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  1. Musing From Broncos Training Camp

    Apparently it was Paxton's best day today
  2. Broncos QB Battle

    Sandy is a goddamm Denver legend. Never forget that Elway Trump'd him. I'll check out Mile High Huddle
  3. Denver Nuggets Thread

    I love Hernangomez and Murray man. Like I'm super excited to run it back with them as is. I think Juancho is going to be the main backup 3 this season. His highest ceiling is as a 4, but I think they view him as a three with his perimeter play and size as of now. That being said the value is pretty good. What would you guys say to a - Murray, Chandler, Faried, Barton, protected first.....for Irving/Shump ? That's an even stronger offer and I think I still may do it. That would help them this year and they get Murray
  4. Broncos QB Battle

    @Broncofan you're the man. I actually only listen to BSN as well. I think they are pretty unbiased and I appreciate their knowlege although I think Ryan is the only kinda entertaining one. I think @AnAngryAmerican may know of a few more podcasts. But yeah I pretty much wanted to start mine because I think (BSN has been really good) that there isn't that much non-mainstream internet content when it comes to the Broncos. I mean, it's kinda crazy that this has been my go to spot for smart/fun broncos talk for a decade and we have like ~50 active members.
  5. Denver Nuggets Thread

    Nah, we tried to trade Harris and I think Lyles for Love. Thank god that trade didn't go through. And yeah I get people's pause with Irving as a guy to build around, but that team would be so fun and would really make Denver excited about the Nuggets again. What are the chances that Murray touches Irving's game right now? I'd say not great.
  6. Denver Nuggets Thread

    Yeah no way you include Murray + Harris
  7. Broncos RB DeAngelo Henderson

    Other short speedy guy Kalif Raymond (thought he had 0% chance of making team) has been killin it the last week or so too. Still think he's a longshot to make the team
  8. Denver Nuggets Thread

    Simmons and Kevin O'Connor recommended Murray, Hernangomez, First for Irving. Or Chandler in there. I honestly think I'd do it and take the risk guys. @iLikeDefense @broncosfan07 @RandyMossIsBoss
  9. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    HOOK GAME OF THRONES INTO MY VEINS After sitting on it, I'm upset that we didn't get more from the Tyrion/Jamie scene. That episode moved a little fast but it is what it is. Next week is gonna be crazy. Would be so GoT to bring Gendry back and then he dies next episode lol
  10. Kyrie Irving requesting trade out of Cleveland

    I think a team is going to pony up. We'll see. we're still a ways away from the start of the season, so phoenix "taking Jackson off the table" could all be negotiating and not having to give up one more piece etc etc
  11. Kyrie Irving requesting trade out of Cleveland

    They discussed how Wiggins is the baseline. Like that would be the worst they think the Cavs would be willing to do. And there were other pieces in all these trades like Frye and Shump, I just pretty much put the groundwork.
  12. Kyrie Irving requesting trade out of Cleveland

    they just talk about trades that don't suck PHX: Josh Jackson + Bledsoe DEN: Murray, Juancho, lightly protected first DEN: Irving, NYK: Hernangomez and something, CLE: Murray, Carmelo, and something Char: Walker, Monk NYK: Carmelo, Frank, something Minn: Wiggins I forget some of the other ones and the plugs. They talk about how LAL and BOS are highly unlikely. There are some good tidbits in there.
  13. Broncos RB DeAngelo Henderson

    idk, i thought the reaction to him at draft time was really positive. I think most people liked him and I know I thought he was very pro ready based on his running style and production.
  14. Broncos QB Battle

    oh and our division was a joke that season and we now play in the best division in football