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  1. I am here for the dog gif. I only want to watch Tebow for the memes. I hope he succeeds (because at this point it seems like a thing and the Jaguars need a TE), but I will not be surprised if he doesn't. I'll be a bit sad. I love a good comeback/ redemption story.
  2. The tale of the tape my man. When all else fails, remember these are football players and the speed that matters is what you see on the field. ETN looks and is faster on the football field.
  3. Do you have anymore room available on this boat? I'd like to join.
  4. I do not like this pick simply because of favoritism. I am a fan of the U and I had the opportunity to watch Brevin Jordan play often and he is going to contribute more in the passing game compared to Farrell. Availability is the best ability and the latter will be available now often, but not as productive. Being wrong on this will make me happy.
  5. I can only get so excited! I truly look forward to the change. Seeing the talent of Chassion and Josh Allen maximized to the scheme that fits them and no longer trying to have them just fit to our scheme.
  6. You have to take into account that the NFL is starting to favor these undersized players in today's league. The NFL has become much more receiver friendly and the league is protecting players. The undersized guys have a better opportunity to play healthy. Also consider that he will not be a go to guy out the gate. His first 2 years he will just be a gadget player as he may be the 4th or 5th receiving option. He'd basically be Laviska's relief. He is well worth a later round look.
  7. The Jaguar's staff saw Lawrence throw to those post routes during his pro day and immediately moved Marvin Jones to their number 1 free agency target. I have been a fan since his Cincy days and here is to hoping that he catches many touchdowns in a winning environment.
  8. I don't think I'll be missing any of those names.
  9. This if the first game that I have left a post on all year. This is the first time that I have been excited about any game in this forum. I can't wait.
  10. I was a huge fan of Hooker during the draft year. I know he got the injury his rookie year, but how has he been for the Colts overall?
  11. Playing defensive end involves a lot more than getting sacks. Setting the edge (Yan's weakness), playing the run, discipline, getting pressure, QB hits, QB hurries and being consistent. Brackens didn't have any weaknesses.
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