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  1. I guess you've never watched the show shark tank
  2. Shawn Williams Injury Update

    That's the best scenario, of course that really depends on what the doctors see.
  3. Shawn Williams Injury Update

    Williams is only expected to miss 4 to 6 weeks (If all goes well) http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/Initial-hope-Shawn-Williams-wont-miss-season/0267a31e-ec89-4102-acd4-d0ce8c830456 Once again the bengals have dodged another bullet, first with Iloka and now Williams. So the best case senario is Williams misses the first 2 games. Realistically he will miss the first 4 games if all goes well, unless there's a major setback which could happen. He's not out of woods yet though, could still go on the IR. So the one thing we know for sure is now Clayton Fejedelem will start in his place for sure. But the real quesiton is who fills (if anybody) takes the 4th and final S spot. It sounds like Josh Shaw will be seeing some playing time at S now. Not to mention Cedric Thompson was cut yesterday, so they are thin at S now. What does this mean for a guy like Demetrious Cox who's been having a fantastic preseason? Could he possibly ****** up a spot, or could Bengals sign a veteran like Jarius Byrd, Rashad Johnson, or Kendrick Lewis?
  4. Just to be clear on this when you do look for replacements, I only want to say I'm out. I did a keeper league one time, and I didn't like it. I was terrible as you could probably guess as well. Too much of a challenge for me. So in the words of shark tank, I leave you with this....
  5. Preseason Week 2 Chiefs @ Bengals

    Hardy Nickerson was the one that got injured actually. Evans indeed had a good game and this should lock in his roster spot. But to all of a sudden bump him ahead of Vincent Rey and Minter because one game is jumping the gun. Its easy to look good when you don't play against the starters. Lets wait and see if he continues to build off his good play first.
  6. Preseason Week 2 Chiefs @ Bengals

    Relooking at my 5 things to watch for: 5. Couldn't really tell how William Jackson played, but judging by the fact that the defense was awful against the passing game, I will say it wasn't good. Granted the front 7 didn't do much to help them, but they go carved out by Smith and Mahomes. 4. Jordan Willis and Chris Smith once again had another good week, and I could see one of these maybe finally replacing Michael Johnson. The pass rush was solid for the most part, but they were awful against the run game. Will Clarke not being able to sack Mahomes on that one play was the final dagger for him, he sealed his fate. 3. Once again I didn't really know how some of the starters on the OL played, but it did look like Ogbuehi had a good game for once, which is comforting. Andre Smith and Eric Winston were the weak points last night though. Smith didn't know what he suppose to do on one play when they were kicking a field goal, they had to call a time out. Winston was bad again, so it does appear he could be out of the door finally. 2. The Driskel show was postponed for a bit, as he did little to build off his momentum for last game. In his defense though, the barely saw any playing time because of Dalton and McCarron. The next preseason he probably won't play, so that means the final preseason game will decide if he's worth keeping on the roster or not. Hoping they can just stash him on the practice squad though. 1. Jeremy Hill once again had another good game against the starters, and I think he entrenched himself for good now to start in week 1. Mixon was not impressive, having only 6 attempts for 16 yards. This is where the OL may of played a factor, but its clear he shouldn't start in week 1 now.
  7. Bengals at Cleveland... a forum party

    I get that you want to make equal traveling for everyone else. I'm not in a financial burden, but its not in the cards for me to go up there right now. And no, I will not allow anybody to pay for my ticket and stuff. But I say if you can get a group of people to agree to this, go for it even if everyone can't do it.
  8. Bengals Strengths, Weakness, Optimism, Concerns, etc

    1.The biggest strength is there having 3 quality running backs in Bernard, Hill, and Mixon. Also the Weapons in the passing game with Green, Eifert, Boyd, Ross, and Lafell. And having quality depth in almost every position. 2.The entire offensive line, especially there LT and RT with Ogbuehi and Fisher. Dalton and Marvin Lewis's track record in primetime games. Can the DL do better against the run and getting to the QB? 3.The LB's are loaded, but need to reach expectations. Secondary at CB is deep, but the S's are getting injured. 4.Adding more weapons on the offense in both the passing and run game. Lots of young talent on the defense. Experienced coaching. 5.The offensive line must replace Whitworth and Zeitler. Burfict and Jones have attitude problems, and can Mixon not become part of that problem. Marvin Lewis in a lame duck year.
  9. Preseason Week 2 Chiefs @ Bengals

    Well that was painful. Gotta wait and see the result on Williams tomorrow.
  10. Preseason Week 2 Chiefs @ Bengals

    Interesting, considering week 6 is there bye....
  11. Preseason Week 2 Chiefs @ Bengals

    Jeez, did the Bengals forget how to tackle tonight or something?
  12. Preseason Week 2 Chiefs @ Bengals

    Jake Elliott also 1 for 1 now.
  13. Preseason Week 2 Chiefs @ Bengals

    Best case scenario they put him on IR recall, but I guess we will know very soon. I think they may have to sign somebody, at least for some insurance. Jairus Byrd is the first thing that comes to my mind. Its a good thing Clayton Fejedelem has been getting so many reps as a starting S now, because he's going to be starting in week 1 now.
  14. Preseason Week 2 Chiefs @ Bengals

    Shawn Williams being carted off the field. Looks like he dislocated shoulder. Not good.
  15. Preseason Week 2 Chiefs @ Bengals

    Randy Bullock 1 for 1 so far tonight. Also Carl Lawson isn't playing tonight either.