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  1. 100% ... now we just gotta hope for a Rodgers deal (I'm not holding my breath and will rather just be surprised and excited if it happens) or we gotta hope that Lock makes a step in camp. Teddy is better than some of our previous journeyman options ... but his ceiling is still low. We gotta have a truly elite team around him to be a wildcard type of team. Maybe he bounces back in a big way due to years away from the serious injury, but I doubt that. Anyways ... it's more of the same with the QB situation. So although I am very high on what Paton has done, I don't blame people for being so
  2. corny, but not that serious. and then beal going on some shows today. that was sad to see lmao. go touch some grass my dude
  3. in all seriousness Beal going crazy on twitter is so lame lmao. you good my guy??
  4. Paton is pretty unaware of the cultural zeitgeist if he was surprised by the reaction on draft night, tbh
  5. i will never forget the day we traded for the patriots long snapper. lmfao
  6. I remember my first post was about Daniel Graham being a great signing lmao
  7. Can't believe i missed the throwback chat. And it is really cool to see @ClockWorkOrange back. Although I think your hey-day was really the McD era and I kinda logged off from 2010-2012 or so (freshman-junior years of college or something like that) We've all had a crazy run man. Kinda wild that the website even exits with SBnation and twitter etc. But this is BY FAR the best broncos discussion and info you can get. I started posting on here when I was 14 and I'm damn near 30 now lol. Crazy.
  8. that game was awful, with a fitting ugly ending. i don't mind the result for the nuggets. mpj took the punch and bounced back with a great second half. poor game for jokic by his standards, they let the lakers get under their skin
  9. the way the nuggets treat the clippers is incredible. we want the smoke
  10. What did you guys think of that kid we drafted last year? Agim?
  11. The running back “devalue” thing I think has gone too far. Don’t take a RB in the first round and most importantly a high value pick towards the top. Otherwise it’s a position where you need talent and they can make a team significantly better. The bottom line is we haven’t had a STUD at RB in a long time. Hopefully this dude is that guy
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