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  1. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    I am baffled, that you think of yourself to be so much experts, that from a limited number of snaps, you can clearly see that it is an entire coaching staffs pure incompetence, that these players can't be utilized. Stuff like lack of effort in practice, that isn't a thing with you guys? It can't happen and be a reason a player isn't benched, just because you saw him flash a couple of times on the field? You nitpick 2 examples from Bill Belichick, that magically proves that he can play rookies, while Harbaugh can't and its to a fault, although we already established a couple of rookies and young players are rotational pieces/established players? But again, Harbaugh won't let them see the team and that hinders them? Who exactly are we talking about besides Tim Williams and Tyus bowser? Who are those players that Harbaugh forces on the bench to the detriment of the team and those players development? Also, don't call my arguments dumb, at least I try with different arguments to provide an insight to why I see it as I see it. Lamp doesn't see the field, and noone really knows why - other than the obvious rookie season injury, but know they can't explain why he can't beat out Dan feeney who struggled. That to me sounds awfully much like us not knowing why Bowser and Williams isn't more relied on. Regarding that I argue what the quote says below - seriously, go nitpick more and mence words. I am recognizing, that there might be reasons we don't know about, that keep those players off the field. You on the other hand are so determined, that Harbaugh and the coaching staff for some reason hates/can't see how good bowser and Williams is / isn't able to use them. Do you have some insight in this regard to what happens on the practice field and in meetings, that we don't know about? And regarding this That evidence is all you base your argument on. Tim Williams could lack effort everyday in practice, he could blew assignments, he could be unprepared in meetings, doesn't stay to watch film etc. And that is a perfect ******* argument/explanation to why we don't see him on sundays. That is something I experienced, and I doubt that all NFL players are so dedicated to all parts of the work it takes to be a great NFL player, I actually think several times we see players never amount to anything, because they don't prepare, don't keep their weight etc. How can you actually say that is nonsense? And yes, I would certainly want that kind of logic applied. That is what i mentioned earlier, that the reason I kept my spot for several years, was because of how I worked. I won on effort, and had enough talent to not be a liability. I was voted team captain and had a starting spot, and a guy more talented than me was 2. on the depth chart because he didn't attend all meetnings, or didn't give it all on special teams, didn't put in the effort when we where behind. YES, I would certainly want that logic applied to me - especially when a team doesn't compromise with that approach. Then you have 11 guys playing hard and for eachother, instead of having 10 players doing that and 1 freelancing. No it doesn't, what I tried to say is, that Harbaugh plays rookies, some start, some are used in rotation. If anyone thinks Harbaugh and his coaching staff are the only to do this, so does other teams. Here I refered to the Bengals. Now, this bothers me. Most of you already recognized that we used rookies and several players both as starters and as rotational players. Yet, you think that the coaching staff are so bad they can't used Bowser and Williams. Why is that you guys are so enamored with those two, that you think that it has to be anything else than what they do, that keep them off the field?
  2. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    Bengals and other teams have the same approach with rookies, Bill Belichick hates rookies and young players as well, or so I have heard from Pats fans several times. Not playing rookies immediately isn't just a Harbaugh thing. We just wrote in a thread where you asked what happened to young guards with the Chargers. Their coaching staff must have legit reasons to place Lamp on the bench, or are they holding Lamp back too? What i am arguing is, that using rookies the way we do is not something extraordinary - other teams or most teams does it as well - and sometimes they are right to do so, and some times they are wrong. I think you are guessing/betting on potential, just as I am guessing on the possibility on factors we can't know about.
  3. I still love Lamp (seriously, what happened to that guy? My favorite guard prospect of all time)
  4. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    I just don't see Harbaughs aversion to play rookies. Just as Ravens took their time putting Marlon and Jimmy on the field in their rookie season, so does the Bengals have a tradition keeping their 1. round rookie cornerbacks on their bench for 1-2 years. Stanley played as a rookie, Lamar, Bozeman, Andrews, Hurst where all contributors, Kenny Young as well and when he got the chance, Orlando Brown became a starter. In the latter case, the coaching staff sat him for too long, but all the others got their shot in their rookie season. That shows me that the team doesn't mind playing rookies or young players - Tavon Young and Humphrey are other examples. Now, maybe, just maybe the liability Bowser and Williams could be on the field outweighs their upside. I know this is a personal reference again, but I believe it is a pretty common thing. On our team, we had pass rushers that "read" pass all the time, simply because it was more fun to rush the passer than set the edge - it could be such a thing, but we don't see that problem because it happens during practice. If McPhee stays healthy and take Suggs spot, I don't think that is because Harbaugh hates young players, then it has to be because Bowser and Williams doesn't execute the way they should.
  5. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    I don't have an issue with either Bowser or Williams. I have an issue with fans in general being so certain they know better about what goes on behind the lines of what we can see, and build up these random stories that Harbaugh and the coaching staff hates to play rookies/young players to a degree, where they play worse players and let better players sit. At least one in here think we have garbage on dline although the players we have had as rotational pieces played well and wasn't placed on the bench although the also are young players like Bowser and Williams. This alluded me to contemplate, that despite their ceilings as players, something is holding the team back from playing them - not just because Harbaugh doesn't like rookies. Brown is an example where I also think he should have played - but I could also see a reason to give him some time on the bench, as he had the probably longest season of all with how much work they put on him in OTA's and TC. They might have played it safe with him, so he didn't hit the rookie wall too hard. Its guess work, and I think they should have let him start - especially as Hurst seemed to be the better option at LG than Lewis. And just to make it clear, I am all in on what both Tim Williams and Bowser can bring. I still hope they become really good players, because they are the most athletic and talented players we have had at that position since Adalius Thomas, and I would rather want them to get their breakthrough this year, so we isn't forced to pay Matt Judon top notch OLB money next year. If I ever seem to come down hard on Bowser and Williams, it is because they are once again highly regarded talents and picks, that didn't pan out for other reasons than their ability.
  6. Ravens re-unite with Pernell McPhee on 1-year deal

    Both McPhee and Shane Ray should most likely be viewed as options as inside rushers. If they can actually push Bowser and Williams, it would be baaad
  7. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    I really liked Shane Ray coming out of college. Too bad he never was able to stay healthy and be the high energy pass rusher he was
  8. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    Whats wrong with that response? The personal reference or the fact that Bowser and Williams could be Alec Ogletree types of players that flash, but beyond those plays are bad?
  9. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    What does that mean?
  10. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    I was an undersized and slow football player, my coach once said they tried to replace me for years with someone more athletic who could make more plays. In the end, those players they tried to replace me with made more mistakes, because they didn't watch as much film and was as much prepared, because they made the wrong calls or played the wrong assignment, because their effort could suddenly dip in the middle of a game because they were mentally tired, and because they tried to go for the big play all the time leading to missed tackles and long throws/runs/TD's. Basically with me they got old, slow but reliable and I didn't make mistakes, but also not as many big plays as the other guys did. This isn't about being exalted with Harbaugh, it is about understanding, that although a player can make splash plays, the mistakes he makes on several other plays will outweigh that 1-2 big plays.
  11. Predict the Week 1 Roster

    he played well when he took over from Stanley last year, he is also a cheaper option
  12. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    From what I heard, Darron Lee was a combination of clueless, not a great learner and not overly physical. Think we can do better developing our own UDFA's
  13. Predict the Week 1 Roster

    With the 3 tight ends we have I agree that would be a nice combination to employ on the field. I was in the "draft Hockenson if he is there" camp, because I think we could use 3 tight ends on the field often, where both Hurst and Andrews can work as the big slot options with a big catch radius which many thought we should draft.
  14. Predict the Week 1 Roster

    I think he was referring to our tight end group as a whole. We don't have anyone with high upside stashed away on IR or PS. Maxx was utilized because of special teams, blocking skills and overall versatility. That they didn't sign him to that contract would to me indicate that they are certainly not trying to force a 4th tight end on the roster, as what Maxx brings is exactly what you want in a 4th on the depth chart tight end.
  15. I complete agree that you provided an unbiased opinion on what Lamar can do and did well, and what he struggled with and have to improve. I think this should be clear to anyone who watched his games last year. That is also why it baffles me, that many are so convinced that Lamar will never be able to improve his game, and that "he and the offense" is figured out. When you bold out 1 part of my post about the Chargers game, and then don't take into account that Lamar didn't have a fair chance to pass either, as the Ravens offensive line was dominated in that aspect as well, it doesn't make much sense to put that much emphasis on his performance in that game and believe that will be a signature game from him moving forward. In the end, Lamar almost orchestrated a comeback instead of falling completely apart. That still says something. Now, I think EVERY level headed Ravens fan know, that what we saw last year isn't a sustainable offense, and that both Lamar and Roman have to be able to transcend into a more NFL-like scheme. An approach similar to the 2018 Seahawks offense could be an option, and while it was ridiculed, it still was enough to get them to the playoffs.