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  1. He's going to be assistant water boy and responsible for cutting the sleeves off Belichick's hoodies.
  2. He worked under Matt Millen as the assistant GM in Detroit and succeeded him when Millen was fired. He held that title from 2008-2015 until he was fired. His drafts in Detroit: 2009 1 - 1 - QB Matthew Stafford 1 - 20 - TE Brandon Pettigrew 2 - 33 - S Louis Delmas 3 - 76 - LB DeAndre Levy 3 - 82 - WR Derrick Williams 4 - 115 - DT Sammie Lee Hill 6 - 192 - RB Aaron Brown 7 - 228 - OT Lydon Murtha 7 - 235 - LB Zack Follett 7 - 255 - TE Dan Gronkowski 2010 1 - 2 - DT Ndamukong Suh 1 - 30 - RB Jahvid Best 3 - 66 - CB Amari Spievey 4 - 128 - OT Jason Fox 7 - 213
  3. Can Fulmer afford Jon Gruden's Raiders buyout?
  4. It's times like these I wish there was a deflated football reputation button for me to click.
  5. Cleveland should have taken a TO. The second effort looked like it came after he was down.
  6. I don't see Stafford netting a 1st round pick. He'll be 33 this season or 34 in 2022 with a lot of wear and tear. Plus, he's not going to play the 2023 season under his current contract, so he'd need to be extended or cut by 2022. Extending him would mean overpaying him, cutting him means you can't trade him. And if the Lions spent the capital to acquire Trask (or Jones, Newman, etc.) that you suggested, teams are going to know Detroit has to get rid of Stafford further decreasing his value. As for trading back into the first round for a QB, if you're going to spend next year's first round
  7. Trading next year's first to move up for Trask...I would vomit.
  8. According to the Detroit Free Press:
  9. The Browns only have one receiver, Marvin Hall, on their roster that wasn't placed on the Covid reserve list this weekend.
  10. Really hate the inconsistency in officiating big hits. The call in the Bears/Jags game was a flag thrown super late that was flagging the result, no the play. The ball carrier lowered his head lower than the defender, that should not be a foul on the defender.
  11. Detroit ownership only watches the Thanksgiving game every year. Sheila Ford Hamp isn't watching this. Unfortunately, she hired Chris Spielman to watch this for her and continue the long line of yes man, lip service front office people the team hires. They will hire another bum GM and another bum coach to continue the cycle of Detroit football under the Fords.
  12. Spitting on someone is a filthy and shameful act in normal circumstances. During a pandemic, not to mention while you're on a team that has had a recent outbreak that altered the schedule and closed the facility, it's malicious.
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