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  1. Yea, good night. It was nice while it lasted. Higher draft pick at least. But then our remaining schedule is so soft that we'll still find some way to screw it up and go 8-8.
  2. I've been very complimentary of Kirk throughout the game and the season, so I'm not sure what you or Turtle are implying. His play during that series was inexcusable tho.
  3. He's sitting there audibling at the line with the clock running down.
  4. I'm calling it now. This game ends in a pick 6 by Cousins.
  5. Yea. I'm done. Kirk is a f'ing idiot.
  6. I can't deal with the stupidity of this team
  7. Pathetic. I'm done with this team if we lose this.
  8. If Hall is still in the game, we lose.
  9. Why tf would we run it on the right side?
  10. We should go read option here.
  11. We need to run behind Trent here.
  12. Protect the ball here Perine.
  13. Watch them recover an onside kick here.
  14. I'm so confused why Everette is not out there.
  15. Lol. Wtf kind of challenge is that? Maybe just wanted the timeout?
  16. LMAO at the Saints fans complaining about that after the Doctson grab in the 1st quarter.