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  1. Build a City - Post-Draft Voting

    So did I. I think it was you, me, and @RaykwonDaChef ill switch to buffalo
  2. Build a City - Post-Draft Voting

    How do you guys want to proceed. After raykwons votes 3 of the divisions are set, with the avalanche, solar bears, and Blackhawks advancing. Division C is Admirals/Sabres with 4, and Rampage with 3. Should rampage voters recast their votes?
  3. Build a City - Post-Draft Voting

    I thought A was pretty close. Devils have a great team. agreed that C was the tightest. I’m surprised I won as well. I thought I had a chance but when I was typing up the teams it was clear that this was the powerhouse division. I’m surprised toronto didn’t get as many votes but the defense is pretty suspect
  4. Build a City - Post-Draft Voting

    Current voting tallies after 10 of 12 voters. We have two clinched divisions (A and D) and 2 that are up to @RaykwonDaChef and @I_GET_SAX. Division A Avalanche - 8 (clinched) Devils - 2 Bruins - 0 Division B Orlando Solar Bears / Washington Capitals - 4 Pittsburgh Penguins - 2 Division C Milwaukee Admirals / Buffalo Sabres - 4 San Antonio Rampage - 2 Division D Chicago Blackhawks - 6 (clinched) Tampa Bay Lightning - 3 Toronto Maple Leafs - 1 Let's get this done by midnight tonight, otherwise we can have the guys who voted for the eliminated teams re-vote as tiebreakers.
  5. I just did but I think its warranted
  6. Build a City - Post-Draft Voting

    I had so many spelling errors in my division pictures lol. Here are my thoughts/votes: Division A This was pretty close for me between the Devils and Avalanche. I think the Bruins are on the outside looking in. John Gibson has been up and down (mostly down) the last few years and was a big reach. Petterson is a great 1st line center to build around, but I'm not sure the team really panned out. A few nice picks in there, including Heiskanen and Meier, but I don't think the offense stacks up. The Devils have a great young set of forwards, spearheaded by the unbelievable David Pastrnak. I love Barzal, and Panarin is having a Hart-Caliber season. 2nd line is phenomenal and young as well. I love the Carter Hart pick as probably the 2nd or 3rd most valuable goalie in the NHL . My winner is the Avalanche for the Devils and the offense is stacked. What separated the Avalanche for me was the fact that despite the rock-solid Hart pick, the Avalanche had the only guy who you can really say without argument is the best for this type of draft and that is Vasilevskiy. I think the defense, while older, is also a step ahead in terms of talent. Barkov is one of the most underrated players in sports, period. I don't love the Pacioretty pick, but I think the team's first line, Kuz, and Miller make up for it. Division B Ultimately the Solar Bears (lol) take the cake for me with their stellar defense. The team has arguably 3 of the best 5 or 6 defensemen in the league right now. Karlsson could be the GOAT if he stays healthy and plays late into his career. Dougie was having a Norris-type season and is recovering well from his injury. Doughty is Mr. Reliable, and Parayko is huge and has great potential. The forwards are great too. As a Devils fan, f*** Hall but the first line is great. Schiefele is one of, if not the best 2-way center in the game. Boeser is young with loads of potential. To get Kyle Connor on the second line is robbery, and love the Kappo pick. The weakest link for me here is the goalie. Merzlikins is having on okay season, but jury is still out. Tuuka is by far the best goalie in the division and should win the Vezina this year but he is 33. If there was another team here that I loved with a better goalie it would have been closer. Capitals have a very good team w Kucherov on the second line (although there is no reason why Dadonov should be on your first ). Defense is very solid as well, but not on the Solar Bears level which is probably what kept them from being #1 for me. Can't knock anything else about this team except maybe the age/ability to win in a few years, but we know that Washington's strategy is win-now. I just think the Solar Bears are prepared to do both. The Penguins certainly have talent but the forward group is too old for me/lacks goal scoring. Lucic has no business on a roster in this draft format. I do love building around Makar/Hughes, and to have Letang and Carlson as your 2nd pairing is unreal. Probably the most desirable set of 4 defenseman across all teams all things considered. Again, not surprising knowing the draft style of Pittsburgh. I just have concerns about who will put the puck in the net in what is becoming a scoring league. Division C This is the closest division for me. Milwaukee has top 3 of all time in Crosby with great complementary talent. Binnington is a great pick in a league that has very few young, elite goalies at the moment with big talent/consistency dropoffs between tiers. The team's defense is just okay for me, w/ geriatric Shea Weber leading the way. Slavin is a good pick, but this team has the weakest defense in the division. The Sabres have an excellent 1-2 punch of Eichel/Rantanen, who should terrorize teams for years to come. 2nd line is also great, love Mika and he is really blossoming into an elite player. Lindholm was a great pick. The defense is built around one of the best in Josi and Dahlin, who should be the best in the next few years. Blackwood pick I like as a Devils fan. What separates the Rampage for me is the elite and young defense. Seth Jones and Krug are a great pairing. Krug is extremely underrated and is in the top 30 all time in PPG for a defenseman. Chabot is unbelieveable and I was pissed I couldn't snag him. He and Chychrun are insanely good and insanely young. Offense is also elite with great 1st, 2nd, and 3rd lines. Korpisalo is a risky pick for me. Long touted the replacement for Bobrovsky, he is likely to lose his job to Merzlikins next year. I think this is offset by an equally Division D This division definitely has the most talent. I love my team. Hellebuyck for me is the clear #2 goalie in this draft and should also be #2 in Vezina voting. My first and second lines are lethal. Built around Matthews and Point, I should have scoring for the next decade and a half. Hedman is probably the best defensemen in the league and I love my other 3 despite people saying how old and slow Burns is. The Lightning and Maple Leafs have the best first lines in the whole draft. I can't pick a favorite there. McDavid is the best player in hockey and to put him along side Laine and Gaudreau is scary. Lightning have their own big three in Aho, MacKinnon, and Draisaitl. I would lean Leafs over Lightning for the 2nd/3rd lines, but its also close. Lightning have a significantly better defense than the Leafs given that my friend took Fox in the cornerstone rounds. I am going to vote for myself, Chicago, on the basis that while the Leafs and Lightnings first lines would give opposing coaches nightmares, I think my first line could keep up and could be equally lethal on given nights. I prefer my 2nd/3rd lines over both other teams, and have the best (and probably 2nd best) defenseman in the division. I have the far superior goalie . Go me I will tally up once we decide if we are allowed to vote for our own divisions.
  7. @Heymangold @RaykwonDaChef @festiveonion @BillsGuy82 @I_GET_SAX @djw4bucs @CHOMP_CHOMP @bcb1213 @kurgan @NickChowaniec - sorry again for the delay here. thanks for running this for a few days. I am down for our voting format, its easy and transparent. I'm not sure if we'll get full participant though. @I_GET_SAX still needs 3 football picks. Do ya'll really think we should be voting for our own divisions, or the other 3? My thought is lets give everyone until tomorrow at midnight EST to get their initial votes in, until Sunday to vote on who advances to the finals, and then until Monday on who wins. That work?
  8. Hey guys, sorry I’ve been AWOL. been a hectic couple of days. I’m catching up on the thread now. Looks like we started voting which is great. Love the write ups
  9. Build a City Draft Thread - NFL Rounds

    first page updated. make up picks: @BillsGuy82 x2 @I_GET_SAX x3
  10. I'm pretty stoked about my football and baseball teams. Hockey too. I like my basketball team but I waited a while and missed a few guys in the cornerstones I thought would be avail.
  11. Build a City Draft Thread - NFL Rounds

    We will finish up w C Jason Kelce. First team all pro for each of the last 3 years. Don’t mind that he’s a little old. My team is ready to win now and in the future
  12. Build a City Draft Thread - NFL Rounds

    Both of my center targets sniped
  13. yeah i am just posting the thread over the weekend because i am busier during the week. we will work through all this stuff in detail before starting
  14. Agreed that those are the logistics that we need to work through. Here are my thoughts. - the voting feature here would require we create different threads for each round of voting (4 sports x 7 rounds (4 divisions, 2 final four, and 1 finals) for 28 threads. I don't think that will work. - voting should be limited to those in here on the simple fact that we will get different participants for different rounds/different sports, so its best to keep the voting panel the same throughout. - voting via PM is easiest to keep track of and can add to the suspense so we don't know who wins until everyone votes - We will give people a day or two for each sport should they choose to send in a message advocating for their team. we will have a voting deadline a few days later. each person will PM me their pick for the three division winners. so on and so forth for finals
  15. Build a City - Post-Draft Voting

    reserved for nfl