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  1. First Time All-Star Predictions

    I think it’s fair to criticize him anecdotally and in the moment but big picture he is 24 and has some odd personality traits for a star that he has to work through and essentially he has some maturity issues. He’s still growing and his play style is different to begin with. He’s a hard player to understand if you don’t follow him closely
  2. First Time All-Star Predictions

    I mean yeah my whole original point is we aren’t true contenders lol we have one star. You need two to compete for a championship. Jokic is in shape. I think playing for Serbia over the summer hurt him, he didn’t get time to chill/work on his game. He’s fine bro. I’m telling you. He’s special because he’s different. Jokic has proven that he’s an elite player for about 4 years now and he just had the second best playoff debut for a big in NBA history. If you want to get upset about a 20 game sample to start the year, when he always starts slow, that’s fine and he can be criticized but I’m telling you to not worry about him or his ceiling
  3. First Time All-Star Predictions

    Jamal has just improved defensively, as a playmaker, and consistency wise. And if you look at his career arc he typically starts slow and improves throughout the year so it’s promising that he has started essentially where he was at last year. Obviously the jump he has to make is as a volume three point shooter and drawing free throws. He’s not there yet and needs to be for the nugs to get to the next level. I think it’s clear that he’s not a special talent like Ja or Trae etc and going to make a leap to stardom out of nowhere and that kinda sucks but he could have a Dame like ceiling (he’s the age Dame was his rookie year) and I’m encouraged that he has shown consistent improvement and the intangibles are there. He’s had the weight of being a PG of a good team before being developed the last three years and I think that’s stunted his growth a bit. Don’t get to play with freedom and make mistakes as much as some of these other guys. Gary’s offense is a concern after the injury. Just hasn’t gotten back to his previous level. Hoping he turns a corner. Jokic is fine. He’s been meh but he’s shown that he will be his best when it matters the last two years. He’ll get there. He’s a top 5ish player at his best but he’s just a different dude. Buy all the Jokic stock. Main issue has truthfully been the bench, which is surprising. The starters have been killin people even with slow starts from Jokic and Harris
  4. First Time All-Star Predictions

    A few players have taken a step forward. Jamal has improved this season around the edges. Easily a better and more consistent player than he was last year. Will Barton looks great. Paul Millsap hasn’t lost a step. The defense is really good. The nuggets are in great shape and are going to be a better team than they were last year
  5. First Time All-Star Predictions

    Is this supposed to hurt me ???? I never have thought we were title contenders. We don’t get superstars that want to come here and team up, we’re the Denver Nuggets bro. It’s the start of an era with a superstar. We have a long time to build
  6. First Time All-Star Predictions

    I still think we have a good shot at the 2 seed don’t flex too quick
  7. First Time All-Star Predictions

    much too early for victory laps my guy
  8. Random Thoughts

    lmao i'm smiling so hard right now bro. my gf is also cool with basketball but hates watching football. Murray's just slow....doesn't have the quick first step to get by guys. So he's very reliant on shot making (and often difficult shots) which is why he has been inconsistent up to this season. It's hard to rely on that - but he's a high level shot maker that has carried him. But in general he struggles in ISO scoring so that's frustrating. This season has been a nice step forward for him from a consistency and playmaking standpoint, but he still needs to get to the rim, draw more free throws, and shoot more threes to get to the all-star level. His finishing around the rim is fantastic he just doesn't create enough looks there. Will Barton is the best penetration guard on the team. Gary was SO good offensively in 17-18. He's really struggled since getting significant core injuries last season. If G was back to his best the offense would be much better, but he is taking so many floaters (an inherently low % shot unless you are elite) and his shot has been inconsistent. He's been great defensively, but he'll always have the issue of being 6'4 on that end. Players w/ size can shoot over him. But yeah I'm really hopeful Gary can turn a corner offensively because it's been bad so far. Once Jokic gets back to his standard self we should be fine offensively, but it's been a very surprising start. NBA season is long though - you gotta go through the adversity etc
  9. Random Thoughts

    Why did she decide that lmaoo???? Your wife is the GOAT Our offense is kinda broken right now. The team is talented so they are living off making tough shots - but they simply aren't creating enough looks at the rim, open threes, or free throws. Jokic is having the worst shooting stretch of his career so I'm hoping he gets out of that funk. I'd say that shooting is a concern, but it's more of a symptom to the issues the offense is having. Really predictable right now and haven't gotten a counter punch to teams selling out to clog the paint. If Jokic were to find his shot again I think that would be a way the offense would open up and create open threes. But we struggle a bit because Jamal Murray can't get by guys (dribble penetration is a great way to create corner threes), and Gary Harris is struggling to get to the rim. So yeah pretty much the offense is a mess but I believe in the talent. Crazy that a Denver Nuggets team is an elite defensive team
  10. Propose A Trade Thread

    I refuse to trade Juancho Hernangomez for anyone. ANYONE
  11. Propose A Trade Thread

    Yeah I mean he's a really, really good player that probably isn't improving much and isn't an all-star level guy. That package includes a starting quality (young) vet, a really nice proven prospect in Malik Beasley, and two other good assets. Super reasonable, IMO
  12. Random Thoughts

    wild fact for you...she's 44 lol
  13. Propose A Trade Thread

    He is their point guard.
  14. Propose A Trade Thread

    Yeah it's a tough spot. The Nuggets are ready to win now, but they have another interesting young core (MPJ, Vanderbilt, Bol) that realistically will cost you wins with extended minutes. You're hopeful that they can build something long term and organic, but it might not be plausible to keep developing talent around an already successful core. I think MPJ will be an exception to that bc he is insanely talented. Probably the most talented shooter on the team and he's 6'10. I've been really impressed with his natural movement and IQ as well. Has a LONG way to go strength/body/game experience wise.