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  1. Josh Allen UCL injury

    We dodged a massive bullet here. Reports are saying 2-3 weeks. I say shut him down for the year. McBeane makes moves that are either brilliant or stupid asf. Trading McCarron and not addressing the OL were plain dumb moves and not just in hindsight.
  2. SNF: Chiefs at Patriots

  3. This is now a lost season. I'm good with Josh Allen being taken out of the fire and developed properly. He got a nice cup of tea to build on. Let's get a top 5 pick, deal Shady for 2nd and build draft equity
  4. Just a huge 3rd down for our season
  5. We need a sack in worst way
  6. Drew a timeout from Houston
  7. Punt it and ride the defense.
  8. Better not Peterman gonna put up a long game clinching drive
  9. We win this game, the defense gets the credit