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  1. Cavs continue to tank! Fire Altman Buyout Love for $15m so he can play in Portland Draft Mobley as he can PF Defense would have 2 rim protectors Starting lineup Allen, Mobley, Garland, Okoro, Nance SF with Sexton off the bench Bench Osman, Wade, Hartenstein, Prince, and Stevens Go to 8 man rotation
  2. DT, QB, and G/C My inclination is we use some draft capital for 2022.
  3. The reason I advocate trading up is the fact PFF and most analysts believe there are only 18 impact players in this draft which is rather strong 1-100. I believe we need another impact player on D or stud WR on O. Otherwise, I think we should trade down if we don’t find an impact player.
  4. Lately there have been some discussions about when, if, and who the Browns are going to draft a WR due to the fact they have 30M tied up in OBJ and Landry. Some advocate trading up because this year’s draft is super strong at WR while others believe they can get starting caliber WR in 2-3 round. Yet some believe we have 6 WR’s already (OBJ, Landry, Higgins,Hodge, Jones, and Natson) and no need. My belief is Browns will go CB first and WR second unless they trade OBJ or Ndjoku. If they do use a high pick on WR they might let Landry go. Some believe they will make moves to get a 1 or 2 next
  5. One week away from NFL draft! Experts suggest the economic impact of 150M. A couple of days ago I was downtown and took a drive by the venue. It looks great with a backdrop of Lake Erie. Again, free tickets are now limited but free, From what I have read, it appears that the collective group of Cleveland commission, NFL, TV and media have done an outstanding job. Hope to see you there!
  6. No one knows the plan or draft board of Browns! Some say we stay at 26, others suggest we trade down, and a few like me suggest we trade up. Additionally everyone is all over the map on what position and player it will be. Some project we trade OBJ and Ndjoku for picks while others think we should use draft capital for players. Some suggest we gather picks for next year. Since this is the best roster the Browns have ever had, we have a lot of flexibility. Again, I am in favor of using next year’s #1 to trade up for defensive impact player.
  7. I believe we should trade up and take CB-Horn or Farley. If not, Collins can play M or outside LB and DE. Barmore would make sense too.
  8. Love this mock draft! If so, I would let Landry go. Also, I would think about Barmore with 1st pick and draft WR later while keeping Landry. I believe Browns will draft an O lineman. Another thought is to trade up!
  9. According to some top NFL analysts, Browns are not done in FA. Reports are front office is still working full time on a couple of transactions including Clowney and Houston. Also, some speculation that we have trades in the mix using our draft capital to salary cap teams in trouble. Berry has shown he is an astute trader, evaluator, and professional.
  10. FREE tickets now available via One Pass! Browns first pick has numerous alternatives depending on Greedys health, Clowney trade, and trading up. So far I have not seen the same pick taken in any mock draft. I still believe we will take an impact player on defense by trading up.
  11. Browns need an impact player with 1st pick! I would suggest using draft capital to move up to 12-15 arena either using next year’s first or 2nd and 3rd this year. Then rely on our scouting department to pick BPA.
  12. Berry did outstanding job of upgrading our DEFENSE. PFF now rates the Browns the 4th best roster in NFL. Starting D line Garret, Jackson, Richardson and maybe Clowney or high draft pick Backup Takk, Billings, Elliott, and Gustin Starting LB’s Taki, Walker, Phillips with Wilson, Smith, and draftee Starting CB Ward, Hill, with hopefully Horn(trade up 1sr rd) and Greedy Starting S Johnson, Harrison with Delpit and Redwine backups In theory, Berry added three impact players, plus Delpit and Greedy, and draft picks to be determined. Now we have Garrett, Ward, and Rich
  13. With the extra picks and strong roster, I believe Berry will be trading up for an impact player on defense to join Garrett, Ward, and Johnson. Yes, DE or CB!
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