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  1. Playoff Picture- The Final 7

    While a loss to the Bengals mathematically doesn’t put us out of the playoffs, we will at least end up with a 2-4 division record and be 2 games behind the Bengals. A loss to the Bengals would literally mean we would have to win out. Besides that, I believe we have a decent chance to get that 9-7 record, that might be enough to get int. The teams we are fighting are Titans and Bengals – both teams have shown the same flaws as us. What chances do we have? Bengals – at home, coming off a bye, Bengals just got their *** kicked and they will most likely be without AJ Green who was close to the sole reason the first game went to **** within 3 drives. Whether it is Flacco or Lamar behind center, I believe both have what it takes to put up 3-5 scoring drives which should be enough to get af W. Raiders – If we can’t beat the Raiders at home, we just don’t belong. It is that simple and while we most likely won’t do it, a L here would mean a roster shuffle where we play the future and “rest” the players who might not be with us. If we are 4-7 here, I think we will mathematically be out of the playoffs unless some unrealistic scenario unfolds. @ Falcons – if we get 2 wins after the bye, I could see us having a blazing start to the second half of the season. That Falcons defense can just bury their offense. Matt Ryan didn’t have his best game, and the Browns defense played really well, but I can’t see why this wouldn’t happen again against the Ravens. @ Chiefs – I can’t see how we can win this. It has to be an “any given Sunday” scenario, where everything clicks. We don’t have enough speed on defense and Hill, Watkins, Kelce would just kill us. Bucs – same as with the Raiders. If we can’t beat the bucs at home, we don’t deserve to be in contention to anything. They have a potent offense, but it is so hot and cold during games, that it exceeds any offense Flacco has ever been a part of. @ Chargers – Chargers could easily battle the Chiefs for a division win at this point, which means they most likely will play to win instead of resting starters. We could hope they have tired legs or something after a week 15 game against the Chiefs. Browns – With losses to the AFC West, the only thing the Ravens can hope for is that the Bengals hit a bad away streak late in the season with 3 out of 4 away games. The titans might be contenders as well, but they are just as unpredictable as us, so who knows. As already said, this might be the deciding game where we either go 8-8 or 9-7. While we are down at the moment, I simply can’t see a reason to throw in the towel. Every team we face except the Chiefs and Chargers have shown huge flaws and there is no reason we could not get 5 wins against those teams. So far our losses are against the Bengals, Saints, Steelers Panthers and Browns. Only the Browns have a losing record of those teams and Saints, Steelers and Panthers look very much like playoff bound teams. We are not losing to scrub teams so far.
  2. Joe Flacco Hip Injury

    Flacco was the 2008 Josh Allen to many media pundits. He was supposed to sit for more than a season. He could do things as a passer that Lamar can't do, but Lamar has a unique skillset to take advantage off. If we look at the scores, we need something like 3 touchdowns and 2 field goals to beat most teams. I believe Lamar certainly has the potential to put those 3-5 drives together.
  3. 2019 Head Coaching Candidates

    We had Steve Smith who loved it here. If there was an issue with how Harbaugh handled players, we would know it, Smith wouldn't shut up about that.
  4. 2019 Head Coaching Candidates

    RGIII and the redskins were 3-6 going into their bye in his rookie season, they came back after the bye and went 7-0. Also, we might face some great teams late, but what if those teams lose high quality players and they suddenly isn't as good? We just have to play our chance.
  5. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    If that Emanuel Hall guy is there in the middle rounds, he would be a nice two-trick pony to take a flyer on.
  6. Joe Flacco Hip Injury

    Against a prepared defense, this is a 8-10 yards loss. That will be the situation with Lamar, for every big play like this, there will be one for losses of yardage, which will make conversions that much more difficult. Lamars success will greatly depend on how few of those bad plays will come.
  7. Joe Flacco Hip Injury

    Am I mistaken, or do we even know if Flacco is out yet?
  8. What speaks for Harbaugh is the history with putting a team on the field that have been in or within 1 game of playoffs every year except 1 in 2015. The ability to stay competitive and also have a proven playoff record is something that keep him out of Marvin Lewis territory. He also didn’t inherit a good team which he later drove into the ground. The rollercoaster ride other teams have had like the Chargers hasn’t paid of as well, and even a Pete Carroll led Seahawks have not been able to keep up the pace and get into the playoffs every year. Harbaugh is right there with Sean Payton, Pete Carroll, Mike Tomlin, Andy Reid (and I have probably forgot someone here, maybe Ron Rivera) who have had great tenures and won playoff games. Payton especially has been criticized for the inability to hire a defensive coach that could put together a defense that would make the Saints competitive year in and year out with a Drew Brees at quarterback. Sometimes there is a need for bringing in new blood (it can be McVay young/Wade Phillips old), but being a culture coach more than a DC somewhat allows Harbaugh to keep himself safe as long as there is a somewhat productive unit on both sides of the ball.
  9. If/when we don’t get into the playoffs this year, I believe Harbaugh will be on the hot seat in 2019 – but not in a way where he will be fired. If we miss again in 2019 with Lamar Jackson at QB (which I think is the most likely scenario), I believe Harbaugh just won’t get extended and we will let him go and look somewhere else. Then that coach will have 3 years to work with Lamar Jackson which is a fair amount of time to evaluate a HC. The only way I can see Harbaugh buying himself more time after 2019 is a combination of changing coordinators and injuries to key personel.
  10. Unless James Conner suddenly become a top prospect, his success could be a combination of both talent but also great circumstances with the Steelers. Not sure Bell would do much with us as we are build atm.
  11. again, runningbacks can't do much if the blocking isn't there. We would have to put out a contract that could secure us 1-2 really good to elite linemen.
  12. I hope I can get Brian Baldinger to highlight how to defend rub routes like the Steelers had succes with against us. He does a pretty good job at choosing great examples when he breaks down plays (although the video quality is bad)
  13. While I hate the PFF statistics, I actually feel this is not misleading in a broader view. I am slightly surprised to see both Tavon Young and Anthony Levine ranked as they are, as I feel they have been some of the strongest contributors on the team. This also confirms what I have been saying numerous times, that we are a team with a high floor. We have none graded below average, but also quite few good/elite players. This means we will be able to hang and play up to the level of most teams, but also lose to the better teams while we win (inside the division) and against teams with inferior talent.
  14. I am very much in line with everything you just wrote, and I believe this is as fair to Flaccos ability and deficiencies as it can be described. Well put.
  15. My point is, that if we go over Big Bens play in that game, it is very very similar to Flaccos play. Of course its not a 1-1 on missed/completed throws, but Joe seems on par with Big Ben in that game, but Ben benefits from bigger playmakers. Several of their greatest plays came from short dump offs and screens to Conner and Brown, including two of their scores. If the difference in those two plays in the end zone is what makes Big Ben great and Flacco poor, so be it, because then its such a narrow line between failure and succes.