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  1. Redskins Best Case Scenario: Redskins ranked 2nd in DVOA after Week 5 in 2017. Then an avalanche of injuries happened: the losses of Jonathan Allen, Trent Williams, Brandon Scherff, Chris Thompson, Jordan Reed, Josh Norman, Mason Foster, and Montae Nicholson for several games or more throughout the season were especially damaging. Best case scenario is that the team remains relatively healthy, and the defense plays like a top 5 defense (efficiency-wise) again when fully healthy - and this time they will have a QB that will prevent them from ending up with terrible field position, so their bulk defensive stats should reflect their efficiency stats much more closely, and maybe their bulk stats (due to Smith's lack of TO's) actually make the defense look better than they really are (which would be a refreshing change). On offense, Smith flourishes under Gruden, who continues scheming guys open in his sleep. Guice becomes the player I think he will be. And the rest of the guys (mainly Reed and Thompson) all stay relatively healthy (at least 11 out of 16 games, which Reed has actually done 3 out of 5 seasons). Redskins have a magical year (where they're finally NOT bottom 5 in Adjusted Games Lost, and instead are top 10) and win the NFCE and make it to the NFCCG. Worst Case Scenario: Alex Smith's 2017 season was a mirage, and he refuses to test teams deep. Guice doesn't live up to the pre-draft hype. Doctson doesn't step up. The current glaring hole at nickel CB gets exposed again and again throughout the year. Neither Dunbar nor Moreau take the next step at CB2 and we're forced to start Scandrick there. We get devastated with injuries AGAIN. Some combination of Richardson, Reed, Thompson, Williams, Scherff, and Moses end up injured for multiple games throughout the season on offense. Allen, Kerrigan, Norman, Brown, Ioannidis, and Nicholson all miss multiple games on defense due to injury. Redskins go 4-12 and fire everyone... and as long as Bruce Allen is included in that, it might be a Win long-term.
  2. 2018 Supplemental Draft Results(Beal to NYG, Alexander to Washington)

    As for the actual pick itself, it's a long-shot, but I have a lot of faith in Torrian Gray, our DB coach. He helped Fuller go from looking like one of the worst CB's in the league in 2016 (year before Gray got to WAS) to looking like a top 3 slot CB in 2017. He also developed Montae Nicholson into a potential stud in the making. I'm interested to see what he can do with Moreau and Apke, and I wouldn't bet against him getting something out of Adonis. Also, it's not like we're not used to having slow CBs in this scheme, lol. EDIT: This is pretty cool. I bet these guys were hyped enough to quit the game when they found out... probably not though. I know how much these kids love Fortnite.
  3. 2018 Supplemental Draft Results(Beal to NYG, Alexander to Washington)

    One thing to note is that the Redskins were projected to have 11 picks next year, with 4 comp picks likely on the way, so it's smart to get a 2019 pick in here now to groom in the system a year early, and spread out the 2019 impact of a bunch of rookies coming in at once.
  4. Best Group In Football

    Ummm, how did no one else call this out?
  5. Packers RB Aaron Jones suspended 2 games

    You’re a gentleman and a scholar.
  6. Packers RB Aaron Jones suspended 2 games

    Of course we play them Week 3 Just like we play Ingram the week he gets back
  7. Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio

  8. Free Agency Thread

  9. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    Knowing their history, I’m sure the Lakers brass (prob Magic in his 3 hr meeting with LeBron) asked what he thought about the possibility of signing Lance, and even McGee. I’m sure if Bron hated the signings they wouldn’t have happened.
  10. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    So... can any group of non-Lakers NBA players beat this all-time great Lakers line-up in a 7-game series? PG: Magic/West SG: Kobe/Elgin SF: Lebron/Worthy PF: Kareem/Gasol C: Shaq/Wilt
  11. Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio

  12. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    Oldie, but goodie:
  13. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    Poor Rams. Lol.
  14. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M