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  1. Tyrod Taylor, QB, Los Angeles Chargers @husker_vikes3 otc
  2. @jcrell623 @ me in here next time. There's no reason to clutter the draft thread.
  3. I'm already in the middle of correcting it. Chill. Lynn Bowden, RB, Las Vegas Raiders @husker_vikes3
  4. Sorry for the long delay! Zack Moss, RB, Buffalo Bills I think @husker_vikes3 otc
  5. Laviska Shenault, WR, Jacksonville Jaguars @ravens_rool28 otc
  6. @TheKillerNacho @Glen cut Kirk Ferentz. move DJ Chark to PS but keep as returner. Move George Kittle to WR3. Sign TE Jason Witten.
  7. QB Blake Bortles QB C.J. Beathard probably @ITS_RAMMY_PLAYBOI otc you may wanna double check that tho
  8. DC Todd Wash and STC Thomas McGaughey @ITS_RAMMY_PLAYBOI otc probably
  9. OG Austin Blythe (put at OG1, move LDTMD to OG2) K Jake Elliott
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