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  1. No one could have seen him making this sort of leap in the offseason. Unreal run from him. Great season from the Nuggets. Needed game 2 or 4. Closer series than 5 games would indicate but Lakers are a very good defensive team. Pretty ugly games in general.
  2. Nugs just weren’t quite good enough tonight. Feel like we’re right there. So that’s frustrating, but the lakers played a very good game. Great defensive team.
  3. I can’t stop seeing Bully Donovan
  4. Got you. And I just think it's easily explained by what happened on the floor. Tonight is the series, IMO. Obviously not a hot take. I think the Nuggets have figured some things out about the Lakers. Feel good about the role players matchup. I think Murray and Jokic are a worthy adversary for Bron/AD. But Bron could just come out and have a vintage Bron performance and kill them. So we'll see.
  5. my man caruso threw a floater into the back of the backboard lmao. im glad jamal recovered from his side of the backboard three
  6. Crowding AD and Bron can be effective. They will get their's but you live with kickouts to guys on the Lakers. Nuggets guys closed out incredibly well last night. Kuzma and those guys are going to force bad decisions on great closeouts.
  7. True! Very much wish the Nuggets had Will Barton.
  8. Jerami's point total was an outlier for sure. He shot 12 free throws (both he and Gary made an adjustment to attack more - Gary's adjustment didn't go as well). But 4 threes made out of Grant in Morris is repeatable. And that's what they need. Millsap is due for some shots to go down - he was brutal offensively. He had 4-5 layups on passes from Jokic (credit to AD as a rim protector of course) but some of those need to be finishes/fouls drawn. You can play the "what if" game with basketball teams any night. I think the Nuggets moved the ball well and they need their players to finish great looks. Last night Monte and Grant did that. I truthfully don't see much of an outlier performance there. Grant is a good shooter that has shot poor in the playoffs and is a guy that can attack closeouts. Great night for him.
  9. I agree with everything you said. Obviously hopeful that the Nuggets can pull out game 4, tho. I think the Lakers effort thing is a bit lazy, but to be expected. Nuggets got the same disrespect against the Clips. They game out of the gates pretty well in the game, IMO. It was pretty high pace to start. Zone will never concern me with Jokic. That was a nice call by Frank and well executed by Rondo etc, but I don't think that will be sustainable against Jokic. I still can't believe how quick that turnaround I don't think the Nuggets have played lights out yet. They finally had a role guy step up. Monte hit a couple threes. That's all they need. Jokic was good but not his best. The Nuggets did play lights out defense last night
  10. Denver defense was too much for the role guys last night. Can they keep that effort and intensity up throughout? We'll see. But I am very happy with what I have seen the last two games. I expect a statement game from LeBron Thursday, tho.
  11. I mean the way this team is built they need one of AD and Bron to be special. Period. I can't imagine they were uninterested in being great. Just didn't happen for them tonight. Bron was getting by Jokic and that was about it. AD was taking tough contested midrange jumpers with Paul Millsap on him. I'd expect them to play better next game.
  12. Honestly knew LA would make a run but didn’t know it would be that terrifying lol. Outside of that the Nuggets played great. If they have THAT energy on defense they can win games. Good win. Way to pull it together at the end. Just really happy they pulled it out because I do think they are closer to this Lakers team than a 3-0 series would indicate.
  13. Randomly have heard WCS was really cool - had a friend that knew him at Kentucky
  14. Trae is tough. I absolutely think he’s a genius. I also think he’s very tough to build around. I’m still probably taking him over a few of these guys.
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