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  1. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    I am huge on Uche, I think he is going to be really good once he learns some more pass rush moves. Everything I watched on Anae was bad. Great hustle, could string together a few moves, but too slow and unathletic and often completely stonewalled and taken out of games. Haven't seen the senior bowl game yet, and I might review him, but so far there are 10 prospects I would much rather have than Anae.
  2. I would 100% not do it. Allen is great, but has also had his share of injuries. The idea of trading Hurst lies solely on the idea we can stay healthy or "just bring in another who can play at the position". If Andrews goes down with season ending injury, we have zero pass catching ability from the tight end position. If Ricard or Boyle goes down, Hurst is the obvious backup to play the full back position who can also flex out and run routes. It is his second year and we have him for cheap - I really don't see the interest in trading him away. I guess it is because people want to avoid the bust label as he was drafted in the 1. round, but I don't think it is the right thing to do.
  3. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    Those are typically the ones I go for. I prefer the "raw" film instead of the edited ones, and the raw ones rarely feature anything but commentators
  4. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    Everytime I hear rap music on a video, I shut it off. As a player, I think he fits what we want on offense, but I also think he has to get some manufactured touches. Sean Payton would be good at that, I don't think we would
  5. Vick was clearly better, just look at Lamar here, can't hit anything and he isn't even under pressure, I think he is a bust, an no one attended his birthday https://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/et4tup/highlight_lamar_jackson_scores_2_points_in_the/?ref=share&ref_source=embed&utm_content=title&utm_medium=post_embed&utm_name=c25c8d958cfc4214b9a71dfc0b53916d&utm_source=embedly&utm_term=et4tup
  6. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    Well I can only concur. I think that is a fair assessment of our needs and issues. I feel a lot of it can be fixed with bringing back Jimmy Smith and Brandon Carr. Keeping McPhee as well and our "needs" for the draft and free agency are 1 great talent on the oline, 1 playmaker at wide receiver in which there are plenty in this draft, we could find 2 pass rushers in the draft and add dline in free agency and there are plenty of running backs who fall in the draft that we could add.
  7. Campbell would be a great signing. I saw him play in London and he is still an impact player that takes a lot to handle.
  8. Evaluating the 2019 draft class

    I don't know how much we can put into those observations, but I certainly remember either Lamar og Marquise Brown talking about how they where quite young and had equal minds while Boykin was a lot more mature and grown up. Maybe that was just Boykins voice. I had a feeling that Boykin just doesn't have the nuances to his game that allows him to be a more viable option. Too many drops could also be a reason Lamar doesn't have confidence in him.
  9. To trade or not to trade that is the question?

    That is what I am doing. I tried to write, that in hindsight we might have been able to get something for him a year ago. Now we will let him walk and it would suck to see him perform somewhere else without us getting compensated. It might not happen, but he had some momentum going for his name last season.
  10. Titans DC Dean Pees Retiring

    And we can argue that you guys capitalized on our receivers making mistakes. Two drops which would likely have been touchdowns, and the story of how Dean Pees defense was so great would be different. Ravens unfortunately was often dealt the bad hand, where opposing teams had players making those catches which led to losses.
  11. To trade or not to trade that is the question?

    A more realistic trade option could be James Hurst. Ravens had a lot of luck with an almost injury free season, so we wasn't forced to activate James Hurst. He wasn't used much in jumbo packages either. Whether or not Yanda decides to retire, I could see us drafting a player with OT/OG versatility, which would/could be our swing tackle and we could save some capspace and get a pick for Hurst who could be a starter on an oline with a need. While he is almost done in Baltimore and doesn't have trade value, it would suck to see Chris Moore go to a team and become a viable 3rd option as a wide receiver. I really wonder he he managed to disappear completely after some nice showings from time to time and couldn't get on the field instead of Roberts, Boykin and Snead. It wouldn't surprise me that a team like the Colts would pick him up and get better contribution from him. He had some value prior to this year, and while he was a good special teams player, we could have gotten that somewhere else, while also netting a low pick for Moore.
  12. To trade or not to trade that is the question?

    I haven't seen much of him yet, but it seems it came as a surprise he declared, and he instantly jumped in front of Murray as the consensus #1 linebacker
  13. To trade or not to trade that is the question?

    I doubt Patriots wants to part ways with their playcaller and leader on defense. For what it is worth, I don't think they did him any favors when they sometimes assigned him to be a sideline to sideline linebacker. You don't find many better in the league when it comes to blowing up the running game though.
  14. To trade or not to trade that is the question?

    I think this is the way to go, especially with this LB class. While there are some options, I don't see that unicorn 3-down linebacker that can do it all. Jacob Phillips and Marcus Bailey are the cerebral, sound players in the middle of a defense I would like us to look at, but neither are types that fly around the field. They are players to build around though, and with Winks ability to rotate, I hope that is how we prioritize it. If we let go of/lose Judon and Pierce, we could essentially need 3 starters on the front 7.
  15. Titans DC Dean Pees Retiring

    I think it is because there are two different takes in this thread. 1. which are Titans fans telling Ravens fans that Pees was a good DC with the Ravens, and 2. Ravens fans telling Titans fans they are lucky he retired. Both takes a wrong - although I saw on gameday how Titans fans reacted when Dean Pees kept calling soft and conservative schemes when the team was behind against the Texans. I have talked to Patriots fans who referred to Patriots mostly playing with a lead and had the ability to score quickly in their offensive prime as a reason why Pees offense was regarded as good, while they at the same time hated his philosophy as it relied heavily on the offense to produce.