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  1. AFC Playoff Picture

    Assuming Bills and Patriots win. Can we take division lead with a win ?
  2. GDT: Bills @ Steelers on SNF!!

    Have to win this to make week 16 insane when we go into NE
  3. AFC Playoff Picture

    I think we can definitely win a game in Houston
  4. AFC Playoff Picture

    We'll bounce back and clinch a playoff spot this week
  5. GDT Ravens

    Simply put, this team isn't going anywhere in post season with this garbage OL Josh Allen can't be running for his life every ******* pass play
  6. GDT Ravens

    This OL is embareassing
  7. GDT Ravens

  8. GDT Ravens

    Horrible play calling today
  9. GDT Ravens

    Knew that was coming
  10. GDT Ravens

    Wow, wtf was that
  11. GDT Ravens

    Massive stop !! This defense
  12. GDT Ravens

    Let's ******* go
  13. GDT Ravens

    And we waste a ******* timeout
  14. GDT Ravens

    Horrible play calling
  15. GDT Ravens

    Questionable challenge because he was playing the ball. Too risky. Dont listen to Dan Fouts.. he was just praising Lamar Jackson and his horrible decision making lol