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  1. What movie are you watching v1

    Wife wanted a romcom...ugh. Decided on Sleeping With Other People. Sudekis & Brie were f'in brilliant. One of the few in that genre that IMO was actually an enjoyable movie on its own merits.
  2. Case For: Case Keenum is serviceable, and no major injuries occur (we have paper-thin depth everywhere). Case Againt: Case Keenum plays like Case Keenum pre-2017, and our paper-thin depth gets exposed.
  3. DeMarco Murray announced his retirement

    When the decline happens for punishers who run upright (Eddie George), it comes quickly. This was extensively discussed when he was released - last year’s film said he was done (ThuNF madden cam showed it in spades). It was eye opening. Its rare to see athletes see the fall coming. At least Murray gets a gig right away. Wish him well dude was a warrior in his prime.
  4. Lesean McCoy Accused of DV, PED use

    It tells me that he has a competent health care "advisor". And that he has a pulse. (Honestly, PED use isn't a scarlet letter to me. I don't like that amateurs do it without proper oversight, my main reason to be against them, but I don't hold it against a football player in this or even past era's).
  5. Sam Beal - Supplemental Draft

    He went likely where he would have declared earlier this year. So in theory, there's not much inherent extra value gained. But, they used a 2019 pick to get a 2018 impact player if he's their 3rd CB right from Week 1. If they had a deep depth chart, then they used a 2019 pick on a guy with very little 2018 impact, then you get less immediate impact - and thus, less value. Beal getting picked in the 3rd was a good move, talent-wise. But now they have a 2018 guy who could be on the field 60+ percent of the time (given how often nickel is used nowadays), vs. a guy they just put on the bench if they're deeper. Hence the value statement.
  6. Better QB Right Now: Russell Wilson or Drew Brees

    TBH I'd put both guys further down the list - Stafford's improved the past 2 seasons, but he's also been a guy who's put up #'s due to volume in his best years. Fair to say a better cast helps him, but also fair to say CJ really carried that pair in Stafford's early years, too. CJ made Stafford better then. Stafford's the guy driving the bus now, and while more help would make an impact, the lofty heights we saw several years ago, it's no fluke they coincided with massive volume, and CJ there. Ryan was the MVP in year 2 of Kyle Shanahan's system, and went back to his usual back-end top 10 play with Shanahan's departure. If he enjoys a top 5 season this year without Shanahan (and year 2 in the new system), I'd be swayed, but I suspect 2016 was an outlier. Ryan's more the high-floor, know-you-have-your-franchise-level guy, but I would see Wentz already passing both assuming the ACL is OK.
  7. Best Average Prime Year: T.O Versus Antonio Brown

    Physical talent? TO, hands down. Ability to separate and get open? AB, hands down. That explains the sentiment fantasy owners would have - AB would likely be more productive because of this, and why if you ask most FFB owners, they'd take AB in his prime.
  8. Is Larry Fitzgerald Still A Top 12 WR Talent Wise?

    You can tell it's the dead season when the term explosion gets this much debate. Fitz was so good in his prime because he was so sudden in his ability to change directions and cut on a dime one-on-one. When you combine that with his size, catch radius, box-out ability and glue-like hands - he beat CB's in so many ways. He's not as quick in his breaks/cuts anymore - which is understandable. Now he relies more on his timing, catch radius, hands, and ability to not give away his cut direction. But in his prime, the only thing he really lacked was straight line speed. I don't know that Fitz's skill set could be that debatable - if some want to say that's not explosion, well OK (I see the distinction more in the trenches, where you can't just have a quick first step or punch, but you have to be able to keep whatever leverage/speed advantage you've gained to call it explosion). But short-area burst, ability to change directions & cut on a dime, it's the skill that explains why guys like Fitz and Keenan Allen can be dominant WR's (remember that 4.7 40 at the Combine for Allen that dropped him in his draft, although partly due to the PCL recovery stage, as it still showed the one lacking element in his game, straight line speed). When you add Fitz's size and catch radius/box-out ability to his change of direction/lack of tell signs where he was going/quick cuts in his prime, well it's why he was a top WR for so long - the truly best WR's beat you in multiple ways, and aren't just 1-2 trick ponies. Fitz may be down to a couple of main ways now, but Fitz in his prime was a totally different animal. I don't quite have him in my top 12 anymore, because as he ages more, the ways he wins and the skill gap he enjoys gradually decreases, so it's hard to predict his skill set will remain identical. It won't. It just happens to age very well.
  9. Nice write up on our draft class

    Yeah, this is the slowest time of the year. That will change in about 2+ weeks lol.
  10. 2019 CalhounLambeau Draft Thread - New Database

    Same, much respect as always.
  11. 2019 Non-QB Skill Players

    I like to find gems from bad teams in major conferences - if they play well vs. stacked teams and elite competition, it's a big plus, esp. if it's early in their career. So one guy not named so far - David Montgomery, Iowa State. Elusive, agile, vision, and low center of gravity with enough burst and drive to break tackles. Only missing skill is lack of home run speed, but he's also great at pass catching and blocking. And as a converted QB, he's still learning the position. Big believer in his skill set.
  12. Sam Beal - Supplemental Draft

    BW Webb and Randall Gay are the 3rd/4th CB's on the Gmen depth chart. Unless I'm forgetting someone, holy hell batman, great value for the Gmen. He could be their 3rd CB right away.
  13. Best Movies I have seen All Time

    WALL-E - just that first 30 mins of near-silence was just amazing film-making. You root for that little guy the whole way through. Alien was great - but Aliens was the pinnacle. I could have gone Alien-Aliens, just Aliens is my favorite. GAME OVER, MAN, GAME OVER. I'll admit Any Given Sunday is the least deserving, but it's Pacino...and it's football. Hard to resist. Friday Night Lights would have been the other addition.
  14. 09 Saints vs 2017 Eagles

    Saints were a Brett Favre mistake away from losing the NFCG and beat an IND team that was basically the Peyton show. I always go with the stronger D and stronger-trenches team. And given how masterful Pederson gameplanned and gamecalled SB52, I have to go Iggles here.
  15. 2014 Seahawks vs 2015 Panthers

    I think Carroll hands it to Marshawn at the 1 this time. SEA by 4.
  16. Yeah, I was addressing both signings, my statement on Adonis & Beal were completely separate. Too lazy to do 2 posts. Re: Adonis, the whiff rate is so high at Rd6, if they know him and see something even more than a ST ace, it's a win. It's not like ppl can worry about the price. The one curious thing is that WAS really did load up on CB's (although man, losing Fuller stings). You have to wonder if they're trying to find lightning in a bottle to prepare themselves for life after Josh Norman - since his salary is no longer guaranteed after this year. Once CB's hit the 30's, the decline can come quickly, so they seem to be hedging their bets to load up for life after #24 (Moreau I think will be fine, unlucky injury last year).
  17. Lesean McCoy Accused of DV, PED use

    That's incredibly underrated/overlooked. CLE's inability to score was all about the decision to throw a not-even-close-to-ready Kizer out there...and then keeping him out there. 10 TO's inside the opponent's 5 yard line. TEN. The OL and their run game with even a league average QB wins 2-3 games, not to mention actual good in-game management (SMH Hue but I digress). Losing Thomas hurt, without that injury, man, that would have been a very good OL. And that's the right way to build an O, trenches first - Sashi had to die so the Browns could live. Hopefully they got the right QB and T from this draft that Sashi had in mind to complete the build.
  18. Let's face it, his film is up and down, and he was drafted more on projection and possible scheme fit. He's a press-man CB, not a quick-twitch guy - those WR's ate him for lunch. I'm kind of surprised SEA didn't want him in the 5th, but early 6th is about right. He's got the size for S for sure, but the team's history with him, they clearly have something specific in mind. Beal was a nice get for the Gmen, they definitely addressed a need area. The depth chart after Jenkins and Apple was really thin. Even if they don't improve enough to be a playoff team, they used the 3.2 position to spend a future 3rd that's more likely a 3.10-19 type spot, and of course, a year later if they passed.
  19. Nice write up on our draft class

    It sounds great, but keep in mind, this is coming all from DEN. There's no outside party opinion here. Basically, you read all 32 teams, they all have nothing but great things and greatness ahead. Really have to take this with a grain of salt. The reason why RW puts that article out is to see if there's info they can use from the exec's answers to forecast fantasy breakouts, winners of position battles, etc. Sadly, 98+ percent of the info is just team-speak and pure noise, not news.
  20. 2015 Broncos vs 2010 Packers

    Historic D's usually win the big games. Car's D was a top 3-4 D that year in SB50, and that was cited over & over how CAR's elite D was better vs. Peyton-corpse & O vs. DEN's historic D vs. what was considered a juggernaut, unstoppable CAR O that had decimated everyone in its path. It would be a great matchup, though, either way. Can't argue those that think A-Rod would be better than Cam was to tip the scales. But every time we think a QB will overcome the historically, potential GOAT type D - the D usually wins.
  21. Do you consider A.J. Green a top-5 wide receiver?

    We only differ on this - what happens now and forward. The resume to me only tells me if it’s a fluke. In all the guys we are discussing we know it’s not a fluke. I have 4 guys in the same tier moving forward as 4-7. It’s no biggie to me who is 4 and who is 7. The difference is too small to get worked up about.
  22. Lesean McCoy Accused of DV, PED use

    TOTAL brain cramp. Stand corrected.
  23. What are you reading? V1

    Erikson's series wouldn't be for that crowd lol. It's not slow at all, but it jumps around so much you need an encyclopedia sized book for the character list alone.
  24. Lesean McCoy Accused of DV, PED use

    Top-3 pick...for the Buccaneers. That's the worst-case (or best-case for Tampa) scenario for sure. Still, unless he's arrested, I think he plays this year. I wouldn't count on anything more than that, though, until he's cleared.
  25. Lesean McCoy Accused of DV, PED use

    Unless there's some live video or a smoking gun that gets him arrested, I'd actually say the opposite. Given it's a conspiracy accusation now on the table, it's going to take a while for the investigation to yield any results. Until there's an arrest on the actual assailants, it's not like any of the accusations are going to be easily verifiable, barring some video evidence. For almost every public event like this, history has shown if it's a star, and there's doubt, it's going to take time for the NFL to act. The bigger risk is if the perpetrator gets arrested and confirms McCoy's involvement, or there's some actual smoking gun like text communications or actual audio/video that implicates McCoy, not just accusations. To be clear, if the burglary involved specific targeting of specific items, it's a very bad look for McCoy, and makes a victim-driven hoax far less likely. Still, without more actual facts, it's still a massive "WTF" on what actually happened,. But a quick suspension / placing on the reserve list isn't going to happen until legal action is more substantial. I'll happily stand corrected as I'm just a layman, but the NFL historical precedent on timeline with star players says unless there's a video or actual arrest with serious felony charges, he's playing. Now, 2019 on the other hand....all bets are off. Timing is key here. We don't even have an investigation completed by police. Just gotta wait it out.