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    Whens deadline?
  2. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    Replacing Lorenzo with Barr just makes way to much sense. I love that idea and were gonna have to pay someone.

    Looking to deal Yoan Moncada? Looking for a pick if anyone interested
  4. Dave Cameron Signs Manny Machado for ~$300MM/10 years

    I love the direction SD is taking. It's night and day comparing the 2 franchises and the direction they are trending. Padres have what could be an exceptional IF as early as July this year. If they get healthy seasons from Margot and Myers and arms like Lucchesi, Strahm take the next step the team could be legit. Probably have 5-6 quality arms within the top 150 prospects which may or may not pan out
  5. Dave Cameron Signs Manny Machado for ~$300MM/10 years

    I'll be assuming Bryce will sign within a day or 2 now that the superstar market is set. Let's just keep him out of the AL East plz
  6. Dave Cameron Signs Manny Machado for ~$300MM/10 years

    Don't bother bro, it's the FF baseball forum way to draw conclusions before anything gets settled.. Been like that since 2007
  7. Dave Cameron Signs Manny Machado for ~$300MM/10 years

    Hosmer Urias Tatis Jr Machado
  8. Dave Cameron Signs Manny Machado for ~$300MM/10 years

    According to this forum wasn't there a massive conspiracy cooked up by MLB and owners to screw over the players?
  9. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    I think we're set at DE heading into this season and considering Hughes is 31. I think that will bode well for Shaq Lawson getting his 5th year. Barring a massive step back in production or injuries from Lawson, we won't open up 2 holes at DE and will likely prioritize Pass rush this time next year. In the same breathe I'm alll good with DeMarcus Lawrence lol
  10. 2019 NFL Mock draft (3 rounds)

    I kind of agree.. Gruden is so unpredictable tho so far in his 2nd term
  11. My Mock Bills off season

    I forgot about him completely lol
  12. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    I was legit puzzled that Severino re-ups for 4/40. No way Craig Kimbrel gets more than 10 mill a year.
  13. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League

    Why? You make absurd demands than don't respond when you don't like the counter?
  14. 2019 NFL Mock draft (3 rounds)

    I think someone will take him late 1st/early 2nd. He'll be ready to play mid to late season if everything goes well
  15. New 7 Rounder With 1st Round Comments

    I like it for Bills except our forum would much rather have Elijah Holyfield over Darwin Thompson and I believe Kristian Fulton is staying at LSU.