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  1. Brady is the face of the NFL to the owners. If he went to SF and didn't (or doesn't) win, it would taint his legacy.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised. The owners may force that. They don't want Brady's legacy tainted. I think the other owners were in cahoots with Kraft to block Belichick from trading Brady because of this.
  3. I think you are underrating Gibbs.
  4. Also, William Lee tries to say that Brady did better in 01 than Bledsoe did in 2000. The 2001 Pats played a weaker schedule, and Belichick improved their talent in the draft and FA.
  5. It has been propped up by coaching for years. That goes for Brady as well. I can't take his goat status seriously (or anyone that has played after 2003. The NFL has catered way too much to offense since then). You put the Patriot rosters for the last 18 years in Cleveland without Belichick, Ernie Adams, or Kraft, and they would have zero rings. It is also propped up by the NFL. The Pats are the leagues' darlings (just like SF was in the 90's), and they let them get away with murder.
  6. Was Tony Dungy an elite head coach

    Rypien did play amazing that year, but so did the rest of his supporting cast. They all played over their head (I am not as high on the 91 Skins as a lot of people). And, I wouldn't consider Hoss as a Rypien-like guy. He was a better QB than Mark was.
  7. Bledsoe and Brady didn't score 276 and 351 points. Their teams did. And, the 2001 Pats had more talent and an easier schedule than the 2000 Pats had. You give way too much credit to Brady. Also, the upgraded offense didn't lead the Pats to misery. They just didn't get as lucky in the playoffs from 2007-13 like they did in 01, 03-06 and 14-today.
  8. Brady also had passer ratings in the 80's during those times. Then in 2007, his passer rating is over 100. I wonder why.
  9. * In this decade, there has only been two years (2010 and 16) in which the AFC East has had more than one 10-win team. They also haven't had a team outside of NE win a playoff game since 2010. Every year, it seems to me that the Pats wrap this thing up not too long after Thanksgiving. That's not all them. You can't defend this division outside of Foxboro the last 18 years. It has been awful. * CORRECTION: There have been three years that the East has had more than one 10-win team in this decade. The 15 Jets went 10-6.
  10. Not sold on Goff at QB. SF could be a challenger with Jimmy G, Kittle, and co.
  11. The Fins and Jets both made it, but they were first round exits (and, that Miami team didn't see the playoffs again for seven years). And, while I give you that 03 Dolphin and 04 Jet thing (that Jet team started 5-0, if i'm not mistaken), the 04 Bills couldn't even beat Pittsburgh's backups at home with a playoff spot on the line.
  12. Pats Pulpit used questionable stats to try to put the AFC East in a good light during the Brady-Belichick era. However, what they don't talk about is the amount of head coaches and QB's (starting at least one game) that those three teams have had since 2001. Also, the Three Stooges have been woeful since then in games against teams that would finish that season above .500.
  13. No, they wouldn't. You got that crappy stat from Pats Pulpit or something.
  14. That Steeler team was probably a few years away from being a serious SB contender. Also, O'Donnell had a poor game (there are some Steeler fans that have said that Brister should have started that game since O'Donnell missed some games before that playoff game), and Shelton dropped a TD INT in the third quarter that probably changes the complexion of the entire game. The Dolphins didn't even show up that day. That wasn't the Miami team I saw that year. They only ran the ball eleven times, which was a major reason for their demise.
  15. They didn't win that game, Houston lost it. That was the biggest choke act ever.