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  1. I know you're kidding & being facetious, but even then we brought him along slowly by his standards with how we handled him & Minshew, haha. Whether that was a good thing or bad thing, who knows. long-term, probably/hopefully doesn't really matter either way.
  2. We've rotated so heavily at safety, it's not like Cisco isn't getting playing time. Just not as much as we'd probably like. Wingard isn't good and shouldn't be starting over Cisco, but he did seem to actually have a good/solid game today from what I could tell.
  3. it's almost like everything this regime has done so far has shown that they're very conservative when it comes to bringing rookies along into the gameplan
  4. Wow, Urban Meyer RESORTS to FORCING the Broncos to travel to Jacksonville EARLY in order to gain an UNFAIR advantage. I would say he needs to QUIT but he's way ahead of us IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN
  5. Kayvon Thiodeaux and then try to get Evan Neal round 2 and Kyle Hamilton round 3.
  6. hey now don't absolve JLC since he started all this nonsense
  7. Why would you have 4 guys rushing Cisco when he's so far back by himself? What did Cisco do?
  8. I imagine the reason we wouldn't draft Kayvon Thibodeaux at #5 is the same reason why the Detroit Lions didn't draft Trevor Lawrence at #7.
  9. Yeah. I don't really blame the coaching staff for the run/pass imbalance yesterday because situationally, it makes sense why it was imbalanced. I still think a couple of those holds were very questionable calls. which, normally I wouldn't hold (ha) onto because it happens, but it sucks when there's an inconsistency to what is or is not going to get holding called in the game and it sucks when it's happening to our team and then the next series I see Chaisson getting held right in front of the QB and nothing is called
  10. yeah but I had bought a Jalen Ramsey jersey for that game which was the first jersey I had bought since like 2009
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