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  1. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    Its very early in DK, so couldn't provide my input. If Simmons is off the board, Oline would be my go to pick. I simply can't see a scenario, where oline shouldn't be our number 1 priority if a elite talent like Simmons falls at a position that influences every play. The rotational pieces at RB, WR, LB we can add later in the draft, and getting a premier oline talent would benefit the team much more.
  2. What made Hue Jackson such a terrible coach?

    It certainly seems like he fits as a coordinator but not as an overall team leader. He might be a coach who doesn't command natural respect. In hindsigt, there was something left in Palmer when the Raiders traded for him, but it took Arians to get great play out of him, when he brougt Palmer to the Cardinals.
  3. What made Hue Jackson such a terrible coach?

    Hue was very well liked when he was with Baltimore and we were not happy to see him go to the Raiders. There he took a team with little talent to 8-8 I think, and he was well liked in the locker room. He did an outstanding job in Cincinatti, and then he went to the Browns and everything seems to go completely downhill.
  4. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    Dexter Lawrence is still somehow undervalued in the draft, because several has labelled him as a run stuffing NT. Imo he should be viewed as a big DT, who can do both. Very young still and insanely powerful. Not a player we should pursue imo with both Williams and Pierce, but still belong somewhere in the 1. round early second. Jachai Polite, I hope they do a thorough interview with him, if he is on their radar, because what I heard from the combine, that was a real issue. I have played with those types of players, and they never change. Being immature is one thing and something that can lead to bad decisions, while not being able to comprehend criticism and work with it can be viewed as a personality flaw. Also, Polite and Burns are in the mold of players teams like the Falcons usually chose in the draft. They look great on paper, and they flash when they make a quick sack - but they are also players who end up in the "soft" category and doesn't affect the game the same way in december and january.
  5. Thoughts on Cousins

    Somehow, media pundits and experts wanted to crown Kirk Cousins as such a great quarterback, yet he couldn't do enough to get a team to a playoff that had everything - great defense and special teams, quality skill positions on offense. Yet, he is "allowed" to have such a season due to "bad oline" and "bad scheme" - yet this is the same excuse that somehow doesn't apply to other quarterbacks like Eli, Dalton, Flacco, Prescott etc. Kirk Cousins is in that exact same caliber of QB's until he proves otherwise.
  6. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    Anyone think either Sutton Smith or Nate Harvey could be converted to inside linebackers?
  7. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    It wouldn't surprise me, if we bring in another defensive rotational player to create some pass rush so that we are set coming into the draft, so we can focus on offense. I think I made a post earlier this year, that it would be typical of the Ravens to use a defensively scewed draft to pick up offensive talents that fall.
  8. 2019 RDT

    I honestly believe, that some of the plays that types like Suggs, Mosley and Weddle "prevented" are some which can be replaced by plays made because of athleticism. If Suggs anticipated a screen, he would hold his position to blow it up, while a player like Judon could either provide pressure faster to force a badly thrown ball, or he could flip his hips and get to the carrier fast. Williams would be in the same mold, while an Earl Thomas doesn't have to disguise a lot of plays. We can put 7 guys at the line of scrimmage with corners on the outside and Earl in the back and let the rest create the confusion, because the QB knows, that the big hole in the middle between Earl and the front is already covered by a rangy safety. For as cerebral he is and an obvious great linebacker, behind the line we put out there, most linebackers have succeeded, and only Peanut has struggled. Kenny Young might need to figure out to cover better in zone, but he is fast fast fast and can get there in time, which Mosley couldn't and it seems we finally figured out how to use Peanut to his strengths. We have questions, but also possibilities and opportunities. The biggest is imo at outside linebacker, where I am one of those who don't think our coaches are some evil people keeping a collar on Tim Williams, but on the contrary that he still does some things that doesn't sit right with them. I could believe it is the Jachai Polite mentality with Williams, but thats only a guess.
  9. Jerry Rosburg Retiring

    He mentioned at the press conference, that there was some things he wanted to do related to the combine, which makes me think he wanted to support Horton in interviews perhaps?
  10. Ravens Sign Justin Bethel

    I believe this is really what it comes down to. We shouldn't see the "CB" label on Bethel, but just let him be a special teamer like Matt Slater in New England or like Gary Stills was with us. Don't think he ever saw a snap as a linebacker. If Bethel takes Chris Moores spot on special teams, it will give us a current wide receiver look "Moore, Snead, Lasley" and while we would put our hat on 2 unproven players, they both have upside and if we add a type like Parris Campbell, we have some playmaking ability as well as a chainmover in Snead. The "big receiver" I think we already have with our tight ends, and we would have one as well unless Scott is a complete 4. round bust in year 2.
  11. Ravens Sign Earl Thomas

    On twitter he is taking votes on numbers between 30 and 49
  12. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    We were so healthy last year, and good teams keep stacking good players. Urban is a really good player and if he doesn't have a market, I can't find a reason not to bring him back, nevertheless that someone on the defensive line has to play better to force themselves into the lineup.
  13. Jerry Rosburg Retiring

    Not cool NOT COOL. But dang that guy has been such a huge contributor and key to the Ravens succes for many years. This is a huge loss.
  14. Ravens Sign Earl Thomas

    Look at those gangsta's/thug types we have on our team
  15. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    I am watching the Falcons game again. Kenneth Dixon carried som significantly bad weight this year. I wonder how he can improve if he sheds that bad weight and get slimmer and more explosive. We have two physical backs know, and I can't help thinking they might want to see if they can work Dixon into another type of runningback than he was last year.