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  1. Better prospect Wander Franco or Jerred Kelenic ?
  2. Ryan Fitzpatrick will be under center for the Packers if Rodgers retires
  3. Gonna be interesting what they do.. I dont see us dropping Jerry Hughes at this point. With Lotuleilei back in the mix would Vernon Butler maybe? Maybe give Epenesa/Rousseau reps inside.
  4. I still feel we need a quality CB and wouldnt be surprised if we got one.
  5. We'll all be following our new DL additions good or bad. Might as well direct our chat here long term. Rousseau to be mentored by Bruce Smith 😁
  6. Basham is a DE? I did read it right I'm shocked we doubled on DE
  7. I'm not watching tonight but did we really go DE again?
  8. JOK is considered a project as well and fits teams that also went pass rush at the end of the 1st round. Rousseau is gonna get reps as a 3rd down guy immediately. It's not like hes gonna be sitting for a year learning on the PS. Hes gonna be in rotation from week 1. If you look at the draft board there are alot of CBs and RBs available at end of 2nd/3rd rounds. Unfortunately that's not the case with edge rushers hence the run on that position at the end of the round. Every edge rusher in this draft is flawed in some way I think everyone's BB had RB, CB and DE on the board in some ord
  9. Day 2 BB CB - Asante Samuel Jr CB - Tyson Campbell RB - Javonte Williams
  10. Better pass rusher than AJ Epenesa. Will get rotational look now behind vets Addison and Hughes for year. I like it
  11. Rousseau is an athletic pass rusher
  12. My top 3 targets are gone with Harris, Etienne and Horn My BB is CB Greg Newsome CB Asante Samuel Jr DE Gregory Rousseau
  13. Decent mock, ok with Harris and Stokes
  14. Anyone feel like doing a Mock Draft to pass the time until the draft? If we get 6 of us everyone can rep a division (so whoever gets NFC South selects for TB, NO, ATL and Carolina) ** Sorry this was meant for the Draft thread lol
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