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  1. Bumgarner looks good tonight. I was getting a little concerned. With Kershaw and Stroman due back in a week I'm looking to deal a arm. If anyone is interested in Berrios, Cole, MadBum, Kershaw, Newcomb, Lester or Stroman LMK. Ideally I'd like to thin my keepers with a 2-1 or 3-2 type deal @malibuspeedrace check your messages
  2. Mind your business than lol.
  3. Bro, your offer was weak asf. Right now Nola has better numbers but Berrios isn't a finished product. Your offer was Nola and "pick a fringe keeper I don't like" for Yelich. Yelich has lighter but similar skillset as Benny. bD shot me imo the better pitcher in dynasty (Berrios) plus a OF with upside that contributes now, and potential stud roto bat who will be up next year when Harper leaves. My team is better than yours now and tomorrow lol
  4. Is that a dig at me ? You're acting bitter asf bro.
  5. Sending OF Andrew Benintendi Receiving SP Jose Berrios OF Victor Robles OF Austin Meadows Benny is a stud. bD came with value imo. Protects my future and gives me a surplus of quality pitching which is movable in this league. Assuming Meadows declines he will have value and I can carry him with Bellinger, Yelich, Eaton and JMart if need be. Nice Keeper core Cody Bellinger Nick Senzel Kris Bryant Josh Donaldson Didi Gregorius Victor Robles Austin Meadows Adam Eaton Christian Yelich Jose Martinez David Dahl Clayton Kershaw Madison Bumgarner Jose Berrios Gerrit Cole Craig Kimbrel
  6. Looking to add SP for OF
  7. Sending SS Manny Machado SP Ross Stripling Getting 3B Kris Bryant SS Didi Gregorious OF Jose Martinez Basically, I needed depth pretty bad. I feel Jose Martinez is legit and I think Kris Bryant is slightly underachieving. Didi Gregorious is a solid SS. Updated keepers C/1B Buster Posey 1B Cody Bellinger 2B/3B Nick Senzel SS Didi Gregorius 3B Kris Bryant 3B Josh Donaldson OF Andrew Benintendi OF Christian Yelich OF Jose Martinez SP Gerrit Cole SP Madison Bumgarner SP Clayton Kershaw
  8. The trade addiction is REAL My OF is good long-term with Benny, Yelich and Bellinger if need be.
  9. The 2018-2019 Buffalo Sabres Thread

    A few Sabres related rumors circulating are - Oilers and Canucks interested in Ristolainen - Sabres interested in Flames Dougie Hamilton - Sabres actively shopping Ryan O'Reilly
  10. MMA Thread

    Yoel just got wrecked twice by a smaller MW. The first time Whittaker was on one leg lol. Barring a flash KO brought on by Romero's explosiveness you're looking at a 5 round beat down from DC
  11. MMA Thread

    Not sure if this is a joke ? Colby looked very good last night regardless if people don't like him or not. He's gonna give Tyron Woodley a go 100%
  12. Haha your roster has been set 10x already lol. You'll make a big trade by Tuesday
  13. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Haha I just came to post something similar. NJPW is on another level and I think WWE is about to loose some more talent. Especially when NJPW is allowing wrestlers to work with other secondary promotions
  14. All Things Wrestling Thread

    I Don't contribute anything to this thread much but I'm debating with my boy about top wrestlers and I'm adamant about NJPW having better talent than WWE. My claim is Kenny Omega, Marty Scurll and Kaz Okada are better talents than every WWE guy not named Seth Rollins, AJ Styles or Finn Balor. Am I wrong here? Youngbucks are also the best tag team on the planet
  15. Minor deal Sending 2B Brian Dozier Receiving 3B Josh Donaldson 1B Jesus Aguilar