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  1. The Lions don't have any receivers so the Vikings won't need any corners for two games, haha.
  2. Trey Flowers. In 2019 he was the 6th highest paid defensive player in football, was 12th last season and is slated to be the 13th highest paid this year. Detroit still owes him $36.7 million guaranteed over the next two seasons and can't realistically cut him until 2022 when it'll be a "more affordable" hit of $11.2 million in dead money. An absolutely bad signing by former Patriots guys trying to bring the Patriot Way to Detroit by paying a solid all around player elite pass rusher money.
  3. Only slightly more than he does to Kyler.
  4. Is Fitz coming back? They trying to build the tallest, slowest receiver unit in the NFL?
  5. Punt returns will cause a lot of anxiety in Jacksonville for the next couple of years. Jags fans, you'll be holding your breath to see if he breaks one, fields one inside his 5, or muffs it.
  6. He has terrific straight line speed and can pack a wallop if he gets a downhill shot at a target but he is terrible in space and seems to not have any instincts or awareness so he struggles in coverage and finishing as a blitzer. In the box he can't stack and shed and tries to run around blocks but just runs himself out of the play or gets swallowed up by the trash. He has physical tools, maybe if the Jets can coach him up he can be a contributor. Detroit's coaching did him no favors.
  7. Did Caserio have any say in the Culley hire?
  8. And which of the Bucs and/or Chiefs players refused to wear their contact tracing device for the season?
  9. Tony doesn't like a guy doing to a guy what he does to everyone when he makes a big play or a score? Ok, wonder how much Tony is losing on the Chiefs tonight.
  10. That article was from early November when the Jets were sitting pretty for the first pick.
  11. He's going to be assistant water boy and responsible for cutting the sleeves off Belichick's hoodies.
  12. He worked under Matt Millen as the assistant GM in Detroit and succeeded him when Millen was fired. He held that title from 2008-2015 until he was fired. His drafts in Detroit: 2009 1 - 1 - QB Matthew Stafford 1 - 20 - TE Brandon Pettigrew 2 - 33 - S Louis Delmas 3 - 76 - LB DeAndre Levy 3 - 82 - WR Derrick Williams 4 - 115 - DT Sammie Lee Hill 6 - 192 - RB Aaron Brown 7 - 228 - OT Lydon Murtha 7 - 235 - LB Zack Follett 7 - 255 - TE Dan Gronkowski 2010 1 - 2 - DT Ndamukong Suh 1 - 30 - RB Jahvid Best 3 - 66 - CB Amari Spievey 4 - 128 - OT Jason Fox 7 - 213
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