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  1. and i'd say 4-5 years at his level is still very respectable in the NFL
  2. it sucks from an entertainment POV if you don't like basketball I suppose
  3. this is not Embiid's fault, but I do enjoy the "Embiid is better than Jokic because he plays both ends and you can win a title with him" and we have yet to see a good playoff series win for him. in the east. i enjoy from a petty point of view
  4. i haven't even touched base since the jazz went just as far as the nuggets in the playoffs smh
  5. giannis guarding KD is a nonstory. kinda weird but I get it. main thing is once again the Bucks offense specifically in the clutch is awful.
  6. all I know is we were both speaking truth on Giannis for the past year …. Curry, Bron, Durant on the god tier but Jok is coming. don’t worry
  7. the slander comes for everyone … it is inevitable
  8. I may have to consider KD for best player in the world @NYRaider
  9. I want to hate the Nets but I can’t. This Bucks team is the worst lmao
  10. great season from jokic and the nuggets. mostly impressed by the suns. they did a great job keeping the pedal on the gas...respect. winning the portland series was dope and the nuggets ran out of gas.
  11. It’s 3/4 top guards out of the rotation for Denver. 2/4 with Barton finally coming back in limited manner. This would have been a hell of a series with a full strength squad. PJ Dozier is the best guard defender on the roster
  12. enjoy it while you can big guy. I love to see I am on your mind enough to @ me all evening
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