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  1. In terms of the losing, I get it from a fans perspective that losing and getting better draft picks can be more valuable than winning a few games and missing the playoffs. I have believed the same for years, had multiple posts on it last year when Denver did enough to miss the top 10. However, a few months back I saw a video of Dante Scarneccia (long time Patriot OL coach for those who may not know) and he talked about how a team is built. He basically said you have 5 true leaders and 5 losers on a roster and talent really doesn’t matter in being in either category (an average role player could be a top leader and one of the most talented players could be a loser) and everyone else falls in between. Mitch Unrein commented on this basically saying that when you’re losing those players in between start gravitating toward the losers who are bringing the program down. Never thought of it that way, but he’s probably right in that regard.
  2. Drew Lock’s statistics by game. 2019 wk 13vs LAC- 18-28, 134yds, 2 TD, 1 INT wk 14vs HOU- 22-27 309yds, 3 TD, 1 INT wk 15vs KC- 18-40 208yds, 0 TD, 1 INT wk 16vs DET- 25-33 192yds, 1 TD, O INT wk 17vs OAK- 17-28 177 yds, 1TD, O INT 2020 wk 1vs TEN- 22-33 216 yds, 1 TD, 0 INT wk 2vs PIT- 1-5 20 yds, 0 TD, 0 INT wk 6vs NE- 10-24 189 yds, 0 TD, 2 INT wk 7vs KC- 24-40 254 yds, 0 TD, 2 INT wk 8vs LAC- 26-41 248 yds, 3 TD, 1 INT wk 9vs ATL- 25-48 313 yds, 2 TD, 1 INT wk 10vs LV- 23-47 257 yds, 1 TD, 4 INT wk 11vs MIA- 18-30 270 yds, 0 TD, 1 INT
  3. That’s just awful QB play. There is literally no excuse for it. He has no pre or post snap idea of what is going on and it’s been that way for weeks.
  4. But Lock has to perform. What teammates and coaches are saying doesn’t mean anything. He’s been awful in 12 NFL starts. He has shown flashes of a very good QB, but not enough to keep his job. He has the rest of the season to outright win the job or Denver will be bringing in a player they expect to compete and win the job over Lock next offseason.
  5. ^^^ Well I guess not in my life. But in terms of competitive spirit, that was odd.
  6. Exactly. Paxton Lynch was jumping up and down like they won the SB when he lost the job to Siemian in the preseason. Weirdest thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life.
  7. No kidding. A buddy of mine coaches in the Missouri Valley against both Wentz and Lance. Said Lance is more difficult to game plan because of his running and that as a prospect Lance has the higher ceiling, but that Wentz was much more polished and ready to step into the pro game.
  8. I generally agree with all of this. I don’t know that Lock is having to do too much. I think he just hasn’t/isn’t good and it makes everything harder offensively. He was new last year. He isn’t anymore. Teams have it figured out and we’ve literally watched him regress and he was never good to begin with.
  9. I guess I see this from a baseball perspective with Lock. It’s like like leaving a pitcher in who is getting pounded and using it as “we’re building character” “we want to see how fights.” We know Lock’s a fighter, but maybe it’s a time to stop letting him get his *** kicked, give him a chance to regroup and attack it again.
  10. Can see that perspective too. Like I said. I don’t know his personality. That’s part of coaching. I don’t know the actual answer. Just think sitting him for a week for being ****ty at his job may not be as detrimental as made out to be. but the fact that that ends his career now is not a strong endorsement of him.
  11. But maybe that’s what Lock needs. That’s my point. I don’t think Rypien is better, but clearly what’s going on now is not making Lock any better. He just keeps laying eggs. Maybe a week off and getting sat changes something with him. Do you think playing 1 more full game is going to make a huge difference?
  12. Yeah. He makes some great plays at times, like toward the end of the half. But I don’t think people realize how awful he’s been. He’s been bad outside of 1 game over 2 years.
  13. Oh that’s easily. He’s been awful even in the wins.
  14. When your QB is seeing ghosts, can’t make pre snap reads, and can’t progress throughout the play.....you’re going to have serious problems and if you look back throughout Lock’s 2 years in Denver he’s only had 1 good 1st half and it was vs Houston. Every other game he’s done his damage in garbage time and made people believers because they (luckily) pulled out some wins. There was comment on Twitter going around a few weeks ago.....”Drew Lock rapped on the sideline and made people think he was a franchise QB”.....
  15. Competent QB play is more important than anything when it comes to a capable offense. It dictates everything. When you don’t have it (and Denver hasn’t had it since 2015) you suck.
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