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  1. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    On the one hand, he has zero play calling experience, and hasn't been in charge of pre-game planning. So yeah, that's scary. On the other hand, he brings in a background of being well-versed in the Shanny version of the WCO. And so brings in a very different perspective. Which we sorely need. And he brings in a different perspective QB evaluation and development - which is the biggest flaw in our past braintrust. Doesn't mean he'll be any better - but he can't be any worse, and he offers the hope that he could succeed. It was hard to think Kubiak / co. would suddenly change our ability to ID/develop the right guy (ironically, being in MIN is probably the best chance for him & co. to succeed, given the QB choice is already out of his hands). The other part to the equation - how bad the OC "establishment" hiring pool is at present. I mean, we're seeing a ton of retread hires already (Bevell in DET, Hackett in GB, etc.). And while some of them will be OK to good fits, likely a bunch are going to be recycled hires that really don't advance that team's O for better or worse - which is fine if the O is good to great. If they aren't (and usually that's the case if they need a new OC, the exception being the OC being poached/promoted), well, that team's O has little hope of taking a big step forward. If that O is awful to begin with, the risk of being worse is probably a lot lower scheme-wise, so the risk is worth it. Our O definitely falls in that category. The reality nowadays is if you want to find a good OC with a track record of recent success, you either have to have a really talented roster on O (CLE with Todd Monken/Kitchens combo), and usually a QB to be excited about. We certainly don't have the QB yet, and we don't have the depth. So we're pretty much in a position where we have to take a calculated risk, and gamble on an unknown quantity, unless we want a retread choice. Kubiak would have been a really safe choice in a vacuum, but it also offered little chance to address the weaknesses in our O that we had when he was leading the team, and still are experiencing now. This OC pick could fail spectacularly - but it was really the only choice we have that offers a chance to make a big improvement in the next 1-2 years. A safe choice likely only makes incremental upgrades, and a real risk we don't address our biggest issue - properly evaluating and developing QB talent, and adapating our scheme to be more effective in today's NFL. I'm of the same mind, that the choice is really risky - but we had little choice, given our team situation and current OC pool to choose from. The fact Elway chose a Shanny disciple at least tells me he recognizes Shanny's system was a better fit than what we've had since passing on him, so, can't argue with that thinking at all.
  2. Cam Newton to sit out 2019?

    What it really means is that Cam needs a scope. No type of imaging is good enough for the shoulder. There’s a risk he needs a full reconstruction in which case yeah 2019 is at risk. But it could be a lesser repair is needed and then he’s good to go for 2019. But either way a scope to see what the deal is seems inevitable.
  3. Broncos name Vic Fangio their next Head Coach

    No surprise here that Ed Donatell followed Fangio to DEN.
  4. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    No surprise Donatell joins Fangio. One more major position left...
  5. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    I think in another branch of the mulitiverse, Thanos snaps his fingers, and all the other teams playing the Pats in the playoffs disappear.
  6. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    Spending big on FA works great when you only need 1-2 key pieces and you get a true difference maker. When it’s used to fix multiple holes and especially when it’s just the best available FA that year it’s usually a disaster. Elway never went for high priced talent unless it was a true difference maker in the 2013-15 window. It would be a massive mistake to start now. Going young and getting depth and building the roster through the draft are what lead to successful rebuilds. Getting cap healthy is a big part of getting back to sustained contention. I hope Elway doesn’t try to speed it up with a bunch of high priced FA. It certainly didn’t work to go 1-year vets last year. 2nd-3rd contract guys hitting the peak rarely work out. I really hope we don’t see that kind of big push here. Guess we will see.
  7. That’s possible for sure. FWIW having his son Klint as QBC tells me the long game in Kubiak’s mind is to have Klint be the future OC. Health is why he retired and it’s legit. But his insistence to have Pariani and Dennison is notable since it’s what led to his DEN OC re-hire to fall apart. Pariani was the biggest area of contention followed by Dennison but it was a deal breaker esp since Fangio & Elway has settled on targeting Munchak as OL coach. Again the biggest difference is that MIN has its QB and overall much better talent at the skill positions. So we will see how it goes there. QB selection was Kubiak’s biggest weakness so it’s a non issue in MIN. Really it’s just a matter of how well Kubiak has adapted to today’s game with his WCO if he and Klint do take over the O.
  8. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    Re: real life likelihood I posted after but as I said (later) there is zero chance this actually happens as long as Jerry Jones is the de facto GM. The Cowboys should have already moved on from OC Scott Linehan after last year. But they are talking about no change. It’s a team stuck in neutral on O scheme wise. Amari Cooper gave them a huge boost but the scheme and Dak issues still limit them so much. But Jerry doesn’t see it he just thinks next year the same crew will suddenly improve.
  9. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    FWIW I don’t subscribe to doing this every 4-5 years. Just see it as worth the risk with Dak and DAL. I should also say as long as Jerry Jones is the owner / de facto GM this is never happening. He is a guy who stays a year too long than a year too early (Linehan is a great example of this). If a guy’s worth it then I’d take the long view and try the Rivers route by going 6 years and getting year 3-6 to be the bargain years. So that 8/10 years were below market. I’m just pointing out that going extension each time fo guys who aren’t worth it shouldn’t be done out of fear. I don’t have a problem with teams exercising some caution. But it’s also clearly swung too far the other way. Ironically one of the smarter teams in how they found a middle ground - OAK with Carr. GM McKenzie made the deal basically a series of 1-year deals. They can walk away anytime now. Of course the owner rewarded McKenzie by replacing him with Gruden (but to be fair hiring Del Rio and then Norton as DC and letting the D get that bad sealed his fate).
  10. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    Klis confirming the Pariano / Dennison hires as the breaking point. Guess we will see how it works in MIN.
  11. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    To me, the reasons why MIN could succeed with Kubiak x 2 and Stefanski: 1. They already have their QB. They don't need Kubiak to try and pick a guy, or pimp a guy hard to draft. Kubiak's struggles there are well-known. But he won’t that problem there. 2. That's an O that already has their key skill players too. Cook, Diggs and Thielen are great pieces to work with Cousins. To me, the X-factor for success/failure in MIN is the OL - they went from top 10 last year to bottom 5 due to 2 key injuries and losing Tony Sparano as their OL coach, a true top 5 talent (I got the name right lol this time). That OL killed both their run game and pass pro. Getting back to just decent OL production likely shoots that O up by default. In that respect, I'm not so high on Dennison going there - he's had a great body of work, but most of it came in the 1st half of his career as OL coach, not the back half. Now, maybe getting back to fundamentals, he's still got it. But given what worked for OL success when he was at his OL coach peak doesn't work now with the change in rules and the change in the size/speed profiles of DL and OL, well, it's harder to be as optimistic. I'm also not so sure what TE Coach Brian Pariani really brings since the Shannon Sharpe days, but at least there they have an established TE in Rudolph (but they have 2 kids who could use proper development). But at least Kubiak's biggest weakness is gone - the QB is clear. To me, how MIN's OL works out will be the key factor. I do think regardless, HC Mike Zimmer's tendency to fire OC's does give MIN a 2nd candidate to take over OC later in the year - to me, I think that's a mistake to go in that way, but it does create that not-so-subtle dynamic with QBC Klint in tow.
  12. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    FWIW, if DAL was smart, they would do this with Dak - play out his 4th year next year, franchise tag him, and see if anyone bites (and if not, just let him walk after tag year #5). For his great rookie year, it was with the top OL and a young Zeke as RB who didn't get caught from behind when he broke free. Since then, it's pretty clear he's a complementary piece on the O, but not the central piece. Amari Cooper has upgraded that O in a huge way, but each time DAL loses a big game vs. a similar or better team, Dak just doesn't elevate his play (unless it's PHI, weird lol). He's far better than what we have, but to commit top 5-6 QB money, it's a bad investment. But the fear of having no one, it drives teams to make these kind of plays. It's defendable if you are 1-player away, but in Dak's case, I think they need a better QB if they are going to get past the WC/Divisional round (and for sure could use a better OC than Scott Linehan, this late run might have hurt DAL more in the long run, Linehan should not have been retained, and likely was out if they missed the playoffs - now there's talk he's staying). I don't think you should part ways if you've found a true top 6-8 guy, but I think teams do lock in feeling committed when they shouldn't be for top 12-16 guys - and that creates the mediocrity of being expensive and not that good - what @champ11 was referring to. BAL was understandable because of the timing, but Joe Flacco is the poster child for this. The other way to do it is to be bold - and lock a guy in for 5-6 years - and by the time year 3 is there, it's usually a bargain. Philip Rivers signed a 6-year, 91M contract - at the time, it seemed so high - but by the time it was year 3, it wasn't even top 8 anymore. His 4-year extension has done the same thing - 4 years, 91M - seemed expensive at the time, but 22-23M is literally league-average. He's been playing for 3/4 of the years under contract as a value. The risk of that method, of course, is if the play declines. But they key is the guy really has to be worth it. Alex Smith at 4/94 at his age and knowing his limits was known to be a problem from Day - now it's a total disaster - the injury wasn't foreseeable, but honestly even healthy Smith's play was a total loss. If it was easy though, so many teams wouldn't struggle so hard, I mean, we're exhibit A in that regard.
  13. The one concern I'd have too. My reason for concern with MIN is that Kubiak could have stayed in DEN's FO as an "advisor" - so you have to wonder if there's something more offered - he doesn't want to be HC anymore, but OC was definitely his idea with staying in DEN. If Kubiak gets to bring his 3 amigos in (Dennison OL coach, Pariani as TE coach, son Klint as QBC), then it could be Zimmer's plan B if his itchy trigger finger to fire OC's happens again this year (lol). That would be a mistake IMO. Although not as bad of one with an actual QB on the team. The biggest priority MIN can have is upgrading the trenches. IMO Dennison doesn't really do that. That's where hiring Kubiak could be a detriment. If he's offering experience and getting the most of the MIN O with a vet QB, and MIN finds a better OL coach than Dennison, great. We'll see.
  14. Packers hire Nate Hackett as OC

    TBH if Lafleur is play-calling then Hackett is a gloried Assistant-to-the-Regional Manager. Then the impact is negligible. If Hackett goes anywhere near play-calling, though, I take back anything nice that I ever said about GM Gutekunst. Dude should never go near a playbook or headset ever again during gameday other than to get it to Lafleur / other OC-type.
  15. Yeah, Elway had Kubiak in mind for OC - he refused interviews for Kubiak as OC before Fangio was hired. At some point, either Fangio heard more about the details Kubiak had in mind (in particular, he was committed to his son Klint as QBC, Brian Carini as TE coach, and Rick Dennison as OL coach - and said they were part of the package), and told Elway no freaking way. Or Elway himself didn't agree with bringing the old guard and Kubiak's son as QBC (and likely the heir apparent to OC). Our TE's have sucked since Shannon Sharpe retired, and our OL play under Dennison was great - when we won SB's and the short interval afterwards. The problem was both Dennisons' blocking scheme and Kubiak's O have stopped being innovative for a while now. I really hope he's just helping Stefanski - and not taking over as de facto OC with Dennison as OL coach. When MIN lost Tony Sparano, that was a huge loss - Dennison is probably better than having no one. But it's not nearly as an upgrade as some other guys would be IMO. I do think with Cousins as your QB, you won't have to worry about Kubiak's biggest Achilles - he always tries to coach up QB's who are literally JAG's, and has picked the wrong QB when given a chance to offer draft/FA input (signed off on Osweiler, Lynch, and of course, stumped hard for Keenum last year), and usually fails miserably. With Cousins in the fold, MIN doesn't have to worry Kubiak will pick the wrong guy (even he won't pimp Siemian that hard, lol - although maybe over Kyle Sloter, that's very possible lol).