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  1. The offense was very flat. Seemed every route was covered. Was not a fan of spreading out five wide to dink and dunk out routes. Our line is once again going to get Joe killed. Of course if we beat the Steelers this week I’ll forgive them.
  2. A lot of good news out of training camp this year. Defense seems to be ahead of the offense which is good news for our Secondary.
  3. Anyone else impressed with their social media this year? I feel like I’m all jacked up on Mountain Dew every time I see an updated video.
  4. I think we’ll see it but not just because he is stronger. I see him being able to step into a much higher percentage of his throws this year vs last year. I think the right side of our line is fixed and our pass blocking with Pollack will be leaps and bounds better than with Turner. Burrow with time will be fun to watch and my money will be on him to win games when he his given that kind of opportunity.
  5. Maybe it’s just me but I feel a different energy coming from the team this year.
  6. Lol! told him once more before he closed the door.
  7. I really don’t think Zac had a lot of options. Seemed to me like he was begging guys to come coach with him. Not sure why he got rid of Pollack. I don’t see Hubert on anyone’s DL list. Is it because you project him as a LB?
  8. Just read it’s the most they e taken since they took 5 in ‘94. The Big Daddy draft. Certainly didn’t help that team. Oh how I miss the Dave Shula/ David Klingler years
  9. A WR, a kickerand a bunch of linemen. Oh and a RB from a crappy program. I like it.
  10. Like I stat d yesterday I’m hoping for two OL. T then G. But that being said, what do you think the effect of getting rid of Terrible Turner and getting Pollack back will have on our O line. Didn’t he draft Price? Will he put Price back at C under his scheme? I didn’t think he was that bad his rookie year. Does he move Hopkins back to G? ilIf you said yes to any or all of it can we get bpa in the 2nd and go OL in the 3rd?
  11. Cowboys and Eagles making that trade will never happen!!!
  12. Ruckert is who I was thinking, thanks. rd 2 has to be OL IMO if we don’t take Sewell in the 1st. Still would like to se a big OL to play guard in the 3rd but they quit asking me my opinion a long time ago....
  13. I’m going with Chase at this point. I’d be perfectly ok with the other two as well. I feel like everyone is overlooking Waddle though. Rounds two and three I’d like to see them go OL. I’d like to see them take the TOSU tight end too. Too lazy to look up his name but you know, the really big guy who caught everything.
  14. Digging the white and black. Not a huge fan of the orange. Still think the black helmet with orange stripes would look a lot better but I’m pretty happy overall. Sorry IN I didn’t see yours but I did copy it. I used to be on here all the time posting back in 2003-2006 but stopped posting and just stuck to lurking and reading.
  15. The one Mr. Potamus had as an avatar would look good with it
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