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  1. Let the Offseason Begin

    01 Miami had Ed Reed and Sean Taylor.
  2. Let the Offseason Begin

    Now, it's official: https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/player/2294/darian-stewart
  3. Let the Offseason Begin

    It looks like Darian Stewart is moving on: https://www.instagram.com/p/BurpHZpH5qG/?utm_source=ig_twitter_share&igshid=1aa3eje45yxd
  4. Which Non-QB would you draft at 10?

    The Alpha Football blog has us passing on White at 10 and trading down with Houston in their most recent mock: http://alphafootballexpert.blogspot.com/2019/03/2019-3-round-nfl-mock-draft-3519-with.html
  5. The direction of the Broncos in the near future.

    Because Kubiak didn't like him. He wouldn't even play Lynch in the meaningless season finale (despite Elway's protests). I'm not sure if Kubes would have played him in 2017 if he would have come back.
  6. The direction of the Broncos in the near future.

    Not necessarily, although it was probably for the best, because the O-line was terrible, anyway. Lynch would have been ruined behind that group.
  7. Most talented teams that underachieved?

    Who knows what he would have done? He probably would have found someone else because I don't see Cunningham being a Belichick-type QB. And, as for Green, he is that bad of a coach. They should have went for it.
  8. The direction of the Broncos in the near future.

    Lynch was a mistake right from the start, no question. QBspeak.com said that the team that drafts him will need a new QB in two to three years: https://web.archive.org/web/20160310074554/http://qbspeak.com/2016/02/27/video-analysis-paxton-lynch-is-a-certified-bust/ That being said, I don't think that Kubiak really put any effort into developing him. He seemed to be way more interested in Siemian because they both had similar backgrounds as far as entering the league was concerned (late round picks). Then, Elway seemed to be obsessed with giving him second chances in 2017 despite the fact that he wasn't good enough, and he should have been cut after training camp was over that year (they also had another promising QB in Kyle Sloter that they got rid of, and they also foolishly drafted Chad Kelly).
  9. Who are the greatest never was' of the NFL?

    Rogers had the misfortune of being with Detroit during the Millen error. According to a Lions' fan comment I saw somewhere else, Rogers was told to go to Michigan St. for rehab, which is where the trouble started. That fan also said that Rogers would have been told to stay at the Lion facility and rehab if he played there today with Stafford.
  10. Most talented teams that underachieved?

    They never had the coaching. Buddy just cared about the offense, Randall Cunningham's QB coach (Doug Scovil) died in 1989, and Rich Kotite was terrible. In the 1990-91 off-season, they fired Buddy, and Belichick was available. If he goes to Philly instead of Cleveland (that wasn't rumored, BTW), that franchise may have gotten over the hump sooner. Actually, I would extend that to 1995-98. Their 1995 team wasn't that great, and they were picked by some to make the SB in 96 (but failed). In 1997, they may have been the second-best team in the NFL (but lost to Denver in a close game), and were a favorite by several people to reach SB 33 in 1998. I think the chemistry got worse, though (they signed guys like McGlockton and Wayne Simmons that may have worsened the locker room), and they were an utter disappointment, leading to Schottenheimer's resignation (which he regrets).
  11. Most talented teams that underachieved?

    The defense did choke, but the special teams had something to do with the Buffalo loss, and the Run and Shoot was a hindrance in the playoffs because it didn't control the clock when they needed it most.
  12. Most talented teams that underachieved?

    From 1991-93, they ranked sixth, ninth, and fourth in points allowed.
  13. Incels?

    I know. This guy is negative. I am on Steve's channel, and it looks like he had an interview with Bill Greathouse (the TFL founder) back in November (they must have joined forces again): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nh8H8jSazn0 As for Dwayne Holloway, I don't know what happened to him.
  14. Most talented teams that underachieved?

    The 1991-93 Oilers are tailor-made for this type of thread. They had Pro Bowlers all over the place, but no heart. During a 1992 episode of NBC's NFL pre-game show NFL Live, they mentioned something about DE Ray Childress's comments. Basically, Ray said that they had a few paycheck collectors on the team.
  15. Incels?

    I have heard of this incel movement. My first time being exposed online to this was when I found out about a group called TFL (True Forced Loneliness) back in 2008. This redneck from Florida named Bill Greathouse was the leader (Bill122460 on You Tube). He posted the infamous serial killer video on You Tube (I won't post it here, but it may still be on there). Also, there was this 500-pound guy named Dwayne Holloway, and this weird guy named Steve Hoca that were also part of the movement. Holloway would whine about how he couldn't get women in public using the PUA material or something (dude, you are 500 pounds). It was really sad and pathetic. As for Hoca, he left around June 2008 to get laid, but he eventually joined the MGTOW movement and would post videos like "40 year old women won't want you when you're 40" and other garbage. He is still on You Tube today (look up his name).