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  1. Week 12 Playoff Rankings

    Probably has something to do with no decent, much less good, wins and only one road win (Ole Miss). Texas State (3-7) Sun Belt Lamar (4-7) Southland, FCS Arkansas (2-8) SEC Ole Miss (4-7) SEC Mississippi State (4-6) SEC UTSA (4-6) Conference USA South Carolina (4-7) SEC Losses to Clemson, Auburn, Alabama and possibly to LSU and Georgia is definitely the best looking loss tally I can ever think of, but they have to beat someone at some point to get recognition.
  2. SNF Week 11: Rams v. Bears

    As bad as Chicago played, if they had a kicker this is a different game.
  3. SNF Week 11: Rams v. Bears

    RIP Bears. RIP Khan's daddy.
  4. SNF Week 11: Rams v. Bears

    On a judgement call, sure. But that wasn't a judgement call.
  5. SNF Week 11: Rams v. Bears

    Nah, that was the right call. Their players have to know how to line up properly.
  6. SNF Week 11: Rams v. Bears

    Good decision picking that up.
  7. SNF Week 11: Rams v. Bears

    Put Bortles in at TE!
  8. SNF Week 11: Rams v. Bears

    Is Chase Daniel healthy?
  9. SNF Week 11: Rams v. Bears

    If the uprights are two feet taller, that's a doink.
  10. NFL Week 11 GDT

    Tony Romo, what are you looking at? He hit him in the chest with his shoulder...
  11. NFL Week 11 GDT

    Really? You're going to call that?
  12. NFL Week 11 GDT

    Odd play call by McDaniels there.
  13. NFL Week 11 GDT

  14. NFL Week 11 GDT

    Doesn't count, it's against the Bengals. It's called the Lamar Jackson effect.