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  1. I don’t particularly care for Rodgers the person. There’s always 2 sides to every story, but there’s enough out there to know he’s a donkey. As a football player he’s a HOFer who seems capable of playing at that level for the next 3-5 years. He will likely go down statistically in the top 3-5 of every QB category. Even if Denver gave up 4 1st round picks, Jeudy, Chubb, and Surtain (it won’t cost that much) Denver would still be a top 5 favorite to win the SB with Rodgers at QB. My biggest concern is it’s not a long term solution. I doubt Lock would stick around as he’s going
  2. Definitely possible. You follow him closer than I do, but from my perspective he seems like the type that if he’s done, he’s done. This is the same guy who has cut off family members, friends, and teammates. He’s supposedly hyper sensitive to criticism and slights. I think drafting Love round 1 started it and then not putting the ball in his hands with the game on the line ended it. From my perspective Rodgers seems like the exact type capable of giving GB 2 middle fingers and never playing another down of football again unless he gets what he wants either in GB or in a trade. Again,
  3. Yeah, I just don’t see that. At the end of the day if Rodgers is back playing for GB it’s because the organization has more than likely caved in someway. They made concessions to get Rodgers back, which again is where he holds all the cards. Don’t get me wrong. I hope GB has the cajones to hold their ground and say you either come play for us or you retire. I don’t think QBs deciding they want to leave and then holding organizations hostage is good for the game. However, the above stance of you’re with us or you’re out is one more out of spite (which by loads of reports is
  4. I’ll also add. As a Bronco fan I want Rodgers. He instantly makes Denver a top 5 team in the NFL......but I can’t stand Aaron Rodgers the person. He’s an absolute clown and has been and is one of the most selfish athletes in sports and that’s saying something. My wife’s side of the family are mostly Packer fans and I’ve told them this for years and get hammered for it. All of a sudden they all agree. Good thing for Denver or any team trading for him he’s so near the end of his career entering a new organization that he can’t ruin the system the way he has in GB.
  5. No one knows what this deal could look like. Broncos fans want it to lean in their favor and Packers fans want it in theirs, as @CWood21 has shown. At the end of the day it really comes down to if Rodgers is willing to go to multiple teams that can start a bit of a bidding war. As much as Packers fans don’t want to admit it. Aaron Rodgers holds all the cards. They’ll get what Rodgers allows and by that, if he hasn’t zeroed in on 1 team. The entire, “the starting point is X” from the Packers is laughable. The Packers aren’t calling the shots. Rodgers is and I don’t even ag
  6. The Packers have had 29 straight years of Hall of Fame QB play and only appeared in 3 SBs. The only way I can explain it is that has to be the worst well managed organization in sports, maybe even in sports history.
  7. Rodgers still has all the leverage.
  8. He has always had the soft label. This isn’t soft. Injuries happen. However, his time in Denver should probably be over. Coming back from that injury he likely is never the player they spent that money on.
  9. The Packers really don’t have much leverage. This is a deal that makes some sense. GB CBs outside of Alexander got absolutely torched last year. Surtain provides day 1 impact for a team that needs it at the position. Makes sense for Denver as well. Stokes has talent, but might not be ready right away which makes Denver a nice landing spot and still gives them depth.
  10. Himmelman was one of the best lineman in the FCS.
  11. Special teams coverage should be improved this year.
  12. He was my favorite player in the draft. I happened to catch 2 UNC games this year before I even knew who he was and he dominated both games. That’s back to back years we’ve drafted one of my favorites in the class. Last year it was KJ Hamler.
  13. If Paton is to be taken at his word and that he’s not just after the fact making the decisions made sound good then he has been masterful in maneuvering this draft. I believe going into the 2nd round he said there were 4 prospects left they had 1st round grades on and 8 total they were willing to take at 40. They moved up for Williams who I would guess Denver had a 1st round grade on. At 71 he said they had 6 players they were willing to take at 71 and the teams top 2 targets at that selection were Meinerz and Browning. He said the team decided to move back 27 spots with the expect
  14. A friend of mine had a 1st round grade on Browning. I’ve never watched him. Talent wise he’s arguably the most gifted LB in the draft from what I’ve read.
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