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  1. It seems that we need to make sure that we get a few players that could have an impact on defense when we trade away Ramsey. I hate to say it, but the guy has made it well known that he doesn't want to be in a Jaguars uniform anymore and we need to do what's best for both parties.
  2. Fournette needed a game like this. Especially after a take like the one below:
  3. Coming into week 3 here are things stand for both teams: Offensive Rankings Jacksonville: Twenty-third in overall offense (333.7 yards), 23rd in rushing (90.7), 16th in passing (243.0) and tied for 23rd in points (19.3). Denver: Twentieth in overall offense (342.0 yards), 14th in rushing (111.3), 23rd in passing (230.7) and 30th in points (15.3). Defensive Rankings Jacksonville: Twentieth in overall defense (364.7 yards), 17th in rushing (110.0), 18th in passing (254.7) and tied for 10th in points (20.0). Denver: Ninth in overall defense (314.0 yards), 16th in rushing (109.3), sixth in passing (204.7) and 17th in points (22.3).
  4. Coverage of the game. Those in the blue area will be able to catch the game on local stations.
  5. Okay. I love this guy now. This energy is needed in DUVAL.
  6. General News Thread

  7. This. Let us also remember that he plays the most lucrative position in football. Kirk Cousins just got 84 million guaranteed over 3 years, which is an average of 28 million a year. If he can reach that level he has the opportunity to make great money in football before deciding if he wants to switch to baseball.
  8. Sooners' Kyler Murray officially declares for NFL draft

    So if he were to go number 1 in the draft, would this be the first time 2 QBs from the same school went number 1 in back to back years? When is the last time 2 guys from the same school period went number 1 overall in consecutive years?
  9. Fields still has the jury out and the same can be said for Fromm, but I feel like Tua and Lawrence are at the Luck level.
  10. If it were a different year, then yes. If we were trading him to draft Tua, Fromm, Lawrence, or Fields, then I would be all aboard that train. For the gentlemen coming out this year, I'll pass.
  11. Or, hear me out, they're both crazy and he doesn't speak his mind often because he's afraid of repercussions. Instead, he lets his wife lash out all the time because no one can hold him accountable for his wife's words and they'll just call her crazy, but him and her shared the same opinions the entire time.
  12. Coach of the year?

    Matt Nagy. The team had the biggest turnaround and the bears look like they can beat anybody in the NFL.