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  1. Houston S Hal diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma

    That's generally true, but there are so many more factors that go into cancer therapy these days. FYI, while both leukemia and lymphoma are cancers of the blood/lymphatic system, each subtype is very different (Hodgkins vs. Non-Hodgkins is a huge difference, just like lymphoma vs. leukemia is a huge distinction). What works in Hal's favor is his elite athleticism will also allow him to tolerate the most aggressive therapies around. He'll no doubt get access to the most up-to-date therapy options, too. Those are huge factors. And unlike pretty much every other form of lymphoma, in Hodgkin's the extent of disease does actually influence survival, along with subtype and host ability to receive/tolerate treatment. So hopefully he has limited disease (unlike pretty much every other form of lymphoma, it wouldn't make a difference, by its nature the other forms are considered widespread, because they involve the blood/lymphatic system). It's still a scary diagnosis, and rightfully so. While people quote 5-year survival rates, for a guy like Hal, it's 15-year survival that casts a more global picture for him. Obviously, the data can't be up-to-minute reflective, because you need a large enough population to measure that kind of follow-up, but as of 2013, 15-year survival rates were 48% to 67% depending on stage. That shows how terrible the disease is (and yet still it's one of the longest profiles survival wise out there for any form of blood-related cancer or cancer that targets young adults - no one ever wants cancer, but there are a few with longer survival odds with disease that's not widespread, and a lot of ones with much, much worse profiles). We can only hope the best for Hal, and hope he can get a short-term response like Berry did. After that, well, the longer he lives, the more hopeful that he's in that great outcome cohort, and of course, the likelihood more options come down the pipeline. It seems like a minor thing, but with 5 years of NFL service time accrued after this year (the cutoff being 4 IIRC), Hal also qualifies for NFL pension, and 10 years of medical care from the NFL after retirement (which we don't know when, obv) - so while you never want to hear this news, Hal at least has peace of mind that he's well looked after medically for a while. FWIW, when it comes to medical info, I'd recommend to google NIH (or go to sites for cancer centers people know) if people want more reliable and a bigger picture. NIH papers can be tough because they have the scientific papers, so it's hard to read the jargon, but they also provide the source material directly, so there are no accuracy issues with translation...or outdated (or worse, plain incorrect) data posted on Wiki. When it comes to cancer, there's a high chance the info is very much out-of-date, given the research is evolving, and almost certainly it's a narrow lens source of info. At least for orthopedic injuries, the landscape doesn't change that dramatically. Hope that helps. If people are really that interested, the link with the above info - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4924356/ For the football side of things - given there are a fair number of SS's out there - you wonder if Honey Badger plays FS, and they look for a 1-year stopgap with the younger Reid serving as the future guy. Vaccaro, Boston, and yes, even Eric Reid (although I doubt McNair wants to go there given his stance on the anthem). No one ever wants to get a contract this way, but it's a future 2018 offseason signing that seems to fit like a glove.
  2. Non qb that would help us most

    If it was just talent, Lane Johnson is hands down the best RT around. But he's also expensive. For that reason I'd go with a theme from last year - T Ryan Ramczyk. Being cheap for 4 more years and being a top 10 T is a huge benefit, with the bonus that Ramczyk showed he can play LT as well. An elite TE would be a huge difference maker for us, Ertz is a great player - but he's just as expensive as Travis Kelce, who's an amazing blocker along with being the top non-Gronk TE (with Ertz). The 3rd idea goes along with the above - it's not clear if we have a shutdown CB other than Harris anymore. Repeating the theme - CB Marshon Lattimore, at his rookie deal, and 4 more years of it, would be amazing for us to reestablish a 2015-level for our D. Finally, while the position is the most disposable, given he went in Rd3, and the franchise tag is uber affordable, upgrading our RB with a true home run threat cheaply is huge. In this case, Alvin Kamara's versatility and surprising running skills in traffic (that balance and ability to shed tackles was what no one saw coming to this level, even NO, although they get credit for targeting him soonest - otherwise he wouldn't have fallen to Rd3). If we had 1 impact non-QB guy to get, we for sure would want a difference maker - but pretty much almost every spot above except TE (because they take so long to develop) involves having a cheap rookie contract guy with top 10 production, because our cap situation for 2019+ is so bad, given the holes we still have for then, even if our 2018 draft produces 4+ starters for Week 1 then (which is still no lock, despite how good things look on paper). FWIW if it was QB, I'd want one of the cheap rookie contract guys for the same reasoning, but the effect is even more dramatic value-wise. It underlines why the draft is so crucial to maintaining success for the whole roster (not just QB), and explains a lot why we are in our current mediocre-to-bad team situation (yes 2018 draft helps, but we still need help all the way around) with cap hell coming.
  3. Official 2017-2018 NHL Thread

    So the most dominant influence that led to ultimate victory for Washington this year is Russian. Who knew hockey was a metaphor. (Serious note - well deserved for Ovechkin)
  4. Julian Edelman facing 4 game suspension for PED

    Ah gotcha. Yeah Guerrero decided to post that....before Edelman himself chose to respond. That's pretty awful optics. Pretty obvious Guerrero was more concerned about his brand ahead of Edelman. Not a good look.
  5. Julian Edelman facing 4 game suspension for PED

    Well Guerrero is already banned from the Pats facilities and sidelines on Gameday, don't know what else they can do..until Brady retires. I think BB's long since cut bait there.
  6. Browns extend RB Duke Johnson

  7. Julian Edelman facing 4 game suspension for PED

    LOL so the TB12 trainer Guerrero responded in 2 tweets: Basically saying "other health professionals" must be involved. As in Pats guys. Not hard to see how this guy got banned from the Pats facilities & sidelines on Game Day.
  8. Browns extend RB Duke Johnson

    The only sad fans are dynasty FFB owners who were hoping Chubb could be the 2019+ 3-down back (which personally I thought was a pipe dream but that’s the white whale). IRL this is a fantastic move. Duke helps their pass game and 2 min drill so much. It’s really hard for anyone to screw this up...but Hue will probably find a way lol. He probably is thinking “challenge accepted”.
  9. Owens declines HoF Ceremony Invitation

    Sure that could be argued - but I’m getting a funny feeling it will instead involve some telemedia presence and paying fans / entertainment venue. With autographed Sharpie and Pom Pom giveaways. Either way no matter what he chooses as the alternate venue we can definitely say TO went out his way here lol.
  10. For DEN, as much as I like Chubb, I would have not paid up for Keenum, and gone with Josh Rosen at 1.5. Saved a ton of $ cap-wise, and our QBOTF in the bag. And I'm worried that Rosen might not be much of a short-term dropoff from Keenum to begin with. For Rds 5-6, I would have stood pat, and taken T/G Tyrell Crosby and NT Tim Settle, instead of trading back both our Rd5 picks to get 4 guys later on. Those 2 are the big ones. More of my personal preference for 2.40 would have been to go with either CB Isiaih Oliver or TE Dallas Goedert, and then go 3.71 WR Michael Gallup, instead of WR Courtland Sutton & RB Royce Freeman. That domino effect meant we would have taken BPA RB at 3.99, which in my board was John Kelly (although if some said Mark Walton, no objection), instead of CB Isaac Yiadom at 3.99. No change to Rd4, it was excellent. It was probably our best overall draft since the 2011-12 era, partly because we picked so early. I don't have a problem with Chubb 1.5 and 2.40 Sutton in a vacuum, but I did think we had more value chances the way the draft board said (and to be clear, every move I said at the time we drafted, before the draft picks were known later). I've already posted this in our DEN forum (we have an annual "Be the GM" draft game), so we'll see how that goes.
  11. To be clear, NFL players get access to medical care covered by the league for a minimum of 5 years after retirement, IIRC, provided they have 4+ years of service time. But yeah, this also extends his window of coverage, so that's good. But it wasn't like he wasn't going to get cared for. Still, it's a strong move by the Bears for the cost and their cap situation, win-win for everyone (great PR without any real cap consequences for CHI, Miller pockets a little extra $ for retirement, and extends his window for free health care).
  12. Really class move. Almost no chance he can play at the same level as before so basically career likely done - he almost lost his leg with that injury. Barely costs the Bears anything to a guy who played his heart out for them. That kind of move creates such good PR and could impact future player loyalty. Tip my cap to Pace & the FO here.
  13. Bryan Colangelo Fired by the 76ers

    2 thoughts: 1. I hope the Colangelo household exits are huuuuuge - because I don't know how they get the bus that he threw his wife under out of the home now. 2. I thought Roger Clemens blaming his wife for the PED purchases made in his name couldn't be topped. I was so wrong.
  14. Julian Edelman facing 4 game suspension for PED

    16 games then.
  15. Julian Edelman facing 4 game suspension for PED

    The real Q is if Brady was generally aware. 10 games for him then.
  16. Vikings Hercules Mata'afa tore ACL

    I know they're different guys, but hey, keeping it Greek-mythology themed. If we're going to do a Muta'fa theme, why not Greek mythology? So arbitrary...
  17. Vikings Hercules Mata'afa tore ACL

    It would have been more ironic if Hercules tore his Achilles. (On a serious note, at least he can come back and be close to 100 percent for next year - need 18 months to get full explosion back, though, so that sucks for a guy who isn't a lock to be a starter, that can make all the difference).
  18. 2018 OTA's

    Those are good things - but let's be clear, Siemian did all of that last year, and we praised his intangibles and extra time / Big 10 work ethic. It's what every QB who joins a new team / O should be doing. It's good he's doing it, but no guarantee he's going to be top 12-15 level successful (which at his contract, you need to see to make a profit on the investment). Yeah, he should easily be an upgrade over Siemian/others - the question is how much. On that you know how I feel - one year of success with a top 3 D that only required 17+ pts of O to win games and let the O play ahead most of the game (so let run game and play action be even more deadly), one of the easiest pass D schedules for QB's to face last year, and a much more diversely talented group of O players (and better OL play, crucial aspect). The perfect storm. Take those away and the warts QB’s have start to show. Given how long it took to get Keenum to succeed it’s hard not to be concerned he’s just a stopgap and not the long term answer at all. The kicker being that while 18M AAV is very much average to just below average for QB's (19th out of 32), with our cap situation we need to see much better than that range of QB play - profit has to be seen, which is why getting top 10-12 play at rookie league contracts is the Holy Grail. OTA's are good for health checks and see who is winning a battle when starting/roster spots are on the line - that's real news. And struggles are worth noting, because the real play in-season is so much harder. But other than that, it's pretty much noise, not news. It's why there are always 32 teams reporting great things in OTA's this time of year.
  19. 2018 OTA's

    Yes. No contact, no pass rush, no exotic D schemes or disguises, 7 on 7. Remember Lynch supposedly looked really impressive last year in OTA’s. Carlos Henderson and Isiah McKenzie were running all over the place. And it’s not just 2017 it’s the same case year in year out. OTA’s always showcase athleticism for non-QB skill players and how well QB’s play with no pressure and no contact. The 2 things it can say for real is it a guy is healthy and if someone has trouble incorporating the playbook (struggling here does mean something since it only gets a lot harder in-season but looking good means little). The other useful news is who is winning the battle when roster spots are clearly up for grabs (not as much when starters are sitting out or absent though). Neither of those issues should be a concern for Keenum. But it’s a long way to saying he’s our long term answer. We’ve seen all too well how little preseason and practice performance translate to on-the-field performance. That’s even more the case for shirts-and-shorts displays.
  20. Nintendo Switch Thread

    We're supposed to wait 6-12 months? Pfffft.
  21. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    To be fair to the writers, they had an unanticipated actor departure they had to write in. To say they chose poorly on how to do it would be a massive understatement. I do think they redeemed that character in S4 (no spoilers). But to say it was poor writing would be underselling how much the fan base went nuts lol. The mark of a great sci-if series is that the characters are so nuanced that you actually can sympathize with their situation. The amount of grey they throw at the characters really makes them ones you care for deeply. And the cast characters aren’t just White and Black Hats - great characters on all sides that can be sympathized with. I’m floored that this kind of writing is coming from the CW TBH. Another benefit they have is that their writers do a great job of continuity. Things that happened in S1 get referenced in S5. It rewards viewers for following along. I really like that S4 and S5 have been shorter in eps. There is way less filler time and each ep has a huge impact. The 12-13 ep length is perfect now IMO. S5 has been amazingly strong so far through the first half. I won’t lie right now it’s #1 on my PVR list each week. Not much competition right now but I love it that much.
  22. Broncos decline Shane Ray's Option

    Yeah, I’m certainly not going to say Elway made a bad evaluation talent wise here, unlike with his past Day 2 whiffs or going need early. Sometimes bad luck happens can’t do much about that. It’s fair to say he was disappointing in 2015-16 overall. It just sucks with the injury now we probably get nothing impactful for the investment. Hard to see any trade interest for him now.
  23. DC Movie Universe

  24. Broncos decline Shane Ray's Option

    Well this likely makes the decision moot - it appears Ray needs surgery on the wrist again. The problem if that's true and it’s a re-injury - much like the first injury, it's going to sap his wrist's full strength for a good 4-6 months, so while he'd be ready to play, not nearly at 100 percent. Now, surgery now probably would allow him to return to play even for Week 1 if all went accordingly to plan, and he'd pass a March 2019 physical without reinjury, so the call to decline the 5th year option now looks like it's not going to be a decision that hurts us either way. As much as I've bagged on Elway's draft record, I can't bag on him for Ray Rd1 as an outright bust because of lack of talent evaluation alone - injury certainly derailed Ray here. But it's fair to say even if you give this an injury flag, Ray still ends up now as a bust pick for Elway. I'd also think unless Jeff Holland pulls a major faceplant in TC, that he's got an excellent chance to make the 53-man roster (even if Ray doesn't require the PUP). This also really sucks because it pretty much kills any trade value for Ray this year now, and the likelihood he can't do much to help means trading Barrett is extremely unwise for us depth-wise at EDGE, at least until we know 2018 is a lost season (i.e. no way it happens now or in TC, maybe in-season if we get off to a slow start). Double-whammy - could lose Barrett & Ray at the end of the year, and get little to nothing in return.
  25. Westworld (HBO)

    I think the issue is that the Corp (or whatever the Big Business entity in charge is) needs to get Abernathy's key out intact, and can't take a scorched earth approach to the Hosts. They need to extract his chip/key before they can go with a burn-it-all-to-the-ground approach. That's the one key reason they have to go with a small force with humans. Having said, that, the commandos being total easy marks, yeah, that's pretty convenient and lazy writing. Another example would be the search party getting killed, and then getting stripped naked so the Hosts could fool the 2nd party when they approached the Cradle. You'd think they would have biometrics on the same commandos who had remote cameras - which would make it obvious that they were all dead before the 2nd party arrived. I like the storyline's new direction, but the complexity of the storyline, the 2-year layoff and the plot holes like the above explain why its ratings are down. Ep 6 was a huge downturn in the crucial 18-49 demographic - down from a 2M+ 2.01 start to 1.15M for ep 2.6. Ep 2.7 rebounded with 1.35M, but even that's below the 1.5M+ it had been seeing before 2.06. At this rate, I'm not sure it's a given that we'll see a S3. I hope the writers create a S2 ending that can at least cover the big Q's raised so far. I like the show a lot, but I have to admit I'm not on pins and needles waiting to see the next ep. Right now, for me it's hard to see how the writers build up past S2's finale. I'll definitely want to see this through to the end of S2, but I don't know that a strong S3 buildup can be created here (unlike S1, which left so many great Q's to wait on the answer for S2). Ratings link FWIW - https://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/westworld-season-two-ratings/