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  1. This ain't Bengals Talk

    Hey guys, didn't want to start a new thread, so making a post here is the best I can do. I know my inactivity has been dead the past few weeks, and I just wanted to let everyone be aware of my situation. Because of my life situations at the moment, I have to step away from footballsfuture for the time being, which means no more gameday threads posts or other game threads for the rest of the season. I'm hoping by when the offseason comes this will change and I can go back to posting, but right now I just don't have the time to spare. My reasons aren't that serious and I don't feel like discussing it, but I've just hit a point in my life that now I've forced myself to work 6 or even 7 days a week right now. That means I don't really have a chance to even watch football that much, so I have no knowledge of what's going on in the NFL anymore unless I read up on it. Just wanted to make that clear to you guys as to why I've disappeared. Hope you all have a happy thanksgiving of course, hopefully this isn't "bye bye" forever. Enjoy the rest of the season guys.
  2. Week 10 Other Games List

    Not going to bother listing the games of importance anymore. This season is a lost cause now. Game rankings as well as Power Rankings will continue GAME RANKINGS 14. Giants vs 49ers 13. Browns vs Lions 12. Steelers vs Colts 11. Jets vs Buccaneers 10. Texans vs Rams 9. Bengals vs Titans 8. Packers vs Bears 7. Dolphins vs Panthers 6. Patriots vs Broncos 5. Seahawks vs Cardinals 4. Chargers vs Jaguars 3. Cowboys vs Falcons 2. Vikings vs Redskins 1. Saints vs Bills POWER RANKINGS 1.Eagles 8-1 2.Patriots 6-2 3.Steelers 6-2 4.Rams 6-2 (+1) 5.Vikings 6-2 (+2) 6.Saints 6-2 (+2) 7.Chiefs 6-3 (-3) 8.Seahawks 5-3 (-2) 9.Cowboys 5-3 (+1) 10.Panthers 6-3 (+1) 11.Jaguars 5-3 (+2) 12.Bills 5-3 (-3) 13.Redskins 4-4 (+2) 14.Titans 5-3 (+3) 15.Lions 4-4 (+4) 16.Falcons 4-4 (-4) 17.Raiders 4-5 (+7) 18.Ravens 4-5 (-2) 19.Chargers 3-5 (+1) 20.Jets 4-5 (+6) 21.Cardinals 4-4 (+7) 22.Packers 4-4 (-1) 23.Dolphins 4-4 (-5) 24.Broncos 3-5 (-2) 25.Bengals 3-5 (-2) 26.Texans 3-5 (-12) 27.Bears 3-5 (-2) 28.Colts 3-6 (+1) 29.Buccaneers 2-6 (-2) 30.49ers 0-9 (+1) 31.Giants 1-7 (-1) 32.Browns 0-8
  3. Eric Winston Signed

    Is this team stupid?
  4. Week 10- 7 more weeks till he gone

    That picture made my day. Definitely gonna change that as my profile picture later. I'll go with Bengals 23 Titans 27.
  5. Week 9 Bengals @ Jaguars

    I'll be back. Just pretend I'm on injured reserve. The other games threads will continue.
  6. Week 9 Bengals @ Jaguars

    Nah I just don't have the time, as you probably already notied since I've barely posted the past 2 months. Rather let someone else do it who stays more active on here
  7. Week 9 Bengals @ Jaguars

    @johndeere1707 I don't feel like doing anymore gdt's this year. So you go ahead and have fun with that. Thanks
  8. 2nd Qrt PFF Grades

    The season is halfway over, so its time to do another update on player grades. Again, I'm rounding up and down all the numbers, so no decimals. Keep in mind that these grades aren't based upon just the last 4 games, its based upon the whole season. Spoiler alert, nearly half of the players I'm about to list, fall under the "poor" category. GRADE CRITERIA Elite: 99-90 High Quality: 89-85 Above Average: 84-80 Average: 79-70 Below Average: 69-60 Poor: 59 and below QB: Andy Dalton: 80 AJ McCarron: 60 RB: Joe Mixon: 71 Giovani Bernard: 70 Jeremy Hill: 50 WR: AJ Green: 84 Josh Malone: 72 Alex Erickson: 68 Cody Core: 50 Tyler Boyd: 46 Brandon Lafell: 45 John Ross: 45 TE: Tyler Kroft: 77 Tyler Eifert: 75 Ryan Hewitt: 72 CJ Uzomah: 58 Cethan Carter: 50 C: Russell Bodine: 43 OG: Clint Boling: 69 Alex Redmond: 46 TJ Johnson: 44 Trey Hopkins: 39 OT: Andre Smith: 48 Jake Fisher: 44 Cedric Ogbuehi: 41 DE: Carlos Dunlap: 84 Carl Lawson: 83 Jordan Willis: 78 Michael Johnson: 72 Chris Smith: 51 DT: Geno Atkins: 91 Andrew Billings: 57 Ryan Glasgow: 48 Pat Sims: 45 LB: Vincent Rey: 76 Kevin Minter: 76 Vontaze Burfict: 75 Jordan Evans: 71 Hardy Nickerson: 63 Nick Vigil: 43 CB: William Jackson: 83 Darqueze Dennard: 76 Keivarae Russell: 58 Adam Jones: 46 Dre Kirkpatrick: 41 S: George Iloka: 77 Shawn Williams: 65 Clayton Fejedelem: 48 Josh Shaw: 42
  9. Week 9 Bengals @ Jaguars

    fournette inactive. There is a chance
  10. Week 9 Other Games List

    GAME RANKINGS 13. Cardinals vs 49ers 12 Colts vs Texans 11. Buccaneers vs Saints 10. Rams vs Giants 9. Bills vs Jets 8. Broncos vs Eagles 7. Bengals vs Jaguars 6. Raiders vs Dolphins 5. Lions vs Packers 4. Redskins vs Seahawks 3. Ravens vs Titans 2. Falcons vs Panthers 1. Chiefs vs Cowboys GAMES OF IMPORTANCE TNF Bills vs Jets - Go Jets 1 o clock 1.Ravens vs Titans - Go Titans 2.Colts vs Texans - Go Colts 3.Broncos vs Eagles - Go Eagles 4 o clock Chiefs vs Cowboys - Go Cowboys SNF Raiders vs Dolphins - Go Raiders POWER RANKINGS 1.Eagles 7-1 2.Patriots 6-2 3.Steelers 6-2 4.Chiefs 6-2 5.Rams 5-2 6.Seahawks 5-2 7.Vikings 6-2 8.Saints 5-2 9.Bills 5-2 10.Cowboys 4-3 (+2) 11.Panthers 5-3 (+6) 12.Falcons 4-3 (+2) 13.Jaguars 4-3 (+2) 14.Texans 3-4 (-3) 15.Redskins 3-4 (-2) 16.Ravens 4-4 (+11) 17.Titans 4-3 (-1) 18.Dolphins 4-3 (-8) 19.Lions 3-4 (-1) 20.Chargers 3-5 (-1) 21.Packers 4-3 (+1) 22.Broncos 3-4 (-1) 23.Bengals 3-4 (+2) 24.Raiders 3-5 (-4) 25.Bears 3-5 (-2) 26.Jets 3-5 (-2) 27.Buccaneers 2-5 (-1) 28.Cardinals 3-4 29.Colts 2-6 30.Giants 1-6 31.49ers 0-8 32.Browns 0-8
  11. Week 9 Bengals @ Jaguars

    The halfway point of the season, and this game is what could be a turning point for the Bengals. A win here would certainly give me as well as the rest of bengaldom more hope. Also it says something when the Jaguars of all teams are favored to beat you. HISTORY LESSON The Bengals are 3-7 against the Jaguars when playing in Jacksonville, but the Bengals currently have a 4 game winning streak on the Jaguars, and also winning the last 2 matchups in Jacksonville Last matchup – 2014 season Bengals won 33-23 in Cincinnati Last matchup in Jacksonville – 2012 season Bengals won 27-10 Last Jaguars win – 2005 season Bengals won 23-20 in Jacksonville GAMEDAY INFO Game time will be this Sunday 1 PM ET on CBS. Here’s the TV Map: http://506sports.com/nfl.php?yr=2017&wk=9 5 KEYS TO VICTORY 5. Better 2nd Half Team – The Bengals scored 14 points in the 2nd half against the Colts, which is the most they’ve done all year. Of course, half of those points were because of a pick 6, which means the offense still has lots of work to do. The Jaguars are no slouches when it comes to their defense, so this offense needs to find a way to wake up after halftime this game. 4. The Whole Defense – Honestly I feel like the defense hasn’t played good the last 2 games now, while it was understandable they struggled to the Steelers, the Colts have struggled all year on offense and found a way to make it close. They had lots of trouble stopping Frank Gore running the football, but got embarrassed the most by Jack Doyle. This defense will have to be ready to go against Leonard Fournette who’s playing like one of the best RB’s in the NFL right now. 3. Dre Kirkpatrick – The most disappointing player so far this year for me is Kirkpatrick. After getting his big payday, the guy has been getting destroyed by other WR’s all season. The good thing though is the young guys like Dennard and Jackson have played great this year, but Kirkpatrick who’s suppose to be a cornerstone player on this defense hasn’t been playing like one. This is a game he can redeem himself since the Jaguars are not good in the passing game. 2. Blown Opportunities – This offense still has lots of work to do. They only managed 17 points on a bad Colts defense, and there are still big problems with the team. It’s bad enough that the OL still struggles and John Ross isn’t being utilized, but I was frustrated with Dalton and Green against the Colts. Even though Dalton didn’t turn the ball over, his completion percentage could have been better. Also Green appears to be showing frustration with this offense finally. 1. Pass Rush 101 – Remember what your strengths are on the team. Getting to the QB is one of the big reasons why this team isn’t worse than they are now. Atkins continues to play at a probowl level, while Dunlap had a rare pick 6 that helped them win against the Colts. Lawson and Willis also appear to have a bright future if both figure to stick around with the team. On the flip side, the Jaguars offensive line is surprisingly good this year, as they given up only 11 sacks. Something will have to give. PREDICTION Winning this game would put the Bengals back right in the playoff picture, for real this time. Yeah sure they might be 3-4, but they look worse than there record right now. Now if they beat a playoff contending team like the Jags on the road no less, then yes they are in the playoff hunt. The good news is, the Jags have been a team this year that haven’t won nor lost 2 games, and they won their last game, which means history says they will lay an egg. The Bad news is, the Jags are coming off a bye week so they will be well rested. I expected it to be a higher scoring game than usual, but I have to pick them to lose here. Bengals 28 Jaguars 35
  12. IND @ CIN Gameday Thread

    Honestly I wasn't going to deal with it this week because I figured you would handle it going forward. I did come prepared though, and typed everything up yesterday just incase. Per usual, 7 o clock tonight, unless you say otherwise.
  13. IND @ CIN Gameday Thread

    @johndeere1707 Are you posting a gdt tonight?
  14. Week 8 Other Games List

    And we care because?
  15. Week 8 Other Games List

    Lets do this POWER RANKINGS 13. Colts vs Bengals 12. 49ers vs Eagles 11. Vikings vs Browns 10. Falcons vs Jets 9. Dolphins vs Ravens 8. Panthers vs Buccaneers 7. Bears vs Saints 6. Broncos vs Chiefs 5. Chargers vs Patriots 4. Raiders vs Bills 3. Steelers vs Lions 2. Cowboys vs Redskins 1. Texans vs Seahawks GAMES OF IMPORTANCE TNF Dolphins vs Ravens - Go Dolphins Early Morning Vikings vs Browns - Go Vikings 1 o clock 1.Chargers vs Patriots - Go Chargers 2.Raiders vs Bills - Go Raiders 3.Falcons vs Jets - Go Falcons 4 o clock Texans vs Seahawks - Go Seahawks SNF Steelers vs Lions - Go Lions MNF Broncos vs Chiefs - Go Broncos POWER RANKINGS 1.Eagles 6-1 (+1) 2.Patriots 5-2 (+1) 3.Steelers 5-2 (+1) 4.Chiefs 5-2 (-3) 5.Rams 5-2 (+5) 6.Seahawks 4-2 7.Vikings 5-2 (+2) 8.Saints 4-2 (+3) 9.Bills 4-2 (+3) 10.Dolphins 4-2 (+6) 11.Texans 3-3 (+3) 12.Cowboys 3-3 (+6) 13.Redskins 3-3 (-6) 14.Falcons 3-3 (-6) 15.Jaguars 4-3 (+4) 16.Titans 4-3 (+4) 17.Panthers 4-3 (-12) 18.Lions 3-3 (-1) 19.Chargers 3-4 (+4) 20.Raiders 3-4 (+6) 21.Broncos 3-3 (-8) 22.Packers 4-3 (-7) 23.Bears 3-4 (+1) 24.Jets 3-4 (-3) 25.Bengals 2-4 26.Buccaneers 2-4 (+1) 27.Ravens 3-4 (+1) 28.Cardinals 3-4 (-6) 29.Colts 2-5 30.Giants 1-6 31.49ers 0-7 32.Browns 0-7