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  1. Week 7 Bengals @ Chiefs

    Bengals peaked way to early this season. Injuries have caught up to this team and they don't look like a playoff team. Would not be surprised in the least bit if this team doesn't even finish .500 But 7 wins would be enough to keep Marvin Lewis job because this mike brown has no balls. Starting to finally lose my patience with Andy Dalton as well, Burfict just needs to go away. Gotta shed these some of these losers on this team if they ever want to make the next step. I hope AJ Green threatens to leave if the team doesn't do something next offseason.
  2. Week 7 Bengals @ Chiefs

    Ready to move on. Sunday Night is still a golden opportunity regardless of yesterday's bad taste
  3. Week 6 Steelers @ Bengals

    If the Bengals somehow win there next 2 games, I think this team finally wins a playoff game. Based on the track record of this team though, I see a letdown this week Steelers 38 Bengals 27
  4. Week 6 Steelers @ Bengals

    Sorry for not posting this a few hours sooner. Biggest game of the season for the Bengals so far. Winning this one would mean the next weeks game would be a battle of the top 2 AFC teams by record.
  5. Week 5 Dolphins @ Bengals

    Late with my pick, sorry. I think the defense makes a statement today, but I'm still not sold on the offense. Dolphins 7 Bengals 20
  6. Week 5 Dolphins @ Bengals

    I heard there was a game this sunday between two 3-1 teams Yeah Im lazy, deal with it. "EXPERT PICKS" johndeere1707 - Bengals 17-13 INbengalfan - Bengals 37-20 TheVillain112 - Bengals 27-20 Futbudds - Bengals 42-27 MrCincinnati - Bengals 20-7
  7. Week 4 Bengals @ Falcons

    Sorry guys for not putting in my 5 keys to victory this week. Was very busy. So ill just put in my prediction Bengals 14 Falcons 28
  8. Week 4 Bengals @ Falcons

    Time to bounce back GAMEDAY INFO The Bengals will travel to play the Falcons at 1 PM ET on CBS. TV Map in the link below http://506sports.com/nfl.php?yr=2018&wk=4 HISTORY Bengals are 3-3 when playing the Falcons in Atlanta and have lost the previous 3 matchups there. Last Matchup: 2014, Bengals win 24-10 in Cincinnati Last Falcons win: 2010, Falcons win 39-32 in Atlanta Last win in Atlanta: 1987, Bengals win 16-10 5 KEYS TO VICTORY Later PREDICTION Later "EXPERT PICKS" johndeere1707 - Bengals 31-30 fluhartz - Bengals 31-28 TheVillain112 - Bengals 34-30 INBengalfan - Falcons 27-24 Futbudds - Falcons 32-28 MrCincinnati - Falcons 28-14
  9. Week 3 Bengals @ Panthers

    Updated with my pick again, but I'll just post it here. Sadly none of you will like this pick. Come at me Bengals 13 Panthers 31
  10. Week 3 Bengals @ Panthers

    Updated my OP with the keys to victory. Still haven't made a score prediction yet.
  11. Week 3 Bengals @ Panthers

    As per usual, just getting this out now just to be first GAMEDAY INFO The Bengals will travel to play the Panthers at 1 PM ET on CBS. TV Map is in the link, but will be updated on Wednesday http://506sports.com/nfl.php?yr=2018&wk=3 HISTORY Bengals are 1-2 when playing the Panthers in Carolina Last matchup: 2014, 37-37 tie in Cincinnati Last Bengals win: 2010, Bengals win 20-7 in Carolina Last Panthers win: 2002, Panthers win 52-31 in Carolina 5 KEYS TO VICTORY 5. Linebackers on both sides - Not much for me to talk about for the Panthers, but we all know Luke Kuechly is one of the best LB's in the game. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Kuechly is always widely known for being a machine when it comes to the tackles. I'll consider it a miracle if he has less than 10 tackles this game, so this will be tough for the TE's and Bernard. As for the Bengals, I still wonder what this team will do going forward with this position. Preston Brown will more than likely be back after missing the last game, and Nick Vigil has yet to miss a single snap on the field. I was very surprised that Hardy Nickerson played all but one snap in week 2, so the guy that was probably going to be the odd man out once Burfict is back now seems to be safe, and that's not good news for Jordan Evans or Vincent Rey. I'm very curious how many snaps Brown and Nickerson will play on Sunday. 4. Promising Safety play - Last game both Shawn Williams and Jessie Bates looked fantastic against the Ravens as both players had an INT, and look to improve on the turnover margin for this team. Williams had a chip on his shoulder after an early exit in week 1 and did not disappoint, but the big surprise was Jessie Bates who has done good so far in filling the shoes of George Iloka. Safety play will be a big key in order to stop Newton as well as TE play, but it also makes the jobs easier for the CB's and other positions. 3. What happens at RB - The Bengals had there first bit of bad luck this season with Joe Mixon being out for two weeks, so he will miss this coming Panthers game, and possibly the Falcons. Stepping in his place will be Giovani Bernard who is all too familiar as a starter, but isn't nearly as talented as Mixon, so expect a fair amount of catches for Bernard. Tra Carson who was going to be the backup for Bernard was just waved today because of an injury settlement, so they signed former Seahawks RB Thomas Rawls who will be behind Mark Walton for now, but I think in a week or two will be ahead of him. Speaking of Walton, he will more than likely has his NFL debut this Sunday since he was inactive for the first 2 games, as he will look to show what he can do after a very disappointing preseason. 2. Contain Newton and the TE's - The biggest success to the Panthers has always been with Newton. When he plays good, the Panthers are a tough team to beat, but he's also very inconsistent. His last game against the Falcons is a perfect example of how good he can be, as he threw for over 300 yards and had 3 tds and 1 int, and almost beat the Falcons. In his week 1 game, he didn't even crack 200 yards though. Getting some hits on him will certainly help, but if he plays good, it could be a blowout. Also stopping the TE's for once would be nice for the Bengals, as Greg Olsen being out means rookie Ian Thomas will start again who was very quiet in week 2, so lets hope it stays that way. 1. Roll the dice and take shots down field - The deciding factor for the Bengals to win this game will be the passing game now. In order to win some games that your more than likely going to be down early, you have take chances. Andy Dalton throwing it deep has never been his strength, but he's got help to do that. AJ Green has to be the main target from the get go because if he plays like he did last game they could get an early jump on the Panthers. Tyler Boyd has been good so far, but they need John Ross to start contributing now as a deep threat if they want to make more noise. PREDICTION I was having trouble with this one, but something tells me its not gonna be pretty. The Injuries have already started hitting the Bengals last week, so with no Mixon and no Price this game it's gonna hurt them. Granted Hopkins played well and Bernard could be ok, but the cracks on the team are already started to show and this team traditionally doesn't play well coming off a Thursday night game or bye weeks for that matter. It feels good to be 2-0 right now and they have a golden opportunity to put themselves ahead of the pack this Sunday, but I'm not convinced in the offense despite how good they've played so far, and it just sounds like a classic situation where the Bengals lay an egg. Bengals 13 Panthers 31 "EXPERT PICKS" johndeere1707 - Bengals 13-10 TheVillain112 - Panthers 24-13 SmittyBacall - Bengals 24-19 INBengalfan - Bengals 28-17 Futbudds - Bengals 28-20 MrCincinnati - Panthers 31-13
  12. Week 2 Ravens @ Bengals

    Some PFF stats I wanted to pull up as well as snap counts PFF William Jackson allowed only 39.6 passer rating when thrown his way. Geno Atkins highest grade with 89.9 Shawn Williams second highest 89.4 Alex Redmond gave up 3 pressures and when he was blocking for RB's they only average 2.57 per carry, while anywhere else it was 4.66 Trey Hopkins only allowed one pressure last night Andy Dalton 8 for 10 for 141 yards and 2 TD's when being pressured. SNAP COUNTS. Offense: Not much worth noting, but Eifert finally got more snaps than both Uzomah and Kroft. Uzomah had slightly more snaps than Kroft. John Ross still getting enough snaps to be considering a starter, so based on the first 2 games, the Bengals have being going with 1RB 3WR 1TE formation for most of there plays. Defense: Vigil was the only player to play 100 percent of snaps. The biggest thing that popped out to me was Nickerson nearly played 99 percent of the snaps, and Vincent Rey continues to not play any snaps on the defense. Is it safe to say Nickerson will not be cut when Burfict is back? As for the DE's in the wake of Johnson getting injured, Lawson played 51 snaps, Hubbard played 50, and Willis played 49. Also based upon the score predictions @INbengalfan had the closest prediction. The 24-23 pick was the most points any of us had the Bengals scoring, and the 23 points for the ravens was dead on. Now based upon the last 2 games, I wonder how many of you guys will predict a 34-23 win....
  13. Up/down Week 2

    UP'S 1. AJ Green 2. Williams and Bates both scoring an INT. 3. Big Geno and the young DL stepping up 4. Trey Hopkins stepping in for Billy Price (something very much overlooked this game) 5. Dalton going 8 for 10 when being pressured DOWN'S 1. Blowing a 21 point lead and making it within a 5 point game in the 4th qrt 2. Redmond and Hart still suck 3. Dre Kirkpatrick struggling 4. Offense only scoring 6 points in the 2nd half. 5. These damn referees are going to ruin the NFL if this keeps up.
  14. Week 2 Ravens @ Bengals

    Sorry for the late update on my gameday thread. Keys to victory and my prediction are up. Will post all the predictions up later.
  15. Week 2 Ravens @ Bengals

    Since the Bengals are on short week GAMEDAY INFO The Bengals will play will host the Ravens Thursday night at 8:20 PM ET on the NFL Network. HISTORY Bengals are 14-8 when playing the Ravens in Cincinnati Last matchup: 2017, Bengals win 31-27 in Baltimore Last Ravens win: 2017, Ravens win 20-0 in Cincinnati Last win in Cincinnati: 2016, Bengals win 27-10 5 KEYS TO VICTORY 5. Plan of attack - This one goes for the offense game plan. I felt based on the Colts game that the Bengals play calling on the offense could of been a lot smarter. Only giving Joe Mixon 6 rush attempts in the first half when he was playing so well was not a good start, and that was against a bad defense. Now here comes the Ravens who are very well known for having a sturdy defense, and they thrive on the 3 and outs. So in order to counter attack that defense, you get key first downs on 3rd downs if possible. Andy Dalton must play a big factor in this which I will get to later. 4. Limit Joe Flacco - Going into this game, I'm not 100 percent certain which Flacco we will see this game. It wasn't a total shock to see his good performance against the Bills, however he's not the same player he once was at this point and usually keeps his plays very simple. Then again, in the wake of Lamar Jackson, a fire has been lit under him in the offseason, and his week 1 performance could just be what is more to come for him. The best thing the Bengals can do is make sure he's not throwing for more than 10 yards per pass, sort of like a mimic performance against Andrew Luck but better. 3. Andy Dalton - Primetime games and Andy Dalton just don't seem to mix well. And while its rare, when he does perform well in a primetime game, it usually results in a win. Minus the first pass of the game, he played very good against the Colts despite the fact that I would of liked to see more from the offense. The best I can hope for though is for Dalton not to throw multiple INT's though since the Bengals track record in primetime games don't give me a lot of faith. 2. More OL Progress - Based on the stats from last game, you would figure that the OL has made some good strive so far. Compared to last year, this season is a big improvement, but its the saying of different players with the same problems. Alex Redmond and Bobby Hart are without a doubt the weak links to the team right now. Sadly even Billy Price could of been better because if you look back at the INT Dalton threw, Price was responsible for it. He's still a big upgrade over Bodine and wasn't as bad as Redmond and Hart, but 1st round picks him Price have to get better really quick. 1. Stop those TE's - It's been a problem for the Bengals for years, as they had lots of trouble stopping Doyle and Ebron in Week 1. Now the next guys they have to figure out to stop will be the Ravens TE's Nick Boyle and Max Williams, both whom had solid performances against the Bills. The starting WR's and new additions to the team Michael Crabtree and John Brown both looked solid as well, but I'm much more confident in the Bengals CB's at stopping there WR's than I am in the LB's stopping the TE's. Nick Vigil and Preston both had good games in Week 1, but there's a chance Brown will not play against the Ravens. Jordan Evans and Hardy Nickerson as expected struggled as they split time as the 3rd LB spot. Stopping Joe Flacco's perfered targets which are the TE's will be the key. PREDICTION Will also post later I've noticed a slight pattern when it comes to the Bengals wins in primetime games, they win convincingly by at least double digits. When its close, they always lose. The last time they won a close game by 7 points or less in primetime? Ironically it was against the Ravens, which was also the last time they played them in a primetime game in Cincinnati which was 2007. Can the curse break finally? I will say yes Ravens 16 Bengals 20 "EXPERT PICKS" TheVillian112: Bengals 20-17 johndeere1707: Bengals 17-16 Futbudds: Bengals 20-12 INbengalfan: Bengals 24-23 theJ: Ravens 16-15