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  1. I will state the obvious as our first pick should be an impact player on defense whoever Browns deem BPA at de,dt, lb,or cb. There are no impact S in first round so I see Browns looking at FA to find the right S. In theory, Delpit and Greedy will be starters. Garrett and Ward are elite. Elliot, Wilson, and Takitaki at lb. D line will need some work with Richardson one year left on contract.
  2. From my perspective Mayfield continues to improve which is the bottom line. No interceptions! No fumbles! Very few sacks! He has much better pocket awareness. Without a speed WR, defenses have adjusted. It looks like he is reading the defenses as evidenced by audibles. Lastly he continues to change his cadence causing offsides. Hopefully he will continue to improve.
  3. Cavs roster is now in middle of the league with two deep at every position. Starters listed first! 1-sexton and garland, 2-porter and exum , 3-osman and windler , 4-love and nance, and 5-Drummond and bell. All players are still ascending except Love. The only NBA ready player is Toppin. So the question is take him or trade down. What do you think?
  4. The rumor mill has projected the trade of Love which would allow Nance to flourish if he can as well as Toppin or equivalent in draft. Then there is Drummond issue of whether he stays or goes. From a defensive standpoint there is Drummond, Nance, Osman , Porter and Sexton/Garland as a solid unit with last years starting unit lowest in league. Also, decision needs to be made at point guard and shooting guard. Altman is at a crucial stage in his tenure and this year will be defining moment as the Beurlein hire and last two drafts have been poor decisions at best. The current roster is just below NBA average with no all stars and few potential players with a high ceiling. My guess is Obi, Okoro, or O from USC who are projected possible all stars down the road.
  5. Romeo has no skin in this game as he is interim coach. Bottom line is our defense. Many have stated Vernon and Clayborn are healthy with new stating safeties in Harrison and Redwine. Wilson says he is 100% and Phillips is back. So five new and healthy starters on defense. Berry stated he was happy with roster because of these players returning but I still suspect Haslams are cheap as we had PFF lowest rated safeties and linebackers in the league with an obvious need to upgrade. And, three healthy starters on offense-Chubb, Teller, Hooper. I look for a big offensive effort of 35+ pts with moderate defense allowing 21.
  6. Very well done! Surely everyone would be very happy with this draft. In the real world, I think Berry will use some picks to move up for players they have scouted. Money and cap space are going to effect the equation as the Haslams appear to be on the cheap side. I believe there are going to be some players cut besides the expiring contracts with the philosophy of young players on first contracts noted with the exception of players who warrant second contract like Garrett, Bitonio, Tretter, Landry, Hunt, and shortly Chubb and Ward. Jury is still out on Mayfield but that decision will be in March. Berry might do a little more in FA.
  7. Trade Njoku and 6th to Wash for Ryan Kerrigan Trade 5th to Cincinnati forRoss WR Sign Matthews And Reid FA’s Offer 2nd to Patriots for Gilmore
  8. There remain a lot of sellers in the market. I still like the idea of signing Clay Matthews and Eric Reid on prove it deals. Also, Vernon must be traded or cut and sign Williams per Candyman. Keep Njoku! Lastly, sign best cornerback/safety available that makes sense long term as we will need next year. Joseph and Sendejo are rental backups that will not be on the team next year. Same with Vernon and Richardson, both are on last legs of decent careers. I understand the strategy to use FA’s and draft next year to fortify defense. The bottom line is we have two months to use new players to build a defense that is playoff caliber.
  9. Several people commented trades are unlikely as we are 4-5 players short of a playoff/super bowl contender. My rationale is we are going to lose Vernon, Richardson, Sendejo, Joseph and others with expiring contracts so now is a good time to make deals with teams motivated to dump salaries/players. Vernon and Richardson salaries are 25M so we can easily justify Yannick or Smith or any top ten safety. I predict we make two trades with players and or draft picks. The rumor mill is Minn, Houston, Jax, Patriots, Jets and a few other teams who are motivated. Berry is astute and looking for trades that will improve our DEFENSE which is marginal at best. Also, I would sign FA’s Clay Matthews and Eric Reid at a minimum.
  10. With Nov 3 deadline, Browns need to make some adjustments to strengthen their roster particularly on defense. The first question is priority of needs on defense as I am assuming Mayfield is on the field rest of this year and maybe next. As mentioned in previous posts, we need help at safety, cornerback, speed lb, and de/de. Also, there are some trade bait in Ndjoku, Vernon, Greedy Williams, and possibly Beckham with draft picks if needed. IMHO, I would look at safety first and foremost long term solution as we need next year too. Then, speed lb short term! Also sign Clay Matthews! I understand it is 6 games into season but if we are going anywhere this year we must produce a defense that can put constant pressure on QB with experienced safeties Who can tackle and speed LB to cover TE and RB. We are solid in cornerbacks. Bottom line is I believe in Berry and know he has been talking to teams that have no chance for playoffs this year and want to dump salary. We have cap space, some players that will not be back next year, and draft picks. What do you think or propose?
  11. Not true! Hue just wants to bring attention to himself just as he always did things to make Hue look good. No one will ever hire him in football for the many reasons stated in this thread.
  12. Clowney is a clown. Vernon will show up and give solid effort. The old Browns mgt would get fooled like signing Britt, Bowe, and Collins.
  13. According to the experts, Browns have 4th easiest schedule. IMHO all the games are winnable which translates into 8-8. For division games, I believe we win all home games and lose on road to Balt and Pitt which translates to 4-2 in division and 10-6 for year. As discussed on this forum, Browns will need to add veteran lb, g, and dback for defense to upgrade. I firmly believe our O will score points with the running game controlling the clock when needed. The D needs to keep opponents under 20 pets a game for 10-6 to be reality.
  14. Per defensive needs post, I believe most of our remaining picks will be D and maybe a wr in 3rd round. Priority of D needs are s, lb-both Mike and speed, and de(clowney would be nice). I would suggest using picks to trade up if needed to get a game changer.
  15. How about trading our #1 this year, next year’s #1, and this year #3 for Trent and their #1pick assuming we can ink a favorable deal with only two years guarantee with Trent. If needed, we can always a player whose contract is not favorable to us.
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