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  1. Build a City - Post-Draft Voting

    Are we just gonna exclude benches ? Well we lasted a round before everyone Homer's up there team. My starting 5 matches Buffalo and my bench demolishes there bench in regards to talent and upside and Embiid literally rapes Vucevic. Group A - Super tight division, all 3 teams are legit. Imo the tightest. Ultimately came down to Tampa and Boston with Tampa getting the edge with three deep bench.. Tampa Group B - 2 horse race imo with Orlando and Pittsburgh. Both sick teams. Imo Orlando is the better team now, however Pittsburgh is locked and loaded for better long term success. In 3-4 years, Pittsburgh is better and this is what BaC is about. Building for the future and being competitive now.. Pittsburgh Group C - I'm going with my Raps. Deepest bench, built for long term and can most definitely win now. Otto Porter is the weak link in my S5 but hes only keeping the spot warm for DeAndre Hunter who is the future, Gordon Hayward will be lots of time off the bench at SF for the now. Buffalo has a dope starting 5 and is a top team in this but I give definitive advantage in my back court and massive advantage with my bench. Giannis andd Tatum are dope, but we match with Siakam and Embiid on the boards. Giannis will have a tough time defending on the perimeter.. Toronto Group D - This division is more built for 2020 fantasy basketball over BaC. Milwaukee is undersized and has players playing out of position. Good talent but epic fail on fits. Washington is gonna win some games for the now but offers nothing in 3-4 years.. Winner is San Antonio by default
  2. Build a City - Post-Draft Voting

    I had Tampa as the 1B overall. Great team that deserved a better fate
  3. Build a City - Post-Draft Voting

    Speed - Eichel Release - Eichel Faceoff - Matthews Vision - Eichel Stick handling - Eichel Better talent around - Matthews Better hockey market - Matthews The last 2 are the reason why common fans and media wont agree with us
  4. Build a City - Post-Draft Voting

    Eichel gets slept on outside of Buffalo. You throw Eichel and Matthew's in same draft. Most GM's take Eichel. This comp is likely a lighter version of Crosby/Ovechkin. Both studs but Crosby the better all around talent
  5. Build a City - Post-Draft Voting

    Colorado and Buffalo for me
  6. Build a City - Post-Draft Voting

    I'm going to Buffalo
  7. Who do the Bills keep between Milano and Dawkins?

    Exactly, this is a big year because we might not be able to keep both with White, Edmunds, Allen likely getting large extensions next couple years
  8. Build a City - Post-Draft Voting

    I voted San Antonio, want a recast?
  9. I think we could vote for our own divisions. I'm sure everyone here won't homer it up
  10. Build a City - Post-Draft Voting

    Pretty accurate.. I disagree on Ristolainen. As Sabres fans were likely gonna watch him go to another team and flourish Nice write up !!
  11. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    They continuously draft out of European and NCAA pools and alot of the guys were projects. Over the last 8 years here's a list of failures who at this point should be making up our core Joel Armia (1) Mikhail Grigorenko (1) Alex Nylander (1) Casey Mittlestadt (1) Eric Cornel (2) Justin Bailey (2) Vaclav Karabacek (2) Marcus Davidsson (2) Rasmus Asplund and Ukko Pekka Luukonen look alright as prospects Than factor 3 God awful trades with Winnepeg, St. Louis and Minnesota and here we are. I fully expect another draft that will completely ignore the Canadian market yet again.
  12. Who do the Bills keep between Milano and Dawkins?

    I'm not big on Dawkins. To me hes an average LT but his position is hardest to fill. Tough call to make right now
  13. Build a City - Post-Draft Voting

    I inherited a extreme homer team with Adam Fox who has no business being a cornerstone and a goalie who went 5-6 rounds too early. Feel like I did reasonably well but I'm not gonna homer up and pick myself I'm also gonna judge by best team built for the future, that being said Group A - Colorado Group B - Orlando Group C - San Antonio Group D - Tampa Bay
  14. Top 5 most talented Bills.

    Top talents 1. Josh Allen 2. Tre White 3. Tremaine Edmunds 4. Stefon Diggs 5. Devin Singletary
  15. Build a City Draft Thread - NFL Rounds

    Gabe Jackson, LG Anthony Castonzo, OT