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  1. FWIW there have been 3 inventory drops in the last 2 months at walmart & EB (Canuck version of Gamestop), so if you follow the trackers on Twitter, I think those searching can get 1 sooner rather than later.
  2. Been camping the last week - gotta give credit to Giannis & the Bucks - didn't think they could win 4 of 5, so to go 4 straight, full tip of my cap. Giannis going 16-17 from the FT line, and the Bucks matching 3's and bench scoring in games 5-6, straight up earned that series W and title. Nothing but strong props.
  3. The Suns have been lax in setting up the Giannis wall the last 2 games. He's getting the ball really low in the post. That's definitely an issue the Suns need to address. ATL ran into the same problem in game 2-3, then got better in games 4-5. One issue with Ayton leaving (and no Saric), is that Crowder wanted to body Giannis and play right up in his face - that's not going to work with Crowder's lack of length. Ayton plays a little more off, which helped limit the drive and easy layup / dunk. Whether it's a double team or setting up the wall another step further out, either way,
  4. Well, I suspect there's some pushback on the Bucks in 6 posting (lol). I mean, you gotta give Giannis & the Bucks full props, they did what they had to last night. Fundamentally, most ppl would recognize 3 components: 1. PHX's bench has been deeper and usually outperforms MIL's by a fair margin. 2. 3-pt shooting has been a PHX strength and a MIL weakness. 3. Coaching on Bud's side hasn't been great. So for most nights, it comes down to MIL's big 3 having to outscore PHX's big 3 by a significant margin, given #1 - #3 normally happen. Last night, it definit
  5. Conor never had great cardio at any class. It’s true that bad weight cuts can drain fighters but if you’ve never had it then it’s really rare to overcome that.
  6. Their appeal is linked to their label. They are “guys off the street” and willing to brawl. Full machismo. Marketed as fighters the common working man can identify as “one of us”. At least Diaz shows durability. But yeah the label far outstrips the skill set at this stage.
  7. Conor would be the Derrick Lewis of the 145 division. Death touch risk every time he connects, and pretty much for 1.5 rounds. At 155, that power doesn't translate. But at least Conor would have a legit chance in the ring - at 155, he's really just a gatekeeper IMO. I know Conor fans won't like to admit it publicly, but his history at 155 pretty much screams this right now.
  8. McGregor-Diaz would at least prevent it from being 0-8 lol.
  9. IMO that's the problem. As long as he's at 155 - his biggest weapon is neutralized. His stopping power is neutralized at 155. Add in the fact he gasses out after 2 rounds now....it's not a winning combo. Having said that, there's no doubt he's still insanely popular. BUT, he's going to lose the universal popularity for casual fans to tune in if he keeps losing. Right now, ppl tune in either because they're on Team Conor, or they want to see him get his *** handed to him. But he gets mainstream relevance from casual fans because of the aura of greatness. That aura is definit
  10. Burns is decent, but IMO he was in the right place and right time for his ascent: -2019, he found 2 40+ year olds, and a 26-17 dude before losing to Craig Jones -2020, both guys he faced before Usman were in the decline phase of their careers -Other than Cowboy Oliveira in 2015, I don't think he's faced anyone in their prime and top-level and won. Every other W has been where the name guy is on the back end of his career. Now, the fact it's 3 rounds, helps Burns (because I'd like WB in any 5-round match vs. him 10/10x). But still think it's WB here. I'd go with:
  11. In theory, for sure - but when you add in the context on why both happened - the Bucks playing off the 3 shooters so at least 25 of those 40 attempts were great, open looks (and it might have been 30+), combined with the wing and perimeter length that the Suns D offers.....it's tough. Give Bud credit for once - he changed it up completely this game scheme wise on D - and the Suns adjusted. On D, the Suns perimeter D is really underrated. We may see another game or 2 where 2/3 of the Bucks big 3 struggle because of the D. There's likely going to be 1-2 games where the Suns could run
  12. The problem is that Milwaukee's margin for error is so small - even when Giannis has a legendary game, they lose. They don't necessarily have to have everything go their way to win - but they are going to get beat at the FT line percentage wise by a fair margin as long as Giannis is playing, and on most nights, the 3 game & the bench scoring battle. That means MIL's big 3 have to outplay PHX's big 3 (Ayton being the 3rd most nights) - tonight even with Giannis' 42, the total was only 70-64. Now tonight, the Bucks bench outscored the Suns - but only because Payne/Johnson/others
  13. 1. Nadr going to play more. Bridges & both Cam’s going to have to pick up the slack on O. 2. Ayton is going to log 38-40 mins a game from now on. Crowder & Bridges’ PT going up too. Giannis played his heart out. But he was spent and he might have suffered a cascade injury with the calf in the 4Q. I didn’t think he could return close to healthy - but he’s just a freak. Having said that - if he’s more limited than present form - Bucks are toast. Again panic isn’t needed until you lose a home game - but the only solace Bucks fans can hope for is that the Su
  14. With Saric out losing Craig could be big. He spells Crowder and provides the size / toughness on D. Not just tonight (Crowder has 4 fouls) but for the rest of series.
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