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  1. See this is something I was worried about. It was 10-7 going into half and I wasn't clear on who had momentum and then all of a sudden I see a message pop up saying that Myles Garrett recovered a fumble and I thought the Jaguars were going to blow it and lose to the Browns.
  2. I apologize Jags fans because I was unable to be here for this game. I was working OT. I did catch a few highlights and try to follow as much as I could using the NFL app.
  3. The OFFICIAL GDT: Browns vs. Jaguars

    You hate Titans too? Wow! I would've never have guessed. Titans are so evil that they hate themselves. This game will show if the Jaguars are real, or a joke. I fear that the Browns are going to come out and play their tails off because of the amount of trash talk the Jaguars players (T. Gip in particular) have been doing. I wouldn't be surprised if the Browns pulled off the upset, but boy would I be upset.
  4. Rivers has always been a trash talker. It's well known. Watch some of his Mic'd up videos.
  5. Exactly. A young guy whose made some mistakes in the past is forced to go without the only things he's known for the past 8+ years and he's able to stay out of trouble and focus on what is important. The only Dede Westbrook that I've seen that is non-football related is:
  6. OH! That explains it all. Look at the knowledgeable Jaguars fans at it again.
  7. Yo wait! Isn't Rashad Greene still on the team? Where has he been?
  8. The cool thing about the character concerns is that he has not been in the news since being here. He's missed 9 games and the only time we've heard about him is in the preseason and him setting high expectations for himself. The young man has kept his head low and stayed out of trouble.
  9. The OFFICIAL GDT: Browns vs. Jaguars

    Boy do I hate Titans... Great GDT Browns!
  10. This is the type of stuff I love to see. Watching a player have a positive impact on the field. If this trend continues, this'll be a steal.
  11. You have a point, but he is telling the truth. Very blunt, but with these statements he should know that this team now has to perform. To lose to the Browns would be the worst possible lost of the season. It would be spread across the media how the Jaguars players (Gip in particular) talked trash and then lost to the Browns. Don't be surprised if the Browns defense shows up big this weekend.
  12. To add on to this, I don't believe that Gip is talking trash, he's being honest and stating the obvious. The Browns are bad. Them is straight facts!
  13. I really hope this guy has an impact. He's been a completely unknown commodity since the season start.
  14. Please Lord. Please let this come into fruition, amen.