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  1. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    I'm no doctor, I would never claim to be, but it just seems to me that his collarbone would need more time before it isn't a re-injury risk. Yes, the Packers do have a shot to make the playoffs, but I still think it is a tough road with how the NFC is stacked currently. If I were in charge of the Packers, I'd err on the side of caution and protect the biggest investment in the franchise so I could regroup and build for next season rather than fight an pretty uphill battle in an attempt to make the playoffs/championship.
  2. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    While I don't want to play a Rodgers led Packers team in Lambeau in December, I do relish the competition that it brings. Objectively, I think it is just a horrible idea on the teams part to have him play anymore this year. Yes, he elevates the team, yes they could still be in wild card contention, but with how poor that team has been performing despite winning, and how long of a shot they are to make the post season, the risk seems too high to put him out there. I never want a player to get hurt, but if he does play I almost hope that he re-injures that shoulder because then maybe they will learn their lesson. Rodgers is their franchise right now, and to gamble on his health this year and possibly next year could potentially be a huge detriment.
  3. Week 15: Bengals (5-8) at VIKINGS (10-3)

    Hopefully Remmers and Elflein return. I feel confident in the line even if Reiff is out because Hill has done a pretty good job (except he got beat up yesterday). Im hoping Reiff's injury isn't too serious, though it sounds like it could be. This is a game we should win, but you just never know.
  4. Week 14: VIKINGS (10-2) at Panthers (8-4)

    The fact that the game was as close as it was gives me a bit of solace. We played very bad, and we shot ourselves in the foot a bunch. The fact that the game was tied with about 3 minutes left says a lot about our team and the Panthers. Now, depending on how things shake out with the O-line and Reiff, this could change, but if we were to face Carolina again in our house, and we play ball like we have been apart from last week, I think we could definitely beat them. With Wentz going down, I actually feel very confident that we can take the NFC as long as we don't have any more games like we did yesterday.
  5. Week 14: VIKINGS (10-2) at Panthers (8-4)

    Penalties, injuries, missed opportunities... we are the better team, but it was not our day today. We've shot ourselves in the foot too many times. We can still overcome the score deficit, but it would require all facets of the team putting on their big boy pants and cleaning up the errors.
  6. Week 14: VIKINGS (10-2) at Panthers (8-4)

    So the big key to success this game now comes down to our O-line play and health today. Hill has filled in nice for Remmers, so I'm not as worried there, but with Elflein out, I think the impact becomes more drastic. Sirles has always been decent as a spot starter, and we have isidora to go in as needed who has shown up well, but moving Easton over to center shakes up the line and the snap to Keenum which could change multiple things for the offense. Expect the Panthers to try and target this perceived weakness, which means we will need some quick effective passing early to slow down the rush. Will be interesting to see if the running game can be as successful as it has been with a new line composition as well.
  7. 2018 Vikings Prospects - An Early Look

    The more that this team proves how good it is, the more prudent I think it would be to start drafting guys at positions where we already have standout players and it may be tough to retain them money wise. CB has already been discussed quite a bit because Waynes isn't an all star and CB contracts can be lofty even for average players.
  8. Week 14: VIKINGS (10-2) at Panthers (8-4)

    Well just a day or two ago he said something along the lines of "He never could block me before, why would he be able to block me now" which seemed a lot more antagonistic than saying that he is playing well, which is a blatant lie... unless he said it with a sarcastic inflection.
  9. Week 14: VIKINGS (10-2) at Panthers (8-4)

    What chu talkin bout Everson!?
  10. Stand by Me Standings

    I think we still have a fairly difficult schedule ahead of us. The Panthers are of course going to be tough, but beyond that we still have some tests. Cincy may not have a winning record, but last weeks performance showed that they are dangerous (to the health of players possibly) while hanging with the steelers. They are projected as possibly the best team in the league who wont make the playoffs, so even though it's a home game, we can't write them off. The Packers away seems like it should be easy, and even with Rodgers they don't scare me, but it is an away game, in the winter, in Lambeau vs a divisional opponent. Same essentially goes for the Bears, who have beaten some really good teams this year despite having a garbage pile of a season. We struggled with them early in the year, and again, a divisional matchup is always more difficult. The Vikes have ever opportunity to win out the rest of the year, and I think there is a strong possibility that they could, but I still think there is high potential for it to be more of a grind than some think.
  11. Do our Corners have our Backs, and Safely at that...?

    As Waynes has slowly improved his coverage and stuck tighter with receivers, teams are being forced to go back to their "strength" at WR, or their top target. Because Xavier covers that top target he is of course going to get more balls thrown his way. Even that little of an improvement by Waynes is taking a relatively reliable passing option off the table and forcing teams to have to throw the ball where they would prefer not to. Just goes to show that average CB play across from Rhodes in this defense actually gets elevated to almost above average play for the individual, and very good play as a pass defense as a whole.
  12. Week 14: VIKINGS (10-2) at Panthers (8-4)

    I don't get why they are playing the Cards game in AZ instead of my Vikes... Don't they know I'm a big deal down here and I need my Purple on the TV!
  13. Do our Corners have our Backs, and Safely at that...?

    I guess I have a propensity to believe that young men with attitude problems and troubles of that sort have a better chance to rise to the occasion and grow when placed into a professional environment (especially one where you get paid millions), but that is the optimist in me. In my military career i've seen countless young men and women join who are lacking any sort of adult mentality or discipline, and they are able to grow into very respectful and professional people in a short amount of time. I suppose a lot of that has to do with the ramifications of not conforming to that sort of mindset in that profession, and there is not always that sort of environment in the NFL... it is a very easy place for boys to remain boys rather than grow into men.
  14. Do our Corners have our Backs, and Safely at that...?

    You never know, a coach like Zimmer could have reigned him in, or on the other hand he could be just as much of a wildcard as he is now. Peters definitely has talent, and while I wanted us to go after him in the draft, the hindsight being 20/20 leads me to believe that we might not have gotten as talented of a player, but we probably got the right guy for what our team needs.
  15. Can a Case be made for Keenum...?

    I think the main thing is sustainability. Everyone always goes to Brad Johnson, Joe Flacco, and Trent Dilfer as examples of middle of the pack QB's who led super bowl winning teams. They are great examples of why this is a team sport, and that despite QB playing a bigger role than other positions, you need to have a good surrounding cast if you don't have an above average QB. I don't think anyone cares how we do it if we win a super bowl, but the general basis of evaluating Keenum is to try and decide whether the situation is more of the team being good around him, or if Keenum is playing at a high level because his skill has increased. While the wins and losses absolutely matter, I think what we are trying to figure out is if Keenum is good enough to allow this team to have a consistent post season presence beyond this year. We don't want to be a one season post season team and then fall back into mediocrity. This is why teams like the patriots are consistently in the post season. They have a master at QB and they are able to put together a competent team. Because Brady is so good, he elevates the rest of the team to greatness year in and year out, and they have a very good W/L record yearly. When trying to evaluate Keenum, we just want to see if he has any of that in him ("That" being the skill above average to consistently lead a team to the post season).