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  1. In a game of who could make the dumber call, Dallas saved the best for last.
  2. Why did you get so cute!? Stop the madness, just sneak the damn ball!
  3. Welp that Dak face is going to be a new meme.
  4. These officials going to start selling space on their zebra shirts for advertisers with as much air time as they're getting.
  5. Jeez. This 4th quarter has been a clinic on "hold my beer" football.
  6. Kyle not know his best two defensive players are out? Gonna regret punting.
  7. San Fran is determined to try to give this game away. But Dallas is like nah we don't want it.
  8. Down 31-7, you push the GOAT in the back and then jaw at him? Some people are clueless.
  9. I admit that I haven't watched this game but the box score just said Philly scored so it's important to see how Brady responds this drive or the Eagles could be in position for a late come back.
  10. Hurts has no velocity on his throws. Great play by Shaq.
  11. That Carleton Davis penalty really flipped field position and if Philly cashes in here could be a big deal. What an absolute idiot.
  12. They could not handle the fury of Uncle Buck
  13. Bills should be saving some of these points for next week, they're going to need 'em.
  14. That's OBJ and he runs the wrong route and then complains he didn't get the ball.
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