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  1. Rounds 4-7

    Now this final pick I like Auden Tate. Should of been drafted a long time ago, so maybe he's got a shot at making the team.
  2. Rounds 4-7

    OMG finally another OL player. But nobody I've heard of, so practice squad pick it is.
  3. Rounds 4-7

    A practice squad QB, meh. Chase Litton would of been better.
  4. Rounds 4-7

    Taking one last stab at the player I want them to take (which means they wont take them), so lets go with Taylor Hearn, Matt Gano, and Ryan Izzo
  5. Rounds 4-7

    At this point in the draft, the players you draft are going to be practice squad picks at best right now. Would still prefer an OL player or two. TE, WR, and QB are other picks to look at, but I don't expect any of these players to have good odds to make the roster, regardless of who they draft.
  6. Rounds 4-7

    Ok, now i'm not happy. Another CB? And this isn't even great value. Clearly they don't seem concern whatsoever with the offense.
  7. Rounds 4-7

    Carlson gone now, the best K on the board so forget about that. St Brown is the BPA right now, so this final 5th round pick needs to be an OL player
  8. Rounds 4-7

    Aside from the OL, I'm also very surprised they didn't take any TE's yet. Eifert, Kroft, and Uzomah are all free agents next year and all I heard in the offseason was they wanted to upgrade that position but didn't. I completely understand why they didn't take any WR's seeing as they still are banking on Ross and Malone, but yeah I would of prefered to get another guy.
  9. Rounds 4-7

    I think the rest of the draft the Bengals need to only draft offense players. Maybe a K if they really want, but no more defense players IMO.
  10. Rounds 4-7

    Andrew Brown. Best DT on the board, and a good value pick, so not too upset about this one either. The Bengals don't appear to be eager to address hardly any of there picks on the offensive side of the ball though which worries me a bit.
  11. Rounds 4-7

    Now I have to change my pick to Taylor Hearn here.
  12. Rounds 4-7

    Fumagalli gone now too
  13. Rounds 4-7

    They felt pretty comfortable last year with that OL too, but of course we all know where that went. If Pollack is the real deal in terms of being a good OL coach though, he might be able to salvage what's left of some of these guys.
  14. Rounds 4-7

    Taylor Hearn is the best OL player on my board, but as far as BPA it might have to go towards a kicker Daniel Carlson. I'm still pissed off from last year though when they didn't keep elliott....
  15. Rounds 4-7

    Well so much for that....