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  1. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    This is why I can't stand when fans root against tanking in football.
  2. What do we have to look forward to as fans?

    I live in LA. I'm getting pressure from friends/family to become a Rams fan. I'm still holding out for some idiotic reason.
  3. The greatness of Saquon Barkley

    It's not. They made a mistake.
  4. Week 14: Jints

    Can’t believe I listened to the “experts” and started the Bills D/ST over the Giants this week. I knew we’d make the Giants look like the 85 Bears this week. Stupid.
  5. Week 14: Jints

    I can’t believe I’m actually watching this.
  6. Week 14: Jints

    L.... please
  7. Week 13: Iggles Wiggles

    Reed's such a beast at times
  8. Week 13: Iggles Wiggles

    This would've happened Game 2 if we started Colt this season
  9. MNF - Philly v Washington GDT

    Jordan Reed
  10. Week 13: Iggles Wiggles

    We have to be the lowest IQ team in the league.
  11. NFC East: Now half good!

    Really hope Dallas wins the NFCE, for all the reasons mentioned above and also that they won't have their first pick until the end of the 2nd round.
  12. Reuben Foster Claimed by Redskins

    Tbh, the point that one guy made in the NFL News thread about Tyreek Hill is warranted. Also, Joe Mixon. If players are good enough, people stop caring what they do or have done off the field. It's sad, but true. This is just the front office taking a gamble that the short term PR hit will be well worth it in the long run if Foster can get his act together. It only pays off though if he performs at a similar level he performed in his rookie year AND he stays out of trouble. I give it a 5% chance at best.
  13. Reuben Foster Claimed by Redskins

    Bruce gonna Bruce
  14. Week 12: Dallas Week, Again...

    Not true. Our average time of possession for the season: 31 minutes. Today? 26 minutes
  15. Week 12: Dallas Week, Again...

    Not ruin a rookie QB when we’re paying Smith $31 million guaranteed anyway?
  16. Week 12: Dallas Week, Again...

    The defense was holding their own until the two mental mistakes in the 2nd half. They were gassed.
  17. Week 12: Dallas Week, Again...

    Gruden is not McVay
  18. Week 12: Dallas Week, Again...

    Goff was rated by Football Outsiders as having the worst season they’ve ever recorded by a QB with his number of snaps or more IIRC. That’s not just “growing pains”. He would have been ruined had McVay not come to the rescue.
  19. Week 12: Dallas Week, Again...

    You seriously underestimate how much a QB impacts the rest of the game, without it showing up in the stat sheet. Look at the Eagles defense with Chip Kelly as HC vs the defense once he left. Night and day with largely the same personnel. Why? Mostly because they were on the field far less. When the defense is on the field more, that leads to tired players who make mental mistakes like we saw today. And AP gets more touches if we don’t turn the ball over as much and don’t have to play from behind.
  20. Week 12: Dallas Week, Again...

    Goff was terrible his rookie year, but had the luxury of having one of the best offensive minds in the league for a play-caller and the best RB in the league in his 2nd and 3rd years. He likely would have stayed terrible had Fisher remained his HC. Most young QBs don’t have that luxury.
  21. Week 12: Dallas Week, Again...

    Which describes plenty of the offenses in college football right now. Smith has already proven a valuable resource in developing a young QB (Mahomes has given Smith a ton of credit for his development). I would follow the Reid model: draft a QB high that you believe in, sit him for a year behind Smith, and let him take over next year.
  22. Week 12: Dallas Week, Again...

    I’m all for drafting a replacement QB, but I don’t want to have to force a rookie QB to play if he’s not ready. We have to pay Smith regardless, might as well throw him in there and prevent our rookie QB from getting killed and developing bad habits.
  23. Come back soon Alex! This team needs you.