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  1. What is Derek Carr worth to your qb needing team?

    I thought the NFL learned their lesson with the last Carr brother.
  2. Week 7 MNF Giants @ Falcons

  3. Not sure how much this tells us. We have remember that there are 2 "starters" at WR/CB, while there is one "starter" at RB. And I'm sure those stats are much more in favor of the RB if we were to include round 3. Regardless, I agree that those late-round RBs are far more likely to be niche players. I was talking more about rounds 3-4. I think some very nice all-around starting RBs can be, and have been, drafted in those rounds. I agree that you can say the same for any position, but 1) I think there are more quality RBs that can be had there compared to other positions and 2) positional value is so integral to my point, and RBs just don't have the relative value to justify that high of a pick IMO. I agree that elite RBs can make a huge difference. But how much is that costing you on a relative basis? That's my point. But yeah man, agree to disagree I guess.
  4. I get what you're saying, but Cohen is just one example that I used because you originally brought it up. The same applies to Kamara, Hunt, James Conner, etc. It's not just the bit player RBs you're drafting in the mid rounds. You are far more likely to hit on a player in the 1st round than in any other round, so why waste that pick on a position that does not have a high impact, especially when you can likely find a RB later with an impact that is slightly lower, or maybe even higher than that 1st round RB (the first two examples above)? We haven't even gotten to the contract portion of this argument, which I already detailed my position on in this thread: "Drafting Barkley at 2 is unbelievably terrible relative value. And this isn't just Barkley hate from a division rival. The quote below is what I said in a thread on the Redskins forum when we were contemplating drafting Guice at 13 overall. It applies much more so to drafting a RB at 2 overall, no matter how good. Barkley is already the 4th highest paid RB in the league, and will soon have the highest guaranteed money at the position: https://overthecap.com/position/running-back/ I am ecstatic that the Giants made this selection. It was the one choice I was actively rooting for them to make."
  5. Because hit rates are much higher in the 1st than in any other round? The likelihood of hitting on Lawson after drafting C-Mac is much worse (no stats to back this up, but this should be obvious) than the liklihood of hitting on a RB like Cohen after drafting Lattimore in the 1st. Use your high hit rate picks on high impact positions. JuJu and Moton were 2nd round picks btw, which means you could have had Lattimore/Allen/Humphrey plus JuJu plus Cohen.
  6. I think you're focusing too much on who is "better", instead of taking the full picture into account. As @RandyMossIsBoss explained, value is what matters here. I would take Cohen over CMac with their salaries and/or draft position taken into account because I could also have a player like Lattimore, Humphrey, or Jonathan Allen on my team to go with Cohen.
  7. This is for the 2017 draft class. It says it in the top left column header.
  8. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    Was this Stroman getting beat AGAIN? Wow, this would have been devastating. Lucky Dak is so terrible. We need Dunbar back ASAP.
  9. The NFC LEast Thread

    I think the Redskins win the division if our defense stays healthy. Our schedule is pretty damn easy from here. Smith is never gonna be mistaken for a great QB, but there have been a lot of near misses b/w him and his WRs. He’s never been known as this inaccurate of a passer, so I think as soon as him and his WRs get more chemistry, the offense will step it up a level.
  10. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

  11. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    Completely serious: I’m shaving years off my life rooting for this POS franchise. Why do I do this?
  12. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    We have a team full of mental midgets.
  13. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    Gruden is so damn risk averse. It’s sickening.
  14. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

  15. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    Huge 1st
  16. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    These play-calls... smh
  17. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    Need a TD here. Feed Reed.
  18. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    Gotta take control of this game here
  19. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    Alex definitely has accuracy issues. I don’t know if it’s mostly due to timing issues with his WRs or just a flat out bad arm, but it’s definitely hurt us over the season.
  20. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    Our WRs are a joke.
  21. One QB would be a lot closer to that than one RB, impact-wise.
  22. Which doesn't mean much in the W-L column in today's league, evidenced by the Giants and Cardinals.
  23. Rich Tandler passes away at 63

    RIP. Seemed like a stand up guy. 63 is too young.