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  1. 2020 College Prospects

    Cushenberry is solid too. Overall though this IOL class isn’t great. Probably has guys being over drafted by teams based on need. Risner was a far better prospect than all of these guys, with a far better track record, capable of playing 3 positions in the NFL and he went 2nd round last year. If Denver wants to roll with Bolles/James at OT, I think the best route is addressing the interior in FA than taking one of these IOLs round 1.
  2. 2020 College Prospects

    As far as Biadasz. He doesn’t thrill me. Sloppy looking and un athletic. As far as interior OL goes give me Creed Humphrey over Biadasz all day. Netane Muti out of Fresno St. is probably the best IOL in this draft, but is in a Trey Adams situation with his injuries (though not as serious) knocking him down the board.
  3. 2020 College Prospects

    Yeah I think Duvernay is going to kill it in the slot at the next level and has the speed to lineup on the outside and be a nightmare downfield. This WR class is just absolutely loaded, which is why I think Denver needs to hold off on a WR round 1. Sutton is a legitimate #1 and Denver can hit on multiple #2 type wideouts in rounds 2 and 3.
  4. 2020 College Prospects

    Agree with the double dipping at WR and love Duvernay. Another interesting guy to me is Gandy-Golden. Physically almost identical to Sutton, but man does he have exceptional hands and the ability to come down with tough/contested catches. A lot will come down to how he runs, doesn’t create a ton of separation against lesser competition so it’ll be interesting to see how he runs.
  5. Random Thoughts

    What Lamar Jackson has done this year has been insane. I don’t think the quadriceps injury is serious enough to keep him from playing this week, but that offense, what they ask him to do, and the amount of running he does is not sustainable long term in the NFL. He (and the ravens should want this as well) needs to put literally all his focus on staying in the pocket, honing in his passing, and running only when necessary or this will be a flash in the pan over the next 3 seasons.
  6. 2020 College Prospects

    Yeah I don’t think Denver would have a shot at Lamb. He’s phenomenal. What I like most about him is he’s tough as hell on top of it and arguably the best blocking WR in the draft. He does it all and brings it every snap. Ruggs is a dog as well. Jeudy’s soft. Ridiculous talent as well, but there’s almost 0 physicality to his game. His change of direction and instincts are insane with the ball in his hands, he’s going to be good, but the lack of physicality worries me a bit.
  7. 2020 College Prospects

    As of now where Denver is picking WR will be in play as there might be a couple of them available that would arguably be BPA. Lamb and Ruggs are two of my favorite prospects in this draft as well. Still think going a different direction round 1 is a better option with how deep this WR class is.
  8. Again I get it. He was nothing more than a solid player up until this year. Coaching and scheme may have been what put him over the top. Don’t necessarily blame that on Elway and Co. But he could’ve been locked up far cheaper if presented a contract prior to this year.
  9. What sucks with Denver is Shelby Harris and Simmons should’ve been locked up before they hit the market. That’s tough to do with a revolving door at HC, however....both could’ve been had on cheap deals prior to this offseason. Shelby Harris isn’t going to break the bank and if Denver wants him they can get him on a reasonable deal. Simmons, however, Denver could get out priced on. I will say, I trust Fangio to get the guys in the building he wants on the defensive side of the ball and for them to be successful.
  10. 2020 College Prospects

    Haha, I’ve told a friend of mine this for years. LSU has been as talented as Alabama since Saban took over, they literally just never have a QB or a functional offense (until now).
  11. The thing with Bolles is he should be really good. He has the length and the athleticism...only knock is he’s undersized. But he really doesn’t lose because of that. He loses because of poor technique and bone headed decisions. This has happened for 3 years now. Early in the year (seems like he may have grown from this) but he was called for 2 holding penalties on plays that were designed to go outside the RT. The player he was blocking has no chance at making the play. Just inexcusable penalties if you understand football.
  12. This is interesting though...according to PFF (and I don’t hold any of these evaluations as better than another) even with Bolles penalties (and PFF accounts for that) they have Bolles as Denver’s highest graded OL. It’s Bolles (68) Risner (66), McGovern (66), Wilkinson (62), Leary (58).
  13. Didn’t pay attention. Will say though, at least according to PFF, even with Bolles laughable play for half a season, he still has a solid 68 grade. For comparison, Wilkinson has a 62. This team still needs another OT. I don’t think Bolles has done enough to be counted on.