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  1. Lorenzo White also put up 1,226 yards in 92 (his only 1,000 yard year, but it was also the only year where he got over 250 carries. He averaged 4.6 ypc).
  2. You are right. The Pats were the only team on the 2010 Charger schedule that finished in the top-10 in fewest points allowed.
  3. Yeah, but they missed the playoffs due to injuries. In 1980, they had a slew of them, and in 81, they lost Bradshaw when they were 8-5 with three games to go. There are many shades of grey. You can't be too black and white.
  4. I see. That's too rigid, though, especially because they made the playoffs the next three years with a fair amount of the same players that were in those SB's.
  5. Broncos: Stay at 31 and take Chris Jones. Lynch is too tall to be an NFL QB.
  6. For the Steelers, they should have made it 1972-84, not 72-79. The 1982-84 teams made the playoffs with the same coach and a fair amount of the same players. In my opinion, the 1982 team could have made it to the SB if they don't lose in the first round, and the 1984 team made the AFC Title Game.
  7. The Dolphins not only passed on Brees in 2006, but in 01 as well. GM Rick Spielman decided that Brees wasn't an upgrade to Jay Fiedler, so he passed on him. Also, John Elway's father told the Broncos that they should take Brees, but he died a week before the 2001 draft, and they took the injury-plagued DB Willie Middlebrooks instead.
  8. What if Arizona's Nate Poole didn't make the catch in Week 17 that knocked the Vikings out of the playoffs: https://greengold4ever.podbean.com/e/what-if…-wednesday-what-if-the-2003-packers-hadnt-made-the-playoffs/
  9. That would be great, but they didn't like him. They liked Rivers, and they probably would have drafted him before the Steelers could have gotten to him.
  10. I don't think the Packers were that interested in Barry Sanders. They had Aikman, Mandarich, and Derrick Thomas 1-3 on their board: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZoJGc5qZDc
  11. Interesting, but here's my take: In 2000, the Jets would have had three other QB's (Vinny Testaverde, first-round pick Chad Pennington, and Ray Lucas, who had a 6-3 record, 1,678 yards passing, 14 TD's, and 6 INT's in nine games as a starter in 1999). As a result, I see him getting cut and signing with SF's practice squad after talking to Steve Mariucci (the 49ers had Garcia as starter, Rick Mirer as backup, and Gio Carmazzi, who struggled in pre-season. Also, they wouldn't have had Tim Rattay in this world. The Pats would have drafted him if Brady wasn't there). After a year on SF's practice squad, he makes the team in 2001 as second-stringer to Garcia. Brady is finally the guy in 04, but the best he does is a 4-12 record, and SF gets the third pick (behind Cleveland and Miami). After the Fins take Alex Smith, and the Browns take Braylon, the 49ers' new regime takes Aaron Rodgers third overall. Brady is the starter for another year or so, but Rodgers takes over by mid-2006. Then, in 07, he decides to stay in the Bay Area, signing with the Raiders. They still are bad enough to get JaBustus, and when he falters, Brady grabs the job in late 2009, and doesn't let go. The Raiders win the AFC West in 2010, 11, and 16. He is still there today with Gruden, as they go to Las Vegas.
  12. What if Elway, Kubiak, and Wade Phillips all retired after SB 50? On 104.3 The Fan in Denver, I think that Sandy Clough said something about how Kubiak wanted to retire after that game, and he tried to get Elway to join him. If he did, and if Wade also retired, the last four years of Denver football would be very different (and, it's possible that the NFL would have tried to find a new owner for the Broncos. One fan on another Bronco board said that the NFL tolerates the trust because Elway is GM).
  13. This story is BS. I think that Tarkenton was saying that Steve Courson was out there as well. Courson (who was linked to steroids) didn't join the Steelers until 1978. And, Ray Mansfield was the starting center in SB IX (he wasn't linked to steroids). This is where steroids really started in the pros: https://www.espn.com/espn/otl/news/story?id=3866837
  14. Also, on Dallas's first TD drive, they benefited from a blatant pick play that wasn't called (Holmgren was yelling at the refs). Then, after Favre threw a bad INT to Lett (that put GB in a 14-3 hole), he overthrew a wide open Anthony Morgan after they came back to take a 17-14 lead.
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