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  1. Four games out of five over 119 rating and 3+ TDs, and we’re talking up and down? How? Because he had one game that he didn’t completely light up the defense?
  2. Allen Hurns being released?

    And still, the team as a whole was extremely healthy. Outside of ARob, all expected starters on the team missed something like 10 total games. That’s obscenely healthy. Even factoring in ARob and counting him at 16 games, I will guarantee that we have more games missed on offense by starters this year than we did last season.
  3. Allen Hurns being released?

    We went to the playoffs without him. We also had an obscenely healthy roster outside of that, which won’t happen every year. The more good players you have, the more injuries you can sustain having.
  4. And still can’t get over that hump.
  5. That’s how you build an OL to smack teams in the mouth. Now go get Hernandez to complete this behemoth of a group.
  6. Jaguars sign CB DJ Hayden

    Yes. I think that you can’t get Campbell on the phone nor cut Hurns.
  7. Jaguars re-sign Marqise Lee

    ARob+Hurns, yeah. But I mean having one guy with more than one year under his belt is just a disaster waiting to happen.
  8. Jaguars re-sign Marqise Lee

    No way they let Hurnsy go now. That’s way too much inexperience for a team that’s supposed to be contending for a title.
  9. Jaguars re-sign Marqise Lee

    I don’t know how I feel about all of this
  10. And got myself to .500 all time. Neat. 3-1 with a RNG loss against glen being the only thing that has kept me from 4-0. But not sure how to feel about my team right now. 2 of my wins are against teams that are 1-7, so I may not be does as well as it appears.
  11. Finally got myself a statement win. Feels good.
  12. Blue division best division