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  1. This if the first game that I have left a post on all year. This is the first time that I have been excited about any game in this forum. I can't wait.
  2. I was a huge fan of Hooker during the draft year. I know he got the injury his rookie year, but how has he been for the Colts overall?
  3. Playing defensive end involves a lot more than getting sacks. Setting the edge (Yan's weakness), playing the run, discipline, getting pressure, QB hits, QB hurries and being consistent. Brackens didn't have any weaknesses.
  4. You're not all alone. Mathis picked off 30 passes while in a Jaguars uni, which happens to be about the same amount of touchdowns Keenan caught.
  5. This video is a great breakdown of Chaisson vs Andrew Thomas (the first left tackle taken in this year's draft). You are able to get a great glimpse at his strengths (speed, ball get off, bend) and a few of his areas of improvement (stringing together more counter moves). This is very impressive considering these two first-rounders are duking it out.
  6. I have to agree here. He does not remind me anything of Myles Jack, at all. He is a thumper and someone willing to take on the blocks. He does need a bit of coaching, but the young man is bright and eager to learn. Below is a clip of something he is consistently capable of and what the Jaguars would expect him to be doing. Good breakdown: https://www.downtownrams.com/single-post/2020/04/06/nfl-draft-profile-miami-ilb-shaquille-quarterman/
  7. This is a sad situation. I genuinely like Telvin Smith before this incident. I don't think this makes him someone who will not be able to function in society... You know what, I don't think I should make any further comment because it would be at risk of me getting in trouble. Here is to the other party involved recovering from what happened as well as Telvin recovering from this mistake.
  8. So the Jaguars are hoping that we pay the full 11.5 million because that will mean he met the incentives?
  9. I need more names and examples. I can only think of Mo Claiborne off the top of my head. That is considering if we're saying top 10 picks, but in the top 5, I can't think of recent examples right now.
  10. Check this out! His measurables are off the charts. I have not seen film so I don't know if it backs it up, but he has the athleticism.
  11. I think it is time to respect MJD. He had a decent length career in Jacksonville and had a pretty high peak while scoring many Touchdowns and one leading the league in rushing. My next decision is going to be choosing between Mathis and Smith.
  12. I can only become so excited over a pick at one time. I have reached my maximum level on CJ Henderson > Okudah. I might start losing eyesight if this continues.
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