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  1. Probably since anything that involves Kraft concludes with a happy ending.
  2. General Final Fantasy Thread

    LOL, my brother did it old school before the item glitch was public. He's married with 2 kids, 1 step kid & a grandson now lol. So he'd probably do it the W item now too. Given how they're expanding the Midgar story, it seems like low hanging fruit to add more Weapons. They may not have been necessary, but the FFXV side quest list was loooooong. And some of those battles were definitely Weapon-esque in length/difficulty. So it's not like it's no longer in their playbook design-wise.
  3. DC Movie Universe

    Until the MCU stumbles badly, they deserve the benefit of the doubt. Until the DCEU actually delivers on the promise for more than 1 movie at a time beyond "OK/not bad", they deserve our skepticism. And given they are sticking with the idea that some movies are part of arcs while others are more standalone (Joker), well, I'll not get my hopes up. Not after the atrocity that was Suicide Squad and Justice League. It just pains me that the DC comic verse is so much deeper than the MCU, but fool me 5x.....
  4. General Final Fantasy Thread

    It depends - if it's $60 and the chapter runs 25-30 hours long, with side quests & DLC added later if you are getting all 3-4 chapters....well, you get the idea. Remember, FFVII seriously had 100+ hours to get the Main Story, and popular side quests (KOTRT/Gold Chocobo, not even talking Weapons lol) - I think my brother put in 200 hours to get it all. Either way, no game is putting in 100+ hours of gameplay/story any more as 1 game, BOTW as the only notable exception (and frankly, my wife/non-playing family kinda wishes it wasn't that long lol).
  5. Wide Receiver Class Statistical Projections

    The volume stats are what I suspect is a weakness in the system - as with Julio / Beckham, the OSU system (and QB) he played with really limited his output. If I read that correctly, Thomas ends up somewhere at the bottom of the Tier II (Moderate risk) portfolio. Now his neck injury factors in there too, so it's not all formula-based, but that's the limit of going solely data/metrics-based. The nuance of the competition / system / QB really does influence the rank IMO. It's still a very useful tool if it can separate, just I don't think it can be the end-all and be-all (frankly that's where we are nowadays with any single form of evaluation).
  6. General Final Fantasy Thread

    Man, it's going to be tough to swallow that FFVII Remake is likely going to be released in chapter format. On the other hand, it's such a huge story that nowadays, I don't think the 50-60+ hours needed to complete the story line in its entirety is something the mainstream gamer who wasn't raised on SNES is ready for (not the side quests & Weapons & Chocobo racing, that's easily 100+ hours). Who I am kidding, if it's even halfway-decent, they'll take my $$. It's only 2 mins more added, but the impressions on gameplay, and the improvements on dialogue...man. Can't wait for 03.03.2020.
  7. X-Men: Dark Phoenix (06/07/19)

    Here's the thing - it's one thing if you are going to take a beloved comic arc, and make it different. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as you execute your version in a way that's organic, and that delivers on the potential it offers. The movie has Dark Phoenix as the freaking title. There were at least 2 major references to it at the end of the last movie. All the ads focused on Jean turning into Dark Phoenix. But we shouldn't bag on the movie for underwhelming on its delivery, and making it a total side arc, rather than the focus? The movie writers & producers & directors made this call - even if they had a vision to make the Phoenix angle play out over 2 movies....what they chose to do is just poor movie-scripting, to reduce it to a side-show, then produce the arc as a side-story. Honestly, if they had ended the movie with the Phoenix arc unresolved, but had given it enough time to have it reach that stage, no one would likely criticize it as much as it's getting now for delivering an afterthought arc in this area..when it's billed as the main event. Forget the fact that the Phoenix arc is a gold mine that should leverage a great story, no matter if you deviate from the comic arc. They chose to make the arc the previous movie hinted at big things with both Apocalypse's line and Jean's appearance, the entire pre-movie trailer releases, and yes, the title.....into a side story. No matter how ppl make excuses for it...it's just inexcusable.
  8. R.I.P Pat Bowlen

    In Brittany’s case she has very little experience in the organization or football FO’s. That’s what’s leading to a transition period as she’s getting that now. There’s a risk of course Ellis won’t give up power as easily but for now waiting is agreed to by all parties except for Pat’s brother / other daughter who challenged the trust’s plan in court last year.
  9. R.I.P Pat Bowlen

    The ownership has been in a trust run by CEO Joe Ellis as part of a 3-member group. Ellis is the driving force. Nothing changes until a family owner is ready to take over. The legal battle last year was to challenge the trust’s authority and choice Brittany Bowlen as the heir to the throne. So far that doesn’t have wheels so it’s the status quo. Elway is still on the hot seat but nothing is different with Pat’s death. Ellis stills calls the shots with the trust until another Bowlen takes over. And that’s not happening anytime soon.
  10. Is TOR a championship worthy team? No doubt there. You don’t beat the top 2 teams in the East and then the top West seeded team and defending champs without being worthy. Let alone winning 3x on the road in Oracle. Would GS have been a much better team with KD? Of course. No one would argue otherwise. As others alluded to - losing top players crippled most teams. That’s the fickle nature of the playoffs. That same fickle nature turned in GS’ favor for 2 of their title runs in a big way. It was neutral for the other. I don’t begrudge them the easier path in those titles. I don’t begrudge the Raps ‘title run this year either. Over time I suspect history will treat this the same way. I suspect “the buzzer beater” will go down as an iconic moment that puts the Raptors title as respected along with the other memorable ones drama wise. That’s just playoff life with injuries. Nothing but respect for KD Klay & Curry. Or the Dubs. Feel awful for Klay & KD. But that doesn’t lessen my respect and awe for the Raptors’ title. They earned the championship.
  11. R.I.P Pat Bowlen

    It's a shame he didn't get to the HoF induction ceremony, but at least he was announced before his time. He was the driving force with Jerry Jones for nighttime football on SNF/TNF, and he was an incredible owner for the team - no owner had his level of sustained success that I can recall. And to boot, a really great guy who instilled a culture of both success and family. And he was a senior member for many of the really important committees that brought the NFL from 3rd ranked side sport to the top ticket in North America. Jerry Jones gets the credit for being the face, but in fact most of the TV Execs pointed out Bowlen was the guy who engineered it behind the scenes (google **** Ebersol NBC and Pat Bowlen for more, but here's a sample link - https://footballmaven.io/talkoffame/nfl/****-ebersol-how-pat-bowlen-changed-pro-football-forever-VKii0k1O-0y4y04E7vYLhw/ ). He literally should be considered one of the top owners in sports, let alone the NFL. He was a role model for being a successful owner. His HoF induction was long overdue, it should be quite the emotional ceremony this year.
  12. I obv can’t confirm as someone who lives elsewhere but in CAN season ticket holders for the sports teams in the other sports get first crack at the seats - but have to pay playoff prices. I doubt the NBA model is different than the NHL & MLB When the Blue Jays and other Canadian Hockey team were in the playoffs that applied. I really doubt it’s any different there. No doubt the fans who cheered the injury were d-bags. But it’s no given they were the regulars.
  13. Re: KD's calf injury & Achilles tear, here's the thing - Achilles tears are rarely due to 1 big injury, or even 2 (recent injury and then aggravation). It's one of the areas of the body that has a really iffy blood supply. So the wear & tear it gets over years of elite athletic play builds up - and then one day, boom, it gives. It's why when KD was out for more than the <1 week time period you see with a calf strain, you have to worry if the Achilles is the real issue. And the rub? There's no great way to treat it, other than complete rest - but that only gets rid of the recent inflammation. It does nothing to the wear and tear damage. But the whole premise that you can't make the injury worse by playing, is incredibly flawed when it comes to the Achilles area. And there's no great way to diagnose the injury, as it often looks OK...until it gives out at the end. Either way, sucks all around. KD was pure class, and I hope the idea that he was dogging it, or that he wasn't really needed to help GS win, is now put to rest.
  14. General Final Fantasy Thread

    Dude, get yourself a SNES emulator on PC and find the ROM for Chrono Trigger / FF IV & VI (and for action RPG, Secret of Mana, but it's well behind those other 3), or the SNES classic and play FFVI and Secret of Mana (no FFIV or Chrono Trigger, sadly). Do NOT play the Steam PC versions of the games, though, horrible PC ports. FF IV-VI were the pinnacle of the FF franchise, and FFVII was such an iconic transformation in the game experience. FFX & FXII are decent, and other than a cringeworthy scene (everyone knows what I'm talking about in X), they translate pretty well. Those are the signature FF games. FFXV is just a LOT better than the XIII disaster (XIII was OK in the original, but not as strong, but Square EA decided to actually port out sequels for the very first time <FF are standalone chapters each time> - and FFXIII-2 and FFVXIII-3 were absolute disaster horror shows. I've not played XIV because online RPG's would kill me, but otherwise since FFIV, I've literally played every FF RPG - and I couldn't even get past 2-3 hours of FFXIII-3....I just watched the Youtube videos to get the game story completed lol). The peak IMO is IV-VII, with VII's graphical upgrades aging less well over time, which is why a reboot is the way to go - while you could play IV or VI right now and have a blast (I just did with my then-12 year old daughter last year, she can't wait for FFVII remake).
  15. The Box Office

    The other part is as Spider-Man: Far From Home approaches there will be a push to re-watch Endgame in theatres as a 1-2 punch since Far From Home starts shortly after Endgame’s ending. Endgame will be less than 60M short of Avatar’s record after this weekend. I’d be really surprised if it doesn’t pass Avatar given the Far From Home / Oscar re-release bumps that are still available (talking globally no chance it’s catching TFA for the NA record).
  16. DC Movie Universe

    Given the supposed plot twist with Joker in this movie (discussed before, won't spoil) I doubt it happens. That’s a 2nd huge problem with the DCEU besides the main one (awful writing) - they have no cohesive vision like Feige did with the MCU. Doing origin stories is a great idea. That’s right off the MCU playbook. But to not synchronize the universe pretty much adds a 2nd nail to the DCEU coffin. When the first problem actually is equivalent to about 7+ nails in.
  17. Kawhi Leonard's ALL TIME STATUS??

    The one legacy he’ll have is that more teams will consider the one year rental superstar if they are close. Normally given the price few teams will consider that without an extension. If TOR completes the title run this year will increase the seller price given they can point to TOR 2019.
  18. What movie are you watching?

    FWIW I agree that movies are suffering from lack of originality in general. The pitfalls of big budget movie success it pushes the studios to do safe. So originality isn’t sought after by default. But there are still some gems albeit going off known genre settings. Game Night is a good example IMO. Great twist reveal to whet was already enjoyable but seemingly by-the numbers. Really enjoyed that.
  19. If teams know KD is out for good they presumably spend more time on planning for a KD-less team. It’s likely just a trivial amount now compared to the past, given how much info can be obtained (DNP vs practicing), but teams’ paranoia about getting every possible edge can’t be underestimated. I mean look at BB/ Pats history before the injury rules of listing everyone as questionable lol. To highlight this - just a day ago Kerr said there’s a really good chance KD can play Game 5. When the ESPN report post game said KD tried to give it a go and immediately knew the calf wasn’t there. It’s such a shell game.
  20. The internet really needs a sarcasm icon. That said, his curse was kind of overblown. It was overdue for a correction lol.
  21. I will say this, when the Cubs & Sox got their 1st win, I was glad for their fanbase, those were pretty awful curses to live with. But really, it pales in comparison to how Drake must be feeling tonight. 1 game away, he must be so proud.
  22. Especially given the focus is apparently going to be on... That's not something you can cover easily in 2 hours IMO. Works way better in a series to really flesh out the angles & arcs Hawkeye's turn in Endgame took. As for the comments about the lineup being meh, ppl forget how meh Phase 2 was looking after IM3 and Thor: Dark World hit. GOTG basically got no respect, and blew the doors off everyone. But pre-release, it looked like 2 "fringe" movies with GOTG & Ant-man wrapped around Winter Soldier / Age of Ultron. And really, no one saw how great Winter Soldier was going to be, either. I mean, both Iron-Man and Thor really disappointed in their post-origin story sequels. Who knew the greatness of Winter Soldier was coming, nor how great GOTG was going to be. So I'll keep the faith, until Feige & co. really stumble hard, they've earned my trust.
  23. Nurse's adjustments in the MIL series and this Finals have been eye-opening. Going big-big against GS with Klay on fire is such an against-the-book move, but it worked beautifully tonight. And that switch to zone+1 just baffled the O. Curry went from MJ mode in Game 3 to MJ Parker mode tonight. On a night where Klay looked he could have put up 40+ easily, Curry's very human performance really is a testament to how Nurse schemed up great perimeter chase and also eliminated the back cuts TOR was giving up in game 2 and early in game 3. I only watch the Raps being this is my 4th sport, but this extended playoff run has given me an appreciation for Nurse's development as a coach. Kerr has earned his rep as one of the top 2-3, if not the top - but Nurse outcoached him tonight. That 3Q was all about TOR's scheme and execution outclassing GS's, after a 1H where GS should have run TOR out of the building (but again, full credit to that suffocating D). If TOR has 1 more suffocating-level D game left, then yeah, the crown is theirs. But I'd imagine we'll see #35 there on Monday.
  24. Yup, entirely fair. Game 3 was shockingly bad ref'ing because they were killing the flow of the game and potentially changing the outcome with foul trouble on both team for undeserved calls. Tonight, they let them play tackle football, until about 4 mins left in the 3Q, and then were more normal, with a few blatant missed calls on both sides. Either way, though, TOR earned Game 3-4, it's not even a Q who was the better team. What's shocking is how many mistakes GS made and how many open looks they missed in crunch time. That is what you see from GS' opposition. Plus the fact TOR shot 96 percent from the charity stripe, and it was GS who was really meh. That shows a lack of composure and concentration that is just so unlike GS. Still, it can all swing back in a game - so game 5 has to be treated like a game 7 with TOR. Killer instinct is what they need, and they showed it tonight after being gifted the 1H. You have to believe even if KD is only 80-85 percent, he's going to try and play game 5. Unless it's a hidden injury like the Achilles, a true Grade 2 would be just under 5 weeks on Monday. So the chances seem a lot better. Right now, a 80-85 percent KD would be miles better than the 5th guy GS has out there now in their rotation, Cook had the game of his career on Game 2, but he was putrid tonight. KD returning for Game 5 is what everyone wants to see from a drama/entertainment perspective. Monday night will be insane if he's returning (it will be nuts anyways, but a KD return would be right out of Hollywood script-wise).
  25. Absolutely. Losing Game 5 is how you give the Dubs life. The hopeful sign for TOR was how they reacted after the game. After Game 1, it was a ton of celebration. Game 4, it's was completely business-like. The Raps know GS isn't going to hand them the title, and the worst thing you can do is give a great team new life. I really questioned playing Ibaka so much other than to give Gasol much-needed rest, given how crucial Gasol was on switches and assignments (he saved TOR's D vs. PHI and MIL and hit such crucial looks as the safety valve option). But it can't be denied how much Ibaka's interior D has changed the complexion of the series the last 2 games. He's basically exposed Cousins' lack of fitness and conditioning, and likely the rust coming back, and stabilized their rebounding when the Dubs had a +11 edge in boards (finished at +5 IIRC). Crazy.