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  1. He has 1 year left at 17.5 so for next season, yes we can afford that.
  2. Darryl Williams had his worst game at worst time. I disagree on the OL. I think it's very average. I think Dawkins is average but the extension was neccessary but we could use an upgrade in the interior for sure. If we had a stationary QB wed be amongst the leaders in sacks given up. Teams know how to attack us. I dont think Cody Ford is a long term starter.
  3. See I think we can match them if we improve our pass protection. I'm not worried about our weapons. We need a elite edge rusher. I dont think AJ Epenesa will be that guy. You cant let Mahomes get into a rhythm with no threat of pressure. A bold move would be JJ Watt. He fits the culture and even though primarily a 3/4 DE, he could be worked in
  4. Keep fighting boys. I love it, we loss the battle today but set the tone for next season
  5. If it's a touchdown and you stand over the guy its 15 yards
  6. If the shot is there on Mahomes. Take it. Chiefs getting reckless with Allen
  7. Hughes simply isnt worth the contract. I feel hell get cut. Great career but its restructure or release.
  8. **** off with Tom Brady talk. I hope the Chiefs run him out of the league lol
  9. Like that's too easy Star Lotuleilei might help the run defense next season as well
  10. I mean, I dont really feel they're better across the board. We have a glaring hole a DE (I expect Hughes gone). But they're just executing. Devin Singletary killed us first half with a wide open drop. Brown got to catch that pass. Darryl Williams gets beat clean on a 4 man rush. Bad angles on Tyreek Hill etc, etc
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