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  1. You don’t even know who Rick Dennison is.
  2. He very well could be, but, in my opinion, it’s if GB makes moves/decisions that Rodgers is requesting.
  3. But he dictates where that value is. That’s what you aren’t grasping. They’ll get value no matter what. But the Packers won’t be trading him to the damn Bears for 25 straight 1st round picks because Rodgers would never go there. You’re a Packers fan. I get it. I honestly hope the Packers just don’t trade him and set a precedent, but your organization has no leverage. Again, the best they can do is our if spite not trade him, which hurts themselves.
  4. If he is it’s because the Packers accommodated him. Which is a win for Rodgers and the Packers. Trading him for multiple 1s and young players is a win for Rodgers and the Packers. The losing scenario for the Packers, and the one I’ve heard most from Packers fans is just don’t trade him….that’s the spite scenario where the Packers are the biggest losers, maybe the biggest in NFL history.
  5. Very different situations. Favre retired and came out of retirement because he wanted to play football. He was also traded for a conditional pick. Aaron Rodgers appears content not playing football. All he has to say is I’m not playing for x team and no one is going to give up multiple 1s and young players for Rodgers unless he is 100% fully committed to playing for that team. I’ve stated this before, but Rodgers has all the leverage. He doesn’t come across as someone who is bluffing. 1. He seems content not playing football, so if GB refuses to trade him out of spite Rodger
  6. All the more reason to get Rodgers. Denver has a good OL, terrific weapons at RB, WR, TE, and a defense that on paper could be top 5-8 in the league. Rodgers gives Denver a chance at winning the SB. Lock/Bridgewater under center guarantees Denver won’t be competing for a SB.
  7. This is why I don’t think Denver is done at QB. This is a talented roster capable of winning a SB at every position…….except QB. Rodgers or Watson (if we are putting the legal stuff aside) instantly makes Denver a SB contender for at minimum the next 3 years. Lock and Bridgewater make this team mediocre and probably missing the playoffs. I don’t know if the word “fun” is what I would consider a year like we are looking at if it’s Lock/Bridgewater under center, the word for me would be frustrating watching a talented team finish with a mediocre record.
  8. People with his amount of money have memberships at golf clubs in numerous cities across the country. Green Bay Country Club is also relatively cheap compared to others and I read annual dues are $7k and initiation fee is $4,500. For a comparison The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs has an initiation fee over $50k. Basically, I don’t view this as a sign he might return. He’s probably been a member there for many years and will continue to be.
  9. From what I’ve gathered it sounds like Teddy was easily the front runner in mini camp. This isn’t surprising for me. Lock’s a gunslinger who doesn’t process the game very well. Bridgewater lacks talent, but takes care of the football. I like Teddy, but if he’s your starting QB it means you need a QB. I know it’s getting closer and closer to the start of the season, but I can’t help but think Denver is still in the market for a QB. If they aren’t then Paton and the franchise had no real vision in being competitive in 2021.
  10. I’ll end up getting used to it, but not a fan of the number changes in the NFL. Saw Surtain will wear #2. Hamler moving to #1.
  11. I don’t particularly care for Rodgers the person. There’s always 2 sides to every story, but there’s enough out there to know he’s a donkey. As a football player he’s a HOFer who seems capable of playing at that level for the next 3-5 years. He will likely go down statistically in the top 3-5 of every QB category. Even if Denver gave up 4 1st round picks, Jeudy, Chubb, and Surtain (it won’t cost that much) Denver would still be a top 5 favorite to win the SB with Rodgers at QB. My biggest concern is it’s not a long term solution. I doubt Lock would stick around as he’s going
  12. Definitely possible. You follow him closer than I do, but from my perspective he seems like the type that if he’s done, he’s done. This is the same guy who has cut off family members, friends, and teammates. He’s supposedly hyper sensitive to criticism and slights. I think drafting Love round 1 started it and then not putting the ball in his hands with the game on the line ended it. From my perspective Rodgers seems like the exact type capable of giving GB 2 middle fingers and never playing another down of football again unless he gets what he wants either in GB or in a trade. Again,
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