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  1. Living in Denmark, we had various Super Bowls on tv through the 80's and 90's, but it wasn't a yearly event. In 2001 a new TV channel, TV 2 Zulu, was launched, and one of the concepts was to broadcast a sport mostly played in the US, the choice was between NHL, NBA and NFL. The original thought was actually NHL and NBA, but the late airing of especially NBA was the main reason, that NFL games was put on on sunday nights. I was on the NFL bandwagon from the start, which had a quite negative effect on my appearances in high school on monday mornings. As we rarely got more than 2 games a week, I didn't really have a favorite team. I didn't have any criteria for choosing a team, but I quickly discovered I liked defense. I began playing in the local club, that had a coach from Indianapolis. He talked about the Ravens defense and especially this Terrell Suggs guy they drafted in 2003, so I began taking a closer look at the Ravens. Eventually I just liked what I saw from the very few games the Ravens had on danish TV, so it took to the 2004 Browns beating (jamal Lewis going crazy and Ed Reed returning an interception for 109 yards I believe) to make me a fan. Began following the draft at the same time. The 2 hosts of the NFL on danish TV did such a good job, that by 2004-2005 people talked about the "zulu effect", they had on danish american football, which quickly evolved from there, and by 2006 Denmark was the country outside the US who aired most football games. Rotoworld and other US podcasts about football has also recognized that they have a broad fanbase in Denmark despite a population of 5.5 million citizens.
  2. Rick can make some pretty decent arguments when he decides not to just goof around. He mostly does this though, when there are other experts on the sets and he takes the interviewer/entertainer role. I wrote it on twitter as well, but I truly believe many many many experts and fans and whoever is commenting on Lamar Jackson, ONLY saw the highlights from games and then the playoff game. That playoff game was the one game that stood out from the 8 games he played. Rick refer to the Chiefs game, and that was truly a great game from Lamar even though he doesn't have the passing numbers the fantasy focused media and fans wants to see.
  3. OTA/Camp Observations 2019

    I wonder how they evaluate the conditioning test. The one I saw Mink and Downing do seemed like a pretty straight forward conditioning test, that most elite athletes should be able to pass. Maybe they throw in a some wrinkles that makes it more difficult.
  4. Team Needs

    Feeling thirsty after that amount of salt
  5. 2019 Rookie Talk

    Miles Boykin now under contract. We are ready to go. It will be interesting to see where we stand injury wise and how hard the coaching staff will go on the new guys. I expect several veterans and Marquise Brown to sit out most of the first weeks.
  6. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    There are so so so many wide receivers who could come out next year that I would like, but again I hope we go for other positions with our 1-2 round pick. Depending on where we draft, and I believe it will be from 15-24, that could be the range where a Raekwon Davis could fall and he could be our new 5 tech, or the 2-3 best cornerback or a new oline if none of the guys we have step up. What I really love about Lamb is how he could be our A.J. Green, as Lamb is also so very nice and fluid and great at adjusting to the ball both in the air and on the ground. If Lamars accuracy is still a question mark, Lamb is exactly the type of WR that could help in the regard.
  7. Coming from the RRR thread, I think it would do wonders for Lamars game if he could hit the out and the "Derrick Mason special" throws to convert 2 and 3 downs. We don't need him to be a star at QB as a thrower, just eliminate the big flaws and incorporate more of the clutch throws. We are still build to be a 20-30 points offense with a defense and ST to carry those games to victory. That means Lamar has to complete 2-3 drives for TD plus 1-4 FG drives a game - just like he did last year, but with a little more throwing and a little less running by himself. Teams like the Viking, Seahawks, Texans, Titans are build that way too.
  8. Random Raven Remembrances "RRR"

    What so many media fans tend to forget is, how almost no other QB than Flacco could step up against the Patriots in the playoffs in their own stadium. If not for two WR mistakes on the final play of the 2011 and 2014 games, the Ravens could have had more super bowl appearances. Thats a very little difference in plays with huge implications on Flacco and his teams eras legacy. The throw in the 2014 game that ended up with an interception. Had Torrey Smith been a DeAndre Hopkins, AB, Julio Jones, Gronkowski etc. type of player, he would have gone up and won that contested catch. In the super bowl against a high powered Rams offense, the Patriots shot the Rams offense and their QB and mastermind OC/HC down. They never managed to do that against Flacco with better defenses against a less stellar offensive cast
  9. I think some of Weddles "leadership" abilities stems from talking up and hyping his fellow teammates. It seems every high profile player and coach comes to a new team which then sports some of the best players/organizations in the league. I don't get how Chargers fans have been so mad at Weddle since his last season. It seems the Chargers organization did everything to piss him off, and the fans blame him instead of the organization. He is right however, that Weddle was slow. What he brings as a veteran free safety with the ability to disguise coverage worked great in 2017 where we faced a lot of backup/rookie quarterbacks. Despite him being slow he got a lot of interceptions. We played a much stronger group of QB's in 2018 and that resulted in zero interceptions. That is pretty telling for what Weddle brought to the secondary.
  10. Team Needs

    I think both DB and DK provided a pretty fair assessments of needs and current roster strenght. I can only agree. Next year could look completely different though. If Wormley, Henry, Zieler, Willis step up, and Ben Powers proves to be a revelation at guard and bozeman takes the spot from Skura, and OLB/WR's someone pans out, and we let Jimmy Smith and brandon Carr leave, then cornerback could be the need. RG and CB are the only positions where we play players going into their last seasons. Very young and talented, but unproven roster.
  11. 1. by far. Receivers even as good as Steve Smith in his prime are role players whereas Ogden was a generational talent at a position that impacts every snap.
  12. The closer we got to the top of the league, the more I agree with your assessments.
  13. This is what turns me off as well. I am quite excited about football in general and love the draft process, and as a Ravens fan we are accustomed to always being in contention which makes most games crucial. But the fantasy part of football annoy me, as it disrupts most arguments about players, and most argue from a standpoint of how many yards a player has or have many sacks a player gives up – instead of focusing on what actually happens in the game. The stuff Brian Baldinger puts up on twitter is really good, but the focus on the casual fans is unambitious and I would like media to put more emphasis on parts that could educate viewers. Regarding the actual play on the field, the NFL has a huge issue with referees being told to throw a flag if they think they see something, instead of calling plays as they see it. There are way too many “illegal contact” “contact with a defenseless receiver” “player touched the QB 1 inch below the strikezone (despite the defender being pushed in the back)” calls that destroys the game – takes away big plays, all the while it does nothing to impact the actual safety of the game as players are penalized despite doing exactly what they should and hits are clean. I don’t know if full time referees would make the difference, but it is crazy that a billion dollar industry like the NFL can’t find money to have full time referees to elevate that part of the game
  14. 2019 Rookie Talk

    I think Marquise Browns speed/athleticism and overall ability is real. I am confident his presence alone will be a factor for the offense - unless he pulls a John Ross. We didn't go that route, but I thougt Hakeem Butler looked more explosive in pads and looked as a better athlete. Boykin can improve a lot, and I hope he do, because when it clicks for him he get up to speed fast and break on his routes with a suddeness that makes it difficult for cornerbacks to catch up - especially as he is a great hands catcher.
  15. He is also going to bail his line out when they fail due to his athleticism and speed