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  1. Random Thoughts

    My wife’s family has a place in Granby so we are that direction quite a bit. Beau Joes in Idaho Springs is hard to beat. Only reason we ever will/would stop there, but definitely worth it. Just my opinion, but those mountain towns are WAY overrated.
  2. 2018 OTA's

    Mark Chmura?
  3. Non qb that would help us most

    Hopefully Cravens fills that role. He was top 5 in the NFL in coverage statistics from ILB as a rookie. We will see if the commitment is there. Loved that Cravens addition by Elway, if he’s right and ready it fills a huge weakness defensively.
  4. 2018 OTA's

    Agreed. As far as Keenum goes, I’m crossing my fingers. I certainly think he’s an upgrade over Siemian (way overrated), but I also don’t think Keenum is as good as his stats suggested last year. Keenum was in a perfect spot last year in Minnesota. He had an at least decent OL, a running game which also had a dynamic weapon in McKinnon, quality targets, and an elite defense. Keenum needs that to be successful, he isn’t a carry your team type. Since Elway has been running the show he’s always followed trends. For example, after losing the SB to the Seahawks he turned his focus to the defense. It seems he’s trying to replicate the Vikings now. Average QB where he’s going to try and keep an elite defense while adding weapons offensively.
  5. Random Thoughts

    Haha I’ve literally never come across an Archie in my life. Lol the only places I’ve heard it are the comics and Archie Manning. To clarify, he wasn’t named after or because of any of those. We wanted an older name and while doing some research came across Archie.
  6. The Best Super Bowl Victory & Why?

    I would say ‘97 was definitely the best. The franchises first SB and just cementing Elways legacy after so many losses. Though, I’ll say LI was the most surprising. In ‘97 Denver’s team was loaded. Elway was playing at his best, at least statistically, they had the best running game in the NFL, and they had a top 5 defense. It was a complete team. The LI SB I really didn’t expect to win and that Denver offense was pitiful. I thought the Carolina defense (which was one of the best in the league) would domininate and Newton and the Panther offense would do enough to win.
  7. With the baby and all it has taken me a little longer than usual to watch 2 games of each player selected. I’ll post my thoughts and grades on every pick when finished. Just finished Yiadom so still have a ways to go. Just going to say, I really like Yiadom. Doesn’t allow a lot of separation and very physical for a CB.
  8. 2018 OTA's

    While overrated, still a solid move with his experience.
  9. I must say, I am really excited about this defense.
  10. Random Thoughts

    Thanks for the congratulations everyone. Everything is going well so far.
  11. I’d agree on the steal. It’s an A+ pick in my book. Jewell does come with concerns, though. A bit undersized which bring up questions taking on blocks. Doesn’t “lay the wood” and is more of just a sure tackler. While his college stats indicate an elite cover LB, he’s an average athlete whom you probably don’t want consistently matching up with RBs and TEs. Also isn’t much of a blitzer. Between the tackles though, in terms of instincts and read/react, as good as there was in the past draft. He’ll make his living between the tackles stopping the run. He’ll be a fan favorite in Denver. But I don’t think he’s a pro bowl caliber LB, but maybe he surprises. I’ve seen Sean Lee comparisons, which aren’t bad, but Lee was the more explosive player. I think a poor mans Sean Lee is what we’re looking at, which I’ll take in round 4 all day long.
  12. Un drafted free agent signings

    Weird career choice if motivation is an issue. I guess it depends if he’s going to be a HS coach or college coach. Colleges coaches put in far more time than the players. During the season it’s an 80 hour a week job. With Sunday nights through Tuesday nights being 16+ hour days.
  13. Official Broncos Forum Draft Thread

    Even though I’m not as old as some in the forum. For some reason I hate the # changes going on in the NFL. I like WRs to have numbers in the 80s and LBs to have numbers in the 50s or 90s. Obviously there is the potential for guys to change numbers when the teams starts getting cut down.
  14. I honestly still like the Sutton/Dez Bryant comparison best. He still isn’t quite as explosive as Dez in his prime, though. Bryant was (even in college) never great creating separation. Was a 4.52 40 at his pro day (pro days are always faster) but was a physical player that could go get the football and difficult to bring down after the catch. Having watched more of Sutton now, his game is very reminiscent. Can make the tough grab with defenders around, has enough wiggle/speed to make a guy miss or hit the crease, and when defenders hit him they find out his size, strength, and running style aren’t that of a typical WR. Sutton will make it work as a deep threat on size/strength/hands, but don’t expect him to be blowing past DBs. He’ll make his living on the short to intermediate routes in the middle (where he can still bust off some big gains) and in the red zone, which are the areas where bigger/stronger WRs can thrive.
  15. Yeah. I mean he is a good well rounded back. Has good explosive traits for a back his size too. But by special I mean like Tomlinson, Peterson, special. Guys with the traits to produce at an elite level for 8-10 years. Freeman doesn’t have that, but I guess if he stays durable he could have a Frank Gore type of career, which id take in a heartbeat.