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  1. Will Kirk get more money than Jimmy?

    I just think the leverage he will have as a top 15, healthy QB hitting FA is unprecedented. His agent is a shrewd operator. And Kirk has shown over and over again that he's not scared of taking risks to get what he wants. I think he'll take the risk of scaring teams off with a high asking price, gambling that at least one team he wants to play for will bite.
  2. If Your Were Kirk Cousins Where Would YOU Go?!

    He'd get you a couple of more wins than you had the last couple seasons, but you're right, he wouldn't carry your team to a SB with a roster that would need to ship out all that talent.
  3. Will Kirk get more money than Jimmy?

    Obviously. Kirk will get $30+ million per yr, I have no doubt.
  4. If Your Were Kirk Cousins Where Would YOU Go?!

    We offered $12mil a few years ago actually, lol. After the 2015 season.
  5. If Your Were Kirk Cousins Where Would YOU Go?!

    With McCloughan now consulting that FO, the Browns won't be stupid enough to give Cousins a boatload of money. If I'm him, I take less money and go to Minnesota.
  6. Eagles vs Patriots SBLII GDT

    Darrel looks happy lol
  7. Are gms overrated?

    No. Not the good ones anyway. The Browns have finally realized it. I thought the Redskins did, but, oy vey.
  8. Pro-tip. Draft Vernon Davis in your fantasy leagues next year.

    Grant Paulsen‏Verified account @granthpaulsen 1m1 minute ago More The Chiefs struck gold with this deal. They created $17M in cap space, added a really good young DB and a 3rd rounder. They must be partying tonight. Scot Mccloughan‏Verified account @MccloughanScot FollowingFollowing @MccloughanScot More Scot Mccloughan Retweeted Adam Schefter I would have never traded Kendall. He can play inside & outside, he's high character, young & a football player

    You can't make this **** up.
  11. GWT: Week 20 Jaguars @ Patriots

  12. GWT: Week 20 Jaguars @ Patriots

    Holy hyperbole! I like what I'm seeing though
  13. Kirk Cousins - Should He Stay or Should He Go?

    Er, what?
  14. Gameday Thread Week 17 - The Battle for .500

    If only being a good CB was about the amount of INTs you rack up...
  15. Gameday Thread Week 17 - The Battle for .500

    Not surprising... The Redskins plan to let contract-year CB Bashaud Breeland hit the open market. Asked if the Redskins have engaged him in contract talks this year, Breeland replied, "No." Washington is already paying Josh Norman elite corner money and have Kendall Fuller and third-round rookie Fabian Moreau behind them. With salaries rising each year, Breeland could command $10 million-plus per year. He's currently Pro Football Focus' No. 64 cover corner out of 121 qualifiers. He has good length at 5'11/195 with eight career interceptions.
  16. Thursday Night - Saints (9-3) @ Falcons (7-5)

    Refs win yet again. Flexin on national TV.
  17. Thursday Night - Saints (9-3) @ Falcons (7-5)

    Wow, def thought he was out at first
  18. Thursday Night - Saints (9-3) @ Falcons (7-5)

    Uh oh, RIP Brees. Lereibus is terrible.
  19. PFF Grades

  20. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    I'm getting ready to start Josh Gordon over Dez in 0.5 PPR for the first week of playoffs. Dumb move or dumb move?
  21. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    Would you guys start Big Ben or Case Keenum this week? Hard to trust Ben on the road, and the Falcons won't have Trufant, but can I really trust Keenum to keep playing as well as he has against a solid Falcons D?
  22. GDT: Week 13 - Dallas Week

    Wow. Season over. If we win out from here on out I'm going to boycott the offseason.
  23. GDT: Week 13 - Dallas Week

    I have to give a speech tomorrow. I need to practice. I can't waste my time with this POS team. Night all.