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  1. 83 is, without a doubt. Elway, Kelly, and Marino are HOF. Ken O'Brien had a decent career. Also, I think that Todd Blackledge, while not great, didn't really get a chance in KC. In addition, you had other QB's like Reggie Collier (Joel Buchsbaum had him rated in his top-3 QB's that year, but he was black, and the stigma was still there. That's what may have hurt him) and Bobby Hebert who went to the USFL, and you had Gary Kubiak, who was a fine backup (and future HC).
  2. I can't believe this: https://www.nbcsportsedge.com/football/nfl/player/1349/vic-fangio Why?
  3. QB is pretty good, but they have some despicable guys, like Reid, Tyreek Hill, and Frank Clark.
  4. That is why I hate the fact that FOX ever got into the NFL in the first place. They are so unprofessional.
  5. I think they told Cam to throw it. That explains his behavior after the game. However, I don't think it mattered much. The 2015 Panthers weren't that good of a team.
  6. The Broncos are going to interview Eric Bieniemy tomorrow: https://www.nbcsportsedge.com/football/nfl/player/8752/eric-bieniemy
  7. OK. I thought it said interviews. Must have misread it.
  8. Apparently, it looks like Jonathan Gannon will be their last coaching interview: https://www.nbcsportsedge.com/football/nfl/player/63007/jonathan-gannon
  9. He did have a good team around him at the start, but it slowly deteriorated. First, DC Bill Arnsparger (who coached the Fins to the #1 D in 83) left for LSU after the season. Then, David Overstreet, the potential franchise RB, died in an accident in the summer of 1984. Those moves didn't affect Miami in the short term. They went to SB 19, and came within a game of SB 20. However, 1986 is when reality started to set in. With no running game, and a defense that continued to deteriorate, the Fins missed the playoffs four years in a row. The biggest mistake they made (in my opi
  10. In 2015, they had Martavis Bryant and a young Sammie Coates with AB, and they had DeAngelo Williams backing up Bell. They also had nine Pro Bowlers in 2018 (the whole team, not just the offense. In addition, the 2010-11 versions of the Steelers had AB, Mike Wallace, Hines, and Emmanuel Sanders at WR with a potent defense featuring Polamalu, Hampton, Keisel, Harrison, etc.... Pro Football Perspective had a breakdown for each decade (dynasty team, what might have been dynasty that didn't win anything, worst team, etc....). In my opinion, the Steelers are the "What Might Have Been Dynas
  11. Just another example of how much these owners are ruining sports.
  12. Tomlin is trash. He is Jack Pardee 2.0. I have never seen two coaches accomplish so little while having so much talent at their disposal.
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