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  1. I was the one hyping up Fitz all offseason based on his play the last couple of years. Clearly my projections for WFT this year was largely reliant on our QB1 starting for us.
  2. We should’ve beat the Chargers. “Should’ve” doesn’t matter. Just admit you got a bit too giddy this week after being .500 and admit we (rest of the world) were all right to think your team would suck this season.
  3. Clearly an atypical game for the Bills. We know how Vegas would bet if they were to play again next week. If you think the Steelers are actually a better team than the Bills, I don’t know what to tell you. Nobody will ever be concerned about Hurts, but at least you’re starting the QB who won your QB battle in training camp, the QB who got the majority of the reps with the 1’s all summer.
  4. And ya’ll face the Chiefs on a short week up next. I’m betting this is the only time you’ll be .500 all season. Hope you enjoyed it.
  5. We barely lost to the Chargers. The Cowboys barely beat the Chargers. You, however, are getting manhandled by the Cowboys. And you still have your starting QB, unlike us.
  6. Bruh… we got blown out by the 2nd best team in the AFC… you’re out here getting embarrassed by the Cowboys, in primetime, lmao.
  7. I’m flattered that you wasted this much time looking up my old posts. We’ve lost to 2 good teams, one of which just beat the Chiefs, who we barely lost to… and are still without our QB1.
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