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  1. Redskins Ceiling and Floor for 2018

    It all depends on injuries. Sky is the limit if we're the least injured team in the league like the Rams were last year.
  2. ATL signs DT Terrell McClain

    I don't care about the stats. I care about the film. He got blown off the ball damn near every time teams ran it to the left while he was playing RDE. I've been re-watching all the games over the last month or so, and it's blatantly obvious why we cut him one year into his contract.
  3. ATL signs DT Terrell McClain

    I wouldn't be worried if he went back to Dallas. I'm just happy that their depth at DT is even more terrible now than it would have been if McClain came back. That doesn't mean I think McClain is a good player. He's a C player on a good day IMO. D or F player on most days.
  4. 2018 Free Agency

    Wonder who the 3 teams are:
  5. The NFC East Thread

    Sure is!
  6. The NFC East Thread

    Skins have better talent at every spot: WR1 (Doctson > Hurns), WR2 (P Rich > Williams), WR3 (Crowder > Beasley).
  7. The NFC East Thread

    Terrance Williams was arrested in Frisco, Texas early Saturday morning on charges of public intoxication and leaving the scene of an accident. Both charges are misdemeanors. According to police, Williams crashed his Lamborghini into a light pole at 3 AM and fled the scene. He was arrested at his home about two hours later. Williams was still in jail as of 11:30 AM. The 28-year-old caught 53 passes for 568 yards and no touchdowns for Dallas in 2017.
  8. Louis Riddick has been one of my favorite analysts on TV for a while now. This only makes me like him more:
  9. The NFC East Thread

    You realize that's impossible, right?
  10. Best Peak Amongst These All Time Great QB's

    Sad that no one picked Elway. This guy would disagree:
  11. The NFC East Thread

    Yeah, there’s just been so much back and forth on this (with some BS outlets that are desperately trying to save face on this still trying to claim the place the altercation took place was at the combine) that it’s good to officially hear that it was fiction. I don’t think the missing flights stories were real either. I really think it all comes down to teams thinking he’s another Marshawn Lynch all over again and not wanting to deal with the headache or perceived risk.
  12. Deepest Team Rankings

    Ok? We all know the Eagles have the best depth in the league, with good depth at nearly every position. That’s unique to your team alone really. Even with all those injuries, you were still only ranked 13th in Adjusted Games Lost, while the Redskins ranked dead last at 32nd. Obviously, an injury to your franchise QB has the biggest overall impact, but the sheer breadth of injuries across our team was devastating. The guys that were depth players to our injured starters were getting injured, to the point where we were picking players up off the street and they were being introduced to teammates on a Wednesday before they started that Sunday’s game. Eventually, you just start running out of players. By by the way, you kind of left your boy Jroc out on an island in that News and Info thread over in your forum. Was my essay response from a few days ago so great that you lost the heart to offer a rebuttal?