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  1. That’s more reasonable for sure. I’m still surprised the Colts aren’t getting an extra year with little guaranteed $ on it. That’s a big part of the appeal to sign a guy like Fisher.
  2. 9.4M for a guy who's at major risk to be on the PUP? Man, I didn't see that coming. The thing about Achilles' injuries in your late 20's is that return to prior athletic explosion is unlikely, unless you're a quick-twitch freak (Steve Smith, to a lesser extent Manny Sanders). For an interior OL, or a pocket QB, not a big deal. For a LT, man, that is a concern. I get the LT market was pretty thin - I'm kinda surprised Indy didn't want Charles Leno over Fisher, but maybe it's the personal connection angle. Ballard's success gives him more than a little leash here, but it is an
  3. Yup, in the end DET did Stafford a solid. I mean, they might also prefer the deeper draft classes than 1.8 (especially since they owned 1.7). Either way, though, DEN's draft package was a clear distant 3rd pick-wise. Lock had zero to do with that decision.
  4. The issue is Denver wanted a 2nd rounder back. The value alone is the deal breaker. Carolina offered 1.8 straight up. And obv we know about the LAR offer.
  5. Forget about his injury history pre-Achilles - Achilles tears are career enders at that age for positions where agility is required, unless you're an athletic freak (like Steve Smith Jr., or even Manny Sanders). Nothing in James' profile says he fits the same profile. If James was an interior OL, I'd be more optimistic. But given his age, even without his prior injuries, it would be a long climb back. There's zero chance IMO he gets anything but the vet min look next year, given the risk.
  6. To expand on the Q completely - is the strength of resolve greater on AR's side vs. GB FO's side on this issue? Because waiting a year decreases A-Rod's value no matter what. History has shown 2 examples where the org's resolve was greater for 1 year, then they conceded - ARI & Carson Palmer, WFT & Trent Williams. Every other situation, the team concedes year 1.
  7. The report cited a pre-draft offer. Here's the thing - no team can trade more than 3 years of draft picks - which is what SF already emptied the clip to get 1.3. So right away, the 1.3 pick would have been only offered with non-Rd1 picks. It's literally impossible to offer more pre-draft as far as 1st round picks. It's a cute story, but any story that says there were more 1sts added to 1.3 is just pure fan fiction. I wonder from what team.....
  8. My only amendments would be Surtain isn't likely going on his own without Stokes back (because then it's worth 2 mid-20's firsts, and we also need to think how to roster the secondary when likely 1, if not 2 of the top 4 CB's leave), and Jeudy/Fant being off the table, given you can't replace their role (Fant is unlikely to be the guy the Pack target, since they have Robert Tonyan, aka Baby Kittle - great nickname lol).
  9. Build wise, you can see the comp. But it's just so hard to match what Champ brought. Surtain could be 4.40, his shuttle 4.00-ish (and most aren't) and his 3-cone sub-7 and it wouldn't touch what Champ brought. Champ's the Metcalf/Julio of CB's when it came to physical talent - add in his intangibles, well, there's only one Champ. None of the above is a knock against Surtain - he could be as good as Marshawn Lattimore, for example, and it would be a good result. It still wouldn't be Champ V2.
  10. If Sutton is going, then there's no Surtain/Stokes swap. Jeudy IMO is off the table given the $ implications, and the fact Sutton is going to be pricey - and again, the point about Patrick/Sutton providing the same role, makes zero sense to keep those 2 and deal Jeudy. It doesn't help us win games to have 2 similar style guys who should play the same position. Realistically keeping Sutton, Chubb & A-Rod is not how we stay competitive for A-Rod's next years - and Paton isn't doing this just for 2021, he's got 2021, 2022 & 2023 in mind (as a minimum). It doesn't have to be Sutton,
  11. Yes, let's be clear on Patrick - he's giving around Rd4 value. Nothing more. Patrick & Bridgewater combined might be the equivalent of a 3rd rounder....maybe. Surtain vs. Stokes definitely counts as a 1st, so if Paton is offering 2022 1st/2nd, Surtain/Stokes & Bridgewater (with or without Patrick), I don't see anyone beating it, nor the need to surpass the offer. It also meets the criteria of keeping us competitive to win now. I'd be on board with it. If we needed to deal 3 1sts and Bridgewater/Patrick, I'd be fine with that too. But 2 firsts + Surtain/Stokes &a
  12. IIRC White Goodman and the Globo Purple Cobras got their just desserts when they tried to buy off Peter Lafleur.
  13. To underline this point - Mark Schlereth's story that a deal was all but done - was based off him talking to a non-Broncos employee, who had some connections to the FO. It's stated very clearly by Schlereth. Supposedly a NFL insider who "never steered him wrong before". https://nypost.com/2021/05/03/aaron-rodgers-text-to-mark-schlereth-after-broncos-trade-report/?utm_source=twitter_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site buttons&utm_campaign=site buttons I doubt anyone made contact directly, because FO's know very well what happens. And it's super easy to prove, if formal comm
  14. Barnwell isn’t that plugged in. I think he’s just spitballing. If Klis / Renck / Allbright or one if the usual national suspects called it I’d put more weight behind their stated offer. I just think Barnwell might be a closet Denver fan LOL.
  15. If we get Kelly it’s ironic that we get a more reliable T and probably cheaper. As bad as James’ contract ends to being that’s a major windfall to the org. But getting a serviceable T is essential now. Going in with only Bolles / Anderson isn’t an option. Kelly or Leno are likely the best options - and if Fangio isn’t sold on Leno after his time in Chicago easy to go with Kelly. If Paton gets Kelly I don’t think it changes our outlook at all. I certainly don’t think it makes us less attractive of a destination for a certain HoF unhappy QB.
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