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  1. Random Thoughts

    The PR line is that they didn't want to have another event with unnecessary meetings / interactions - but the reality is that this was done purely out of team benefits - because outside of star players who chose to return to school (like a Chuba Hubbard), very few teams would have scouted those guys, and pretty much have no shot of getting more info now. It definitely sucks for the players, I think quite a few would have gone this route given how the landscape with playing in 2020-spring 2021 looks so far. Just my gut feel on this, but the current state of affairs tells me that fall college football is a pipe dream. The NFL is going to face a challenge to get the season in, and they can throw 8-figures in $ support, and have a league infrastructure and process they can apply to each team. Nothing like that exists in college, and there are just so many college teams. And to be clear, the NFL season is still far from guaranteed - but for college, it's looking like spring 2021 is the best hope - and then that throws the 2021 draft and NFL scouting process a huge monkey wrench. The NFL I'm more hopeful on, but college football in the fall is something I wouldn't be counting on at all.
  2. Last of Us 2 - POTENTIAL SPOILERS. Poster Beware

    I get that doing a 2nd quest and more flashbacks and deepening out the Ellie-Joel relationship would have likely gone over incredibly well, and been a massive commercial success - and could have had Joel's exit much later in the game. I absolutely get that the writers had that option. It just would have been a pretty derivative sequel, and IMO would have detracted from the greatness of the original. I didn't enjoy LOU 2 nearly as much as LOU - that's hardly surprising, given that the origin story done THAT well is going to be almost impossible to replicate. It's the development of the relationships and characters that creates so much love from fans in a story-driven game. And that's going to be next to impossible to re-create. As I said before, the hard part for LOU 2 is the theme they chose just gets so dark and depressing...for so long. I loved Joel, so his exit was a crusher...but frankly, in that universe, it's pretty organic and hard to argue against as a viable story turn. It's more that the commercials ND put out clearly had this as a fake-out - which I get is a huge problem for casual fans, who were probably looking for more of the same. On that count, I get the anger. LOU 2 is not going to be seen as a classic in my eyes - because LOU still earns the honor by a fair margin. A sequel that fails to surpass the origin story is hardly a black mark - very few sequels do. But the dislike and outright negative reviews seem too harsh. And I say that as someone who's likely only going to play it through a 2nd time with my daughter later.
  3. Last of Us 2 - POTENTIAL SPOILERS. Poster Beware

    Just wanted to say that the bolded parts really resonate with my experience. I think as the furor dies down, the points above will stand out more than the knee-jerk reaction. I also understand a good segment of the casual gaming population felt ND tricked them into thinking Joel was going to be a big part of the gameplay experience - swapping out him for Jesse in the commercial tag was definitely a huge misdirection. I'm still OK with that, though. The bigger issue is that the whole 2nd act was just so wearisome. I get it was part of the whole "quest for vengeance" messaging....but it certainly created the sombre, hard-to-push-through visceral feeling that was distinctly different than LOU, where you understood everyone's actions were being done out of survival necessity (until the very last act, where the motivations were very identifiable). It's no coincidence that the part of Abby's story that I found less burdensome was with Lev - probably as it was a chapter focused on survival and getting the kids to safety. I did absolutely love the flashbacks. They added so much depth to the characters - and demonstrated the impact of Joel's actions on Abby in an incredibly meaningful way. That space shuttle sequence was just classic LOU storytelling. As was the reveal scene between Joel & Ellie, and their final reconciliation scene. Now that I've had some time to think on it - it's also pretty clear they're setting up the potential for LOU 3 - whether it be just on Ellie, or they bring back more of LOU 2's cast. Obviously depends on how they do it, but a trilogy format is definitely being set up here. I don't think it helps or hurts LOU 2's final review, as the strengths/weaknesses stand alone regardless of whether they decide to with a 3rd game (whereas LOU could have definitely been written to end then and there), but it's just worth noting.
  4. Last of Us 2 - POTENTIAL SPOILERS. Poster Beware

    Yeah maybe it wasn't the violence, but the brutality and the sadness that permeated the game as a result. I mean, it's a survival horror game. But I did not feel the same way about LOU at any time - those moments where Elllie would say "jesus Joel" in particular moments of brutality was so spot-on. And in LOU 1, it was all relatable as doing what you had to do to survive. Here, it was all about anger & revenge. Such negative emotions all the time, and so a really tough experience. Agree that it's not the violence per se, but the mood that was created. It's too bad, because even if they had thrown a little hope and a little light here and there, it would have likely changed the perception. And of course, it's hard to predict what would happen IRL - but I do think ND's issues with their own workforce no doubt has played a role. It's a shame, because it was a powerful game - just not nearly as one I'd want to play again by choice (but will for my daughter lol).
  5. Last of Us 2 - POTENTIAL SPOILERS. Poster Beware

    Well, I'm torn. On the one hand, it's an amazing technical marvel, and it's so beautiful. And yes, you stilll care about the characters so much. Re: the violence, there is a message that's worth putting out. On the other hand - man, it's so, so, so, so damn dark. The review-bombs are stupid - pretty clear there's an agenda there. It's not even worth discussing. I do echo the thoughts that if this was dampened even 1/10th on the scale for violence - it would have been more palatable. It's just a tough, tough, tough slog at times. And it hurts me to watch the characters' descent into madness. Which I get it, that's the point that ND & Druckmann wanted to make. But man, there's a scale to where you're saturated. Ironically, I'm still with @JBURGE - I actually really liked the overall story, and I still care so much about the characters, both old and new. I just don't know how much violence that's that level-brutal most players can take. And I get that's part of the point - but there's a tipping scale to where it's no longer enjoyable. And I think that's the message many are giving. Still, I'd give it a 8/10 - because it made me still care that much....but it literally gets 2 points off for the drudge factor. I'll play it 1x more with my college teen daughter next, and get the full Platinum trophy with New Game Plus.....we'll see how it goes a 2nd time. Unlike Last of Us 1 though, I suspect 2x is all I can take (I played LOU at least 5-6x, 2x with different ppl and enjoyed it so much each time...this one, it will be interesting to see how it goes, as she really wants to play, but too chicken to do it on her own lol).
  6. Dalvin Cook Holding Out

    The service time is huge, because then he's a RFA again in 2021. Zeke Elliot had the same risk, but Jerrah blinked. LAC didn't. With Mattison in the fold, not hard to think MIN will go the LAC route. As for the fines, though - one important distinction: I could easily see MIN rescinding the fines if Cook holds out and returns - but the ironclad service time designation is the real issue here. Unless Cook is absolutely certain MIN will blink like Jerrah did - then he will be reporting at the start of TC.
  7. Favorite Vietnam Movie

    I officially protest that Tropic Thunder isn't included here.
  8. Why'd the Broncos get blown out in 3 straight Super Bowls?

    Outside of the SF-CIN game, the NFC just destroyed the AFC from 2002-9. Elway just carried very meh teams. Even worse, Dan Reeves pretty much handcuffed the O and only let Elway loose in the 4Q to win games. Shanahan undid a lot of his amazing work with his WAS tenure, but he really transformed the O (and yes, getting Terrell Davis helped, but going away from Reeves was the key step there coaching-wise). Ironically, the one winnable SB game was the WAS one. Elway had a 10-0 lead before their D melted down in the 2Q, and it was 28-10 at halftime. What ppl forget is that Doug Williams fumbled on the drive before the comeback started, but there was no replay. That would have been a 13-0 o 17-0 game at that point. Now, it's not like 1 play would have turned around the whole outcome - but it highlighted that DEN was at least competitive there. With SF, it wasn't even close, the 49ers were just that much better. The NYG game, they were competitive on paper - but frankly, the G-men killed DEN in the 2H after wearing them out in the trenches in the 1H. It was a pretty depressing time to be an AFC team fan - every year, the AFC teams would hope for "every given Sunday" mantra to kick in - but for CIN's game, it was mostly a blowout and confirmed the dominance of the NFC at that stage. Can't really say we looked at any of those losses and said, "man, what might have been". It was more a Q of whether or not Dan Reeves' style wasted the best years of Elway's career with no titles.
  9. General Final Fantasy Thread

    As long as you don't mind 16-bit graphics, it doesn't show ANY age. I played it 1.5 years ago with the SNES Classic with my then 12 year-old who LOVED it (and Secret of Mana on the SNES Classic too). The story and gameplay are just that much fun. The ONLY issue is random battles, but the combat mechanic is so fun, it's only a minor annoyance (and you do need to level up lol). It earns top RPG of all time discussion with Chrono Trigger IMO.
  10. FF7 REMAKE (spoilers)- moved to FF general thread.

    Well it's not yet......just needs a spoiler tag in the title (hint @NcFinest9erFan hint - retitle it "FF7 Remake - Spoiler Discussion" by editing your 1st post - only a Mod or the OP can do it)
  11. General Final Fantasy Thread

    You really need to play FF6 before you leave it out of the top 3 - but no argument with Chrono Trigger or Xenogears. All-time classic greats. Secret of Mana is a different type (action RPG), so I look at it differently. What a halcyon age it was for Squaresoft back then.
  12. FF7 REMAKE (spoilers)- moved to FF general thread.

    A merge is fine, but if this was a Spoiler thread, then it would serve a separate function, just saying.
  13. FF7 REMAKE (spoilers)- moved to FF general thread.

    Does anyone really beat a game with an obvious sequel to it? I mean, really? (I kid.....kinda). Count me in, and I did all the side quests, too. Haven't taken on the optional other battles yet.
  14. FF7 REMAKE (spoilers)- moved to FF general thread.

    I don't think we'll see less than 3 games, for sure. I just suspect we'll see the next version for PS4 / PS5 both assuming it's out in the next 2 years. (And yes, when it comes to Square, I'm an eternal optimist - I finally got the Secret of Mana sequel here! LOL).
  15. FF7 REMAKE (spoilers)- moved to FF general thread.

    Well now that they have the 1st game in the can, the programming details for the basic skeleton should be there. That's a huge part of the development cycle. And they don't have any major gameplay elements to fix IMO - the open world is obviously going to be a challenge, though. 1 year is a pipe dream, though, that's fair lol.