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  1. Apparently the connection is still there, even with Snoke gone. I don't really have a problem with it, even if it's not explained explicitly. I also don't have a problem with Rey's parents being nobodies. You do have to start somewhere. I do have problems with the complete lack of balance - that's supposed to be a fundamental principle behind the Force. If Rey is badass, and there are tons of light Force would-be Jedis discovering their power, there has to be a dark power to balance it. It certainly doesn't look like the First Order with the way they bungle simple tasks, and are fooled with really simple tricks. It's not Kylo, given he was at apprentice level. I loved Luke's conflicted and broken nature - I hated that he supposedly decided killing Ben was a the first option he considered, being the GOAT when it happened. That was lazy writing. So was the whole First Order's easily gullibility, and the complete throwaways that Snoke & Phasma represent. I loved Rey/Luke, Rey/Kylo, and those battles in space and with the Red Knights. So much that I loved...and so much that I just SMH. It's ok to feel both support and criticism for the movie. I can't wait to see it a 2nd time and see how I feel afterwards. But I do know that the criticism isn't just fanboys disliking things going in a different direction that they envisioned. You're not going to make everyone happy. But be consistent with the lore fundamental principles (balance), and if you are going to portray Snoke as the puppet master behind the scenes....don't throw it away like you did in the name of expediency.
  2. 53 Man Roster Projection

    BTW it's an under-the-radar move but I like the JJ Dielman pickup off the Bengals practice squad. Yes their OL sucks so you have to wonder why he didn't get to the 53 man roster but that's life as a 5th round rookie. He's got some potential, which is way more than you can say about Dillon Day.
  3. 2018 College Prospect Thread

    I think we'd all rather see a true QBOTF be acquired than a stopgap. But the one-year stopgap could be the acquisition that allow Elway to wait until Day 2 to get the future guy. The worst thing Elway can do is reach for a guy way too early out of need. That's where a 1-year stopgap helps. And remember - getting a 1-year stopgap doesn't prevent the scenario you describe (although to be clear that 1-year stopgap wouldn't be Cousins, a 1-year stopgap is someone cheap, and who's not hugely in demand - Teddy B, Tyrod, Tannehill tier of FA's - and you only want a reasonable 1-year commitment). Counting on any rookie QB who hasn't played extensively in a pro system to be ready on Week 1 is a tall, tall order.
  4. It might be helpful to address a few points on what ppl didn't like that might be just fanboy-outrage at not following SW convention, and what seems legit (of course IMO). Although I'm in my 40's and grew up with SW, I've watched Rebels with my teen & pre-teen daughter, and read a few comics..and seen each ep at least 5-6x, with them. But I've read zero books, comics, etc. So call me in between the dedicated fanboy and the casual fan. 1. Snoke / Phasma / Order of Ren was wasted - to me, this is a legit beef. If Snoke was so powerful to turn the most powerful Jedi (Ben) to the dark, and can bridge 2 Jedi halfway across the universe, how is he so weak to get beaten by the lightsaber trick? They just don't go together. If a powerful entity like Rey is here, it has to be to balance an almighty Big Bad - presumably, that's either Snoke or Kylo. 2. Luke didn't go out HAM - to me, I have no problem with this. Once Luke is exiled for decades then there was little other choice than to have a very different Luke than in the past. And to go out in sacrifice to save the Rebellion, and to fade out that way, knowing Ghost-Luke is always available, is fine with me. Unconventional, but to blindly follow canon would have then had criticism there was no originality. I have zero problem with the arc - except for the choice of Luke actually thinking he might have to kill Ben. He's the baddest Jedi ever, and he has to kill as a first resort? No way. That was bad writing, lazier than exploring how Snoke turned Ben - way more believable. 3. Casino angle was a waste - I disagree partly with this, because Finn needed this to grow organically from the coward he still was. What turned it into a waste was that Finn should have died if this character change was really going to mean something. Then to have Rose not die in saving him...man, that really compounded the issue here IMO. That leads me to.. 4. Unlike Rogue One, no meaningful deaths occurred - Luke's death isn't nearly as meaningful since we knew 1 of the original 3 likely to go, and frankly, Ghost Luke makes his death less profound (unlike Han's). The fact that so many First Order key players died, 90+ percent of the Rebellion gets wiped out, yet we only lose Luke due to self-sacrifice? To have no major character deaths besides Luke (the General doesn't count lol, we're not invested in her), and especially given the suicide run by Finn, man. I guess Ackbar counts lol. But that's a huge diff with Rogue One - and one which makes Rogue One much more powerful IMO. 5. The balance in the Force wasn't followed with Snoke's death, the First Order being pretty incompetent, and Kylo not being a badass - to me, this is HUGE no matter if you are a devoted fan. This is key SW basic foundational principle. There are now young light Jedi, a powerful Rey, who can beat anyone 5. StarLeia was awful - I don't think this is specific to fandom - I don't know anyone who thinks this was a good plot device. Personally, I think #1, #4 & #5 were huge problems I have...everyone has a problem with #6 lol. Now, to be clear, there are 4 elements I loved - Luke/Rey, Kylo/Rey, those amazing space battles, and the Knights of Ren battle were spectacular. And I loved that Luke sendoff....the 2 main players are characters I am completely invested in (Rey & Kylo). And yes there's a 3rd part to complete the tale, and perhaps plug some of the holes we saw above. But I'd saw The Empire Strikes Back built angles that RotJ delivered on (mostly), rather than RotJ having to plug holes in ESB. No matter how you slice it, that's what makes the view that TLJ has major flaws legit. Don't get me wrong, I still liked the movie. But I still can't put this anywhere near ESB. And frankly, I think Rogue One was much better. Sure, Ep9 can redeem some of the above holes...but the best set pieces don't have so many holes to plug with the next ep.
  5. 2018 College Prospect Thread

    Besides finding a FA 1-year stopgap the other potential saving grace others have alluded to - if Chad Kelly looks great in voluntary minicamp. Unlike Siemian his Rd7 pick was all on maturity and being better in between the ears the physical skills aren’t in question. Kelly wouldn’t be plan A but a stopgap vet and Kelly would help Elway and co. avoid reaching for need rather than overall BPA at 1.6 - 1.10. Saving Elway from himself and Allen is more likely if we have a 1-year plan in place and someone with a future even if it’s a long shot.
  6. 2018 College Prospect Thread

    That’s the biggest fear TBH. Allen checks off all the physical skill boxes. Looks great....until the moment they snap the ball. Then it’s ugly. And against meh competition too. For my concerns on Mayfield at 1.6/1.10 range they are nothing compared to Allen at any pick in Rd 1 or even 2. If Elway even looks his way it means he learned nothing from Lynch. That would be very disturbing.
  7. Random Thoughts

    Chargers. They are better and deserve it. Their K doesn’t choke they are 2 games up rather than tied. Plus if they win the AFCW they get a much lower draft spot. KC has so few picks left lol.
  8. 2018 College Prospect Thread

    The #’s at Texas Tech are purely inflated to an Air Raid O against pretty awful competition in 2013. His 2015 OKL numbers look great until you see who he played and the only 2 games he faced top D’s his worst performances came. By 2016-2017 he’s entering his 4th and 5th year in college. Success when you are 22-23 is way different at predicting success than success at age 19-20. We can say that his path didn’t give him the same chances but he doesn’t have the same kind success at that age as Brees/Wilson facing top competition in a pro style O. That’s the #2 marker that is reliable - it’s not required for all success stories but when it’s there it’s a huge positive predictor. As for the one - year wonder - we all know he’s not - why raise it? Success at a later stage isn’t the same though as success coming out of high school in terms of predicting NFL success. Let’s see how his skills actually measure out and see him against better defenders in both the BCS and Sr Bowl scrimmages (more relevant than the game) and see where he’s at. I hope the makeup concerns drop him - that’s a non issue unless it’s affecting his play on the field (and the interviews and big lights this BCS will do more to show that than anything else, whereas the Combine will confirm if the size and skills are at least at the minimum threshold needed to succeed - because height isn’t everything, but any gaps in the rest of the skill set matters even more). P.S. Remember I was right there with those dismissing the Kansas ep as a legit concern with Mayfield so take it FWIW. That part is pure PR smokescreen.
  9. 2018 College Prospect Thread

    People overblow Mayfield’s off the field issues. I do worry he can be rattled easily on the field - college D are so easy to mask flaws that NFL D’s will expose, it matters little in college. To me the Q is more on the other QB skills - QB college success rarely predicts NFL franchise QB play - the number of college - to - NFL duds is staggering nowadays with the move to more spread O’s. FWIW, some of the qualifiers that make a prospect elite that reassure me: 1. Elite physical tools - in terms of QB size makes it easier - but in the case of Wilson he had elite agility / speed and huge hands and a cannon arm. Brees had the hands and arm and also had insane non-physical skills. Size isn’t a necessity if you have the rest in spades. Darnold might have the whole set (unless hands are small). Does Mayfield have the rest of the needed skills besides size? Remember you can be the hardest worker and smartest guy and if you don’t have those Pro-level skills you will still fail (where you can still fail if you don’t have the work ethic / smarts but you need the skill starter step first). 2. Success at a young age - this mitigates the variance you see with bad/great teammates or bad/great opposition. Success in your freshman / sophomore year really stands out. That’s where Darnold & even Rosen to a lesser extent reassure. Wilson took over as a freshman starter, Brees in his sophomore year. Which impresses even more with... 3. Success against elite competition / with a pro system - nothing against Mayfield but this is a huge unknown. The O style where he mimics running in his first 2 steps from spread / shotgun to force the D to commit then throws doesn’t work as the base in the NFL. Like Lynch’s Memphis system had huge Q’s here. Now you can debate PAC-12 level of competition as no better than Big 12 that’s fair but both systems in USC and UCLA are far more pro-level in QB requirements than OKL’s is. Wilson & Brees success is even more impressive realizing they faced the best Big 10 D’s year in and year out. Darnold and Rosen check the boxes in 1,2,3 (unless Darnold has small hands then legit issue). Note that #1 & #3 aren’t fixed that Mayfield doesn’t have - it’s why the BCS Senior Bowl and Combine will help add a lot more crucial info. I still won’t be as reassured but the gap could be closed. But right now assuming he doesn’t have the Wilson level elusiveness or Brees/Wilson cannon and hands that’s a huge diff. Now for QB you want to see the following non-physical skills: 4. D recognition and read progresssion 5. Anticipation and accuracy in tight windows. 6. Pocket awareness and eyes up with pressure. Oklahoma’s O and the quality of the Big 12 D’s don’t create a lot of chances to evaluate #4-#6 properly. BCS and Senior Bowl will be massive here if OKL gets to play 2 games to add more legit D film that could show more here. And to be clear the price matters - if we are talking Day 2 you can take more risk and accept more flaws. But at 1.6 - 1.10 you shouldn’t have flags across the board #1 most of all (and #2 I’m a huge fan of, which he won’t have). But at least it’s still an unknown in #1 that Combine and Senior Bowl will answer, and we we’ll see #3 - #6 dealt with way more info in the BCS and Senior Bowl. Best case for us is that he struggles in the BCS and shows non elite traits. That will drop his stock even more than so called character issues (which I don’t worry about except on how it affects his emotions on field). That then allows a move from 2.x to late 1st as reasonable. If we have to pick him at 1.6 - 1.10 no thanks if he’s still not checking the #1 box (and doesn’t have the #2 box).
  10. Either he has to be the Big Bad or the First Order has to be way more competent. Neither are present.
  11. 2018 College Prospect Thread

    Absolutely fair - but spending a 1.6-1.10 pick on any QB other than Darnold / Rosen will prove just as costly - because I see no QB worthy of passing over the talent we have to choose from at that slot and those other QB have much higher bust potential. It’s also why getting a top 3 pick was a better outcome but that ship has sailed. I agree the cost is nuts - at the teens I’ve noted all season long that it’s a pipe dream to entertain moving up to 1.2; no doubt the cost is dear even from 6-7 range. A qb other than those 2 taken at 1.6-1.10 is almost as disastrous but also more certain to fail. So the cost overall is less but the chance of success is even that much lower. FTR so it’s clear I would much rather we go overall BPA at 1.6 - 1.10 or trade up from 2.x to late rd1 if need be but I was referring to what Elway is likely to do. Why I said we should pray we get a stopgap QB so Elway doesn’t feel compelled to reach badly for need in Rd1. If I’m faced with the bad choice of reaching for qb with Darnold/Rosen off the board at 1.6-1.10 or trying to trade up I’ll take the latter - that’s all. The other issue is that a future 1st is likely required to move up from 2.6-2.10 to 20 range though.
  12. I really liked TLJ - but it’s not even close to ESB. Reasons: 1. Snoke / Red Guard - for all of his power to bridge 2 Jedi across the Galaxy he couldn’t figure out Kylo was about to betray him? And first Kylo then the Red Guard let an untrained raw Jedi beat them (yes in tandem with Kylo)? Come on. 2. Kylo / First Order Incompetence - if Kylo is the Big Bad, then not sensing Luke wasn’t really there? As for the First Order - a set of cloaked ships really had them fooled? Wouldn’t all the missing life signs have tipped them off? It’s that easy to penetrate the flagship defenses that any hacker can get in? Worst of all - they didn’t see then threat of the cruiser ramming them? This is the First Order about to dominate the galaxy? Come on. Phasma was also just an afterthought. 3. StarLord Princess Leia - sorry that was awful. Plot device. Now I loved the visuals, Rey and Luke’s arc and puppet Yoda. I liked the Rey - Kylo arc itself. Poe and Finn were OK. I loved Rogue One. I liked this. 8/10 but will rewatch for sure. So much to process. But no way this is as good or close to ESB.
  13. 2018 College Prospect Thread

    Frankly, we should be hoping that Elway signs a 1-year stopgap vet QB, so he doesn't feel pidgeonholed to have to take QB Rd1...out of need. Getting a Rd2.x move to Rd1 to get our QBOTF, fine. Moving up to get Rosen/Darnold, iffy, but OK. Just don't take another QB in pick 1.6-1.10 if it's not them...that path is the way to tears and 3-4 more years of setbacks IMO.
  14. GDT week 15 Broncos at Colts.

    3 rookie CB playing and no Malik Hooker. TBH this says more about Siemian struggling than Brock balling out. But you tip your cap Brock did ball out. We’ve seen more than enough to know he’s not the long term answer. The real positives from players with uncertain 2018 roles that did a ton to merit long term consideration are Booker, McGovern and Latimer. Latimer was a beast in run blocking too which matters.
  15. GDT week 15 Broncos at Colts.

    Yup. Their lack of anything but rookie CB has opened up the run game. Unless we turn it over it’s likely game.