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  1. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    How did they get that extra second? It looked like the time out came with 00 on the clock.
  2. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    Call a fade up high to Sutton. Why would you do that?
  3. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    Garrett Bolles' days are numbered as a starter. They have to put James at LT when he returns.
  4. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    The team seems a lot more ready to play today than on MNF.
  5. Week 2 GDT

    The recent pass interference calls on Detroit weren't legit.
  6. WEEK 1 @ OAK TOWN

    That year, on the ESPN 2 SB Nation mock draft, Jeff Legwold drafted Ramczyk for Denver (I was surprised. I thought the Broncos would trade down for some reason, and I didn't think they would take an OL in Round 1). Bill Polian gonged him because of injuries, and Legwold said that everything was OK.
  7. WEEK 1 @ OAK TOWN

    I remember Big Al being excited when Howard dropped. It was disappointing when the Bucs took him, but Elway should have turned his attention to Evan Engram.
  8. WEEK 1 @ OAK TOWN

    Someone in the MNF game thread said that Denver fans aren't that high on Davis.
  9. WEEK 1 @ OAK TOWN

    Which is encouraging.
  10. What NFL hill are you willing to die on?

    It was after he left the Oilers. He had a horrendous two years at the helm of the Cards.
  11. What NFL hill are you willing to die on?

    That would have been interesting, for sure, but it seemed to me that the Bears wanted the hot assistant (at the time) in Wannstedt. Plus, I wonder if teams didn't consider him HC material anymore by then (Arizona made him HC the next year, but they were second class, and that was a big failure).
  12. What NFL hill are you willing to die on?

    Or if there wasn't a 1987 strike (or if Buddy didn't leave).
  13. What NFL hill are you willing to die on?

    What happened before doesn't really matter because Belichick isn't the one who broke that team up. What's relevant is that they were in the dumpster in 1990, and he had them in the playoffs by 1994. We aren't ignoring records set in this era. They just aren't as impressive. This is the best time to be a QB in the history of the NFL.
  14. What NFL hill are you willing to die on?

    Belichick also turned around a bad Browns team and had it in the playoffs by 1994 with a solid (but unspectacular) roster. They even won in Texas Stadium over the two-time defending champs. And, that was a much less healthy situation than he has in NE (Modell was a much worse owner than Kraft, and the NFL should have taken the team away from him). Also, a lot of Brady's +100 passer ratings happened with elite players. For example, before NE got Moss and Welker in 07 (along with Donte' Stallworth), he never had a rating over 100 (his highest rating was 92.3, and he had four years with ratings in the 80's). In addition, the records set during the last 15 years or so don't mean as much. Namath's 4,000 yards one year way back when was more impressive than anything that Brady, Brees, Peyton, etc.. have accomplished.
  15. NFL Year 100; Season Opener GDT: Packers @ Bears

    Another QB drafted way higher than he should have been. When are these guys gonna learn? You need a good QB, not a QB.