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  1. Just for some perspective on what QBs get paid in the NFL. Denver committed to $25M guaranteed for a 30+ year old Case Keenum. Again, the argument with Darnold has nothing to do with money. His $30M guaranteed at 23 years old is peanuts in today’s NFL. This needs to move away from salary and toward whether he’s the long term answer or not.
  2. Basically what I am saying is $30M for Darnold means nothing to me. $30M over 2 years is what crappy QBs in this league make. I am not evaluating Darnold based on his 2 year price tag. I am evaluating him on being the decades long QB of this franchise.
  3. No it’s not. It’s a salary outside of the top 10 at the position for 2021 and probably even more so for 2022. If you don’t believe in Darnold I get it. But that should be the argument. His $30M over 2 years isn’t an issue. It’s over a 2 year span of incredibly cheap, actually.
  4. Trading for 23 year old Sam Darnold won’t be a short term outlook. Just like Watson. You believe he’s the future. The debate isn’t about the money or 5th year option....that’s peanuts at the QB position over 2 years. It’s about if he’s the long term solution and you only make that move if he is.
  5. $30M over 2 years is nothing at the QB position. This is an over exaggeration. If you’re trading for him to begin with it’s not for 2 years it’s for a decade. The guy is like 23. You’re trading for him with the expectation that you’re going to pay him $25+M a year for the next decade.
  6. Lol. 2 years $30M guaranteed is cheap as hell. What is happening in this forum?
  7. I think Watson or Darnold will be Denver’s starting QB next season.
  8. In baseball terms....you give up the farm. He’s that good. It actually blows my mind how much Denver fans are against targeting Watson. No one has complained about what Denver gave up for Elway and the amount of money he was paid over 16 years. Denver paid Manning nearly $100M over 4 years after a severe neck injury. I don’t know that Watson is quite in Elway or Manning’s class, but he’s easily a top 5-8 QB in the league right now and is only 25. This team hasn’t won **** without an elite QB.
  9. If Watson wants to come here, Paton needs to go get him.
  10. Brady isn’t even in the conversation of being the best football player of all time. HE IS THE BEST FOOTBALL PLAYER OF ALL TIME. When comparing Brady’s greatness, I don’t think it’s even fair to compare him to other NFL players. Mahomes currently is the only one with even a shot at eclipsing what Brady has, but is a decade+ away from even being in that category and Brady isn’t done. Talking about Brady in comparison to other football players is a waste of time. There isn’t a player even close to his dominance. There are only 2 other professional athletes Brady is comparable to w
  11. I like Darnold. I am all for going after him depending on price. Darnold would win a QB competition with Lock in a landslide. Lock’s literally out there playing backyard football and doesn’t have the talent for it. Lock doesn’t understand the position or process it quickly enough. Darnold understands the game and anticipatory throws. Is Darnold a future HOFer? Probably not, but behind this OL and with Denver’s weapons he’d easily be the best QB this franchise has had since Manning.
  12. Damn. I wanted Stafford, but that’s nuts.
  13. I have read some thought that in season (players typically play lighter than initial weigh going through the rigor of an NFL season) that Smith plays at 165 pounds max. Looking at him, I would tend to agree with this. The expectations many are putting on Smith, at that size, are unprecedented.
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