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  1. Dipo over Curry would never happen. That's crazy
  2. DeRozan has to be in there. Probably over Paul I guess. I will be so hype if Jokic gets third team. He's going to be competing with.......Gobert (games missed an issue) and who else? Drummond? Aldridge? Damn Jokic, is gonna make it
  3. Broncos Sign QB Case Keenum

    We need a playmaker so bad man. We need an electric player in the offense again. Maybe that's my number one need since this offense has sucked to watch for three years. It'd at least give us some entertainment
  4. Broncos Sign QB Case Keenum

    I agree. I just said S and C because those are literally the only two positions we can feel good about the starters and the depth. Paradis + McGovern is solid this year. It's sad, really.
  5. Broncos Sign QB Case Keenum

    I really think this roster needs impact players at every position other than C and S. When it comes to draft I don't even think you can say we need OG more than DE because the whole roster just needs an infusion of quality talent. Having two great/elite pass rushers is the #2 key behind QB play when competing for a Super Bowl, IMO.
  6. Broncos Sign QB Case Keenum

    i got pretty hype from that tweet, can't lie
  7. Broncos Sign QB Case Keenum

    back-up qb. nice dude, smart guy. will stick around the league due to the backup qb "intangibles." has a good release and pretty decent arm, which made him hard to evaluate, but he makes bad decisions and poor reads. doesn't have a strong enough arm to make throws outside the numbers. could be serviceable behind a good OL, though
  8. praying that the lakers use their cap on IT, Randle, and Lopez this summer tbh
  9. Broncos Sign QB Case Keenum

  10. Extension Candidates

    i'm truly indifferent about almost all of the young talent on the roster. Roby, Simmons, Paradis, Barrett seem like okay to good starting level players. we'll see.
  11. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    Better to move on too soon than too late. To add on to what Ben said, I don't think Talib would have had a good time running it back with a rookie QB or a stop-gap, do you? Thelocker room needed a shift after the debacle last year. Talib getting moved for value was the obvious choice. He would have had to be gone next offseason, when they pay Roby....who they need to see in a full starting corner role before they pay him starters money. It sucks to lose Talib, but it seems like it was an obvious choice to me. It was necessary for both parties involved, really.
  12. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    I think Barkley falling to us is very possible and us passing is very possible
  13. ehhhhh. I'm torn on whether to be really disappointed or more understanding. I think Malone will def be on the hot seat if they miss. Just depends on who they are looking at bringing in. On one hand, the team is on pace for a 4-7 game improvement from the previous season, which is really good. Millsap has really had minimal impact and they have gone through chemistry issues when he played. Malone experimented a bit with Jokic at PF (wtf?). Jamal Murray just turned 21 and has taken a leap, but has still been inconsistent at PG. They are the youngest team in the playoff hunt in the west. they are right there with teams that have legitimate top 10 players. On the other hand, they have a few really bad losses....especially the clippers loss a week or two ago. I don't think last night was one of the worst ones - but it really hurt since they needed to win it since apparently no one in the west can lose. they've dropped some games they should have won and that's disappointing. I think it comes back to the coaching and the bench. The Nuggets were up 13 when Jokic went out at the end of the 3rd last night - they were down one when he came back in. But I still want this core to be good enough to make the playoffs and that doesn't look likely at this point. smh
  14. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    I find the Joe Woods comment funny considering everyone was complaining about the zone coverage in 2015-2016 under Wade. Of all the people you can give heat, Woods is an interesting choice. No one is safe
  15. Broncos rumors

    the NFL loves to keep bad QBs employed as backups. He'll be around for like a decade