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  1. Josh Allen suffers from the same pre draft bias as Lamar, so a lot of people want him to fail and act like he plays worse than he does. I am silently rooting for him.
  2. Your 2019 MVP: Russell Wilson

    Both Russel Wilson and Lamar (as well as Dak Prescott, CMC etc. could be considered) play at an MVP level atm. Now, the reason why there are more who speaks Lamar Jacksons case/candidature, is because so many are constantly knocking him in an attempt to try and take a lot of stuff away from his performance. I have not seen that with Russel Wilson. The latest shot at Lamar was how good his supporting cast was – like, a rookie and still injured Marquise Brown, 3 tight ends and Mark Ingram is such a good supporting cast that it excels above anything Wilson has. Somehow Wilson is elevated in such a way, that he makes players good/great, while other players around Lamar is what makes him great – not the other way around. Those narratives are the reason that Ravens fans/LJ supporters have to put up such a “fight”.
  3. NFL Week 11 GDT

    "Hey, Ravens fans, why are you constantly talking up Lamar?" Because this is what we have to see every single day of the week since he took over as QB:
  4. NFL Week 11 GDT

    I think that was a great series of no calls in the Vikings Broncos game. let them play
  5. NFL Week 11 GDT

    Until I see camera angles that show wide open receivers that he missed, I would say he couldn't do anything today. Bad gameplan, poor oline, tried to make a lot out of nothing. Took some really really bad sacks that hurt his team, but again, he had to try and do something.
  6. NFL Week 11 GDT

    The gameplan today on both sides on the ball with 14 days to prepare. Jeez, I don't envy you guys.
  7. I don't have any negative experiences with Texans fans as far as I recall, and I like Watt, Mercilus, Reid, Hopkins and Watkins as players. The guys who annoyed me the most today were the two salty Browns fans who are just spewing negativity and little jabs in every single thread.
  8. NFL Week 11 GDT

    This game went completely different than anticipated. Deshaun Watson deserves a better coach.
  9. Mekari is really really mobile. Look overmatched in pass pro, but excellent at getting to the second level in the running game.
  10. I might be wrong here, but I don't want ill will against us by being a team who run up the score
  11. Kneel this one home and lets get onto the next game.
  12. There you go GUS, your longest run of your career. Well deserved!
  13. How in hell was Ricard considered on the roster bubble in TC?
  14. Mekari really struggling with his anchor. Active with his hands but just not stout enough. We need interior oline talent bad if Yanda retires/get injured.
  15. Players preserving themselves there. Lets just get this over with without injuries.