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  1. I don’t care about the names. Pretend it’s Bradlee Van Pelt vs Tom Brandstater, it’s about the process of what unfolded this off-season and why none of this is surprising. They had an open QB competition. Labeled it that themselves. Had 2 guys splitting reps with 1st team and what not. The dude they traded for is losing the competition and the coaching staff openly and actively start doing things to give the guy they thought would runaway with the job a chance. @broncos_fan _from _uk mentioned some of these during the preseason, one of which was going for 4th downs that mimicke
  2. That was not the point of my post. Drew Lock sucks too. The point of the post is about losing the team. You lose teams by playing players that didn’t earn the job. That 100% should be talked about and cause for concern with this staff and potentially Paton if he was part of that decision making process.
  3. I’ve watched bits and pieces of the first few games and have been scanning the forum. I have been incredibly busy, but also disinterested with this team from the start. I have been reading in here and other places that the staff has lost the team. I would agree with that and I think it happened far earlier than most think and it was the reason I became disinterested in this team this season and haven’t posted in here since then. Denver awarded the starting QB job to the guy who lost the competition. This isn’t even debatable. From media who attended camp, to leaks from players, t
  4. I saw Lock at camp his rookie year and it was embarrassing the way he played. Couldn’t make the correct reads and complete a ball in 7 on 7. Even with that, I do agree that he has tools, enough that if his mind caught up he could be a franchise caliber QB. Lock has not been good in Denver and I think he’s immature. With that, I’d have went with him in a tied competition with Teddy. If I’m Paton/Fangio I’m rolling with the upside for the initial 3-4 games and evaluating from there. So this isn’t like I didn’t want Lock to win the job. Everyone with any sense should’ve wanted Lock
  5. He’s played on 18 games. Completed less than 60% of his passes. Thrown for less than 4000 yards. 23 TDs to 18 INTs with a below 50 QBR. That’s a bad QB. What evidence do you have that he’s good other than you want him to bang your sister?
  6. So much progress that he couldn’t do enough to beat out Teddy Bridgewater? Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater were 2 of the worst starters in the NFL last year. Denver put them in a QB competition and looking at it, neither did enough to outright win. Denver went into default mode and picked the guy they think is the safer player even though it could be easily argued that Lock slightly won the competition. The only way this looks like a win for Denver is if one of them had taken the reigns and dominated camp…..neither did. If you are for Teddy it’s because he’s smarter with the foo
  7. Drew Lock sucks. The fact that Teddy Bridgewater couldn’t hands down win the job shouldn’t be seen as encouraging.
  8. I honestly don’t care either way. I don’t think either is the future. So I don’t think Teddy is the QB this team needs and I don’t think it’s Lock either. It just has the feel that this wasn’t truly a competition. When they added Teddy should’ve just stated he was the starter and it would take him completely imploding or Lock playing SIGNIFICANTLY better than him to get the job. As for the media, it’s all I really have to go on. From them it seemed no one separated themselves, but overall Lock was the slightly more productive player throughout camp. It’s more of a spirit o
  9. I don’t think either are the answer as well. What concerns me is from what I’ve gathered on social media it doesn’t seem like Teddy won. Many in the media thought Lock and performed Teddy. Allbright said from players he had spoken with that they thought Lock won the battle. As UK stated watching the last preseason game, it is as if the staff was going out of its way to make sure Teddy won the job. It didn’t even work and yet they still named him starter. That’s what’s concerning.
  10. You don’t even know who Rick Dennison is.
  11. He very well could be, but, in my opinion, it’s if GB makes moves/decisions that Rodgers is requesting.
  12. But he dictates where that value is. That’s what you aren’t grasping. They’ll get value no matter what. But the Packers won’t be trading him to the damn Bears for 25 straight 1st round picks because Rodgers would never go there. You’re a Packers fan. I get it. I honestly hope the Packers just don’t trade him and set a precedent, but your organization has no leverage. Again, the best they can do is our if spite not trade him, which hurts themselves.
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