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  1. Vikings select...Daniel Carlson, K, Auburn

    It'd probably be easier to just create a better system to seal off the stadium and artificially lower the air density through temperature and humidity changes along with literally sucking air molecules out. But I digress. Will be interesting to see Carlson in TC and so on. I wonder if the team is "gimmicky" enough to give him extra long attempts, even if we are in a blowout situation.
  2. Vikings select...Tyler Conklin, TE, Central Michigan

    From what I can gather, he is below average as a blocker. Good receiver, can make the tough or contested catch, meh speed, and not a blocker at this point.
  3. Vikings select...Jalyn Holmes, DL, Ohio St

    Biggest knock is on his pass rush. Doesn’t sound like he generates a ton of pressure, but he is stout against the run. Not sure he will be worthwhile for passing downs until/if his rush skills get developed. I think he’s a good pick at this point. He’s a nice rotational piece at worst, but he has the platform and body to develop as a rusher, and with who we have he doesn’t have to be at that point this year.
  4. Vikings select...Brian O’Neill, OT, Pittsburgh

    One thing to note about O’Neill and his strength concerns: apparently he had an injury (pectoral or something) that possibly limited him strength wise. Very cursory search on google didn’t come up with anything, but this was brought up after the pick on Sirius I believe. My initial impression is that the guy athletically is impressive, has a frame that can definitely be built on, and for only having 3 years of experience as a tackle he is advanced for where others would be. Comparison that was floated on Sirius was Nate Solder. I’m okay with the pick, I think he could very well turn out to be a solid player, but I am now concerned with our line composition. I would assume Hill would start at RT with Remmers at G, with the possibility of O’Neill stepping in at RT, but he seems to be seen as a guy who needs a year as of now. Depth seems like it could be a problem, but maybe the team feels good about Isidora’s development and whatnot?
  5. Vikings select...Mike Hughes, CB, UCF

    I get that. We have missed or not taken O-line early, and then after the 3rd, the guys we have taken have not become big time starters. That doesn’t mean that this will be the case this year though. If after tomorrow we have not selected an O-lineman i’ll be on the same boat as you as far as being upset and concerned, but as of right now there’s no reason to sound the alarm because we haven’t even crossed that threshold yet. The team obviously rated Hughes and his value higher than the lineman who were available, and there has to be a reason for that, but it doesn’t mean that a lineman wasn’t next in line, and it doesn’t mean that a lineman isn’t our top priority as it stands currently.
  6. Vikings select...Mike Hughes, CB, UCF

    But by that logic, then why ever take a O-lineman? We are just bound to fail. Or is it if we take someone like Hernandez or Williams in the 1st they would be a success, but now if we take them in the 2nd then they will bust... I get that we need O-line, but the draft isn’t done and the round a player is selected doesn’t define success. Sure, you can assume that the later someone is selected will correlate to success, but it is far from a certainty.
  7. Vikings select...Mike Hughes, CB, UCF

    But what’s to stop you from fixing your window as well? Draft’s not over, and the guys that were on the board at 30 are still there. We have the flexibility to move and take one still if we feel the need.
  8. Vikings select...Mike Hughes, CB, UCF

    I’m all right with this pick. Had to read up and watch stuff quick, but my initial impression is good. The guy is physical, gets turnovers, is quicker than his 40, and plays bigger than he is. Potential as an outside or inside corner, should become a starter at either spot. This gives us a lot of flexibility going forward with Alexander and Waynes. It’s a smart play that keeps the cap in mind, and the guy is a fit on our defense. Oh, and let’s not dismiss that he has return ability! Sherels is aging and isn’t a very good corner, yet he is able to take up a roster spot because of his return ability. I love Sherels, but having a talent like Hughes on the team who provides vastly better talent at CB along with return skills that could possibly match that of Marcus as a KR/PR potentially frees up a roster spot. I’m one of the many who viewed OL as our biggest need, and it still is, but acting like the draft is over already is silly. All the guys we could have taken on the O-line at pick #30 are still on the board! We have the ability to move up to get one of those guys if we feel like they are worth it, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see that happen. It’s almost as if people don’t remember that we got Elflein in the 3rd round just a year ago, and how’d that work out? Let’s not pull out the pitchforks just yet... i’d Be willing to put money on a new lineman joining the team in less than 24 hours (and if not i’ll gladly eat a hearty plate of crow). We need to have a little faith in the front office, they’ve played a huge role in growing our team to where it is now, and have been fairly solid drafting. While I was all in for a lineman, I am not upset at this pick because we still have plenty of draft left to get one of the many quality guys left out there.
  9. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - Day 1

    Returned and a CB to give us some flexibility with Alexander and Waynes. now, do we package some picks and move up in the 2nd to get an O-lineman that we like? Or is it reasonable that a good lineman will be available with our pick in the 2nd?
  10. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - Day 1

    With Jackson still on the board, we seem like an easy trade up spot for a team wanting to snag him with the 5th year option (which will be big for him since he will need the extra time to develop). I could easily see Rick trading back so they have more time to evaluate the guys left, along with getting more picks to bolster the roster. If not, i’m all for Williams.
  11. BAZINGA! Sheldon is ours! (1 yr, $11 mil, p. 11)

    Best defense in the NFL just got better. We already were a scary D-Line, now we have a downright monster of a starting 4. Depth is needed, but I'm sure we'll see that through the draft along with hopefully some good development from our young D-ends and Jaleel. Our linebackers should be free to roam no problem now, and blitz packages should create some real havoc. This signing should be about it other than maybe some small depth deals and probably bringing back Forbath. Draft is going to be real interesting, O-line and D-line will/should still be a priority along with a shot at a CB and then we should be seeing developmental guys taken to possibly replace dudes we could have trouble retaining in the near future (Barr, Waynes, Kendricks, Hunter, Diggs).
  12. 2018 Free Agents

    I cannot imagine the price being "right". He's probably not getting traction on what he wants right now monetarily, and his tune will change in the coming days. Buffalo and Miami both seem logical, but if those options don't flesh out, I could see him going to a team where he would hope he could start in the next few years (Patriots, Steelers, San Diego). Really, I had hoped Teddy would go to New England because, while he wouldn't be a starter initially, he would be able to learn behind the GOAT while also working to return to previous form and hopefully take over the franchise in several years.
  13. What QB Do We Want Going Into 2018?

    I think I'll be able to get behind any QB we go with, at least mentally. If I hadn't my way, though, option A would be Teddy and drafting a rookie (gives the most cap freedom to build an even stronger roster and flexibility to re-sign our key guys with upcoming contracts), option B would be Case with a rookie (shorter deal, less money than Cousins, and still gives the flexibility to re-sign our own guys comfortably) and option C would of course be to just pay for Cousins and hopefully The Brz can swing some magic to give us all the money we need to keep our young corp intact. Also, the more I think about it/the more I watch cutups, the more that I would almost be willing to make a strong move up in the draft to get Mayfield if he starts to head south of 12-15 (I get the feeling he won't last that long).
  14. What QB Do We Want Going Into 2018?

    Yea, it is a bit surprising to me. He's spoken recently about not having the choice of where to go since picking a team in college, and that he was looking forward to the process. Seems odd that he wouldn't at least want to take part in one of the big parts of the process, especially being wined and dined. I suppose he can go with the mindset that he isn't worried about the frivolity of the visits and just purely wants to see teams pitches and weigh the monetary value along with the team's future potential. Regardless I am sure he has an idea of the couple places he will consider, and is probably already leaning towards one. I would expect that he has his decision within 24 hours of the tampering period opening.
  15. 2018 Vikings Draft Prospects - Defensive Line

    We'll, naturally... unless he is some freak that takes a bit to really get going!