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  1. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    M&T Stadium 11:00 AM CT September 23rd, 2018 Coverage: CBS (Announcers TBA) BALTIMORE (1-1, 9-7 in 2017, 2nd in AFCN), DENVER (2-0, 5-11 in 2017, 4th AFCW) Line: BAL - 5, O/U somewhere around 43-44 pts DVOA: BAL (#7 overall - #23 on O; #3 on D; #1 on ST), DEN (#29 overall - #31 on O; #10 on D; #30 on ST), DVOA Ranks: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/teameff So, we take care of SEA & barely squeak by OAK at home weeks 1-2 - but now the schedule starts to get real, with an early time zone road game vs. BAL, who gets 10 days of prep work for ThuNF. Keys for this week: 1. Take advantage of the BAL CB's and the loss of ILB CJ Mosley - BAL's strength is their D. We catch a huge break with ILB Mosley - he's their Ray Lewis lite. Either way, the pass game vs. their CB's (especially with Jimmy Smith suspended) and whoever is replacing Mosley. That means DT/Sanders and the TE's are a key area where we gain, but first... 2. Limit the TO's, win ToP on O - Keenum cannot turn the ball like Week 1over with this ballhawk, opportunistic D. He also can't struggle like he did Week 2. The problem with ToP is that BAL is traditionally stout in run D, so it does mean he's going to have to carry the load. Quick reads, good throws (he starts the 1H jittery, and happy feet and high throws/late reads). He has to come out ready to play, because it allows us to... 3. Get Ahead Early, Lean on the Run Game - the ThuNF week 2 game with BAL-CIN showed how BAL's D can be beaten - Dalton & AJG burned them early, then they could lean more on the run game with Joe Mixon. In our case, if we can establish a 1H lead, it helps Freeman get on the field. We cannot keep relying on 15+ carries for Lindsay in catchup mode like last week, and Freeman is our real hammer in the run game. It all starts with getting ahead. 4. Get pressure on Flacco - give Gruden & OAK credit, ,they came up with a solid plan to get rid of the ball super-fast, to help negate our lethal pass rush. BAL's O is more vulnerable, as Flacco is not a 3-step drop guy, and he's a statue. If we can get to to Flacco, it helps us deal with our biggest weakness, namely.. 5. WR John Brown and the BAL TE's vs. our 2nd/3rd CB's & hybrid S/LB's - everyone will recognize Crabtree as the name they recognize on BAL, but the reality is that John Brown is their top WR now (10 targets last week, same as Crabtree, but significant air yard gap, Crabtree is just a short route guy now), and he's also the guy with the skill set that will give us huge problems - lightning fast, and elusive, quick-twitch (poor man's Tyreke Hill, no one is at his level, just never healthy in ARI with his sickle cell trait <discovered while he was in ARI>). Crabtree can be taken out (even without someone yanking his chain, figuratively or literally lol). Brown's deep speed and quicks are the top concern, especially once he faces Roby or our 3rd CB. On the flip side, BAL has 3 TE's normally (their top pick Hayden Hurst is out, though - another break) - but they still have 3 pass-catching TE's (Nick Boyle, Maxx Williams & Mark Andrews). Given our trouble there, getting pressure on Flacco really helps, as it limits the mismatches there. 6. Watch out for Alex Collins and the BAL run game - much like in the OAK game, getting behind presents a double-edged sword, because BAL can pull out a very solid power run game with Alex Collins an even more punishing version than current day Beast Mode (not peak, of course). The one weakness Collins has - fumbles - which indirectly hekps the opposition - because after another week 1 RZ fumble work Collins, they’ve been using Buck Allen more (who’s truly JAG) in pass and GL work. In reality, though, we don't want to rely on that potential, better to get ahead, and put our D in what we do best, pinning ears back to get to Flacco. 7. Be ready for Lamar Jackson gadget plays - BAL designs about 6-8 Jackson-specific plays, much like the old Kordell Stewart slash-plays we saw in PIT. We can't be unprepared for this, and we need to know how to change our assignments when he's there. 8. Winning (or not getting beat badly) on ST's - BAL has the #1 ST unit from last year, and with good reason. McManus isn't Justin Tucker - but in a game that the D likely dominates on both sides, he has to match him in being flawless for anything inside 45 yds. Roby was great last week, after he struggled week 1, so hopefully he continues on his All-Pro skill set. Our gunners haven't been great, so we should hopefully see more improvement. KO coverage and blocking is a work in progress, as teams adjust to the new rules on formations, so hopefully we can match BAL's, who is admittedly an elite squad. Being even here is a great result, especially limiting big plays or missed kicks on our end. Overall, I've said we're likely a 7-9/8-8 team, and I also said we'd likely be 2-0 given the matchups and home games. That's borne fruit, as the biggest Q's that we thought we might have on O have come to pass (is Keenum as good as 2017, or as bad as pre-2017 - the answer being yes to both at times lol), and on D (our pass coverage for the secondary from Roby and 3rd CB, our TE coverage from our ILB/hybrid S's). We do get a MASSIVE break in not facing CJ Mosley - but it's still a road game, and an early start, so it's not surprising that we are 5 points dogs. I think it will be closer than that, and whenever the margin is only 3 pts, it means we could pull it out, but in the end, I see a 23-20 loss. I do hope I'm wrong, as I'd be happy to do a 4th GD thread lol. I'll be away on the West Coast for a family wedding, so I'll get this up early, before travel starts on Thu (gotta pack tomorrow lol). I'll be at an airport on Sunday, hoping for plane wifi so I can track what's happening, but otherwise praying for the team to show up for its first real test, when we are facing a road game, vs a team that truly matches up as an equal. Can't wait!
  2. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    I agree with the other points on VJ & the secondary, and that Bolles was outmanned in a huge way (also at some point the coaching staff should be sending help his way). Lindsay’s ejection was weak sauce. Veldheer recovered a fumble and the whistle blew. Pretty late hit. Lindsay defended his teammate by getting in there. He can’t do that but it was a move that we all get. And the call that he was throwing punches - please. SMH refs on that one. He’ll learn from it. But it’s not in the same class of issues as the rest (with or without him we were getting rolled). I can get behind slamming the coaches, the pass protection, Keenum and our pass D today. Ugly all the way around. Lindsay’s ejection doesn’t belong in that group.
  3. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    He could be. But that’s a huge leap. Remember Tebow possessed a skill set that D’s weren’t used to. It masked just how bad a thrower he was early on. Maybe Kelly has “it” but being a conventional style QB seems more likely he’s not ready yet for prime time. For every Tebow or Big Ben (who was miles ahead at same stage) there are 10x rookies who fail spectacularly in year 1 (and IR no return means that’s really what this is for Kelly). I do totally hear the point you’re making - the longer Keenum shows he can’t be the guy the less we have to lose to find out what we have both long term and now. That’s just pretty awful to be thinking that way after 3 games. But can’t say it’s without merit - just feels way too soon for Elway & co. to draw that conclusion. Like it or not the W’s likely gave Keenum a fair amount of leash. We kept hearing all week long “it’s not pretty but Keenum finds a way to win”. I suspect we will hear that a few more times this week and in subsequent weeks after. I really don’t think the whispers come until the 2H of a lost season barring injury.
  4. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    I really think barring injury Elway only goes to Kelly if we are eliminated. Kelly needs as many reps of practice as possible. Remember he got none being on IR no return last year. Tough to hear but keep in mind Elway invested a lot of our remaining cap to win now (restructuring Von to re-sign Davis, get Brock, Clinton McDonald and trade for Veldheer). It’s just not in Elways DNA to think next year this soon.
  5. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    Yeah it was like Keenum was taken after Cousins chose MIN simply to let him avoid that gamble - which then got spun as “he’s our present and future guy”. The thing is if there was a year to take the shot on QB Rd1 this was it. We are unlikely to pick that early again and the depth if QB at the top isn’t likely to be matched the next 2 years. I really do pray Kelly shows something because the price / risk in the 2019 draft looks downright terrifying compared to 2018.
  6. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    No disagreement at all on the need or the dislike of going after a placeholder again in Keenum - to be fair I just didn’t think Romo was ever going to be the solution in 2017 either, because we weren’t good enough to make a difference behind that OL and our other holes (better yes, not worth the end result given it was temporary). Or the calls to trade for Luck (who got pulled for Brissett to throw the Hail Mary at end of game today - huge flags there that’s he’s not even back to 90 percent of his old self physically). I know the above weren’t necessarily your ideas but they just show it can’t be QB at all costs, depending on the QB talent / risk and the cost. The wrong QB move is disastrous. The need just can’t drive us to pay any price at all costs. The killer part was this was the year to invest in rookie QB. Cheap rookie $ for a premium position. A guy who could be with us minimum 6-7 years in prime (rookie deal 5th year option and 1-2 franchise tags). And we didn’t have to move up and guys who normally would be in the 1.1 - 1.3 discussion, they fell to us. And we passed. Based on one year of Case Keenum playing for a loaded team. I made that argument from the get go and even if Rosen fails I’ll still say the process behind advocating that falls exactly to your point. Hopefully Kelly salvages this - but even then it’s pure luck - because if we really felt that way we wouldn’t have put Darnold on our big board or taken a 2/36M Keenum. Or kicked the tires hard on a 25M+ per year Cousins (who rightfully chose to pass - despite their brain cramp today, the Vikes are so ahead of where we are). We can’t look at that and then have Elway say “hey we always knew Kelly could be the guy” - if they did, we wouldn’t have had the above. Still, given how much of a premium the 2019 draft class will be for lesser talents at QB than 2018, I hope Elway does get lucky and Kelly shows something. Because after all the seasons pre-2017 it’s becoming clear that the Cinderella clock is striking midnight on Keenum (like it did with Foles - and a cautionary tale for anyone believing in Fitzmagic).
  7. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    The flip side is when you reach for one it sets the franchise back 3-4 years minimum. Keenum was only a 2-year investment but the opportunity cost on spending elsewhere (or using 1.5) is just a tack-on to the Lynch gamble. But yeah unless you are a truly complete team everywhere else and have dominant trenches (Phi model without Wentz and our historic D in 2015) it’s just so much easier with a good QB. We all hope Kelly has something - because if he doesn’t the news only gets worse - the 2019 QB class is very meh at the top. The amount of overpay to get the 1-2 guys who stand out is going to be way worse than last year - when we had 3 guys whose resumé was miles ahead of this group at the same stage. Not a good feeling.
  8. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    Allen might work out or not. But there’s just no way he would have been picked by Elway after the Lynch fiasco. Lynch never had Allen’s ceiling (why he was a late 1st and even then a reach based on team need and not discussed in the top 5-10 overall), but the flaws were so similar in the Q areas it wasn’t a realistic scenario. I can’t fault Elway for passing there given the context. Allen’s physical talent is real - so there will be stretches where he looks amazing. There are also stretches where he fails at game-manager throws and basic decisions. How he overcomes those will determine his fate. Keep in mind when the D turns the ball over for short fields then you get staked to 2-3 score lead early the game gets incredibly easy for QB’s. Ironically we saw that with MIN on the dealing end last year with Keenum. If Allen succeeds I will fully own that I don’t blame Elway for passing on him. The floor is just so low and Rosen is just so polished (league-average floor, with a top 5-7 ceiling barring injury, which isn’t a null risk there), it seemed like Rosen / Darnold were the only viable options at 1.5, then only Rosen. That’s the likely only realistic alternative Elway had once the draft board fell as it did.
  9. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    It's truly nothing against Bradley Chubb....but the decision to pass on Josh Rosen may be the one fly in the ointment for what was a strong departure from Elway in 2018 of a draft that yielded immediate Day 1-2 impact (in addition to the usual Day 3/UDFA gems, that's no different). It's obviously way too soon to judge the draft class as a whole, or with long-term certainty - but we have 7-8 years of Keenum pre-2017 to go off. And the concerns about Keenum were well-established (best QB schedule, elite D requiring only 17 pts per game, playing with lead early, and a RB/WR/TE corps that we aren't at the same level). It's too soon to say passing on Rosen for Chubb is a mistake - but putting all the eggs into the Keenum basket sure looks like a big whiff, give he's 30, and we have way more years of this kind of play to look back on, pretty easy to say pointing to Keenum as to why we could pass on QB was incredibly flawed and poorly thought out. The sad part is, the play Keenum had in the first 2 games was still very flawed - and yet way better than what we've had the past 2 years. But we just saw what flawed QB play does against similar or better talent teams. It's pretty ugly.
  10. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    Well, the good news is that we're never as bad as our worst day, or as good as our best day. So no matter how bad it looks today, it's likely not that ugly. On the other hand...we're nowhere even close to a contender, either. Contenders don't get run out of the house like that, and get beaten on both sides of the ball in the trenches. Remember those shiny PFF #'s? The huge caveat besides small sample size holds true yet again - the #'s don't account for the competition faced, they assume everyone is the same. Today, put us against a decent team, and a tough D...and man, we did not match up, or show up in the trenches at all. And yeah, this is now 3 weeks where Keenum has looked very pedestrian for long stretches at a time. The difference being, we weren't facing a bottom 5 to bottom 10 team at home to overcome terrible QB play for 1H (or more, in this case). Can't really say too much else, as I was watching off a horrible internet feed using crappy wifi. We aren't this bad, but our pass D, pass blocking and our QB play are very much HUGE Q marks. Add it up, it's why 7-9/8-8 seemed a safe call. Next week - it's KC at home. Given how hot Mahomes has been, it's hard to see us pulling it out. But W or L, I'd hope we see real progress in the 3 weak areas we've shown the last 3 weeks - the W's vs. vastly inferior talent masked it, but it will be on full display after this week, and next week's test vs. KC.
  11. Normally, this isn't news, but there's context. After the loss, AB was upset on the sidelines (and this isn't new, like most players, he gets upset about L's). For some reason, a former PIT PR employee (who sounds like he got fired, because he's been nothing but a PITA crucifying PIT on his account lol) took umbrage with AB, and called him, saying he's a stat-wh*re who would be lucky to play in PIT, and wouldn't get nearly the same stats anywhere else. So AB replied. Let's be clear - the guy is a FORMER Pitt PR guy. Not a reporter for PIT's media. Not a present day PIT guy. So it should have died. Except that overnight, the media and fan reaction really came out with a fair amount of heat on AB for posting that. To me, it was his right to take down a troll. I mean, last time I looked, AB wasn't playing D. And he wasn't the GM who thought the D would be fine without Shazier with the ragtag group of ILB's they go...and the group of CB's who get consistently toasted. But ok, AB's the problem. And the same AB who took a hometown discount on his deal for PIT. SMH. And now we have this... Add it up, unless it was an excused absence, there's MAJOR trouble brewing in Pittsburgh with AB. First Bell, now AB. Wow.
  12. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    Yeah the PFF grade doesn’t look for the root cause either just as it doesn’t look at the competition faced. If it’s communication then it offers hope for a quick fix. But if it’s all skill-based then we are in trouble. Roby is the one guy who’s sending up huge flags. The other guys like Pac-Man and Brock might not know their assignments when switches are needed / motion moves guys around. Roby should. Moreover in man coverage he looks tentative when press / aggression is called for. The next 2 weeks are going to be a huge litmus test for him the 3rd CB. I'm driving to airport through a bunch of dead spots, then flying 2 stops, 8 hours total, so doubt I'll be posting here - hopefully will be seeing good news, but bracing for worse...
  13. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    Besides SSS, the one huge caveat about PFF's methodology - it assumes that the competition faced each game is the same. So besides the fact that 2 games aren't enough to call it a real trend, the fact is we've faced 2 bottom 10 (and in SEA's case, I'd argue a bottom 5 team). It's also why Keenum's rating last year, facing the 2nd-worst pass D schedule, is quite misleading. I love PFF for the fact they break down each play, but that's the one weakness that has to be factored in. Over the long run, a consistently great PFF rating over 2-3 years, because the competition eventually evens itself out, carries more weight. But a high rating for a brief stretch, it's crucial to look at the competition faced. Having said all of that - it makes the DB performance even more worrisome. The OL didn't face good competition - but they played well, you can't take that away from them, can't ding them for doing their job vs. worse talent. But the DB's struggles against a very subpar SEA and OAK corps that was basically Amari Cooper and no one else...well, yeah, worrisome. This week, John Brown is the only guy that can really hurt us, Crabtree's the type of WR we should be able to control. The TE's are a tougher matchup. Even though it's on the road though, knowing it's only Brown, if the CB's don't play well this week, again vs. a crew that's pretty limited...well, it's definitely time to get really concerned.
  14. Redskins sign WRs Michael Floyd and Breshad Perriman

    Skins fans will undoubtedly remember the Perriman era like Phi fans do for the legendary Frank Gore era.
  15. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    Good news for us - Billy Turner may be better with the new coaching staff. Or OAK’s pass rush may just be that bad. Either way I’d rather not find out this week on the road. Veldheer clearing the concussion protocol is huge.
  16. Random Thoughts

    FWIW, I agree 100 percent on BUF - there's no OL, and no players who can separate, either. And the D is old, so they get worn out as the O doesn't stay on the field - which leads to big leads given up. It's a perfect storm to not have a raw QB play on the field. Rosen is the complete opposite, he's ready to play. But the one good reason to let him sit is that ARI OL is just as awful as BUF is - and so Bradford is literally being paid $20M to take all the punishment until he gets hurt, or the OL plays well enough to think that Rosen won't get killed. Now, I think I'd have paid less $ for a lower stopgap, but that's the reasoning (and that's purely hindsight on Bradford, at 1.15 ARI could have easily ended up with Lamar or Allen as the only QB left, and needed to go with vet QB all year long). I agree with the premise that with polished QB's, you let them get used to NFL speed. But only if the OL won't get them absolutely murdered. TBH, I think that's Rosen's only risk I see - he's even more polished that Mayfield looked, and way ahead of Darnold. Re: Darnold, as bad as he was last night, it was 4 days of prep, on the road, vs. an elite pass rush (yes, CLE is that good on D, Garrett & Ogujoni were holy terrors last night - and they were missing Ogbah, to boot). And worse, the NYJ OC called a horrific game plan once they had the 14-0 lead, it was run/run, 3rd and long. You can't do that to a rookie QB. Naturally, the overreaction take is that Darnold isn't that good - he actually has shown really well, everything that says he should have been the 1.1 pick (and like most rookies, including Mayfield, as D's get film on them, they will struggle without help from their supporting cast - we're seeing that now with Darnold, Enunwa & the RB's were all he had, the OL got massacred, no other TE's and WR's could get free). Give him CLE's O and D, and he'd soar to even greater heights than Mayfield will IMO in the futrue. It's not all bad in NYJ, they're headed the right way - but OMG, the OC playcalling up 14-0 was brutal. That's exhibit A on how to throw him to the wolves.
  17. Given it's Hue...I'm kinda tempted to put $10 on Tyrod LOL.
  18. Random Thoughts

    There’s a crazy stat floating out there - CLE had the ball inside midfield the most times in week 1-2. That O really underperformed the first 2 weeks That’s on Tyrod’s conservative don’t-turn-it-over-at-all-costs play and accuracy issues. If you are on a great loaded team with an elite D and strong run game it can work. But in games between evenly matched or closely matched teams it often is the killer. Last night Tyrod was the reason why CLE would have lost. 3x Callaway had the D beat by 3-4 yards and 2x Taylor was late / underthrew him. And 1x he just passed up on the throw. 2x with Landry and 1x with Callaway he just whiffed in the throw for first downs. He was downright brutal. The Browns would have been 2-0 with a better K. But Tyrod was masking how good that D’a been. And the fact the coaching staff didn’t realize this and give Baker even some snaps with the 1’s shows a lack of awareness that’s astounding (same way they didn’t realize the K was playing hurt week 1-2 - after Week 1 it’s one of those automatic Q’s to check on). It kinda speaks to how inept Hue really is. Hue’s typical lines last night... best reply coming up... LOL
  19. Random Thoughts

    Well, we weren't getting him at 1.5...but time will tell how much not getting QB gives us regret. Keep in mind that we often see backups coming in and lighting it up - and then when they start, D's are prepared for them, and they're not nearly as good. So Baker's real test comes with teams preparing for him and exploiting the weaknesses they see with him. But otherwise, Baker's accuracy and anticipation were his strongest attributes today. And yeah, literally 100x better than Tyrod, who was a total horror show today (he missed Callaway 2x for bombs, passed up going deep with him wide open, and missed Landry 2-3x wide open shorter, just OMG brutal). I will also say while the highlights will likely only show Callaway's drop, and the one key conversion - it doesn't tell the whole picture on how talented the kid is - dude blew by the D 4x, and had nothing to show for it - 1 was on him, but the other 3 were on Tyrod late/underthrowing/just not seeing him. Callaway is a nuclear-level risk off-the-field - but the talent is ridiculously good. Him, Landry and Njoku, that really helps Baker a ton. And Myles Garrett...dude's a beast. No doubt generational talent barring injury. The next one. The D is approaching top-10 level performance IMO. Having said all that, Hue sticking with Taylor (not one single snap with 1st teamers for Baker at all during offseason or now) is just so typical of his ineptitude. CLE had a crazy stat - the highest # drives starting inside the opponent's 50 after 2 games (I think it was 6). And yet the CLE O was awful tonight, and pretty meh the last 2 games. We can all see Tyrod was a big part of that, and it was plain as day tonight - but yet, the CLE coaches didn't see it enough to even let Mayfield compete. That's really worrisome on the competency of that coaching staff. And Dorsey too for paying a 3.1 for Tyrod, when they were committed to going QB 1.1 and 5 stopgap FA's available without having to spend a pick. While the W will keep the bylines suppressed, it's hard for the Q's to go away about Hue & co.'s evaluation process (and Dorsey paying up for Tyrod at 3.1 with no-trade options available as 1-year stopgaps). Even if Baker is just "competent" as a starter once teams prepare for him, with that emerging D, CLE's play might save Hue's job...which would be brutal for them in the long run. A CLE team without Hue Jackson would rise up even faster.
  20. Let’s all remember Sashi Brown died so the Browns could live. Prevented them from paying 2.1 for AJ McCarron. Then Dorsey pays $$ and 3.1 for Tyrod. SMH. The only thing worse was that Hue didn’t see what we all see. Tyrod was a stopgap. Which was ok if it worked. But CLE’s D gave the O the most drives starting inside the 50 in the first 2 weeks. In the league. And got one of the worst O outputs. And yet nothing changed in the plan. That’s all on Hue. Hue said he didn’t realize the K played hurt last week. I can’t wait for Hue to say this week he didn’t realize Tyrod played awful until now.
  21. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    Well, not good news at all... I love Jewell, just asking him to start Week 3 @BAL a tall order, especially with that TE-heavy O with a lot of misdirection. The bigger issue is that Brock didn't look good at all last week. That's a major downgrade in an area we already struggle at. And we are screwed if any of the top 3 CB's go down, the others behind them do not appear even close to ready for prime time. And while he's unlikely to play, CJ Mosley returned to practice. Still seems iffy to play this Sunday, and likely nowhere near 100 percent - but either way, a huge break if it's only a 1-week injury for BAL - but a break if we avoid him, too.
  22. Broncos Forum Unofficial Fantasy League

    Damn, we're playing this week. I'm game after Sunday lol.
  23. Patriots trade for Josh Gordon from Browns

    And that's if you're in phase 0 of the program (not in the program, then it's just 1x a year random test between April 20 - August sometime). If you are a repeat offender who's had a year's suspension, you're in phase 2-3 - which means pretty much testing year-round, anytime, unless the NFL director clears you to be downgraded after some unclear timeframe (for instance, Von Miller is probably not in the program, cleared it a while ago). And let's face it, after the summer, there's no way he's been downgraded. That's why it's crucial for guys who get into Phase 1 to test clean for that 90 days, then go back to no longer being in the program - once you are in the clear, you basically just have to stay clean from April - day of test (which can be up until August)...then rest of year, you're in the clear. But only if you're not in the program. Huge diff there.
  24. Broncos Forum Unofficial Fantasy League

    Which is your team? Spendley?
  25. How did Buffalo Bills become so terrible

    Old D, which is a problem...because the O keeps them on the field all the time. And to begin with, their run D was not as good as their pass D was last year, who were great ballhawks. OL which lost its starting T to trade (so they can get their franchise QB), their C forced to retire, and their OG goes completely haywire. Basically, they suck in the trenches on both sides now, have no skill players who can separate, and a QB who has no business starting right now. Kind of an easy formula to fall from grace. Remember, they made the playoffs with a negative point differential, and an unsustainable TO plus/minus. When you factor all the above, pretty easy to see the path to the abyss that they've taken.