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  1. Deadpool 2

    Yeah it could have been a stun. If they were painting Cable as a Black Hat it would have been a killshot but given what we know it could have been simply a stun. I will say I didn’t get even a hint of who it was lol.
  2. What movie are you watching v1

    Sadly Banshee isn’t on Netflix. Go watch The 100. Other than a slow ep 1.2 - 1.4 and questionable character endings in S3 it’s excellent.
  3. Deadpool 2

    Ok I caught the spoiler most ppl have been talking about (Vanisher) but I totally missed this one...mind blown.
  4. Deadpool 2

    DP2 breaks the mold of having no big Black Hat to pit DP against though. Which is fine given it’s not a conventional hero movie. I still prefer the 1st but just barely; and I still LOL today thinking about that Cable-DP scene in the apartment and those post-credit scenes.
  5. Deadpool 2

    Well let’s be honest this isn’t a classic hero movie. DP is as anti-hero as it gets. And the scope of the story isn’t even that large. And that’s fine IMO. By setting a deliberately small scope of the story it’s able to get away with being mostly the Ryan Reynolds show, with a little Cable & Domino & X-Force thrown in. Lets face it this is not a series that takes itself seriously. It’s how the humor that breaks the 4th wall can work so well.
  6. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    Again though - in-movie story telling it’s fine. As part of the contained movie it’s deliberate writing to deliver the story then and there. Not even close to the same as going back 4-5 movies.
  7. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    As a device to see into the future or as a minor plot device it’s fine. Thanos rewound 1 min in time so it happened as part of the movie current tale. To change major events so far back from prior movies IMO it’s the cheapest form of writing. The only time it ever gets justified is if it’s changing the whole canon (Star Trek reboot, Days of Future Past). Clearly that’s unlikely to be the case here and now in the MCU . If it’s a cameo to say goodbye it’s justifiable. If it’s a way to reintroduce a character...meh. I do hope we have a better solution for those Thanos faded.
  8. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    Yeah totally fine if it’s a cameo. More commenting on using time travel to undo past MCU events. Too easy and cheap. It should only be used if an entire reboot is being done (I.E. Star Trek, Days of Future Past). That’s clearly not the case here so an easy “no thx” to the time travel angle.
  9. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    God no. That would be an awful premise to use. Now if it’s related to the Soul Stone and his being among many housed there so SW and he can say goodbye - great. Or some other explanation / angle. But using time travel to undo what happened would be incredibly cheap and negate all the drama and character development the MCU has created.
  10. Gambling could renew push for 18-game season

    Viewership is significantly higher for a regular season game. The 2016-18 preseason games pulled in a 0.4 - 1.8 rating with the meaningless ones being the lowest. The regular season games pulled in 4.8 - 12+ ratings and the low end ones were those aired on NFLN or ESPN only. Viewer ratings are what drive TV revenue. Preseason games get 1/3 - 1/10 the ratings of a reg season game. The math is pretty clear 1 more regular season game is going to generate way more revenue than losing 1 preseason game, given that TV/online is the big meal ticket for revenue. Now obviously this extra $ wouldn’t be generated until it’s time to negotiate a new TV / online deal, but that’s the time to propose the change. And again, the NFLPA might not even object to keeping it at 4 preseason games (since the 4th rarely plays any starters), the bigger issue is not adding more reg. season games but somehow adding overall revenue (which this would do). But if keeping the overall schedule and not shortening the offseason is crucial to the NFLPA along with player safety, that’s the only feasible solution on the table.
  11. Eli Manning on trial for fake memorabilia scam

    Seems like Eli is in the clear. Note that they didn’t address Brady or Zeke though....
  12. Deadpool 2

    I went in spoiler free and can say I caught that cameo. Loved the 4th wall breakdown again. Didn’t mind that they kept the scale small. Because this was a sequel it didn’t hit with the same bang as the original but it was really well executed. Reynolds just has that character nailed down. Domino was the other scene stealer though (Cable was good but nothing like DP & Domino). But man that post credits sequence I didn’t see coming. Best post credit scenes ever IMO. And that nod to ...best parody scene yet.
  13. Gambling could renew push for 18-game season

    One less preseason game wouldn’t even come close to what they gain overall TV-wise. TV revenue accounts for nearly 8B of the league’s revenues while direct sponsorship accounts for another 1B of the league’s 13-14B income. Ticket sales account for about 16-17 percent of revenue now. Before the latest CBA it was 20+ percent. TV, online & team sponsorship / merchandise are where the league sees the most growth potential (a big reason why they are always trying for new markets). An extra week of TV & online revenue will be worth way more than any loss in ticket revenue. FWIW the players might not even object to playing one more week if the total # reg. season games stays the same. But if everyone wants a solution that doesn’t actually lengthen the season (and preserved player safety) that’s the only feasible one I see.
  14. Gambling could renew push for 18-game season

    On a serious note, the first step to increase revenue - eliminate 1 preseason game, and extend the schedule to 18 weeks - with 2 weeks of byes per team, instead of 1. It doesn't create extra games - but it creates an extra week of TV revenue, and of course, more interest per game. It doesn't add extra games played, and it doesn't shorten true offseason time. It's a win-win for everyone IMO. Of course, that's probably why it will never happen, either.
  15. Gambling could renew push for 18-game season

    If the NFL is serious about player safety, this will never happen. In other words, this will likely eventually happen (but not until 1-2 CBA's from now, with significant concessions).