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  1. Fleming isn't a bad backup, but I would rather have had Jermaine Elemenuor (or however you spell it). He can be a RT, and he can also be backup inside as well.
  2. That is because Brady is a QB, and QB's that win a lot of SB's tend to be wildly overrated (see Montana, Joe). I don't put a lot of credence in what those players say, especially the ones that work for the media. They have to say that because the league wants them to. True. And, when he came back from the diamond, he wasn't as good of a defender anymore (even though he was still a great scorer).
  3. Lock has no best. He won't win this. He is another garbage QB that Elway had faith in (while foolishly letting Kyle Sloter go out the door).
  4. Actually, a lot of teams had guys on roids during that time. Also, I think that some of the Steeler offensive linemen were the only ones on the team that were using them. And, it didn't start with Pittsburgh: https://www.espn.com/espn/otl/news/story?id=3866837 I also heard rumors about the 80's and 90's 49ers using them. There was a rumor about Renaldo Nehemiah going to BALCO for a "nutritional deficiency": https://web.archive.org/web/20040804162745/http://www.49erhaters.com/balco.html
  5. I would believe Bird more than I would believe these NFL players. Bird is more genuine. Some of those NFL guys are in the media, and they will say what the league wants them to say (that Brady is the GOAT). Jordan almost took a game from the greatest team in NBA history (with no help). Brady's teams went to 10 Super Bowls, but he wasn't always the main reason. He benefits a lot from fan ignorance. There is this thing that takes hold in fandom that automatically says that a QB is great because he has multiple championship rings. That's what Brady benefits from. The facts are not important
  6. When Brady did win a title, though, he only had to win one SB game. Jordan had to beat a team four times. And, they weren't that much more talented than some of the Finals opponents they played (92 Blazers, 93 Suns, and 96 Sonics are examples). Brady only needed one game to beat a 9-7 and 10-6 Giant team, and he couldn't do it (the latter came when they had the most prolific scoring offense ever). Also, Barry McCockiner (in his recent video about Brady on You Tube) showed some good stats at the end of his video that show how much easier Brady has had it compared to his contemporaries.
  7. Actually, that can work the other way. You only get one chance to beat Brady (or his team. I thought that football was a team sport, but I guess I was wrong), so it was easier for him to win. Six teams had four tries at beating Jordan, and eleven teams had four tries at beating Bill Russell, and they still couldn't. So, if you look at it that way, they are greater than Brady.
  8. After the Packers beat the 49ers in the 97 NFC Title Game, Madden didn't seem to give Denver any chance. He was basically saying that the Pack would win pretty easily. I think that is when the initial odds came out (that had GB favored by 13 or something. I couldn't believe that).
  9. I meant in general. I didn't say that you said it yourself.
  10. What's garbage is to say a player is great just because he played on a team that won seven world titles (a team accomplishment). When you do that, you are basically saying that Trent Dilfer is better than Marino because he has a ring, and Marino doesn't.
  11. I would have LT, Jim Brown, and Mean Joe Greene as the best NFL players ever. LT made people stay up at night. He changed the game. Guys like Rice, Brady, and Montana that have been deified over the years have benefited greatly from the late-70's rule changes that opened up the passing game. They don't have the same career if they played in an earlier era. As for Jordan, his 6-0 Finals mark was earned in a watered-down league. As Mike Greenberg said once (who covered the 96 Bulls), the teams from the 80's (83 Sixers, 80's Celtics and Lakers) would wipe the floor with the 72-win Bulls
  12. Well, his career may be over before it started.
  13. No, it was Dan Reeves' fault. He ran an antiquated offensive system where protection was the priority, not attacking a defense. Sometimes, Elway would have routes with only three receivers going out in them. Ex-Bronco WR Steve Watson called it (the old Dallas offense) the Edsel system. Look at Elway's stats in 1993 (his first year with his old college coach Jim Fassel. Elway put up better numbers with him in college), and compare them with his stats under Reeves. Also, you mentioned their 1986 and 87 defenses. The 87 defense forced a boatload of turnovers. However, they were an under
  14. If he would have said "Well, I wanted to help out Fangio by giving him another CB", that disturbs me. If I was interviewing for that GM job earlier this year, I would have asked if I could fire Fangio and others on the staff. If they said no, then I would have got up and walked out.
  15. I don't know about that. The guy only had one year as a starter at Northern Colorado, and wasn't given much of a chance in the league. I'm not saying that he is Mahomes or A-Rod, but he showed more than enough to warrant a chance to play.
  16. Agreed on Rosen. Also, I know that a lot of Denver fans hate me mentioning his name, but I still think that Kyle Sloter didn't get enough of a chance. Some have said that he was another Brandstater or Bradlee Van Pelt. Those two guys didn't have fans of another team he went to making videos about him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_5w5NQPwgg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbeAPSkua04
  17. Elway isn't in charge anymore. George Paton is the new GM. And, he better hope that he can get Rodgers. Bridgewater or Lock won't cut it.
  18. That same QB is why I don't give Denver's draft an A. I read something about how they couldn't draft a QB because Fangio is on the hot seat. So what! You draft a QB because of an organization, not because of a sacred head coach. Paton did fine otherwise, but I question why he wanted this job in the first place with Elway and Fangio still with the team. You would think that you would want your own coaching staff so you can form your own legacy without Elway looking over your shoulder.
  19. Honestly, I don't know why Elway is still in the organization. He should have been let go completely, along with Fangio and several coaches (Tom McMahon especially). Then, you hire a GM, who hires his own coach. If Paton is gone in a few years, it's his own fault. He had no business passing on Fields. Only Rodgers can save him, and that may not happen at this point.
  20. I thought Cosmi would go around 18-21 because teams need OT's. Same thing with Jenkins.
  21. That could still happen. He is still on there. I wonder if it's because people may see him as a safety.
  22. Yeah, I think they have to get Fields. Make hay while the sun shines. Next year's class doesn't project to be that deep (three QB's going at the top of Round 1, and that's it).
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