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  1. Week 5 Gameday thread

    Lulz. Garbage call.
  2. Week 5 Gameday thread

    Eagles need to sneak Freddie Mitchell on the field for this 4th and 20.
  3. Week 5 Gameday thread

    Stupid challenge.
  4. Week 5 Gameday thread

    Eagles got that 2 point conversion because of a major hold on the edge.
  5. Week 5 Gameday thread

    Great job by Wentz holding onto the ball during that sack.
  6. Week 5 Gameday thread

    So not only does Mills suck, he's also stupid? Good luck pushing Fletcher Cox when he's trying to keep you from getting a flag.
  7. Week 5 Gameday thread

    Vikings Kicker is the Defense Against the Dark Arts position of the NFL.
  8. Week 5 Gameday thread

  9. Week 5 Gameday thread

    How do you hold an unblocked rusher?
  10. MMA Thread

  11. Week 6 | Other Games Thread

    Maryland's defense full of headhunters.
  12. Week 6 | Other Games Thread

    Personal foul, hitting the QB hard. 15 yard penalty, and loss of viewership.
  13. Week 4 MNF KC @ DEN GD Thread

    Wouldn't Sanders be looking for it then? He looked surprised.
  14. Raiders/Browns: Was it the correct call?

    He was off to the races because he played through the whistle while the Browns stopped. Easy to run past and away from guys not chasing.