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  1. GDT: Vikings@Jets

    I think they put Mo on Thielen most of the tine and double up on Diggs with Nickerson and a safety
  2. GDT: Vikings@Jets

    I’m gonna start the thread early this week as it seems we hit a stride and I’m just excited to get the discussion going! I think this is going to be a tough defensive battle for both teams, but also a game where both teams feel they have something to prove against each other. For the Vikings, they want to show the Jets they made the right move signing Cousins and that there legit. For the Jets, it’s the opposite as they want to show the Vikings that Cousins made a mistake going there and also say thank you to the Vikings because they lead us to Darnold who I believe will be better than Cousins. Were a a little bit banged up in key positions but I think we’ll be fine as long as we get Skrine and Tru back or just one of them. Hopefully Pryor can go to because it looks like Q will be out for some time. I like that this is a home game for us as it gives us an advantage. Also I think Cousins is going to choke when it comes down to crunch time prediction: Jets win 17-13
  3. GDT: Colts@Jets

    Nice game for Sam and the Jets. He was precise and accurate today. Loved the turnovers but the defense needs to tighten up. On a side note I’m 1-0 starting gdt’s.... maybe I should start more of them
  4. GDT: Colts@Jets

    Since no one has started one I’d figure I give it a go. The Colts are banged up with TY and Doyle being ruled out so I see Luck trying to do too much which hopefully leads to some turnovers. I think Sam has a good turnover free game. My prediction is Jets win 24-9