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  1. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

  2. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 2

    Youth? Hes 28 years old lol. Hes gonna out hit Vladdy over the 3-4 years imo Youth and prospects dont go as early in higher stakes dynasty like they do in our leagues.
  3. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 2

    Especially in Sax's case where hes too busy to negotiate like we do. If you want his top guys, gonna have to come heavy or dont come with offers
  4. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 2

    Seems like Arenado has been quarantined because of trade rumors. Slipped in FFMLB to 18th overall Hes gonna rake wherever he goes. Hes a HoF 3B not a product of Coors field lol

    Some people are slow because they are just waking up on the west coast
  6. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Im gonna throw Texas in the landing spot sweepstakes with Tampa Bay as a darkhorse. Call me crazy but I think Tampa makes a significant move at some point soon with the Montreal based group who bought a minority stake in the team
  7. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

    Joey Bart, C @biggio7 otc
  8. 2 weeks ago i was saying Jones gonna breeze thru Reyes and how LHW division was getting stagnant imo, now over a 2 week span became must see TV. Jones/Jan is the fight to make now. I personally had Jones winning the Reyes fight but Reyes/Thiago Santos fight this summer now makes total sense for both fighters considering they both fought well against Jones **** put Reyes/Thiago as the co main for the Jones/Jan fight 😀
  9. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 2

    He sees the offers and they're weak lol Step the offers up
  10. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

    Nice turn
  11. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

    Alec Bohm, 3B @CHOMP_CHOMP OTC
  12. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

    Nevermind, missed this post @CHOMP_CHOMP is OTC **** I butchered the thread
  13. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

    Sorry about the tag @freakygeniuskid can't edit it for some reason. Pretty sure Crab is OTC and no clue why @umphrey is tagging everyone in his post lol
  14. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

  15. Fantasy Baseball Advice Thread

    You and me both on Buxton lol and Franco won't be up unless he scorches AA for a few months. Tampa doesn't rush guys