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  1. Stan Lee, Marvel Comics co-creator dies at 95

    Most shocked I've ever been about a 95 year old dying. Was just saying Saturday how sad I'll be when he dies. Somehow didn't expect it this soon. RIP to a dude who lived a long life and seemed to be a really nice guy.
  2. Detective Pikachu

    I was cautiously optimistic. Now, I am dangerously optimistic.
  3. I figured he'd bail after his rookie contract regardless, but damn.
  4. They turned it around in the second half. And on the blocked XP, the only reason it wasn't returned was because we drew a penalty... from a Colt against Abry Jones 70 yards downfield. - someone who watched the game I'm sure there are guys phoning it in, but there are a lot of guys still working their tail off.
  5. Who will win? A bunch of little horsies or 1 yeldy bama boi
  6. Even if it ends up reversed, loved the Fake FG call.
  7. What the hell? Why are we still charged a timeout for that?