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  1. Should Blake start?

    I had to give him a new follower after reading this.
  2. Not sure, but this GIF should answer the question either way.
  3. TJ Yeldon injured

    He did show that he could hold onto the ball with a nice catch out of the backfield and he scored the touchdown against TB. If he continues to make those catches out of the backfield and shows up as a good lead blocker, I'm sure he makes the team.
  4. Pass rush is still non inconsistent. LBers looked a mess. Run blocking was atrocious. QBs were unimpressive. WRs even dropped a couple passes. The best looking things thus far has been a 2nd year QB and a Rookie WR.
  5. Camp Battles: Starting LG

    Yes! Please let Cann get in there at LG. Unless this means they're going to have Shatley and Omameh battle it out during this game.
  6. Former Jags around the league

    He's going to have an impact on this Bengals team. He'll end up being their 3rd or 4th best rusher.
  7. Aaron Colvin activated from PUP

  8. I like Harris when he was hear and I always rooted for him when he was playing in GB and SF. Hard worker.
  9. There is no other reasonable explanation. This guys is missing XP shots constantly. This is an embarrassment. Do we have any type of consistency on this team?
  10. TJ Yeldon injured

    Well. I wish him a speedy recovery, but I hope this helps Grant make the team. He is actually playing with heart out there and he deserves a shot.
  11. Please save your money. I have game pass and I think I've made a huge mistake. Wasted $$$
  12. Throws like this are beyond frustrating. Why is this happening to a 4th year pro? Seriously? People complained about Tebow's throwing and mechanics, yet we march out here to have this as are number 1 passer? Come on!