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  1. Eagles sign OT Jason Peters (One year, up to $6 M)

    Exactly. Imagine having to pay for a QB that wasn't making less than 1% of the cap on top of that. Peters isn't even on the roster in 2021. You save $8mm with cutting Jeffery. You save $5mm cutting Desean. That puts you at $37mm+ over the cap. I fail to see how you go from $37mm over to $20mm under with a couple of restructures without hamstringing your team for years to come.
  2. Eagles sign OT Jason Peters (One year, up to $6 M)

    You do realize that if you guys hadn't struck gold with Dak and his amazingly cheap contract for the past 4 seasons, you would have either sucked or been in cap hell for at least a portion of those years, right? The Eagles can't just shrug off $50mm+ next year, especially since it's looking like the cap won't rise anywhere close to previous expectations in 2021. They will be forced to cut talented vets or restructure again, making it worse for themselves down the road. And they won't have a 4th round rookie QB to save their mismanagement because they'll be stuck with Wentz for the next decade.
  3. Eagles sign OT Jason Peters (One year, up to $6 M)

    What? No they haven't. They're $20+mm under the cap this year. They've been a few million over the cap for following year's projection at times over the past few years, but never anywhere close to $50mm.
  4. Eagles sign OT Jason Peters (One year, up to $6 M)

    I was saying. "No" downside in 2020. Everyone's great at manipulating the cap (i.e. restructuring) until the time comes when most of the money they pushed towards a certain season becomes due. Which is 2021 for the Eagles. Obviously they can cut guys, which will impact the team's overall talent.
  5. How would you rank the QBs in each division?

    Shurmer ranked 1st in play-action percentage in 2017 when he was OC in Minnesota. You don't go from 1st to last in PA passing over just a couple of years unless you think it wouldn't put your QB in a position to succeed. And it's not like Minnesota's 2017 OL was any better than NYG's 2019 OL. I think that video perfectly summed up my main issues with Jones: Extreme lack of pocket awareness Extremely turnover-prone Boneheaded decisions against zone defenses
  6. Eagles sign OT Jason Peters (One year, up to $6 M)

    For 2020? No. For 2021? You're already at negative $50mm+ in cap space. This gives you less to roll over.
  7. Browns and DE Myles Garrett nearing extension (5 years $125 M)

    Smart to lock him up now. Would have been in DPOY contention last year if not for his suspension.
  8. Full Team Fantasy Draft Draft Thread (Pete OTC)

    Jamel Dean - CB Over those final eight weeks of the season, Dean’s 89.8 coverage grade ranked second among qualifying cornerbacks, behind only Stephon Gilmore. He allowed just 42.3% of the passes into his coverage to be completed while forcing incompletions on a league-best 30.3% of the targets. That’s impressive production from a rookie who didn’t touch the field for the first half of the season. If he plays like that again in 2020 in a full-time role, Dean will start to find his name in the conversation of the top cornerbacks in the NFL. @EaglesPeteC
  9. Full Team Fantasy Draft Draft Thread (Pete OTC)

    Mecole Hardman - WR/KR/PR @WizardHawk
  10. Just because they didn't have the same number of interceptions doesn't mean Jones is a far more careful passer. Jone's adjusted interception rate was 6th worst in the league. Winston also has fumbling issues - he has 3 seasons with double-digit fumbles in his 5 year career. They both struggle noticeably in reading zone defenses. They are high-variance players that will look like a top 10 QB one game and a bottom 5 QB then next. Coaches can't trust that.
  11. Can you prove that he's not Winston 2.0? It's hard to unsee. Everyone is wrong occasionally, but this was my take on Jones as well earlier this offseason before Kollman even thought about the comparison.
  12. Not to mention the aforementioned lack of weapons Haskins has compared to Jones. That obviously factors heavily into fantasy projections. Just an all-around terrible post.
  13. Yikes. What an idiotic take. Winston was the same ADP as Jones last year - now he's a backup QB making $1.1 million. Fantasy doesn't care about QB skill, they care about QB volume stats. I shouldn't have to convince a non-casual fan that there's a huge difference.