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    Jays just churning out quality young players. Teoscar Hernandez and Lourdes Gurriel look like the real deal.
  2. 2018 Buffalo Bills Schedule

    Tough sledding early
  3. Off course, Velasquez cruises through 4 innings than implodes in the 5th, Berrios twirles another gem and can't get a run for a win. Arenado back next game and Acuna is warming in Gwinnet but frustrating start
  4. 2 Round Mock w/ Trades

    Love it This Bills team with Shady, Cadet, Ivory, DiMarco and Co will likely lead NFL in collective touches. With a rookie QB and loosing Incognito, Wood and Cordy Glenn patching up the OL will be a draft priority this year, especially considering how deep it is
  5. TheVillain112 2018 1st Round Mock v1.0...

    We traded up for Mayfield and got Calvin Ridley ? Damn, what did we pay ?
  6. 2 Round Mock after Dez Bryant release

    Solid mock for the Bills
  7. 2 Round Mock w/ Trades

    Would much rather G Braden Smith or C/G Frank Ragnow over TE Goedert. We good with Clay and O'Leary over next couple seasons. We could us an interior OL guy to plug in and start from day 1.
  8. Predict The Pick v.2 - 12 - Bills

    Josh Allen
  9. Gurriel, Bichette and Guerrero continue to terrorize AA. Jays future IF in good hands Sean Reid-Foley off to good start as well
  10. Acuna can come up any day now. Slow start in AAA but that could change any day.
  11. 7 Rounds 4.0 With 1 Trade

    I like this mock for the Bills. Rosen gives us our coveted franchise QB, Braden Smith steps in and starts immediately. Pettis and Gossett are nice gets.
  12. Controversial? NEW mock with trade

    This draft sucks We would trade over Miami and take Rosen
  13. 2 Round Mock-a-Mania

    Josh Rosen to Buffalo.. Like going OL in round 2 as well where we could use multiple upgrades
  14. 1 Rd. Mock with trades.

    Great deal for the Bills to get Rosen
  15. Trade me Freeman to go with Albies and Acuna