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  1. Broncos Forum Pick 'Em & Survivor Week 6, w/ standings

    And then there was one. Congrats @iLikeDefense you earned it. Lots of fun at least we made it into October this year.
  2. If we need 2 spots, I think IR'ing Butt is the nobrainer call. Butt's going to need time to digest the full playbook, outside of QB, TE is the hardest position to learn, with all the option routes, blocking assignments and blitz pickups/recognition. As for the 2nd, well, we have 3 more weeks to worry about that...

    Favorite team: Broncos Week 1-5 picks: PIT, OAK, GB, SEA, PHI Week 6 pick: ATLANTA
  4. Have you seen the Vegas lines? DEN is -700. You have to bet 700 bucks to win 100. WOW. I'll take DEN -11.5, thank you very much. I think the line might get 14+ by the weekend, and Vegas might remove it altogether.
  5. Well, now Sterling Shepard, their only active WR from Week 1, is in a walking boot. IF the G-men were creative, they'd use Engram as a WR, and then slide another TE into Engram's spot, and use both Gallman and Vereen with one in the backfield and 1 in the slot. That could actually give us more problems than trotting out more warm bodies at WR. However, HC, Ben McAdoo, while being a decent if unspectacular OC, hasn't shown much at all as a HC, yet still calls the plays (and has been pretty awful doing so). I will be interested to see how this goes re: their O. Still, even with the above, as long as we don't turn the ball over 3x+, we should take this handily. 27-10.
  6. Broncos Forum Pick 'Em & Survivor Week 6, w/ standings

    Philadelphia at Carolina Miami at Atlanta Chicago at Baltimore Cleveland at Houston Green Bay at Minnesota Detroit at New Orleans New England at NY Jets San Francisco at Washington Tampa Bay at Arizona LA Rams at Jacksonville Pittsburgh at Kansas City LA Chargers at Oakland NY Giants at Denver Indianapolis at Tennessee Week 6 Survivor: Then there were 2...so let's go Atlanta (Pittsburgh, Oakland, Green Bay, Seattle, Philadelphia)
  7. Bye Week GDT Edition (Week 5)

    BTW, just re-read the original piece - and Duane Brown can't skip more than 8 weeks, not 6 - but the original point still holds...Texans hold the leverage there. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/09/04/duane-brown-says-he-will-end-his-holdout-but-doesnt-say-when/
  8. Broncos Forum Pick 'Em & Survivor Week 5, w/ standings

    Changing my SNF pick to Houston ...those interior OL scratches are huge for KC...
  9. Bye Week GDT Edition (Week 5)

    Our only real shot at a RT upgrade is with a team with nothing to play for, a QB they don’t care about long term, and a T they aren’t attached to as part of their future core. The teams who are thinking 2018 are likely the 0-4 teams. The Browns see both their T as 2018 core guys. The Chargers don’t upgrade us (plus AFCW trades so rare). The G-Men don’t upgrade us and they would be crucified for doing a rebuild trade anyways. Hou is a contender and as covered before, they hold all the cards with Duane Brown under the current CBA, he’s not going anywhere for a discount. The only real fit I see is SF and Staley. Wonder what their price is and if he’s comfortable playing RT. Add it all up, seems like long odds to upgrade RT further this trade deadline.
  10. Random Thoughts

    I don’t mind it - you get to really see how a player’s perspective and intelligence affects games. His ability to predict the plays and then break it down in detail and break down the player strengths / weaknesses is just at a completely different level than anyone else around. Just has to stop the high pitched screams of “HE’S OPEN” a little lol.
  11. Broncos Forum Pick 'Em & Survivor Week 5, w/ standings

    Week 5 Picks New England at Tampa Bay Buffalo at Cincinnati NY Jets at Cleveland Carolina at Detroit San Francisco at Indianapolis Tennessee at Miami LA Chargers at NY Giants Arizona at Philadelphia Jacksonville at Pittsburgh Seattle at LA Rams Baltimore at Oakland Green Bay at Dallas Kansas City at Houston Minnesota at Chicago Survivor: Philadelphia (PIT, OAK, GB, SEA)
  12. Bye Week GDT Edition (Week 5)

    I guarantee no sacks given up by our OL, no points given up by our elite D, and no missed FG's by McManus in Week 5.
  13. HOU holds all the leverage with Brown. Under the CBA, Brown has to report by Week 6, or his service time tolls to next year, and HOU holds the same rights as they did this year - Brown loses all of this year's salary, and HOU can pay him the same this year as next year. And keep his rights for 2019 since next year was the last year of the deal. Brown will be reporting to them by Week 6 - and if HOU wants to really be tough, they dock him 5/16 of his pay for missed games, extra $ for missed PS and gain the salary cap too. Of course, they have no shot of re-signing him, but he's 32 now. So while HOU's Week 1 loss added a ton of pressure for them to cave to his demands, now he has no leverage. He'll have to return soon. I don't see that HOU will take a discounted pick given the above. If they deal him, it's for full or near-full value (if only to get the headache factor done, but don't see them taking a discount all given the above). And before @champ11 says it - the above demonstrates how team-friendly the current CBA is. While I have no problem with a team expecting a player to live up to his contract, the fact that it's not guaranteed for at least half of the last years on multi-year deals (unless you are QB or young premium position player), and the penalties involved with trying to hold-out, it's really a huge 1-way street. Too bad the NFLPA is so weak, they really need to step up next CBA (doubtful, but it's needed).

    Favorite Team: Broncos Week 5 pick: Eagles (PIT, OAK, GB, SEA)
  15. Good work. The hard part there with BUF/MIA that Buf / MIA Play each other 2x and NE 2x. Hard to see any WC teams there. Bal has no pass D whatsoever and when Brandon Williams is out no run D - why Jax and Pit throttled their D. And their OL is a bottom 5 unit with their loss of All-Pro G Marshall Yanda on IR and losing their T’s to free agency and injury. The same issue with AFCSouth 2nd place Team as with MIA-BUF - the first place team has to go 9-3 to put the 8-4 team in 2nd place. Don’t see 2 teams emerging with those records given their schedules. First order of business is of course to get to 10W. But the way the season has unfolded 10-6 looks like a great shot to get in. Nice work with the breakdown.