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  1. What a joke of a program this has become Honestly though. Let's hire Deion.
  2. Nice to see FSU be competitive again on the national stage. I know ND is in a bit of a rebuilding mode and we were at home and still lost but it was great to see this team down big and rally back. With that being said this team has alot to fix but at the same time a ton of talent. Hopefully they can build off that the rest of the season.
  3. KD and KD 2 are both great. Was blasting Bruch on Sunday's all day yesterday.
  4. Legendary football coach but beyond that an even better human being. Was fortunate to hear Coach Bowden speak numerous when I was living in Florida. A true man of faith. I dont think most know how terrible a football program Florida State was before Coach Bowden got there. His stretch in the 90's is probably only matched by what Saban is doing at Alabama now (modern day). RIP Coach.
  5. Josh Weissman How To BBQ Right YouBetcha! Not Another Cooking Show JomBoyMedia Lots of random home improvement videos.
  6. Hahah... Thats it? I mean Adames bat is pretty average and the Rays have a abundance of young middle infielders. But thats it?
  7. For what its worth... Probably nothing. My dad has a friend on the Packers board of directors who told him the Broncos have offered: Drew Lock, Dalton Risner, Bradley Chubb, 2022 1st and 2nd, 2023 1st, and 2024 1st. He also said Guety will not trade him no matter the offer.
  8. I've been out for a while, getting back in. BTC, ETH, and XMR are the plays.
  9. SEC corner bought high on athleticism and questionable on field play is ignored. How is that am awful take?
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