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  1. Preseason, Week 2: Jaguars (0-1) at Vikings (1-0)

    Not completely on topic, but this Jags team is pretty darned good, other than at the QB spot... being as unbiased about being a Vikings fan as I can be, I really want Coughlin to make a trade for Bridgewater. This would be a great situation for him, and when Bortles struggles, which I am sure he will, Teddy could probably easily step in a take over.
  2. I think the saving grace that people forget is that while Cousin's isn't necessarily the best under pressure, he still put up pretty good numbers while playing behind an arguably worse O-line. If some of our younger or lesser known guys either surprise, develop, or play competently, I think we should be all right.
  3. I love the BPA philosophy, but BPA doesn't just revolve around the best player left in the draft. It is also weighted by the team's board, which does factor in team needs. I think it would be foolish to assume that CB outweighed OL on our board this year, but the available linemen must not have outweighed the talent available at CB. While I wish we went after more linemen in the draft, I still feel like free agency was the failure here (and i use failure pretty liberally here). Of course a player being a free agent doesn't equate simply to us not signing them, but the talent vs. price vs. player desire to come to the team may have not meshed. That being said, I still in my gut feel that we could have brought in more guys than Compton to hopefully find some more options. Either way, we are at this juncture and I think we can figure out how to make it work. Now, we are a team with a good young core and relatively few areas of weakness. Because of this, I think we could have accepted more risk, this season more than most, by drafting guys who maybe weren't a perfect fit or who needed more development because we could afford them extra developmental time and time to adjust to the scheme. This kind of makes me wish we hadn't let Sirles leave as well, or had tried a bit harder to keep him. He wasn't great, but he was good enough to stand in and start if needed.
  4. I say again: does anyone have Berger’s number?
  5. I think Compton probably will start at LG, but with the way Isidora has been progressing, I think he’ll grab the starting job before too long this year. Really hoping Gossett and Collins are progressing/showing up decent. Does anyone have Joe Berger’s phone number?
  6. I'll eat crow, I want nothing to do with that loser. He needs to find a good doctor.
  7. I would like to look at adding Incognito if the price is right. He has continually been solid as far as play, but the dude obviously has some weird stuff going through his head. I think the risk should absolutely play into his contract, but as a one year insurance policy for a line that is showing to be nicked up this early, and was already the most questionable position group on the team, I think the risk is worth the reward. Hopefully Zimmer and the other coaches on the team would be able to keep his off the field "antics" held to a minimum. Other than Incognito, what options are out there that are free agents who could legitimately be a reasonable add? I don't like having to make "desperation" style signings (like Jake Long) but between Elfein still recovering, Remmers nursing what I beleive is an ankle issue, Easton with some new back/neck issues, and I think Hill has been held out for something during training camp, the line is giving me a little more worry than I want at this point.
  8. Putting the Training (Camp) Wheels On!

    I just don't know how the Chargers (LA) would be up for that. It'd be a no-brainer in my mind though. I think if the CB group shows up big this year through camp, and Hill, Hughes, and Alexander all look good enough, I'd almost be willing to trade Waynes for Lamp and maybe a mid round pick. Waynes is up in the air already on his long term future with the team, and with what he may garner as far as a contract, we might not be able to keep him anyways. It'd be worth it, in my opinion, to bolster the O-line a bit. It'd make keeping Newman around this year easier as well. Not that I want Waynes gone, but if we won't be able to re-sign him because of his cost, and our CB's are developing well, we might as well get something in return now.
  9. Stadium Saga, Part XVIII (Wilfs' future plans):

    All depends on your situation. I’m lucky enough to not have to worry about that, using the VA loan. Even so, I think it’s sad the way college is setting so many young people back, and that they feel forced into going into college in order to find a career now. I’m glad I quit after two years, because had I not, I wouldn’t have such a rewarding and amazingly paying job. I can’t stress enough to you people to look into tech schools or certification programs rather than going to college. 6 figure jobs galore out there with maybe 6-8 months of training/schooling. Until college becomes affordable and businesses decide to invest in people who don’t have all of the experience, that’s really the way to go. Back on subject, though, those apartments sound like they will be really nice. Imagine they will cost a pretty penny for sure. I’ll be interested to find out just how much they go for.
  10. Barr V Richardson?

    I struggle to answer this question, at least right now. As was posed, if both have great years, I think Richardson is more important to the defense, but Barr being a guy we drafted makes me want to keep him. Without seeing anything from Richardson yet in this system, it's Barr for me. But I have not voted because I just can't realistically say one or the other without having a couple games worth of tape on Richardson in order to really gauge his value on this team.
  11. All abouts the wideouts

    I kind of have been hearing that Wright hasn't shown anything special in practices so far. Heard he hasn't even been out with the first team, and wasn't even on the field during at least one day that was open to the media. Assuming some of these UDFA's and new guys are showing up well, I wouldn't be surprised if he got released in favor of some dynamic youth, even more so if Treadwell really is taking these big steps. I think Zylstra, Coley, and either Beebe or Badet could be our back 3 kept if we keep 6 WR's on the roster. If the young guys are doing this well, i'd love to get them locked up on the roster rather than have them pulled off the practice squad by a WR needed team.
  12. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    I love Barr, but I do think that for both him and the team the best bet will be to let him play through the season and possibly test the market. This is assuming that the reason a deal isn't done now is because he isn't willing to take a friendly deal with the team (I don't want to call it a hometown discount, but it is what it is). If he plays through the season, that will fully set what his value should be: He could get more pass rush opportunities and do well meaning he could garner a bigger deal, or he could flounder bringing him closer to a regular 4-3OLB salary. He could get injured and then his value could definitely take a hit. He might just be looking for more money that we think he is worth, and could get that on the open market, or could find that what we were offering is a lot closer to what the rest of the league sees as his value. I do think he is a great player, and has a significant impact on the team, both with his play and chemistry, but by no means is he un-replaceable. Richardson has to still show that he can be successful in this system and that he has the correct chemistry to mesh well with our defense. I think the chances of this happening are fairly high, and that he could at the very least achieve the production that Floyd had, with a higher ceiling. Based on the impact that the UT can have on this defense, I think he would be next in line to receive a new contract beyond Diggs. Waynes is an interesting situation. He has really come along and shown a lot, but he still has some flaws and things to clean up. That being said, CB's under Zimmer seem to just get better and better every year they have in the system, so we could see an even better version of Waynes this year. If he does progress like that, it'll be really tough to not try and bring him back, but I think it'll solely rest on two major factors: How much he improves this year, and how Hughes, Hill, and Alexander all fare. If Alexander takes a jump, then I think that immediately makes Waynes much more expendable, regardless of how Waynes performs. If Hughes and Hill both show to be coming along well, then it almost makes it a lock to let Waynes walk. I think the possibility of 1-2 of Hughes, Hill, and Alexander showing starting capability is very possible (and will be one of my favorite position groups to watch this year), and that will make bringing Waynes back almost unnecessary.
  13. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    Unfortunately ego's play into these things a lot, but hopefully he understands that one contract being handed out vs his not being in place is more of a business decision/ issue of timing rather than some personal knock or sign of disrespect. End of the day, no one knows what the full intent of the team is or what their thought process is. They might be willing to let Barr walk for all we know.
  14. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    This is excellent news, assuming of course that it is all sourced correctly. Best to get Diggs locked up quickly, as the potential for a spike in his stats is there this year given the boost at the QB position.
  15. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    What you are saying is a fairly obvious statement though, and one that can be said about any argument or set of statistics that have been used in this conversation. That would be like Vikings fans saying if Bradford never got hurt, and he matched roughly his same stats from week 1 in every game, the Vikings would have won X amount of games, and putnuo X stats. All we have to use are the stats that actually occurred, and the trends that were shown based off of larger samples. If we play the what if game, you really get no where, but if we use the stats and trends available, then some reasonable discourse can happen.