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  1. Man, that's one FUGLY sentence. Corrected. But yes, that's the Canadian translation.
  2. Game Day Thread: week 5 Broncos at Jets

    That's the part that ppl forget - Zimmer was 1 more TO away from replacing him vs. WAS in the regular season. And they tried to get Bradford to come back - but his knee wouldn't take it. But yes, he's a "winner" that was the key to MIN's 2017 season. SMH. Oh well.
  3. Well I'm in Canada, so I can't speak to the US experience. But yeah, I hear you. I would only say that when I travel around cities in US and even CAN the DAL fanbase is just always present.
  4. To be fair, you either need to be a contender, or have a huge fanbase. DAL has the latter. It sucks, but it is what it is. DAL-HOU had tremendous ratings. Which is all the NFL cares about. CLE is about to get their time. Patience (but if you are waiting for DAL to not get their run of prime time, well good luck there).
  5. Denver needs to be taken out behind the shed until we stop putting Case Keenum under center.
  6. LAC owner Alex Spanos has passed away

    Well if you mean Dean is evil incarnate, and then Alex had little to do with it, I'm with you there.
  7. LAC owner Alex Spanos has passed away

    I'm not going to disparage the dead, but let's face it, that family brought that outcome on themselves. There should be ZERO sympathy for the family in terms of the Chargers having to move. They did that all on their own. My sympathies go to the family for losing a loved one. That's where the sympathy starts, and ends.
  8. 2018 53-Man Roster Projections and Discussion

    If he really retired for health reasons, though, I don't see that happening. It would be an ideal bridge to find a L-T guy for 2019. Someone like a Matt Lafleur-type guy. But, then again, we're way better off if we keep losing games and picking higher for 2019, and of course, it costs $ to fire VJ this early and hire another guy...so yeah. I think we all know VJ is done, he's a dead man walking. It's just a matter of when the executioner comes for him.
  9. Eagles Lose Ajayi for the Season

    BTW, Howie Roseman is no doubt playing the market here. If I were to guess, I'd imagine Roseman is calling BOTH Pit and Buf right now - and seeing who is going to offer the most reasonable price. One thing about Roseman, he knows how to maximize return, so I can't imagine there isn't a call to PIT ongoing too. No doubt the pay cut was about finding a RB - and it's smart to contact both teams. McCoy only costs 4M for ROS, and the 6.25M for 2019 isn't guaranteed - and if a suspension does come, then they recoup the lost $. So I can see the angle. If nothing else, it also leverages PIT from trying to ask the moon for a pure rental. McCoy isn't the player that Bell is now, though. But it's a matter of what's likely reasonable - and which team is going to not ask for the moon. Given McCoy's very "shady" future for 2019+ with DV allegations in the wind, I can't believe BUF will ask for more than a 4th-5th - which might be way more tempting than the 2nd PIT is allegedly holding out for (plus a "good young player - good luck with that, PIT). Man, I'd love to be in the Eagles FO right now. No doubt calls are coming in, and talks are ongoing.
  10. Top five defenses in the league

    We made them look a lot better than what they are normally like on D. But yeah, more when you look at DVOA, they show up as #5. I agree there's a huge gap between the top 3 and the next group. But you kept your 1st round pick next year, so....you're getting there.
  11. which team need a qb right now

    Re: Mariota, 2 points, 1 on each side: 1. He has not lived up to the 1.2 billing. He was supposed to take a huge step forward last year after being a safe QB in the RZ..and it never happened. He had Delanie Walker, and he had Rishard Matthews as an effective WR, and now he has Corey Davis. He also has a very good OL with elite T play and a power running game. Now, he had a terrible OC/HC, so he can get somewhat of a pass for that. But this year, there are no excuses, he should be better. So far, he hasn't. But... 2. People do not realize how much ulnar neuropathy affects throwing. And he's played without those great T's at 100 percent. So there is context. The ulnar neuropathy is a tricky injury, because it take weeks longer to fully settle. I mean, he still doesn't have full feeling in his hand yet. That is going to affect anyone's throwing. Mariota has not lived up to the 1.2 hype, and while the OC/scheme might have contributed to it, he owns a fair bit of that as well. But for 2019, there's a ton more context. It's also stuff that should get better (OL guys return, his nerve injury heals completely). So we should see progress. If the T's return and his injury is fully healed, and he still struggles - then it's all on him. We'll see.
  12. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    I agree he'd shoot way up the rankings..and in this class, it could easily be argued. But man, the uncertainty with even him would be sky-high for a Rd1 pick. Let's face it, 2-3 QB's are going to go Rd1. Right now, the only guy I think earns that grade is Herbert. Everyone else, it's so iffy, the flags are very real either in physical limits / throwing ability / reading & recognition / game experience against good teams. And most of them have at least 2 areas. Man, it's just not a good year to think you need to hit QB early.
  13. Giants officially cut OT Ereck Flowers; Signed by Jaguars

    First round bust. Never lived up to the hype. It was kind of obvious, though. Flowers bloom in spring, but die off in the fall.
  14. Week 7, Bengals-Chiefs flexed to Sunday night

    If you want the glass half-full take, he's undefeated vs. KC.
  15. That just means he's a good teammate. Once it's about $$, that perspective can change..quickly. And let's face it, any place he signs, he's likely get the lure of being the alpha. The curious part about his NO tenure is that Payton kept him from ever being the big dog - that year where he split time with Timmy Hightower, well, that was just nuts. Hightower was out of the game 2 years later lol. The lure to be with another good team (because good teams are more likely to spend on a difference maker) and $$, I suspect all of that team-love only goes so far. It would be different if he had more paydays ahead of him, or he made an obscene amount of $, but with taxes/athlete spending, it's no lock at all. It will be interesting to see what happens, but my $ is on him wearing another jersey next year, barring injury to either guy (injury being the one way he takes a big discount to stay).
  16. Week 7, Bengals-Chiefs flexed to Sunday night

    FIFY...SNF, playoffs. (I know, he's won 4 MNF games and now the ThuNF games, but it just was too good to pass up).
  17. I would be shocked to see Ingram stay. Let's face it, his relationship with Payton has been rocky at best. And he's not getting any more paydays than the one he's getting now. His first contract was somewhat of a hometown discount at 5M per year (back then, not now lol). He's likely going to go for the $, and at age 29, it's hard to fault him. Few other guys would do differently in his shoes. It's also not a great RB draft class for top-end talent, and really, there are no other big-name UFA RB's who can be a 3-down player except for that 1 guy....what's his name. Plays in the AFCN....it's coming to me (lol). Tevin Coleman will garner a lot of interest, but even then, Ingram's game is so suited to power-run teams or zone and can catch the ball (where Coleman is not nearly as much of a power runner), that I think Ingram is the #2 FA RB in this year's class. And for all the talk about a hometown discount, teams like the Eagles, and yes, the Steelers, might be in the market for a starter (Conner has been OK, but his running chops have been pretty mediocre - so it's no lock he's their long-term guy, either. Definitely their 2018 guy lol). Add it up, I can easily see him get a Dion Lewis type-deal (and Coleman the McKinnon deal) ...but elsewhere.
  18. And let's face it - with Ingram now there, no reason to give Kamara the ball 25-30x a game. That kind of usage will wear ANYONE down. I have no doubts he can handle a full workload, but no one holds up to 450 touches a year anymore. It used to be 400+ carries, and I would wholeheartedly agree that catches in the flat aren't the same as carries, but 450+ touches isn't sustainable. Ingram's not staying after 2018, though, as a UDFA. We'll see the 20-25 touch Kamara long-term. For 2018, I think we'll see some games with 20-25, and some with 15-20, and in blowouts, well, it's just gamescript that decides who gets the lion's share of the points. The one thing we can count on is that if NO is ahead, they'll protect the D by being run/short-pass game heavy, unless they're facing a hapless secondary (WAS may or may not be that, but they sure played like one last night). That likely means 35-40 RB touches (and about 12-15 targets for Mike Thomas when they aren't blowing a team out). It's just going to be a more even split from now, barring injury, like in 2017.
  19. Random Thoughts

    That's on Sashi Brown, he created the $100M in space, and the pick pool return. And while ppl were killing him for passing on Wentz/Watson, he doesn't get 1.1 now and the pick pool and young team without going there (and Watson, NO ONE was killing CLE for trading back at the time, no one...not even Hue, the HC either). Sashi died so the CLE franchise could live. That's one helluva D with Ogbujoni in the trenches, Garrett/Ogbah outside, and Ward CB and Peppers SS. They're really just a FS, 2nd CB and ILB help away from 2015-DEN level D. Top 3-5 D already IMO. They might have lucked out with T Desmond Harrison as UDFA LT, too (I was so hoping we'd go there, but alas his character issues didn't fit in this year's draft theme, which while I'm sad for on the missed opp, I do get the theme was consistent - just take Harrison over Williams! Oh well). Remember, Brown got fired for sabotaging the trade that Hue Jackson & owner Haslem orchestrated...to get AJ freaking McCarron for 2.1 last year. He also got an extra 2nd round pick from HOU to spend on RB Nick Chubb - by taking on the bad contract of Brock Osweiler. Using cap $ they had to spend to get to the minimum. So he basically got Nick Chubb for free, since they had to spend the $. History is already writing a very favorable outcome for Sashi Brown's plan - he's just not around to reap the rewards. GM Dorsey whiffed on G Corbett (because they stated their intention to move him to T, which failed right away), and their pass rusher in Rd3 is so far a work in progress (which in Rd3 is understandable), and I still think Darnold is the jewel of the QB class. But Mayfield looks like he won't bust outright if he's even moderately OK now, and Ward's looking like an early hit. And Dorsey's the same guy that gave up 3.1 for Tyrod..then threw $ that he didn't need to, either (yes, there was lots of it to spend, but again, so many better choices that didn't cost a draft pick). But, that's the beauty of what Sashi did - Dorsey may have whiffed on G vs. T Rd2, and threw away a lot of value with Tyrod's signing, but the crazy cap $ left and pick pool gave him extra chances to whiff - and he could only whiff so much (Mayfield may not be the top QB in this class, but he's also likely not to bust out, that's what having 1.1 does). I know it's heresy in DEN, but better to totally think future for 1-2 years, it leads to a faster rebuild. I've pounded the drum on this since last year, and I know DEN is spoiled, but we forget that Elway took that approach when he inherited the 2011 mess. Now, CLE was in way worse shape than we were, so Brown put in a 3-year plan, and we're now seeing the Year 3 results. Imagine if Elway had the courage to do that in 2017, how different we'd look - he'd have taken BPA over need in the draft (no C-Henderson for sure, at the very least, ahead of guys like Godwin and Golladay), and not spent $ on Keenum, and been in much better cap health. Instead, we've got a nice 2018 draft class (which would have been far better with QB 1.5, but still nice) - and a lot of aging vets on a win-now roster that isn't good enough to win now. Meanwhile, for all the ribbing CLE has rightfully earned, Sashi Brown did the rebuild the right way. Now all CLE has to do is get rid of the guy who should have been fired last year (Hue Jackson, the same guy who wanted McCarron, thought they should still play Kizer at QB even with all his TO's, and Peppers at FS instead of SS, and so many more awful in-game decisions - but hey, it was the GM's fault), and that team is headed for even loftier heights - playoff contention in 2019+, and built to last. Strange days indeed.
  20. 2018 53-Man Roster Projections and Discussion

    Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. It's not like Williams suddenly was falling - I don't have a problem with Lindsay being a UDFA, his size profile meant that was likely - but it wasn't like Williams was the lock-down, OMG-there's-no-way-he's-lasting-to-UDFA, either - which makes the choice curious given we took Freeman. I know it seems like hindsight but all along I & others said Lindsay had the best shot to make the team over Williams (to the PS) because of that fit. Obviously we didn't know Lindsay would be this good, but the fit screamed Lindsay over Williams from Day 1. RB injuries have just decimated the RB pool - Corey Grant IR & Fournette are out in JAX, which is why they need bodies. Across the league, RB's are dropping like flies - I mean, JC is getting a tryout. JC lol. He's so done. While RB is entirely disposable - it's a year-to-year repleneshing that occurs. Right now, injuries have thinned that pool, so Williams gets a short look. I wish him well. It's not a huge knock on Elway here, but yeah it's definitely a little luck here. But, luck happens, and we were smart enough to offer both Holland and Lindsay the highest signing bonuses to bring them on. So Elway gets credit for making sure that was in place. Hopefully we get lucky with Kelly lol. Better to be lucky than good sometimes, we'll take it.
  21. Week 7, Bengals-Chiefs flexed to Sunday night

    LOL nope. LAR-SF with no JimmyG would have been ugly. So good for SNF. On the other hand....bad for DFS players ugh.
  22. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    Re: Haskins, he's got amazing tools...but he's so freaking raw. His play with any type of pressure just crumbles. That is just not something you want in a 1st round QB. Montez will have very little real tape after this year, but it will help a ton to see him vs. real competition this year. So far he hasn't really faced any. Honestly, this QB class is so meh at the top, other than Herbert. And no matter what anyone does, they are going to go into 2019 with so many more Q marks than any of the top 3 in 2018 did, and Allen's ceiling far surpasses them all (but at least you can say he has just as many Q marks as the top guys save Herbert IMO). Herbert is no OMG-elite guy, either - I'd have put him at #4 in this year's past draft. But he's still head and shoulders ahead of his peers right now. Problem is, that also makes him a top 5-10 guy easy. Which I'm not as comfortable with (but I get the argument, we've had it b4, so not trying to rehash - just that we look to have 5-6 elite talents, just not at QB, and 2 generational ones), but it's likely going to happen. (Who am I kidding, if DEN got Herbert, I'd do backflips, given our situation - unless Chad Kelly somehow is a thing - anyone else in Rd1...man, meh).
  23. Meh, it's AP being dramatic. If he can pop it back in on his own, he's done it before, and it's more of a recurring thing (once you've done it once, it can re-occur). Take painkillers (local injection on gameday), and he'll be fine. Unless there's a fracture somewhere, he'll play next week. If the position required him to throw, or keep his arm elevated above his shoulders (receiver/TE), then it's a concern. For him, not really a thing. AP being dramatic....who would have guessed. (On a serious note, that hit to his knee on the 2nd play of the game looked brutal. I'd throw him into the MRI to get the knee checked out too, might as well if he's there already)
  24. 2019 draft/QB position league wide

    Let's face it, none of us, Raider fans, or even the FO probably knows. It's his show all the way. Logic dictates a trade never happens in-division. So I wouldn't count on it. I just wouldn't discount it completely, either (although to be fair, while the Mack trade was a bad one especially given they are sending back a 2020 2nd for that 2020 1st, which right now really devalues the net worth, part of the decision undoubtedly came from sending him to the NFC). Back to the QB question - as crazy as it sounds....WAS might be really regretting that QB decision now enough to think Rd1 QB. Alex Smith has looked, well, like Alex Smith - except without Andy Reid's genius and player development skills behind him (and to be clear, Reid is amazing in pre-game preparation and player development, that's where he makes his $$ - what limits him is his curious get-cute play calling in-game and total lack of adjustment/terrible clock management in key games - why they can't win the big games vs. better teams in the past - maybe Mahomes' talent will overcome that now for him). They don't get cap relief until after 2020, but he's also 34, and looking like he's only going to get a LOT worse in his next 2 years - I would not discount Dan Snyder going to the QB well and just eating Smith's salary as one of the highest paid backups in 2019-20 (bridge QB in 2019, backup by 2020 - let's face it, WAS has thrown $ at problems b4 and eaten dead money when it fails). As awful as Keenum's 36M/2 was, I'm given a little solace that it could be worse...I could be a Skins fan watching them put all the blame on Cousins when their OL fell apart and they had zero supporting cast, disparage him in the media as greedy when he offered them a 72M/4 year deal 3 years ago, then WAS decided to bet against him (and failed x 2), and let him walk. And then threw 71M guaranteed at Alex freaking Smith. A proven "winner"...who was again a product of the coach/team around him..and not the guy who was the tractor on that O, but the trailer. Every person who kept insisting that Alex Smith was an upgrade on Kirk Cousins in the offseason should be feeling pretty sheepish now (and frankly, nobody is perfect, we all make bad calls - but that was so painfully obvious it was staggering that ppl had this take).
  25. Top five defenses in the league

    Before ppl take issue with the rankings, by the eye test, CHI is obvious for all to see, but CLE is certainly deserving of a top 5 D label. Ward has been a great cover CB (still gets burned, but that's his style), with ballhawk skills that really transform that D's potential for big plays. Garrett (generational level talent like Mack/Von) & Ogbah's supporting work along with Ogbujoni's being a terror inside, mean that they win in trench battles and get after the QB really well. And Peppers' run support as a SS (how they thought he should learn Year 1 as a FS is beyond me, his skill set screams SS) really has helped them in a big way. They could still use another ILB force and more CB depth, but they have the $ (no longer the early picks) to get those shored up, they don't need elite guys, just strong support guys now. Then they'll be right up there with any of the big D's IMO. JAX still belongs at the top with CHI, but I'd put CLE and BAL as legit D's as well. BAL & NYJ's only issue is that I don't know that they can keep up their success in pass rush, while I have nothing but love for Suggs, he's getting up there, so I don't know if he can hold up for 16 games, and he's simply not at the same level as Mack/Garrett/Von (who ironically, is suffering from what Mack did in OAK - no other guys who can make the D's lay off double teams / moving play away from him - Chubb's still learning the game, and the concerns that he's not an alpha pass rusher seem spot on at this time, while he is showing a very well-rounded game). So I see JAX/CHI/CLE as built to last....NYJ/BAL are great D's, but vulnerable to keeping that when they face good OL's, because I don't think their pass rush is nearly at the same level as CHI/CLE (and even JAX) can generate (JAX isn't quite as good as what CHI/CLE can bring now pass-rush, but their coverage is just that much better to make up for it). The one D who could move up quickly - LAC once Bosa returns, and Liuget is just back. The key there besides Bosa is how well the LB's play in run support, that's been a weakness of theirs b4. Perryman upping his game as the Mike would make a huge diff this year to making that run D better.