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  1. What are you reading? V1

    The main story starts at 7-12, and finishes at 21, but there's a huge breakpoint after 10, which is why I suggested it, but really I can't argue with @Knowledge The original series is 7-12, 14, 16, 20, 21. That's the original 10. The books 1-6, 13, 15 and 17-19 were all published later to fill in backstory. If you want to go 7-12/14/16/20/21, that's the publication order, like @Knowledge referred to. I'd have zero problem with that. My point was more start at 7-10 for sure....and if you want more backstory to fill in the blanks, you can do 1-6. But whatever you do, don't do 1-6 first. You will not get nearly the same type of payoff, 7-12 really from a writing/setup perspective, was meant to draw you in. All I can say is after I read Garden of the Moons (#7), I was hooked, and by #10, it must pretty much on par with GRRM's work. And since it actually finished, I prefer it lol.
  2. What are you reading? V1

    Do NOT start there, it's not going to add context. If you want to go in chronological order by the way the events unfold - this is the correct order: https://www.tor.com/2017/11/21/malazan-suggested-reading-order-ian-cameron-esslemont-steven-erikson/ HOWEVER, reading the very first book of the series as #7...that's not how I'd do it. I'd go 7-10 first, then 1-6, then 11 onwards. Going 7-10 gets you loving the 100+ characters that get a much greater amount of exposition for backstory in 1-6.... Enjoy, honestly it's the best series around that's not GRRM-based.
  3. I realize the larger point still stands, but that assumes everyone is attempting the same amount of shots. The #'s skew heavily towards the usage, no? Middleton/Bledsoe/Lopez are getting most of the FT's, IIRC, as an example.
  4. Re: posting up more, that plays into TOR's hands. TOR's interior D with Gasol joining Siakam/Leonard (and with Ibaka/Anunoby spelling the frontcourt, it was unbelievable) is their strength. It's a testament to Giannis' abilities that he gives them fits in transition / facing the basket. Absolutely fair comment that MIL's shooters have missed open looks (although, it's not like they are all uncontested, but I'd say about 1-3 to 1/4 of the misses are very much open looks). That would likely still be what TOR will let MIL do if Giannis posts up.
  5. Adam "Pacman" Jones retires

    So did most DEN fans. He wasn't even on the field much by the 2H of the season, and got cut late Nov. He was a shell of his former self, Father Time remained undefeated there (duh).
  6. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    While I have a lot of problems with the character progression in S8's writing to get where they end up (and less of an issue for the end result) for many of the key players, frankly for Jon & Sansa I think they were kept completely in-character progression-wise - even to the point where Jon's decisions were royally stupid, but fit with his values on honor & family (and same for Sansa transforming from helpless, fearful girl to a leader willing to make the hard choices for the good of the North, even when it cost allies/family like Jon dearly). I get the criticism pretty much elsewhere, but for Jon & Sansa, their progression was very much in-line (now if ppl want to argue Jon learned zip on needing to make better decisions as a leader...no argument there, but even then he fulfills Ygritte's famous line to the end). And in Jon's case, it did fulfill the Azor Azhai prophecy, just not in direct literal order. There's no doubt he saved the kingdom, we just weren't expecting it was Dany he had to kill to do it (and of course the North doesn't defeat the NK army without his work in uniting the various parties).
  7. QB you could make a case for 5-6 guys after Russell all deserving of 2nd team status. Russell takes the cake for sure given 1.1 status and his quick bust, but Manziel, EJ Manuel, Paxton Lynch and Brandon Weeden didn't even provide more than 1 season of starts, and in JFF/Lynch/Weeden's case, they were all gone by their 3rd year and didn't make an impact anywhere else. That's uniformly awful for any 1st round pick to not make it through their 1st contract, and be forgotten so soon.. I'm tempted to throw Jake Locker & Christian Ponder in, but at least they actually started a couple of seasons as the main guy.
  8. "GoT extra / NFL MVP" tag was a classic. Danica might not be so happy though lol.
  9. Total sidebar - lol @ the MIL owner's daughter wearing a Pusha-T t-shirt. Drake is probably eating this W up, though lol.
  10. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    By all means watch the show. The first 4 seasons are literally the best around. Season 5-6 start to deviate from the same quality as the books are no longer there to use, but it's still at a high level. Seasons 7-8 are incredibly fun to watch, because the spectacle gets ramped up - it's just that the writing and consistency have IMO rightfully been questioned. As for the ending, judge for yourself. Almost everyone agrees that S8 is rushed (and frankly it kinda started in S7), and I'm in the camp that much of the major plot twists weren't earned - the ending results aren't the issue as much as the lazy / inconsistent / contradictory writing that leads to those plot twists (the final twist being the one that kinda makes me chuckle in the fitting problems it presents, encapsulates S8 in a nutshell - but it also allows for the other main characters to achieve results that are more in line to the "best-case" outcome...so I'm still so torn - hate the mechanics and final choice for ruler...but how it enables other characters to end, I see why it's necessary - just such horribly lazy/contradictory writing to get there). Hopefully by the time you catch up, we might get news of the books that will finish the original book arc. Of course, if you take your time and finish by 2022+, I like your chances more on that last count lol.
  11. To be fair, though, Giannis with his back to the basket IMO plays into TOR's hands. I don't follow hoops nearly as much as all of you, but Giannis' postup game isn't anywhere near his transition game. If you're talking about freeing up so he can get into the paint facing the basket, I hear you, but Siakam's length and Gasol & Leonard's anticipation are so good, it's easier said than done. They sniff out the back / cross screens and back cuts really well. It's only when Giannis is screaming at them in transition or open court that their rotation breaks down. I do think TOR's D goes unrecognized. The guards are the mismatch posted up - but that's where MIL doesn't have as much game. When Anunoby is in the rotation, that's a sick D, such quickness on the perimeter and great footwork/rotation inside. Gasol had an awful night on O - but he, Siakam and Leonard were dialed in on D tonight (Ibaka too). It's the main reason why they hung around in the 3Q, honestly when MIL was up 12, I thought the blowout was coming. But the D buckled down. REALLY impressed there.
  12. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Endgame

    They also own Namor's rights the same way. You'd think they'd want to start printing $$ with Marvel. Honestly, IMO I think their pride prevents them from doing it - they still see themselves as the top dog, they've been one of the top if not the top studios for so long. Helping Marvel dethrone them isn't in their DNA. Really, that's the only rational explanation.
  13. Siakam's not a pure shooter, he's just so improved from last year, you give him an open look, he's actually decent. But he's not a guy who you want to be playing the perimeter game. He's got to be an attacker. PHI posed real problems when Embild was in there, and now the MIL length poses real issues, too. You take away even 5 percent of Siakam's athletic explosion, it really limits his ability to create - we saw that tonight. His stroke was off - but he played great D and he cleaned up with big inside points when they needed it. The guy who has been a complete ghost until Game 4 the entire playoffs was VanVleet. To say he's been clutch the last 2 games is an understatement. The confidence he's showing is literally 180 degrees from the entire PHI series and games 1-3 this series. The other part that's probably not getting enough press - how good Siakam & Gasol's D was today. MIL was killing TOR inside, and early in the 1H, they were dominant inside. Gasol and Siakam really stepped up inside in the 2H. It's crazy that Siakam couldn't hit anything outside, and Gasol/Ibaka were complete non-factors on O - but the TOR D really clamped down in the 2H. And for all the bad press Lowry has for his past playoff failures (and TBH a lot of it is earned), he's playing really well right now - but he's clearly hurting, that left wrist makes him so 1-handed right now (it's crazy he was on fire game 4 TBH). To have VanVleet give those minutes AND be the assassin from outside...well, if TOR gets a similar effort on D for Game 6 and gets those 1-2 bench guys and 2 of Lowry/Siakam/Gasol to show up, man, it looks like a GS-TOR final. Still, TOR's been in this situation before and come up short. The bigger Q is how MIL responds...first time all year they've lost 3 games in a row, let alone to the same team.
  14. I don't know if ppl covered this, but Giannis turned his ankle pretty good with about a min to go. If it's a LAS, he *should* be good to go next game. But if he's not close to 95+ percent, man, that's a tough go for MIL. Bears watching early on Saturday. P.S. Before anyone misunderstands, by this time the game was lost IMO. So not suggesting any impact tonight, but for game 6 going forward.
  15. To be fair, @jrry32 said DOA after Game 3 in the OP that started this specific discussion. It's hard to argue that point.