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  1. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    If you can't stick with the Browns who lacked a true free safety, then it doesn't bode well. I do however remember Nacua as a guy I like either in the draft or a pre season, so I don't count him out. I just think the coaching staff are likely to go with "our own" guys.
  2. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    I saw the clip, and it didn't surprise me. He also focused on how Clark breakdown and square up the opponent in tackle situations, which is something incredibly few at the NFL level actually does. Imo the amount of snaps is still too limited to judge upside/limitations, but I think we have a reason to be excited about him.
  3. Osemele got a bad out blocking for Carr. If flacco needs a good oline to be effectful, carr needs it even more. Jensen is all about if he can improve. If he can do that, Bucs got a key piece for their oline, but I can understand the scrutiny. Juice is all about how he is used. In their description, it doesn't say if the low avg per carry/run when he is on the field is due to short yardage situations. Otherwise, 49'ers got a multitool who can block, run, catch and play every special teams, no character concerns or injuries to be mentioned. Used correctly, they got a good player on a good contract. If you are faulting a team for paying the best player at the position and the most precise kicker who has been it since he stepped into the league, especially a team like the Ravens who are so dependent on a good kicker, you shouldn't write a peace like that. Then you are just showing, that you are stupid.
  4. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    I was late to the Chuck Clark party up till draft day, so only watched very little of him. He looked like a player who was drafted exactly where he was, as a core special teamer with some potential as a SS backup. The few plays I saw of him where he had to cover, especially in man coverage, it looked bad and he looked like he was 1-2 steps behind all the time. IF he can improve in that area, we could have found another SS gem like a Dawan Landry in the draft. I don't know how he would fit as a free safety, but that is the weakest backup position on the team. If Weddle go down, its either Canady, Elliot or Clark who would man it. Nevertheless, it would take either injury or a complete flop form Elliot if none of Jefferson, Weddle, Clark, Levine and Elliot would make the team.
  5. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    there is a tweet about it somewhere, but again, it doesn't mean anything. That first one didn't seem like it was on lamar jackson though. It read something like "bounced off the wide receivers hands"
  6. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    According to reports, he did that also.
  7. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    My point is, we can't draw any conclusions on a throw and catch like that.
  8. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    They bother me in general. The "rock" music they add to the clips and their blatant homerism.
  9. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    I made throws like that in practice, and I wasn't even a QB.
  10. Ravens Pick up Perrimans roster bonus

    Insurance I guess. If we suddenly have 2 receivers going down, there might be some use for Perriman as a backup/one trick pony.
  11. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    Dean Pees was criticized most of his time in Baltimore. Every year however, I heard/read how much the players liked him. Now all of a sudden several players throw him and his scheme under the bus, which to me either seems like a way to excuse them for the unclutch performances the last couple of years, a support for their new DC and his changes or simply that they weren't happy with how Pees ran things. The criticism is just very convenient when the coach is no longer here. What we can say however is, that Dean Pees and his defense put up respectable numbers over his years albeit he had every reason to do so with the huge amount of cap and draft capital we invested in the defense while providing the offense with a patchwork of veteran players and low draft picks. The Dean Pees defense was just at its best playing "downhill", putting up stats when we where ahead on the scoreboard. The 2017 games against the Lions is a good example. The struggle to close games has unfortunately also been a trademark. It is this trademark Wink has to erase, otherwise the change will have little impact. It will be nice to see if he is one of those coaches who simplifies things and try to allow his players to play fast. From my own playing experience, that will sometimes lead to situations, where the defense shows its hand but 11 players know exactly what to do and execute better (aka Free Tim Williams)
  12. Nope, not as a european. I doubt the can supply me with news regarding the Ravens that I won't be able to find elsewhere
  13. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    Apparently Yanda will start the season on the pup list. This will open at training camp spot for one of the players on the bubble - maybe eluemanor will get a bigger chance to prove himself.
  14. With that lineup, while it most likely won't end up that way, I agree with our position rank. Our run blocking improved much over the season, our pass blocking did not. We had the discussion a week or two ago, where I pointed out after watching some games from last year, that our oline rarely held up in pass blocking and often had to get help from 2 other blockers. Ravens oline as a 5 man unit was not good last year in pass pro, and I really hope they can improve this year - otherwise our passing game will struggle again.
  15. It is somewhat more "excuseable" that a David Njoku might take 2 years to develop into a premiere tight end, then he can be at the top of his career in his final year of his rookie contract and the next 3-4 years of his second contract. Hurst will have to hit the ground running, otherwise we will look at a tight end who end up producing from 27-29 of age and then question what to do with a contract. Of course it is looking down the road, and Hurst with his versatility alongside Goddard was the best tight end to pick high in the draft. If we get a Hunter Henry, I am perfectly happy.