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  1. Klay Thompson has a torn ACL

    Kellerman flunked at boxing now he's giving dumb basketball predictions? You cant make this **** up can you lol
  2. We walked through the 3 best teams in the NBA and won the Championship. The best team won, lets enjoy this
  3. Ok, I'll be honest. You have a very low quality opinion So no need to keep this going because you refuse to accept REALITY in your opinion. Similar to my 11 year old daughter
  4. Who lost 3 starters? GS played the series without 1 starter and lost Klay for what the last 16 minutes of the series?
  5. I'm gonna chalk this up as like most online "debates". Youre debating a hypothetical opinion, like its a fact. Im debating FACTS. I hope you recognize the difference
  6. Anddd they had no depth to compensate for it... Case closed No injuries are predicted or expected my friend. But in professional sports you need to prepare for them They still steam rolled Portland without Durant, wasnt happening against the bench mob in Toronto
  7. Except it truly is "get stars vs have depth" lol.. Unless you hit lottery on late round picks who develop quick while paying super star players, having both is simply unrealistic in a salary cap league. Injuries are very real, thus making what Warriors did a gamble.
  8. Raps beat GS twice this year with Durant in lineup. Once without our only real star Kawhi Leonard (Lowry, Siakam are good but wouldn't consider them top tier at positions) To say GS would've won with Durant is hypothetical and tbh foolish and is really only trying to discredit an amazing, well deserved Championship run by the Raps
  9. Defining to who though? It's a talking point that being spread by Warriors fans or Drake/Raptors haters imo There is only 2 ways to build a team in a salary cap league. You build your team with depth or you sacrifice your teams depth and go hard paying the big names.
  10. Warriors decided to build a super team with no depth and it hurt them. In order to acquire a team of superstar players, you need to sacrifice your quality on the bench. This is a gamble the Warriors decided to take Don't discredit the Raptors because they built there team differently. Injuries happen in professional sports