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  1. Week 7 Bengals @ Steelers

    When the Bengals schedule always comes out, the Steelers games are always going to be the games I look most forward to. Even though the Bengals don’t have a great track record against this team, these types of matchups are always going to be a bloodbath. If the Bengals want to have any hope of staying in the AFC North battle, this is probably a must win game for them. HISTORY LESSON The Bengals are 16-31 against the Steelers when playing in Pittsburgh, and the Steelers have beaten the Bengals in the last 4 matchups. Last matchup – Last season Steelers won 24-20 in Cincinnati Last matchup in Pittsburgh – Last season Steelers won 24-16 Last Bengals win – 2015 season Bengals won 16-10 in Pittsburgh GAMEDAY INFO Game time will be this Sunday 4:25 PM ET on CBS. Here’s the TV Map: http://506sports.com/nfl.php?yr=2017&wk=7 5 KEYS TO VICTORY 5. Second Half Adjustments – Going back to the last time both these teams played, the Bengals had a 20-9 lead going into halftime. Then they proceeded to lose the game by failing to score any points in the 2nd half. This year hasn’t been any different, as the Bengals currently are dead last when it comes to scoring points in the 2nd half with a total of 26 points. The stat might be a little misleading considering they had most of their problems in their first 3 games, while they’ve scored 20 of those 26 points in their last 2 games now. If they want to win this game, they have to score more points in the 2nd half. 4. Burfict Record – Most of you already know my view on Vontaze Burfict, but despite what the casual fan may think, the guy has proven to be a difference maker. Since coming back from his suspension, the Bengals have not lost a game. The defense that was already very solid has become even more rock solid with him in the lineup. This Bengals defense has been flying under the radar this year, as they currently rank 2nd against points and yards. At the same time though, when Burfict plays the Steelers, you know it’s about to become a bloodbath. 3. The OL Once Again – Lets review the state of the OL once again after their game against the Bills. The biggest positive I’ve seen lately was Jake Fisher’s performance against the Bills, as PFF graded him with an 81 overall from that game. It’s very encouraging, but it should also be noted he only played 52 percent of the snaps from that game. Andre Smith didn’t fare very well once he started getting more snaps, and TJ Johnson has probably lost his job after constantly looking bad each week. Hopkins has earned his job back, and now he must try to keep it. 2. IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZOR – If you got that reference, then you have no life just life me. It’s no secret at what a fantastic job Bill Lazor has done this year. In the wake of his promoting, the Bengals have now averaged 25 points a game as being the OC. I myself wasn’t sure if this was going to be good move or not, but I’ve been very impressed thus so far. This game he really has a golden opportunity to do something really good perhaps. As much as I liked guys like Gruden and Jackson in the past when they were here in Cincinnati, neither guy could really figure out how to beat the Steelers. 1. Turnovers – Winning the turnover battle always seems like a key in every game, but it’s much more important in big games like this. While we may want to laugh at that 5 INT game that Big Ben had against the Jaguars, the Bengals haven’t been any better in the turnover battle this year. The Bengals are near the bottom with the least amount of defensive turnovers with only 4 all being INT’s, as well as the turnover margin with a -7. The Steelers currently sit with a -2 turnover margin. The Bengals were extremely careless with the ball against the Bills, but of course all of that was AJ Green (then again, he was the only one doing anything on offense). If Dalton and the offense shoot themselves in the foot too much, then this game will turn into a mirror image of the Ravens game in week 1, because the Steelers won’t waste there opportunities like the Bills did. PREDICTION I wrote off the Bengals after they started 0-3 on the year but now all of a sudden they sit at 2-3 and have a legit shot at winning the division perhaps. Despite all of that though, I still stand by what I said as I believe the season is still a lost cause despite what they’ve done recently. The reason being is because they have to win this game in order to keep their chances alive, which I don’t think will happen. I had some small hope going into this game until I watched the Steelers beat the Chiefs, so now I think this team only has like a 10 percent chance to win. If they do win this game though, the AFC North is wide open once again, and while I think this is another low scoring game, I just can’t picture the Bengals coming out on top. Bengals 16 Steelers 17
  2. Week 6 Other Games List

    7 o clock on the dot as always. I won't let you down.
  3. Week 6 Other Games List

    Ok, so you could make an argument that the Bengals are back in the playoff picture, and you would be right. I'm still going to do it the way I've done it the past few weeks, but I'll add what games you should pay attention to from a Bengals fan perspective, as well as my take on who to root for. GAME RANKINGS 14. Browns vs Texans 13. Giants vs Broncos 12. Dolphins vs Falcons 11. 49ers vs Redskins 10. Bears vs Ravens 9. Buccaneers vs Cardinals 8. Chargers vs Raiders 7. Colts vs Titans 6. Patriots vs Jets 5. Lions vs Saints 4. Packers vs Vikings 3. Steelers vs Chiefs 2. Rams vs Jaguars 1. Eagles vs Panthers GAMES OF IMPORTANCE 1 o clock 1.Bears vs Ravens - Go Bears 2.Patriots vs Jets - Go Jets 3.Dolphins vs Falcons - Go Falcons 4.Browns vs Texans - Go Browns 4 o clock 1.Steelers vs Chiefs - Go Chiefs 2.Rams vs Jaguars - Go Rams 3.Chargers vs Raiders - Go Chargers SNF Giants vs Broncos - Go Giants MNF Colts vs Titans - Go Colts POWER RANKINGS 1.Chiefs 5-0 2.Packers 4-1 3.Falcons 3-1 4.Eagles 4-1 (+3) 5.Panthers 4-1 (+4) 6.Broncos 3-1 (-2) 7.Patriots 3-2 (+4) 8.Lions 3-2 (-2) 9.Redskins 2-2 (+1) 10.Seahawks 3-2 (+4) 11.Bills 3-2 (-3) 12.Rams 3-2 13.Jaguars 3-2 (+9) 14.Steelers 3-2 (-9) 15.Cowboys 2-3 16.Texans 2-3 (-3) 17.Vikings 3-2 (+1) 18.Saints 2-2 (+2) 19.Raiders 2-3 (-3) 20.Buccaneers 2-2 (-1) 21.Titans 2-3 (-4) 22.Ravens 3-2 (+1) 23.Jets 3-2 (+1) 24.Bengals 2-3 (+1) 25.Dolphins 2-2 (+1) 26.Cardinals 2-3 (-5) 27.Colts 2-3 (+2) 28.Chargers 1-4 29.Bears 1-4 (-2) 30.49ers 0-5 (+1) 31.Giants 0-5 (-1) 32.Browns 0-5
  4. Week 5 Other Games List

    Lets get this over with GAME RANKINGS 14. Jets vs Browns 13. 49ers vs Colts 12. Giants vs Chargers 11. Vikings vs Bears 10. Bills vs Bengals 9. Titans vs Dolphins 8. Jaguars vs Steelers 7. Cardinals vs Eagles 6. Ravens vs Raiders 5. Patriots vs Buccaneers 4. Packers vs Cowboys 3. Seahawks vs Rams 2. Panthers vs Lions 1. Chiefs vs Texans POWER RANKINGS 1.Chiefs 4-0 2.Packers 3-1 (+2) 3.Falcons 3-1 (-1) 4.Broncos 3-1 (-8) 5.Steelers 3-1 (+4) 6.Lions 3-1 (+1) 7.Eagles 3-1 (-2) 8.Bills 3-1 (+7) 9.Panthers 3-1 (+9) 10.Redskins 2-2 (-4) 11.Patriots 2-2 (-8) 12.Rams 3-1 (+5) 13.Texans 2-2 (+9) 14.Seahawks 2-2 15.Cowboys 2-2 (-2) 16.Raiders 2-2 (-6) 17.Titans 2-2 (-6) 18.Vikings 2-2 (-10) 19.Buccaneers 2-1 (+1) 20.Saints 2-2 (+3) 21.Cardinals 2-2 (+3) 22.Jaguars 2-2 (-6) 23.Ravens 2-2 (-2) 24.Jets 2-2 (+2) 25.Bengals 1-3 (+5) 26.Dolphins 1-2 (-7) 27.Bears 1-3 (-2) 28.Chargers 0-4 (-1) 29.Colts 1-3 (-1) 30.Giants 0-4 (-1) 31.49ers 0-4 32.Browns 0-4
  5. Week 5 Bills @ Bengals

    Ok, you guys convinced me. I'm changing my pick. Still going with the same score prediction 20-17, but the Bengals winning instead. I better no regret this.
  6. Week 5 Bills @ Bengals

    So the Bengals finally won a game. Now they go back home and host a surprisingly good Bills team this year that sits at 3-1 HISTORY LESSON The Bengals are 9-7 against the Bills when playing in Cincinnati Last matchup – Last season Bills won 16-12 in Cincinnati Last Bengals win – 2015 season Bengals won 34-21 in Buffalo Last Bengals win in Cincinnati – 2011 season Bengals win 23-20 GAMEDAY INFO Game time will be this Sunday 1 PM ET on CBS. Here’s the TV Map: http://506sports.com/nfl.php?yr=2017&wk=5 5 KEYS TO VICTORY 5. Pass Rush – This team has finally figured out how to get to the QB this year, so far having 12 sacks on the year. While they didn’t do much against the Browns here, they are on pace to have 48 sacks on the year which is still very good. The big reason is thanks to Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap, as well as rookies Carl Lawson and Jordan Willis. Regardless of how this team continues there year, the future looks very good for the DL considering they’ve had issues in the past not getting to the QB. 4. Stay Hot – For two weeks in a row now, the Bengals have scored 21 points in back to back games in the first half. The questions about how they play in the 2nd half are still something that needs to be resolved, but there’s no denying this team has exceed expectations in the first half of games now. As I said before in the last point above, the Bills defense is very good, but there offense still has questions. Jumping out to a very early lead on this team and not let them hang around could be a difference maker. 3. No More Injuries – This team still is having injury problems, but mostly with the offense. Eifert and Ross are still out for who knows how long, and TJ Johnson and Ryan Hewitt also got injured against the Browns. The Defense has had some injuries too, but they appear to have good depth in almost all of their positions there at the moment, so it’s not a big concern there. The entire offense on the other hand though doesn’t have very good depth, aside from the RB’s and TE’s. Ironically last when they played the Bills, it was that moment AJ Green and Giovani Bernard suffered season ending injuries, so I’m just throwing that out there. 2. Neutralize Charles Clay – While most people will say LeSean McCoy is the biggest thing to look out for on the Bills offense, I’m looking at the Bills top passing weapon for Tyrod Taylor here. While McCoy leads the team in catches, Charles Clay leads the team in receiving yards. The Bengals don’t usually have a good track record when matching up against the TE’s, so I’m looking at Burfict and Vigil to do their job here and find ways to cover him well enough. Tyrod Taylor isn’t one of those guys who will turn the ball over a lot, but he also won’t throw for a lot of yards, so he has to rely on the guys catching it for him. 1. The Obvious Problem – Every week so far I’ve mentioned OL play in my keys to victory, and I won’t stop until proven otherwise. Last game against the Browns, I did see a little improvement in another player and it was Andre Smith. While he still hasn’t played as many snaps as some of the other guys, it’s clear he’s a massive upgrade over Fisher and Ogbuehi. But with TJ Johnson now injured too, you have to wonder if he will slide in at RG for the time being if Johnson’s injury is serious. Smith hopefully will stay in the lineup, but because he’s a free agent, perhaps they don’t see him around next year. Right now Boling and Smith are emerging, but everyone else still looks like trash. PREDICTION While it was nice to see the Bengals finally win a game, it’s time for this team to be brought back down to earth. A month ago all of us looked at this game as most likely a win because the Bills looked like they were in rebuilding mode. All of a sudden now though, they are coming off back to back big wins so far this year against the Broncos and Falcons, and now appear to have another easy win against the 1-3 Bengals. I’m thinking this will be another entertaining game, but reality is about to come back for the Bengals. There’s a small chance I may change my mind on this pick, but don’t count on it. Edit- Ok, I changed my mind. This game sort of reminds me of the 2011 game when the Bills were entering Cincinnati at 3-0 and the Bengals were 1-2. People were sleeping on the Bills for the past 2 weeks now, so I'm going with the same score as I had before, but changing the winner. Bills 17 Bengals 20
  7. 1st Qrt PFF Grades

    Whitworth: 84 Zeitler: 70 Was surprised Zeitler was low, but he's still miles ahead of anybody else this team has.
  8. Week 4 Other Games List

    They were all close games, but to be fair the best game of the week was the Panthers and Patriots and it wasn't even close.
  9. 1st Qrt PFF Grades

    Remember when you were still in high school and you would get those midterm grades after finishing 25 percent of the year? Well with the season 1/4 of a way over, its time to look at how these players have played. I do not own a membership account with PFF, but apparently you don't have to in order to find out there grades so far this season. I rounded up and down there grades, so they wouldn't have decimals. If I didn't list a player, it means he doesn't have a grade. Here we go GRADE CRITERIA Elite: 99-90 High Quality: 89-85 Above Average: 84-80 Average: 79-70 Below Average: 69-60 Poor: 59 and below QB: Andy Dalton: 81 AJ McCarron: 60 RB: Joe Mixon: 79 Giovani Bernard: 70 Jeremy Hill: 50 WR: AJ Green: 87 Alex Erickson: 67 Cody Core: 53 Tyler Boyd: 45 Brandon Lafell: 43 John Ross: 41 TE: CJ Uzomah: 76 Tyler Eifert: 75 Tyler Kroft: 73 Ryan Hewitt: 71 Cethan Carter: 60 C: Russell Bodine: 45 OG: Clint Boling: 68 TJ Johnson: 50 Alex Redmond: 46 Trey Hopkins: 32 OT: Andre Smith: 73 Jake Fisher: 41 Cedric Ogbuehi: 35 DE: Carl Lawson: 83 Carlos Dunlap: 82 Jordan Willis: 74 Michael Johnson: 71 Chris Smith: 49 DT: Geno Atkins: 89 Pat Sims: 72 Ryan Glasgow: 52 Andrew Billings: 50 LB: Kevin Minter: 82 Vincent Rey: 81 Jordan Evans: 71 Vontaze Burfict: 51 Nick Vigil: 46 CB: Darqueze Dennard: 83 Josh Shaw: 70 Adam Jones: 61 William Jackson: 60 Keivarae Russell: 58 Dre Kirkpatrick: 41 S: George Iloka: 76 Shawn Williams: 70 Clayton Fejedelem: 69
  10. Week 4 Other Games List

    Wanted to get this out before the Thursday game GAME RANKINGS 16. Bengals vs Browns 15. Colts vs Seahawks 14. 49ers vs Cardinals 13. Giants vs Buccaneers 12. Jaguars vs Jets 11. Eagles vs Chargers 10. Panthers vs Patriots 9. Bears vs Packers 8. Titans vs Texans 7. Steelers vs Ravens 6. Saints vs Dolphins 5. Bills vs Falcons 4. Rams vs Cowboys 3. Raiders vs Broncos 2. Lions vs Vikings 1. Redskins vs Chiefs POWER RANKINGS 1.Chiefs 3-0 (+1) 2.Falcons 3-0 (-1) 3.Patriots 2-1 (+1) 4.Packers 2-1 (+2) 5.Eagles 2-1 (+11) 6.Redskins 2-1 (+12) 7.Lions 2-1 (+1) 8.Vikings 2-1 (+9) 9.Steelers 2-1 (-6) 10.Raiders 2-1 (-5) 11.Titans 2-1 (+4) 12.Broncos 2-1 (-5) 13.Cowboys 2-1 (-3) 14.Seahawks 1-2 (-5) 15.Bills 2-1 (+10) 16.Jaguars 2-1 (+8) 17.Rams 2-1 (+3) 18.Panthers 2-1 (-4) 19.Dolphins 1-1 (-6) 20.Buccaneers 1-1 (-9) 21.Ravens 2-1 (-9) 22.Texans 1-2 (+1) 23.Saints 1-2 (+3) 24.Cardinals 1-2 (-5) 25.Bears 1-2 (+2) 26.Jets 1-2 (+6) 27.Chargers 0-3 (-6) 28.Colts 1-2 (+2) 29.Giants 0-3 (-7) 30.Bengals 0-3 (-1) 31.49ers 0-3 32.Browns 0-3 (-4)

    Favorite Team: Cincinnati Bengals Week 4 Pick: Atlanta Falcons
  12. Week 4 Bengals @ Browns

    The battle of Ohio features two teams who are both 0-3. This is the game of the “weak” HISTORY LESSON The Bengals are 19-24 against the Browns when playing in Cleveland The Bengals have beaten the Browns in their last 5 matchups, and have won at Cleveland in their last 3 matchups Last matchup – Last season Bengals won 23-10 in Cleveland Last Browns win – 2014 season Browns won 24-3 in Cincinnati Last Browns win in Cleveland – 2013 season Browns won 17-6 GAMEDAY INFO Game time will be this Sunday 1 PM ET on CBS. Here’s the TV Map: http://506sports.com/nfl.php?yr=2017&wk=4 5 KEYS TO VICTORY 5. Joe Mixon’s Snaps – It seems Mixon has finally emerged himself from the pack last game, seeing as he had 18 rush attempts which is the highest so far for one game this season for this team. Problem is, he only managed 62 yards, which averaged 3.4 per carry, making his season average this year 3.1 now. The expectation is that he will only get better, but for a guy that everyone hyped up for the whole offseason, I was hoping for better results. The Browns run defense will be a challenge this game. 4. Run Defense – The Bengals run defense has been 25th in the league so far, but they did an excellent job at stopping Ty Montgomery. Even better news, they will be up against Isaiah Crowell who’s been bad so far this year, only averaging 2.9 per carry. Problem is, he’s had the Bengals number the last 3 times he’s played the Bengals, and last year he averaged 7.6 per carry against the Bengals in both games he played against them. Taking away the Browns run game will force them to rely on Kizer which may backfire, but the Bengals have been very good against the pass this year, so I would take my chances. Having Burfict back this game will be a game changer. 3. Kicking Questions – Sunday was not a great day for Bengals fans who were watching the Bengals game, as well as the end of the Eagles game. Seeing Elliott nail that 61 yard FG, and Bullock missing an easy FG that could of potentially gave them first win really hurts. Now granted he played well against the Texans when he went 3 for 3, but people will only remember the crucial kicks, and I don’t think Bullock is out of the woods just yet. He won’t lose his job unless he starts playing like Nugent, but I want to see him erase those doubts if Elliott was the better choice. 2. Pass Protection – The biggest question mark of this team finally showed some signs of improvement against the Packers. Part of the reason may have been because they finally gave Andre Smith some playing time, rotating him in and out with Ogbuehi and Fisher, which is thanks to Bill Lazor’s credit. Even on Profootballfocus, Clint Boling posted a very positive grade, which has been the first good sign all year. Problem is, they still struggled as they gave up 3 sacks and one of them was a game changer which caused them to miss a FG. Again, I’m just hoping for 3 out of 5 of these guys to establish themselves as reliable players, but in the meantime only Boling has done that so far. 1. Offensive Efficiency – Last game their offense did so much better which is a sigh of relief that they no longer have to be joked about not scoring any TD’s this year. Only problem was, this team scored all of their TD’s in the first 20 minutes of the game, and after that the offense couldn’t really do anything for the rest of the game. Bill Lazor did his job calling much better plays, but the execution by Andy Dalton at times (despite his numbers looking good), cost this team their first win of the year. If you can’t get it right this week, then there’s no hope. PREDICTION Both teams are playing for next year at this point, and both have a very good shot at get that #1 pick in the draft right now. A week ago I would have said the Browns would win this game. But the Bengals showed me more life when they almost beat the Packers, compared to the Browns who got dominated by a bad Colts team. The Bengals have slapped around the Browns in there last several matchups, and I think that will continue here, as the Bengals will look to take out their frustrations from the first 3 games. Bengals 30 Browns 7
  13. Week 3 Bengals @ Packers

    The season was over once they lost to houston. I want this team lose so marvin can get fired, and so they can either get sam darnold or a LT
  14. Top 5 draft pick

    My top 3 wish list at the moment The three guys I really want are.. 1.Sam Darnold 2.Trey Adams or Mike McGlinchey Realistically I would rather get a franchise LT and either Adams or McGlinchey would be what I want. But if the Bengals somehow finished with the worst record in the NFL, I would rather get Darnold just to get there franchise QB out of the way. One of these 3 guys should be there assuming they finish with a top 5 pick. Josh Rosen, Arden Key, and Derwin would be my other options, but only if those 3 guys are gone first.
  15. Week 3 Other Games List

    Meanwhile, Randy Bullock still sucks and missed a FG that could potentially would of given them the W. Further proof of this team's incompetence. But overall, today was a crazy day for football. I dropped Sunday Ticket this year and went with Redzone and it has not disappointed.