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  1. 2018 Coaches Discussion Thread

    I see fans using that "grass is not always greener" terminology in dealing with several coaches (Marvin Lewis is the main one). I don't see it that way. By keeping coaches like these, you are rewarding sloppiness and irresponsibility. NFL teams should know better. I know that Bengal fans are afraid to go back to the 90's, but I would rather have a few 2-14 seasons than this crap (while you try to build something great).
  2. And to think that Elway drafted Garrett Bolles over this guy. Elway can't draft to save his life. Anyway, I am excited for your team. The Jags have a good chance this weekend. They need to have an us against the world mentality in Cheatsboro. They aren't just playing the Pats, but the officials as well. Tennessee found that out Saturday night.
  3. 2017 Postseason Discussion Thread

    They will be hard to beat next week in Cheatsboro if they get the same timely help from the refs that they did last night. However, they will be playing against either the Killer B's or Sacksonville, not Mike Mularkey and Marcus Mariota.
  4. That had to do with the antiquated offensive scheme that he played in during the Dan Reeves years. Ex-Bronco WR Steve Watson called it the Edsel System because it wasn't concerned as much with attacking a defense as it was protection (there were times where they only sent three receivers out in a pattern, while Brady's and Montana's offenses always send/sent five). Also, for the first two years after Dan Reeves left (1993 and 94), his percentages went up to 63.2 and 62.1 while working with Jim Fassel (his QB coach at Stanford).
  5. GWT: Week 19 Titans @ Patriots

    The officials were a disgrace, but the Titans didn't belong in the playoffs (this is the third time this decade that NE has defeated an 8-8 or 9-7 team at home in the divisional playoffs. They also lost to a 9-7 Giant team in a SB, and they lost to a 9-7 Ravens team at home in the 09 Playoffs. Just some food for thought for the Patriot fans and bouquet throwers). Pats will go down next week against either the Killer B's or Sacksonville, however. If the Jags win, that game will be a repeat of the 15 AFC Title Game (Brady will take a beating).
  6. NFL What-Ifs

    1. I see the Eagles and Lions winning those first round matchups. Then, the Eagles play the Niners, and the Lions go to Texas Stadium. Both road teams won the year before against the 49ers and Cowboys in the regular season, but I see the Niners and Cowboys meeting for round four, with the 49ers winning. In SB XXX, though, the Steelers win, and O'Donnell stays. 2. The Packers pick a few slots higher, so they get Ray Lewis. However, without their run to the title game, they may have not been the chic pick in 1996 to go to the SB, so there's no guarantee that FA's Santana Dotson and Eugene Robinson sign there.
  7. NFL What-Ifs

    According to Ernie Accorsi (from his book The GM), Elway called him up about a week after the draft and agreed to play in Baltimore. He also told Ernie that he would call him back after things died down. However, Ernie said that he made the mistake of telling Robert Irsay, and Robert traded him that night to Denver (thankfully).
  8. Bama is probably paying these recruits handsomely, and the NCAA ignores them, just like they did during the UCLA basketball dynasty in the 60's and 70's (which is why Jerry Tarkanian wrote an article on selective enforcement).
  9. It's ashame. Alabama didn't deserve it. Two plays bit Georgia at the end, though: The time in the third when they should have sacked that freshman QB, but they let him get away, and that bogus INT that Alabama got that bounced off someone's helmet. Take those away, and they don't win.
  10. NFL What-Ifs

    1. The Colts are 7-9 in 2011 with Peyton instead of 2-14 without him. Jim Caldwell stays, and they are picking 12th in the draft. DL, OL, and WR are the biggest needs. The Colts take Fletcher Cox in Round 1, Kelechi Osemele in Round 2, and still take T.Y. Hilton in Round 3. 2. The Rams would have had the #1 pick. New regimes (Jeff Fisher's first year) usually mean new QB's, so they take Luck #1 overall, and trade Bradford to either Denver or Cleveland (Tebow was gone from Denver either way).
  11. NFL What-Ifs

    What if the Packers lost their season finale in the desert in 1988? They would have drafted Troy Aikman, and Dallas would have taken colossal bust Tony Mandarich.
  12. Honestly, I wasn't happy when Tennessee made the playoffs. And, I was stunned and disappointed when they beat KC. I didn't want them anywhere near Foxborough However, after thinking about it, the Titans have a chance. This NE team is overrated, in my book (they are overrated most every year because the media loves them). To win, they have to run the ball consistently and well (over 150 yards). That has been missing from a lot of NE's playoff opponents in Foxborough (like the Manning Colts, the 13 and 14 Colts, last year's Steelers when Bell went out, and the 07 Chargers when LT was hurt) the past 16 years. They also have to get two turnovers in NE's territory, and get 10 points minimum off of them. In closing, I will leave you with a line from Rocky III from Apollo Creed (before the first Clubber Lang fight): Give everybody a present and drop these chumps.
  13. Week 18: Panthers @ Sain'ts

    Nice win by NO. I think that Carolina is on a downward swing after this. Don't see them getting back to the playoffs next year.
  14. ESPN Story on Patriots

    In 2000, the Rams were last in scoring defense. And, they were not in the top-4 in scoring defense in 2001 (although they were seventh, which is good). And, Elway had seven years where his defenses were outside the top-10 in points allowed (1985, 86, 88, 90, 92, 94, & 95).
  15. Possible trades this offseason?

    I thought Hundley would play better than he did. I don't see Denver trading for him, but if they did, it would be Talib for Hundley and a second rounder since the Broncos are giving up the better, more established player.