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  1. 2020 Mock Offseason V1

    That’s a fair criticism since apparently Marrone stayed in large part due to his advocacy for Minshew. He apparently strongly lobbied to keep Minshew as the starter over Foles.
  2. 2020 Mock Offseason V1

    Akers at 3.96 - OMG yes. The most underrated elite skill RB IMO. That’s the kind of value that this class offers. He’s truly skilled enough to be our best RB by 2021. The class is that deep. As much as I want T addressed from this class - at 15 if Thomas / Wirfs & Wills (I’d be shocked if Beckton was on Elway’s radar at 1.15), if Simmons is gone (seems like a lock), then WR seems the right call, even with the insane depth. I def love the idea of Ruggs later (KJ Hill Rd2 I’m really growing on as an alternate scenario). I doubt Beckton or Josh Jones lasted to 2.15 but if either did I’d be fine there. Failing that though Wilson is a decent Rd3 target. Hall’s a great fit for a zone scheme. Ideal to wait until 60 range for a zone CB, market inefficiency provides for a value pick like him. As much as I want to upgrade T tangibly with higher floor guys in a vacuum, it would be hard to argue with that result - Ruggs / Akers / Hall great fits, and Wilson’s ceiling.
  3. 2020 College Prospects

    Zay looked amazing in the Senior Bowl. The hype was insane. I definitely bought in when his Combine showed great tools. What it highlighted to me is that 1 on 1 and even 7 on 7 - QB & WR are favored so much. The WR knows where they are cutting, etc. I love the Senior Bowl because it provides better competition and highlights one on one skills. But we need to be mindful of the advantage QB and WR get in those drills. CB’s that hold their own should get notice given the disadvantage they work against. WR’s that struggle here should get dinged - they have such an advantage.
  4. TBH it’s truly a blessing in disguise for AB as it was pretty clear he was never going to seek help on his own. The only issue is ppl who don’t seek help are less likely to address the root problem until they have insight that they have a problem - but it’s a start.
  5. How do you value Tannehill?

    Rivers doesn't have the arm strength for Arians' system. If there are 2 teams to peg Brady to if he chooses to leave NE (it won't be the other way around) - LAC & IND are the most complete teams that can fill their other holes through FA & the draft. TAM I don't see Brady being that plussed by, if he's going somewhere else, it's to win another crown. TAM is making great progress, but LAC & IND are even closer. LAC also offers a huge market selling opportunity - they need a big splash move to create interest for an otherwise indifferent city. Star power is usually the only move that catches their eye. All of which to say for Tannehill - I see a return with TEN as pretty much inevitable. Both TEN & Tanny know they can succeed with each other, and both are tough spots if they part ways, in finding better fits for their system/skills. The Q is whether it's a tag, or a longer deal IMO. That's a much tougher Q to answer.
  6. Update: Jaguars hire Jay Gruden as OC

    TBH, given the flux in the FO, I don't know that JAX will do any better than the Gruden tier for HC's. And frankly, given Gruden's ability to develop O talent, that's not a bad thing IMO.
  7. Update: Jaguars hire Jay Gruden as OC

    To be fair, this is a slow week posting-wise, with no games on the docket this weekend that matter. FWIW, Gruden as OC is a fantastic hire. One does wonder if part of the draw is that Marrone has to have the hottest seat, or at least top 3 hot seat, in the league.
  8. Vikings promote Gary Kubiak to OC

    3 flaws to be aware of that do affect his ability as an OC (although MIN's roster has eliminated #3, at least for 2020): 1. Really thought you could plug any mobile, above-average athletic OL 5-across and succeed. That and #2 were problematic for our OL in 2016-7 (Joseph took on the OL Kubiak left behind) - we just stop-gapped the OL with vets in 2015 to get through (and PHI did us a huge solid in letting us milk 1 final year from Evan Mathis, and Louie Vazquez went out like a champ). This was a big part of Kubiak's downfall in HOU, along with... 2. An unending loyalty to past players & coaches - part of what I was referring to with Dennison. The HOU-to-DEN pipeline of players was crazy - it did lead to the occasional gem, but for each hit, there were at least 4-5 bust plays where it was clear the guy was done. The loyalty to Dennison, when his success as OL coach really dates back to when the ZBS, hyper-mobile OL's were the MO to success, in particular is striking. And for those that disagree on the MIN 2019 performance - sure, no one has to agree - but Dennison's underperformance with OL's dates back a long ways back, it's not just 2019 & MIN that's being referenced. It's mind-blowing that this combo is still alive. 3. A total belief that the scrappy, cerebral QB could overcome physical limits - I mean, it defined his playing career. But it's created a blind spot in the type of QB he thinks can succeed in the NFL. His absolute belief that he could shape Case Keenum when he was the 2018 "advisor" to Elway is why Keenum came to DEN. That and his loyalty to Osweiler & even Siemian, it's such an obvious Achilles. Fortunately, with Cousins on the team, at least you don't have to worry about this - but keep this in mind if Cousins leaves MIN.... Now, if this is a transition year, and Klint is taking over as the real brains, then you don't necessarily have to worry about this, as the pupil often just takes the best of the teacher's traits, but isn't as likely to simply recreate the flaws. And let's be clear - Kubiak (and son) brings experience, really good game preparation, and a willingness to take shots in-game and adapt in-game (his changing from Peyton to Oz, then back to Peyton, and his game-calling vs. NE with Oz <all in the reg. season>, and then play-calling in the playoffs with a Peyton-corpse at QB, saved our season run for the title - without a 1 seed and HFA, we don't get to SB50, let alone win it). So it's not like it's a bad hire, far from it. But there are pros & cons with Kubiak, the flaws are at least well-known.
  9. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    Yeah, I definitely don't think we want to just have Purcell in there to go with rookies and 2nd year guys (even if Jones surged up in 2H and was impressive in doing so), but Purcell's acquisition also showed what happened when we found depth that was a good scheme fit. I imagine something similar happens if we don't get Wolfe on a discount - I would be floored if DEN was the highest bidder on Harris, so I've pretty much mentally pencilled him elsewhere.
  10. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    It's a tricky balance though - going with stopgaps often stunts the growth of younger players. And high-priced vets, unless it's a skill set that ages well, no thanks. To extend the analogy to KC and their D - they traded for Frank Clark to be their key EDGE guy with a 2-way game, and they acquired 5 starters - Honey Badger was the big $ signing (along with Clark trade and Anthony Hitchens at ILB), but the key additions were all in that mid-20's group you alluded to - Ramik Wilson & Charvarius Ward in mid-20's, Breeland a little older at 28, but at a very reasonable mid-level price-tag. Juan Thorhnill was a huge draft revelation. Clark & Honey Badger were both elite talents with a skill set that should age well, and also at the right age where 3-years isn't a scary prop. I get it's hard to recreate the same each offseason, as the talent pools dictate the market, but in a perfect world, DEN isn't committing to guys who are likely breaking down, or way overpriced in 2021. Trevathan is one age 29 guy I could live with, because the skill set he owns ages so well, and his fit into the Fangio skill set. Even then, there's risk, but the thinking is justifiable. The worry I'd have is that Elway wasn't afraid to stop-gap his way with far worse teams in 2017 & 2018, with guys who had no future year appeal (and worse, stank it up that lone year - Peko probably being the one exception)....that would be a recipe to stunt our return to sustained contention. Hopefully the 2018-19 successes with youth remind him to avoid the stopgap approach.
  11. Honestly, just block his wi-fi and 4G access, and he'll cave within 24 hours.
  12. Let's get real, he (allegedly, although it fits with his erratic behavior) threw a rock at a mover. Unless it was a Fred Flinstone sized rock (let's go with tennis-ball as the minimum to be serious), if it's not AB, it doesn't seem like it's a break-down-the-door arrest type offence. AB doesn't seem like a threat to the community at large, he's probably more of a threat to himself than anyone else. It's easy to see why the police aren't rushing to get in there TBH. What it does do, though, is crush AB in the court of public opinion. And the CBA allows the NFL to add this to his file in factoring punishment, which really piles on, since he's not even yet officially punished yet, either (even though in practice, the threat of upcoming suspension is also why no one will sign him). The chances he plays ever again in the NFL just took a big hit. Crazy to think less than a month ago, a playoff time kicked the tires there. It's hard to see a team wanting to take on this mess right now. To even have a chance of returning, AB's going to need to take his medicine here, hope to get it resolved without a felony conviction, and stay out of the limelight for the entire offseason - and then, maybe some team will take a shot on a team-friendly deal, realizing the NFL is still going to suspend him. It's a hard inside-straight, runner-runner type odds situation now IMO. What a meteor-like crash.
  13. I seriously think AB might have brain damage from the NFL

    While I hope it doesn't happen anytime soon, the day AB dies, there needs to be an autopsy. The only way to reliably confirm CTE and its extent at this stage. Detractors can point to the extension as the real culprit, but it's hard to overlook that the public episodes and the off-field alleged actions in the lawsuit didn't start until 2017. And while AB may have been a problem child before then in the locker room, the difference in behavior is so extreme, it's hard to discount CTE completely. The problem is, we won't really know with non-invasive testing, at least with the technology we have now.
  14. NFL to try new onside kick rule for pro bowl

    I suspect they ID’d the Pro Bowl since neither side really wants to even try an onside kick given the rosters in question.
  15. Vikings promote Gary Kubiak to OC

    It might actually be this move practically speaking, as Klint Kubiak is likely to stay as QBC and Rick Dennison as OL coach. They are a package combo. Norv and Scott Turner did the same in CAR where it seemed like Scott took on more responsibility as time went on. Why he got hired by Ron Rivera in WAS. This could be a transition year. The one negative I see to the hire is keeping Dennison. I’ve mentioned it before but he’s done nothing since the rules changed to show he’s adapted. I know Min OL underperformance has been a chronic issue but in 2018 it was injuries, the loss of Tony Sparano and rookies learning with a void in coaching. Last year the guys were healthy but showed very little progress. That’s on Dennison. This was exactly what we saw in Den from 2015-16 as OC and Buf in 2017 as OC - while he held the OC title the OL was always his area of interest with Kubiak as play caller (and horribly overmatched as OC in DEN when Kubiak was sick and in BUF). I expect Klint takes over in 2021 and this is a transition year. For Min fans sake I hope if Klint takes over they upgrade on Dennison. OL and CB are the 2 key areas to upgrade play-wise to get MIN into the next tier.