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  1. Just adding to what you wrote, the bit about Lamar from Jeff Zbriec in the Athletic about how Lamar got down on himself for not performing in a high school game, because he wanted to help his teammates, that really convinced me that he is genuine and not a "performer", who says and does the right thing in front of the cameras.
  2. The offense we have shown so far is close to/if not the same I expected. More throwing, less of Lamar running and less downhill running and more spread formations. That innovative offense the league have never seen before though, I haven't seen that. I wonder how much of it was just smoke, or if they have a lot of creative packages hidden away to be brought up later. I wonder if the Chiefs game if it is close down the end is where we will unload the creative stuff, or if we keep it for the crucial division games.
  3. I find it difficult to believe these QB's get so confused by seeing a free safety go down and cover the crosser/the curl/the flat and the strong safety running down covering deep middle. In the end it is just "hats" who goes to certain on the field. Deception might work with a player moving into/out of the box to make the QB change the play from pass to run og vice versa. With Mahomes ability to change plays, after 1-2 seconds this deception idea is gone, and he will instead have Tony Jefferson covering deep trying to make plays on the ball. Long story short, I agree that we should let Earl play single high and do his thing. Then we have 10 guys on defense who can play the deception game. Have Canady in the slot and Marlon on the outside and then let Marlon blitz and drop Canady back in zone. I believe we have good blitzers in Levine, Carr and Humphrey.
  4. Ravens are one, of the only teams who are not scared to go into Foxborough to play, so we would have a chance. Its the story of the bumblebee who doesn't know, that it can't fly.
  5. Ravens Fan Introduction Thread

    We are a couple of Ravens fans in Denmark as well. I believe Rein and I are the only one on this board though. Patriots fans account for most likely 50% of active forum posters it seems. The fanbase with most bandwagon fans is the Panthers though. There where so many Panthers fans in the 1-2 years they were good. Now they are basically gone all of them. I have seen two active Browns fans in Denmark. They are somewhat less suicidal than the Bengals fans for some reason.
  6. 2019 ROT

    Dan Orlovskys twitter bio in context is golden. I can understand why he was a backup all these years. He is also quite honest about why he could never succeed as a QB. Kinda like Ken Dorsey
  7. I guess it is one of those cases, where he is pretty unimpressive in practice and shorts n' shells, but when the pads really comes on and it gets gritty, he plays well.
  8. In general our safties had a bad game. The deep throw to Kirk in the 1. quarter is Early Thomas going inside to take out Kirks route, but Kirk breaks outside (Thomas had deep half in cover 2), and they got a big play. On the first deep pass to Fitzgerald, the receiver runs down field and Humphrey follows him. Jefferson is flat footed in the zone looking at the play not realizing Larry runs out behind him. Just not very aware in zone coverage as we saw last year. On the second deep pass to Larry Fitzgerald, this is just really bad. Ravens are in a "cloud" coverage disguised as cover 2 with Thomas and Jefferson as deep safeties (at least thats what we called it when I played), where the cornerback on the right side has deep responsibility, Earl Thomas starts in the middle but goes down field to take out the crosser. Jefferson though immediately sprints towards the right side of the field towards the receiver going against our cornerback leaving the entire left side wide open for Fitzgerald. I can't think this is anybody but Jeffersons responsibility.
  9. I believe a couple of us in here where pretty high on Bozeman. High floor low ceiling guy, but those guys can find a spot on the offensive line.
  10. Ravens was very interested in Ramsey in the draft. Now they would have to give up at least a 1. round draft pick as well as a big contract. I don't follow our cap that much, but I don't think we are in a position to give out such a contract without some restructuring. Also, our new GM Eric DeCosta was very clear about how much he hated, that we didn't have a 2. round pick in this years draft (used in the trade for Lamar Jackson), so I find it difficult to see how he would be more willing to part ways with a 1. round pick. Such an immensely talented player could sway him away for his principles though, that is my guess
  11. Yay, small succes on a monday morning with not enough sleep (had forgotten how sleep deprived I get when the NFL season begins. Unless I go to bed after the first game, I only get 5 hours of sleep before going to work.
  12. Lamar Jackson QB1

    One of the things that is so hard to gauge in the draft process is the drive a QB has to be better and to learn. Lamar really seems to get it, that he has to improve in many areas. We talked about the drive shown in the Flacco/Lamar thread, and this is one of the things where we can see a QB trying to improve (don't know if we saw the same reports with Flacco in the pre twitter era). As I mentioned in the gameday thread, Lamar has to avoid always locking in on Marquise Brown and Mandrews. Yesterday I felt he sometimes "holds" the ball a little longer because he knows either will get open eventually, instead of hitting the receiver/tight end that is open. We noticed at least one time where Hurst was wide open, and Lamar had already zoned in on Mandrews as his target.
  13. After such a great opener in Miami, I think we all agree both us as fans and the team as well had to come down to earth. Mostly the team of course, as they seemed erratic at times, unorganized and made some huge blunders. Last night I mentioned in NFL Gen several times, that the Cardinals played great, and especially their defense surprised me. Their defense didn't make the huge blunders we did in coverage, and they managed to get their hands on passes that we didn't. Had our cornerbacks played better, at least af couple of those passes Murray hail marrys down the sideline would have been batted down/intercepted. We don't know what assignments the defense had, but Jefferson again seemed to play a deep coverage wrong on the two Larry Fitzgerald throws. As much as a Flacco supporter I can be, with how Lamar ran, passed and in general extended plays yesterday, I believe he is the reason we won the game, and it would have been a game we could more likely have lost with Flacco. Ofc, keeping the opponent to 17 points helps, but in a game where we gave up a lot of big plays to keep Cardinals drives alive, made som bad mistakes on special teams (holding penalty negating a return to the 50 yard line), Lamars ability to convert with his legs where so important. Like we talked about in the pre season, this game most of Lamars rushes came off scrambles rather than a designed run. My few takeaways: 1. Important win in week 2 where Steelers lost. We have an early lead before going into 3 back to back to back division games (after we lose week 3) 2. Lamar's chemistry with Andrews and Brown is good and could be great for the next couple of years 3. Lamar as has to be careful he doesn't zone in on those two (and develop into Matthew Stafford with Calvin Johnson) We need to get more pass catchers involved 4. Get better on defense, plain and simple, we had a good grasp on the game making sure the Cardinals didn't get turnovers, but we also seemed to struggle catching up with their passing game. With how we played on defense, this would have been a certain loss to the Chiefs 5. Cut down on stupid penalties - having too many men on the field like that on the same drive is inexcusable (can't spell that word, is that even a word in english?) I would like to see a breakdown of our oline and pass rush in this game. I felt like our oline struggled with getting push up front, but did a good job in pass protection. I saw Judon and a little of Bowser, but in general the Cardinals got the ball out fast and negated our pass rush. Seems like the Cardinals oline did a better job of picking up stunts and pass rush from linebackers than I anticipated.
  14. Week 2 GDT

    I think the Cardinals played well on both sides of the ball. They could have been a little more aggressive on offense going for TD’s instead of field goals early, and then they had a drive late where they made too many mistakes and burried themselves. On defense they played well, they managed to frustrate the Ravens, they didn’t give up many big plays and they forced Lamar to scramble and win/convert with his legs. They had several great plays where they batted down passes and in general never lost control of the game.
  15. Week 2 GDT

    Aah, I have that guy on ignore, so can’t see his posts. Seemed to me you said that no matter what Lamar had of stats today, it wouldn’t matter because it was against the Cardinals. I have mentioned it in the Ravens gamethread and here a couple of times now, the Cardinals defense really surprised me. They played well so it shouldn’t be a case where people try to take anything away from their performance. Reddick and Baker did really well and they managed to keep Baltimores offense in check with mostly 4 rushers