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  1. That Steeler team was probably a few years away from being a serious SB contender. Also, O'Donnell had a poor game (there are some Steeler fans that have said that Brister should have started that game since O'Donnell missed some games before that playoff game), and Shelton dropped a TD INT in the third quarter that probably changes the complexion of the entire game. The Dolphins didn't even show up that day. That wasn't the Miami team I saw that year. They only ran the ball eleven times, which was a major reason for their demise that day.
  2. They didn't win that game, Houston lost it. That was the biggest choke act ever.
  3. The Bills didn't get to five SB's because their luck ran out. I remember watching NFL Primetime for Week 1 in 1994. A Jet RB fumbled the ball, but the TE recovered it. Tom Jackson said something about how the Bills would have gotten that fumble a year ago, which is true. They didn't deserve to be in the SB's against the Cowboys, and they barely got by Denver in the 1991 AFC Title Game.
  4. Was Tony Dungy an elite head coach

    Especially Rypien. Theismann was the best of the three, but I wouldn't have him in any HOVG discussion let alone HOF.
  5. Miserable Hot Takes

    I thought Osweiler was going to be Peyton Manning's successor, and do a good job. In 2008, I thought that Cutler, B-Marsh, Royal, Hillis, and Clady were the building blocks of a future dynasty. After their SB 36 upset over the Rams, I thought that the Patriots were a fluke, and that they wouldn't see another SB for at least a decade.
  6. Portland keeps fighting. I like that.
  7. Was Tony Dungy an elite head coach

    Dungy's blind loyalty to the Tampa 2 when he got to Indy was a mistake. He would bring in people that fit a system, but not the most talented players. Their D was good when you had the lead (because Freeney and Mathis could attack), but they usually could be run on (although they did step up against KC in the first playoff game in 06).
  8. They can't make a three to save their lives.
  9. Random Thoughts

    Also, there were a few possessions in the second half where Jokic was outside. As a Blazer fan, that's where I wanted him. Let him shoot out there all day.
  10. Was Tony Dungy an elite head coach

    Heck, no. He doesn't belong in the HOF.
  11. What are the smartest moves made to build your team?

    Letting Dan "Offensive Talent Nazi" Reeves walk after the 1992 season. Elway probably doesn't return in 93 if he comes back. Dan wasn't bringing in the players needed to compete for a SB, but his successors did. Wade Phillips' two years weren't highly successful, but he did bring in several players that helped Denver win SB 32, like Gary Zimmerman, Brian Habib, Tom Nalen, Rod Smith, Dwayne Carswell, and Ray Crockett. Shanny came on board in 1995, and brought in the missing pieces to the puzzle, including one big piece named Terrell Davis (with a little help from GB GM Ron Wolf. Cleveland GM John Dorsey was a GB scout in 95. He begged Wolf to take Davis in the fifth round. However, Ron wasn't comfortable with Davis' injury history and took Travis Jervey). What those two coaches did together enabled the Broncos to win back to back SB's in 1997 and 98. And, on a side note, Wade came back and helped Elway win another ring in 2015.
  12. Showtime Lakers vs. Jordan's Bulls?

    I did. They also had the officials on their side in 2000 when they beat the Blazers, especially in Game 7. Shaq was allowed to play illegal defense, Sabonis was taken out early by the refs, and Shaq got away with a foul on Steve Smith with under a minute left and LA up by four.
  13. Showtime Lakers vs. Jordan's Bulls?

  14. Flashback: Mel Kiper's comments about Brady in 2000

    I wonder if the combine also had something to do with it. His performance and appearance (he looked like a malnourished kid on a Sally Struthers commercial) didn't inspire greatness.
  15. What are some of NFL's longest unresolved mysteries?

    From watching some interviews he gave (for the NFL Top 10 Bust show), it seems to me that he wasn't very mentally tough or mature. He would ask the coaches why the fans didn't like him (he basically said that he never met people that hated him until he got to Washington).