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  1. Everson Griffen Incident

    The Sack Daddy is my favorite NFL player currently, so this kind of breaks my heart. Not from a football aspect, but from a personal standpoint. I love Big Ev's high motor, tenacity, his motivational spirit, and his outstanding play on the field. It definitely isn't about when/if he can play again, it's about narrowing down what's going on and troubling him, and getting him to a good place for the rest of his life and for his family. I hope the best for Griffen and that he's getting all the help and support he needs to pull through. Trying to only look at this from a football/business perspective, I would assume the team would look to move him to the NFI list, and possibly look to see if Robison could come back to spell DE. Unfortunately, Odenigbo was waived by the Browns and then claimed in the past 24 hours or so by the Cards, but he would have been someone that I had hoped we could have scooped back up since he looked good in the preseason and is of course familiar with the system.
  2. Casting 96 out?

    Maybe it’s selfish of me, but I hope Robi decides to call it a career. I’d be pretty bummed to see him on another squad.
  3. Evaluating & Projecting The Roster

    I think Johnson/Robison are a wash, so B-Rob being gone means that’s probably a no on Johnson. Robin is probably just as much a Zimmer guy now as Johnson is/was. Drango from the Browns is definitely someone i’d look into. He isn’t great, maybe fringe starter, but he’s better than Compton and I believe he has more starting experience.
  4. Evaluating & Projecting The Roster

    Yea, doesn’t seem like it’s a need, but maybe they are working something to send either one of our young guys or maybe even Murray to a team in need... cough, 49ers since McKinnon just went down.
  5. The Often Overbearing, But Otherwise Ordinary Offensive Line

    “Shouldn’t be too long”... I feel like i’ve been hearing that all off season....
  6. Casting 96 out?

    I think I had read stuff about Johnson being a likely cut by the bengals, not just because of his contract, but because he had a pretty steep decline in play. At this point, I don’t think he’s an upgrade over Robison or any of our young guys.
  7. Week 1: 49ers (0-0) at VIKINGS (0-0)

    I went with Carlson, but my gut tells me that we'll score on the first drive, be it a FG or a touchdown.. and if it's a touchdown, I'd think it'd be Latavius. I think Murray actually gets a bulk of the snaps on the first drive, and i could see Murray getting the ball close to the goal line for a TD.
  8. The Often Overbearing, But Otherwise Ordinary Offensive Line

    Do you mean a “NFL average season” statistically, or an “Cousins average statistical season”? I ask because I wouldn’t be happy if Cousins only produced statistically average when compared to the rest of the NFL, but if put up stats that are his average, then I wouldn’t be upset. Maybe disappointed, but not upset. No matter what, if Cousins doesn’t put up top 5-10 QB numbers this year, the line will be blamed regardless, and rightfully so. It is the weakest point on the team, and can directly correlate to QB play, but even though Cousin’s doesn’t play fantastic under pressure (like Keenum did last year), he did put up very good stats under an arguably worse line. I think we have a better squad overall on offense than Kirk has had previously, so O-line or not, I would hope that he has a career year, but if he is nothing other than his normal average statistically, i’ll feel that we overpaid, but that we still got an upgrade which can put us over the hump.
  9. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    Rodgers is worththe money, and i’m sure it’ll be a bargain in the end. I still wonder how much he will be getting paid will affect the rest of the roster for years to come. For QB’s his age, with his talent, and with the amount of money he’s already made, I just think it’d be smart to go the Brady route and take a much more team friendly deal to give the team more options to bring in surrounding talent. I guess it’s just personal priorities, championships or money.
  10. Preseason, Week 4: VIKINGS (2-1) at Titans (0-3)

    Practice squad was probably the best spot for him this year anyways. With our roster dilemmas and cutting down to 53, the best bet for him to make the squad would be to replace Brothers while on suspension, and then he’d just get sent back to the practice squad (assuming he didn’t outplay Brothers on special teams, and made Brothers expendable).
  11. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    I feel like this was a move made because Elfelin may not be ready and because Jones can play LG. Edison, from everything i’ve read and seen, has done okay, and in general better than Compton. I wouldn’t be surprised if Edison is kept and starts, assuming Elflein isn’t ready, and Jones starts at LG. Then when Elflein is ready, Edison is cut. I think LG Compton, C Jones is not as good as LG Jones, C Edison.
  12. Preseason, Week 2: Jaguars (0-1) at Vikings (1-0)

    Not completely on topic, but this Jags team is pretty darned good, other than at the QB spot... being as unbiased about being a Vikings fan as I can be, I really want Coughlin to make a trade for Bridgewater. This would be a great situation for him, and when Bortles struggles, which I am sure he will, Teddy could probably easily step in a take over.
  13. The Often Overbearing, But Otherwise Ordinary Offensive Line

    I think the saving grace that people forget is that while Cousin's isn't necessarily the best under pressure, he still put up pretty good numbers while playing behind an arguably worse O-line. If some of our younger or lesser known guys either surprise, develop, or play competently, I think we should be all right.
  14. The Often Overbearing, But Otherwise Ordinary Offensive Line

    I love the BPA philosophy, but BPA doesn't just revolve around the best player left in the draft. It is also weighted by the team's board, which does factor in team needs. I think it would be foolish to assume that CB outweighed OL on our board this year, but the available linemen must not have outweighed the talent available at CB. While I wish we went after more linemen in the draft, I still feel like free agency was the failure here (and i use failure pretty liberally here). Of course a player being a free agent doesn't equate simply to us not signing them, but the talent vs. price vs. player desire to come to the team may have not meshed. That being said, I still in my gut feel that we could have brought in more guys than Compton to hopefully find some more options. Either way, we are at this juncture and I think we can figure out how to make it work. Now, we are a team with a good young core and relatively few areas of weakness. Because of this, I think we could have accepted more risk, this season more than most, by drafting guys who maybe weren't a perfect fit or who needed more development because we could afford them extra developmental time and time to adjust to the scheme. This kind of makes me wish we hadn't let Sirles leave as well, or had tried a bit harder to keep him. He wasn't great, but he was good enough to stand in and start if needed.
  15. The Often Overbearing, But Otherwise Ordinary Offensive Line

    I say again: does anyone have Berger’s number?