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  1. So you would rather have 1 quality player over 2 quality players?
  2. I mainly just play 1x/week in league. Rarely get to play on weekend(damn wife and kids), so I struggle on how much to invest in new equipment. I have found eBay has a good source for clubs if you go that route.
  3. I'm ready as well. My golf league meets next Tuesday to determine partners and we officially start on April 13th(play Tuesday nights). I'm probably a year away from new irons. Try to update at least 1 thing in my bag each year and last year added a new Taylormade Wedge set.
  4. I have several friends that have received it because they work in healthcare. For there sake they are very relieved. My employer(large manufacturer) is receiving the Vaccine to distribute to all of our employees from the health department. We have our own health clinic so it's much easier for us to distribute and I've already signed up to receive it.
  5. Big fan of what the Cavs did here. As one person said earlier, that Milwaukee 1st rounder doesn't carry the same weight as it does now.
  6. I would fully embrace this approach. My only concern is Ward being 100% and his usual self. We have seen Myles struggle since coming back and hope it doesn't have the same impact to Ward.
  7. Some live in a glass half full world, not you sir... In the true words of George Michaels and more importantly Limp Bizkit, “Gotta have faith”
  8. I agree the injuries are concerning with Ward. However, the games he is missing due to Covid should be viewed different or not at all in the big picture.
  9. Sometimes I wish we had a Vontaze Burfict type of goon on our defense that wouldn't let a WR come across the middle without having 2nd thoughts. This is one of those sometimes...
  10. I'm glad YouTubeTV doesn't offer Fox Sports/Sportstime Ohio so I won't be watching/following the team.
  11. Very curious to see how much/often we do play action with Baker against the Steelers. On Sunday they were prepared for it and wonder how much they focus on this with Watt. Have to establish it at some point to keep there OLB's honest, which would allow Chubb/Hunt to exploit.
  12. We have never had a coach poached from any of our staffs(other than Shanny asking to get out of his contract). But in an ideal world AVP gets looked at next off-season and it's best to have someone in house that we can elevate.
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