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  1. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Texans players bonding with their new S & C coach.
  2. Lions hire Darrell Bevell as Offensive Coordinator

    Hopefully, but maybe not. The Ford's are terrible owners. They fired Mayhew a couple of years too late. They fired Millen several years too late. They'll probably let Quinn hang on too long too; and I don't see Quinn firing his boy unless he's forced to by the Fords.
  3. Browns to name Freddie Kitchens as Head Coach

    He has way too many other head coaching offers to sift through for the Browns to be able to keep him.
  4. You do know that as soon as he retires from the NFL he's going to run for office on the bring back the Spanish Inquisition platform, right?
  5. The Airing of Grievances

    Not sure where else to post this, so I'll do it here. Link I don't think the story this is referring to, Patricia's indictment from 1996, is a big deal. But this response is just asinine. Quinn barely speaks, and when he does he sounds foolish. Couple that with some bad drafting and hiring a buffoon for a coach and this guy that was supposed to be some kind of wunderkind is looking like another disaster.
  6. Lions let go of Jim Bob Cooter

    A microcosm of Detroit's offense: Start possession Kerryon Johnson breaks a nice run *sub out Johnson for Blount for some reason 1st down: Handoff to Blount for 2 yards 2nd down: Handoff to Blount for 1 yard 3rd down: Option A - 5 yard pass to Riddick Option B - Incomplete pass 30 yards downfield Option C - Sack 4th down: Punt
  7. They can't win with Brian Kelly. Their only chance is to pull Jim Tressel out of mothballs and send a team of archaeologists to the Valley of the Kings to pull his playbook from Tut's cold, dead hands tbh imho iyam.
  8. Coaches on the hot seat

    That could have been epic. Lane could've found himself in Shawn Kemp, Antonio Cromarite, Willis McGahee territory without ol' Nevin Shapiro there to pay for abortions anymore.
  9. Houston's President, Renu Khator: "The winning is defined at University of Houston as 10 and 2. We’ll fire coaches at 8 and 4." Dana Holgorsen's career 2011: 10-3 2012: 7-6 2013: 4-8 2014: 7-6 2015: 8-5 2016: 10-3 2017: 7-6 2018: 8-4
  10. The Official Thread of The []_[]

    Woo hoo, another Temple head coach. I kid, I kid. But, with most things having to do with this program in the last two decades, I don't like it. I wish they had put on an actual coaching search. Whatever, I'm jaded.
  11. Browns to Hire Mike McCarthy

    An Arizona Cardinals writer with 6K Twitter followers is the one breaking this story? Eh, I'll believe it when I see the presser.
  12. Urban Meyer to teach a 'character and leadership' class at Ohio State next year.
  13. SaNF Week 15: CLE @ DEN GDT

    They were 4-12 in 2010 so that can't be true.
  14. SaNF Week 15: CLE @ DEN GDT

    That's a college rule, not NFL.
  15. You guys are getting royally screwed in this game.