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  1. Broncos @ Chargers GDT

    Keenan Allen post game is hilarious as well.
  2. Broncos @ Chargers GDT

    Also, just from this game and against the stance of others. Denver isn’t that far off. Just like the last 2 years, they’re a QB away from competing as a top team in the AFC. Getting a QB isn’t easy though, but roster wise these team isn’t as depleted as it’s made out to be. Even with the crappy QB play. Denver could EASILY have 2-3 more wins.
  3. Broncos @ Chargers GDT

    Wasn’t able to watch the game, for the first time in years. Kept up with it from some friends. Heard Keenum was his typical self, the OL played solid, Lindsay busted out a few big plays. Defensively Von went off like hes capable of, Chubb looked like one of the best edge players in the league, and the DBs played like the no fly zone. Was that off or missing anything?
  4. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    @Counselor I guess the question for me is, what does Haskins do that is so much better than Jones, or even Herbert?
  5. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    Oh completely agree. We will hear tons of complaints about it being a reach and in terms of talent on the board and it will be. But the fact is, QBs almost always go higher than they should. Elway has put himself in a position where he has to take one. Unless he has something else up his sleeve, which maybe he does. But there is almost no way Denver can go into next season without a QBOTF on the roster. Denver almost has to go QB with a 1st or 2nd round pick and considering the current state of Denver’s QB situation they can’t afford to try and get cute with it.
  6. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    What sucks is I still think Jones is more of a late 1st/2nd round pick. But these guys are always over drafted. Denver is likely picking in the mid to late teens and will probably need to use that pick to take him or potentially Haskins, Finley, or Grier. Either that or over reach for a guy in the 2nd. That is, if Denver decides to go QB, which personally I think they’ve put themselves in a position where they have to roll the dice there.
  7. When VJ gets fired

    Just a glimpse at how quick coaching can change. Teryl Austin as the DC for the Lions had numerous HC interviews over the last 2-3 years and was thought of as an eventual NFL HC. He left Detroit and went to Cincinatti as their DC and was just fired after giving up multiple 500 yard games and being last in points allowed. Obviously he isn’t the only problem there and he may very well end up getting an HC gig at some point, but this is a prime example of why these guys take gigs when they’re offered regardless of roster structure and who is the VPO or GM. It’s a fickle business where you never really know where you stand. Austin just went from an HC candidate last year to job hunting for a DC or potentially even position coach job.
  8. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    I’m on the Jones wagon as well. Love what he brings. Plenty of arm (not a cannon, but can make all the throws required). Big and athletic and a threat with his legs. Advanced footwork for a college QB (thanks to Cutcliffe) and maneuvers around the pocket to find passing lanes. I also like the fact that he’s had to deal with pressure and hasn’t had an elite team around him. People will bring up the INTs, but they don’t worry me he doesn’t have an OL or much in terms of weapons. He’s forced to win games himself on almost a weekly basis. If he were at OU throwing INTs like that I’d be concerned, but at Duke it comes with the territory if you’re trying to win games. Also is incredibly bright by all accounts and will come into the NFL as ready as any QB from a mental/technique stand point. I watched part of his game vs UNC last week and he made an anticipation throw and hung in the pocket that was NFL caliber. He got destroyed by a free blitzer off the LT, knew full well that if the guy came would be unblocked and delivered a 10 yard strike to his WR before the receiver had even gotten out of his break. Very impressive from a young QB.
  9. When VJ gets fired

    Yeah it’s unlikely we get one of Lincoln or Dabo, they’re in great situations and would be stupid to leave. Further, most of the coaches that have made that jump have failed. The NFL is a completely different animal. Lincoln Riley would be interesting, but I wouldn’t want Dabo. He’s a rah rah guy and I think he’d flame out pretty quickly and become tiresome to be around by veteran NFL players.
  10. When VJ gets fired

    No doubt, the talk that Denver isn’t doesn’t make sense. There are 32 HC jobs in the NFL, there are around 5 available on a year to year basis. It’s elite company to even be considered and even more elite to get selected. These guys aren’t picky (unless you’re Josh McDaniels or a college HC making $5M+ a year with better job security). Denver will be able to get almost anyone they want and the roster/picks/Elway won’t matter. HC candidates take interviews wherever they can get them and accept the job whenever it’s offered, again, 99% of the time.
  11. When VJ gets fired

    All this talk is moot. These guys take the jobs they get offered, like almost any other profession. Sure, there’s a few college coaches that won’t leave if it isn’t a very good situation in terms of what they want to do simply because they’d be stupid to move. But overall, in terms of NFL coordinators or fired HCs, Denver will be as a good a destination as any. Further, NFL HC jobs don’t typically go into bidding wars, NFL HC candidates aren’t sitting there picking between which team they want. It’s cut and dry. It isn’t like the FA market, where they have multiple offers and get to sit and pick what works best. Most of these candidates get 1 offer and they choose to take it or leave it. 99% of the time they take it. Don’t over complicate this.
  12. When VJ gets fired

    Denver will be able to get almost anyone they want as an HC. Obviously Denver isn’t an ideal location, but no HC job is or they wouldn’t be looking for an HC. Denver has plenty to work with talent wise to make it as prime a destination as any.
  13. When VJ gets fired

    I am with most that we need to go with an offensive minded HC. The game has just evolved to the point that you can’t have an offense operating almost exclusively outside of the zone/space game. The NFL and it’s rules are built for that type of offense. However, I’m not of the opinion that it means you completely exclude defensive minds. Like anything else, the NFL moves in waves. At some point in the near future NFL defenses will catch up and figure it out, even with the rules favoring offenses. There will be a defensive trend that hits it big and all of a sudden that will be the fad. I want the best coach, pure and simple, don’t care if it’s offensive, defensive, special teams, a former HC, or a brand new one. Regardless of what side of the ball is hired, though, there is no doubt a more modern offensive mind needs to be in the building. I’ve liked what Musgraves has done with the running game, but his ability to get players in space to make plays is atrocious and most teams in the league are able to do this with relative ease a handful or more times a game. I keep going back to the simple crossing route, Denver literally can’t make this work when it’s a staple play for a big gain or 2 for even bad teams in this league. With the ability to basically pick players clean without getting caught a few times a game it’s ridiculous Denver hasn’t figured this out.
  14. Random Thoughts

    Yep, hit it up for sure. Have a good night, after 3 months of work you deserve it.
  15. Random Thoughts

    Haha doubtful nor would you appreciate how you felt the next morning or 2 days after. IDK where you’re at now, but I know you’ve been in the Springs. Peaks N Pines brewery is where you need to go. Best beer I’ve had. I am not a big IPA fan, but the IPA there is unbelievable. So is the APA and the brown. Also have great fruity beers.