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  1. I would have to take time away from Vikings football if Rodgers wore purple. It was hard enough for me to watch Favre on the team. Rodgers is on the decline, and while he has more "magic" in him than Cousins, I just couldn't bring myself to root for a team that would bring in such a hated rival like that, not once, but twice.
  2. Again, it makes my skin crawl to say this, but I think Odenigbo would still be best served to be out on pass rush downs. He wasn't anything special in run defense, but he did great with the pass rush snaps he had. Now, move Griff inside on those pass rush downs, and again i'm sold.
  3. I want to see Samia too, but I think I personally have more faith in Odenigbo taking over for Griffen than I do of Samia taking over for Kline just anecdotally based on what we've seen out of them.
  4. I'm not saying that there won't be a drop off in production, because I absolutely think there could be/will be. I'm just not sure how big that drop off will be, and I also know that guys like Odenigbo might be able to maximize their potential from getting those meaningful reps. I can make an argument both for and against bringing Griffen back, but I think that as far as roster spots and money goes, the prudent move for long term health along the D-line would be to ride with what we have for now. As a for instance, if we had to bring back a vet that we lost this year between Griffen and Kline, i'd prefer to spend the money on Kline not only because he'd be cheaper overall, but because I think the drop off/need at OG is much greater than it is at DE. Now if we were able to get a long term deal done with Harris that spread some money out AND we were able to either release Elflein/ Reiff to the point where we could resign both Griffen and Kline... I think we'd have something going for us..
  5. Let me be very clear: Griffen has been my absolute favorite Viking since Jared Allen, and it kills me to not see him in purple... but i'll be the first to say that I don't see him coming back, nor do I think it's a worthwhile move for the team at this point. We brought in a significant amount of new faces this year to the D-Line: Pierce, Zettel, Wonnum, Lynch, Willekes, and Moa. We did this while losing Griff, Joseph, Weatherly... I might be missing more, but the point still stands. Not all of our additions are a lock to make the roster, but we do have some guys on the team who will be vying for significant playing time like Odenigbo, and we need to use money towards signing key young pieces. If Griffen is re-signed, i'll be happy, but I think the smart move right now is to ride with what we have and re-assess next year.
  6. I can't find anything on him signing anywhere. I wonder if he'll still get a look with us at some point.
  7. If we play our cards right and turn all these picks into future picks... and we keep this up for the next few years.. we might be able to trade for a future first in 2028!
  8. Just want to know the compensation, hahah
  9. I don't care how it's pronounced... I know how i'm pronouncing it.
  10. We'll grab Reed and Moss back to back.
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