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  1. If it’s athleticism we’re looking for, Driskel is probably one of the more athletic QBs in the league.
  2. I think it’s a long shot, but not crazy. Again, Josh Allen is capable of going out and throwing 3 INTs and completing 10 passes.
  3. Yeah. I think Denver still probably pulls out a couple more. While Josh Allen has torched 2 of the leagues worst teams, I think he’s going to have games he literally gives to the other team, so Buffalo could be winnable.
  4. Was telling a friend that yesterday. This sucks because we all had high hopes for the progress of the team with Lock and this young offense. However, the bright side is some of these younger players are going to get a lot more experience. Hamler being another player on offense that will be getting more reps than usual.
  5. If Lock/Sutton are out for the year, there are really only 2 games I’d pick Denver in for the entire year and that’s the Jets and Panthers. The crazy part is Fangio has gotten heat and deservedly so, but the only thing that would be keeping this team from bottom 3–4 in the league is his ability to maximize the talent on defense.
  6. Denver may be in the Tanking for Trevor market. I’ve read that Lock’s injury based on what it looked like is likely worse than an AC sprain.
  7. But Klis wasn’t wrong. Denver had no business being in the game today and still were and a HUGE reason for that is what Denver does defensively.
  8. Melvin Gordon has been one of the best short yardage backs over his entire career and he’s not been utilized in that role a handful of times now. Head scratcher.
  9. Fangio as HC has left a lot to be desired. Especially game 1. Fangio as DC has been nothing short of exceptional. He’s no doubt one of the best defensive minds in football.
  10. Definitely understand why it looks like this with covid. I couldn’t watch last weekend, am able too now, and this is the worst football I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s like backyard garbage.
  11. I think Claypool may as well. He reportedly was exceptional in camp and has elite body control. At 6’4” 240 he can lineup all over the formation and be a mismatch. The Steelers are probably the best team in football when it comes to drafting and developing WRs....Claypool could end up being the best of the bunch, he’s certainly the most physically talented WR they’ve drafted.
  12. ^^^ Won’t start Parker either. Didn’t realize he plays the Bills.
  13. Looking for some fantasy advice for my 10th and last starter this week. Its basically down to Sutton, Parker, Harry, Kirk. Normally Sutton/Parker would both be starting, but they’re game time decisions and that always scares me. Even if they play they may be on a play count or not as effective. Harry is listed as questionable as well, but it’s the Patriots, they are reporting he’s good to go. Kirk I just don’t trust. I also have the option of getting fancy and going with Claypool or Hardman. I actually think Claypool could cause Denver a ton of problems today, he’s such a mismatch anywhere on the field and Denver is starting 2 rookie DBs. If Sutton plays I’ll probably start him. Harry, IMO, is probably the safest bet.
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