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  1. trade me your RB RNG
  2. Thanks, Nacho. Not a fan of that 4th quarter. Gg @Scalamania
  3. 2019 NFL draft where the jags pick at 32;) (Update: pick at 7)

    pass on him just like how we passed on Cam
  4. THE TALE OF THE TAPE FOR THIS WEEK'S MAIN EVENT @Scalamania S14 Week 10 Scranton Papermakers 13 @ Iowa Jagwads 27 S14 Week 14 Iowa Jagwads 13 @ Scranton Papermakers 20 S15 Week 4 Iowa Jagwads 31 @ Scranton Papermakers 37 S15 Week 10 Scranton Papermakers 23 @ Iowa Jagwads 44 S15 Divisional Iowa Jagwads 36 @ Scranton Papermakers 29 S16 Week 8 Scranton Papermakers 40 @ Iowa Jagwads 34 S16 Week 16 Iowa Jagwads 17 @ Scranton Papermakers 28 S16 Conference Championship Scranton Papermakers 30 @ Iowa Jagwads 17 S17 Week 1 Iowa Jagwads 27 @ Scranton Papermakers 30 Scranton leads the series at 6-3 and comes in with a 4 game winning streak. The Home team is 6-3 in the series. The series is 5-2 Scranton in the regular season and tied 1-1 in the playoffs.
  5. The offers were made before the trade was posted in the thread. We don't have access to your private messages. I apologize for asking questions. I legitimately didn't think you would get this upset and that wasn't my intention.
  6. There's a difference between answering a question and making snide remarks and personal attacks in your response.
  7. Jagwads receive HC Bill Belichick Uni Royals receive S18 10th HC Dabo Samuel @Glen @TheKillerNacho
  8. For real tho why are you being so defensive?
  9. Also good game @El ramster
  10. An up and down 2018 and a 5 game nerf. If you think that's 2 full rounds better than Saffold then you do you.
  11. Oh okay. Can you post me their ratings?