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  1. I did a legit double-take when I saw this. Good luck Packers fans.
  2. Not surprised to see you doubling down on this nonsense. I'm not going to expend any more energy explaining why this take is so idiotic. I already did that in the draft thread last year. All I'll say is that if you think a 21-year old rookie is putting up the grades and advanced stats that you see below without being largely reliant on incredible athleticism, I don't know what to tell you. Once he develops a consistent pass-rush plan, he's going to be a monster. His bull rush isn't even that good right now, btw. EDIT: And this was accomplished while playing through a groin injury
  3. S. Sims needs to be released at halftime.
  4. How many injuries has this turf been responsible for this season? Ridiculous.
  5. We'll win, and miss out on any chance of drafting a QB not even this franchise could completely ruin.
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