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  1. How many injuries has this turf been responsible for this season? Ridiculous.
  2. We'll win, and miss out on any chance of drafting a QB not even this franchise could completely ruin.
  3. Of course. The life of a CEH fantasy owner.
  4. 2020... best year ever. Jk, but man, this helps make up for a lot of the crap that's happened this year.
  5. Should've ended this in the Mamba jerseys, but ending it in the Sunday whites isn't a bad consolation.
  6. He'll still get paid next offseason... and paid well.
  7. The absolute worst thing that could have happened to this team was winning Week 1.
  8. The source @e16bball posted was literally the team.
  9. Hmmm, who was it saying we should have Fuller as the starting outside CB this offseason? *Pats self on back*
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