

    I stated KEY pieces, and having 3 HOFers on offense at key positions for that scheme is massive. Nalen and Aldridge were also on the roster in ‘94. Mike Shanahan was the perfect hire at the perfect time. Denver doesn’t win ‘97 or ‘98 without him. When those key pieces left, most importantly Elway, Shanahan won 1 playoff game in 14 years. There is no way of spinning it to make it look better. That’s a blemish on his resume.
  13. Jimmy Johnson vs. Mike Shanahan

    Mike Shanahan gets WAAAYYYY too much credit from Bronco fans. I get it, he was a key cog in getting the franchise a SB win, but he had a terrific 2 year run on a team that he inherited most of the key pieces. In 14 years after Elway retired Mike Shanahan had 1 playoff win......that’s bad.
  14. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    Yeah. I like Dorsett. I doubt it happens, but I’d have no issue giving Robby Anderson 3-4 years at $11-12M/year. Top 10 deep threat in the league, walks in day 1 as the teams #2 WR and adds a whole other dimension to the team vertically. I also don’t think it prevents Denver going WR in rounds 1 or 2 if WR is BPA, but it gives them the flexibility not too depending on who is on the board.
  15. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    I get the WR stuff and the depth in the draft, but I think Denver has to add an at least solid upside #2 type in FA if they want to take a quick leap and not have WR dictate what they have to do on draft day. Again, I get it’s a deep class, but if Denver doesn’t add 1 solid FA (and by solid a guy they project to be at worst their #3 WR) then they’re leaving themselves at the mercy of the draft and making WR so much of a need they have to select 1 and potentially reach for one in the top 2 rounds. Further, we were spoiled this year in rookie WR production. Typically it takes 2-3 years for players to show their potential/hit their stride.