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  1. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    Well maybe not the way the cowboys could in terms of letting a young player walk, but plenty of teams have had revolving doors at QB (the current Denver Broncos) and none of them have sustained success.
  2. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    Oh no, I know you don’t subscribe too it and I get the point. But if you’re Jason Garrett, who is and has been firmly in the hot seat there’s absolutely no way you’re on board moving on from Dak. It may be the best long term play to let him walk, but unless Garrett gets a damn firm promise that he gets another 2-3 years there is absolutely no way you get on board with that move.
  3. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    I get all the points, but it’s almost impossible to let go of a 25 year old average to above QB. That’s how you get yourself fired. Finding a QB is probably the most difficult thing to do in all of sports. When you get a young one that can show flashes of being more than just a game manager it’s almost impossible to let that go. In the instance of the cowboys, Dak doesn’t deserve the money. But if you’re a GM or HC letting him walk is pretty much the nail in the coffin....who is Dallas going to find that’s better than Dak? And even if they do it’s not guaranteed to be successful year 1. New QB, likely at least tweaks to the current offensive system + the QB needing to get on the same page with the rest of the offense. It all sounds great in theory, but no team that I can remember has ever sustained success with a revolving door every 4-5 years at the most important position in all of sports.
  4. Let the Offseason Begin

    It’ll be interesting to see the value put in the ILB position now. Fangio has had an elite player or 2 at the position during his last 2 stops.
  5. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    Munchak is a huge hire, complete homerun there.
  6. Grade the Fangio Hire

    Top 4 offensive scoring teams in the semifinals. Fangio knows how the league works, it’s why he gave Kubiak the boot.
  7. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    If everything hits I am going to be pleasantly surprised. Adding the best defensive mind on the market, arguably the best OL coach in the game, and a younger offensive mind....I’ll take it and be optimistic heading into next season and I couldn’t have said the same a week ago.
  8. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    I need to watch some more of Drew Lock, though. I saw him vs Alabama and wasn’t impressed, but I’ve read some people really like him. I think a lot of us are off on Lock because of what happened with Lynch, excellent physical tools that didn’t work out.
  9. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    I have Haskins above him as well. I have my concerns with Haskins, but his upside is higher than Jones. Haskins gets the ball out so damn quick. His athleticism worries me, but how quickly he can get the ball out will help cover that up.
  10. Random Thoughts

    Man the refs in this league suck. They’ve missed a false start and 2 blatant holds against the Rams.
  11. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    Jones is my favorite QB in this draft, but I get the reservations. Personally, the only real knock I see is his arm strength and ball velocity, but even then I think he’s capable of making all the throws. I think between the ears pre/post snap as well as his ability to stand in the pocket and deliver accurate footballs under pressure are elite traits for him. He’s also a well above average athlete (talk he could run sub 4.65 in the 40). I also love the fact that nothing was easy for him. He didn’t have the luxury of a good OL or weapons around him. He has a toughness about him that is a must in the NFL. The arm strength may be enough to keep him from being a truly elite QB, but I’d roll the dice on him as early as 1.10. Honestly, he’s a better prospect than Tua, IMO and maybe Fromm.
  12. DEN hires CHI DC Vic Fangio as HC

    Yeah I think the talk is Munchak will come as the OL coach and Denver is trying to target a younger offensive mind as OC.
  13. Grade the Fangio Hire

    Oh I don’t disagree. I just think that after meeting with Kubiak, Fangio came back and said there is no way in hell and helped force Elway’s hand. Elway knew going in full well what Kubiak would bring offensively. The guys are friends and have worked together for a decade +. What Kubiak would bring to the table offensively was in no way a surprise to Elway. What, IMO, was a surprise was likely Fangio coming in and not being on board. Fangio is regarded as a straight shooter. Even in his presser he made comments about offensive balance and not just balance between run/pass, but more so balance between the passing game and how he knows what’s difficult to defend. Kubiak came in wanting to bring in retreads and an outdated system. Fangio wouldn’t have it and went to Elway stating so, leaving Elway with 2 options override Fangio and install Kubiak as OC or side with his brand new HC and recognize his wishes.
  14. Grade the Fangio Hire

    I still think Fangio played a part in this. Reportedly he met with Kubiak for an extended period yesterday and then with Elway after. I know Elway is making the calls, but I don’t doubt Fangio helped sway him on Kubiak.
  15. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    Obviously there are better times to take a QB than others. The Cardinals situation being an example of where they may have selected a QB before they were ready. However, the scenario of having basically a great team rarely happens as well. It’s not easy to build a team and be a QB away from being contenders. Further, mid round pick QBs rarely hit. At some point you have to bite the bullett and role the dice on a QB. Honestly, Denver’s in as good a spot as any right now. The defense is still playing quite well and just added probably the best defensive mind on the market to the team in Fangio. The OL has improved (so did the running game) and they could use FA dollars or a draft pick (this is a very deep OL draft with quality guys likely available in the 3rd round) to make that unit even better. There is also talk Mike Munchak May end up as the OL coach and he’s arguably the best in the game at that job. Further, they can give the QB some time as they’ll have Keenum on the books for next year. Denver is in a terrific spot to take a QB in this draft. Looking at it from that perspective and knowing Kubiak’s tendency to go with average QBs, it wouldn’t surprise me if that was a sticky point between Elway and Kubiak. Denver seems to have set themselves up perfectly to target a round 1 QB in this draft.