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  1. Patriots trade for Josh Gordon from Browns

    And that's if you're in phase 0 of the program (not in the program, then it's just 1x a year random test between April 20 - August sometime). If you are a repeat offender who's had a year's suspension, you're in phase 2-3 - which means pretty much testing year-round, anytime, unless the NFL director clears you to be downgraded after some unclear timeframe (for instance, Von Miller is probably not in the program, cleared it a while ago). And let's face it, after the summer, there's no way he's been downgraded. That's why it's crucial for guys who get into Phase 1 to test clean for that 90 days, then go back to no longer being in the program - once you are in the clear, you basically just have to stay clean from April - day of test (which can be up until August)...then rest of year, you're in the clear. But only if you're not in the program. Huge diff there.
  2. Broncos Forum Unofficial Fantasy League

    Which is your team? Spendley?
  3. How did Buffalo Bills become so terrible

    Old D, which is a problem...because the O keeps them on the field all the time. And to begin with, their run D was not as good as their pass D was last year, who were great ballhawks. OL which lost its starting T to trade (so they can get their franchise QB), their C forced to retire, and their OG goes completely haywire. Basically, they suck in the trenches on both sides now, have no skill players who can separate, and a QB who has no business starting right now. Kind of an easy formula to fall from grace. Remember, they made the playoffs with a negative point differential, and an unsustainable TO plus/minus. When you factor all the above, pretty easy to see the path to the abyss that they've taken.
  4. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    Well script for O falls on Musgrave if it's playcalling. I think VJ is outclassed and outmatched most weeks, but O playcalling isn't on him. Thing is, it's not really the playcalling, can't fault Musgrave there (if anything, he puts the guys in great position to succeed, they just haven't executed early on in games). The plays are there - but Keenum's been jittery, and missed high, with happy feet (bad base, high & inaccurate throws - if you want a great example, watch MNF CHI-SEA, Mitch Trubisky, Exhibit A). Keenum's 4Q was impressive in both games, but against good teams, you can't play just 30 mins of good ball. So this is a big test for our pass game for sure. We caught a major break talent-wise in 3 ways vs. BAL - Jimmy Smith suspended, which means CB Humpherey can only cover 1 of DT/Sanders (you'd think it's Sanders right now). Whoever Humpherey isn't on, the other WR has to take advantage. Secondly, no CJ Mosley is just huge, he covers a massive area of the field in pass pro and run pursuit. Jump cuts back are definitely there for us...provided our OL holds up against the rest of their front 7, which is pretty stout. Our TE's have more hope to make an impact with Mosley off the field, too. Lastly, BAL using Buck Allen as their pass catching back (Kenneth Dixon on IR...again) AND goal-line back (over Alex Collins) is a massive downgrade ability-wise. He's literally JAG, and isn't even that good at one thing, either (Booker, for all his meh running ability, is a fantastic receiver and threat there, just Lindsay is that much better as an elite in-space weapon). If BAL uses Collins 20x and Allen 5-6x, worse for us - it might end up being an even split. Still, injuries are part of the game - on the flip side, we might not have Veldheer, which is scary. Billy Turner was OK, but again, that's a bottom 5 pass rush, and they were exhausted in the 2H. We aren't going to see that in BAL. So while it sucks for BAL, we hopefully can take advantage. It gives us more hope to pull the improbable W, there's clearly an avenue to there, but it really means Keenum and the 2nd-3rd targets this week have to step up, so we can lean on what the OL does best - run block with a lead.
  5. GDT Week 2: OAK @ DEN

    I do think the LAR D is good enough to win the SB - because that's a top 5 O on the other side. I think it's a top 10 D for sure, but yeah nowhere near the DVOA legends that SEA & DEN were. JAX did have 1-2 major weaknesses (run D early, Dareus helped plug that, but then safety play, which Gronk exposed, no coincidence Ramsey played Gronk this weekend). SEA 2013 and DEN 2015 belong in the CHI 1985 and BAL 2001 elite-GOAT convo, JAX could get there, but not quite there yet. And yeah, in that group, LAR pales in comparison. People underestimate how truly awful ARI & BUF are this year. Their OL's are woefully bad (ARI is just awful, while BUF lost 3 starters - one by trading away Cordy Glenn to get QBOTF - right idea, they just chose the wrong one IMO - but they weren't counting on losing C Erik Wood then losing G Incognito, cumulative effect crippling). I mean, in fantasy I'm salivating owning the CHI DST even on a road game @ARI. I love what Snead has done this year, because last year the LAR D could be run on with impunity, and their pass coverage had big holes. Now, they're still a team whose LB's can be exploited, and lack of edge rush will hurt them against good O's. But they're also a team that fits what Wade likes to do - if he can make them elite, that's a feather in his cap, because the D has star power, but it's far from being legendary - @ARI and hosting OAK should be factored in before crowning them as the next great D (I do love the moves when you factor in how good their O is, though, make no mistake). LAC @ LAR should be a great game - provided the Chargers don't pull their usual "underperform in big games" (Week 1 was a repeat, 2 dropped TD passes by Benjamin/T-Williams <how are either guy playing ahead of Mike Williams right now SMH>, a fumble inside their own 10 on punt return, and cardinal mistake of punting deep and getting contain on Tyreke Hill - 4-TD swing of awful plays from them there).
  6. If you look up the Andy Reid coaching tree and who's where, suddenly it's not that surprising at all.
  7. Random Thoughts

    Both TD and Champ gave their blessing to both guys taking the jerseys, they were asked.
  8. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    M&T Stadium 11:00 AM CT September 23rd, 2018 Coverage: CBS (Announcers TBA) BALTIMORE (1-1, 9-7 in 2017, 2nd in AFCN), DENVER (2-0, 5-11 in 2017, 4th AFCW) Line: BAL - 5, O/U somewhere around 43-44 pts DVOA: BAL (#7 overall - #23 on O; #3 on D; #1 on ST), DEN (#29 overall - #31 on O; #10 on D; #30 on ST), DVOA Ranks: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/teameff So, we take care of SEA & barely squeak by OAK at home weeks 1-2 - but now the schedule starts to get real, with an early time zone road game vs. BAL, who gets 10 days of prep work for ThuNF. Keys for this week: 1. Take advantage of the BAL CB's and the loss of ILB CJ Mosley - BAL's strength is their D. We catch a huge break with ILB Mosley - he's their Ray Lewis lite. Either way, the pass game vs. their CB's (especially with Jimmy Smith suspended) and whoever is replacing Mosley. That means DT/Sanders and the TE's are a key area where we gain, but first... 2. Limit the TO's, win ToP on O - Keenum cannot turn the ball like Week 1over with this ballhawk, opportunistic D. He also can't struggle like he did Week 2. The problem with ToP is that BAL is traditionally stout in run D, so it does mean he's going to have to carry the load. Quick reads, good throws (he starts the 1H jittery, and happy feet and high throws/late reads). He has to come out ready to play, because it allows us to... 3. Get Ahead Early, Lean on the Run Game - the ThuNF week 2 game with BAL-CIN showed how BAL's D can be beaten - Dalton & AJG burned them early, then they could lean more on the run game with Joe Mixon. In our case, if we can establish a 1H lead, it helps Freeman get on the field. We cannot keep relying on 15+ carries for Lindsay in catchup mode like last week, and Freeman is our real hammer in the run game. It all starts with getting ahead. 4. Get pressure on Flacco - give Gruden & OAK credit, ,they came up with a solid plan to get rid of the ball super-fast, to help negate our lethal pass rush. BAL's O is more vulnerable, as Flacco is not a 3-step drop guy, and he's a statue. If we can get to to Flacco, it helps us deal with our biggest weakness, namely.. 5. WR John Brown and the BAL TE's vs. our 2nd/3rd CB's & hybrid S/LB's - everyone will recognize Crabtree as the name they recognize on BAL, but the reality is that John Brown is their top WR now (10 targets last week, same as Crabtree, but significant air yard gap, Crabtree is just a short route guy now), and he's also the guy with the skill set that will give us huge problems - lightning fast, and elusive, quick-twitch (poor man's Tyreke Hill, no one is at his level, just never healthy in ARI with his sickle cell trait <discovered while he was in ARI>). Crabtree can be taken out (even without someone yanking his chain, figuratively or literally lol). Brown's deep speed and quicks are the top concern, especially once he faces Roby or our 3rd CB. On the flip side, BAL has 3 TE's normally (their top pick Hayden Hurst is out, though - another break) - but they still have 3 pass-catching TE's (Nick Boyle, Maxx Williams & Mark Andrews). Given our trouble there, getting pressure on Flacco really helps, as it limits the mismatches there. 6. Watch out for Alex Collins and the BAL run game - much like in the OAK game, getting behind presents a double-edged sword, because BAL can pull out a very solid power run game with Alex Collins an even more punishing version than current day Beast Mode (not peak, of course). The one weakness Collins has - fumbles - which indirectly hekps the opposition - because after another week 1 RZ fumble work Collins, they’ve been using Buck Allen more (who’s truly JAG) in pass and GL work. In reality, though, we don't want to rely on that potential, better to get ahead, and put our D in what we do best, pinning ears back to get to Flacco. 7. Be ready for Lamar Jackson gadget plays - BAL designs about 6-8 Jackson-specific plays, much like the old Kordell Stewart slash-plays we saw in PIT. We can't be unprepared for this, and we need to know how to change our assignments when he's there. 8. Winning (or not getting beat badly) on ST's - BAL has the #1 ST unit from last year, and with good reason. McManus isn't Justin Tucker - but in a game that the D likely dominates on both sides, he has to match him in being flawless for anything inside 45 yds. Roby was great last week, after he struggled week 1, so hopefully he continues on his All-Pro skill set. Our gunners haven't been great, so we should hopefully see more improvement. KO coverage and blocking is a work in progress, as teams adjust to the new rules on formations, so hopefully we can match BAL's, who is admittedly an elite squad. Being even here is a great result, especially limiting big plays or missed kicks on our end. Overall, I've said we're likely a 7-9/8-8 team, and I also said we'd likely be 2-0 given the matchups and home games. That's borne fruit, as the biggest Q's that we thought we might have on O have come to pass (is Keenum as good as 2017, or as bad as pre-2017 - the answer being yes to both at times lol), and on D (our pass coverage for the secondary from Roby and 3rd CB, our TE coverage from our ILB/hybrid S's). We do get a MASSIVE break in not facing CJ Mosley - but it's still a road game, and an early start, so it's not surprising that we are 5 points dogs. I think it will be closer than that, and whenever the margin is only 3 pts, it means we could pull it out, but in the end, I see a 23-20 loss. I do hope I'm wrong, as I'd be happy to do a 4th GD thread lol. I'll be away on the West Coast for a family wedding, so I'll get this up early, before travel starts on Thu (gotta pack tomorrow lol). I'll be at an airport on Sunday, hoping for plane wifi so I can track what's happening, but otherwise praying for the team to show up for its first real test, when we are facing a road game, vs a team that truly matches up as an equal. Can't wait!
  9. Broncos Forum Pick 'Em & Survivor, Week 3

    Well that week sucked lol...at least I survived. NY Jets at Cleveland Denver at Baltimore New Orleans at Atlanta Cincinnati at Carolina NY Giants at Houston Tennessee at Jacksonville San Francisco at Kansas City (don't ask me why, just going with a gut feeling here...maybe it's just indigestion lol) Oakland at Miami Buffalo at Minnesota Indianapolis at Philadelphia Green Bay at Washington LA Chargers at LA Rams (see SF-KC) Chicago at Arizona Dallas at Seattle New England at Detroit Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay (same lol) Survivor: New England (get that out of the way, happy if I'm wrong this week - prev. pick: LAC)
  10. PIT WR Antonio Brown skips Monday practice

    Dude...it's Tuesday. The waiver wire doesn't open until Wed AM. No football until Thu night. Don't give us reason right now. Just give us this.
  11. PIT WR Antonio Brown skips Monday practice

    Just to be clear you are talking about not reporting to practice. Him getting criticized for his tweet is dumb on the media’s part and frankly on the fan base that did it as well. But it doesn’t justify not reporting to work the next day either. Judging from Tomlin’s comments it wasn’t an excused absence, either.
  12. PIT WR Antonio Brown skips Monday practice

    Wrong phrasing - unlike guys like Julio as his deal is clearly below market for being the best or even top 3 - no calls to redo the deal or hold out. The way it should be, but never an issue. Fair enough. Fitz & Megatron are the exceptions that prove the rule. Totally fair take.
  13. PIT WR Antonio Brown skips Monday practice

    That's the main driver to this - things are not happy in Steeltown. Of course, that's what happens when you are winless in 2 games. A W in Tampa will likely cure a lot of these ills. But the dynamics we've seen with Bell and the locker room, and now here, do suggest there's a locker room issue that might be even more of a problem than what this ends up amounting to at the end of the day.
  14. PIT WR Antonio Brown skips Monday practice

    Thing is, it wasn't a reporter, it wasn't a PIT org member. It was just a former disgruntled employee. Honestly, to crucify AB in the media and fanbase - for a guy who's taken a hometown discount, and who plays hurt, and is an ironman, jeez I dunno. All elite WR's are divas by nature. OBJ, Hopkins, everyone. Some are just more behind-the-scenes than others. To go after AB now, looking at it from the outside, he's literally the least of the problems PIT has. ILB, CB, a GM who drafts one guy thinking it's his brother (I kid...kinda, that was the only explanation I can think of for that reach that early). If that was a tweet to a beat reporter, or to a member in PIT's org, totally different story. But man, to me, that's a nothing burger on AB's end. To call him out for that is weaksauce IMO. Just my take from the outside.