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  1. The Allen Robinson Thread

    May I please use profanity?
  2. The Allen Robinson Thread

    I found it. Det-Hou of 2016. I'll watch and get back into here. I just want to note before starting the film that Blake Bortles threw for 858 yards through that 5 game span (171 per game), 5 TDs, 5 INTS, with a completion percentage of 53%. Chris Ivory missed 2 of those games and totaled 127 yards rushing (3.5 YPR), 86 receiving (12.2 YPC), and 2 TDs in the 3 games he did play. Yeldon played all 5 and got 175 rushing (3.6 YPR), 77 receiving yards (4.3 YPC), and no scores over 5 games.
  3. The Allen Robinson Thread

    We can agree on letting Lee walk, but even after his injury in 2014 (foot-related) he came back and ripped the league up in 2015. The injuries would be a reason for trying to avoid the franchise tag, but they have to get the guy signed. 2016 was a down year for him and the team, but I'll watch the tape because it's the off-season and besides studying prospect I know we have no chance of sniffing (Nelson, James, Barkley, Chubb, etc.) I have nothing better to do. He's missed 21 out of 64 total possible regular season games. He's accounting for around 68% of games in the regular season, which is not too good. When he does play he's good for 4.7 catches, 66 yards and 0.5 TDs. That's just the stats. If you watch the tape, he's consistently beat 1 on 1's, dominated 50-50 passes and demanded double coverage on occasion. Allen Robinson is the real deal when it comes to number 1 WRs in the NFL and although he doesn't deserve to be paid like a top tier one (Brown, Julio, Green, Hopkins, or Becham even) he does deserve to be paid for what he can do when healthy and playing on the field.
  4. The Allen Robinson Thread

    I understand. The injury (second time I believe) is difficult, but this is Allen Robinson we're talking about. He can make the plays required all over the field and he's hard working, humble, and easy to love. He makes the 50-50 catches and he'll make DBs look silly often. We have the playmaker the team needs on the outside, but they're refusing to pay him. Come to some kind of an agreement or throw on the doggone tag! Get rid of Lee and draft a sleeper like Jaleel Scott (sorry I had to throw that in there). We have players to replace Lee (Cole and Westbrook), but no one to replace Robinson. He was obviously that missing offensive piece in 2017. How many times did you or a fellow Jaguars fan say "man if that was Allen Robinson it would've been caught or been 6" in the 2017 season?
  5. The Allen Robinson Thread

    Tell me what 5 game stretch that was so I can go watch it. See for myself because I don't trust these guys random stats. The film is where it'll be at. If I see him open on the routes, missed passes, etc. I'll come back with that. If I see him not getting separation and dropping open passes, I'll make sure to note that.
  6. The Allen Robinson Thread

    The whole entire team looked bad in 2016 (sans some defensive players). I am going to purchase game pass and watch the 2016 film. I have more faith in Robinson than any other player returning from that 2016 offense.
  7. The Allen Robinson Thread

    Are we really saying that Allen Robinson wasn't good in year 3? Go look at how his QB, running game, and offensive line played in year 3. Then come back and tell me how you'd expect him to excel. No he's not Deandre Hopkins, Odell Beckham, , AJ. Green or other names that can do it with Subpar QB play, but he's good. It'd be a foolish decision to let him walk. I can all but guarantee he'd blow up for his next team with a consistent QB.

    I see that everyone is liking the new uni concept, but where is the Jags shield? I love that shield! That's one of the few things that I love about the most recent uniform.
  9. The Allen Robinson Thread

    This team better bring back A-Rob. Forget what he's asking for. He is needed. He's that receiving star this team is needing. Let Lee walk and possibly trade Hurns, but you get A-Rob back here!
  10. Jaguars release Chris Ivory

    This is something that was foreseen. He has not lived up to the contract. The Jaguars can utilize the extra 3 MIL elsewhere.
  11. I am trying to be reasonable, but it's clips like the one above that make me question. It seems that home field advantage is not stressed enough during the playoffs.
  12. It makes me wonder if Calais did this on purpose. Campbell is already and All-round and probably going to win DMVP. Why not allow the young bull to get into the Pro Bowl? Yan deserves it after the work he put in.
  13. The tWo Hangout

    My shoe game is la basura. New Tim boots. New Air force ones all black mids. Air Huarache in green. Chuck Taylor's in Black and Gold. Also some Gray 11s.
  14. Nice! Now I am thinking about getting tickets for the game. Time to decide is nigh.
  15. I love Bortles the person because he always says the right things and overall he's mentally and physically tough because he keeps competing no matter the physical or verbal abuse that he takes. Now Bortles the QB is inconsistent and he needs either competition to breed improvement or replacement if he doesn't improve. The Jaguars need to either draft a young QB to learn and grow or find a FA to come in and compete for the job. There is no way this position does not get addressed.