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  1. Danand

    2020 RDT

    I have been thinking, when do we try to find Brandon Williams replacement? He has shown over and over again how important he is, but his position is just not a premier one. If we want a NT that can more than be fat in the middle, we need to draft in the Derrick Brown range if we want a big prospect. Otherwise we have to take chances later in the draft, but when do we do that? Next year or hope we can find someone after Williams contract is up? OR, do we actually extend him. He is not a likely decline in play unless his wheels fall off. He will not be a great pass rusher in any way, but still in his 30's he could be a great plugger in the middle.
  2. I had hopes we would go after Heuerman. Obviously some draft bias from me, but he is a versatile option who could line up at multiple positions. Injuries might have taken too much of his ability though
  3. I thought we got a nice talent in Mack in the 5th round. Not a steal, but just a good talent for the position. Didn't make an impact in his rookie season, and we brought in CC, Wolfe, Madubuike and Washington in addition to Brandon Williams and Ellis. Just seems like a crowded room.
  4. Spiderman looked like he was the guy we hit on, and then puff, he was gone
  5. I think Phillips would be the better fit in run situations, but I did not see a nimble guy getting to his spot in pass protection, so Mekari could have an advantage there
  6. How dare you call Derrick Mason, Mark Clayton and... (checks up old rosters), well, I actually think that was it. Who was the 3rd wide receiver in 2007-2008 seasons? Yamon Figurs, Terrance Copper?
  7. I don't recall Ray Rice on many designed screens. It was mostly "just" the defense being stretched out, which left some room to run after catching dump off passes
  8. I am watching Devin Duvernay tape. It gives me hope, that we will finally have a screen game. Either taking advantage og Boykin blocking or Marquise Brown drawing defenders away. I have always envied Steelers and the Saints screen game, being able to churn out 5-7 yards on an easy swing pass
  9. I don't have any relation to Mo. What I do like in this sad situation, is to see how Ravens as a team (other franchises do it as well), take their time to sincerely touch lives and peoples living with challenges which is difficult for the rest of us to comprehend and spark joy and help the communities and NGO's to help more people getting better. For all the talk about the NFL being a money factory, owners and players being greedy, there is also this aspect to the sport and recognition of players and NFL media and personel working to improve conditions for hospitals, illnesses, movements etc. Those are good things that can be easily lost in win/losses/contract talks, DUI's and all the other stuff that is the NFL.
  10. Jacob Breeland still hasn't recovered from his knee injury, so it is either Eli Wolff or someone from the street or a Bears tight end
  11. With regard to Ravens De'Anthony Thomas, it was expected by most, that he would not make the final 53 roster - even with injuries he would be a longshot to make the roster over a PS player so he might have chosen to take the guaranteed money this year.
  12. Came in to write the exact same sentiment. There are options at returner who might bring the same or just 10% less than Thomas, and with how we might need to carry extra linemen and QB's, he became expendable.
  13. DeForest Buckner Khalil Mack Jamal Adams Jalen Ramsey - (hate his attitude)
  14. I know where you are coming from. I can't understand what most of these young men write, much of it is as difficult to translate as that language Cam Newton constantly uses.
  15. I would also give Duvernay, Moore, Proche, Hill the chance to grab the spots at returner.
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