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  1. I feel like maybe the OP should have followed their tag line here.
  2. If we could give up 2.9 and a young player (Hamler?) & Lock, I'd be all over that - but I don't think DET is interested in Lock. At 1.7, they're probably either going to use assets to move up and get their QB (Fields being an OSU guy?), and so whatever trade Stafford brings, likely has to be enough to make it happen. The problem is that IND would likely have no problem giving up 1.21. SF probably wouldn't give up 1.12 straight up, but who knows, they're definitely closer to the ring than we are, I mean, they were 10 minutes away from the SB last year, and JimmyG is a huge part of
  3. I don't think DEN would trade 1.9 for Stafford, straight up. Maybe 1.9 & a player (not a core piece) for Stafford and DET's 2.6. But only if they are confident in Stafford's back holding up to his age 35-36 season. On the flip side, DET is going to get interest from teams that are in our situation - strong D, decent OL, good weapons - but major issues at QB. That's SF & IND, right off the bat (you can see their fans' responses in the NFLN thread already, it's well-known how much those FO's are looking to upgrade). We can offer the highest pick, but that's a steep price g
  4. Biting kneecaps. (I actually think he’s on the right path with his system comments, FTR).
  5. A team taking him on assumes 20M & 23M for 2021-2. Those are very reasonable even for 2021’s tighter cap. The Q is really about trade price and his health with 2 years of back injuries. Given the likely asking price teams aren’t trading for him if you only think you are getting 2 more years. You are planning on 4-5 years of peak performance.
  6. Yeah a lot of teams where the HC isn’t an O “guru” they let the OC call the shots full-time. That can’t happen here. If it’s Campbell, great. Just can’t be Lynn making all the calls.
  7. The QB market got a lot more interesting.
  8. I don't mind the Lynn hire as a talent developer, pre-game planner, and people person - he excels there. But DET had better be hiring a game manager coach, because Lynn is pretty much bottom-3 in that department, and frankly, he showed no improvement over 3 years.
  9. I would caution against taking player props heavily this weekend, unless you want to go under for 2 major reasons: 1. Vegas knows the casual betting is going way up. 2. Vegas also knows that casual betting trends towards over bets, it's human nature to root for overs - and the draw that you can win an over bet earlier in the game, but you have to wait until the game is done to be sure you're winning an under bet. At this stage, the numbers except for TAM WR's are heavily inflated. I'm going to take a shot on Godwin/Evans because it's only in the 60's....but otherwise, every
  10. Cam's shoulder problems flared back up in a massive way in 2H of this year. Given what we know about labrum repair surgery, that's a hard pass.
  11. To be clear at 1.9 T is not a good value - unless Sewell is there. I don’t expect he will be, though. His ceiling / floor combo is that good. That’s an incredibly wide outcome Jeremiah is projecting - there’s a decent argument he’d go 1.2 if it wasn’t for QB need.
  12. I think you mean the Vikings. One cautionary note - Rhodes thrived in IND’s zone scheme. So he’d be a good fit here. But his coverage skills straight up are declining. Min used to use him as an island CB in man - and he really couldn’t keep up in 2019, he was literally one of the worst CB’s in man coverage, even against opponents WR2’s. It’s why he was a bargain FA signing at 3M last year. If he’s willing to take 6-8M sure, the zone scheme fits. But given his skill decline, it’s buyer beware.
  13. TAM only really has 30M in cap space about 30M of savings with restructures / extensions for . They have 2 priority re-signs - Barrett & David. Don't think he walks. More importantly I don’t think he sees us as a great spot. No FA should.
  14. Generational ceiling talent. Could easily be argued as 2nd best player overall. Paton should be sprinting to podium (well if it’s on site lol). I have serious doubts he lasts behind the top 5. Vegas had his over under at 3.5 before last time I looked. Jeremiah also had Lance going ahead of Fields. Very click-baity feel to that list.
  15. [spoiler] I don't think this tag works anymore. [/spoiler]
  16. Yup, I tried it on 2 devices, and same results - no shielding, just shows the same tags and text..weird.
  17. He got outplayed by the other guy on the roster for most of the season, and showed a lot less burst and vision this season. His stock fell hard. It’s a pretty meh class after the top 3-4 but just hard to see him vault into the top tier.
  18. I’ve stayed spoiler free so this is just speculation but after this ep... Damn, spoiler tags don't work. Never mind.
  19. To be fair - that might be enough to be a better game manager than BOB was. OK, I'm reaching. This one's a head-scratcher.
  20. If they face a secondary like NO or KC, that takes out multiple receivers well by matching up, yes, it's a big loss. GB being zone-based, and where Alexander takes out the guy on his side, not quite as much. AB hurts, but the bigger loss would be missing out on Ronald Jones. Him being off the injury report (if you trust them lol, but I have to ), and Vea being back, is a much bigger plus, than AB's absence is a minus. I said before I'd change my call if Jones was out, because Fournette isn't a good enough runner to establish the power run game vs. GB. Jones & Fournette tog
  21. Because it's a fracture, it's pretty easy to say he's ready to play after X weeks. This is a normal time frame. What's more in question, is how much game shape he's in. It's good he's been running for a while now. If he can play 20-25 plays at 80+ percent capacity or better - wow, it's a game-changer for sure. AB being out sucks, but Vea & Ronald Jones in - is a big plus for TAM. That D was near-elite when he was disrupting. The CB's are still their weakness, but if he has even a modest impact, it's a huge game changer for how that D works.
  22. And ppl thought hiring a guy who threatened to bite knee caps off was unconventional.
  23. I'm waiting for the presser where Patricia's job description comes out as follows: "He will make many phone calls and have many meetings"
  24. Just so I'm clear - I'm talking about Rd2 picks on an elite level RB talent. Not some guy you keep for 4 years, and move on - guys you may still say "what a great pick" - 5-6 years later, on their not-bargain 2nd contract. Jonathan Taylor, JK Dobbins & Cam Akers seem to fit the bill from this past year (I figured Taylor & Dobbins were going early Rd2, I was hoping Akers would fall to us Rd3 out of the elite tier, but he didn't make it out of Rd2 - great pick by LAR). The guys who become the next Chubbs, Kamaras - Zeke/CMC level talents, but not spending the Rd1 pick; truly eli
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