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  1. Don't worry, Dan Campbell has an entire half left to mismanage.
  2. If your career game is against Detroit, should it really count though?
  3. Your takes never cease to amaze me with how outlandish they are. Ferentz isn't getting fired. And Mendenhall is going to be leading a Mormon Mission, not coaching football. But hey, maybe they can get Jim Tressel and form the Union of College Football and march on those evil Southerner football programs.
  4. Ok? What does that have to do with a reason why Cincy should be ranked higher than #4?
  5. Not what I would do, but what I think the committee would do.: 1 'Bama 2. UGA 3. UM (if they beat Iowa) 4. Cincy.
  6. Did 'Bama get the call from the SEC to let UGA back into it to remove all doubt that two teams are getting in?
  7. Kirby, you were the chosen one! You were supposed to deliver us from Saban.
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