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  1. Green Bay Signs TE Marcedes Lewis

    Well really it should be Subaru or Honda Lewis - reliable, safe, durable, but not elite-level, top-shelf luxury item, and certainly no power or breakaway speed. But in the meantime....fixed.
  2. Green Bay Signs TE Marcedes Lewis

    Good addition for an in-line TE since Graham is purely a move TE.
  3. If this isn't good enough to warrant another thread, apologies - but looks like Incognito's "retirement" was more about money. Once BUF put him on the reserve/NFI list - he owed them the $1M bonus they recently paid him, plus 1.1M of the original signing bonus. So, a few days after firing his agent, Incognito retires...finds out that decision cost him 2.1M...and then "unretires". Here's the thing - the Bills don't have to take him back now. They can decide to leave him on the reserve/NFI list. And still ask for the 2.1M back, too. Monday should be really interesting in BUF.
  4. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    No problem - but I need to amend what I said before. Reading at 2.3 further, it does leave the possibility of suspension. We've been so focused on whether it counts as a strike, I missed 2.3's wiggle room for being in a diversion program (see below). Ironically, Foster would still only be at 2 strikes, but a conviction puts him clearly for a suspension, even without 4 strikes. Being in a diversionary program (instead of a conviction) does leave him open here (the arrest alone, as long as it proved to be legit, was enough for the 2nd strike). So while Foster's career isn't in doubt at all, the first 1-2, or even 4 games wouldn't be out of the Q here. Now, the context was that the NFL didn't want to treat strikes the same, especially if there was a DUI (given the potentially tragic impact and risk it puts other ppl at, it shouldn't be treated the same), that was what drove this. But it does leave things up to Goodell to decide. Given the weapon-charge, and the Combine event (not the test, the MRI incident), it wouldn't shock me if Goodell gave him 1-2, or even 4 games. I don't see more than that - given the PR turnaround that Foster has experienced, it wouldn't even surprise me if Goodell looked the other way (which no doubt would make DAL & NE fans go nuts, and rightfully so lol). Section 2.3 as I re-read it, here's the full section, I bolded the relevant parts.

    He was brought in to consult, not work full-time (Jhabvala full story behind paysite FWIW). So it’s a step towards using more analytics - which is a great idea. But I doubt it’s anything more than adding to the arsenal, which he alluded to post-draft.
  6. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    Obviously we don’t know if there have been other strikes but we know the dilute test in the Combine counts as strike 1. If he tested clean for 90 days he would be out of the program. The teams and public only find out if a 4th strike (and appeal lost) is in the books. The 2016 policy does make it clear that participation in a diversion program to avoid conviction counts as a strike. That’s in section 2.3 - link below: https://nflpaweb.blob.core.windows.net/media/Default/PDFs/Agents/2016SOAPolicy_v2.pdf Realizing we could be missing other strikes - Foster would have 2 strikes on the book now. Until you get 4 it’s only game fines. Another 90 days of being clean (assuming again no other strikes came up) and he’s back to being out of the drug program.
  7. Who are the best QB guru’s in the league?

    He’s awful as a HC at being too conservative and clock management but Andy Reid has to be one of the top 3-4 guys for QB development. His length of success with several different guys separates him from many listed here. One of my reasons for optimism on Mahomes long term is him being paired with Reid.
  8. CLE picked for Hard Knocks 2018

    Apparently CLE didn't want it (Dorsey said earlier "nothing good" comes from it, but they had no choice). Dorsey's changed his tune with the selection, but hard to believe it's anything but spin. So, this seems like compelling must-watch TV given 4-5 angles that I can think of right away: 1. Dorsey air time should be awesome given how he feels.....kinda wish they'd get a few Sashi Brown sound bytes too lol (doubtful). 2. Hue Jackson as a lame-duck coach, Todd Haley as the OC-in-wait-for-HC. I mean, the Browns are changing the O completely, according to player interviews on XM (so what exactly does Hue bring to the table except his 1-31 record and a patsy role?). 3. Josh Gordon as a possible mentor to Antonio Callaway. 4. Baker Mayfield with Tyrod Taylor....and let's face it, Baker Mayfield regardless. 5. On the positive side, the Browns really brought in a lot of talent thanks to the cap $ and picks Sashi Brown saved up, so there's going to be clear change all around. If it's boring, it won't be for lack of good fodder for TV viewing planning-wise.
  9. Ah, gotcha on the coefficient & range. That makes more sense. Knew about Okung cancelling out on the negative side but couldn’t figure out the exact percentage formula (realizing the formula above is a straw dog). That actually makes more sense. Tip my cap.
  10. Yeah, as you mentioned the comp pick formula also factors in playing time and post-season awards (like Pro Bowls). The base salary annual per year (APY) value is multiplied by the player's defensive (in this case) snap count. So if Brock (or Johnson x 2) is only on the field as a 3rd or 4th CB, he's likely not counting for even half of that APY value. FYI, that's how we lost out with Osweiler's big FA payday when he got benched. It's not just IR - it's snap count %. So being on the roster isn't good enough, you have to play (and play well for top picks). That also probably negates Teddy's value, unless he can actually get on the field. It's actually quite possible that only 1-2 of those signings count towards the pick formula, and likely at a huge discount off the APY salary, given the snap count isn't likely to be high (>50% percent) for any of them.
  11. It’s kind of ironic that he really should have followed his namesake and gone Incognito at the gym.
  12. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    IIRC in theory it’s ok to show on Thu because it’s Friday in Asia/Europe sometime on Thu in NA. Also a way to reduce trans-continental spoiling. But really the theaters get to release early while not violating the hard date (in theory).
  13. Whatever it is doesn’t seem like it’s a one-off thing. The paranoia isn’t necessarily that far-fetched but doesn’t really explain why he’d start throwing tennis balls or dumbbells at a random gym dude.

    Thx for the Hawkeye perspective. Like you noted both Jewell and King lack straight line speed. But they are both great at short area quickness (King 6.67 3-cone was nuts). It’s a big reason why King was a dominant rookie slot CB. It’s also why I (and many) believe Jewell should be fine as an ILB in our 3-4 while he remains in his peak athletic years. If teams can isolate a home run threat TE / RB on a seam / wheel he is vulnerable. But his ability to sniff out screens / hitch / quick hitters is where he should play up in coverage because if his instincts / recognition combined with short area skills. That will be a welcome change from our current ILB’s (where Marshall’s injuries have robbed him of the agility he had in 2014-15 & Davis was just a total liability). Agree his instincts are through the roof. That’s what should let him succeed - so long as he doesn’t lose any of that baseline quickness. Still stoked Elway was patient enough to get him at 4.106. Hindsight is 20-20 but if we knew we’d get Jewell I have to wonder if Elway would have committed to Davis for the FA deal given our cap woes. But I get you can’t bank on the May draft in March so...oh well.
  15. So the Bills gave him his release....then this. Held for a psych evaluation. Dude is a hot mess.
  16. New policy for the National Anthem

    Never underestimate the NFL owners ability to be completely tone deaf in addressing an issue constructively. They didn’t want to have to make any concessions to get what they wanted so they invoke this rule which only invites inconsistency of application through the league. It’s no surprise the NFLPA will challenge any action that falls outside of what the CBA allowed pre-2018. SMH.
  17. Jets trade Christian Hackenberg to the Raiders

    The thing is, he looked really bad there in most of those snaps. Forget accuracy, read progression & recognition were slow, and pocket awareness wasn't good at all. And that's with vanilla preseason D's. Maybe it's just overthinking and nerves, but man, that's not good. So many journeyman-type QB's look like world-beaters in the preseason. Looking bad in the preseason is an ominous sign. Now maybe it's just his confidence is shot, and he's overthinking it - but whatever it is, he's not just a physical mess. For the Raiders, it's basically zero-risk. A conditional 7th is nothing. But it's just that bad for Hack's outlook. At least in the other raw-project types who got drafted, you have the possibility of showing growth. The problem is that Hack hasn't just been showing 0 growth for 2 years, it was 0 growth after 2 years combined with 2 years of major regression in college. Again, 2+ years ago I thought he'd be worth a Day 3 pick to see if those freshman skills could be unearthed. He's only 23, so it's not impossible. But his trajectory is going the wrong way, with no change in sight. I get why ppl are more excited about other guys - it's like DEN & Lynch. Fans in DEN are basically all rooting for anyone but Lynch to be our backup now (Chad Kelly, the latest guy). Maybe the new guy isn't any better than Lynch - but we know Lynch hasn't shown any progress, and his flat learning curve is really problematic after 2 seasons. At least the new guy, you have the hope he would progress at a faster rate than Lynch has. You can pretty much apply the same principle to Hack (except somehow Hack looked even worse than Lynch has in preseason - which is saying something). At least the Jets didn't spend a late 1st (or worse, trade up for that late 1st).
  18. Jets trade Christian Hackenberg to the Raiders

    Well, all jokes aside, he had a really strong freshman year at PSU - and then basically got swallowed up by the whole fallout from O'Brien's departure and the sanctions on the PSU team basically left him on an island. Remember, he came out of HS thought of as a highly accurate, strong-armed pro-style QB, and his freshman year under O'Brien, he really looked the part - he was the Big 10 Freshman of the Year and 5x he was freshman of the week. Then 2014-15 happened. Not just bad mechanics, but zero growth as a QB mentally. The thing is, he showed so much success under O'Brien in 2013, that people thought he could be fixed. I will readily admit I thought he'd be a good Day 3 project. Going early Rd 2 was way too expensive for my taste, however. The problem with Hackenberg is that it's not just mechanics, it's everything. As @Thelonebillsfan points out, he doesn't read D's or work through progressions at all, and his pocket awareness is really bad. I mean, it looked bad in preseason - when guys shine who have no ability to play in the reg. season. Add mechanical issues...and man, it's a good lesson to what 3-4 bad years can do.
  19. Chargers Hunter Henry tore ACL

    Man that’s a huge blow. Gates is a corpse. He won’t even add half the threat Henry was going to provide for that O. Worse is that the Bolts will have to wait until next year (his final one) on the rookie deal on locking him up long term. Chargers were my bold pick for SB53 champs. This really puts a damper on that. FWIW I think it’s more likely to look at Mercedes Lewis if they want a bigger impact. But there’s no one available out there who can bring even 80 percent of what Henry could 2018-ceiling wise. Wow.
  20. Jets trade Christian Hackenberg to the Raiders

    Heisnberg’s principle of uncertainty in quantum physics is actually very relevant here - basically it says that there is a limit to the certainty we can have about a physical property. https://www.britannica.com/science/uncertainty-principle In this case it’s almost impossible to quantify with absolute precision how bad Hackenberg is at actual QB skills. It’s bad but impossible to quantify precisely at the level of ineptitude he’s demostrated so far.
  21. Jets trade Christian Hackenberg to the Raiders

    You can use toilet paper on gameday.
  22. Andrew Luck’s shoulder

    Sadly the video doesn't give any info - because Luck's right arm is tucked into the body. The rotator cuff is needed as the main component when you either lift your arm above shoulder level or when you extend your arm away from your body. Notice that Luck is using his right arm braced against his body. This guards the rotator cuff from having to activate. It's neither good or bad we see the above video. If you see him extending the right arm, or using it at shoulder length or higher, then you can gather more clues as to how RC rehab is going. Sadly the above adds nothing to the big Q.
  23. ATL signs DT Terrell McClain

    Nice signing to fortify the trenches. Wonder how much of a bargain they got this late.
  24. Deadpool 2

    Yeah it could have been a stun. If they were painting Cable as a Black Hat it would have been a killshot but given what we know it could have been simply a stun. I will say I didn’t get even a hint of who it was lol.
  25. What movie are you watching v1

    Sadly Banshee isn’t on Netflix. Go watch The 100. Other than a slow ep 1.2 - 1.4 and questionable character endings in S3 it’s excellent.