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  1. good QBs becoming available is rare. because an organization has to be dumb as hell or highly incompetent to let one go. and ESPECIALLY in the NFL - even if your organization stinks - guys take the long term deals to lock in big money when they can. so, yeah, for me I am very very open to moving #9 for Stafford. you need a QB to be good. simple as that. Lock coming back next year isn't the end of the world (and he could prove doubters wrong) but his performance thus far simply hasn't been good and if he has a marginal improvement we are still not a playoff team.
  2. teams really missed the boat on him. he was available and now he has made a leap.
  3. They did trade for Steven Adams and give him an extension ... I gotta just assume that was to trade him in the future but still lol
  4. oh he's a couple tiers above Flacco. he's very good. but HOF...no. not without the team success. his numbers are certainly impressive tho. i'd move a first for him
  5. Murray is dinged up .... which is a consistent issue for him and it's frustrating. But when the chips are down I know he's gonna be reliable so not too concerned about it. Bol is an interesting one. No idea if he's gonna be an NBA player or not haha
  6. i love it The Nuggets have something special going. Jokic is gonna be one of the best basketball players of all time and we are watching him in his prime. Millsap is fairly washed. Definitely a guy you want playing spot minutes. Barton looks hurt and has had some v rough games including last night. Harris is finding it a bit (I told you!!!) MPJ is special
  7. addendum to this. we tried for 3 years. the other one was mark sanchez lmao
  8. dawg i saw someone bring up Stafford as a HOF guy on twitter. dude hasn't won a playoff game lol
  9. can you get a good journeyman as a starter at QB in free agency tho? i don't think so. we tried for two years. case keenum and joe flacco (trade but same idea of availability). you need a very good QB and unfortunately in most cases if an organization has a very good QB...they keep him. best place you can be is a very good QB on a rookie deal. no doubt about that. but having an elite QB at market price (Watson) is also a good place to be. but when you factor in lose of pick assets etc..sure, it becomes more complicated. the place you don't want to be is just QB-less and looking (like us
  10. and you don't go to the playoffs if you have a bad QB. so i wouldn't say either option is necessarily ideal. but it's less risk to stay the course, I suppose
  11. i guess in this case the comparison only matters for 1 year since jokic came over a year later but yup. that's still so crazy
  12. you can go thru a L2M every game. I don't know why they exist and i definitely will never argue that NBA refs are competent...in game or on the L2M report. I thought our crews were especially bad - the amount of video review was laughable lol. Nader got 3 shots while he wasn't touched within two minutes of Murray getting run over by Ayton....but the L2M says that wasn't a 3 shot foul! I could go thru either crunch time and complain as well. Suns lost those games because they couldn't close, simple as that. The Murray travel is some tough luck, but not surprising the whistle isn't getting blown
  13. lol come on. imagine an NBA where they called that made shot a travel. it was an and-1. game should have been over and they should have spared you the misery tbh also the devin booker elbow cost u the other game? booker elbowed him. and either way arguing one call decides a game is typically a tough scene. nba officials suck. both sides, almost every game
  14. I love both these guys. Jokic is just better + more reliable. Jokic straight up does not miss games lol. Quick glance and it looks like Jokic has played in about 170 more regular season games despite being drafted a year later. Tho that number is skewed by Joel missing a full year of course The only player in the NBA I would consider trading Jokic for is Doncic...to be honest. And even then. I might just take the big guy. But yeah I enjoy Embiid a lot. Great player. If he could stay this same dude all season he could be right there in the top 5 conversation like Jokic is
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