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  1. Rams & GB I'd be worried about - simply because PHI lost with no Lane Johnson, Miles Sanders, and a limited Reagor on O. They also pressure the QB, and defend the run well - and that's how you expose Goff. I'm staying away from that match. GB looks like a huge mismatch - but keep in mind it's a divisional match, and they know each other really well. The X factor IMO is if DET can simply keep up with A-Rod, realizing that their secondary is decimated. Remember that DET always seems to play GB tough. I'd expect a GB W, but man, it's tough to lay that many points. The rest I'm with you on, barring injury etc.
  2. It shows me why Vegas makes money off gambling.
  3. As long as 4/5 of the Browns OL plays, I think they'll win and cover. The CIN OL didn't pass protect at all, Burrow was running for his life. That's not changing. The CIN run D was abysmal after they lost Mike Daniels, and he's out (along with Geno Atkins). Add in the fact that they only have 4 days to adjust, it's a tough call to take CIN here. Ppl are over-reacting to how badly BAL beat CLE - they are a massive matchup nightmare for CLE (and a lot of teams). CLE's OL actually protected Baker well - he just has not progressed. The thing is, CIN isn't likely to provide nearly as much of a test - it's a reflection of Tyrod Taylor's limitations (and some really iffy play calling by LAC) that they didn't take advantage. Now, if CLE's OL isn't playing, different story. But if they are out there, this one is likely not as close as Week 1 suggests it would be.
  4. It's a toss-up around there or the week after their bye...which is after week 10.
  5. Honestly I think this poll should be renamed to "first coach after Gase". DET keeps games close, and the ownership believes in stability and continuity - look at how many years Jim Caldwell survived. To me it's Gase and it's not even close. The guy doesn't adapt, has an attachment to players with no talent (Kalen Ballage), and the players he puts in the doghouse then go off when they go elsewhere / he leaves (Tannehill, Drake, Parker). Add to the fact the local media hates him.....this is by far the easy call IMO.
  6. Yeah Sua-Filo isn't great, but it's also the depth trickle down effect. Don't get me wrong, I love where the Bengals are heading - but a week 2 4-day prep time for a rookie QB, no matter how promising, with the run game / pass rush inequities that go CLE's way, I won't be doing this that often, but CLE as a favorite I'll back tonight.
  7. As much as I love Burrow - the CIN OL losing another starter and down Atkins & Mike Daniels even with DJ Reader in there I’m going CLE -6. The CLE RB’s should go wild. There’s some over-reaction on bettors with the line IMO because of Week 1 - BAL is a horrible matchup for CLE. The LAC O game plan and Tyrod were awful, and mask that CIN is still overall a team that likely loses a lot of games this year. Burrow just gives them hope better days aren’t far away. CLE’s strengths & CIN’s weaknesses combined with the injuries and short week make for a CLE -6 play that ppl will find unappealing - but that’s the point Vegas oddsmakers are hoping for IMO.
  8. The 3rd / 4th down calls at the GL and more importantly the personnel choices were awful. The whole point to signing MG3 is to get that 3rd/4th and short (along with his pass pro and catching abilities). So it’s dubious to not use him at the 1 yard line either time. But the real kicker IMO was not having MG3 on the field for those 2 downs. No disrespect to Lindsay but that gave away that we weren’t thinking inside run and it made 4th easier to defend IMO. Hindsight is 20/20 but making the D guess at run vs. pass is always a good thing. To not have MG3 on the field IMO helped the TEN D discount inside run as our play call.
  9. Honestly given how the draft has gone Shurmur’s scheme is a better fit. Scangarelli did nothing wrong but this scheme will leverage Jeudy / Sutton / Fant ‘s assets even more with 11 personnel. 3-wide formations as the made with Fant will present mismatches to exploit and make it easier for the run game, especially if Cushenberry - Glasgow - Risner mesh as our interior core.
  10. After a MNF game hardly surprising. Friday seems to be the new crucial day.
  11. Our corresponding move - frankly, I'd rather have Bausby out there on the field than Bassey. It was good Elway kept him on the PS. We'll see how this plays out.
  12. Diontae Johnson over 51.5 yards is a massive lock with Bouye out.
  13. This survivor could set a record for shortest stint yet lol. Cincinnati at Cleveland New York (NYG) at Chicago Atlanta at Dallas Detroit at Green Bay Jacksonville at Tennessee Minnesota at Indianapolis Buffalo at Miami San Francisco at New York (NYJ) Los Angeles (LAR) at Philadelphia Denver at Pittsburgh Carolina at Tampa Bay Washington at Arizona Kansas City at Los Angeles (LAC) Baltimore at Houston New England at Seattle New Orleans at Las Vegas Survivor: RIP
  14. Pre-Fangio agreed. But IIRC Elway tried to trade up for Patrick Queen as per Klis. As long as Fangio is our HC gotta believe it’s going to be a top 2 priority. https://www.profootballrumors.com/2020/04/broncos-tried-to-trade-back-into-first-round-for-lb-patrick-queen
  15. To be fair though, for Fangio's D to really hum, it requires 2 key elements we don't have right now: 1. An alpha-dog pass rusher. Chubb is not that guy - I said it from Day 1, he's a glue guy, a Robin, but you need a Batman. 2. A Mike who can go sideline to sideline. Alexander Johnson is very good and at his price range is an amazing bargain, but ideally he'd be the 2nd inside LB - and we'd have an alpha-dog. I truly think that and T are going to be the priorities for Elway next offseason. If we had Von, we likely don't let Tannehill pick and choose where to dissect us by slow cuts. For all the complaining ppl had on Von when the sacks weren't there, he either got to the QB, or he drew double-triple teams that allowed other guys to get there. Now that he's gone, we're going to see a lot more games like yesterday, where the QB has 2.5 - 3+ secs to get rid of the ball.
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