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  1. I didn’t expect a win, but the Broncos still found a way to make that excruciatingly painful lol. Respect
  2. I was just thinking today how cool it is we are all still posting on here. I've known some of you fools for 15 years now. That's crazy. Maybe we will have a good team to discuss again soon
  3. My opinion on Sutton is that he’s like 75-80% this season and contract is really an investment for the future. Could end up being an amazing, amazing deal if he gets back to his prior athleticism. But overall I haven’t been very impressed this year
  4. also, considering we are mid and the guy is a stud, i definitely don't mind us saving some wear and tear for future years. melvin is fine
  5. I really do appreciate this approach he has taken, both this offseason and now. Like b67 said. I think Elway was playing hardball like we were still the Peyton Broncos. Obviously still need the QB. And the coaching staff. But I really appreciate that good, homegrown, culture setters are getting some well deserved bags.
  6. That team looked checked out from tip. Things might get ugly up there real quick.
  7. lol, i was genuinely surprised by the somewhat pro-jokic reaction. morris has really built up some bad blood. for me no need to even take morris' rep into the equation. he cheap shotted jokic, completely out of line. easily a scuffle starter, but he turned his back like it was a normal foul. jokic retaliated and was completely out of line as well - i thought it was gonna be 2 games, very happy with 1. honestly just ready to move on after all the discourse on twitter lol. hopefully there isn't any dumb stuff in the game in miami
  8. only way we were gonna get some load management
  9. ah, missed it. honestly one of the major downsides of being a big. that's getting called 8 or 9 times outta 10 as a jump shooter. tho maybe not this year lol.
  10. I was so amazed to see that shot not go in that I knew it had to have been a blown call. So it goes though, game is the game.
  11. I was gonna say - is that coming from your bank account? Who cares lol
  12. the jokic pass was insane. im still shook
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