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  1. Well it’s official - @Acgott you can change the title - the MCU & Netflix are officially done after JJ S3 airs. Basically a reboot for Disney+ seems a lock later on. Wonder which stars get to stay in their roles when that happens.
  2. Ravens trade Joe Flacco to Broncos

    Klis has already confirmed it's a 4th alone - the only issue is if it's DEN or HOU's 4th. Either way, BAL has to be very happy. Even if it whiffs it's a free ticket given their situation. It also shows Elway's win-now desperation - he couldn't take the chance Flacco would hit the open market and choose a better situation like JAX for him to win now, so he paid up. Whereas most teams wouldn't have seen the need to worry about the risk given the very real risk Flacco's not enough of a diff maker on DEN's O and at his stage of career/skills (the statue pocket passer part is a real prob with our OL), but that's where Elway's mind is at ("must find QB who can help now").
  3. Ravens trade Joe Flacco to Broncos

    Klis is the DEN org mouthpiece. He's really reliable for news and info - but you can pretty much take any opinion that's football related and just put down "DEN FO" on it. Read the replies to that tweet if you want a good chuckle, the fanbase is well aware of his status as FO source.
  4. Ravens trade Joe Flacco to Broncos

    Flacco doesn't help DEN catch up to LAC or KC, not by a longshot. That's absolutely the head-scratcher part. But you're all making the assumption that Elway thinks this is a rebuild, and DEN needs a lot to be a contender. Keep in mind the premise that justifies this in Elway & the org's mind - they think they still are a contending, win-now team. This is literally the same statement made by Elway at the season-ending presser, since then, and parrotted by both CEO Joe Ellis (who basically runs the team with the ownership trust still in limbo) & the new coaching staff (which when you look at hiring Fangio/Munchak, aligns with said sentiment). That single premise is the real issue IMO - another org with DEN's situation would probably say "hey, let's build the roster, and hit 2020-21 QB draft hard, if we don't like anyone in the 2019 QB class", or they would have already hit 2018's QB class hard at 1.5 and gotten their QBOTF. But Ellis/Elway & co. approached 2018, and now 2019, like they still were good enough to be a legit contender. You ask 1/3 to 1/2 of the FF team fanbase, they'll probably still feel the same way - what happens when you're used to winning for so long. When in reality, we're so thin on roster talent at such key positions (QB, T, CB, WR ,TE) and other more replaceable positions (ILB, C/G), we really should keep trying to find a young QBOTF to be our long-term answer (not necessarily Rd1 if you don't believe a guy is there, but the idea is to think 2020+, not win-now in 2019). The reality most outsiders see is that DEN isn't good enough to catch LAC/KC with a Flacco / coaching upgrade. It just isn't one that Elway & Ellis see. They really do think it's about getting a better QB & coaching staff, and then the magic returns. I don't share the above belief, but it's clearly influencing Elway & the org. It's also how teams get stuck in perpetual mediocrity - something DEN's not used to, but has literally encountered in 2018-19 - you try to win now with a team that's not ready, and you just push yourself to a bunch of seasons where you're not good enough to contend, but also not bad enough to get the difference-maker. Sooner or later, DEN's going to have to commit to a full rebuild year - ironically, the players recognized that's what 2018 should have been after Week 17 - Wolfe, Marshall & others said literally that point (realistically, we were in a rebuild year). Done right, it doesn't have to take more than 1-2 years, but it takes longer if you keep investing the majority of assets in win-now moves, rather than hedge with future/youth-build, and hope you are lucky enough to accelerate the growth curve with a NO-2017 like draft. The solace I get from this deal is that it doesn't corner Elway into forcing a Rd1 pick into QB - which also sets a franchise back 3 years if it's as bad as a Lynch-Rd1 type pick, and definitely a risk we have this year. Not crazy about throwing away a 4th if Flacco proves to be neutral / not enough of a diff maker to really matter (which IMO is entirely likely, even though anyone probably upgrades Keenum by a mile, we need far more heading into 2019), and ultimately, our org's long-term health really only gets addressed once we find a real QBOTF.
  5. Ravens trade Joe Flacco to Broncos

    My suspicion is now we see DEN go ILB (because Fangio looks for a signature ILB to anchor his D) or CB if they think an elite one is there. Going after Flacco aligns with the DEN org narrative they are going to win-now - the Fangio hire was billed with that in mind, this fits as well - to be clear IMO, the narrative is crazy given our roster holes on both sides of the ball and complete lack of actual difference-making 2019 talent on O (Lindsay is probably the only guy who counts in that category for all the positions, and RB is the easiest of all positions to get that), but it is what it is. FWIW, I'd expect we spend a mid-round pick on a developmental QB, because Keenum won't likely stay as the backup, so getting a backup / shot-in-dark future starter is now the plan, with Keenum leaving saving $ to spend elsewhere (like trying to re-sign C Paradis).
  6. Ravens trade Joe Flacco to Broncos

    FWIW it's a 4th (unclear if it's HOU or DEN's, but I'd guess DEN's). I'm pretty neutral to the deal, because a reach for QB at 1.10 would have been the far worse scenario, but realistically this is mostly a lateral move for our QB situation - other than to throw more $ at the problem short-term, and for a guy who's a statue, and unlikely to help us much either way (and so won't help our OL issues, either - hiring OL coach Munchak is our only hope there). The fact that there's no guaranteed $, if it had been a 5th-6th, I probably would have been OK with - but it's hard to see him as a solution to our problems. I'd have been irate if this was a Day 2 pick, and I'm not crazy about the fact it's a top 110-ish pick, but given that Elway somehow still sees DEN as win-now, well, it's par for the course for him - his main problems as a GM have come when he's tried to go win-now with teams that aren't win-now, reaching for tools-only-low-skills guys way too early in the draft, and his ability to ID the right QB. I can't say this changes much of that narrative, unless Flacco has a very improbable revival of his career, but it probably protects DEN from Elway repeating the draft follies in 2019's QB class of going way too soon.
  7. Todd Gurley

    Rams are going to get fined for sure if an injury was withheld - but that's a price they'll gladly have paid if it allowed them to win the SB, and allowed teams to plan for more Gurley. With no prior history, a fine is the normal penalty (only once you get caught with prior history do lost picks come into play). I'll stick with my call 2 weeks ago - meniscus. It's the one injury you can try and play with and look ok for a few plays, then a floating piece locks it up, and you can't play until it settles down again (Mixon had this in-season, and played through it that game, then went under the knife). I touched on this before, but the reason why Gurley may not have gone under the knife - if they felt a full repair was needed, it's a 10+ week recovery (Mixon got the shaving "minor" repair, that's only 2-3 weeks out, but you trade off almost certain early arthritis of the joint later down the line). We'll find out soon enough - if there's an injury, Gurley's going to get a scope in the next 3-4 weeks (this week if there's no swelling, but they will need to wait if there's swelling). I'll be very surprised if we don't hear about a scope before the Combine.
  8. 2019 NFL Draft - Wide Receivers & Tight Ends

    The one big Q was his ability to separate returning from his 2014 injury. I think that's what I've learned the most in evaluating WR's, if separation is a flag, no matter the cause, it negates the rest of their skill set once they get to the NFL. Because once Treadwell can't separate, he doesn't have the phone booth ball-fight/box-out skills needed to win in true 50-50 situations. To be fair, it's possible that the loss of separation was entirely because of his gruesome injury. That was not a simple fracture, so it's entirely possible while he was still good in his return, he wasn't the same post-injury as his pre-film tape suggested. The whiff there has a lot of context IMO (I didn't have him as high as others, but then again, I thought Corey Coleman was the safest of that bunch, lol).
  9. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    MCL would make a lot of sense, grade 2 - but playing on a brace would be the norm - MG3 played with a brace on his return from his grade 2 MCL, and there certainly is a risk to aggravate it without. But yeah, it was pretty obvious at least on 3-4 plays the knee was bothering him. If he had a brace, MCL would have been my bet too, but I guess we'll find out either way soon enough.
  10. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    Sidebar - just gotta acknowledge the greatness of BB - he schooled McVay out there yesterday. I feel bad for Wade Phillips, because, man, you hold NE to 13 points, you should be winning. But tip my cap to BB, he had the answer for McVay's O.
  11. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    I've said it before on the Gurley thread, a knee issue like a meniscus makes a ton of sense. You can play on it for a few plays, then it locks up, and you're down again. For all the talk, the proof will come in the next couple of weeks (if there's swelling from playing on it, he won't get a scope right away). I'd be floored if we didn't hear news of a scope sometime between now and the Combine.
  12. Avengers: Endgame

    Like I've said before - they've got us hook, line and sinker to see Endgame. So really, there's no point in giving anything of substance. I also like that we're clearly going to get this at least 6 months (but I think it's 1-2 years post) snap. And I'm ok with editing the scene to only show the snap survivors from IW. Can't wait until April 29th.
  13. Pat Bowlen & Champ Bailey elected to HoF

    FWIW apparently Boselli & Atwater made the top 10, just didn't quite make the cut. This pretty much assures them of eventually getting in, likely as soon as next year.
  14. Pat Bowlen & Champ Bailey elected to HoF

    Plus Ed Reed in this class. But his time will come. Just a matter of when not if in his case.
  15. I keep forgetting that declining the option somehow still doesn’t count as a cut in contract. But yeah I stand corrected - dumb rule but the league still hasn’t closed that loophole.