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  1. Nice work MWil! In Woods defensive scheme of 3 safeties, one of the safeties has to call the coverages and that is why I think it is imperative to sign best value safety with a veteran proven pass rusher like Watt. Add Delpit and Williams with a defense oriented draft.
  2. Barmore Use 3rd pick to trade up
  3. I believe Altman is on his way out. Resigning Love, trading5picks and $ for Porter, poor trade with Irving, whiffing on Garland and Windler, Drummond fiasco, releasing Porter, signing Beulein as coach, and inability to build a roster. The two solid decisions are Okoro and Allen trade.
  4. In order to dissect Browns D, I break it down to D line, LB, and Dbacks. For D line, I would sign FA Watt (or comparable) and then restructure Richardson. Adios Larry. Bring back Billings and Clayborn. Draft BPA at DE/DT with 1st round pick. For LB, draft two with one who must have speed to cover fast RB/TE. Resign Goodson with Taki, Wilson, and Phillips for depth. Don’t forget Woods has mostly 2 LB’s on the field. For Dbacks, sign best value FA S for 2 yrs with Delpit, Harrison, Redwine, and draft S. For CB, resign Mitchell and draft CB in 2-3 rd. Ward and Greedy should be solid. One
  5. March 17 is the official date for beginning of NFL season at which time the FA frenzy starts. It seems this post has drifted off topic as the intent was to focus on our pending FA’s and who should we sign or let go. Yes cap space and money are certainly the key factors this year in particular. I believe we are only going to sign 2-4 of this FA group and let Higgins go as the other contracts are minimal. Another view of this off-season is to break down the defense into lb, d line, and d back to see who we keep and who to let go. I believe the decisions with our FA’s is first in the dec
  6. Sorry 11 weeks to April 29 draft in Cleveland.
  7. The draft is 10 weeks away and Browns management will be assessing who to sign, let go, and extend. My take is we will sign Parkey, Mitchell, Johnson, Joseph, and Goodson at reasonable 1-2 yr deals within thirty days. The rest may be offered league minimum. Also, several contracts will be restructured. Who do we sign?
  8. A concept I like is to resign Higgins and trade OBJ and cash for JJ Watt with 3rd round pick which I would add a 4th round pick to trade up in 2nd round for Tall speedyWR. To support Woods defensive scheme we will need to draft CB and find the right FA S. Bottom line for defense is to build D line.
  9. With Woods defensive scheme of 4-2-5, or first pick should be impact DE/DT. We can get NFL starting LB and S in 3rd. Some are speculating we use 2nd on WR or CB. There are a dozen or so studs that opted out for COVID and astute NFL people will look at this segment for value.
  10. Assuming Woods is retained, Berry will support his defensive strategy by filling the holes with solid players who are early in their careers and improving. If Woods likes the 3 safety d backfield, I can see adding Hooker or resign Joseph plus use 3rd round pick on S. For CB, Ward and Williams starters and resign Mitchell or Johnson plus 3rd round pick on CB. For LB, resign Goodson and use 1-2 round on impact player. Use the other 1-2 on DE or DT BPA. For DT, I would use FA. The For DE, I would use FA. I believe you can get NFL starters for S and LB in 3rd round. I believe Woods strategy
  11. On offense, our only need is c/g and tall WR. On defense, the process is to resign or release current roster, trades, fa, draft and then leftover FA’s. The priority of needs on D will be a function of process above and BPA. With return of Delpit and Williams will help d backs but it was the weakest part of our D. D line is the area I believe is most important decisions.
  12. It is obvious to me Dolan is selling the team because of name change and getting basically 4 wannabes for two top tier players. I think they will lose most of the fan base that did not leave the sinking ship.
  13. The key to our Browns winning is turnovers. Our defense needs to play inspired football the entire game and make 2-3 turnovers and hopefully give up field goals instead of touchdowns. Our offense has to not make turnovers or penalties and make touchdowns not field goals. Pretty simple formula but a winning performance! You can’t stop a team that won’t be stopped! GO BROWNS
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