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  1. Something brewing with Diggs?

    This does seem to be a whole lot of fuss about nothing. Diggs saying there's always truth to rumors is just like saying that when there's smoke, there's fire. This however doesn't mean the house is burning down, and it is my belief that he was just being coy, witty, and... philosophical maybe? Either way, Diggs was frustrated. Everyone was/is frustrated. This team is incredibly talented, and to not see it garner success is upsetting. Liken it to building a performance car from scratch, and when it comes to starting it up for the first time one of the cylinders isn't firing. Then the brakes don't work. Now the transmission is grinding. You have all the parts there, but things just aren't all clicking.. yet. DIggs strikes me as the type of WR who has cockiness and moxy which is easily mistaken as ego. I think we are lucky to have him in MN because other, more diva, players like an OBJ or AB might be banging the gavel for that trade, but Diggs isn't that guy. He wants to win, and he wants the team to have success. He probably is angry because he felt like he wasn't given enough opportunity to put the team on his back.. and don't confuse that with him thinking he needs more targets. He has a bit of the superhero complex, and it makes sense after the Minneapolis Miracle. If we are struggling, he wants to (and thinks) he has the ability to shoulder the load for the team and win the game. Unchecked, that can be a problem, but it's admirable none the less. End of the day, this isn't a issue with Diggs, it's an issue with the team and the offense settling into it's new identity while also dealing with the pressure of very high expectations. I suppose a good question for everyone would be this: Would you rather have Diggs display his frustrations how he has, and probably let his passion get the best of him, or would you rather he give sterile, generic, and lifeless responses with little to no action? Sure, there's other ways to handle yourself, but he's a human, not a robot, and he's going to be himself.
  2. Motor City MoJo: Detroit Lion updates

    It was more of a joke than anything. No game in the NFC North is going to be easy, but I think most (myself included) were overlooking them to a fair degree.
  3. Motor City MoJo: Detroit Lion updates

    Boy, I don't know NC... these lions have been taking it to the Chiefs all day... they might be the real deal....
  4. NFL Snooze News: Volume Four, Por Favor

    I absolutely hate the idea. I love watching football, and I love football season. That should mean that having a longer regular season and having more meaningful games would be a plus, but it's just something I cannot get behind. Other than being a money grab for the NFL, I don't really get the purpose. Health, family life, career longevity... so many things would be adjusted for players. Team rosters would have to expand to allow for more injuries and the like. I get that the preseason isn't all that exciting for the average NFL fan, but it's necessary for the teams to evaluate players, and it's necessary for a lot of players in order to find a path onto an active roster. Whenever there is change, or a proposition of change, I always ask "Why? What is the benefit? What is currently an issue that needs to be fixed? Is this issue being correctly prioritized in relation to other issues"? The NFL wants to emphasis player safety, and I just don't see how increasing the amount of games does anything other than increase the opportunity of player injury (personally I believe the NFL could care less about player safety, and they care more about saving face with the public and protecting their most valuable "assets" while also being able to monetize the situation by levying fines against players). Maybe the NFL should focus more on pressing issues such as fixing their officiating, player wage disparities based on positions (RB's are an example), allowing the use of things like cannabis for pain treatment, etc.
  5. Week 4: VIKINGS (2-1) at Bears (2-1)

    I don't think any of us supporting either team should be confident, to be honest. I'd absolutely wager that we have the better roster, the better scheme, and the better coaching... heck, even the better QB. The problem is that our teams are going to be needing to rely on our QB's and we are going against outstanding defenses... This game will most likely come down to who commits turnovers and/or makes mistakes, unless one side gains a big momentum swing. I truly believe that if we stick to the script and we play mistake free football, we will win tomorrow. I just am not confident that we will be able to do that.
  6. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    I definitely agree. Also, with our current situation this move just made too much sense. I'm no Treadwell fan, but he knows the offense which will be an easier transition than any guy from outside the organization and he can be an asset blocking. This is a move that provides breathing room, time to focus on our game this week, and time to evaluate what other options we have to fill out the depth chart at WR. If Diggs and Thielen were to go down, we are in a lot of trouble, and that is whether Treadwell is on the roster or not. Right now, he is an easy plug and play/known asset that we can use. Unless anyone wanted to go out and sign Antonio Brown for a week, I think Treadwell was the easiest choice.
  7. Week 4: VIKINGS (2-1) at Bears (2-1)

    It's great to hear that Alexander is practicing, but I would still rather him sit another week and continue to mend rather than play vs. the Bears. Their offense doesn't scare me a ton, and with Hughes back playing, I think we;ll be okay without him for another week. Kline, on the other hand hopefully will be back. Our O-line play is going to be pivotal to winning this game.
  8. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    I'm just happy that Sherels is back and eliminates a liability on special teams. Not only is he not prone to muffing punts, but he also is solid in coverage on special teams, and he can be well above Boyd and Meadors at CB.
  9. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    I'm still probably playing him over Meadors.
  10. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    See, I wasn't tracking any of this... that's what y'all are here for, haha EDIT: Well, based on what JDBrocks just posted, i'll re-enter my bid to bring Sherels back.
  11. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    I'd like us to get Garçon as well.. Treadwell knows the offense and acts as a bridge while a more competent receiver (Garçon) learns the playbook. Treadwell acts as a solid blocking WR if needed, and emergency backup. Go ahead and IR Beebe, and if either him or Doctson look healthy enough to return from IR later on, then bring them back and drop Treadwell. I also would be open to bringing Sherels back at this point. He isn't the returner he was in the past, but he isn't a liability. He's also a solid coverage guy, and I would assume he's at least as good as Nate Meadors (who would be dropped to make room for Sherels) if we needed him to play a bit of defense.
  12. Week 4: VIKINGS (2-1) at Bears (2-1)

    Depends on what the odds are of Hicks playing. I think that'll make a big difference.
  13. Week 4: VIKINGS (2-1) at Bears (2-1)

    Any news on Beebe or Kline? I know it's early, but they are both somewhat impactful. I'm assuming we are gonna need to bring in another WR this week as insurance (at the very least), and Kline has been one of the better performers along the line so far this year, so losing him would be a significant blow. Speaking of WR's, I have no idea who is available that i'd be open to signing. I know we worked out Matthews and the other two receivers last week.. and Treadwell is still out there and familiar with the scheme (barf).
  14. Week 4: VIKINGS (2-1) at Bears (2-1)

    Chicago's defense stacks pretty well against what we bring offensively. Their run defense is their best asset, while our rush offense is the strength for our offense. Their pass D isn't as good as last year, but their pass rush is still outstanding. The good news is that our defense looks to be very good and their offense is struggling. We need to just limit mistakes, clean up the penalties, and we should have a good shot at outlasting the Bears.
  15. Motor City MoJo: Detroit Lion updates

    So after 3 weeks, what's our verdict on these Lions? I thought after they blew the big lead on the Cardinals and found themselves with a tie that they were going to be another footnote to the season, but having beat the Chargers and now the Eagles... are they really that improved, and are they that much more of a serious threat?