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  1. Allen is throwing dimes already. Remember when half of FF thought he wouldn't complete 60% of his passes? Scary thought that Allen hasn't sniffed his ceiling yet
  2. +1 here.. Although with Epenesa, Boogie and Rousseau rostered I dont think it'll happen. We cant afford Xavien Howard but if we had him, we'd probably have the GOAT secondary of all time with Tre, Poyer and Hyde
  3. My Predictions Levi Wallace No Isaiah McKenzie maybe Marquez Stevenson Jon Feliciano and Cody Ford 5 DE (Hughes, Addison, Epenesa, Rousseau, Basham) 5 DT (Lotuleilei, Oliver, Butler, Phillips, Zimmer) *If Epenesa impresses, I think Jerry Hughes gets released
  4. I'm too busy to be a online forum Martyr 😂 my friend. I simply said to respect people's opinions more or less. Your angry mob s**** dont work with me. Probably best to band Covid talk period if we cant respect other people's opinions but I'll call out your #dramaqueen hot takes around every turn.
  5. If we made it through last year, well make it through this year with more people vaccinated. Hell be a contributing member of the team by the time week 1 rolls around.
  6. No Frank Reich gets credit for getting us to one SB anyways lol. We should've one in 91
  7. 🙏🙏 that'll be a huge get. I believe the Jones family have ties to WNY
  8. Hes "poisoning the WR room." "He obviously wants to get cut so he can be a martyr." You need to get a grip here kid, these are extreme hot takes with absolutely nothing varifying these statements. #dramaqueen .
  9. Bruh, like I give a f*** if I'm bullied. I'm not an insecure guy and I know 99% of the male global population wouldn't say a peep to my face 🤣. I personally know more people who got more sick from the vax that isnt even a guarantee to help you than the actual virus. I had it in June 2020, yea it sucked for 2 days, my back was rotten but like the other 99.6 of the population, I rebounded within a few days like nothing happened. More people dying from mental illness and drug addiction because of this bull**** now sit down beta boy and let me be
  10. Scratch Sherman off the CB list. I dont think he gets another NFL contract
  11. I remember you banging the Josh Allen racism drum when we drafted him bro. About to castrate the man for something he said as a child pretty much. Turns out he turned into a quality human being after all. Sometimes some of y'all need to take a step back before firing away in regards to what's going on in the world and stop feeding all the global division.
  12. Likely holding out for a OTA on training camp injury in order to get paid. I dont think Sherman leaves the West Coast although I'd love the veteran championship experience
  13. We should focus on CB depth. Steven Nelson would be a nice get
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