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  1. Nostalgic/Throwback games chat thread

    SD wasn't that far away from a WC berth that year. They lost a game to the upstart Oilers on a late 50+ yard FG, and they had a FG blocked and returned for a TD in OT at Denver. They also lost @Minnesota on a late TD pass with about 37 seconds left. Win all three, and they are 11-4 going into Week 16 with the AFC West and a WC berth on the table. In 86, Fouts missed four games, and they had six losses by seven points or less against a tougher schedule (in 85, they played four games against teams that would finish above .500, and in 86, they played nine).
  2. Mock Draft 4.0 / 2 Rounds

    Would be great for Denver if it worked out that way, but there are some mockers (Charlie Campbell of Walter Football is one) that have the USC LT going top-10. Jackson in Round 1 and Bryce Hall in Round 2 (Denver needs corners if Harris returns or not) may be more realistic.
  3. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    I went to that link, and I looked up the Bronco mock I did for that year. I had Denver taking QB Ryan Lindley (thank goodness that didn't happen).
  4. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    I liked Wilson as well, but I didn't think that Elway would take a QB in the first four rounds or so.
  5. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    Nate Lundy (now of Mile High Sports. Back then, he was with 104.3 The Fan) also hated the Osweiler pick. He said that Oz only was successful for one year in college, and only left because the coach left, and he didn't want to change systems.
  6. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    Never. He was on the bench in 2003 (his rookie year), and started at RT for three years before being traded to Detroit in 2007. Matt Lepsis was the LT until 08 when Clady was drafted. I remember wanting either Foster or Stanford's Kwame Harris (another LT) with Denver's first rounder. Was wrong on both guys. I am checking the Walter Football archives now. They considered Harris a first-round pick, but they didn't have Foster going until Round 3 (I can't find their draft grades, but I remember reading that Walter wasn't high on Foster).
  7. 1986 Chiefs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuLqejyZkoo Their special teams carried them to the playoffs.
  8. DEN QB Joe Flacco placed on IR (herniated disc in neck)

    If Eli is in, Jim Plunkett should be in.
  9. Has a more talented team ever been so badly coached?

    Pardee wasn't the only HC that didn't do anything with the late-80's to early-90's Oilers. Glanville also failed. Both HC's had issues (Glanville's teams weren't very disciplined, and Pardee may have been too nice). Also, that roster didn't seem to have a whole lot of character guys. On a 1992 episode of NFL Live, they said that Ray Childress allegedly said that some of his teammates were paycheck collectors.
  10. They're not going to activate him until after the bye? This organization is lost.
  11. 2015 Draft - worst of the last decade?

    Denver was almost as bad: Nine picks, and only Jeff Heuerman is still on the roster.
  12. The NFL isn’t rigged but some Refs are corrupt

    When NE is involved, anything is possible.
  13. Greater player of all time? Jerry Rice or Tom Brady

    Neither of them would be. Brady benefits from a smart HC (and an organization that gets away with shenanigans). Rice benefited from playing in an era where passing started to be more and more common, and in a passing offense (a lot of great WR's in history didn't get to play in the type of scheme that Rice did).
  14. 2015 Draft - worst of the last decade?

    2003 wasn't that great, either. Palmer was good, but the rest of Round 1 stunk. Also, here were some other ones taken: Dave Ragone: I remember him as having potential, but he didn't do anything. Seneca Wallace: Was mainly a backup. Brian St. Pierre: Walter Cherepinsky (Of Walter Football) said that he would be the Steelers QB of the future after he was drafted. Didn't exactly work out. Drew Henson: Highly rated QB coming out of HS. Was the reason that Brady didn't play as much his senior year. His baseball commitment hurt him. Brooks Bollinger: Career backup. Kliff Kingsbury: Turned out to be an NFL HC. Gibran Hamdan: Who? Ken Dorsey: Successful college QB who didn't have the traits needed for the NFL. The most successful QB out of this class may have been an undrafted FA. His name: Tony Romo.
  15. The NFL isn’t rigged but some Refs are corrupt

    It could be happening in the NFL. Look up Mayer vs. Belichick (Mayer was a Jet fan who sued the Pats after Spygate). Fans who enter the ballpark aren't entitled to a legit game. Look at today's Cle-NE game (Chubb's first fumble and that INT by Guy look staged to me).