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  1. Perhaps our Herbert trade but I can’t find in thread
  2. I agree with both of you guys in terms of no 4 qb keepers. Maybe we just need different max rostered spots vs max keepers for positions like qb and tight end. what I don’t necessarily agree with is imposing a round limit requirement as I think that gets too messy, plus if someone wants to reach for a bench player they should be able to…
  3. We should have the option to have more than 1 bench qb, especially if taking a flier on a young guy w no short term shot but potential
  4. It’s not like one can’t start another position player in the super flex… and we can still start at most 2qbs
  5. Can we start assigning picked players To their teams? Would be helpful to more easily see who’s avail as we get to later rounds
  6. Exactly, so not sure why we are punishing people from picking up another qb if they are sacrificing other areas of their rosters
  7. In my situation this was more user error than unfairness. I tried to swap out wentz for another keeper but msutve forgotten to press save. I’m not complaining about the injury relative to the timing. I think this does serve as a time to reconsider the position max limits. Not every team should have 3 bona fide starters and there’s a handful of guys that won’t but should be rostered in a keeper league… I do understand not keeping a 3rd qb if you plan to draft one, but there are lots of qbs we should be able to take late round fliers on
  8. I admittedly was fine w wentz but after the injury I tried to change my keepers. Thought I did but I guess I didn’t.
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