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  1. Good. I wouldn't give McDaniels full control over a bakery let alone a football team.
  2. I still say that 1976 should have been NE's year, especially after how they should have put the Raiders away when they were up 21-10. Then, they probably would have beat the Steelers without Franco and Rocky (they would have had a chance either way), and then they would have crushed the aging Vikes, who probably didn't deserve to be there that year.
  3. Dallas-SF also would have been interesting to see that year in the playoffs.
  4. I would consider their run as being from 1967-85, the year that they lost to the Pats in the Divisional Round as a 1-seed. The turning point for the franchise, in my opinion, was the loss to Philly at home in OT the next year (where Marcus Allen fumbled). Since then, the Raiders have only been to the playoffs seven times (in 35 years).
  5. Guess who is back in the news: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/jaguars/2021/01/17/tim-tebow-urban-meyer-reunion-why-not-nfl-jacksonville-jaguars/4196315001/?fbclid=IwAR0MEODL18jEhUw-V8itTWImjlFtOYWimd214BnLmlIJ1j9sVz17KEgiUPU
  6. I like Buffalo. They are healthier, and they are playing better ball right now.
  7. Yes. And, a new DC would be preferred for them. Joe Woods is trash. I know. I am a Denver fan, and he was terrible with them.
  8. Andy Reid almost had another black mark on his legacy. That was unbelievable. Browns Defense: How do you let Chad Henne get that many yards, and not have Tyreek Hill covered on that short pass. Joe Woods is horrible as a DC. He has to go tomorrow. As a Denver fan, I know.
  9. If Ware didn't come into his life seven years ago, he may have been gone a long time ago.
  10. Yeah, I heard about this. Moon in Seattle may have led to a SB title, or maybe two. 1986 may have been the year. That team was hot down the stretch, and they beat the Giants at home that year.
  11. I agree with everything except the last sentence. Tomlin can't help anyone as HC. I haven't seen a coach do so little with a lot of talent since Jack Pardee with the 1991-93 Oilers.
  12. He should be, though. He should have been fired three years ago after the Jacksonville loss. The Rooney's are being way too loyal to someone who hasn't been in a SB in 10 years.
  13. Also, I don't care what anyone thinks. Not giving Kyle Sloter a fair chance was also a mistake. You didn't have a franchise QB (or anything close to it). If someone looks like they may have potential, you give them a shot.
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