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  1. The Bucs did basically the same thing the Packers did this offseason - push cap space into the future to re-sign a bunch of their own guys.
  2. Yesterday MLF refused to say when Rodgers unhappiness first manifested itself -- of course it's all speculation, but my hunch is that Rodgers thought winning an MVP warranted a no-trade clause, or some other sort of contractual commit from the packers. Not restructuring his contract is such a minor detail here - most people thought Rodgers contract would be used as a "piggy bank" this season, continually restructured to make room for the Veldheer/Snacks/Tavon Austin signings of the world. I seriously doubt Rodgers is this upset about not moving his cap hit in the future -- somethin
  3. "Instead, the Packers restructured several contracts to get below the cap and left Rodgers’ contract untouched. To Rodgers, the signal was clear. The team wasnt committed to him. So, he wouldnt be committed to the team." This appears to be false, and the reason Rodger's contract hasn't been restructured is BECAUSE of his unhappiness, not a cause of it. Based on Gute's comments, it appears Rodgers wants a NEW contract -- something that's pretty unprecedented in the NFL with 3 years left on a contract.
  4. Where are you guys seeing 33.x arms? I've seen two sources (RAS, the link that incognito posted https://www.profootballnetwork.com/royce-newman-nfl-draft-player-profile-ole-miss-guard/ have 32.25) -- Kiper says he moved from LG to RT from his junior to senior season.
  5. Our next Lang/Sitton -- unknown fourth round guard who turns out to be stud? One can hope
  6. 8.72 RAS, but 32.25 Arms indicate he's gonna be a guard. Curious what this means for our IOL makeup, is Stepaniak gonna get cut? Could Lucas Patrick get cut for cap space?
  7. Gute's comments seem to indicate they view Myers primarily as a C -- he was saying the continuity with a QB/C is vital so they don't like moving [for example Elgton] in and out of the center role.
  8. Gute says it was between Rodgers and Myers at 62, and after they picked Myers they were immediately trying to get up to get Rodgers.
  9. Listening to Gute's PC, sounds like Rodgers will definitely be given the first look at returning punts. Not sure about KR.
  10. The Titans twitter posted it was a 3 for 3/4, I think that's a good enough source.
  11. My bet regarding swing tackle is a free agent -- Schwartz, Fischer, Massie, Veldheer, Wagner, just off the top of my head. I would think we sign one of them if Bakh isn't ready week 1.
  12. Not a big fan of these gadget guys so early... especially trading up
  13. It's more about the process and volume of picks than any individual pick. The draft is a crapshoot and success in the draft fluctuates -- people who were claiming PHI and SEA were geniuses in the draft are now calling for those GM heads. Licht was crucified for his K in round 2 and Jameis was the laughing point in the league -- now he's a genius. You maximize your chances by picking high impact positions; not to mention the ability to sign these player to second contracts.
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