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  1. Clowney is a clown. Vernon will show up and give solid effort. The old Browns mgt would get fooled like signing Britt, Bowe, and Collins.
  2. 2020 Opponents Set

    According to the experts, Browns have 4th easiest schedule. IMHO all the games are winnable which translates into 8-8. For division games, I believe we win all home games and lose on road to Balt and Pitt which translates to 4-2 in division and 10-6 for year. As discussed on this forum, Browns will need to add veteran lb, g, and dback for defense to upgrade. I firmly believe our O will score points with the running game controlling the clock when needed. The D needs to keep opponents under 20 pets a game for 10-6 to be reality.
  3. (Polls) 2020 NFL Draft Round 2 and 3 Discussion

    Per defensive needs post, I believe most of our remaining picks will be D and maybe a wr in 3rd round. Priority of D needs are s, lb-both Mike and speed, and de(clowney would be nice). I would suggest using picks to trade up if needed to get a game changer.
  4. How about trading our #1 this year, next year’s #1, and this year #3 for Trent and their #1pick assuming we can ink a favorable deal with only two years guarantee with Trent. If needed, we can always a player whose contract is not favorable to us.
  5. Defensive needs

    There have been numerous solid posts regarding our D. From my perspective, I believe Browns will load up the draft for D needs and maybe a trade or two or FA to fix the OLine. Specifically, I think Simmons is the target with 1st pick and S with 2-3 pick. Also, I think we jettison Vernon after draft. Bottom line I think most of draft picks will be for D. Priority of D needs: mlb, s, de,speed lb, and dt.
  6. Defensive needs

    Several people have voiced concerns on the defensive side of ball. Clowney is clearly a target as well as LB’s. The priority is de, lb, and s. Who do you think we should pursue in regards to fa, trade, and draft? I propose Clowney in fa. Trade for Thuney rg. Draft Harrison lb osu and best avail s.
  7. Free Agency Discussion

    Me thinks Trent will eventually be a Brown for 3rd rd from Houston! It's the Harvard move to make when and if Trent agrees to deal with bonus incentives but NO new contract until next year or yearafter Browns draft Wirfs for RG or Simmons LB with 1st, Hamilton DT OSU (he is a future sackmaster) with 2nd, and Tyler G/C or best S available with 3rd, roll the dice with the rest of picks with speed LB or WR or DE O line would go from worst to top 5 with Conklin, Williams, and top graded rookie added to Tretter, and Bitonio , all pro caliber with new all pro coach Callahan who will also have TE's and WR's learn to block on the line. Chubbs would have a chub and Hunt would be the hunter. Play action would be unprecedented. Defense would add two impact players and the middle would be tight with most impressive pass rush, Vernon in shape is solid but I see Harvard letting go if he can find a solution that makes $ense Special teams would benefit with upgrades and new KR/PR from Akron
  8. Free Agency Discussion

    Latest rumor mill has Jenkins S and Harris S ending up Browns starting S's which would mean cutting Vernon loose.
  9. Free Agency Discussion

    Berry said he would make a splash and he surely did but the big wave is over. Two starters and the most important backup! There is a need for 3-5 veterans @ 5M to fill out roster with S, LB, DE, RG, LT. One point Dorsey taught us was to fill out the roster before the draft. We might be making a trade for draft picks but doubt trades as a vehicle to improve team.
  10. Free Agency Discussion

    Nothing short of outstanding! All three fill major offensive needs! $27M well spent and let Hubbard go for another 4M Offensive issues resolved except LT (now for sure #1 pick) and RG! We need LB, S, DT, and DE to fill out roster BEFORE draft.
  11. Free Agency Discussion

    There is no fool like the old fool as I know realize there is a lot of hype in PFF, analysts, etc...that is based on opinion and not fact. Fact is Callahan, Stefanski, Woods, Van Pelt and others surely have a MUCH better idea of value players that fit the new BRAND of CLE Browns. I initially thought two FA's on each side of the ball would basically fill the team needs and draft could be used for BPA. Now, I just read Browns have $61M in FA money and then add the money by cutting Vernon, Kirksey, et al. Then, the number gets 80M+. Browns must think things through with their FA game plan and goals. I thought Harris S was a sure thing until the 14M sal and then there is little value as he is solid but not all pro. I thought Trent Williams was sure thing with Callahan connection but now there is an auction as well as health issues. Bottom line is to be aggressive for young first time contract eligible and stay away from bad long term contracts like Harris S.
  12. Free Agency Discussion

    From my viewpoint, I believe we need 2 FA's on each side of the ball. From a money standpoint, it looks like we have a budget of around 42M for FA if we want. Yes, Schoebert is reported not to be retained which means we need to sign Kirksey, FA, or draft LB. Most likely, FA! I think Callahan has ONE pricey RG he has identified in FA as we are drafting LT with 1st pick. I believe Stefanski has Harris S in tow Van Pelt probably has a TE or WR he would like. So bottom line LB, S on D and WR/TE and RG on O!
  13. Very well done and doable with cap limitation possibilities!
  14. Pre-Combine Mock: A Game Of Trenches

    Sweet! I would suggest purchasing a top rated RG in FA who can play C if needed (10M/yr kind).
  15. Very nice job! No need for Shea Patterson or Keenum! But we should draft a QB late for development and or trade down the line. Yes QB is most important position but we are all in for Mayfield. We need either Kirksey on reduced contract or resign Schobert at reasonable levels. We do need to draft a DL with one of the OL picks. FB Stanton needs to be real blocker or find Hybrid/TE/H Back or whatever Stefanski needs to open running lanes....FB for Niners really makes a difference...a combination of FB and TE/hybrid H back really makes a lot of sense for Browns Stefanski had a MN tackle O'Neil from Pitt who was a TE but transitioned to RT....this is the kind of guy we need We need Bitionio or RG to be C if needed. We need to draft a burner/returner/deep threat with top end speed Send any Browns linemen or TE or WR to LeCharles Bentley offensive line school or comparable to Callahan's suggestion to learn how to block in today's NFL Trade OBJ, Randall,