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  1. Free Agency

    Yes, we need to be all over this.
  2. Colts release Hankins

    Hope the Skins are all over this.
  3. Free Agency

    I love how smug Allen is, as if this deal was some sort of masterpiece.
  4. Feel free to bump if he fails his physical with the next team that gives him one.
  5. Ravens fans are making themselves look ridiculous in this thread. It's not all that hard to see what happened here, homer goggles on or not.
  6. Giants sign Nate Solder

    Those NFCE LTs...
  7. Free Agency

    Yeah, we do. It's called keeping the team hovering around .500 so that we keep investing our time and energy into the product that is making these fools millions per year.
  8. Will Kirk get more money than Jimmy?

    I just think the leverage he will have as a top 15, healthy QB hitting FA is unprecedented. His agent is a shrewd operator. And Kirk has shown over and over again that he's not scared of taking risks to get what he wants. I think he'll take the risk of scaring teams off with a high asking price, gambling that at least one team he wants to play for will bite.
  9. If Your Were Kirk Cousins Where Would YOU Go?!

    He'd get you a couple of more wins than you had the last couple seasons, but you're right, he wouldn't carry your team to a SB with a roster that would need to ship out all that talent.
  10. Will Kirk get more money than Jimmy?

    Obviously. Kirk will get $30+ million per yr, I have no doubt.
  11. If Your Were Kirk Cousins Where Would YOU Go?!

    We offered $12mil a few years ago actually, lol. After the 2015 season.
  12. If Your Were Kirk Cousins Where Would YOU Go?!

    With McCloughan now consulting that FO, the Browns won't be stupid enough to give Cousins a boatload of money. If I'm him, I take less money and go to Minnesota.
  13. Eagles vs Patriots SBLII GDT

    Darrel looks happy lol