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  1. What QB Do We Want Going Into 2018?

    While generally unlikely, I have still kept Sloter in the back of my mind as being a serious option in the next few years. He showed enough in the preseason last year for us to make a strong play in order to bring him to the practice squad, and we now have a very well regarded QB developer/guru in Defelippo, which could pay big dividends with this kid. It will be fun to see how he develops. I still think that his potential will have little to no impact on how we address QB this offseason.
  2. What QB Do We Want Going Into 2018?

    Between trading up or signing Cousins, I'm going with Cousins all day, barring the trade up being a slam dunk in respects to the capitol we would have to part with. Cousin's isn't a world breaker by any means, but he is a known quantity: we know his strengths, we know his weaknesses, and there is a reason to believe that his production could elevate given a better supporting cast, which I absolutely believe he would have in MN. Yes, he will cost a lot of money, but with the way contracts are always inflating, by the end of his deal he could very well be seeing middle of the pack annual $'s. Trading up for a QB would be a great option if we knew what we were getting, but you don't. Countless highly drafted QB's amount to nothing in the NFL, and so the risk in drafting one is always high, and that doesn't even factor in the heavily increased risk of sending off more picks and what could be had from their value. Drafting a QB in the top 10 happens because a team is already bad and needs a foundation to build around (meaning they are usually near their floor already, and there is less risk because everything is generally looking up from there) or a team is in desperation mode/ lucky with receiving a higher pick than their season warranted due to a previous year trade or an injury which deflated the teams season. We don't really fit into any of those categories, which makes it feel like we would just be risking so much for a relatively unlikely unlikely win. Dream scenario would be to bring Teddy back, have the injury not be a problem, and see him further develop, but I can't believe that this is a highly realistic option until I see it with my own eyes. I would say that I feel the likelyhood of this happening is higher than us selecting a QB in the top 10 and having them develop into a great QB though. Retaining Teddy is the most fiscally conservative option that has an okay chance of success, but that doesn't necessarily make it the right decision. Picking between going the Teddy route or signing Cousins to a high dollar contract is really a tough decision for me especially because I don't know what Teddy's future holds. Either way, I do trust the team to make a smart decision and that we have the staff in place to reap the most benefit from whatever solution they decide to pursue.
  3. Vikings to hire John DeFilippo as OC

    Playing some devil's advocate: In response to point 1, Bridgewater wasn't a "stick in the mud" in the past, but I don't think we can say with any certainty that his mobility hasn't taken a steep dive. The team, of course, will know much more of this and it will probably factor largely into the decision of which QB to keep, if any. In response to point 2, while Teddy is still developing, I don't know that this immediately translates into him being the guy to keep around. It could just as easily point to drafting a rookie to receive that development while saddling said rookie behind a veteran, someone like Case, who provides the mobility and playstyle that fits with Defilippo. Again, this could heavily depend on Teddy's physical limitations. In response to point 3, the absolutely kept the continuity needed to justify keeping any one of our QB's by retaining Stefanski. Having been around the offense, and having been the QB coach over the last year, gives him the most intimate knowledge of each players strengths, weaknesses, and insight on future potential when weighted against the scheme we will run. Keeping Stefanski allows him to be the primary adviser to DeFilippo and the front office (assuming the decision is made with input from all stations) as to what QB will work best, which QB may not be the best option but who could work well, and which QB/QB's could end up struggling. By keeping Stefanski with the team, I think there is an equally strong argument for either Teddy or Case to be retained. My overall thought is that both Teddy and Case are very realistic options, with Case's downsides being salary commanded and risk of a dropoff, and Teddy's being the obvious continued implications of his injury along with previously solid yet unspectacular play. My gut says they will retain Bridgewater due to the cheaper contract and seek further help from a vet FA and the draft, or we will go after one of the more high profile free agents (Case being a real option) and run with that FA and Sloter as the main QB options. I do think people forget that Sloter had shown enough in his first preseason to make him a priority, and still is in that raw developmental stage as well.
  4. Stefanski to stay as QB Coach

    I felt that Stefanski was a strong option as our next OC this year, so him staying around another year while also learning from another OC will only boost his credentials and knowledge of offensive schemes. Defilippo could have landed a HC job this year, so barring a downgrade steep downgrade in our offensive production, he could very well be looking at the same sorts of opportunity next year. Having Stefanski in the fold, having worked with all of the QB's we've had (any of which could return this year) and possibly working with a newcomer or rookie will provide a level of continuity that could pay dividends. As long as Stefanski was willing to be on board with this move, then I feel like we have allowed ourselves a great opportunity to reduce major scheme shakeups going forward for years.
  5. New Coordinators(If Needed)

    I still think the best option would be to promote Stefanski to OC and grab Bevell as the QB Coach/ Assistant HC. Stefanski has a lot of experience on the offensive side of the ball and with our current players. If he is successful, you can expect that he could start getting some looks as a HC as early as next year, especially if team’s want to find the next McVay. This leaves a smooth transition option for Bevell to role back in as the OC in the case that Stefanski leaves, or fails and needs immediate replacement (a la Shurmur with Turner). Stefanski could continue to receive support and tutelage from an experienced offensive coach, and Bevell could play a huge role in developing Bridgewater if he is retained or a rookie QB if we go that route. If Stefanski leaves for NY (which I think is a strong possibility), then I still think Bevell is the next best option in line. His offense in Seattle would suit our current team composition very well, and again, he would be a positive when considering our QB situation going forward. DeFillipo is intriguing, but i’m not sold on his resume. He has developed Wentz well, and the offense adjusted for Foles well, but neither of these things may be immediately related to DeFillipo. He surely had a hand in developing Wentz, but part of the success has to be contributed to Wentz generally being good and Pederson and Reich will need to receive some of the credit as well. With McDaniels off the table, I expect the Colt’s to begin scrambling and DeFillipo should be high on their list.
  6. NFC Championship Game: Vikings at Eagles, Week 20

    I haven't washed my Griffen jersey all season, still has turkey juices on if from thanksgiving and everything.
  7. Browns cap space available and what would you do

    Honestly, I think they should take the QB of their choice at #1, Barkley at #4, and then devote all other resources, both in the draft and free agency, into the O-line and defensive side of the ball. Get a journeyman at QB in free agency on a short 2-3 year deal. Commit to sitting that QBoTF their rookie year just to learn and develop, rather than possibly picking up bad habits or losing confidence by being thrust into a starting role early. I look at this kind of like making an ice sculpture: you have to make bold and rough cuts early, and more finesse moves after the sculpture begins to take shape. This year, a team like the Jags have shown a decent model of how a team can grow and become competitive in very quick fashion, and the Browns have the cap and draft picks to make this happen quicker. A strong defense can keep teams in a game, and a good running attack along with complementary QB play can be a successful recipe. The Jags have shown that even with relatively mediocre QB play that you can be successful. You can't expect a huge turnaround from this season to next, but a strong defense along with a strong run game will make you competitive/average really quick. With this formula, I feel like the Browns could go 6-10 at worst, and the spark of life will draw more intrigue from players in FA along with setting a strong foundation to build on going forward.
  8. PFF Grades 2017

    Now, this would take quite a large amount of work, but someone should totally find the average rating for every team based on what rating was given to each of the teams starters, possibly breaking it down even into position groups for each team as well. It'd be interesting to see how each team's average played out, and how much, if at all, it correlated to season records.
  9. 2018 Vikings Prospects - An Early Look

    Mel Kiper is has less talent as an evaluator and more talent as an evaluator of draft stock trends as perceived by non-talent evaluators (fans/news sources). He rides the ebbs and flows of the draft process and adjusts his projections and predictions based on perception rather than actual evaluation. If he was able to transition, he might be able to run a semi-successful stock market/trading show.
  10. NFC Championship Game: Vikings at Eagles, Week 20

    Based on how we were pressured in the 2nd half last week and how that limited our offense, coupled with an overall stronger D-line and pass rush from the Eagles, I feel like we will have a gameplan that is prepared to combat our weakness and create more time for pass plays. Part of this will come from establishing the run in order to set up play action, a heavier use of the screen to "trap" and fool the pass rushers, and quick pass route trees with shallow crosses early on in the game. Doing all of this will force the Eagles D to hopefully back off of the rush somewhat, and when they do, we have to try to sneak in our longer developing and more dangerous passing game. All easier said than done, and it's not like the Eagles won't know how teams will try to exploit them. As much as this will be a game predicated on the battle in the trenches, it will be even more of a chess match of Shurmur vs. Schwartz.
  11. GWT: Week 20 Vikings @ Eagles

    Going to be a tough game for both sides. The game comes down to 2 things for me: the Vikings O-line performance and turnovers. The Vikes D has matched and played well vs basically every opponent this year. The 2nd half of last weeks game seemed to be possibly their worst performance all year. I feel like the team will lock down this week and be prepared to handle the Eagles offense. Not to jump on the general disrespect of Foles, but watching the game last week did not give me anything to really fear. The Falcons D can be very good, but they looked lost and lackluster. They produced turnovers and failed to use them to take over the tide of the game, in large part due to the Eagles stout defense. The Vikes have the same ability to create these turnovers, and hopefully botch any interceptions off of their knees. Turnovers will be huge for either side, and thankfully, the Vikes have not given the ball up many times this year. Now, what really scare me is the Vikings O-line vs the Eagles D-line. The Vikes O-line had a drastic turnaround from last year, but they are still generally average. They have allowed pressure on Keenum more than one would like, but Case has shown the ability to avoid the pass rush and make some special plays happen. That still is not something I prefer to gamble on. If the line can holding off the pass rush to some extent of success, then the Vikes should be able to generate several scoring drives. If the Eagles D-line however can create consistent pressure, especially from the edge rush, it will probably cause a lot of issues. I think nearly having exit interviews last week pushes the Vikings to tighten their game up. While I expect the game to be tight and low scoring, something in my gut says that the Vikings win, and win in greater fashion that what is expected. I'm guessing 23-10.
  12. NFC Championship Game: Vikings at Eagles, Week 20

    I have felt like our pass rush has been in decline, but it feels like we don't have a big rotation, especially at D-end which may mean guys are getting worn out. Also Griffen's plantar fasciitis has surely hindered him some.
  13. 2018 Vikings Prospects - An Early Look

    I think excellent CB's are a must in the pass heavy NFL and even more so in the NFC North. Just because we have Wayne's, Rhodes, and Alexander are doing well and growing doesn't mean that we shouldn't still have it held in high regard. Waynes' may not be a part of future plan she based on what sort of a contract he could warrant, and having a good player to replace him could make that decision easier. It also pads for injury and allows us to rotate more or gameplan individual player strengths vs the opponents. Is it worth a 1st round pick? All depends on the player really. O-line, 3T, and possibly QB are all possibly a higher priority, but it really depends on what talent is available and how the team grades out the players in the draft. I wouldn't count a CB out with our pick in the 1st.
  14. Playoffs Pick 'em!

    Jacksonville at New England 12 Minnesota at Philadelphia 16
  15. What QB Do We Want Going Into 2018?

    Zimmer did say as much in his presser, FWIW.