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  1. Khalil Mack

    Khalil Mack is gonna cost our 2019 1 guaranteed. My guess would be 2019 (1), 2020 (2) and maybe a controlled player like Shaq Lawson and a mid round pick in 2019 or 2020. I'm not sure we'll even listen to dealing 2019(1) Considering our QB situation
  2. Training Camp Thread

    At this point just punt body of work in comparison bro. It doesn't carry much weight because Peterman obviously projects as a back up at best. Patience is key though, but all signs are projecting upwards right now. I'm excited about this kid
  3. Looking to add a keeper SP for next year. Dangling 3B Miguel Andujar who is my best hitter lately. Guy provides 4 category production in what's gonna be a quality lineup for a while.
  4. Training Camp Thread

    Comparing Josh Allen to a bust right off the hop was silly. I get we've been shamed by QB play but the Josh Allen pessimism was unwarranted imo. I think at this point the absolute worst case is Blake Bortles with ultimate ceiling being Ben Roethlisberger
  5. Training Camp Thread

    Sheesh, Kyle Williams seen leaving locker room in a full leg brace. Get ready Harrison Phillips looks like you're gonna be starting week 1
  6. The Prospect/Amateur Thread - Where Reds Top Prospects Get Hurt

    Just won player of the week in his second week. 4 Homers in 5 games Danny Jansen and Sean Reid-Foley both making debuts tonight as well
  7. FF MLB Veterans League

    I'm on the fence on holds but early indication will be back to Saves. Also looking for a Ace and willing to move Eloy Jimenez, Anthony Rizzo, Ronald Acuna or Miguel Andujar to get one
  8. FF MLB Veterans League

    Yea it's a solid team.
  9. FF MLB Veterans League

    Getting close to off season Any league enhancement request anyone would want to bring to the table for vote for next year ? Personally I'm not a fan of OBP @crab1106 @devils1854 @playmaker8267@freakygeniuskid @malibuspeedrace @biggio7 @klyon7634 @zelbell @I_GET_SAX Also anyone planning on leaving ?
  10. Yea, I'm on the Bader train as well Vladdy Jr is such a stud, misses a month and comes back without missing a beat. He might out produce Bryant as early as next season
  11. The Prospect/Amateur Thread - Where Reds Top Prospects Get Hurt

    Vladimir Guerrero Jr thru 10 AAA games (30 ab) .433/.538/1.338 8-3 BB/K ratio
  12. Training Camp Thread

    So essentially it sounds like depends on who you ask about Allen. I feel he's already been condemned a bust to some people. This is some exciting stuff tho
  13. Training Camp Thread

    I lost the game feed. How's Allen look ?
  14. Training Camp Thread

    McCarron looked good Harrison Phillips gonna have a long career
  15. When are we getting a receiver?

    Nice get getting Coleman