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  1. As bad as Daniel Jones is, he didn’t have the lowest or 2nd lowest QBR in the league last year. That honor went to Dwayne Haskins and Alex Smith, respectively. There’s only so much an elite defense can do with QBs who are performing at the league’s lowest level (some free alliteration to start off your weekend). Fitzpatrick had the 5th highest QBR, and Jones was in the bottom half, for those keeping score at home. Passer rating was a similar story.
  2. That swept the bums we had at QB by a total of ~5 points over 2 games? Yes. And I’m not saying it, Football Outsiders (i.e. advanced metrics) is.
  3. C’mon man. He obviously couldn’t leave Toney off the list. Read between the lines. β€œGood” defense equals 19th in defensive DVOA nowadays. I see.
  4. You may have had a case if Gettleman had been able to draft the player he really wanted at #20. We all know Toney was a consolation prize.
  5. We'll be fine. Landon Collins and Scherff will likely be off the books/team by then, and I doubt Payne's contract will set the market. Sweat won't be an UFA until 2024 and Young won't be one until 2025. Jonathan Allen might be the one we let go, as Matt Ioannidis has pretty much outplayed him every year when healthy, and will command much less in FA. It will still be a strong unit for years to come if everyone stays healthy.
  6. The problem with that is that most of your best player are >30 years old. Cox - 30 Brooks - 31 Slay - 30 Johnson - 30 Kelce - 33 Graham - 33 It'll be interesting to see how your FO balances win-now with this relatively old starting roster vs. building to compete in 2023.
  7. Not a massive upgrade over KC/1st year in Washington Alex Smith, but yes, a massive upgrade over the 2020 Alex Smith who was playing on 1 leg and had the 2nd lowest QBR in the league and one of the lowest PFF grades. I agree with pretty much everything else in your post though.
  8. I'm looking at rosters though, not 2020 record. Washington has a top 3 defense. They were 3rd in defensive DVOA last year and upgraded this offseason with William Jackson III in place of Darby as CB1, Jamin Davis in place of one of the bums we had starting last year, possibly Landon Collins at WLB, and year 2 and 3 for Young and Sweat. But the most massive upgrade for Washington was to their offense, which ranked 32nd in DVOA last season. If you think they're ranking that low again this season with Fitzpatrick in place of the bums they had at QB last year, I don't know what to tel
  9. Not sure how WFT or Dallas are bottom 12 teams. Also not sure how you can say your OL/DL is the best combo of trenches in the division "by a sizeable margin". It's not 2019 anymore.
  10. The schedule argument makes sense, but I'm still not seeing how you can win 11 games... Most people that had Philly as a 10-6 team heading into 2020 were also high on Wentz. I don't think anyone is high enough on Hurts to justify the Eagles having one of the best records in the league. And your defense isn't really good enough to carry him.
  11. Every team has a chance. I would rank the Eagles as last right now though. Seems like most sports books are doing the same. I would rank it: 1. Dallas 2. Washington 3. New York 4. Philadelphia I would have Washington ranked first if we weren't playing a 1st place schedule this year, which is a key reason it's been so long since there has been a repeat division champ.
  12. Don't see how the WFT wouldn't be a good option for him... top 5 defense, top 10 OL and a very solid corps of weapons.
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