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  1. Random Thoughts

    I liked Turner here in Denver. I don’t know that he deserved the money he received from GB, but at worst he’s as good as it gets as a 6th OL who can play OG or OT, but in terms of a starter he’s probably average.
  2. Random Thoughts

    In the case of Brown, however, it wasn’t like he was a scrub in another system. He actually graded higher by PFF in 2017 with San Francisco, than he did in 2018 with the Patriots. No doubt it was a huge overpay/risk by the Raiders, but I think more than anything it shows how difficult it is to find a quality LT. Browns never graded much more than average, neither has Solder who set the market last year. Bolles, who is hated by most in Bronco Country, grades similarly to both with a low 70s grade by PFF.
  3. Which UDFA will go to be the next Pro Bowler?

    And don’t get me wrong in my hopes of Hollins at ILB. I don’t think he’s the next Luke Kuechly, but I think he could be a unique cover LB in this system...in a sense and they played different positions, but I thought the same of George Iloka as a hybrid safety with his size.
  4. Which UDFA will go to be the next Pro Bowler?

    I don’t disagree with your take on Hollins. I think it’s a stretch for him to be an everydown type ILB. However, I think there is a decent chance at success as a cover ILB and even if that doesn’t work, he projects at worst as a really nice rotational players as an edge player....makes the pick all the more worthwhile in the 5th round as it was safe in that he’s good depth on the edge, but also has huge upside if anything at ILB works out.
  5. Which UDFA will go to be the next Pro Bowler?

    As far as the ILBs, Denver does have some solid young players, even factoring in Dineen (who was a hell of a college player). Davis, Jewell, Bierria, Johnson, Cravens, and Dineen. If the rumors about Hollins getting a shot is true, throw him in that mix as well. Of all of those players, Hollins is the one to get most excited about. Fangio is used to having at least 1 excellent athlete at ILB, and Hollins would fit that category. Fangio also asks some borderline crazy things out of his ILBs at times. During the playoffs he blitzed his outside CB, had a DE drop into the flat, and had Roquan Smith drop from ILB to 20-30 yards down the sideline where he broke up a pass. That’s where Hollins excites me in how he could be used if he takes to ILB. He’s 6’5” 250 with nearly 34 inch arms and runs a 4.50 flat...he’s essentially the physical match of Noah Fant, but on the defensive side of the ball.
  6. 5.156 Justin Hollins OLB Oregon

    This really intrigues me as Hollins would be a unique player in that roll with his size/speed/length. In terms of a coverage LB and matching up with TEs or dropping into zones his measurables are tremendous. I still don’t know that I ever see him being a true 3 down ILB, don’t know that he has the instincts for it with such little experience there, but I’d love to be proven wrong. Denver was on Hollins throughout the draft process and it appears Fangio had something up his sleeve with him, he’s as good as it gets coaching LBs, so I’m all for it.
  7. Oh I get that, but the report I read a day after the draft, that I’ll have to try and find, made it seem that Lindsay was the one that cemented Winfree as a draft pick over others simply because Winfree had Lindsay’s stamp of approval. It’s a 6th round pick, not the end of the world and who knows if that’s how it actually went down, either way Winfree wasn’t a good pick especially factoring in trading up. As someone else put it (might have been you) it seemed lazy and the Lindsay approval stamp makes it seem even more lazy, as I think you said almost like Elway had a tee time he needed to make.
  8. Alright, here are my thoughts on the prospects and how I would grade this draft. 1.20- Noah Fant, TE, Iowa- Excellent pick. Athletic pass catching TEs are dominating the league and Denver hasn’t had a legitimate weapon at this position since Julius Thomas. Fant has issues, body catcher, has had drops, and needs to improve as an inline blocker. However he’s a mismatch nightmare at 6’4” 250 pounds with 4.50 speed. I know TEs typically take a few years and Fant will as well, but I think he’s a day 1 impact capable of catching 50-60 balls as a rookie. There isn’t a better system in football at scheming TEs open and Fant’s athletic traits are exceptional. Factoring in Fant’s talent and the scheme he is in I think he’s capable of being a top 3 receiving TE in the NFL during his prime. GRADE: A 2.41- Dalton Risner, OL, Kansas State- I was surprised to see Risner still available at this pick. Guys that can play OC/OG/RT at the level Risner has (one of PFFs highest ever graded lineman in a career) typically aren’t around in the middle of the 2nd round. He fell due to questions with his athleticism, but he’s 6’5” 312 with 34 inch arms and tested well in the 3 cone and had the 3rd fastest 20 yard shuttle with a 4.52, he’ll be fine in tight quarters. He brings a lunch pail to work everyday (watch some of his interviews at the Senior Bowl) and is already a good technician along the OL. I feel he likely gets moved to RG, where he’s a day 1 starter for Denver with pro bowl upside. GRADE: A 2.42- Drew Lock, QB, Missouri- I would have been fine taking Lock at #10 overall, moving back, picking up 2 players ahead of him with pro bowl/all pro potential and still getting Lock at #42 is an absolute steal. Lock has improvements to make, but he’s 6’4” 230, 4.61 speed, with an exceptional arm. His ability to complete passes downfield is 2nd to none in this draft. Also a 4 year starter in the SEC on poor teams and still improved every year while going through 3 offensive coordinators. Reportedly also a high character guy who loves football. This team needed a QBOTF and got one that is a great fit in the system in the 2nd round. GRADE: A 3.71- Dre’Mont Jones, DL, Ohio State- They’re different players, but this pick just gives me a DeMarcus Walker vibe. Jones is the more stout player and looks more explosive along the interior, where Walker is longer and more finesse, but both are/were undersized and more effort than skill and drafted to fill a role as an interior pass rusher. Jones at 6’3” 281 is undersized in a 3/4 and for an everydown interior DT. At Ohio State he was a gap player where he showed explosiveness penetrating the backfield. He didn’t test particularly well and watching his tape is more of a relentless/effort player, which isn’t a bad thing. The DL needed depth and Walker will provide it and I expect him to be in the rotation early on and with some development may become a starting caliber DL in Denver. GRADE: B 5.156- Justin Hollins, LB, Oregon- Hollins is an exceptional athlete at 6’5” 250 with 4.50 speed. He had a productive career at Oregon, but never lived up to those measurables. The talk of him being able to play some ILB really intrigues me, but I don’t really see him developing into a 3 down ILB. That doesn’t mean he can’t be valuable, he’ll add depth along the edge and I think the projection at ILB is as a cover LB, where his 6’5” frame and speed would be an interesting match up with TEs and dropping into zones. GRADE: B 6.187- Juwann Winfree, WR, Colorado- I know nothing about Winfree. From what I’ve read he has solid size and is a tough receiver who will block. The 6th/7th rounds are about getting guys you don’t want to hit UDFA and adding some more depth at WR is a need. I don’t like the trade up and I don’t like the fact that supposedly Lindsay “vouched” for Winfree, not that Lindsay is wrong, but I don’t like the business of asking former teammates their opinions, to be honest. GRADE: F
  9. UDFA tracker

    1? I saw 21. Not that that’s a lot in a 4 year career vs lesser competition.
  10. UDFA tracker

    Excellent addition there.
  11. UDFA tracker

    Denver was all over Rypien pre draft. This doesn’t surprise me and I like the pickup.
  12. Interesting. Reading his report I guess he’s pretty advanced in coverage and it’s believed he’s capable of matching up with TEs.
  13. Athleticism is upside. You don’t find 250 pounders with his speed/explosiveness growing on trees.
  14. Well now the trade confuses me. IMO part of the play by adding Watson was for OLB depth and then they select Hollins to do the same. Really like the Hollins pick, though. He’s a freaky athlete with a lot of upside.
  15. I don’t think it was a great trade, but Denver has nothing in terms of OLB depth. Watson while in Denver was part of that rotation, he has experience at both ILB and OLB, and he’s a very good special teamed who the organization is familiar with. They gave up too much, but I get the move.