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  1. You are good at writing long posts. Fact is, that you act like you know things you have absolutely no clue about. You have done it many times. You know what happens at practice, you know who puts in the long hours of work - except you don't. You guess. I don't have to provide evidence for nothing, as I have not stated anything other, than that you speak of things you don't know anything about. Nice threatening me with a ban. Trying to be a bully or just trying to be condecending?
  2. Queen had a bunch of those yesterday. In harrisons defense, I saw him blow up blockers several times and stopping blockers in their tracks by taking them heads on. For Queen, I really hope it is a part of the process and he learns to trust his eyes and pull the trigger every time. Even with his athleticism, he will be slow if he hesitates.
  3. Boykin is a great blocker, but he is very light as an inline blocker. Andrews has a great feel for the zone. Boykin not as much, but I could see it work just with having another big body in the slot. I would give the oline a go like you suggested, although I think they will do as little shuffle as possible which would more likely mean Skura moving to RG, Mekari to RT and Bredeson or Castillo at OC.
  4. Ravens will reluctantly accept to take him off your hands. Of course we want to be compensated, a couple of mid round picks in return and we can provide him with a home.
  5. I have to go back and watch that pass, because that looked really odd and I wondered if it was tipped once it happened. Just looked like a floater without reason for it to be.
  6. I sometimes have a difficult time understanding Lamar because of his dialect, but I never heard it as criticism of Roman, just more of a fact that now defenses has seen what the Ravens do/want to do and call it out. Not comparing McVays offense to Romans, but they both give the same look and then do something different out of it, which could be an explanation. 49'er and Bills fans have pointed towards Romans offense declining in production, which will have to be monitored. As of now it really seems to just be a cluster of things going wrong, and I am still tentative to put it all on
  7. I think a lot is up in the air right now. I doubt Roman and Harbaugh venture into a complete systemic overhaul to a spread quick passing hurry up fast paced explosive pass happy on first, second, every down offense . My bet is they will try and put someone into Boyles role and just "accept" the lesser output, as long as they can work with their bread and butter offense. Whether that is the right move or not is difficult to get a grasp on, until we actually try (and succeed or fail) comitting to a new system. They most likely see us as a team that is right there in the playoff hunt and the
  8. Mekari might have struggled, but he should also be appreciated for his versatility. He might be "bad" in his new role, but also difficult to expect a guy being able to play well at 3 different positions when he went into the season as a backup.
  9. Injuries plays a part, maybe bigger than we think. We did go into the season with concerns at oline, and those have manifested – especially with Stanley going down and no player to truly emerge at RG. We were thin at tight end, our receiving core is really young and Brown is experiencing a big sophomore slump – some of it might be due to our oline not being able to hold up long enough for the deep passing game to evolve – nevertheless I think we should see him be able to be more than just a vertical guy. With Yanda out, Earl Thomas gone, Tavon Young out, Stanley out and now Boyle out
  10. Lamar was 24/34 in completion/passing attempts and among them was about of a handful that hit receivers in their hands/stomach/chest but they couldn't make the catch. His poor accuracy is an argument made by someone who didn't watch the game or doesn't know what they are watching. We can agree on a couple of bad throws/decisions, which for at least 3 of them had the thing in common, that they where directed at Marquise Brown. 1 incomplete in the end zone, the pick by JC Jackson that should not have been thrown, or the even worse decision to try and force it in 3-4 man coverage where McCou
  11. You acted like you knew he did something - I didn't act like I knew he did/or did not use his best play. I am pointing out that you over and over again act like you know something, or are able to deduct yourself to a conclusion - when all you do is guess and create scenarios that fit your agenda. Sry, but I am just provoked when you act/write like that. It has nothing to do with "GFTO, logical fallacy, I have evidence because there was a trick play that worked". I can see it and recognize it was well executed. I can also see they did not try anything else in a tight tight game where
  12. You don't know a thing about McDaniels using his best calls. You just repeat it because you heard it on the broadcast and thought it was a good point. Had we tried a wide receiver to RB pass and missed, everyone would be furious with Roman, just like you guys are now because of a botched snap on 4 and 1... Its fair to be frustrated, but at least try and be a little sensible about what happened in the game - a lot of dropped balls was a factor as well
  13. Well, offense is down several players on the oline, the center is playing bad and now everybody is complaining about receivers as well. Doesn't seem he has much other than Lamar to work with. You are like that other Ravens fan who all the time wants Harbaugh fired
  14. Fire Harbaugh as well, fire Wink as well - to follow that logic that Roman should leave after this game.
  15. Well this was a giant stinking turd. No help at all for Lamar, Skura being at his worst, Boyle out for the next season and our defense got it handed to them. People pointing fingers at Roman, there are a lot of other things to point at as well. Can't fault him for bad execution from players, find something else
  16. What an absolutely disgusting injury on Boyle, but how that is on Lamar as some make it to be, that is just dumb.
  17. Exactly how I feel. I can get almost 3 hours of sleep, that is worth something
  18. Thanks to the patriots for making this easy. We can't get back from this so I can get some sleep
  19. I said the same Thing about the Diggs catch. We just don't have that receiver.
  20. Lamar has been criticized for not taking shots down field...
  21. This is the good and healthy version of the patriots oline with No shuffling besiddes onwenu at right tackle.
  22. Oh Boy Queen, that was bad
  23. I have 2 CATS and a girlfriend All sleeping and Snorring beside me. Though to stay awake
  24. I love it. If this game finishes at 5, i can get 2 hours of sleep before going to work
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