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  1. Cheesehead430


    The Bon Iver joint is great.
  2. I cant endorse any of that... Kiss is in my top 15 easy and the same with alot of people I know.
  3. #jadadrunk I mean was this really fair tho? Jada is top 10-15 DOA while Fab makes radio bangers.
  4. https://youtu.be/8dz7QL17VTk Griselda in their bag rn.
  5. This Gibbs x Alch project is bannanas. The Benny feature is straight flames.
  6. I want Jamarr Chase in green and gold so bad.
  7. Gutes obviously changing this offense, which I dont have a problem with. Anyways, terrible value.
  8. Madibuke or Trautman. Would be cool will DPJ, Edward's, or Bowden as well.
  9. You can analyze this pick 100 different ways, which it already has been. Regardless about what you feel, Love was the top guy on Gutes board and probably by a wide margin. I'm guessing the had a top 15 grade on him, whether they are right or not, we will see. Love has the best arm talent in this draft, I think that's pretty clear based on his tape and his combine performance. I think the main thing with Love is that hes extremely raw and multiple scheme changes at Utah State which stunted his progression number wise. End of the day this is a long term pick. You can love it or hate it but it is what it is. Gute and Co. are hoping the coaching staff can groom him to be ARods replacement and turn out to be a solid starter who wins you games. Packers obviously groom QBs different than other teams. They aren't afraid to take a guy they love when they already have a generational talent on the roster. It's obviously frustrating in the sense you feel as if you can win now. However if you feel Love has Pat Mahomes like tools, why the hell not?
  10. Mannnnn. RIP Fred The Godson.
  11. REMAINING FREE AGENCY Cuts: OG Lane Taylor +4 mil Remaining in-house FA brought back: CB Tramon Williams 1/4 mil Outside FA brought in: DL Timmy Jerrnigan 1/4 mil DL Damon "Snacks" Harrison 1/4 NFL DRAFT: 1|30: OT Austin Jackson {Southern California} 2|62: CB Bryce Hall {Virginia} 3|94: WR Antonio Gandy-Golden {Liberty} 4|136: WR Lynn Bowden Jr. {Kentucky} 5|175: ILB Mykal Walker {Fresno State} 6|192: DE Broderick Washington Jr. {Texas Tech} 6|208: TE Stephen Sullivan {Louisiana State} 6|209: EDGE James Smith-Williams {North Carolina State} 7|236: FB Brady Ross {Iowa} 7|242: CB Stanford Samuels {Florida State} DEPTH CHART: QB- Rodgers, Boyle RB- Jones, Williams, Ervin FB- Ross TE- Sternberger, Big Dog, Tonyan, Sullivan WR- Adams, Lazard, Funchess, MVS, St. Brown, Gandy-Golden, Kumerow OT- Bahk, Wagner, Jackson, Light IOL- Linsley, Jenkins, Turner, DL- Clark, Snacks, Jernigan, Lowry, Adams, Washington Jr., Lancaster, Keke EDGE- Z, P, Gary, Smith-Williams ILB- Kirskey, Burks, Walker, Summers, Bolton CB- Alexander, King, Hall, Sullivan, Jackson, Hollman S- Savage, Amos, Redmon, Greene
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