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  1. Sometimes it is your own former teammate that betrays you.
  2. Come on Miami, do not disrespect Shaq like that.
  3. I remember when Ramsey called Josh Allen trash after playing the Bills. I think he was just referring to the player the Jaguars would be getting on their team.
  4. Josh Allen was athletic enough to play both the QB and the RB on that option play.
  5. No, I think it was aimed at me. I must admittedly say that a few of my gifs sucked, but I think you might've just taken the lead here.
  6. Josh Allen is obviously a great athlete, but for whatever reason, he is unable to dominate a game. He just is not "that guy". I hope he becomes that guy.
  7. We need someone on defense to make a play. It would be nice to see a few more young guys (Cisco) get an opportunity.
  8. Oh man. Only if we had a true number 1 WR.
  9. We have finally made a FG this year men. We have accomplished it.
  10. This chemistry being built with Dan Arnold, I would not mind watching that for the next half a decade or longer.
  11. Covering TEs has been the Jaguars greatest weakness since the beginning of the franchise.
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