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  1. I asked originally what makes Allen a better pass rusher than Payne currently because I wanted to see if you could name anything that Payne can't develop as he gains more experience. You haven't. Plus Payne is more athletic. Ergo, his higher overall ceiling. The double team argument is pointless if you can't prove it. I've seen plenty of highlights and replays where Allen isn't getting doubled and someone else on the line is. Allen is not a Fletcher Cox type player. You're talking about a dude who would be the best DL in the league if not for Aaron Donald. Allen is not that.
  2. First of all, this is coming from the guy who loved Allen as a prospect and was much higher on Vea and James than Payne. But I focused on the DL exclusively in all the games I've re-watched this year (I know, I need to get a life). My conclusion: I was wrong to want Vea instead. Payne is a beast in the making, both as a pass rusher and run defender. Most of the things you named are due to experience, which isn't surprising, considering Allen is 2 and a half years older than Payne. Of course his technique will be superior. However, Payne still has so much room to get better technique-wise, it's scary. I definitely disagree that Allen is quicker. One guy had a 10-yard split of 1.74 seconds at 286 pounds, which the other clocked in at 1.67 seconds weighing 311 pounds. And just watching the film it's clear to me that Payne is the quicker player. If Payne improves technique-wise - mostly by becoming better at tying his hands to his feet - I believe he can become a Fletcher Cox level nightmare for opposing teams. That's his ceiling. I don't think Allen can ever be that. He lacks the same physical gifts. I think Allen will be one of our best players for the next decade if he stays healthy, but I don't think he'll ever have the ceiling of a top 5 DL in this league, which is what I think Payne can become. By the way, do you have any proof that Allen was double-teamed more than Payne? I didn't keep a tally or anything in the games I watched, but I didn't see any one player consistently being double-teamed over the other.
  3. What makes Allen a better pass rusher than Payne, currently?
  4. I think Payne has a much higher ceiling than Allen, though I think Allen is the better player right now.
  5. NFC East: Now half good!

    Compared to Haskins
  6. NFC East: Now half good!

    Accounts for drops
  7. NFC East: Now half good!

    Desperation at TE and for leadership on offense?
  8. NFC East: Now half good!

    I would be in (to quote Gettleman) "full bloom love" if Jerruh made this happen.
  9. Best NFL Nickel/Dime DL's

    Donald and Watt are the best of the best, but the rest of their DL don’t overly impress me as pass rushers. Run defense? Sure. But, as @Matts4313 would say, it’s a passing league. If we look at overall sacks and pressures at the end of the year, I’m willing to bet the Rams and Texans won’t be in the top 5. Hell, the Rams were 15th last year, even with the 2nd most explosive offense in the league.
  10. According to PFF it is. They had the most players in the league ranked in the top 10 at their respective positions in 2018. I know, PFF, but this isn’t some trash roster.
  11. Best NFL Nickel/Dime DL's

    Probably would make the honorable mention list. Not a big fan of OV, and Richardson hasn’t been all that impressive since his first couple years in the league. Ogunjobi is an up-and-comer, but Garrett doesn’t really have enough help to crack my top 5.
  12. OTAs

    I've seen it mentioned that he has a slight case of Knock Knees (or Inverted Knees). Shouldn't affect him much physically.
  13. NFC East: Now half good!

    Happy Friday
  14. Best NFL Nickel/Dime DL's

    How would you rank the top 5 NFL DL's, when in Nickel/Dime formation (which is run 70+% of the time), in the league for 2019? That means you can only choose 4 down linemen. I chose Nickel/Dime because I didn't want to have to deal with the whole 3-4 vs. 4-3 issue. 1. Jacksonville Jaguars - Yannick Ngakoue, Calais Campbell, Marcel Dareus, Josh Allen 2. Philadelphia Eagles - Brandon Graham, Malik Jackson, Fletcher Cox, Derek Barnett 3. Chicago Bears - Leonard Flyod, Akiem Hicks, Bilal Nichols, Khalil Mack 4. Denver Broncos - Bradley Chubb, Derek Wolfe, Adam Gotsis, Von Miller 5. Washington Redskins - Montez Sweat, Jonathan Allen, Matt Ioannidis, Ryan Kerrigan I went with the teams that have 3-4 very good starters along the line with no real weaknesses over the teams that have 1 or 2 elite to very good starters, but weaknesses elsewhere (e.g. Chargers, Texans, Rams, Vikings, Saints). You can base it on whatever you want.