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  1. Name Someone On A Bad Contract You'd Take On Your NBA Team

    ah yeah i wouldn't want any of these guys listed on the nuggets.
  2. Rookie watch thread, other than Doncic

  3. I think the Embiid/Jokic debate is a lot closer than the average fan would think
  4. yeah that is an engagement seeking post from BR for sure lmao. Nikola has 4 more steals than Giannis. Sorry bud, your boy just isn't as good defensively as Jokic
  5. Name Someone On A Bad Contract You'd Take On Your NBA Team

    like....without the contract implications? or with them? Otto Porter was the first one that came to mind. Mike Conley, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul
  6. Anthony Davis Demands Trade

    Speaking of Jamal...he came back from a similarly severe ankle sprain in 6 games. Best ability is availability tbh. Lonzo SOFT !!!!!! Nuggets needed the break so bad. Jamal was actually horrible in his games back after the sprain. Looked so slow. I just want to see the Nuggets with Harris, Murray, and Barton healthy at the same time.
  7. Anthony Davis Demands Trade

    Seeing hack a lonzo in the first round of the playoffs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  8. Anthony Davis Demands Trade

    I think the Lakers would have been in the mix for home court in the west if they stayed healthy. But at this stage LeBron can't be relied on to play 82 as a 34 year old and Lonzo has clear injury issues and it's at the point that it has hurt his value, IMO. So really not surprising that this is how the season has played out The Lakers also had to punt on 2 mini-assets to add replacement level shooting that they could have just figured out last offseason.....just a rough year for Magic and Pelinka. And AD. And Rich and Bron. Woof Of course LeBron could go nuclear and I don't believe he will miss the playoffs until I see it. And they could absolutely win a playoff series
  9. Anthony Davis Demands Trade

    He's gotta be a top 5 perimeter defender at this point, if not top 3. I think he has a lot of value even with the expensive deal. I won't be surprised if the Pels hold on to him depending on the package they move AD for.
  10. Draft Prospects

    I really like how the Ringer creates their draft stuff http://nfldraft.theringer.com/?_ga=2.99914334.1532409112.1550499779-1788280749.1513615020 Danny Kelly has the Broncos taking Lock at 10 but like 49 on his big board right now
  11. Players That Are "Being Held Back?"

    I'd love to see him on a team where he gets to be ball dominant with complimentary shooters around him. It's a bit of a waste of his talents to play with two other ball dominant guys in Embiid and Butler. In theory at least...I'm not sure how good a team built around Simmons could be, but it would be really fun to watch.
  12. lol.....Westbrook stayed true to the worst high volume shooting season ever in the all star game
  13. Players That Are "Being Held Back?"

    Yeah I agree. I think Ben would look more like a legit franchise cornerstone if he had his own team.
  14. I was excited to watch it since it was Jokic's first one. Prob the first one I've gone out of my way to watch ever