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  1. I dont see what you guys are seeing. Spotlight will be on Dawkins and Williams this week with Chase Young and Montez Sweat
  2. I cant wait until this team clicks. We had Allen/Diggs balling out with no defense and now a viscous defense with mediocre offense. When the stars align, it will be something. We have long term solutions to the most important positions minus LT. I've been saying Dawkins is NFL average for a few years now.
  3. Wow, Moss had family tragedy over this week and was why he was inactive week one. Glad he had a chance to contribute 2nd half after that fumble
  4. Defense stood tall.. Offense needs work. Big win non the less
  5. Epenesa having a game.. Zimmer, Rousseau making plays.. Is Jerry Hughes hurt or invisible?
  6. Allen has no zip on his passes. I'm wondering if hes hurt ?
  7. Darryl Williams sucks. Sucks this game, sucked last game.. I hope Spencer Brown takes his job soon
  8. Are you ******* kidding me? Allen head gets planted into ground after he slides ?
  9. Defense is on point today Time for Josh to put this game away
  10. Football is a game of momentum and Zac Moss seen to it that we lost it early.
  11. Either Josh Allen has regressed back on his downfield throws or his lack of reps are an issue. He looks very average
  12. Singletary is so slow lol. Love the early pressure were sending here.
  13. This is a big game as we cant fall 2 games back in division. This is a game we SHOULD win, I think Josh has a big game but I think Tua puts up numbers. Buffalo 31 Miami 24
  14. I feel you this week. Last week my entire team slumped.
  15. I went Singletary. Probably seen his 2 best carries over the last year.
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