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  1. Thursday Night - Saints (9-3) @ Falcons (7-5)

    Refs win yet again. Flexin on national TV.
  2. Thursday Night - Saints (9-3) @ Falcons (7-5)

    Is Bell blind?
  3. Thursday Night - Saints (9-3) @ Falcons (7-5)

    Wow, def thought he was out at first
  4. Thursday Night - Saints (9-3) @ Falcons (7-5)

    Uh oh, RIP Brees. Lereibus is terrible.
  5. PFF Grades

  6. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    I'm getting ready to start Josh Gordon over Dez in 0.5 PPR for the first week of playoffs. Dumb move or dumb move?
  7. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    Would you guys start Big Ben or Case Keenum this week? Hard to trust Ben on the road, and the Falcons won't have Trufant, but can I really trust Keenum to keep playing as well as he has against a solid Falcons D?
  8. GDT: Week 13 - Dallas Week

    Wow. Season over. If we win out from here on out I'm going to boycott the offseason.
  9. GDT: Week 13 - Dallas Week

    I have to give a speech tomorrow. I need to practice. I can't waste my time with this POS team. Night all.
  10. GDT: Week 13 - Dallas Week

    Who ever doubted that we would be the Get Right team for the Cowgirls offense?
  11. GDT: Week 13 - Dallas Week

    Lol, maybe a prime Dez
  12. GDT: Week 13 - Dallas Week

    Lol. And he's back out there. Wtf
  13. GDT: Week 13 - Dallas Week

    Lol. That's on Gruden if he puts him back out there.
  14. GDT: Week 13 - Dallas Week

    Get him the F out of the game
  15. GDT: Week 13 - Dallas Week

    Lol, Prescott always treats Kerrigan like he's not even there