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  1. The 2022 / 2023 cap increases are going to be absolutely bonkers, if the TV money deal reports are accurate. There's a 30 percent increase in the MNF / ESPN deal - and the Sunday game money increase is apparently a lot higher. If that's true, the cap increases in 2022 / 2023 could be well ahead of the 220M/230M initial pre-Covid projections. Keep in mind the owners and NFLPA agreed to absorb the hit for Covid $ lost in 2020-21, then it's business as usual in 2022. So we could easily see a 2021 cap of 188M (McManus's number) to say 230M in 2022, provided stadium attendance isn't unduly
  2. Yeah, Henry's happy to stay in LAC. Or go to where there's an established QB. That's all he said. I don't read anything more there.
  3. When beat guys like McClain say it's time to listen - basically, the FO has already conceded they're listening. McClain is famous for carrying their water, he's eaten a lot of crow when the FO has backed off their stances (FO isn't taking Clowney 1.1, Nuk not getting traded, Watson not getting traded, etc.). Him conceding that it's time to start listening, it speaks volumes to what the FO is saying in private.
  4. I think it's far more likely some teams offered him 3 years - but not 23M guaranteed. ARI offering him 2/31M with 23M makes it pretty hard to walk away after 1 year. I think Robinson is absolutely correct in that ARI offered the most guaranteed $ and per-year $. Several teams could have offered him 3/39M with 18M guaranteed, and that beat reporter would be technically correct - but incredibly disingenuous.
  5. What's really interesting is that almost all of his wins now are happening with inside moves. Eliminate double-teams, and put him in a 1-gap position with Chandler Jones on the outside, and he could be really good. PFF's Monson does a great job of breaking it down (not a fan of the system's weaknesses, but the analysis here is really good): https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-jj-watt-free-agency-2021 Watt isn't an alpha EDGE anymore though, that's pretty clear. He'd be a fantastic Robin to Chandler Jones' Batman, however, used as an interior guy. The ARI roster makes it a pretty cle
  6. Yeah, and there's a very clear trend that says if anything, Miller would be more sought after. Watt is still a very good (2019-20) and sometimes great player (2018), but has clearly declined as an EDGE rusher, where's he's played 3/4 of his snaps since 2018 (he enjoyed a career renaissance year there, but the last 2, has stepped back). He's been a top 10, but no-longer top-of-convo DPOY guy since his back surgery after the 2015 season, save for 2018 - 2019 & 2020 have shown he's still a very good to great player - but not the top guy to lead a D. Watt was amazing before 2016's
  7. It isn’t happening in F & WS that was supposed to go ahead of Wandavision IIRC.
  8. The cap number is irrelevant to 2021 discussion from Von's perspective. The number to know is 18M. That's Von's 2021 salary & roster bonus. The 4.2M extra is dead money, from Elway's misguided 2018 restructure so he could try and win now then (by signing Clinton McDonald, Tramaine Brock & trading for Jared Veldheer for 11M of the 16.9M cap space created, all 3 acquired the week after Von's restructure happened). People have to stop using cap hit - Elway's disastrous restructure is why the number is high - he chose to pay Von 18.9M's 2018 salary with a 2M base salary, and pushing
  9. Delpit, Ward & Williams have to be back and playing well for my scenario with CLE to work, FWIW. LB is the easiest spot to fill overall. If you don't need to address secondary with big $, then it's far more do-able. If the secondary is compromised with Delpit not playing well / Williams doesn't play at all, then yeah, the path gets a LOT longer. This thread isn't about playoff teams, just figured I'd weigh in on @MWil23 team, since if they had missed the playoffs, they'd have been a prime candidate. But it's definitely contingent on the injured guys in the secondary being able
  10. Unfortunately, because it's a loss of muscle that's involved, he's not strengthening it enough to remove the issue. Like you said, amazing story. But as you noted, he's incredibly limited, and the reasons for it aren't going away.
  11. It's more what's left of the leg. He's had muscle flaps that succeeded in saving the leg - but it's left his leg compromised structurally. The change in biomechanics is what's led to his physical limitations from his former self (duh) but it also makes repetitive strain more likely. He is literally working with half his calf muscle. And that's what strained - and kept him out of the playoffs when he tried to come back. That type of issue isn't going away, especially at age 36. It's not a case of the leg healing further. It is what it is at this stage. Zero argument that
  12. Like I said, if Denver had acquired Stafford (or they get Watson), I'd be all in on Denver where I've been one of the consistent naysayers since 2016 ended. But with only Lock, we're stuck in mediocrity (although we likely would improve to 8-9W's just by schedule alone and OK QB play alone, with that schedule - it just wouldn't lead to any real growth). CLE's chances are really good if they can upgrade LB and get more pass rush help to replace Vernon, assuming the CB's come back healthy. Baker has his limitations, but the setup is really strong (great run game, top 5 OL, and great D
  13. The problem is that that leg issue isn't going away. The likelihood he could play 16 games and stay healthy is single-digit probability IMO. As for the arm, sure he's better than Cam was the last 10 weeks - but he's still Alex Smith. Dink & dunk guy, except he's not the threat to run the ball anymore like he used to be pre-injury. He averaged less than 6 air yards per attempt....and it wasn't just anomaly or sample size, the eye test confirmed it's the same Alex Smith - dink & dunk, safe throw guy...but with no athleticism left. I can see him going somewhere as a tutor
  14. FWIW, Denver has the last place schedule, LAC has the 3rd place schedule. DEN gets JAX, NYJ & DET as a result. LAC gets HOU, NE & MIN (17th game). But yes, that NFCE and AFCN with those 3 teams, would be a favorable draw.
  15. That would be an awful pairing - Shurmur's scheme and our talent, a dink and dunk guy is the last option we should be looking at. He's a great feel-good story for the comeback, but he's not really starter-level anymore. His "success" was more based on the elite D that the O could protect itself behind. He averaged less than 5.5 air yards per attempt - the very definition of dink & dunk that defined his career in SF/KC - except now his athleticism that made him a mobile QB is gone. And the issue isn't going to improve enough - because the leg is still structurally compromised and
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