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  1. Also, Stanley Wilson's absence hurt. On another site, I heard that he was to be the focal point for the game plan. If he doesn't relapse the night before, and if Krumrie doesn't get hurt, I think they win that one.
  2. The Best Super Bowl Victory & Why?

    That was much more relaxing, but it wasn't as fun as the year before. Overcoming history and the defending champion Packers was the most satisfying day I had as a fan.
  3. Steve Grogan: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/G/GrogSt00.htm
  4. Which Team(s) Got Worse This Offseason?

    Good points. I have SD winning that division, and Denver finishing second (with a Wild Card).
  5. Better Franchise All-Time: Warriors or Bulls?

    If MJ didn't retire in 1993, and Grant came back a year later, I think they wear down sooner, and don't get six titles. As for his second retirement, I am not sure if they win in 1999 if they all come back. I know that a lockout could have let them recover, but Rodman may have become too much for them to control by then. Without him, it would have been virtually impossible for them to four-peat. The sainted MJ never won without a good rebounder and defensive player on his side (Grant, Rodman) at the PF position.
  6. After reading, I think this makes a lot of sense: http://www.jeffpearlman.com/a-herschel-walker-conspiracy-theorist/
  7. What Could Have Been?

    Seriously, the best thing for Leaf would have been to go back to school in 1998 (he had one more year of eligibility left). Then, I honestly think it would have been good for him for some of his immaturity to come to the surface (so he drops to the late first round or second). If he goes to a better team where he could develop, he may have had a better career. He wasn't ready to be the face of a franchise in 1998.
  8. What Could Have Been?

    Walsh didn't have that great of an arm. I don't think he was good enough. Without Aikman, maybe Dallas takes Timm Rosenbach (a more talented QB) in the Supplemental draft instead like they originally planned.
  9. What Could Have Been?

    He had a QB coach in Doug Scovil who was helping him until he died in 1989: https://www.nytimes.com/1989/12/10/obituaries/doug-scovil-62-dies-a-pro-football-coach.html
  10. Your Most memorable draft moments of all time???!!

    Rodgers fell in GB's lap (there was no trade-up).
  11. What Could Have Been?

    Bob Harlan (who took over as team president in June 1989) said at the time that they had to stop having their HC call the shots. I don't know if that started right away or not, though. If it didn't, you have a good point. There are some other Packer fans that agree with you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZoJGc5qZDc
  12. What Could Have Been?

    If the Cardinals would have defeated the Packers in Week 16 of the 1988 season, we would have found out. The Packers would have drafted him (in case you are wondering, Dallas would have drafted Mandarich #2. Jimmy Johnson was high on him). GB didn't have a great O-line (Majik was sacked 47 times, and he was more mobile than Aikman). Also, they had Brent Fullwood at RB (he made the Pro Bowl in 89 with 821 yards rushing, but was cut the following year after lying to the team about injury). I am not sure what Lindy Infante would have done, but I am guessing that he would have started Majik that year, and then handed the ball over to Aikman the next year. Then, after the season that Don had, he probably gets traded for a 1990 first-round pick (in looking at the top-10 of the 1990 draft board, SD seems like a good bet. They didn't have a QB) and a 91 second. In the 90 draft, SD picked fifth, so GB would get a premium pick. Seau would have been there, but this team needs to protect the young QB, so Richmond Webb would probably have been the pick (as a result, they move Ken Ruettgers to RT). If they keep Aikman healthy, they may get a WC berth in 1990, and probably have a solid team the next few years, which would have butterflied away the Holmgren-Wolf-Favre era.
  13. Which team improved the most over the offseason? *On Paper

    Denver has a chance to be up there. I am not too high on Keenum, but if he can be solid, then the offense could be much improved. They added two rookie WR's in Sutton and Hamilton that could make an immediate impact, a starting RB in Royce Freeman, and a new KR in Phillip Lindsay. Also, they did get TE Jake Butt back (who has good potential). Defensively, the line is solid, and they added three LB's that could contribute right away in Chubb (who should start across from Von Miller), Josey Jewell, and Jeff Holland. Also, I am seeing some good comments on Isaac Yiadom, the CB they drafted from BC. And, they added Su'a Cravens, a sub-package LB-S that is good in coverage.
  14. ECF: Boston vs Cleveland, the actual NBA finals

    Yeah, it's ashame. That's what happens when you take too many three pointers. I wonder if Stevens was saying anything about that.