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  1. GDT 2017: Week 7 - Ravens @ Vikings

    While Flacco doesn't play well, it still seems he can make the throws needed from him. Now, what is, like, Mariottas excuse. Shouldn't he be the next big thing (who is about to lose to the browns)
  2. GDT 2017: Week 7 - Ravens @ Vikings

    That was a garbage TD in the purest sense of the word
  3. GDT 2017: Week 7 - Ravens @ Vikings

    See, MM, that is scheming someone open.
  4. Potential 2018 Draft Needs/Strategy

    Tanking is ON! Lets get peoples preferable picks for next year. We need some talent infusion.
  5. GDT 2017: Week 7 - Ravens @ Vikings

    Damn turf monster, but we were warned
  6. GDT 2017: Week 7 - Ravens @ Vikings

    our starting defense is being moved by backups
  7. GDT 2017: Week 7 - Ravens @ Vikings

    Weddle doesn't play well this year.
  8. GDT 2017: Week 7 - Ravens @ Vikings

    With what we are fielding today, this might be the worst offensive cast in the entire league
  9. GDT 2017: Week 7 - Ravens @ Vikings

    Yeah, we have a podcast here in Denmark, where they focused on the turf around the NFL (the one guy is a vikes fan). They pointed to the artifical turf having "caused" more injuries than grass seems to do. Especially the injuries like the one to Cook looks like a turf-related injury.
  10. Baltimore Ravens 2017-18 Roster Tracker

    All the teams do it. The Chiefs cut and resigned CJ Spiller at least 4 times this season. I believe the Patriots does it even more than almost any team.
  11. GDT: Week 7

    Nope, I believe it will be at US time (can't remember which one, the early slot maybe)
  12. GDT: Week 7

    For all the uglyness there will be in the Ravens Vikings game, all should do themselves a favor and find the last quarter of the game the last time the two teams met.
  13. GDT 2017: Week 7 - Ravens @ Vikings

    As I remember it, most of us were in the Diggs corner. I have been a profound fan of the players the Terps have put out in the last couple of years. We also talked about ngakoue although to be taken in the 4-5 round, where he went much higher, and Sean Davis was a huge crush of mine as well.
  14. GDT 2017: Week 7 - Ravens @ Vikings

    We are in our usually bad shape. Pretty injured and banged up, depth is gone, we are really down after losing to the bears, lack of discipline cost us as we lost the ball because of no-hands-team and no coverage of tight ends. We also play pretty bad on the road.
  15. GDT 2017: Week 7 - Ravens @ Vikings

    we are coming into the game dumb and incompetent. We are actually so dumb, that we might not understand that we in every way should lose the game - which mean we might win. Consider yourself warned.