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  1. It's changed because if there is an outbreak, and they are unable to reschedule, the team with the outbreak will have to forfeit. The chances of that happening increase the more unvaccinated players you have. In a separate part of the memo, they made it clear they will try harder to accommodate for players who are vaccinated.
  2. Not sure. But I'd be willing to bet that Rodger's positive contribution on the field per AAV is still higher than Love's would be.
  3. Chiefs definitely didn’t get their contract’s worth last year.
  4. Your newest member of Mensa.
  5. Okay, I see. This has turned into a "pat myself on the back because I was right about a prospect" thread.
  6. Did I miss something? Is this now a "top 5 exceeded expectations" list?
  7. Circling back to this, I just noticed that this ranking from NFL execs, players and coaches mirrors my own for the first 3 players. Then if you ignore the next 3 players who are 30+ years old, it matches my list exactly. Pretty cool.
  8. Just like my response was me providing you with what I do know.
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