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  1. 2020 College Prospects

    Except we signed James and Callahan to much bigger deals. It’s the net effect that’s factored in. Ironically if James & Callahan don’t meet the threshold for games started (no idea what it is but Brock Osweiler getting benched cost us an end of 3rd), then their effect is negated. But assuming they count we likely don’t get any picks. Sucks but the comp formula takes into account both gains and losses. Pro Bowls also count so Barrett would our big hope but we would still almost certainly need James or Callahan (or both) to miss enough time to not negate his “addition” to our comp pick side.
  2. Patriots release WR Antonio Brown

    LOL savage....
  3. Patriots release WR Antonio Brown

    The Pats can get it all back from AB, if they demonstrate his actions were in violation of the personal conduct policy. Actually getting it back, might prove more difficult, once they realize he spent it all on cryochambers.
  4. Patriots release WR Antonio Brown

    On a serious note, I can say there was no happy ending for Robert Kraft this time.
  5. Patriots release WR Antonio Brown

    When I think AB & Pats, I'll always put him right up with the true legends like Gore & the Eagles.
  6. Random Thoughts

    And before anyone asks - god no on Antonio Brown. Dude is a train wreck (CTE? Since 2017 he’s come unhinged).
  7. GDT Week 3: Denver Broncos @ Green Bay Packers

    FWIW WR is deep enough if we pick early Rd2 could get a real impact WR too. Jeudy is an elite talent for sure but the pool of top end WR is deeper than the past couple of years.
  8. Holding calls at historical high after 2 weeks

    I blame Garrett Bolles.
  9. GDT Week 3: Denver Broncos @ Green Bay Packers

    Yeah more do we look for a boundary vs slot guy. But I agree WR burner is a target. The only guy with any juice on the squad is Spencer and he makes T.Y. Hilton look like a TE. Plus route running not the same on the CFL running starts, wider fields and no press coverage.
  10. GDT Week 3: Denver Broncos @ Green Bay Packers

    Given it’s year 2 I’m willing to give him all of this year to show he can be a viable slot guy. If he isn’t showing any development then we certainly can dive back into a very deep WR class.
  11. GDT Week 3: Denver Broncos @ Green Bay Packers

    To be fair to Elway (who I’m not ever going to absolve him for his drafting woes Day 2 pre-2018) the response was to Bolles’ Postgame interview saying he was being targeted by the refs and he didn’t agree that he has a reputation for holding. Those were 2 absolutely ridiculous statements to make that show zero accountability or insight. The comments made speak directly to that interview. If it was just performance you don’t call a player out in public. But given Bolles’ interview started off with those 2 statements on the refs targeting him and him saying a rep for holding was undeserved, Elway’s response was more than appropriate. It also doesn’t absolve him from making the pick, though. Agreed 100 percent there.
  12. Random Thoughts

    To be fair to Kelly his fate was sealed when IND signed Brian Hoyer to be their backup. I suspect they are going to stash him on their PS, so waiving him is required to get him there (assuming he goes unclaimed). Obv given Kelly’s off the field issues there’s huge risk and skepticism is warranted but I wouldn’t be surprised if IND sees him as the QB3 to stash on the PS much like DEN sees Brett Rypien.
  13. Goodbye John Ralston

    Ring of Fame was created how long ago? I can imagine they probably wanted to work through all the players that deserved it...and then he kinda got lost in the shuffle. Either way, his passing probably highlights the omission in a big way. Until Pat Bowlen shows up, Ralston is the guy who started the turnaround. 16 of the 22 starters for the first Super Bowl team we had were drafted by Ralston IIRC. Definitely deserving of a spot on the Ring. EDIT: 1984.
  14. GDT Week 3: Denver Broncos @ Green Bay Packers

    It's fair to timeshare him for games when they are the favorite - but Lafleur was talking about the entire season as a 50-50 mix. Williams is JAG. It's pretty telling for a key intra-divisional game like MIN, they leaned on Jones more. He's just a better player. The days of a 3-down bellcow are rare, and agree that Jones' MCL history says he's not going to be a 300 carry guy - but 50-50 season long is just crazy. The additional context is that Matt Lafleur thought it was best to timeshare Derrick Henry & Dion Lewis for 13 games - it took a historic TNF performance and their season on the line Week 13 before Lafleur got away from that dreadful decision. That context suggests that Lafleur is just a timeshare advocate, because there's no argument that Henry shouldn't be a workhorse over Lewis. Having said that, if the game gets away from us early, those are the games to timeshare lesser talents. No argument there. But it would be shocking to see Williams & Jones with a 50-50 split at end of season.
  15. GDT Week 3: Denver Broncos @ Green Bay Packers

    As bad as some of the coaching decisions we have seen on our end over the years, I’m continuously amazed by the horrid RB timeshare decisions coaches on other teams make when there is a clearly better talent present. We saw it week 2 with David Montgomery over Mike Davis with CHI and now GB HC Lafleur. Aaron Jones is 10x a better runner than Jamal Williams no way it should be a 50/50 split. SMH.
  16. GDT Week 3: Denver Broncos @ Green Bay Packers

    I didn't ever get being traded to MIA from reading Of Mice and Men. I have to go back and read that last chapter again.
  17. GDT Week 3: Denver Broncos @ Green Bay Packers

    That's a little harsh. I mean, worst-case he's cutting Bolles, not shooting him in the head.
  18. GDT Week 3: Denver Broncos @ Green Bay Packers

    Well good to see the FO is going to publicly call Bolles out now. That BS about not taking responsibility is a huge red flag, better that everyone let him publicly that won't fly. If Bolles doesn't make such a ridiculous statement, he doesn't need the public callout, but that lack of accountability has to be called out hard.
  19. Empower Stadium At Mile High 2:25 PM MT September 14th, 2019 Coverage: Fox (TBA) CHI (0-1, 12-4 in 2018, 1st NFCW) DENVER (0-0, 5-11 in 2017, 4th AFCW) Line: CHI -2.5, O/U 40.5 on 9/11 2018 DVOA: SEA (#5 overall - #20 on O; #1 on D; #9 on ST) DEN (#15 overall - #16 on O; #5 on D; #29 on ST) DVOA Ranks: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/dvoa-ratings/2018/final-2018-dvoa-ratings So @BullsandBroncos got his kick at the can, but with an L, time to start a new GDT... Things to watch for: 1. Our OL vs. their front 7 - with RT Ju'wan James out several weeks with a MCL sprain...well, no bueno. Frankly, the only guy who won consistently was Risner (yay), but both our run game in the 1H, and our pass pro for the entire game, was just plain bad. We got some momentum in the 3Q with the run game, but the context was that OAK had been out for the last 10 plays of the 1H, and then 15 of the next 18 plays in the 3Q. So this is obv a more clear test of where our OL stands in the run game (and the preseason was pretty unspectacular when the 1st team was out there). Ron Leary really looked awful out there last week. The CHI front 7 isn't just Khalil Mack and Roquan Smith, they've got size, speed and depth. We will be really tested. And that matters because... 2. Flacco in getting reads / ball out - there's a belief that Flacco wasn't so bad. He wasn't the reason we lost - but he didn't get the ball out on time, or on location most throws. The location wasn't there leading the runner when they were in flat, or in the numbers when they were sitting down, or back shoulder when they were in a seam with a defender in front. I'll let @lomaxgrUK correct me when he looks at the All-22, but the lack of placement, and the long time in getting through reads, he won't have that luxury vs. the CHI front 7, and that attack secondary will pounce on late throws. 3. Our run D vs. the CHI OL - things aren't rosy on the CHI end, either. HC Nagy has taken a ton of heat for playing RB Mike Davis over their rookie RB David Montgomery, and IMO rightfully so - Montgomery has a TON of juice. If CHI is smart, they lean on Montgomery and the run game, as we had no answer for OAK's run game. This is a big mismatch. Holding our own here is crucial, because there's one area we have a potential advantage, it's... 4. Our pass rush harrassing QB Mitch Trubisky into making mistakes - GB's week 1 win on the road happened simply because the D put 8 in the box, and dared Trubisky to beat them. And he failed...miserably. Honestly, based on his week 1 performance, you'd make a case his UNC degree is a complete fraud - since Tru showed no ability to read whatsoever. Get some pressure, put him into 2nd/3rd and long, and let him make mistakes (sound familiar? Funny to be on the other end saying that after the last 3 years lol). CHJ should be able to neutralize Allen Robinson II, so the real Q becomes... 5. Their TE / WR2-3 & Tarik Cohen vs. Yiadom/Bausby/Jackson combo & our S/ILB's - sounds like Callahan's out a while - which really sucks, because Kareem Jackson was the only other guy who could cover anyone. Yiadom isn't a lost cause at all by any means - but expecting him to bounce back for week 2 is a huge stretch. Expect CB's De'Vante Bausby & Duke Dawson to get more playing time in practice, and then on Sunday in place of Yiadom all the time (Bausby had no snaps IIRC other than ST's, same with Dawson - understandable in Dawson's case, with team less than 1 week, but Bausby was a head-scratcher). Now, CHI was short-handed as their best WR outside of A-Rob, Anthony Miller (#17) was only out there for 22 percent of the snaps, after missing the preseason; and their top move TE, Trey Burton (#80), missed the game entirely. Both are practicing fully, so it seems like they'll be back - which is a huge plus for them, as they had guys named Braunhower, C-Patt & Taylor Gabriel being completely blanketed. Sadly, if Miller/Burton play, I expect they will exploit, this, along with Tarik Cohen as their Swiss-Army knife weapon vs. our ILB/safeties. 6. TO's and ST - we just have to be better in ST, and we have to win the TO battle, because CHI is simply a much better team than us on both sides of the ball. 7. Coaching has to be fearless - we can't have repeats of not using our 3 TO's in our 2-min drill while we are at midfield. We have to take some shots down the field to keep the D honest, it can't be in the 4Q (and that's what Flacco does well). Of course our OL has to hold up enough to let it happen, but we can't just be super-dink and dunk, the CHI D will just jump our routes after a while. The final implication - if we fight hard, better sign, no matter who wins. If we get our doors blown off - then it's time for Elway to think about being a seller. As it is, barring a TO-fest and a complete meltdown by Trubisky (again), I have to call it 23-16 CHI. But still looking for progress from our O, and our young core....

    Favorite Team: Broncos Week 3: Buffalo Bills (SEA, BAL)
  21. 2020 College Prospects

    I’d be shocked if Fromm fell out of Rd1. The rapid decline of vet QB’s is going to heighten the need. Teams like CAR are now in the mix.
  22. Broncos Forum Pick'em & Survivor Week 3

    On principle alone @iLikeDefense should be eliminated! It’s only week 2 to be losing track of picks lol.
  23. Random Thoughts

    Yes, PIT’s FO either are idiots or believe there isn’t much of a drop off from Big Ben to Rudolph as many expect.
  24. Random Thoughts

    Just to be clear 20’s pick means playoffs. So 7-9 / 8-8 isn’t getting there. That’s the risk.
  25. 2020 College Prospects

    Yeah, brain cramp - 2019-20 was my idea, not 2021. No argument. By 2021, we are all in on QB if Lock isn't the guy. My bad, all good.