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  1. Top 10 Players Overall

    And Kerrigan is constantly chopped and doubled as well so I don’t get your point. Wohoo! Griffin has been doing it since 2016. Well, Kerrigan has been a stud since 2011. PFF grades/rankings are a joke. I posted their raw stats, which are actually useful, as a supplement to the other stats I posted. And btw, if anyone is disadvantaged by the supporting cast they have had and the schemes they have played in, it’s Kerrigan. So miss me with that excuse.
  2. 2018-2019 Playoffs: 5 In - 5 Out

  3. Top 10 Players Overall

    First of all: What? Second, this is like saying Diggs is a better WR than Antonio Brown because he is faster and more explosive. Unless those traits lead to him being more productive, it doesn't really matter. Where athletic traits matter is when you're talking about potential, but both these edge rushers are well past the age where potential matters more than past production.
  4. Top 10 Players Overall

    I guess by this logic, Chandler Jones is the best edge player in the league.
  5. Top 10 Players Overall

    So basically, just ignore stats and focus on factors that don’t actually make him more productive than Kerrigan? By the way, Kerrigan has higher TFL numbers too, in almost every year since they’ve both been in the league. Von Miller, Khalil Mack, Bosa, and J.J. Watt all rush from the left end as well, and all are considered the best pass rushers at end in the league, so the level of comp argument is weak.
  6. 2018-2019 Playoffs: 5 In - 5 Out

    The defense was below average in other years. But in those years, Cousins legitimately had a great group of receiving weapons all over the place that were consistently ranked top 3 in the league collectively, and who complemented each other's skill sets extremely well, and had a top 5-7 OL in those years as well. The main issue I have with Cousins on the Vikings is that Cousins is a gun-slinger. It's in his DNA. I don't think it will matter that he will be on a team with a better defense. He'll still throw those bone-head interceptions that have you scratching your head, and he will still fumble at a higher rate than any other non-mobile QB in the league. I really think the Vikings would have been much better off acquiring Alex Smith this off-season. Having a QB who is extremely efficient, accurate, and minimizes turnovers would have been a perfect complement to the rest of that Viking's team IMO. And that 3-year window they gave Cousins would have been just as appropriate for Smith.
  7. 2018-2019 Playoffs: 5 In - 5 Out

  8. 2018-2019 Playoffs: 5 In - 5 Out

    Zero defense? We ranked 11th in Defensive DVOA last year. A huge reason the defense ranked so poorly in bulk stats is because they had the 5th worst starting field position per drive, in large part due to Cousins' turnovers in his own territory.
  9. Edge Rushers vs. Interior Rushers

    Just finished reading this PFF article, and thought it was pretty interesting. Basically, they are claiming (backed up by their data) that edge pass rushers are more valuable than interior pass rushers. It's a bit counter-intuitive, as most would think that pressure from the interior would have the bigger negative impact on the opposing offense, but according to PFF, the opposite is true. Couple of questions: 1. As a result of this analysis, should we start considering players like Bosa or Cam Jordan (usually thought of as outside of the top 3 when it comes to top pass rushers) more valuable than Aaron Donald and prime JJ Watt (though Watt did rush from the edge more often than Donald does)? 2. Do you have any issues with the way PFF arrived at this conclusion?
  10. Top 10 Players Overall

    Can someone explain to me the love that Everson Griffen gets versus the love that Ryan Kerrigan gets? I know the Player's Top 100 list is a joke, but somehow Griffen finished inside the top 20 and Kerrigan was left completely off the list. Then I see someone here put Griffen in their top 10, while leaving Kerrigan out of their list completely. I've seen it pretty consistently all offseason. I just want to do a quick sanity check stat comparison, and someone let me know what makes Griffen better: Kerrigan: Career Stats (Since 2011) 71.5 Sacks 274 Tackles 22 Forced Fumbles 22 Pass Deflections 3 INT 3 TD Griffen: Career Stats (Since 2010) 61 Sacks 189 Tackles 9 Forced Fumbles 13 Pass Deflections 1 INT 1 TD Kerrigan: Stats Over Last 4 Years 47 Sacks 144 Tackles 12 Forced Fumbles 7 Pass Deflections 1 INT 1 TD Griffen: Stats Over Last 4 Years 43.5 Sacks 140 Tackles 7 Forced Fumbles 9 Pass Deflections 0 INT 0 TD Kerrigan: 2017 Stats 13 Sacks 34 Tackles 3 Forced Fumbles 1 Pass Deflection 1 INT 1 TD Griffen: 2017 Stats 13 Sacks 31 Tackles 3 Forced Fumbles 1 Pass Deflection 0 INT 0 TD I just don't get it.
  11. All-Inclusive OTA's Thread

    Figured we could use a thread for OTA's with rookie mini-camp starting today. Here's some notes from today:
  12. This is an encouraging write-up regarding Chase: Ranking all 32 offensive lines by pass-blocking efficiency 24. WASHINGTON REDSKINS 2017 pass-blocking efficiency: 76.6 Best individual PBE: Chase Roullier, 98.4 A few offensive lines were held back by injuries in 2017, but none were more injury-riddled than the Redskins, who had 12 different players play at least 50 pass-block snaps throughout the season. All told, the Redskins surrendered 181 pressures on 606 passing plays, including 35 QB hits, the fifth-most among offensive lines. There were bright spots, however, as left tackle Trent Williams, despite playing with an injury, proved once again that he’s one of the best offensive tackles in football by being the only left tackle in the league to register 350 pass-block snaps without allowing a sack. The Redskins also got a nice rookie season from center Chase Roullier, who ended the campaign with a pass-blocking efficiency of 98.4, the highest rating recorded by a rookie center since Nick Mangold (99.4) in 2006. If they can stay healthy, the Redskins have the making of one of the better offensive lines in football as we look ahead to 2018.
  13. Things other than Redskins

    I read that more as him pushing himself too hard last offseason. I think it's a bit of a leap to say he was blaming Jay in that quote.
  14. The NFC East Thread

    I found out where Matts has been hiding. His opinions seem about as popular on reddit as they were here.
  15. All-Inclusive OTA's Thread

  16. All-Inclusive OTA's Thread

    Interesting... Pride cometh before the fall.
  17. Redskins best players who are 25 or younger

    You need to re-watch the games.
  18. Things other than Redskins

    No. Can you link it?
  19. Buccaneers a top ten offense?

    Tell us how you really feel though...
  20. All-Inclusive OTA's Thread

    Here you go @Woz