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  1. TNF: LA Chargers(10-3) @ KC Chiefs(11-2)

    Well frankly you play 8 games on a neutral field and 8 games on the road, so you're battle tested.
  2. TNF: LA Chargers(10-3) @ KC Chiefs(11-2)

    I wasn't disagreeing, I've been saying this since the PIT game. It's like the one year Barry Bonds was just en fuego in the playoffs after years of futility. Sooner or later these things even out - but it's no coincidence IMO it's happening now with HC Lynn and of course, no Mike McCoy. It's like the Chargers are exercising their demons in 1 year.
  3. TNF: LA Chargers(10-3) @ KC Chiefs(11-2)

    To be fair, he played a huge role in the Week 1 game by dropping 2 TD's and fumbling the punt at his own 5. So he evened things out tonight. I'm still stunned he hung on not once, but twice. The dude is so bad, Lynn probably handed him a game ball directly because he was afraid #12 would drop it if he tossed it Benjamin's way.
  4. TNF: LA Chargers(10-3) @ KC Chiefs(11-2)

    Really, the ONLY game they lost where they just gave it away was DEN. Basically, they should have lost the TEN, PIT & tonight's games. They snatched W's in games where they were facing 99% loss probability (OK maybe not TEN but it felt that wasy with 2 attempts at 2-pt convert with a gassed D). THREE times in 1 season is just insane IMO.
  5. TNF: LA Chargers(10-3) @ KC Chiefs(11-2)

    DUDES.... Travis Benjamin hung on to not one, but TWO huge catches in crunch time. I mean, I think the 7th seal has been broken.
  6. TNF: LA Chargers(10-3) @ KC Chiefs(11-2)

    BTW, like I said before after the PIT game...so all it took to remove all the bad Mike McCoy mojo was to move to a new city, then be the ugly duckling stepsister there, and have 8 games on neutral field instead of 8 homes games. Charger fans will take it.
  7. TNF: LA Chargers(10-3) @ KC Chiefs(11-2)

    It's the Chargers year. Just accept it.
  8. TNF: LA Chargers(10-3) @ KC Chiefs(11-2)

    Same here, and I started Allen too. If you told me I could get 20+ pts from Williams I'd be doing back flips lol. FF is such a fickle mistress....
  9. TNF: LA Chargers(10-3) @ KC Chiefs(11-2)

    I own him but I'd be a little wary going forward in future weeks. (Yes, I went there).
  10. TNF: LA Chargers(10-3) @ KC Chiefs(11-2)

    It’s official...
  11. Official GDT, WEEK 15, Cleveland @ Mile High

    That would be the smart play. But our coaching hasn’t been smart. Our 1H O has been abysmal even when we win. And keep in mind VJ made that statement on Tuesday. Could always be smokescreen but VJ has been a horror show in actual game preparation and in-game adjustment. So yeah...
  12. Official GDT, WEEK 15, Cleveland @ Mile High

    VJ has already told Keenum he needs to take more chances. So, that's more risky throws, and more time holding on to the ball. It's always a risk to take a road D in fantasy, but if there's a time to do it, it's this weekend.
  13. Browns at Broncos' GDT

    If he's never had a concussion before, it's a bit surprising, but not unheard of. If he's had a concussion before, even in high school or earlier, well, then it's not so surprising. It's certainly going to add more risk to his long-term outlook if he doesn't recover soon. Having said that, there's no real benefit to CLE playing him now, they are out of the playoff hunt, so it could even be them just playing it ultra-safe.
  14. Carson Wentz might not play again in 2018

    No other source is confirming this. I'll believe it when more sources back this up TBH. The type of injury will also help glean more info - if it's a spinous process fracture that's stable, it could easily have happened in the last game, and represent a new injury. It could also be an injury that results in no missed time (although there's pretty much no realistic shot to make the playoffs, so no real reason to play Wentz either). Honestly, it's boring to say, but waiting to get the full story is the call here. This isn't like the Saints and Delvin Breaux V2 ... not yet anyways.
  15. Browns at Broncos' GDT

    Well the D mismatch just levelled a little more in our favor - no Ward is a big blow to CLE, as their secondary is definitely the weakest part of that D.
  16. Browns at Broncos' GDT

    Yeah that’s absolutely a fair point - but if you read the main FF forum the argument that Chubb would be equally as productive as Barkley went on for several weeks. There’s no doubt Lindsay and Chubb are better values for the capital spent but the fact Barkley has done what he did behind the brutal NYG OL (while Chubb and Lindsay have excelled but behind far better OL’s) and corpse Eli there’s no doubt he’s a generational talent. No shame in finishing behind him at all.
  17. Random Thoughts

    Chubb's probably not even finishing top 3 - the leading guy is probably Derwin James. He's been an elite Ronnie-Lott level defender. The next Lott/Earl Thomas. His play has been spectacular, both in run support, coverage, and even as a blitzer. Total 3-way weapon, which is rare for a safety. Chubb's done nothing wrong, but he's going to be seen as a guy who's 2nd best on his team in what he does. That will hurt him perception wise, and to be fair, it's a valid point - guys like Ward & James & Darius Leonard, they're the focal points of their unit, where Chubb is the Robin to Von's Batman. FWIW, if I were to place a bet, it would Derwin James, LVE, Darius Leonard, then Chubb & Ward. It's just been a really good year for impact rookies. Very few drafts can have 5 guys who have had similar impacts year 1. In reality, LVE is probably not even deserving of being top 3, but DAL playing as many prime time games, it's increased his exposure. Leonard is the guy probably getting the least recognition.
  18. Random Thoughts

    What’s nice is the in depth analysis and accounting for the talent / situation around each guy. Solid read.
  19. 2019 NFL Draft Early Declaration Thread

    Not really a huge surprise, given he considered coming out early last year, but Dremont Jones is declaring. Really good DL player, but in this class, could get washed out of the Day 1 buzz, so deep in the trenches.
  20. TNF: LA Chargers(10-3) @ KC Chiefs(11-2)

    Ah, missed the last CIN-LAC game until the 4Q, but thx for the Mebane correction, knew that might be off, but couldn't remember. I guess Pullard is that bad, it can't hurt to play Emmanuel. Such a huge downgrade though there - Perryman was nails as your MLB. He made your run D so much better. I didn't include the SEA game because a W at SEA is always a good result. But it's fair to say the O contracting down with 14 mins to go there was an iffy decision when they were dominant up until then, and it certainly let SEA back in the game. I do tend to give a pass for the UK game matchup wise, that's always so unpredictable. I didn't like their clock management that game at the end of both halves, though - they let TEN run the clock out both times, and it nearly cost them. Frankly, TEN outplayed them after the early explosion - it's rare to have your D on the field 38+ mins and still win the game. That's a typical game that LAC loses in the past (PIT & TEN being 2 games you normally lose and DEN one you should absolutely win - being 2-1 is different than in the past, usually it's 0-3 in the McCoy years). Completely forgot about the SF game though - has to be included in the DEN/CIN games where clearly inferior teams were allowed to hang around.
  21. TNF: LA Chargers(10-3) @ KC Chiefs(11-2)

    As a non-Chargers fan and as a fan on a team with one of his supposed competitors (it's not really that close, IMO Chubb should be 3rd-4th in DROY voting, LVE is his main competition - as long as DAL doesn't suddenly split his reps with Sean Lee back, and I think ILB Darius Leonard form the top 3) - I can safely say that Derwin James should be a consensus DROY. Dude does it all - plays tough in the box, is a cover freak, and a huge enforcer and sure tackler in the open field. He had some learning in the first 5-6 games to get used to NFL level speed and decoy plays, but man, he's just been other-worldly since mid-October. He's even suckered guys like Goff into INT's with plays you'd see only guys like Earl Thomas and Ronnie Lott make. He's in that mold. Generational safety talent. Frankly, the Chargers would be huge favorites on a neutral field, if they had Denzel Perryman and Corey Liuget back. Those 2 injuries have killed their run D. Brandon Mebane and their MLB Hayes Pullard are huge downgrades. Really, while KC can always beat many D's with their pass game, being committed enough to the run so that it keeps the LAC D on their heels will be key. LAC's a funny team - their inability to stop the run well and their complete lack of HFA explains why they play so poorly in games where they are huge home favorites - that's a combo that keeps inferior teams hanging around. But they are also built to play with any of the top teams. It's why I took them pre-season at 33-1 for the SB, no team in that area had the same ceiling or talent. The biggest difference in the past has been their HC decisions in-game on O and especially in the 4Q usually killed them in the Mike McCoy and Marty S days. Now HC Anthony Lynn and OC Ken Whisenhunt have for the most part upgraded that part...except for TEN UK and the DEN game (two real head scratchers to say the least - but it's sad to say that even whiffing on 2 out of 13 games is a major improvement in their game calling compared to the horror show that McCoy was in his time). Really should be an awesome game.
  22. Random Thoughts

    I'll give credit where it's due - like @Counselor probably has a pic of shirtless Baker over his bed, you pimped Lamar hard. After much consideration, I thought a late 1st was a sound investment too, but you definitely planted the flag early there lol. Lamar still needs some time, though, but it does look like the investment will pay off. I imagine both JAX & NE probably regret passing on him (NE can't really predict injury to their OL, but man, JAX not going Lamar is going to sting for a while for them).
  23. TNF: LA Chargers(10-3) @ KC Chiefs(11-2)

    If it's the heel, then it doesn't affect his straight line speed. Cuts and anything where he has to plant though, do get affected. You'll notice on that 4th and 9, his cuts are more rounded, so that's where it has a much bigger effect. Now if it's not just the heel, then it's even more of an issue. Of course, I don't expect anyone to be that forthcoming now lol.
  24. Browns at Broncos' GDT

    Given that it's a Saturday night game, it's definitely a game for pride for both orgs (and man, MNF with DEN @ OAK Week 16 even more so lol). We're not breaking down new ground with our team, but with CLE, it's an interesting matchup for sure, namely... 1. Baker Mayfield and how he handles our pass rush pressure - the CLE OL is very good at run blocking, but if there's a weakness, it's in their T play, especially in pass pro (how they had 4 top 40 picks and didn't get a LT out of that yield is a little crazy, although it's hard to criticize Nick Chubb at 2.4; the head scratcher was Austin Corbett, who's not able to transition to T). Sound familiar? Well, that means it's a huge matchup problem with our EDGES. Baker's looked great several games for sure, and this early, it means the likelihood of a pure bust is very, very low. But he also crumbled hard @ HOU with pressure - how does he fare this week with Von & co.? This is a huge key, because the matchup that should scare DEN fans is... 2. CLE's WR & TE's vs. our leaky pass coverage - man, that was one ugly display. And while George Kittle is an absolute beast, David Njoku is another emerging young talent (further behind Kittle, probably another year away). And Jarvis Landry and the mercurial Antonio Callaway (along with reclamation project Breshad Perriman - Rashad Higgins has been a good story, but he's mostly JAG) must be salivating at the thought of facing our secondary. And if that isn't enough, CLE boasts a top RB pass catching talent in Duke Johnson, Jr. So yeah....tough draw there. 3. Chubb & the run game vs. our run D - gotta say how much Nick Chubb has impressed. Saquon Barkley and Lindsay probably finish 1-2 in OROY voting this year and deservedly so, but I suspect a fair amount of CLE fans will stump for Chubb, who's been just outstanding in limited work. And like our OL, the CLE OL does much better in the run game than in pass pro. This will be a big test for our run D, who's been great some weeks, and baffling in others. Now, when we get the ball on O....well, ugh: 1. Keenum....sigh - I really don't know what else to say. Without pressure, with pressure, play-action, from the gun - it's been brutal to watch. VJ has gone on record that Keenum needs to push the ball downfield - the problem is, he's been awful at doing that. So this could get really ugly. And that's really bad news, because this week the worst matchup we face is... 2. CLE's pass rush vs. our pass pro - Myles Garrett is certainly justifying the 1.1 pick last year. Total animal. And the rest of that front 7 is really emerging (Joe Schobert in the LB corps for sure). If VJ wants Keenum to push the ball downfield, that means the pass pro has to hold up. Which is a real problem given the mismatch, so we'll see how that goes. CLE really has a nasty 2019 D if they can get 1 more difference maker in their... 3. Secondary vs. our young WR/TE corps - if CLE gets another top CB to join Denzel Ward, that's a tough draw. Ward's size difference vs. Sutton in theory gives DEN a way to go there, but Ward's such a great cover guy, tough matchup for sure. Right now, though, outside of Ward, there is some room to be had - so I'd expect DeSean Hamilton to get a lot of looks. CLE also has been vulnerable to the TE, so I'd really hope we see more targets there. 4. Their run D vs. our run game - if Keenum can't make D's respect the pass game, then Lindsay & co. are in for rough times. CLE has been hurt in the deep throwing game, but they've been much better of late at stopping the run (where early on, they struggled). With SS Peppers there, I expect we'll see a repeat of Week 14 with SF and 8 in the box, stuffing the run, and daring Keenum to beat us. Of course, I've not addressed 3 intangibles that are always keys: 1. TO's - let's face it, we won 2 games vs. much better teams because we had a 6-0 TO advantage (LAC & PIT). We lost last week because our O sucked hard, and we turned the ball over 2x on downs (vs. getting the 1 TO by Stewart). 2. ToP/Field Position - with an altitude game, wearing out the D is key on either side. You get 35+ mins of ToP, very rare to lose games in DEN...which brings up the last one... 3. HFA - no doubt, it's always a plus on our side. CLE was smart enough to come to DEN early, to get used to the altitude. I'm surprised why more teams don't do this more. As I've said all along, I don't really care if we win or lose, given we aren't legit contenders - so long as we try hard, and it develops the character of our young core, and our kids get to play. I do look forward to watching another emerging franchise - what Sashi Brown to set up the turnaround bearing fruit is truly impressive (and the org finally getting rid of the cancer that was Hue Jackson as HC, he and Jeff Fisher will go down as 2 of the worst HC's in pro sports...ever). I think with Hue gone, the Browns have been 3-2 (and CIN who hired him..0-4 lol). OC Freddy Kitchens has been AWESOME in dialing up plays that leverage their best mismatches, really impressed (although they screwed the pooch badly @ HOU, tough place, but that was ugly). TO's will likely decide it, but with generational talent Von vs. Baker and generational talent Garrett & co. vs. Keenum - even with HFA, I'd see a CLE 24-21 type game (if it was a neutral field, I'd see a 7+ pt CLE win). Either way though, I look forward to seeing 2 young teams fight it out in prime time.
  25. Carson Wentz might not play again in 2018

    Unless PHI goes 3-0, there's no playoff run. MIN is going to face MIA with a banged up Tannehill at home, then DET and then CHI who in all likelihood, will have nothing to play for. If MIN goes 2-1 they get into the playoffs unless CAR goes 3-0 (which let's face it, playing NO x 2 and ATL once, that's not happening). Honestly, this is the smart move IMO. Wentz will be truly 100 percent at peak explosion at the 18 month mark, and PHI will clearly upgrade the OL, and get a burner at WR to stretch the field. He is a prime bounceback candidate next year. Protect the franchise, protect the future.