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  1. I doubt the Lions would move him. If somehow Patricia isn’t fired - they are fighting for their jobs. If they do move on Stafford gives the new staff a foundation piece - it’s not like they have a draft spot they can lock into QB with certainty (and obv months after a new hire in that scenario). The Ford family values stability - why they don’t turn over coaches as quickly as other orgs do. That principle applies to their stars - they drove Megatron & Sanders to retire early; never once did serious trade discussions come up. Given the above this seems incredibly unlikely.
  2. I would only want him if I’d have a young guy we pair him up with - but Fitzmagic is a great backup / stopgap who can help young QB’s learn on the job faster. Love his professionalism (contrast that to Flacco’s “I’m here to start” when BAL drafted Lamar):
  3. I'd concede the 1st is very possible if a playoff team like PIT wants him (why I mentioned it in my OP), they know they aren't getting one of those 5 guys. But my lean is no, simply because of how PIT caters to Big Ben (they only drafted Rudolph when he hinted at retirement - and then once he reversed course <his MO, total prima donna>, it's been more about future planning). Unlike GB & A-Rod, the FO actually bends to Ben's wishes more than operates independently. The team that could decide pre-draft that they want Darnold - CHI. But would they trade their 1st right away? That's where not knowing who is available comes in. NYJ will want the highest bidder - but it's impossible to know who that is until you're in the draft (even let's say PIT says "we're willing to trade our 1st" - it's going to be a late 1st, so how does NYJ know another team won't offer an earlier 1st)? That's the main reason why I'd take the Rd2 bet - the odds should be worth the risk IMO (I'm guessing the books would give + money there, and yes, you can bet on that kind of thing as the draft nears lol). If NYJ is interested in leveraging the highest price, you have to see Rd1 go down (or at least the first 5 QB's go off the board) before you know the buyer market.
  4. But that's also why the trade likely doesn't happen until the draft - because NYJ wants to sell to the highest bidder. You don't know who the highest bidder is until you know how Rd1 of the draft shakes out. If a team is already willing to spend a 1st rounder, then sure - but that's not likely in the teen's range. The scenario where it could happen is if PIT is just willing to say, screw it, let's do it - but even then, does NYJ feel that's the highest bidder out there? It appears that there are 5 QB's going with Rd1 grades at this stage, FWIW.
  5. The key IMO is to finish below NE & SF in the draft standings - then our 2nd round pick will have more value than anyone else. I'm going to say NO is automatically out of the running, barring a complete meltdown or injury to Taysom Hill, they're going to go that route next year. Payton has an unhealthy-level bromance going on there with Taysom. I'd put good $ that Darnold isn't traded until Day 2 of the NFL draft - because teams looking for a QBOTF (except PIT) will be looking at Rd1 for "their guy". Some of them will get them, some of them won't. Darnold, Winston & Fitzmagic then go to the teams that aren't going draft for QB. Darnold could obviously go to someone who's willing to give up a 1st - but for a guy with only 1 cheap year left, that's a pretty tall order. But it only takes 1, I guess. The dream scenario was where Darnold's stock fell so hard a 3rd could do it - but the landscape with QB next offseason remains as ugly as ever, that's a pipe dream now - a Rd2 pick that is valued higher than any other bidder seems the likely winner. Winston, Fitzmagic, Darnold and I'd guess Cam Newton will all likely find work to compete with, or get the starter job outright next year - even if 5 teams go QB Rd 1 (let's say for argument's sake NYJ, JAX, WAS, SF & CHI go QB) - only PIT & MIN have obvious guys they're locked into next year (MIN thinking 2022 for Cousins' departure). 3 teams left from those 8, and we should likely add CIN (who won't go for a guy like Darnold, but might go the Cam/Fitzmagic/Winston route for a 1-year stopgap until Burrow returns, that's an ugly ACL+ injury, not the usual). Point being, there'll be interest for that tier of vet QB, so it's not like there won't be interest in Darnold.
  6. Houston at DetroitWashington at DallasBaltimore at PittsburghLas Vegas at AtlantaArizona at New England Carolina at MinnesotaLos Angeles (LAC) at BuffaloCleveland at JacksonvilleTennessee at IndianapolisMiami at New York (NYJ)New York (NYG) at CincinnatiSan Francisco at Los Angeles (LAR)New Orleans at DenverKansas City at Tampa BayChicago at Green BaySeattle at Philadelphia
  7. I mean, if they wanted a QB to be TO prone at big moments, they could at least have big play potential with Winston. The Bucs will be a lot better on O with Marpet back as interior pressure gives Brady fits...but man, this is pretty ugly.
  8. It's a battle of reverse game management - will the pick scare McVay to run more (which plays into TB D hands), and will TAM stop playing zone coverage and make it easy for Goff to make quick reads?
  9. Clearly needed to say goodbye after his legendary SF career. Right up three with Gore in PHI.
  10. Is Ali Marpet out? That’s a huge problem with Donald. Whitworth out for is a huge problem as well for the Rams. Ultimately it’s more a matter of how Brady fares vs. inside pressure vs. how Goff fares vs. TAM’s heat. Both teams are likely in the playoffs but this gives LAR a clear path to the division crown. TAM has to gain 2 games on NO so they pretty much need to win out IMO to even have a shot. Looking forward to this one.
  11. Well that was a bloodbath spread wise. Tonight is tough to gauge but player props on TAM TE yardage & Josh Reynolds 44.5 seem like the best bets plus nice TD odds.
  12. OK first off, the notion that Harbaugh is somehow diminished by the O's struggles is just way off-base. If there's blame, it falls squarely on OC Greg Roman's shoulders, coaching-wise. Remember, this is the same dude that used the EXACT SAME GAME PLAN facing LAC 3 weeks later after roasting them in the regular season - only to have no answer for their 7-DB plan. And ZERO in-game adjustment. 2020 is a rinse and repeat from that 2018-to-2019--playoff exit formula. Roman gets a ton of credit for designing the scheme that got the most out of Lamar's abilities - but he also gets a HUGE deduction for his lack of adaptation. D's are figuring how to take Lamar's easy runs away, and they're jumping the known routes - and Roman's done ZERO adjustment. The other part alluded to was the OL injuries, and the WR talent. But in reality, those are issues teams deal with all the time - and transcendent talent overcomes it. As a passer, Lamar's nowhere close to a transcendent pocket passer. But this isn't all on him, either. His running ability and threat are what made his pass game skills play up - but the scheme's lack of adaptability to the D's adjustments speaks volumes to Roman's flaws, too. Lamar still needs to develop as a passer. But he's come a long way since his Louisville days, too. The bigger issue IMO is that Roman's not likely going to adapt the scheme further, so we'll need to see OL improvements (with Stanley back, not hard to bank on that, but losing Yanda was a massive blow as well) and Lamar progression for BAL's O to evolve. I don't think counting on Roman adapting is a good bet at all.
  13. Given where we likely are in the draft, I suspect Elway's going to bring in vet competition if it's not crystal clear Lock is our future guy. Jameis Winston, Fitzmagic, etc. Both will likely be affordable (Winston's chance to set a market high value price appears to be gone if NO is sticking with Taysom Hill). Or trade a day 2 pick (hopefully a 3rd, but a 2nd might be required) for Darnold. I posted it last week, but Renck himself posted this sentiment - and even named Darnold as a trade target. Again, he's not Klis, who we know is the org mouthpiece, but he's as connected to that FO as anyone else. I don't think he or the coaching staff are going to wait for a rookie solution next year, if Lock isn't the guy.
  14. Sure, but those INT's matter. I don't think it's useful to throw out TO’s when it’s on the QB as those are game changing plays. At the same time, let's also realize the LAC & ATL stats were inflated in a big way by being in a 3-score hole, and both teams adopting a prevent D strategy in the 2H (Lynn far too soon in the LAC game, combined with Callahan's pick, which led to the improbable W). The stats don't tell the whole story, they rarely do when it comes to QB's. The 2019 stats look pedestrian, but it was behind an even worse OL, and far fewer weapons than we have now. And yet Lock's play in 2019 was cause for optimism. The same numbers, with far superior weapons, and far more mistakes made by Lock that lead to TO's (or are TO-worthy but don't happen), the lack of progress in his weak spots, they are very much cause for pessimism and concern. We're back to the formula of "hope the D plays out of its mind, and the O does enough" formula. That's not going to be sustainable for legit contention, especially with KC/Mahomes, LAC/Herbert (man it hurts me to say that), and LV / balanced O & elite OL play in the mix. It doesn't mean the book on Lock is closed - yesterday just kept his stock from falling further, and level out to where there's still some real hope with him - and we see glimpses of what brought hope (the arm, the feel for pressure and internal clock to throw or move, and his mobility / elusiveness when called upon). But it also still comes with a lot of concerns as well. The worrisome part is that the concerns are just the areas he's had problems with the longest with in college (footwork with pressure, D recognition, read progressions, looking off safeties, etc.). The accuracy issues, I'd almost hope he physically isn't 100 percent (unless it's the labrum, obviously bad news, so hopefully it's OK). One area I will highlight deserves credit for a real change - OC Shurmur was a LOT more unpredictable. A lot more short / high-success short passes on 1st down (I think there were 5 alone to the TE in the flat, clearly they read something in the week of film prep), and that set up a very successful run game. There are weeks we will need to pass more, there are others where the ideal is the balance we saw yesterday. But it wasn't simply that we committed to run more - it's that Shurmur was 10x more unpredictable than in past weeks. Hopefully we see more of that in the future. Much like we can easily swing too far into despair after a bad L, we shouldn't get too high with a legit W, either - we earned the W, but it was more of the tried-and-true formula from our 2016 days - great D performance with O not blowing it. If anything, on O we should take more hope from what we saw from the gamecalling - it gave more opps for the team to succeed. KC's D has shown it can be beaten in the past few weeks, while I'm not realistically thinking we can win, I'd like to see the O take advantage much like CAR & LV were able to. That would give a lot more sustainability to long-term hope.
  15. Total fake news IMO - I refuse to believe JJAW can catch anything.
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