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  1. LaFleur kicking that FG will go down as one of the more boneheaded coaching decisions of all time
  2. If Brady can come back 28-3 in just over a quarter, we can come back 28-10 in just under a half.
  3. Really telling GB didn't take timeout after the first down. They view themselves as underdogs
  4. RIP. He was really the first GM I started following in terms of the draft and personnel, and really admired him.
  5. With both Hollman and Jackson inactive, are we rolling with only 3 true corners? I saw Redmond get some snaps, am I missing someone?
  6. The fact Goff still looks awful but is 15/17 speaks volumes...
  7. Should be an interesting matchup against McVay, LaFleur seemed to take it really personally losing twice to another one of his mentors in Shanahan last year. Looking forward to that dynamic.
  8. Same thing that happened last year with the cheap shot knocking Wentz out of the game.
  9. It's still crazy to me how a team like the Colts can have such a good record with a QB who looks like throwing the ball 10+ yards downfield is a huge chore
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