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  1. Broncos v Chargers - 3:25 pm ATX Time

    He lofted the ball right to him. Why? I'm guessing that they aren't benching him because Lynch isn't healthy yet. If he was, he would be in there. I think that Elway doesn't want anyone else to come in (unless there's an injury).
  2. Broncos v Chargers - 3:25 pm ATX Time

    Fine with me. Elway takes too many reaches (Henderson and Gotsis are examples. Heck, I would have drafted Cordy Glenn in Round 2 in 2012 over Wolfe, and then taken Wolfe in Round 3 where he was projected to go).
  3. Broncos v Chargers - 3:25 pm ATX Time

    I would like to see him try. Siemian was never going to be the future. He is just too flawed.
  4. Broncos v Chargers - 3:25 pm ATX Time

    Yes, Kyle would. Siemian doesn't really have any confidence left. People need to stop defending him.
  5. Broncos v Chargers - 3:25 pm ATX Time

    It may be, unless the D makes a play. This offense is useless. Siemian almost threw another pick. That Giant game may have been the turning point in his career. He has no confidence.
  6. Broncos v Chargers - 3:25 pm ATX Time

    I wish they would have kept Sloter. Siemian (as I said before) didn't earn this job, and it shows.
  7. Broncos v Chargers - 3:25 pm ATX Time

    This may be the end of the line for him if the Broncos don't win and/or if he doesn't play well.
  8. Broncos v Chargers - 3:25 pm ATX Time

    Great goal line stand. This D is fired up.
  9. Broncos v Chargers - 3:25 pm ATX Time

    These receivers, TE's, and RB's need to work more on ball security. I'm not sure if their coaches spend enough time on that. There have been too many critical fumbles and drops the past few years.
  10. GDT: Week 7

    Actually, here's the question: Why didn't the Browns or Texans try to sign him a few years ago instead of the garbage that they did sign? If the Texans had Moore in Foxboro last year over Osweiler, they win.
  11. GDT: Week 7

    That kick came after one of the worst calls ever.
  12. The AFC South isn't great, but the AFC East hasn't sent a non-Patriot rep to the SB since 1993 (Bills). Also, if it wasn't for Indy's charity in 2009 and 10, the 98 Jets would be the last non-Patriot AFC East team to make the AFC Title Game.
  13. That's what I was trying to say. The guy never really earned this job. It just fell in his lap.
  14. If you could alter one event in history.

    If he avoids HIV, and if the Lakers get Barkley from Philly in Feb. 1992 (for Worthy and Elden Campbell) like they almost did, there would have been a decent chance of a Lakers-Bulls rematch that year.
  15. Bye Week GDT Edition (Week 5)

    Maybe they should talk to the Redskins about Ty Nsenke, their backup T who played fairly well last year.