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  1. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    No, but if he has less, that's a problem. With that gruesome injury and extended recovery that was required, another lower body injury and career's in jeopardy.
  2. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    I really, really, really don't get these 2 takes at all. 1. Bridgewater is 2 years from having last played, from a gruesome injury. That in all likelihood has taken away some of his mobility and elusiveness. And while he was serviceable, there was nothing in his pre-injury skillset that said he was more than a game manager, who could become something more. You don't pass up on a potential franchise QB for Bridgewater. 2. Given how QB-starved the NFL is, how does anyone think Lamar Jackson is a lock to last early Round 2? Now, I think that's where he should be drafted on pure talent. But teams are lining up to take QB from the top 5 this year - and teams at the very end of Rd1 need a future guy, too. Maybe Rudolph goes ahead of him, but I doubt it. As bad as the Jets have been - they've never been in a position to get a franchise-ceiling QBOTF in Rd1 like they do now. It's not every year that 2-3 guys are this well thought of. There's risk, but it's nowhere near the same level of concerns as the guys taken b4 by the Jets. I get a young 1st round QB doesn't turn around a franchise by itself. But it sure helps a lot.
  3. Barkley should go #1.

    As much as I believe in his talent and elite and a 1.1 pick could have been justified for CLE (because they own the 1.4 pick) - if NYJ traded up to get Barkley at 1.3, then I retract any compliments I sent to GM McCagney. You can't trade 3 2nds to pick a nonQB 3 spots earlier It would be the ultimate Jets thing if that happened, though. I don't know which outcome I'm rooting for, TBH. It's too bad the draft is in DAL this year, I would love to see the NY fanbase reaction on both teams at 1.2 / 1.3. But yeah, Barkley's fate IMO depends on what the Gmen do now (take him, take QB, etc.).
  4. Offseason Rumor Thread

    On that note...we'll find out tomorrow, but looks like we're going to see a Thunder...and Thunder combo at RB in OAK. Weird to have guys with nearly identical skill sets, but RB is so devalued, whatever I guess.
  5. Offseason Rumor Thread

    Rumor has it politics-related discussions are off-limits. I'll try to find the source.
  6. Ravens sign Michael Crabtree

    So....no Ryan Grant then? P.S. The big Q in Round 1 will be if Ozzie can resist passing on another Bama player (Ridley).
  7. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

  8. Bucs release Robert Ayers

    Once Curry became available and was locked in, easy call to make. On the bright side, no one had to fail a physical for this musical chairs to happen.
  9. Bucs sign Vinny Curry

    I don't even know if it's that much. That 11.5M guarantee was for injury only. The actual guaranteed $ might be quite a bit less. We need to see the final #'s because the AAV $ is too much for Curry given he's really best in a rotation. But I bet he's even cheaper. And yeah, he's a definite upgrade on Ayers. At 3M it's justifiable for this year, and if there's no guaranteed $ beyond this year, then it's literally zero-risk, either. They saved 6M with the Ayers release, so it should be interesting to see how much TAM had to actually commit more than that. Either way, from a talent perspective, no-brainer. One man's trash is another man's treasure. (I get it was more about the $ in PHI, but their loss is TAM's gain).
  10. ABSOLUTELY agreed on the part about projecting the draft. It's why I argued so strongly to go LT Whitworth as a FA over getting a G - because we could have gotten a G like Dan Feeney Rd 2. The G/C position gets a ton of devaluation, and it's why I've argued for us to take QB over Nelson, if the franchise guy is there (which looks less likely he will be). You could go QB 1.5 and get a G 2.7 and be in way better position long-term than with a Nelson/QB 2.7 or later pick. You can make the same point on Chubb for sure. My only point was more about the perception and mindset driving Elway & co. Not spending a Day 1 pick on O likely triggers a major firestorm of fanbase hatred - which is OK, their job isn't to cater to the fanbase. But while Elway has immunity, it's not indefinite - and he and management are very aware the fanbase is really unhappy about our O. Selling seats is the bottom line to Ellis, and having empty seats last year was a sobering sight for them. I think it's a huge factor to why they wouldn't ever admit publicly that a 1-year rebuild is necessary at a minimum. I just hoped he would realize this in private. How he goes about the rest of FA and the draft will speak volumes on where he's at (the default being that he doesn't give up on the year, no matter the bad odds). We'll see.
  11. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    I think the point one of my league-mates applies more for those 3 situations - there is no set formula for resurgence / SB contention anymore. 1. JAX - Fournette was a big piece - but so was adding Calais Campbell and AJ Bouye, then Marcel Dareus midseason to that D - 2 lockdown CB's, and interior pass rush and beefing up the run D to be truly elite-level D. 2. DAL - Elite OL...but it was there before. Dak Prescott was great, but Romo was no slouch before. And I think we realize Dak isn't a transcendant talent once we saw the OL have gaps this year. On that count, I could give the nod to Zeke as the big difference-maker. 3 LAR - a huge improvement in the OL with Andrew Whitworth & John Sullivan, and of course, the emergence of Jared Goff. Typical 1st year struggles with 2nd year progression. Given Gurley was amazing in his rookie year, and then struggled year 2 behind a much worse OL and bad QB play, I think we can give it to Goff and better OL play. Anyways, the 4 pieces that seem to help transform a team: 1. Franchise QB emergence. LA Rams, PHI, etc. 2. Elite trench play (because elite OL also brings a great run game - the QB's best friend). PHI's formula ...with #1. You can argue that DAL followed this model somewhat (the rest of their D kinda sucks, but their front 4 is their biggest strength, plus Sean Lee). 3. The complete, elite-level D. DEN 2015. JAX last year. 4. The transcendant RB. DAL & Zeke. The thing against the RB in the draft argument? Longevity and positional devaluation. I see that point. But I would also agree that with the truly generational, HoF-talent RB, the difference they bring is very much worth it - but only if you have at least 1-2 of the other pieces above. If you have none of them, then that guy is wasted. That's probably the biggest argument against Barkley for NYG - they are so talent-poor on the OL (even with T Solder), and Eli's play is slipping so much, Barkley's impact may be muted. Put him on a good OL and even just an average QB, though - and a big surge up in that O's production ensues. And to be clear - I don't think Fournette is a RB you should spend a 1st round pick on. Not quite at the same level as Zeke or Gurley were. To be honest, only Zeke and Gurley I'd have argued were worth top 10 picks. But I do think that about Barkley. He's that special. My only concern is that on NYG, his impact will be muted on that O. A Zeke and Gurley still need to have at least average QB play and a decent OL to let their special skills shine through. Gurley's 2016 speaks to this. I don't know that NYG fits the bill in either regard.
  12. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    FWIW as a Bronco fan the Chargers are the closest AFC team to being complete in all facets. Their remaining needs are the easiest to fill out it all the AFC contenders too. JAX had that award until Bortles returned. The AFC is about to experience a big shift in the top tier. The NFC has a stronger top tier overall but LAC and JAX have the best shot to take home the SB from the AFC teams right now IMO. GM Telesco has killed the last 2 offseasons. These aren’t your Norv Turner or Mike McCoy Chargers.
  13. The argument that really works against Chubb would be the team balance argument you mentioned. I would have no problem with Chubb at 1.5 as he could easily be overall BPA left but investing on D would be again seen as building the D and neglecting the O. I love Chubb if we get him I won’t complain assuming Rosen / Darnold are gone (which seems a given now). But I think it’s O one way of the other - QB or Barkley / Nelson. Chubb is right there with Barkley / Nelson on the big board with very little gap between Nelson / Chubb so in those cases need works as tie breaker.
  14. Colts release Hankins

    Absolutely. A 4-3 run stuffing DT with inside pressure skills on pass downs and young? They should be all over that. It’s their top need on D. At 17 they could then upgrade T or off ball LB off the BPA list.
  15. Colts release Hankins

    He is a good GM. Nobody is perfect. The only really bad decision was going with McDaniels but that’s more on inexperience in coaching circles. His player evaluations in FA and the draft have been promising. And before ppl criticize this decision - Hankins has zero dead money. And the Colts are changing scheme for which he’s not nearly as good a fit. The Colts aren’t contenders. The $ is a waste if he’s a bad fit. Ideally you’d like to see a trade but his $ probably prevents a good return. Given the scheme change I get it. It’s not popular but I get it.