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  1. @Malfatron I am nominating @Nazgul and @theuntouchable We're simply just running out of people at this point. Nothing but respect for you two. You've both played great under-the-radar games up to this point and if I can take anything out of what mission's rant was, it was that you two definitely received the least amount of vitriol which kind of backs up that thought. I wish you both luck in the veto. Win and make this round as HOH harder for me. @Pickle Rick @Outpost31 @ET80 @FinneasGage
  2. The Gardner Minshew Thread: All Hail the Stache

    first of all, how dare you even as a division rival, this is low
  3. I hope he does well. I'll probably miss part of the game due to work unless I'm able to leave early.
  4. no. still sulking from today, tbh
  5. tbf, hard to find a hole when it isn't really there. The Mahomes thing looks bad in hindsight, but people forget that the Chiefs trading up to get Mahomes was seen as a massive reach at the time.
  6. Week 2 GDT: Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans

    It feels weird to be this optimistic at 0-2.
  7. The team needs to let Minshew do his thing sooner and be less predictable on first down. Until later in the game, it was pretty much always a run on first down and it was easy to tell where it would be going. Fournette didn't have a lot to work with on those plays.
  8. Agreed with all this. I think the 2 point try should have been in Minshew's hands.
  9. two good receptions back to back for Fournette