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  1. What's an NFL season that was just weird/unusual

    1980 was unusual for the time. Steelers miss the playoffs for the first time since 1971 (also, first year since 1970 that either Bradshaw, Griese, or Stabler didn't appear in an AFC Title Game). Also, Browns make playoffs for first time since 1972 (first Central title since 71). Lions almost go from worst to first after drafting Billy Sims #1 overall. Bills beat Miami for first time since 1969, win East for first time since 1966. Old faces in new places (Stabler, Casper, and Jack Tatum in Houston, Lawrence McCutcheon in Denver [then Seattle]).
  2. What's an NFL season that was just weird/unusual

    1999 You have Nashville and Jacksonville representing the AFC in the Title Game (an odd city matchup), and Nashville representing the AFC. A former grocery store stock boy wins MVP of the league, and the Rams win the SB after sucking the last nine years. The first year that there were uneven teams (because of the return of the Browns) since 1960. A coach (Mike Ditka) traded his whole draft (and picks in 2000) for one player.
  3. Random Thoughts

    This will be his third trip to the Super Bowl. Besides the one he was in with Denver four years ago, he was on the 2010 Steeler team that made the Super Bowl.
  4. Jimmy Johnson vs. Mike Shanahan

    John's dad was pushing for Brees? Never heard about that one. If that would have worked out, that would have affected two teams in 2003: The Bears and the Packers. Plummer decides to go to Chicago, and the Packers end up drafting Rex Grossman in the first round (they were high on him). Then, in 05, A-Rod ends up going to Washington, and Jason Campbell probably goes to Cleveland in the second round.
  5. Random Thoughts

    Agreed. He is Kordell Stewart 2.0.
  6. Jimmy Johnson vs. Mike Shanahan

    I know. Cowher's HOF election was almost as bad as Tony Dungy's, and it shows what they are really about (not surprising that Gradishar isn't in when you think about it, even though it's wrong).
  7. How is Bill Cowher a HOF'er?

    I hear ya (on the Bubby argument), but in that game, Neil was awful. And, while the Pats did annihilate them, that does come back to Cowher. He never really seemed to care too much about the special teams, and in that game, they let them down.
  8. How is Bill Cowher a HOF'er?

    Yeah, but Cowher had the better team in some of those games. The loss to SD in the 1994 AFC Title Game comes to mind. That's a team that shouldn't even have been there, and the Steelers got beat. The 01 AFC Title Game is another example. They were better than NE that year. Also, against the Bills in the 92 AFC Divisional playoff game, he should have benched an ineffective O'Donnell at halftime for Brister, who was starting the last three weeks when Neil was hurt.
  9. QB Championship Game Eras

    On First Things First yesterday, Nick Wright said that this will be the first time in 17 years that either Big Ben, Brady, or Peyton will not be in a conference title game. That got me thinking: What other QB title game eras were there before along those lines? Well, in the AFC, we had the Class of 1983 era from 1984-98 (every year but 94-96 had at least one member of the QB class of 1983 in the AFC Title Game. And, in those years, at least one got to the divisional round).
  10. Jimmy Johnson vs. Mike Shanahan

    At first, I thought that Jimmah was a HOFer. Now that I think about it, I don't think he was. Here is what he did: 1. He fleeced an idiot in Mike Lynn out of a bunch of draft picks (the Vikings' coaches didn't have a say in the trade. They didn't want him). 2. Who did Jimmuh's teams beat in the SB (and, I consider 95 his team, not Barry's)? Buffaluck (twice in a row. They didn't deserve to be in any of those SB's) and a team with a QB who threw the ball right to their CB. He didn't hang around long enough with that Dallas team to play the AFC Varsity (our team). Shanahan didn't have a great career. He made too many mistakes. However, he may be more of a HOF coach than Cowher (who rode the back of Lebeau's Zone Blitz D) or Jimmuh.
  11. How is Bill Cowher a HOF'er?

    Swann played in a much tougher era, and he made the 70's all-decade team. He earned his catches, unlike a certain WR in SF who wore #80 that caught slant patterns a lot of the time against zone coverage and accumulated a bunch of two-yard TD's. Back to Cowher, though: He didn't have a great QB for most of his career. However, his success came because of a defense that **** Lebeau coached (Bill Arnsparger came up with the Zone Blitz in 1971, but Lebeau popularized it in the 90's). Also, the Steelers gave him a lot of slack. If he was somewhere else, he may not have made it past 1999 (they may have kept GM Donahoe instead).
  12. Back in 1970, the Cards should have been in the Central (they were closest to those teams), with the Falcons in the East (with the Eagles, Giants, and Redskins) and the Boys in the West (with NO, SF, and the Rams).
  13. If the Browns hire McDaniels, he will trade Mayfield to the Dolphins for Josh Rosen.
  14. How good was John Elway really?

    Without Elway, Reeves may not have gotten two more HC jobs (NYG, ATL).
  15. R.I.P Pat Bowlen

    I don't know about that. Cugel on the Broncos Forums had an interesting take on the situation: