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  1. I am beginning to win you guys over. Come to the Dark side, we want fat guys in sacky, sweaty pants and *** cracks in the draft.
  2. As I wrote in another thread, Hursts best value is as a backup where his versatility helps considering depth and inactives on gameday. Worm tongues would then whisper, that being bad at all positions doesn't help either. He reached his ceiling and is what he is. I don't even see a Pashos scenario for him.
  3. Ravens Sign Zuttah

    Stanley, Jensen, Zuttah, Yanda, Howard Backups are Hurst, Skura, Wesley??? That looks solid enough. Hurst as a do-it-all provide better value as a backup than a starter. Behind him the depth is even more questionable.
  4. Preseason Week 2: Ravens vs Dolphins

    I believe it was on the dump off you Jay Ajayi. From where I saw it, he went for the legs without trying to break down and wrap up probably. Theres no kill shot down below the waist like that. Only the possibility of injury and risk of missing the tackle. That should be adressed, that play should never have developed like it did.
  5. Preseason Week 2: Ravens vs Dolphins

    Going to watch the game this weekend, but just from the highlights it seems Woodrum is a more loose, natural quarterback than Mallett. Mallets arm though can make a difference. I also saw a bad miss by Correa in the open field. Hope I get to see him playing better in the actual game.
  6. I don't agree with that. From my point of view, basically all of us who brought up Mangold believe he is a transition guy at center who will provide leadership and a veteran presence. He can align the oline and read the blitzes, and while he may not be the same player as he was a couple of years ago, his ability is talked down way too much in my opinion. He wasn't bad in the season where he got injured. Now the question is how much that injury still affects him. If it does, he might not be an option at all, but thats a maybe, and until we know something more significant, I think we have a reason to talk about adding him, whether you are tired of the topic or not.
  7. Do you have any insight on this, or is it just your opinion?
  8. Maybe a combination of him not being entirely ready and we are more comfortable with going with Zuttah. We know what he brings and while it might not be much, we avoid the uncertainty which Mangold could represent. Thats it, thats what I got. Even with age and injury, I believe Mangold would be the better player.
  9. Ravens: 1. Marlon Humphrey, cornerback, hasn't seen much action. A here and there plays but it seems the coaches like what they see. Has been injured for a week, but he isn't scheduled to be a starter this year. 2. Tyus Bowser, outside linebacker, he is as fast on agile on the field as advertised. Still a rotational player which will most likely be his role this year, as we are deep on the front 7. 3. Chris Wormley, defensive end, we don't hear much about him. With the talent he is coming into the league, that might be the story for the rest of his career. My expectations also based on my draft evalution of him is, that he will be a solid and dependable player but not an exceptional talent. Also has to find his spot on a talented front 7 and could end up being burried on the depth chart because he doesn't have 1 particular skill where he does his work better than the rest. 4. Tim Williams, outside linebacker, does some very good things on the practice field. What we saw in college is what he brings, the explosive plays, but he hasn't put it together to make plays on the field when he saw time in the first pre season game. We haven't heard anything about the red flags he came with - but he probably hasn't had time to smoke something yet. 5. Nico Siragusa, guard, was in competition for the left guard spot, then tore his acl, mcl, pcl, bcl, qcl and tcl and now most likely need a robottic leg if he wants to make a comeback. He seems nice but is really ugly at the same time. I like him and hope he bounces back. 6. Jermaine Eluemunor, guard, was supposed to compete for the vacated spot at right tackle, but has played almost solely at guard. We haven't heard much about him, but he had a steep learning curve as football is new to him. Is actually in contention for a starting spot on the oline. 7. Chuck Clark, safety, versatile and a great special teams talent. Has really long arms. Hope to see him make plays on ST, really hope we don't have to see him cover anyone. UDFA's: Tim White, wide receiver, looked great as a receiver and made plays daily and was also the primary returner in the first preseason game. Seemed to play his best when there where audiences in the stands. Now on IR Quincy Adeboyjo, wide receiver, makes some huge plays in TC, has to shine on special teams still to make the roster. Taquan Mizzell, runningback, injury to Dixon and a lastluster Buck Allen might be enough to give Mizzell a roster spot. TC/returner could be his way onto the roster, but still has to beat out a Bobby Rainey. Several of us Ravens fans like Mizzell and could see him as our 3. runningback, but he offers some of the same skills as Woodhead which might not help him. Ricky Ortiz, fullback, is battling with Lorenzo Taliaferro for the open fullback position, none of them have distinguished themselves. Jaylen Hill, cornerback, came out of nowhere and made plays in training camp, then also made plays in the first preseason game and now look like a good candidate as a backup/starter for the spot as nickelback.
  10. I listen to the Ringer podcast, where Mike Lombardi has a term - something like talent stopper. Zuttah is exactly that, a talent stopper. He might offer a little more in term of immediate ability and a veteran presence, but he also blocks a position, where younger guys could develop into something better. If the stories are true about Zuttah not wanting to play guard with the 49'ers, it wouldn't surprise me if he is hired back as a starter at center, as it would be overkill to bring in a backup who only wants to play one spot on the oline. Thus buggles me. Zuttah is not a Lardarius Webb signing, where he tested elsewhere and decided to come back. We send him on his way because he was a liability. Now we bring him back and expect him to be better and not pushed around? What about the philosophy about getting bigger and more physical upfront. Do we just shelf that idea and bring it back again next year? If anyone can't tell, I am not happy.
  11. History of torn ACL injuries

    I would like that. That would also make a lot of stuff easier like stretching the leg or going up stairs and stuff.
  12. What still sums up my stupid stupid stupid discussion/argument with that full-of-himself-stat-loving oakland guy, is that once the oline is decent and can block in both the running and the passing game, we have enough talent at the skill positions to have Flacco lead us to the playoffs. In that regard, I have more confidence in him not screwing up/making the clutch plays/final drives than I have in several other quarterbacks.
  13. I really think we should wait and see till the roster cuts/trades right before the cut deadline. There will be so much talent sitting out there, that I don't think we are forced to make a move right now.
  14. Predict the Week 1 Roster

    QB: Flacco, MallettRB: West, Woodhead, MizzellFB: Taliaferro, OrtizTE: Watson, Boyle, WilliamsWR: Wallace, Maclin, Perriman, Moore, Adeboyjo, ReynoldsOL: Stanley, Hurst, Jensen, Yanda, Howard, Eluemanor, Skura23DT: Williams, Pierce, DavisDE: Urban, Kaufusi, Wormley, Henry, RicardILB: Mosley, Correa, Onwuasor, McClellanOLB: Suggs, Judon, Smith, Bowser, WilliamsSS: Jefferson, Levine, ClarkFS: Weddle, WebbCB: Smith, Carr, Humphrey, Hill, Boykin27Koch, Cox, Tucker3 This is a bit heavy on defense, but they can expect to be on the field a lot so we have to have enough players to rotate. On injury to a dline or a trade, and we add an additional tight end or oline to the roster, and we have a usual 24/26 O/D split.
  15. There are elements to like, and the receiving options are a big part of it. But what we are all referring to is, that we have an offense which with ease can become one dimensional. Those games have killed us in the past.