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  1. Yup, Najee Harris would've been great pick. Bad news on Knox, just read he broke his hand. Gonna miss some time
  2. Dont we have the tiebreaker against Chiefs? Our schedule isnt the toughest either. I see 5-0 remaining within the division alone
  3. Not at this point of the game
  4. Thats a horrible decision
  5. That's a stupid ******* decision
  6. Game is on Allen's shoulders now.. 4 down territory
  7. We need to get some better pressure
  8. Worst possession in a while for Allen
  9. Horrible decision by Allen
  10. That sack is on Allen.. Needs to get rid of the ball
  11. This game is going down to the final possession
  12. We need to put up some points here
  13. Beasley making a huge impact
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