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  1. Jaguars All-25

  2. Freiburg convincingly ends the Jagwads A simple Freiburg wins would have sufficed.
  3. I trade C David Andrews @Glen trades S19 10th @TheKillerNacho
  4. damn was looking forward to glem's loss
  5. Jaguars All-25

  6. Jaguars All-25

  7. Jaguars All-25

  8. Jaguars All-25

  9. Jaguars All-25

  10. Jaguars All-25

  11. Jaguars All-25

  12. Jaguars All-25

    Jaguars are currently doing a top 25 countdown of the best players to commemorate 25 seasons of the Jaguars.
  13. the trick is to trade to tanking teams to win the chip tank following season due to those trades, but trade for future picks win next two chips with those picks bucs mad cuz he still gonna be a never chip winner with no assets sad