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  1. What do you mean? King played quite a bit Sunday. I don't think he got hurt or anything during the game?
  2. Changing my pick: Week 5 Pick: Minnesota Vikings
  3. No, cutting Z is a nonstarter until the end of a season, it would cost the Packers money against the cap, not save them. My response when I hear a vet "wants to play for GB"? Yes, but do you want to play for GB so badly that you accept a near vet-min contract? Or is it just lip service trying to drive up offers?
  4. Week 5 Pick: New England Patriots
  5. Unstoppable running then two straight incompletions on 2nd and 4...
  6. Just hard to watch Ben at this point... lot of blame has to go to the Pitt FO for not doing a better succession plan after his UCL
  7. They really shouldn't be waiting before it's too late to replace Bradley like they did with Darrius Shepherd... you're protecting a PS LS ffs, do the right thing...
  8. Looks like just a cramp for savage based on how they were treating him
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