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  1. Agreed. Teams seem to be picking on him early, which is to be expected given his height and draft pedigree. But I think Jimmy has held his own, especially given his competition so far. I would feel comfortable with him as our starting CB going forward based on what I've seen so far.
  2. @Thaiphoon But taking a look at Pro Football Reference, here is how the 3 CBs stack up in their advanced metrics tables: Fabian Moreau Ronald Darby Jimmy Moreland Looks like they all performed worse in the second game than the first, judging by their passer ratings allowed. As it specifically relates to Jimmy, the fact that he allowed 11 completions at an 85% rate probably weighs pretty heavily in the PFF grading, even though it was only at 6 yards per completion. I'm also pretty sure the 2 missed tackles didn't help.
  3. Yeah, I don't think he should have been downgraded that drastically either. They allow you to see the grades on a game by game basis, but you need a premium subscription, which I'm not gonna pay for.
  4. Remind me - how many interceptions does Daniel Jones have through two games? I forgot.
  5. I mean, we all know who the better player is. That's all I really care about.
  6. So the guy just missed on the TD stat?
  7. Am I the only one that saw Moreland getting constantly picked on last game? Which is to be expected, going up against two HOFers. But it was not a good game for him. And it’s really not that hard to do the initial grading. You have teams of people grading 60 minutes of film over 24 hours. Not that impressive of an accomplishment honestly. Also, they adjust the grades throughout the week based on follow-up reviews, which usually lead to slight changes at most. For example, the former Bengals OL coach went through every PFF mark down in grades of his OL a couple seasons ago, of which there were about 600, and he only disagreed with 12 of them.
  8. That’s a common complaint, but it’s not true. Each game is also graded by a second PFF analyst independent of the first, and those grades are compared by a third, Senior Analyst, who rules on any differences between the two. These grades are verified by the Pro Coach Network, a group of former and current NFL coaches with over 700 combined years of NFL coaching experience, to get them as accurate as they can be. From there, the grades are normalized to better account for game situation; this ranges from where a player lined up to the dropback depth of the quarterback or the length of time he had the ball in his hand and everything in between. They are finally converted to a 0-100 scale and appear in our Player Grades Tool. Season-level grades aren’t simply an average of every game-grade a player compiles over a season, but rather factor in the duration at which a player performed at that level. Achieving a grade of 90.0 in a game once is impressive, doing it (12) times in a row is more impressive. https://texastech.rivals.com/news/explaining-pff-s-grading-system
  9. Please get this kid an OL. From PFF:
  10. ^btw, that's literally the first gif that pops up when you type in that phrase.
  11. Really seems like Frank Reich was the driving force behind that SB win in hindsight.
  12. McLaurin, yes. Sims, no. I've called Sims a promising young talent based on a very small sample size, but that's about it. McLaurin comprises 10% of the help around Haskins on any given snap. That's not nearly enough when the rest of the help ranges from below average to complete garbage.
  13. Top 2 in order: Sam Darnold Dwayne Haskins No one else is really even all that close.
  14. Seems a bit... harsh, considering the rookie looked pretty good yesterday.
  15. I'm actually pretty shocked Haskins doesn't appear here:
  16. Yeah, it's season-to-date, so it includes Week 1 and Week 2 currently. I'll update throughout the season.
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