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  1. Wait no kickers? I'd prefer 2 flex over 3 WR. I'd rather not have both though
  2. If you need a 12th I'm in as well. I'd prefer standard opposed to PPR
  3. How is our CB situation looking? Especially King, Alexander and Jackson
  4. Did you say back? HARRELL!
  5. Josh McDaniels Decides to Stay with New England

    Please use the term African-American next time. I'm literally shaking in anger and disgust. It's 2018 for crying out loud!
  6. Wolf to Cleveland

    The drunk guy?
  7. Dom Capers will not return next year

  8. Aaron Rodgers Back to the IR.

    Ya but releasing someone with a contract like Rodgers would probably create cap hell would it not?
  9. Davis Suspended for 2 games

    Lmao man of the year means nothing when thugs like Michael Bennett are nominated
  10. GDT Week 13 - TB @ GB. Battle of the Bays

    Wait, Greg Jennings is calling this game?
  11. GDT Week 13 - TB @ GB. Battle of the Bays

    Who is Morgan Barnett?
  12. Saints place TE Coby Fleener on IR

    He already has a new hairstyle: