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  1. The same, and I am pretty happy about that. The standard 10% tip in great britain is obnoxius.
  2. I don't know what the snap count is between Perriman and Moore, but it feels like Perriman had much more chances than Moore snap wise. Chris Moore looks like he is ascending, Perriman looks like he is descending. That is why some of us are projecting him to be a potential cap/cut casualty. Maybe Perriman somehow find a niche or role this season, where he is the 3-4 receiver and he is relieved of the pressure of being a 1. round pick. Maybe he can produce the 3-5 touchdowns and 400-500 yards a season like a Jacoby Jones. If that is his role, then he isn't useless and a non factor on 9-10 snaps like he was this season.
  3. Defensive prospects

    I just want to get "younger" and more versatile. An Armani Watts could be this years Marcus Williams. A Levi Wallace could a really great late round addition where we cover both the CB/S position. We have solid players on defense, we lack differencemakers. Either we pick a difference maker high, or we have to take chance on an athletic player later in the draft with other deficiencies.
  4. I voted runningback. I could see somebody wanting Allen for a 6-7 round pick if he fits their scheme, I could see interest in Collins for a mid round pick, and if Dixon shows something, I could see us taking a chance on him as our 2. runningback or trading him for a 4-5 round pick.
  5. We pay them different amounts. If they are to play the role as 4th/5th at their position, Camp has more value because of special teams. Perriman has been force fed due to his draft status, we don't know what Camp would have looked like if he got the same chances. In his healthy season that looked promising, there where also several issues, especially awareness down the field, which we hoped perriman could correct. He got worse.
  6. Camp has value on special teams, is a more versatile player and didn't hurt the team by juggling balls to int's. Chris Moore did the latter as well, but also provided a spark to the offense and yards in the return game. Perriman showed the least of any receiver, never really fought to break free, was completely stalled in his routes by cornerbacks, showed nothing when everything was set for him to perform, commited very costly drops, regressed in terms of hands (his awareness was already questinable in 2016). He basically regressed, the ST coach literally said he didn't want Perriman on special teams, and he hasn't been able to stay healthy. If he wasn't a 1. round pick, we wouldn't discuss whether he should stay or not, we would just talk about when he would be cut. The guy is a wild card, and if we get wide receivers who perform better, I can't see a reason not to cut ties with him. Nelson Agholor could bounce back, maybe Perriman can as well, but lets not try too hard to find excuses for the guy.
  7. Allen Lazard, WR, Iowa St

    But I tried to sell the poor guy rather than knocking him I will try and find the videos where he showed the inconsistencies I refered to
  8. RFA WR Willie Snead visiting Ravens

    We are bringing in Willie Snead. If that should tell us anything, it is that we are still looking for options in the slot.
  9. I believe some are reacting to the constant stabbing at the Ravens. The discussion about Grant in our own forum is pretty clear headed, plus not many of us justify what the Ravens as an organisation did to Grant. The nuances in the contract which could give some sort of an explanation is also ignored by posters in this thread - so its a give/take scenario.
  10. Perriman can still succeed. His issue seems to be more mental than physical. One thing that annoyed me like crazy is how he never seemed to fight on the field. I saw the Jaguars game live, and while the whole team imploded, Perriman from the first snap never fought to break free from the cornerbacks, and that issue was there during the entire season. Coming back to the football wasn't a thing he really did, and combined with the costly turnovers, he hurt the team a lot - although the coaching staff should never have put him out there to begin with. If he somehow matures and get a better grasp of the mental aspect, whether its a confidence issue or something else, he could still be useful. I just have to see it to believe it, as he for 3 years doesn't seem to have the mental makeup to be an NFL star.
  11. He could still implode completely or get injured. If they are looking at him as the 4-5 best receiver on the roster, he could be gone due to not playing special teams.
  12. Allen Lazard, WR, Iowa St

    He indeed suffers from the same issue as DJ Moore. If you want the game which sells Lazard the best, try to find the Oklahoma game.
  13. 2018 draft talk

    I like the idea of the Derwin James pick, but it has a lot to do with the fact, that he is the alpha presence, which we would be missing once Suggs is gone. We don't have an apparent heir to the voice of the defence, and while it is nice to have the leaders by example, we should never underestimate how much the vocal leader add to the unit. His position however is what makes me question that pick. We have a lot of (unproven) options at that will spot. Peanut, Correa, Bam Bradley and Levine could all rotate at the spot and either Peanut, Bradley or Correa could still emerge as a legitimate option. Armani Watts however could be an immediate impact as the clear cut free safety backup and future starter at the position plus he could play special teams from the get go.
  14. 2018 draft talk

    We talk a lot about wide receivers, tackles, tight ends and Derwin James. I think we should talk more about Armani Watts. This is my Kevin Byard pick this year - I really like what I see from him. If he could stop the guessing at times and take better angles, then we could have a true centerfielder. The 2. round is still too rich for me, but if he was there in the 3. round, I would love to pick him. He could have just as an immediate impact as a Derwin James and potentially replace Weddle during the season if he becomes more of a liability.
  15. Allen Lazard, WR, Iowa St

    The QB didn't do him any favors in the clip from this game. Some of the catches he made where he came back and dove for the football where great. If you watch more games, he also has the common drops where the ball is within his reach and he just seem to not adjust well. To me, he could work just based of a very limited route tree as a great tall option/possession receiver. In the regard he is more polished than what we would get from Waller. He should not be a priority to draft imo as I think there are much better talent at the position than him. Except if we bring him in as a convertion to tight end. Then I wouldn't mind. If he can run around like that at 245-> he could be a great late round addition.