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    2020 ROT

    This articles main points is exactly what we have talked about - so we can pat ourselves on the back a little bit. I don't think it is a difficult analysis though, and we already talked about it coming off the loss to the Titans, that we should be able to counter when teams play us the way the Titans did. I remember I mentioned how my old team ran an army style offense, and teams began to counter it with 3-5 defenses in man coverage with dlines lining up at 3 tech, zero tech and 3 tech and the outside forcing everything inside to those guys while taking away the read/keep. We began to counter it with quick slants and deep outs from our slot receivers with outside receivers running clearing routes. It is pretty much how the article sums up the "solutions" for the Ravens offense. With how cornerbacks play Marquise Brown, we need to put the Flacco-To-Mason route into the offense and make those two work on it till they can do it with eyes closed. That has the potential to be our primary 3 down converter.
  2. As DB said, there are some who encourage the move. This team has some pride in being a great lockerroom, and the one diva experiment failed bad with Earl Thomas. Would/should we take the chance with AB? He does seem to be able to work with some of his teammates. Regarding his craft, he is a hard hard worker and his ability to work off script makes him a great fit for the offense. The big question is, if he is a Steve Smith character or a Terrell Owens character. Steve Smith embraced the way he was given responsibility with the Ravens, and a player considered selfcentered in Carolina who called out teammates and coaches was one of the Ravens best free agent aquisitions. I have not shut the door 100% on AB, but I would be very concerned adding him despite how good a player he still is.
  3. Personally, if I can get the job done but could need an upgrade, I would not want to invite a known selfcentered idiot with legal issues into my team and hope he will behave till we are finished working on an important project.
  4. I don't think it is play calls. I think it has something to do with recognizing coverage. If the CB stays in phase, then the WR has to recognize it and make a comeback. If the CB stops and sits in a zone the WR is supposed to get vertical. Sometimes it has to do with safety help - if there is a safety coming over the top, the WR is supposed to adjust his route instead of running deep. Those are dependant on scheme, route design etc.
  5. Here is some fuel for the fire for those of you who are tired with Boykin
  6. Imo its both. They take away the outside and then attack up the middle which means there is a big gap behind the linebackers, hence there should be opportunities to exploit quick slants and outs all day as defenders also plays off coverage in man
  7. My feelings after the game are very much the same as they have been after all games this first half of the season. Outside of our win against the Browns, I have the feeling we are playing with on hand tied behind our backs (think some call it “playing left handed”). The Chiefs game is an outlier as well on the negative side. I don’t think we are close to being that bad on offense, and seeing the game for the third time, Mahomes just played at a very high level and we got outschemed on defense. We need to see our offense getting back to that level with great execution and balance in the run/passing game like we saw against the Rams last year for instance. Just being able to attack all levels of the field keeping defenses a step behind – instead of this sluggish offense we have seen the last couple of weeks. In my opinion, most of our issues comes from scheme and timing and not being able to take advantage of the stuff defenses throws at us. I am certain the slants are there to Boykin/Duvernay and that we can take advantage of Duvernay and Browns speed better than we have done. I also think we see less seam routes as defenses packs the middle of the field, so the out routes and deep curls should be there. I hope they sit down and figure out to make those plays happen to open it up, because we have too many plays going for 2 yards or less on first downs.
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