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  1. You guys are kidding yourselves into believing Jackson is such an elite talent, that he will avoid hits and injuries like players similar to him.
  2. RGIII was excellent running the football and what he could do as a passer was enough to make him a dangerous threat. Jacksons succes all depends on whether he can mirror what Cam Newton and Russel Wilson does - both quarterbacks have struggled with injuries as of late because they take the hits they take. Jackson should only run very little if we want a QB who can be good for more than 4-5 years.
  3. Those guys aren't out of the play. The linebacker closest to Allen would be able to either make the tackle or trip him up thus preventing a further 5-7 yard gain. We do agree though, that they could have found better evidence of Stanley being a good runblocker.
  4. Baltimore Ravens 2018 Offseason Tracker

    This was a pretty significant proof of his priorities.
  5. Predict the Final 53-man Roster

    If everybody stay healthy, there are certainly going to be some difficult decisions - especially whether we go with veterans to win now or the younger guys. On the dline, I could see both Michael Pierce and Carl Davis on the trading block. With how Kaufusi imploded last year when he had every chance to go and solidify himself on the defense, I actually don't count on him to be a strong 53 roster candidate. Safety seems interesting, as Jefferson, Weddle, Levine, Clark and Elliot are all locks.
  6. As long as Hurst gets to pull. It seems the offense finally got rolling when they figured out that Hurst does a really good job at that specific task.
  7. Baltimore Ravens 2018 Offseason Tracker

    Navorro Bowman is more a name than a good player nowadays. I would rather see if we can develop what we have on the roster. We don't need to get slower on defense
  8. For what it is worth, along with being an experienced backup at several positions, I believe Hurst could actually be a valuable piece this year as an extra offensive lineman who can both be used in jumbo packages as well as a pulling lineman. Zeus should get a chance to start as he is quite pro ready
  9. I don't think he does, I just think he looks at a lot of stat sheets. I have (unfortunately) seen him several times call players bad because of low production in years, where they were injured, call out players mistakes when it wasn't their fault etc.
  10. AFC North Standings (Predictions)

    Stoolers 11-5 Bungles 8-8 Ravens 7-9 Browns 6-10
  11. Flacco's fault?

    I can suggest watching the coaches film on the Ravens Colts game this year. It pretty much shows how Flacco really did not have a great season, but it also shows how very inept this offense was as a whole. Rarely are there more than 2 receivers on the field (Wallace and Chris Moore), the third wide receiver is Michael Campanaro and the fourth wide receiver is runninback Buck Allen. Also the route running doesn't give Flacco many options, especially not down field. There are 2 times where he could very well take the chance on a deeper throw with the greater risk being worth it, but overall there was very little opportunity to be an explosive offense with that playcalling and those players on offense. Also, Austin Howard was even worse than I recalled. He got beat often and quick.
  12. Flacco's fault?

    he was certainly a part of it the first half of the season. I just think people tend to forget how bad we were hit by injuries, which played a huge factor as well. We where playing backups backups week 3. I actually thought about looking through some 2017 games just to remind my self how bad this offense was, and what it eventually turned into.
  13. People are scratching and clawing to keep this story alive. However, judging from various comments, there are plenty of unintelligent people who buys into it, so I guess the "journalists" get the reaction they want.
  14. Flacco's fault?

    These are the kind of posts we get from people watching stat sheets and not games.
  15. Predict the Final 53-man Roster

    This is from Lance Zierleins breakdown of Perriman. The negatives are scaringly accurate. Especially the part about giving up on routes which doesn't involve him as the primary target is exactly what I came away with when watching the Ravens in London. Honestly, I just don't think he is a talent which can be saved.