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  1. General News Thread

  2. This. Let us also remember that he plays the most lucrative position in football. Kirk Cousins just got 84 million guaranteed over 3 years, which is an average of 28 million a year. If he can reach that level he has the opportunity to make great money in football before deciding if he wants to switch to baseball.
  3. Sooners' Kyler Murray officially declares for NFL draft

    So if he were to go number 1 in the draft, would this be the first time 2 QBs from the same school went number 1 in back to back years? When is the last time 2 guys from the same school period went number 1 overall in consecutive years?
  4. Fields still has the jury out and the same can be said for Fromm, but I feel like Tua and Lawrence are at the Luck level.
  5. If it were a different year, then yes. If we were trading him to draft Tua, Fromm, Lawrence, or Fields, then I would be all aboard that train. For the gentlemen coming out this year, I'll pass.
  6. Or, hear me out, they're both crazy and he doesn't speak his mind often because he's afraid of repercussions. Instead, he lets his wife lash out all the time because no one can hold him accountable for his wife's words and they'll just call her crazy, but him and her shared the same opinions the entire time.
  7. Coach of the year?

    Matt Nagy. The team had the biggest turnaround and the bears look like they can beat anybody in the NFL.
  8. "Blowing up" the roster in the course of these 2 years of going from highly successful to abysmal would be a mistake. It would demonstrate that all the decisions made to lead the success were just by chance and that the staff that lead that same team to a winning season has absolutely no clue of what identity they want and what they're trying to build. If this happens, look for the Jaguars to continue to be a laughing stock until someone new and concrete with what they want to be identified as a team comes along.
  9. Maybe a team panics after the Giants take Haskins and they want to trade up with us to grab Jones before other QB needy teams. Maybe there is a team eyeing edge rusher Josh Allen and they want to move up before another team (insert any NFL team here) decides to pull the trigger on a top talent rusher.
  10. So with the Giants losing, where does this leave the Jaguars?
  11. Blake is out here doing Blake things.