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  1. Add in Joe Brady too. I’ll be happy with any of those 4
  2. What do you think it would take to get him?
  3. What about if we draft Fields/Wilson at 2 and use the SEA 1st to trade up to get Devonta Smith?
  4. I don’t think it’s rushed for a couple reasons. 1. In JD’s words he did cast a wide net and interviewed I believe 7 candidates. So it’s not like he wasn’t thorough in that regard. 2. After the initial interviews if you know who you want you go for it before someone else does. You don’t want someone to act too slowly and patient and not get the person they want and are forced to settle. I trust JD and would love the Sallah hire if it’s true and that’s the way they go
  5. My top 3 are Harbaugh, Campbell, and Daboll. I’m hoping the Jets hire Harbaugh as he is my first choice. I read that Gore is endorsing him which is good and that he hasn’t signed an extension at Michigan yet because of interest with the Jets
  6. What about Wilson? He’s the guy I want right now. Big arm, can move around and make plays with his feet, accurate, has good size, and just has the IT factor. If the Jets do it right this might be a blessing in disguise in that you escape the pressure to succeed right away that Lawrence would bring and we might end up with the better qb anyways in the long run
  7. Congrats on Lawrence hopefully he works out for the Jags. But have you guys thought what if he busts not in terms of being a bad qb but busts in terms of being a generational player that everyone has already proclaimed him to be? The expectations for him are going to be huge and through the roof in that I hope he can deliver and live up to
  8. The hype and expectations for Lawrence is going to be HUGE for the Jags that if he just has a so so/ good year I feel many are going to be disappointed. I don’t think he’s going to bust in terms of being a bad qb but what if he busts in terms of being a generational player that everyone thinks he’s going to be? But I still think the Jets should trade Darnold and sign a vet like Stafford to start the season and draft Wilson or Fields at 2 and let them sit a bit. And who knows Wilson or Fields may end up being better than TLaw in the long run. I just think the important thing this draf
  9. I still think he needs to keep proving himself and keep playing hard! A career game against the Bears would be nice 😃
  10. Well it’s not like the Bears are a dominant and superior team. So there is definitely a chance you guys beat them. You guys almost beat the Packers and Vikings a couple weeks back. Just look at last week the Jets (sadly) beat the Rams on the road and the Bengals beat the Steelers with a backup QB. Never say never.... Anything can happen on any given Sunday
  11. I think it’s a combination of both. But besides that I think the main problem has been coaching. Darnold flashed some in year 1 under Bowles but regressed a ton since Gase came on. I truly believe Gase has ruined Sam, but I think he can be salvaged under the right coach. I just don’t want it to be here with the Jets anymore because I think the organization needs a clean slate with a new qb and coach. Plus bringing Sam back is going to be a bit of a difficult sell to the fans because at the end of the day we need something to get excited about and unfortunately that’s not Sam
  12. I wouldn’t be happy especially if you see Wilson and Fields tear it up for years to come. I wouldn’t mind a WR or TE with the 2nd 1st though
  13. I’m not sure if this is this should go somewhere else in a different thread but can you do comparisons for Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, and Justin Fields?
  14. Sunday can’t come fast enough. This week has been a tough one. As long as there’s hope I’m still going to be clinging onto the possibility of having TLaw. But at the end of the day as the disappointment wears off if the Jets don’t get him I’ll be ecstatic and very happy with Wilson or even Fields
  15. If/when we draft a qb at 1 or 2 we cannot put him in the same situation as Darnold with no weapons bad oline and bad coaches. If we’re at 2 don’t overthink it and draft Wilson or Fields and build around him through the draft and FA and hire the right coach this time. I don’t know what they were thinking when they hired Gase
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