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  1. That game had an impact, but there was another game that year that had a bigger impact: The Den@Sea MNF game that the Seahawks won in OT. If they didn't come back to send it to OT, they would have ended up 1-15 anyway, and they keep Bledsoe in-state.
  2. The 96 49ers could have won that game, but they should have lost @Houston, @Washington, and at home against Cincinnati. That wasn't a great team. The Packers could have won in 3-Com Park again that year in the playoffs.
  3. They said on draft night last year that Hamler had inconsistent hands. That was not a good draft choice in Round 2.
  4. These scenarios may be the biggest of the last seven years in the NFL and in the world. For example, if Trump isn't president, the COVID-19 situation we have been in for the last year and a half probably doesn't exist.
  5. In Week 14 of the 2011 season, the Cowboys were hosting the Giants. Dallas was 7-5, and the Giants were 6-6. This was a critical game for the division lead. At one point in the fourth quarter, Dallas had a 34-22 lead before Eli hit rookie TE Jake Ballard with an eight-yard TD to cut the deficit to five with 3:22 left. Then, with 2:25 left in the game, the play of the game (and maybe one of the most pivotal plays of the last 12 years happened): It was 3rd and 5, and Dallas had the ball on their own 25. Miles Austin was breaking open, but him and Romo didn't connect on a play that coul
  6. Mike Evans on 104.3 The Fan said at the time that you don't take a QB to take a QB. And, he has a point. There have been a lot of QB's taken way too high (Rich Campbell, The Three Stooges from 2011, Mitch Trubisky, etc...), and you shouldn't just take one because it's the sexy pick. However, Fields should and could be better than those guys. He should have been the pick in this case.
  7. Maybe the Bears try to get him (at the 01 trade deadline). They had a great defense, and a decent offense with a good O-line, the A-Train, and Marty Booker. They were a QB away from being a serious SB contender.
  8. Yeah, I don't watch college football (or any college sports anymore), but that's what I have been hearing. Is he a Junior? He isn't on Walter Football's mock drafts yet.
  9. If the Broncos get off to an abysmal start (like 1-5 or 1-6), they should just start Brett Rypien and start Tankapalooza 2021. Maybe they can get Spencer Rattler or the QB from Georgia (a fan on Walter Football talked him up).
  10. If the Pats find a way to win the first two games, and he doesn't get hurt, Bledsoe will stay QB. However, if they still start 0-2, if Bledsoe is healthy, and he continues to struggle (and the team continues to lose), a switch makes sense, which leads to something else: Would the Pats get rid of Bledsoe at the 2001 trade deadline? Or do they wait to see what happens with Brady, and trade him the following year?
  11. With Bledsoe, there are two "what ifs" from the first two weeks of the 2001 season that I will focus on: 1. What if Bledsoe got the first down on the QB sneak with about 2:50 left on a 4th and 2 (around the Bengal 38) in Week 1 against Cincy (with NE down 23-17)? 2. What if NE FB Marc Edwards didn't fumble the ball inside the 10 in the third quarter with the Pats and Jets tied at 3? Against the Bengals, Bledsoe had a 94.3 rating with 2 TD passes and 241 yards passing. He didn't do as well the next week against the Jets, however, throwing for 159 yards and 2 picks before the famo
  12. That's a good one, but the play that shaped the last 13 years of Denver football was in Week 16 of the 2008 season. With 2:00 left in the first half, the Broncos were up 13-3, and had the ball on Buffalo's 37. Instead of punting on a cold day, though, he had a slumping Matt Prater (in his first year) kick a 54-yard FG. The kick missed, the Bills went down and cut the lead to three before the half, and went on to a 30-23 win. If Shanahan punts, the Broncos probably go up 13-3 at halftime (or better), and I don't see the Bills coming back in that one. The Broncos make the playoffs, and Shan
  13. In 1988, Seattle's trade for QB Kelly Stouffer (the player the Cardinals drafted the year before in the first round, but couldn't sign) had a bigger impact than I thought (I am looking at the Sporting News archives again). Kelly Stouffer's agent was Mike Blatt, who had no problem working out a contract with Mike McCormack, Seattle's president and GM at the time. However, this is where things get interesting: The Nordstrom family (who owned the Seahawks at the time) was trying to sell the team. Blatt put them in touch with Ken Behring, which turned out to be a mistake (and almost a disaster)
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