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  1. I've got Delta going #1 in the variant mock draft. Think we can get enough participation to run a CFMD? 😝 Do we even do FFMD on here anymore? I remember following those so closely back in the day. I need to go back sometime and see how awful our drafts were. I think I remember us taking Brady Quinn in the first one year and Sydney Rice in the first a different year.
  2. I think Spencer Havner has long since retired.
  3. I think he’s worth bringing back on a one year prove it deal. I don’t think that’s realistic though as I’m sure some other team will be willing to overpay. Guess we’ll have to hope Hollman or Sullivan can cut it next year as our number 2 corner. I’ve given up on Josh Jackson at this point.
  4. Ah, the glory days of FF when the Travaris Jackson vs Aaron Rodgers debate was a quick prelude to the years long Rodgers vs Rivers debate, largely fueled by KingofStats.
  5. Lazard is the type of WR LaFleur wants. Do you want to count on him as a key piece? No, but he fits the system well with his size and blocking ability.
  6. Offense better start lighting it up because the defense isn’t going to do squat today. Is it too much to ask that we target Adams?
  7. You can’t just throw the ball into your offense I’ve lineman. Lame.
  8. Hell of a draft. Literally. This draft was hell.
  9. Just think how happy we’ll all be if we draft some random WR, OL, or DL we’ve never heard of in the 5th. It’ll be the happiest we’ve been this year with a pick.
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